The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1943
Page 8
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;^^*^«^-^ ' > '*' ^i' ' V " ^''-' % '' fh* Aigoiu Pet Otters, Shown At Field Day, Do Stint In Hospital Many persons who attended the Kossuth Field Day celebration • held two years ago will remember the trained otters which werfe exhibited by their trainer, Emi! E. Liers, of Homer, Minn., who , makes a hobby of raising and training these wild creatures, rarely seen by man. According to a story in "Our Dumb Animals," Mr. Liers re- •cently showed up at the Angell Memorial Hospital and Dispensary for Animals at Boston, Mass., with ten otters,-all of whom were very • sick. Most of the hospital attendants had never seen one otter before, let alone ten. The otters were treated for their ailment, which proved to be a stomach disorder, 'and soon developed into the liveliest patients'the hospital had had in months. Mr. Liers' picture with three of the sick otters and one of the staff veterinarians and a dog appeared in the magazine with the story. Mr. Liers is probably the only .known otter breeder and trainer in the world. He has more than twenty of the fur-bearing animals on his farm in Minnesota. UNIO.NNEWS Post Office Asks For Address Cooperation Because of -thousands ,pf posta employes being in the armed s%r vices and inexperienced help sup plying now the larger cities ar dividing their routes into zone so that a more efficient send ac curate distribution of mail ma be had. Postmaster Wade Sulli van asks that, irt the interests better service in the cities, loca residents ask of their correspond ents in those cities what the zon numbei 4 may be. For instance, i you are writing -to relatives o friends in Des Moines, you ghoul iiave the zone number in whicl the friend lives and address thi letter to him with the zone num ber (14) or whatever it might bi directly after the Des Moines Your mail will be delivered thi more quickly if this rule i lollowed. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Freed of Wrigley, 111., were visitors with the Ricker brothers here the past week. The Freeds and the Rickers were former school chums. Mrs. L. J. DeGraw, Algona, will entertain the Union Mothers and Daughters Club tonight, Thursday. Rev. C. C. Richardson -will be the speaker for the occasion. Mrs. Minnie Sarchett will be assistant hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heerdt and family were entertained at the Seivert Holm home in Swea City Sunday, the occasion being their twentieth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Newt'Bolin, of Granada, Minn., parents of Mrs. Heerdt, were also present. On Monday evening Union friends and neighbors celebrated for the Heerdts. LONE ROCK NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Glen Burt of Armstrong were Lone Rock visitors Saturday evening. Kyrwood Quinn of Ames spent Saturday night and Sunday at the parental J. F. Quinn home. Melvin Hawks and Reuben Luedtke left early Sunday morning for Alaska, where they will work on the Alaska road. Mrs. Jessie Stebritz of Mason City spent Saturday night and Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs. E. M. Hawks. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reisner and granddaughter, Kathryn, and Mrs. Minnie Reisner of Lotts Creek spent Sunday afternoon at the Emil Kraft home. Everett Mittag and Ruby Kueck of Buffalo, N. Y., came Saturday evening and went back Monday evening. Everett will leave for the marine air corps Wednesday. Miss Kueck is employed by J. C. Tower and Son. Hospital News Reese Heads Local ICnights of Columbus At the regular election of officers of the local council Knights of Columbus Tuesday night the 'ollowing officers were elected Jrand Knight, Chris Reese; Deputy Grand Knight, Gene Hood; 'hancellor, Julius Studer, Wes- ey; Recorder, Joe M. Bradley; >easurer, Joe E. Lynch; Advo- ate, A. J. Cogley; Warden, Dr R. J. Thissen; Inner Guard, V/m. B. Pech; Outer Guard, Wilbur