The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1943
Page 7
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V <>"' "". The Alfotta tlpp«» JOte* Moines, Algoiia, Iowa, Inly 1, 1943 FINAL RITES FOR MISS MOSBACH, 77, AT WHITTEMORE Whittemore — Funeral services for Margaret Mosbach, 77, wer* held Monday morning at 9:30 nt St. Michael's Catholic church, the Rev. William Veit officiating. Margaret Mosbach was born December 35, 1865, in Woodfofd County, 111., and for the past 51 years she, has lived in this vicinity. After the death of her parents she kept house for her brothers. She Is survived by • three brothers, /John, Fred and Edward Mosbach. Pallbearers were six nephews, Andrew S. Elbert, August Elbert, Frank J. Elbert, Lawrence Mosbach, John Mosbach, Jr., and Emmet Mosbach. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery north of town; Mrs". Elmert Bell had the misfortune to fall from the steps coming out of the house at her home on Thursday evening and breaking her left wrist. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker had as guests for dinner Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. William Kuecker of- West Bend and Mrs. Sophia Fitzpatrick of Billings, Mont. The above parties visited with Mrs. Sophia Bell and daughter,' Adelia, Saturday afternoon. Qisfclc Service on FURNACE REPAIRS Expert work, rauonabl* price* an rapalt* for any make ol (urncc*. Well help you be sure your furnace U kepi in good shape. The factory provides us w'!h 24-hour- a-day service on creiv.v'na re-lair*partn for Green CMo-V| f-.—.,.. NEW rUfttiAGfiS? U your prslonl lurrnco l» bayond ust or npilr, yoo eon itlll buy a new Gr*n CoIonUI. Ask u« about II. Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge 81 ALGONA, IOWA GREEN COLONIAL FURNACE SERVICE immediate families of Ute. Emilie Seims gathered at her home Sunday evening to help her celebrate her birthday. Those present were Mr, and Mrs, Werner Seims and family of Evansville, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl, West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Noah Reisner and family and Mrs. Ida Kuecker and family, Letts Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haack, Mr, ahd Mrs. Wilfred Biersted, Mr. and Mrs. H. Biersted and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beck and family, of Falrville; Mr. and Mrs. George Seims ahd daughter, Shirley ot Fenton, and Ervin Seims, Adelia Bell, Mrs. Herman Gade and grandson, Raymond Meyer, of here. Everybody brought filled Was to be on the lawn but due to the heavy rain it had/to be held inside. Flaherty, of Wesley, To Ammunition Plant Wesley—Paul Flaherty went to Chicago Tuesday where he will get employment in an ammunition plant. Mrs. Leo Reno accompanied Paul to Chicago to vsiit her husband, Who is also employed in nn ammunition plant. Carol and Eddie Reno Will stay with their grandmother, Mrs. Albert Reno. Mrs. Flaherty and son, Larry, will remain here with her mother, Mrs. Albert Reno, for a time before joining her husband. Wesley Lions Elect Officers For Year Wesley—At a meeting of the Lions Club held last week J. P. Studer was elected president to succeed Roy Kleinpeter; Dr. H. H, Raney was elected first vice president; Lael Root, second vice president; Dr. R. K. Richardson, secretary-treasurer; E. M. Olson,' tail twister; Alfred Erdman, Lion tame'r; directors for two years, L. L. Lease and Tom McMahon; directors for one year, Ed Loebig and Paul Engen. