The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1943 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1943
Page 4
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JUrtf,* .... . ..^. .f. LuVcrnc Senior* Are Employed for Summer Or Attending School LuVerne—Seniors who graduated from the local high school this year are scattered in various places some beginning higher education, some working at home and others away from home. Elinor Bat-ton began a course in beauty culture at the Fort Dodge Acade- tay. Dorothy McClellan went to Deis Moines Monday to start a Cotrrse at A.I.B. Ellen Meyer has begum a course at Hamilton Business College at Mason City. Mar- |oi> Wegner is employed in a defense plant near Hands, Illinois. June Miller and Nina Harrison are working at the Tobin Packing Plant at Fort Dodge and Vera Dimler is working at the Chand- ter.Pump Co. at Cedar Rapids. Donald Meyers is working at the LuVerne \ Thompson Yards an John Schmidt at the Hefti Lock ers. Most of the other members of the class are working at horn in town or in the country. Lakota Property Damaged By Storm Lakota—In Friday night's storm lightning struck the barn on Mrs Delia Smith's place tearing a hole in the roof, splitting the hay door and doing other damage bui luckily no fire was started. Mrs Stnjth was in the barn when il was 'struck but was not injured other than shock. hit in A small tornado also Crnest Traasmar place west part of town tearing out several trees and the back porch from he house. It demolished the Rock sland coal shed and moved the chicken house on the Walter Leilie farm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday - June 17, 18 and 19 A STORY YOU WILL TAKE 80DOT MtDOWAU ntmos FOSTER ftTA JOHWSOH Japanese-American Citizen tellf Of Western Evacuees and Camps Appearing before the Riverdal Ladies' Friendly Club recently Mrs. Mary Hiraga, American-born citizen of Japanese ancestry spoke very interestingly of th evacuation of 130,000 Japanese citizen and non-citizen, fiom the defense area on the Pacific coast Mrs. Hiraga and husband are em ployed by. Chet Schoby in River lale township. It might be staie< here that Mrs. Hiraga is highlj the educated, has a college degree the and she and her husband are 'orrning many real friendships ir :heir new home in Kossuth. Evacuation Camps In West. Mrs. Hiraga spoke in part as ollows: "Shortly after the Unitec States entry into the war the War- ime Civilian Control Administra- ion was formed under the West- Defense Command. This body undertook to evacuate 130,000 apanese, both citizens ,and non- itizens alike, from the defense rea on the Pacific coast. At that ime all those of Japanese ances- •y were forced to leave most of leir belongings behind and enter he relocation center constructed or this purpose. There are ten uch center in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Arkansas, each holding about 10,000 people. Most of the centers are now self-sustaining, producing the food consumed and manufacturing articles needed for camp use. Camp Covers 5,000 Acres "Manzanar, the camp where I way, covers 5,000 acres and is located in the Owen's River Valley, between Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the United States and Death Valley, the lowest spot in the country. Fifteen years ago, after the city' of Los Angeles took WALT DISNEY'S "PRIVATE PLUTO" Fun for the Entire Family on Saturday Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - June 20, 21 and 22 THE MEN WHO LOVED MARY ANN! FREEDOM'S FORTS ARE FUIK<B Wednesday and Thursday - June 23 and 24 ORSON WELLES in "JOURNEY INTO FEAR" over the water rights, the land re- took its barren aspects, the orch ards were left to die and sage brush once again covered the fertile valley. But to day prefabricated barracks within a barbed wire fence sit in the heart of it. The soil around them has'been tilled and fresh vegetables are harvested by the evacuees. The orchards again bear luscious fruit. Rubber plants (Guayule) are being started to be transplanted and will soon relieve part of our rubber shortage. Beautiful flower gardens, ponds and victory gardens take the place of sage brush and rocky mounds. • People Are Employed "The people are employed in different projects such as agriculture, industrial, administrative, mess halls, maintenance or any 5f the numerous jobs necessary :o