J. Stewart; Trustee, 3-year,-term, Dr. Karl Hoffman; delegates to state convention, Chris Reese and E. J. Zender; alternate delegates, Joe E. Lynch and C. H. Ostwinkel. Weather Far From June Variety Yet When Weatherman Harry Nolte phoned in the record yesterday we asked him when .he was going to give us regular June weather and he answered that "I don't call the plays, I just keep the score." But he agrees ,that the weather is not June weather, at that. The week's record: Thursday, June 3 Hi ..82 Friday, June 4 72 Saturday, June 5 61 Low 83 44 48 E2 42 54 54 Kossuth Hospital June 3 — Mrs. Kenneth Geilenfeldt, Algona, girl; Albert Bahling, Britt, medical; Mrs. Gerald Angus, Bancroft, boy. June 4— Mrs. Burtis DeNio, Lu- Verne, girl; Mrs. Myron Meinzer, Hurt, girl. June 5 — Mrs. Earl Kinsey, Algona, boy; Mrs. Charles Hastings, Algona, girl. June 6—Mrs. Carl Froehlich, Wesley, girl; Mrs. Horace Clapsaddle, Algona, surgical. June 9—Glen Teeter, Algona, tonsilectomy. General Hospital June 2—Herbert Huff, LuVerne, surgery; Janes Adams, Algona, surgery; Lois Adams, Algona, sur- 3—Mrs. John Paulson, gery. June Britt, girl; Mrs. Will Kephart, Lakota, surgical; Mrs. George Koestler, Burt, surgical. June 4—Mrs. Howard Sparks, Burt, boy. June 6—Mrs. Oscar Dahl, Whittemore, girl. June 8—Irene Johnson, Lakota, medical; Larry Douglas, Algona, surgical; Mrs. John Mersch, West Bend, medical. Ration Calendar Tires Class A Ration: Second inspection deadline, Sept. 30. Class B Ration: Second inspection deadline, June 30. Class C Ration or bulk coupons: Third inspection deadline, Aug. 81. Commercial vehicles: Every 60 days or every 5,000 miles, whichever occurs sooner. Gasoline A book coupons No. 6 valid through July 21. Fuel Oil Period 5 coupons (11 gals, each) now valid, expire Sept. 30. Coffee Coupon No. 24 (1 Ib.) valid through May 30. Sugar Coupon No. 13 (5 Ibs.) valid through Aug. 15. Coupons Nos. 15 and 16 valid through Oct. 31 for 5 Ibs. each for canning purposes. Processed Foods G, H and J blue stamps valid through June 7. JC, L and M blue stamps valid through July 7. Heats, Fats, Cheeses, Canned Fish J and K r^d stamps valid through June 30.' . L red stamps valid June 6 through June 30. M red stamps . valid June 13 through June 30. N red stamps valid June 20 through June 30. Sunday, June 6 61 Monday, June 7 59 Tuesday, June 8 58 Wednesday, June 9 67 A total of .74 inch rain fell dur- ng the week. The soil tempera- :ure last week was 71.8, a week ago 64. and a year ago 77.3. * Storing Wools Is Important Phase In The Care of Clothes Warm spring weather is the signal for putting away heavy winter clothing, and this year homemakers will take greater care than ever before. Since wools will be hard to replace, it is' especially important that they be in good shape for wear next fall. Moth prevention is the big thing to remember in storing wools. Making sure that clothing is clean before storing helps control moths. Dry cleaning and washing are effective means of killing moths. Sunning and airing, as well as bi-isk brushing with particular attention to pockets, tucks and folds, will help rid the clothes of eggs and larvae as well'as adult moths. Wools stored for the summer should be placed in airtight containers with flake naphthalene or paradichlorbenzene scattered between the folds of the clothing, using Vi pound to a small_ container of about 3x2x2 feet. Mothballs may be used, but the flakes evaporate faster and allow fumes to penetrate clothing more rapidly. For a large closet or storeroom use 1 pound to 100 cubic feet. Keep the storage place shut as much as possible. If a closet is used for storing clothing, the flakes or balls are put in a cheesecloth bag and hung high in the closet or attached to hangers. Cedar chests are useful for storing clothes but they merely repel, rather than kill moths. Naphthalene or paradiclorobenzene flakes should be scattered between the folds and on top of clothing as in other types of chests and boxes. A further precaution