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOS9UTH COUNTY, SS. In District Court No. 5029 March Term, 1943 To All Whom It May Concern: . You Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Ben F. Felt, deceased, dated January 9, 1925, having been this day filed, opened and read, Wednesday the 14th day of July, 1943, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock Hail Insurance t - Crppis are valuable! If a hail storm iF-.-A.vS., ^^_ , • » ^ - . . _JL, ^- _. . . ;v/<iomes, you are helpless! ITS WISE TO INSURED —RATES ARE REASONABLE See or Phone Us For Further Information R. S. BLOSSOM INS. AGENCY 1st Door North Iowa State Bank ' Phone 125 SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office . .Tnnc 1, 1943 Algona, Iowa 0:00 O'clock A. It. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members pre- Thc cash counted In the Treasurers office at 6:00 O'clock A. M. June 1st, 1943, by P. 3. Helkcn and W. B. Me- Donald was found to be at follows: f^rt ftfl check*'''::;;:;:;;;;::::;;;. ' ija.27 TOTAL 11328.03 Signed: P. J. Helken W. H. McDonald Motion by Helkcn and 2nd by Qulnn that Leo J. Immerfall, County Auditor's bond for $6,000.00 be approved. Ayes: All. \ . Motion by Schram and 2nd by Qulnn that the appointment of John Bcs- tonlchncr a» Second Deputy Auditor In the Auditors office be approved, and that his bond for $1,000.00 be approved and salary be fixed at (120.00 per month, Ayes: All. ' Motion by Schratn and 2nd by Hel- kcn that Isadore Mayer of St. Benedict, Iowa be appointed Weed Commissioner for Prairie Township. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald nnd 2nd by Qulnn thiit a paupers notice be served on the following named persons: Mrs. Kate Barton and family; H. B. Frey and family; Earl R. Gillette and family; Henry Helmers and family; Ben llatflcld and family; Emll Jahr and family; Elmer Jones and family; Edward & Julius .Ttichem; G, S. Kubler and family; Raymond It. Lamb and; family; Albert J. Mehrlng and family; Oscar Monson and family; Mrs. Emma Schroeder and family; Henry Schneider and family; Lewis A. Saltow and family; John R. Htrnlton and family; Richard (Dick) Wermersen nnd family; nnd Wlllord Card. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Schrnm that E, J, Van Ness be appointed as member of Kossuth County Soldiers Relief Hoard to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the former member, Clms. H. Taylor. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Ilelkcn that I''raner be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage Districts, Nos. 48, 160, Joint P.A.K. No. 1 and Joint H.K.H. No. 03-131-100. Ayes: All. ifotlon by Scliram and 2nd by Helken that McDonald be appointed- to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage District No. 114 and No. 101. Ayes:' All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Helken that Quinn be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage DlKtrlcs No. 72 and Joint P.A.K. No. L, Ayes: All. "Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Qutmi that Ilelkcn be appointed to nuikc necessary repairs on tbe following Drainage Dlntrlets: Nos. 3, 7, 11', CO, 80, 82, 1)0, 111, 128, 105 and 100 and Sub. 2 ot No. 00. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that the assessed valuation reduction be approved aR recommended nnd set out by the Hoard of Review of Burt Incorp. In their let-solution No. OB now on flic In the office «f the County Auditor: Lots G anil - 0 Block 5 Orlg. Plat. Burt Incorp. be reduced to $000.00. Ayes: All. Motion by Helkcn nnd 2nd by Sell rum that the recommendation made by the Town Council of the town of Swca City at Its regular «ension on May 4, 10-13, to cancel the 1042 taxes on merchandise" assessed against Mrs. Ernest Miller, Swca City, Iowa on'the grounds that be was erroneously assessed, be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by Ildken that the 1940 delinquent Consolidated tax In the umoihit of $0.80 plus .Me Interest and Advertising carried forward on the 1042 tax lists, on Lot 0 Block 3 Original Pint Burt Incorp. be abated on the grounds that the lot was purchased by D. C. Mann by sealed bid from Kosmith County In the year 1042, with the .understanding that a prior taxes had been paid In full or otherwise cancelled. Ayes: All. Motion by Ilciken and 2nd by Qulnn that $0.00 be abated from the money and credits tax charged against Emma ilerson, Sw,ea City Incorp. for the r'1042 tax,' 1 error on assessment roll. es: All. RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to Issue warrants f^or all bills allowed at this meet- Ing as "per Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore Written." COUNTY FUND Northwestern Bell' Telephone Co., Tel. Scrv $ 70.03 W W Sullivan P M, postage 20.03 W W Sullivan P M, postage .. 25.00 W W Sullivan P M, postage .. 15.0S W W Sullivan P M, postage .. 10.00 City of Algona, Light ser. .. 32.57 Bertha E. Johnson, assessing 434.00 W W Sullivan P M, postage .. 10.03 Elonra Volgt, salary 68.15 C W Pearson, Treas. Adv. "" salary 122.14 C W Pearson, Treas. Adv. office expense 001.72 P J Helkcn, comrn. and ses- J 8 LattA & Ron, sup ....... 4.80 Kosftutb County Farm Bureau approp ..................... 416.00 ..................... t H Wortman, local registrar O D Curtis local registrar II H Dreyer, local registrar .. V P Newel local registrar .... It A Thompson local registrar Wm Boyken, local registrar .. R II Flnncll, local registrar .. Florence Hot local registrar Fred A Dlekmann, local regls- trar ........................ Mrs Mne Lattlmer, local regli- trar ........................ Adah Carlson, local registrar Chad. Platlie, mtg ........... John Frlderes, mtg, . ....... John Bormann, mtg ......... Geo. Itortnnnn mtg. ... ....... Henry Tjnden mtg ........... Floyd Gardner mtg ........... .Term Rorenson, mtg ......... A Harvey mtg Armstrong Laboratories, sup. Kohlhans Hardware, sup ..... Lalng & Muckey, sup ....... C A Heard, repairs , ......... Elk Clennern repair flag .... Algona I'ark Commission, use of power mower .......... Augusta 1 kilty,, labor ........ Bert Cronan labor ............ 3.50 3.50 2.26 1.2S 1.60 2.25 4.75 .70 1.50 3.60 28.76 4.00 4.00 '4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 107.50 5,10 1.43 1,00 .35 2.75 8.40 1.50 10.00 10.00 COURT FUND 0 I) Shumway, attorney fees L A Wlnkel, attorney fees .. KA1H GROUND FUND Kossntb County Fair Ass'n., npprop 110.70 1NBANE FUND Helen White, clerks fees C II Crctr.meycr, exam, phys. T C Hutchison, attorney fees A J Cogley, Sheriff fees .... D C Hutchison, Attorney fees LIBRARY FUND Bobbft Merrill, sup Lynns & Carnnhan, sup Henry Holt & Co., sup Mil pic wood Bookbinding, sup. Bonk Supply Co., sup Webster Pub. Co., sup H W Nelson Co., sup Macmlllnn Co, sup Johnson Pub. Co., sup Department of Elementary •School Principals, sup Houston Mlfflln Co., sup. .. American Library Ass'n. sup. INSTITUTION FUND Bureau of Educational Ile- scnri'h, sup National Education Ass'n sup. H A Phillips School Serv. sup. Ommund T. U. FUND L Pderson, Indent. cattle BANGS DISEASE FUND Ceo. A Hlx, Indein. cattle .. MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. tel. serv Ed Fuchscn, patrol City of Algona, light serv. .. Central States Electric Co., 18.70 12.00 0.00 10.00 3.00 0,31 20.07 7.32 0.00 54.01 8.27 D.90 2.31 1,10 3.20 1.00 3.00 70.81 2.00 2.70 30.80 29.00 10.50 04.10 10.08 20.13 4.82 Hurry Hemke patrol 101.20 Joe M Ebfler, patrol 118.00 Archie Dodds, patrol 121.10 Ualph Markla patrol 121.10 S D McDonald, patrol 121.10 Clifford Holmes patrol 121.10 . C W' Pearson Treas., ndv. freight Bert Shellmeyer, patrol 121.10 Wm, F Gronbnch, patrol .... 131.10 Clarence Hentges, patrol .... 121.10 Mllo Patterson, patrol 121.00 Peter Movlck, patrol 121.10 Arnold Wegner, patrol 121.00 Ben Olscb, patrol 107.10 Hnsrnle Hansen, patrol 131.10 Urban Neuroth, patrol 121.10 A J Hlldman, patrol 114.00 Oliver Young, patrol 121.10 C H Cooper, patrol 55.30 Dick Baade, patrol 01.00 Oeo. F Graham, patrol 71.00 Dwlght F Graham, patrol .... 00.00 Lcm Stock-well, patrol 127.00 J E Folk, patrol 124.(» I John Stott, patrol 120.10 Doyal Sanders, patrol James Ml Long, patrol William F Schradcr, patrol Ellck Hawk, patrol Edw, C Ohm 1 patrol 120.10 121.10 128.10 415.00 121.10 Joe Welch, patrol 120.10 Ed. Bolter, patrol 110.10 Clyde Sanders, patrol 120.10 Verne' Molluder, patrol 131.10 Itoelf Miller, patrol 120.10 WHEN YOU MUST CALL slon 220.3S J F Qulnn, Comm. and session !i26.95 J II Fraser, comm. and session 228.70 W E McDonald, Comm. & session 190.85 W A Scbram Comm. and session , F A Newville, guard air port M A Bartholomew, guard air port .;..., •. ,. C H Ostwlnkle, del. tax col. 90.65 A J. Cogley, board and lodging prisoners A J Cogley, mileage & Invest fees H W Miller, office exp A E Laurltzen, travel exp, .. Mrs. W B Officer, assist Supt. office Ada Luurlteen, assist. Supt. office .' Mrs. A. H. Scbulcr.j assist Supt. office ., Mrs F I Chapman, assisting Supt. office Algona Upper Des Mollies, Board Proc. and sup. .... Advance Pub. Co. Board Pro, and sup. ,..,....,., Burroughs Adding Machine Co.' sup Klipto Loose Leaf Co. sup. ,. 451.80 Loring Supply Co. sup Kocb Brothers, sup Keystone Envelope Co., sup. Omaha School Sup, Co., sup. Pratt Paper Co., sup , Metropolitan, Sup. Co., sup. Dick Swanaon, bty Lester B Schmidt, bty Darald Soever, bty Erwln Beenken, bty Carroll Veer, bty, ,.....,...., Arden Nelson, bty, , William. Smidt, bty, ., Clarence Schwartz, bty Terry Schutjer, bty Harold Keucbenpeoker, bty. Don Christ, bty, .-...,...,.., J C Graham, bty, ,-,, Fed Hagen, bty Everett: Thompson, bty Mrs John B Clark, bty. .... Henry Tjuden, ,patrol Elmer C I'ottcr, labor Wm. Lelscner, labor Leo E Blelcb, labor Lease & Lease labor W A Schniin, sup F S Norton <St Son, sup K & 11 Coop. Oil Co., sup... Hell Motor Co,, mip ^het H Cook, sup S B French Lumber Co., sup. Thompson Distributing Co., snp. 178.80 07.60 60.00 05.08 120.05 C0.01 07.60 3.00 0.00 3.00 3.00 101.10 80.13 1,22 0.20 107.05 30.09 1.87 9.66 25.76 1.90 2,50 .CO 2.80 ,40 .10 .80 1.30 .60 .90 190 4,110 4,30 .60 1.00 12.00 11.11 2.43 ,-i.OO 7.0!) . 10.20 02.1-1 17.14 1.25 4.00 01.07 08.42 11.54 22 20 12.'54 fl.12 4.35 12.00 2.14 ;t.eo 3.01 30.08 28.31 408.40 220.00 3J)S 0.80 14.00 7.40 61.03 21.48 8.16 31.08 Bancroft Oll~Co., eup.,"....... 100AO Peerless Oil Co., sup 417.42 Interatate Oil Co., uup 0.00 Royal "400" Oil Co, sup 337.78 liulbuch Co., sup 13-1.81 DHAINAQE FUND Drain No. 4 Stott Hardware, mip Tltonka Implement Co. sup. Heed Hardware sup Mid Continent Pet. Corp., sup. Bradley Br?