run the camp. They receive from $19.00 for a physician in the 250, bed hospital to $12.00 for aborers in the fields, per month. In their spare time the people make all sorts of handicraft from :rees and raw materials, work in heir victory gardens, knit for hemselves and the army, take >art in recreational activities, at- end night schools, or see a movie urnished by their co-operative which also supplies their clothing and necessities. Many Boys Volunteer "Many of the boys have left amp to volunteer for 25,000 men ombat teams in the JJ. S. army, omposed of all Japanese-Ameri- ans, while others have gone out P*rlr for Mts. A bridge party will foe held Friday evening at « <b'elock at ths home 6f Mrs, L. fi. Hovey for Mrs. Jos. Pelisek, who is moving to Tama, lowA, the first of July. Meeting of tJ."s.'W. A.— A regular metelng of the U. S. W. A. will be held at the library Monday, June 21, at 8:00 p.m. Please bring dues. There will be no quilt work Friday, June 18. Bournes' Anniversary— Dr. and Mrs. M. O. Bourne celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary Wednesday evening by having sixteen guests for a buffet supper. Merry Mixers to Meet— The Merry Mixers Sewing Club will meet Friday afternoon at the John Thompson home. Former Agent To Kentucky ' St. Benedict News Irvington — Harold met Irvington Station agent but living ,th«! last few yeatt» oft aft acreage near' Goldfleld, has sold his property there and will return to his old. home in Kentucky. His plans for the immediate future are somewhat indefinite at the present time.. However, he hopes to purchase a farm and eventually engage in the production of tobacco. Mr. Scott's father and brother are still living in Kentucky. to relieve the labor shortage in the sugar beet fields and other jobs. The War Relocation Authority and other organizations are urging, and assisting, the peoples to return to a normal life throughout the country." Mrs. Ella Hape of Mason City is a visitor with her mother, Mrs. John Bierle. Rev. Father Neppel went to Carroll for ten days to chtck up on his health. Rev. Al Arndorfer will officiate at both masses next Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Arndorfer are the proud parents of a son, their first child. Mrs. Arndorfer former Catherine Me- IETY Dorothea Bjustrom Weds— Dorothea June, daughter of Mr and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom, and Ensign Frank C. Moulton of Mitchell D., were married Sunday, June 6. at 6:15 p.m. in the Methodisl church at Lake City, Fla. The Rev. J. L. Hunter performed the double ring ceremony. The bride wore a white suit with Navy accessories and an orchid corsage. The bridesmaid, Mrs. Gordon Schmidt, Algona, wore a brown and white dress with yellow roses. The groom's attendant was Ensign J. Robert Martin. The bride is a 1939 graduate of n** 1 ^Serving Those Who Serve for Victory ^HEVROLET MECHANIC . . . now more than ever essential to America's tvar effort CIVILIAN DEFENSE COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION DOCTORS ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING ESSENTIAL WORKERS FARM SUPPLIES FARM VETERINARIANS HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE INDUSTRIAL MANAGERS INDUSTRIAL WORKERS LUMBER CAMPS MACHINERY MEAT PACKERS MEDICAL SUPPLIES MINES OIL WELLS POLICE CARS PUBLIC HEALTH PUBLIC SAFETY RED CROSS ACTIVITIES SCHOOLS SHIPYARDS SURGEONS TECHNICIANS VITAL SUPPLIES WAR PLANTS .. . and many other trades, businesses and professions whose products and services are important to the war effort * BUY * * * * U. S. WAR BONDS * * AND STAMPS * Algona high school and a graduate this year of Dakota Wesleyan University at Mitchell, South Dakota. Dorothea and Frank met each other at Dakota Wesleyan. The groom has been in the service a year. He received his commission as aviation ensign from Corpus Christie, Texas. He is now taking operational training at Lake City Fla, Mrs. Moulton expects to live with her husband as long as he remains in the states. Dinner for Norbert Veerkamp— Mr. and Mrs. Herman Veerkamp, Ottosen, entertained at a dinner on Sunday in honor oi their son, Norbert's graduation. Those attending were: Mrs. Scott Ellsworth and 'family and ,Catherine Veerkamp of 'Eagle Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber and family of Whittemore, .Mr. anc Mrs. Conrad Mertz and family of West