to observe n storing wools is to store in a dark place because sunlight anc artificial light weaken fabrics anc fade colors. The store place shoulc be cool and dry_ to guard againsl mildew. Pvt. Rodney Gilbride Training In New York Private Rodney GHlbride is Stationed at a oftmp near West J'olrtt New York, where he Is taking: training in the engineering detachment. He likes it very much and hopes flo remain thene for some tlirte. Rodney volunteered for- service last December 1 when he received his b&sle' training at Fdrt Bragg, North' ' Carolina. Otte remained there for two months arid • was then transferred to West-Poult. He tfald he likes West Point biter than lifer t Bragg because'the food is .better, -,knd the advantages it|e grcfttei^lle is^on the basketball s(Juad' : aw$||bpes" "to 'jfoln' the baseball team'later in the Season. Rodney is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilbride, farmers living east of Algona. He graduated in '38 and was an outstanding student during those years. While attending St. Cecelia's he took nn active part in sports and other activities the school' offered. AROUND IOWA Coupon No. 18 becomes valid 19. • . Tips From County Home Economist An efficient wallpaper cleaner, recommended by Miss Alma G. Schultz, county home economist, can be made at home of unra- tioned materials. The cleaner is made by mixing 4 cups of flour, 4 tablespoons of salt, 2 cups of warm water, 4 tablespoons of kerosene and 8 tablespoons of ammonia. The materials are beaten until smooth and cooked over boiling water until the mixture thickens and does not stick when rolled between the fingers. Cool in a covered pan, knead, make into balls, and store in a tight container for several days to cure and to prevent crumbling while being used. This makes enough cleaner for an average size room. Before cleaning wallpaper, any cobwebs or loose dirt should be removed with a wall brush or clean soft cloth. If the paper is sooty, care should be taken not to let the brush or cloth touch the wall, as soot streaks are difficult to remove from wallpaper. Cleaning should be started the top of the room in an uncon- spicuous place. Rub the paper gently with short, even, overlapping, downward strokes. The soiled part of the cleaner should be worked into the center of the ball after each few strokes. Badly soiled paper may require two cleanings. Particles of cleaner left on the paper may be removed with a soft, clean cloth. For Air Raids Only Investigation of • a storm sewer- in Gladbrook proved the undoing of "Molly," dog owned by Fracile Hall. About forty feet from the point of entrance Molly got stuck and was unable to extricate herself. An hour's work of two men removing bricks finally brought rescue... . Old Will Probated The will of Thomas Walsh, who died in Fremont township, Butle ounty, in 1884, has just been ad mitted to probate at Allison. 1 iriginally was filed for probate n February of that year and earing Was set for Septembe ollowing, but it never was pro >ated. Now it is necessary to close he estate for the purpose 6 learing title to property. Fish Is Fish It is not often that anglers com ilain of a godsend, but sportsmen .ear Estherville are criticizing th ction of the state conservation ommission in stocking Mud Laki vith 500,000 pike for "experimen- al purposes." Pike, these fishermen claim, do not survive in Mud .ake. Plant black bass, however nd the "experiment" would be. eally worthwhile, they say.. "Joshiah B. Grinnell" The Grinnell ,Herald-Register ast week carried a large fron' age picture of the launching of United States cargo ship the Joshiah B. Grinnell," on March . Named for the founder, of the ity, the Joshiah B. Grinnell, was uilt by one of the Kaiser ship- ards on the Pacific coast and it. ne of the EC-2 type or Liberty lip. The master is Capt. T. C ";ainier. Photos By "Van" Willis G. Vanderburg, Boyden ewspaper publisher, has left for laska to serve as an official hotographer for the government nd a Sioux City