*., sup Emll Anderson, labor F I Chapman, sup Lu Verne Pharmacy, snp Kohlhaas Hardware, sup Fred Flalg Guruge sup. ..., Bast End Foundry, sup" U S Highway Snp. CO., sup. Hre Ue-Cappers Co., sup Interstate Power Co., light nerv. Central States Electric Company, light serv :...-. Olbbs Cook Tractor Co., sup. Sioux City Iron Co., sup. .... Algona; Implement Co., sup. .. Dukehart-Hughes Tractor "Co. sup Ft. Dodge Machine and Sup. Co., sup Barton Warner Co., sup. ,.'... Slefi Ft Dodge Co., sup. George Looft, labor John Welch, labor ...... Drain No. 5 Dick Baude, labor C H Cooper, labor DWigbt F Graham, labor Drain No. 7 Dick Baade, labor C H Cooper, labor ...... Dwlght F Graham, labor Drain No. 13 George Looft labor .... John Welch, labor Drain No, 20 Dick Baade labor ...... Oeo F Graham. labor ..., D H Cooper labor ...... Dwight F GruUuui labor Drain No. 33 Qeo. F. Graham labor .. Dick Baade labor C H Cooper labor ...... Dwight F Graham labor Earl Stott Hardware uup, Drain No. 00 John Welch labor Cort C Rlpnentrop, bty, .... Joe McCennelly,, bty. ....... , QustavJ'ottfrott bty. ,...,,-. Oordpn Bttase, by, ,,,,.,,,.. Delia Welter. J, P. fees ,.., A J Cogley, Sheriff, fees ,,.. frMk KaWbfiss, Mayor fees A J Cogley, pherltt fees ,,.. W J pftvlwV f J. P, fees ,,., W H Steward, Const. fee« ., H Koiigicji, Boara ol tfew art bd&xy tp «**tf *$»*?» Mor* line* nif ne«teO, They wVt be bwttt •?£ 1.00 6.00 1.00 3,00 2.00 12.60 4.20 8,00 3.00 3.60 6.06 2.00 Dft. I) l4nR«n, legaj urr. 2,M George Looft labor ,, Drain No. 68 Concrete Products Corp. &up. Drain No. 78* 0.00 0.00 2.60 2.60 ,2.60 2.50 2.60 2.50 35.40 36.40 7.80 7.50 7.50 7.50 2.60 10.00 10.00 10.00 6.82 12.00 12,00 97,37 Concrete Products Corp, sup, 36.04, Druln No, 78 Geo F Grulmm labor ........ Dick Baade, labor .......... . C U Cooper, labor .......... Pwigbt F Qrabaia, labor .... Stott Hardware, sup. . , ...... 8 P French Lumber Co., sup. Drain Mo. 80 George Looft, labpr .......... John Welch, labor .......... Eheo Dorenbusl), labor ...... Drain No. 90 George Looft, labor ....,,..., John* Welch, labor ....,,.,.. Tbeq DorenUush, labor ,,,.., Drain No. 98 Oeo V 27.00 33.00 29.00 33.00 2.81 8Q.57 36.40 86.40 89.00 6.00 6,00 6.00 l»bpr A. M, fil ftf »U W show mm to nf&rby cf>nihiiiiiftifr>i v£* fj/wwt wf sprf f Wf |fp^j||^isppp| eo raaw. »p ..,...,, Dick Baade, labor ..... ...,.., 7,60 0 H Cooper, lsbpr ,.,. ........ 6.00 Dwight f Qraham, |ab#F ,.,. 7.00 BtPW Hard, ware, eup. .,..,.., 6.82 Drain No. 10S John B»br, labp? No. George Looft, labpr .......... Joun Welst tobeir ...»,,,,,,., Dr«ln No. 139 - - 6.00 Adolph Bfuns, labor .62 Oeorge oerdes, labor 6.22 Hancock County Road Con' fitruotlon Fund, Sup .71 Mln H. K. No. 6-87 Dick Baade, labor 0.00 Oeo. If. Graham, labor KM C H Cooper, labor 8.00 Dwlght F Graham, labor .... 8.00 Stott Hardware, flip 9.30 8 I! French Lumber Co., sup, .65 Drain H. K. No. 2 D J Nabeger, labor .00 Drain W. K. No. Sfi-SO Geo. F. Graham, labor .73 Dr. W. K. No. 68-138 Oeo. Smith, labor 32.00 A. K Quamme, labor 27.20 POOR FUND City of Algona, light scrv. .. 4.1C Marvel Dole, salary 07.00 Fred C Hucttner, prov 6.20 Warburton Grocery, prov 14.00 Hcrtzke Grocery, prov 10.BO Aim and Boles, prov ROO Consumers Grocery, prov, .. 40.0(1 C U Smith and Co., prov 28.00 R. & H. Grocery, prov 16.00 Sorenscn Grocery Co., prov. .. 48.IX) Bast End Grocery, prov .... G.OO Whlltcmore Creamery, prov... 3.00 Paul Krnst prov 15.00 8. * L. Co., clothing 0.2.1 Hurt Elevator, fuel 7.00 J G McDonald & Co., fuel .. 7.00 Kunz Grain Co., fuel 24.00 Dr M G Bourne, med. .. Not Allowed Dr P V Janscn, med 79.00 Dr C H Cretzmeycr, med. .. 