Bend, Agnes and Mike Wagner, Bernice Coyle, Jean Ann Jacobsen, Barbara Underberg and Dwaine and Richard Kropf of Ot- ;osen, Dennis Wagner, Jr. and Rita Veerkamp of Livermore and Raphael Thilges of Bode. Mrs. Skilling Is Hostess- Mrs. Fred Skilling entertained group of friends and relatives at dinner Sunday in honor of her son, Richard, who leaves this week 'or the army. He is a brother of Edward Skilling, who is stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash. Edward was recently released from an army hospital, where he was confined with a knee injury. He is nicely improved and has been put on light duty. Parks Family Reunion— The Parks family held a reunion Sunday at Call State Park. Those attending were: Mrs. Clifford Tilton and children, Ronald Michael, Patrick and Virginia \ Lou; Mrs. John Parks, Sr.; Omar O'Hern and family, Janice and Janet, who are twins, Joan and Jacqueline, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parks and family, Colleen, Edward, Jr., Dar- was the Enroe. Sr. M. Clement, Sr. M. Carina and Sr. M. Paul left Saturday for their Seminarie's retreat, .the former to Sioux City, the latter two to Dubuque. Sunday visitors at the Emil and Nick Arndorfer homes were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pickens and children of Storm Lake and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll and family of LuVerne. Miss Marian Arndorfer and Ray McKenna, U.S.N., were Sunday visitors at the Clarence Arndorfer and Leo Ludwig homes. Ray McKenna has a month's leave from service and the couple intend to be married soon. Frank Van Erdewyk of Breda, Iowa, was a week-end visitor at the John L. Roskoph home and met many of his old friends at church Sunday. Mr. Van Erdewyk lived here many years ago and was one of the first to build a residence in St. Benedict, the Witte home now. He was cashier of the Peoples Savings Bank during the time he resided in St. Benedict. Independence Farm Bureau Picnic West Of Fenton Friday Fenton—The annual Independence Township Farm Bureau pic* nic was held Friday evening at the Center school, west of town. A covered dish supper was served. County Agent R. W. Ashby of Emmetsburg gave a talk. A special feature was a sound picture of "The Voice of the Dairy Farmer," shown by Frank Barker, executive secretary of the Iowa Dairy Industry Commission at Ames. He also gave a talk. Because of the rain the kittenball game was cancelled. Henry Bode Fumily, Wesley, Moving To Charles City Home Wesley—A farewell picnic hdri* bring the Henry B*de family was held Sunday in the Corwith Legion Hall, Fourteen families attended. A picnic lunch was enjoyed at noon. The members of the Friendly Neighbors club presented Mrs. Bode a farewell gift at their meeting Tuesday afternoon, held <al the David Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. Bode and four children will move soon to Charles City as Mr. Bode is a Pfeister Hybrid Seed Corn salesman. The John Wards will move to the Bode farm. They have been living in the Joe Studer house and Mr. Bode has been working for Mr. Bode. Gophers Claimed Menace In Irvington Irvington—The corn crop Is progressing along surprisingly well considering the late start it received. Many have reported that some varieties of seed corn were exceptionally weak and fields had to be replanted. The little striped gopher has also developed into a real menace, going down the corn rows and digging out the planted kernels. • Aft measuring < lyft) feet Hi ing ..._.:"" last month . ;t Atkinson, It Wit mar curloitt grouping »f letters, ato* parently code and Had the additional wbrda "Pare*", and "Cambridge, Mass," It is not the usual type of experimental balloon 'released by the weather bureau. Residents of the Vicinity a«5 Wondering what was the purpose of the experiment, • *10O Bet you can think of mnriy uses for itl Well, you cnn got $50$100 - $200 or more in IMMEDIATE CASH thru. tin. Money' to pay stdre bills, doctor bills, insurance, buy coal, clotlioe, feed, livestock — ensy monthly payments. (Special Plan for Farmers.) L. S. Bohannon Phone 103 !». Bachelor of Divinity degree. Karen Schroeder was five years old on Monday and in the afternoon Mrs. Schroeder had a number of Karen's little friends in for a party. Those in attendance were Ella McDonald, Carolyn Thompson, Peggy and Barbara Mayer, Jackie Carpenter, Ruth