construction ompany in photographing scenes "ong the new Alcan highway. Tragedy The wedding plans of Mary Fields of Searsboro, • Iowa, were shattered two weeks ago when she arrived at Ephrata, Wash., and learned there of the death o1 her childhood sweetheart, Sgt. Kenneth Lester Johnson, of the U. S. air force, in a ground collision of two bomber planes, two days before. Sgt. Johnson was to b& buried at West Liberty, Iowa. His home was near that of Miss Fields, north of Searsboro. China Ponies A hobby of Mrs. David Meyer, farm wife living near Waterloo, is the collecting of porcelain horses. She has more than 400, ranging from tiny size to one sample nearly two feet tall. Super Mapper No, the soilmapper working in Wayne county is not an enemy agent nor a saboteur, Howard Oaft, county conservation, was careful to point out after complaints had come in. A soil mapper usually carried a small level in a holster that, looks like a gun and the auger he carries to bore holes in the soil is not a dynamiters weapon, the announcement said. "Doc" Now "Commander" Dr. A. F. Fritchen, Decorah physician is one of three lowans who have attained the high rank of Commander in the United States Navy. Six lowans hold similar high rank as Lieutenant Colonel, in the Army. Statistical lowans Two lowans appear on the list of appointments of Secretary of Labor Perkins to a committee to study and review the official cost of living index and to advise the f Itfbof ef new *t sticd-to meet ftartihse cohdhie TMey ate E. Wight Bakke, of Qnawa, flow, connected with tfflle University, ahd Theo. W. Schultz Iowa State College, Ames. Triplets Triplet, heifer, cahtes were born on the wessel farm west of Humboldt. Which shows that even cattle are Increasing production in the war effort. Educated Horse Dies Thirty-four years is a long time for a htirse to HVe, buf'Dewey", & farm, horse reached that span of years.before his demise in Decatur county several weeks ago. Owned by the Ben Redman family, Dewey was an educated horse —at least he attended high school daily during the whole of 'the time six children of the Redman family attended tfie same School. He saw. them school in the morning and brought them back home safely in the late afternoon. odd Pet A skunk has become the pet of the Bert Keigley family near Madrid. It recently strayed Into the yard and since that time the children have fed the animal and have treated It as any other pet. Mr. Keigley claims that It is one of the best "mousers" he has seen. • Unusual Lamp A piece of red cedar tree of un-~ usual shape forms the base of an electric lamp toy T. A. McAlpin of near Vlllisca. The lamp has an imitation bird made from a hlghlj polished cow's horn, resting on the projections, one bird represents : a humming bird and the other n magpie. CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 1$ B-of d» or IMS. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, So per word. N» Af' elite' commlMton «tow*A If Kdveritohtg *gettto charge their client* 86 and send canto with order they receive lc per word commlMloh. for dale FOR SALE—Two purebred Ches ter White boars, Herman Beck er. 1 mile east of Irvington. 21tf FOR SALE—Two-row tractor cul tivator. Charles Scott. Burt, low, .. •' • '23 FOR SALS—One tenant house two years old. Size 12x20. /Als Manchu Soybeans, test aroun 90%.- Rufus Lindhorst, Algona. 22-23 FOR SALE—John Deere G. P tractor, on "teel, first clas shape; 1935 Chevrolet, first clas shape; 2 model A Fords; 193 ?ontiac, all new rubber; McCor mick-Deering 5-ft. mower. In quire Schultz Bros., Algona. 