10.00 Dr R M Wallace, med 00.00 Dr R L Corbln med 40.50 Dr J N Kcneflck, med 7.50 Dr Pierre Sartor, med 14.50 Dr S W Meyer, med 4.00 Dr Buhne K Babnson, med. 50.00 Lusby and Qlossl, med. sup, 25.50 A. II. Borclmrdt, med. sup. .. 3.00 Ln Verne Pharmacy, med, sup. 6.40 Kossuth Hospital, hosp cure Not allowed rKosaiith Hospital, hosp. care 45(1.00 Ella Brlggs, care 30.00 Mrs Lloyd Btebblns, care .... B3.00 Lllllon Schenck, care 21.00 Tom Mollamphy, labor 7.8B C D Curtis, burial 26.1:: L M Mcrrltt, burial 05.00 L W Swanson, transp 31,;t8 Jakob Keller, rent fi.OO D D Monlux,-Agt., rent .... 10.00 Geo. C. Johnson, rent 6.00 John TJhlenbake, rent ........ 20.00 Henry J Kline, rent 10.00 Ernest Miller, rent 8.00 Lydla Relnhart, rent 10.00 Department of Social Welfare , blind aid 38;iO COUNTY FARM— Roy Larson, labor 120.00 Ben Dakkcn labor 100.00 F 8 Norton * Son, sup 39.37 L E Stephens, light scrv'.... 40.(W Sorensen Grocery Co., prov. 78.00 Algona Baking Co., prov 83.48 Anderson Jack Sprat Grocery prov 60.77 C 8 Johnson, prov 11.% Algona Coop. Creamery, prov. 70.B3 Consumers Grocery, prov 11.25 Bill Runge, shoe repairs .... 4.45 Dr P V .Tanse, med 41.50 KosBUfh Hospital, hosp. care 207.150 K D James, med. sup 8.30 Grahnm Co,, sup 8.!ll Tom Reid, cowing hemp seed 28/X) Monarchs Products Co., snp. 25.75 Mid Continent Petroleum Corp .sup 27.24 W G tfrCiillough. burial .... 82.50 Algoim Cemetery Ass'n., open- Ing grave fi.OO Algunn Implement Co., sup. . 10.10 C A Heard, snp 7.70 Royal 'MOO" Oil Co.. sup 28.IC! KBSOLVED: Thut the Coumy Ami Itor Is hereby authorized to MHUI* Warrants for all bills allowed at tills meeting as "per Schedule of Claim: Hereinbefore Written". H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and haul- Ing. On Motion Board adjourned to 0:00 O'clock A. M. June 14. 104!). Ayes: All. J. 11. Prnner MILCH COWS FOR SALE Due to the destruction of my dairy barn by wind I am selling 15 good grade Holstein cows at private sale. Call and see these cows either in the early morning or evening. All the culls have gone to market. Also selling No." 4 McCormick-Deering electric cream separator and a registered Holstein bull. A. B. SCHENCK 2 Miles North Pioneer Plant, ><£ Mile East and '/ 2 Mile North CRACKERS FORT DEARBORN SODAS SUGAR FINEST GRANULATED COFFEE HILLS, FOLGER'S OR NASH'S IT.VMP NO. i4 FLOUR COME AGAIN BRAND $1.77 49-lb. Sack Peanut Butter NATIONAL RYE BREAD .... NATIONAL WIENER BUNS .. NATIONAL. RAISIN COFFEE CAKE .. NATIONAL BRAND—1 Bed Point EVAP. MILK BAKING POWDER CALUMET 70-80 SIZE PRUNES CALIFORNIA BLUE ROSE RICE 3 NATIONAL MANZANILA STUFFED OLIVES KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES.. POST'S GRAPE-NUTS ... BREAKFAST CEREAL Cream of Wheat. NATIONAL DELUXE COFFEE ... MICHIGAN—Point Value 13 11-01. ft*. 12c 15c 9c 15c 13c 29 c 15c 8c EGG NOODLES NATIONAL BRAND MACARONI COME AGAIN BRAND 7-01. Package 18-01. ft. 1-lfc. G bus Jar WHITE BREAD COME AGAIN BRAND 29c KIEFFER PEARS. *£,* 19c SWEET GIRL—Point Value 3 TOMATO JUICE . *£? 12c HAZEL 4 1C-. PANCAKE FLOUR Lbs . IDC PUKE—5 Bed Potato NATIONAL SLICED Double Loaf LARD Lbs. 1-Ib. Cartoa COLA 16c SWEET GIRL BRAND PLUS BOTTLE DEPOSIT PORK 1 BnWrn n - _ CHOPS "* *"""• — •••••"•p UEEf VER ^^^^^^••^^^••fc. Super Suds CALIFORNIA WHITE ROSE fl ^^ JH ••• lOiiBBfJ ^^Wli^* HBB ^Wp^^W^I ^(^B ^^BP^^ ^^HB^ WNHH^ ^^^^^^p 1 ^^HI^P^ ^^g^^^f M^VR Mortthern HOWB GROWN FREf H »EETS •jhfi jl^S^SL J| 2?H QRANQI* ^^BI^j^F f •

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