Ploger Craig Weimer and Judy Roseboro. Karen received many gifts and lunch was served. The following relatives attended "? e , funeral of Wm. Brandt of Hubbard on Friday: Mrs. August Knoner, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knoner and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Knoner, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Looft and Buelah, Mrs. Fred Junkermeier Mrs. Ed Junkermeier, Mrs. OTTOSEN NEWS , . ' Mrs ' Harry Schroeder, and Mrs. Albert Brand, Elmer n ' ^ and Mrs " Herman Brandt 3nd Mrs ' John Pepsl-Coli Company, Lone Island City, N. Y. Franchised Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF FORT DODGE lene, James Wilson, Gretchen and Erin. Madeline, IIIS SKILL helps to maintain the cars which carry millions of war workers to and from their jobs, day after day. HIS EXPERIENCE helps to preserve the trucks which carry vital materials to and from war plants building arms and equipment for our fighting men. HIS SERVICE helps to conserve the cars and trucks of hardworking fanners who are feeding America and her allies. SKE V'OUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALER SI.KVICi: ON ALL MAKK.S OJc.CAJtS VM> TKU KS " to «, *h 9t th e ''heck. Oettl, '-"Pi ing r 0i. 'OK, Po Pui a n *lw a Motor Co, NORTH DODGE ST. Dutton Family Reunion— The 37th annual reunion of the Dutton family will be held Saturday, June 19, with Mrs. Clifford Jewel of Forest City as the secretary. The reunion will be at the fair grounds. Families have come from Minnesota and Wisconsin in previous years, but many regrets are coming in due to the war and gas rationing. County Meeting of U. S. W.»A.— A county meeting of the U. S. W. A. will be held at the library Friday, June 18, at 2:00 p.m. This meeting is for the purpose of electing county officers: chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer. Plans will also be made for the completion of the county organization. A good delegation is expected. Presbyterian Picnic— The Presbyterian Woman's Council will hold a picnic Thursday, June 17, at the Call State Park if weather permits; otherwise it will be at the church. Anyone desiring a ride can meet at at 2:30. Everyone is to bring sandwiches and a covered dish. D.A.R. Holds Picnic— The D. A. R. had a 1:00 o'clock luncheon in the Call State Park Monday. This was the last meeting of the season. New officers took over. Mrs. D. D. Paxson is the new regent and Mrs. Laura Palmer the vice regent. Entertains for Mrs. Adams:— Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles is entertaining a group of friends of Mrs. H. C. Adams this evening at a supper at the Chrischilles home. Mrs. Adams is here from California visiting friends and looking after her farms. Annual Farm Bureau Social— The Plum Creek Twp. Farm Bureau will have its annual pie and ice cream social this Friday, June 18. A. L, Brown, County Agent, will snow some pictures. The public is invited. Otto Wehrspann returned home Friday from the General hospital at Algona. Mrs. J. B. Jacobson of Bode spent the week-end at the Sylvan Jacobson home. Donald Puff returned home on Monday from the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge. Swodrup Nelson entered the .Veterans' hospital at Des Moines "for observation Friday. Patty and Roland Jacobs of Bradgate are spending Monday and Tuesday at the Peter Holt home. The Confirmation class and Rev. J. O. Wangberg went to Algona Monday where they had their pictures taken. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Holt and family attended the Chambers family reunion • at the Harry Chambers home at Corwith Sunday. ^ The Lutheran Ladies Aid met at the church parlors Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Chet Alme and Mrs. Henry Lovig as hostesses. Marian Underfaerg, Charlotte and Rosemary Jacobson gave a skit, "Three Old Maids," at the Eastern Star lodge at West Bend Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wehrspann lave received word that their son, jeo, has been transferred from 'owa City to Hutchins, Kansas. He is stationed with the Naval Air lorps. Charlotte Jacobson, Pearl Jacobson, Rosemary Jacobson, Evelyn Spiech, Jeanette Bratland, Peter and Marvin Movick were the members of the Confirmation class at the Lutheran church Sunday morning. The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met at the church parlors