2 Not Welcome A black cat made its Way into the Ida county court house the other day—in fact, on Monday. Not finding the welcome mat out at any .ol the offices, It made Its way outside and did not return. Two in One An egg laid by a White Leghorn hen on the Clarence Vincent farm of Lacona was found to contain another small one, complete, with soft shell and all. The smaller egg was about the size of a robin's egg. Safetygrams The subject of taxes is not a very pleasant one. All of us have been paying increased taxes and we are paying them willingly because they are for a good cause- the defense of our American way of life. Have you ever figured out what accidents are costing the people of the United States even in these ;imes? The money that is spent for accidents isn't spent for a cause, because every cent of it is wasted. Accidents can be prevented and therefore any money spent because of accidents is money thrown away. Here is our accident tax bill.for ast year as announced by the Na- ;ional Safety Council: $113 per second $9,500,000 per day $3,500,000,000 for the year What is your share of this tax Dill? What have you done to contribute and what effort have you made in the reduction of this tax bill by driving safely, working safely, and living safely? Think 't over. _ FOR SALE—2 Purebred Milkhx Shorthorn bulls, 12 and 14 'mos old, 4 Purebred Berkshire boars Wm. Fritz, Rt. 1, Wesley, Iowa. 22-23 Trill. JL'Alkl., -LIU A, VV miles north 'Wesley. FOR SALE—At Once. 1935 Stan dard Chevrolet coupe. New tire and tubes. Bargain. Dwight Web ster, 711 North Minnesota. 23' FOR SALE—Five Shorthorn milk cows. One Hereford bull, two years old. George Wolf. LuVerne Iowa. 23 FOR SALE—Two surplus horse- drawn mowers in Kossuth County. Sealed bids will'be received by the Iowa State Highway Commission, Ames, Iowa, until 3:00 p.m. June 18. Highway Commission Serial No. "B821", "B822". Make Oliver. Can be inspected at Algona. Bidding blanks and additional information may be se'curec [rom George M. Dickson, Div. Maint. Engineer, Forest City, la., or Everett Lee, Highway Commission Foreman, Algona, Iowa. The Iowa State Highway Commission reserves the right to reject any or all bids. 23 FOR SALE—New 16 cell, 32 volt, 13 plate farm light batteries. Guaranteed for ten years. $129.50. lamble Store. FOR SALE—Used Storkline bath- inette. Good condition. $6.00. Baby walker in good condition, S3.50. Gamble Store. 23 Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. In District Court No. 5027 March Term, 1943 To All Whom It May Concern: You Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purport- ng to be the last Will and Testament of Gertrude Spilles, de- eased, dated April 14, 193Jt hav- ng been this day filed, opened ind read, Tuesday the 6th day of uly, 1943, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House n Algona, Iowa, .before the Dis- rict Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 'clock A, M. of the day above mentioned all persons interested re hereby notified and required o appear, and show cause if. any tiey have, why said instrument hould not be probated and al owed as and for the last Will and ''estament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, June Ji, 943. HELEN WHITE, Clerk of District Court. ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. LINNAN & LYNCH, Attorneys. 23-25 'OR SALE — Linoleoum yard goods remnants, 6-ft. widths, i9c per sq. yd. Variety of patterns. Gamble Store. 23 YOUNG married couple wants farm work, both can do anything you have. $130 per month, you furnish board and 'room. Inquire John Lutroe, Box 254, Emmetsburg. 23' FOR SALE—Riding cultivator and sulky plow. Andrew M. Hansen. Phone 945-W, Algona. 23* FOR SALE—Good.shepherd dog. 3 years old. George Banwart. Phone 302. 23* FOR SALE—Good purebred male Duroc. Sure breeder. J. J. Wadleigh, LuVerne. Phone 2512. 23* FOR SALE—Boy's bicycle, $10 Gamble Store. ,*., . 2 FOR SALE^-Good Holstein bull Boy's bicycle in godd condition Melvin Johnson, 4 miles nprtheas Rnrla • . ' nfii Bode. 23 FOR SALE — Registered Hampshire boars, ready for service Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 23 FOR SALE—Registered and good grade Hereford bulls. Also one Shorthorn. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 23" FOR SALE—Two sets of serviceable back-pad harness. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 23* FOR SALE—One small Letz burr . mill with cutter head. Joseph A Skow, Wesley. * 23* FOR SALE—Guernsey heifers. A. Mechler, Titonka. 2 FOR SALE—25 Purebred Hereford yearling bulls. Serviceable age. Best Domino quality. Priced right. C. M. Haas, Rodman. 20-23* NOTICE—Paracut's Hybrid Seed Corn for sale at Nick B. Wagner's, Algona. 21-lf RUBBER STAMP PADS and ink, black, blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines Office. 11-tf FOR SALE—Book of 500 receipts and duplicates, 4 to a page, $2.50. Algona Upper Des Moines. 9tf FOR SALE—Two used washing ' machines. 3 used cream separa- ors. 2 used electric radios. Used Maytag and Briggs & Stratton engines. Used electric iron and oaster. Wringer rolls and repairs or all makes of washers. We also repair engines and have repairs; "Vew cream separatars and milk- ng machines. The Algona Maytag tore. Phone 399. 23 'OR SALE—Two-row John Deere corn plow, horse drawn, good hape. A. B. Lappe, Bancroft. 23* for Rent FOR RENT At- ONCE—Small „ two-room house with water and light. Mrs. Dwight Webster. 71! North Minnesota. , 23* Mlacelkneou* A SHIPMENT OF Poultry Netting just received. Raesly Lumber Co., "Algona. 23*if 49 Lfi. BAG White Loaf Flour- Guaranteed to be one of the best enriched, highest (grade flours on the market today. $1.89 sack. Council Oak Stores. We pay top' prices for eggs in trade or cash, • •-.' :;..•.'.,• . -23 ft, J, Harrington J, D, t*w* Rooms 212-14 BMfst/ttftt't Bk, Bldfc. ALOONA, IOWA ' INSULATE ;ffOR warmer homes in, winter and cooler: homes in summer. Palopak installed for 8^c a square foot by a trained crew. Let us estimate your installation job. Gamble Store. 23 GET YOUR typewriter andliddihg machine, ribbons at -the Algona Upper Des Moines. „ 4-tf HOME LOAtfS TO BU^, REPAIR OR REFINANCE. NEW LOW . INTEREST RATE ' AND TERMS—WHY, PAY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. ATTORNfflyS.At LAW . Office JtiiSawyer Building Office Phohe 42? ALGONA, IOWA , nnxaasoN & tttrromsON ATi-ORNliYS AT LAW v .A. Hutchison (1862-1988) , Donald C, Hutchison. . Theddore C, Hutchison. J Security State Bahk Buliaing. •• Algomt, JtoWi* E. J. Van Ness Allen 1 A. BrunSott VAN NESS A BRUNtSON '.', * AjPTbRNEJYS AT LAtV Offices in new Hetee Building Phone 218 Algona, Iowa 18tf DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, chocolate, red, pink, blue and peach for sale at the Upper Des Moines office, IPc each, 2 for 25c. 3-tf PHONOGRAPH 1 RECORDS — All the new releases. Needles, al- bums.—rKossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. • • 1-tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios v and Washers. Bjustrom's Furniture 1-tf ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines iffice. Regular size, 15c each, 2 or' 25c. Large size, 20c each, : 'or 35c. 34-tl Gaylord D. 'ShumW&y Edw. D. Kelly SHUMWAY & ATTORNEYS AT liAW Office in Hutchison Bldg., Phone ALGONA, IOWA 1INNAN A LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algona, Iowa ' Phone 204 Offire over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA I* A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW • Office in Hutchison Building PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Over Rexall Drug Store Office. Phone 300 Res: Phone 831k BUY YOUR pencil and-typewriter ' carbon at the Algona Upper Des Moines. 9-1f iEE ME FOR Real Bargains in' farms, loans, drainage surveying ind estimates on tile.—Phil J. Cohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf Lost-Found OUND—Glasses in case left on counter of National Tea Store; 5wher can'have glasses by paying "i* this''adi '••••'•'" " •• 23 Wanted V ANTED—Boy, junior in high school, to work, in store full me during summer, part time uring school. Leave name with "pper Des Moines. '23 WANTED — Experienced beauty operator at Twin-Co Beauty ialon,- Box-454 or Phone 5, Alona. 23 VANTED—Job cultivating corn or beans. New tractor and cul- vator. Inquire 804 E. North St., Vlgona. 23* VANTED—Waitress for the Pine oom, Algona Hotel. 23-tf FOR SALE—Purebred Hereford bull. Well marked and gentle. A. C; Carlisle, Whittemore. 23* FOR SALE—4 Tractor sweep- rakes. Several No. 4 McCormick Deering electric cream separators. Farmall radiator cores. No. 15 pickup baler. J. E. Ukena, Lakota. 23* Meet In North Africa Word comes from North Africa that two Algona boys who have been neighbors in Algona all of their lives^ living just across the street from each other, are now neighbors in Africa, where both are serving with our armed forces. The boys are James Esser, son of Mr. and M,rs. Frank Esser, and Dick Sjogren, son of Mr. and Mrs. lus Sjogren. The boys came to- other unexpectedly, neither of them knowing that the other was n Africa. GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK—wanted at once at the J. W. Haggard home, 502 North Thorington St., Algona. 23-tf* BURN BERWIND BRIQUETS or : Warm Morning Coal. Know fuel atisfaction.—Raesly Lumber Co. 3-tf FOR DURABILITY—For Impres- siveness—Use'Better Paper. The best papers are made from rags. Try New Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper. $2.70 for 500 sheets. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 9-tf C. H. CRETTZMEYER, M. D. Phone 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office in John Galbraith Bldg. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON MEL.VIN G. BOURNE Phone—Office 197 Res. 194 Across from P. S. Norton & Son : T OSTEOPAHHS DR. SHERMAN MEYER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. •, • General Practice ;'; Special attention given to rron-sur- glcal treatment, of rectal diseases^ varicose veins and rupture DENTISTS IF YOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, 50c and up. 13-tf KEEP ~YOUR~Service Man supplied with stationery. Send him a box with his branch insignia embossed on each sheet. Box Contains 50 sheets and 50 envelopes. $1.10 a box. Army, Navy, Army and Navy Air Forces, Coast' Guard and Marine insignias. The Algona Upper Des Moines. ' 19-tf Card of Thanks I wish to express my thanks to all of those who sent cards, letters, flowers and gifts during th'e time I was confined in the General hospital at Algona. Stoll. Mrs. Ralph 23* DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phone, Business 166. Residence 788 ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Hutchison Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa A. J. EASON, Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone Office 59 Residence '809; Pepsi-Cola Company, Lone Island City. H. Y. pllfllllilfllilililllllllllM KARL R. HO EMIN CRED Loans to Fa with a soun ! v Rate Part time office, Bohannon Ins' above S. & L. Sto" OPXOMETRI A. W. Amunson Office—Bqrchardt Bldg/ Eyes Examined Res. Phone 436 Typewriter Paper 60Q 59' This la a good grade bond paper and will make an ex cellent school paper, The Algona Upper Des s Moines IN OUR CLEAN RESTFUL STORE CHRISCHILLES STORE Just Moke Yourself at Home WJth summer "Just around the comer* (we hope), we !«?#« you to our coo), comfortable, restful ready to wear department, where yo» may see the largest and most beautiful show* Ing of summer frocks ever shown by this store. ' *• We are selling merchandise and not atmosphere, we are proud of our newly painted, freshly decorated department, and we, want yon to bny your summer wjaaJMito'i •Mi'iffcn mint pleasant circumstances. Hundreds ol dresses from cotton to finest rayon *vf| flttf- *" all price ranges from 4 -<£if fi to Ii8 ' ' ' These are such trying dtiys. Pome to thfe store and ,f elax. Let courtooiw, obliging gftles dies show you the new summer dresses. Yon'J! »fly tw« o? three, Youll lore them. And remember, it's ALWAYS COOL AT CHW8CHULE8' — our special air-cooled system will soon be working for YOU, When ajr« yon coming |nf "BETTER QUALITY* "QUIGKEft SERVICr HEADQUARTERS Jfipr* Af«de-to« Order RU-BBER STAMPS Your orders will be filled promptly and efficiently STAMP AP$AND INK$ STAMPS -SEALS THEALOONAUPPEB

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