Friday afternoon, with Mrs. Max Clark and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth as hostesses. The Aid also were guests of the Rolfe Ladies' Aid at the Rev. Schneck home Wednesday afternoon. The American Legion Auxiliary met with Mrs. Mike Coyle Tuesday afternoon. The present officers were reelected. Mrs. Spiech gave • an article on "Cautions on Flag Day." Visitors were Mrs. .T. M. Crane, Mrs. Irvin Movick, Mrs. Henry Lovig, Mrs. Roy Telford and Mrs. Chet Alme.' Outstanding Values Every Day in CAKES, ROLLS, BREADS & DONUTS! aeli™ «*°^? r< " u ;A*P Self-service Food Store has on hand an excellent assortment of baked groods. And every one of its bakery treasures is made with fine ingredients . . . to. time-tested from A&P>; a ±i S p° Id ST ^ C I 1 '? bakery-fresh! Speedy deliveries from A&Ps modern sunlit bakeries to your A&P Self-Service Store assure peak freshness and goodness. Come Tin todfy ' . f w wholesome, appetizing Marvel "Enriched" Breads and Rolls P fIi ble ,, T ^ e Parker £ a * cs and ^ onnts No raVion for all these grand bakery treats! Large Fluffy f ANGEL-CAKE Rich, -Tasty, FRUIT BUNS Marvel Sliced Full 1% Lb. SANDWICH LOAF/ Loaf Jane Parker Dixie 18 ox SPICE BAR Size 11' '20 oz. Size Pk K . of 9 43c I8c Jane Parker-6 Plain Pkjr. DONUTS i 6 Sngrar of 12 Ann Page EGG NOODLES Scott County SAUERKRAUT Elmhurst Fancy BRUSSEL SPROUTS Ann Page MACARONI TO SAVE POINTS 5oz.g c 25c 3 Lb. Box 29c LEDYAED NEWS Mrs. August Knoner is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Brandt, at Hubbard. Mrs. August Spranlc spent last week in Sioux City visiting her daughter, Mrs. Paul Boulon. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Subbs left for Des Moines Sunday, where they expect to be employed for the summer. Rev. and Mrs. Edw. Nuss attended a mission festival at the Reformed church at Buffalo Center on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Pete TroJT are the parents of a daughter, Beverly Elizabeth. Mrs. Nelson of Lakota is caring for them. The Youth Fellowship of the Evangelical and Reformed church will have their annual picnic on Sunday afternoon at Interlaken. Mrs. Herbert Zulske left Monday for Eagle Grove, where she will visit her mother, Mrs. Blanch Jenks, and her grandmother, Mrs. Neister. Alvin Pepping, formerly of Ledyard, i s now stationed at Spadra, Calif. His address is Cpl. Alvin Depping, 13th General hospital, where he is working. Rev. Edw. Cass left Saturday for Dubuque, where he was graduated from Dubuaue University Oft Monday. Hey. Caw r?SfiV«d, tu> B-V, Beef 2V* oz. Extract Jar For Soups, Delicious Hot Drinks, Flavoring 25 It's Salad Time! HEAD LETTUCE^ TF.XAS TOMATOES in Vitamins A++, B1+, C+ CARROTS ....... ... ............. . ........ bunch «C CALD70RNIA Vitamins " WHITE POTATOES LEMONS, size 300 ORANGES, Size 150 SLUE STAMP VALUES lona Brand TOMATO JUICE Refreshing, Healthful V-8 COCKTAIL JUICE lona Cream Style WHITE CORN A&P Fa.ncy APPLE SAUCE Ann Page Tomator KETCHUP lona Diced BEETS Great Northern DRIED BEANS STAMPS K, L and M NOW VALHJ 46 oz. Can 18 oz. Can 20 oz. Can 20 oz. Can 8 oz. Bot. 20 oz. Can 2 Ib. BajT 2lc I4c Point Cost 4 Pts. each each 14 Pts. each lAfk ' Pts- IUC each 3 2»/» oz. Pkgs. Pasteurized FRESH MILK Kitchen Art Vegetable Soup-Er-Mix Enriched Flour 24>/ 2 Lb. PELLSBURY'S Bag Sunnyfield Enriched %H Lb. Af). CAKE FLOUR ?kg, *VV Sunnyfield Individual Pkg, CEREALS of 10 Please Every Taste NOT RATIONED Q«. I0c 136 1.32 N.B.C. Spoon Size 19 oz) SHREDDIES From Nearby Farms doz. 4«. FRESH EGGS cin, 1(16 WWteSaJI SOAP OKAINS Chases Dirt- Old Dutch CLEANSPR STAMPS J, K, L and M fttft STAMP VALUES Iowa State Brand CREAMERY BUTTER 100% Pure Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening DEXO White House M tall »|C m EVAPORATED MILK W cans fcOC Cudahy's 12 oz. OE- TANG can «OC BuIIdosr Brand 3^ O z. f SARDINES . can 1C Foster. Brand ' i Lb. «m w RED SALMON can W«IC j NOT RATIONED IVORY SOAP 99-44/100% Pure—It Floats Med. A fi Large -f A* CakeO B Cake |U C LUX SOAP Active Lather Facial 3 Cakes 21° P&GSOAP White Naptha Laundry 3 Giant | J. Bars IV DUZ Does "Everything Z3« PALMOLiyE For'That "School 2 )4 oz. Cans I5c SPRY 5 Red Points 1 UK Jar BMJE RIBBON Light or Dark 3 Tin An American Boy Wed in Battle -Did You War Bond fWi Wwk? Rich & Full-Bodied RED CIRCLE

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