The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1943
Page 7
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The Algotia Upper DCS Moirtes, Algowa, Iowa, June 3, 1943 THOMAS RODNEY, WHITTEMORUO MISSOURI CAMP Whittempre — Mrs. John Waldron returned home from Still- Water, Okla., Friday after spending a week with her son, Thomas Rooney, who is with the army. While enroute home she was changing trains at Arkansas City and had several hours to wait for her train when a troop train passed through on which Was her son, transferred to a camp in Indiana, but since she arrived home she had word that he" had been transferred back to a camp In Missouri. ' Cletus Koppen and Donald Thul Went to Bfltt Monday to be employed on the hemp plant. Mrs. Kmelie Heldenwith ot Algona Is visiting at the home o£ her son, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, , '„, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer KortUm of Chicago, 111., spent Sunday and Monday here with the former's mother, Mrs. Millie Kortum. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Oliver -and daughter, Donna Rae, of Austin, Minn., spent Sunday and Monday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer and daughter, Gertrude, and August Gade were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Paul- stlch in Letts Creek, Marie Mogan, Mrs. George Elbert, Mrs. John Waldron and Rudolph Hahn took examinations at the Algona high school Satur* day for postmastership. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker and daughter. Shari Ann, and son, Garry Allen, of Mason City spent Sunday evening and Monday with Mrs. walker's parents, "Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their son, Dennis, who graduated Sunday from Presentation Academy. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weber and family of Ayrshire; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slkora and family of Cylinder; Mr, and Mrs. Peter Weydert and family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheridan of Clear Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Quinn and family of Irvington; Michael and Agnes Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Mert2 and family of West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Verkamp and family of Ottbsen; Grace Weydert of Fort Dodge; Joseph Jones of North Carolina; Cpl. Bernard Ferden of California; Raphael Thilges of St. Joe; Marion Wyland of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. William Weber and family, Marvin Weydert and family and Evelyn Voigt of here. Mr. and Mrs. 1 Wilfred Radig nt Lone Rock spent Sunday with the Edward Rahmstocks. T>ECORKHN£ DRAMAS ". . . . . 'And a durable paint for the doors, that won't come off on the fenders every time I back out .'" MORAL: While the Devoe 2-coat system makes no provision for calamities like that above, it DOES' equal three coats of average paint, and OUTLASTS average p^int jobs 2 t6 1! The ; reason: The f)evoe'2-cbat sjstenv is made of balanced formulas — a special topcoat and a special, undercoat. Don't buy paint without first investigating DEVOE! I WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF DEVOE PAIHTSmmm Botsford Lumber Co. PHONE 256 JIM POOL I ^MMMK. . * • • * i — The Paper Manger Writes A Will (By John Byson) Realizing that the end is near, the paperhanger writes his will. From my special correspondent In Germany I learn it is rumored in Germany that the super empdror now realizes that his number is up and which prompts him to write his will, revoking all wills heretofore. The will reads as follows: "This is the last will and festa- ment of me, Adolf Hitler, and ruler of the German empire, realizing that I am fairly up against it and expecting to meet with a violent death at any minute at the hands of the brave Sammies, hereby make my last will and testament. I appoint Premier Stalin, of Russia, to be my sole executor (by kind permission of the Allies.): 1—I give and beueath to France and all other countries, the territories I overran, as this is only a case of returning stolen property. I don't deserve any credit for that, and am not likely to get it either. ^ 2—To Russia I give Turkey for Stalin's Christmas dinner. 3—To Uncle Sam I give all my dreadnaughts, submarines, torpedo boats, destroyers and fleets of tanks, generally, what is left of them. He is bound to have them in the end. So this is only anticipatory events. 4—To Belgium I should like to give .all the thick ears, black eyes and broken noses that she presented me with when I politely trespassed on her territory. 5—To John Bull I give what is left of my army as his generals seem so handy at turning my men into sausage meat. 6—To my faithful servant, Mussolini, I bequeath my most tender mercies and to those of the Pope. May he rest in peace in the catacombs. 7—To Roosevelt and Churchill I leave my mailed fist. They'll find it useful, no doubt, when they resume their militant tactics. 8—To the College of Science and Museum I leave my famous mustache, souvenior of the greatest swanker in this or any other age. 9—To Sir Ernest Shackleton I leave the pole; I've been up it so long that I regard it as my own property. 10—To the Jews I leave the Weeping Wall of Jerusalem—they will no doubt have use for it. (Signed) ADOLPH HITLER, Lord of land, sea and air. Witnesseth—To his last will in the presence of us, his ministers and keepers — Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler. K TITONKA NEWS * 7-^ Wheel • • * ||i™J 9 G$4UD TO todiy'f driving condi- * l"*"< tions, tneie ten opefMioaV combine to S»yiflf bdp ye* get bfux ?w pfiferpwnce P#fU>|- - - , , , throughout 1943. 6ef tW» 10 §W jteytej' * HT^ U ' ) * Syjtem. t A W«nirae Tnnc-up at your Swndwd Qjl fi»tion 09 wheels if t itrooger njdon, Bflda'j »ow. * l-^Tifes. * I—Ap- Help Jwep Aweric* 9« vfceeb,-* Puy .. —, _—, ^y w Bp R 4 f an4 S«wp». Pdve Harold Miller was a business caller at Minneapolis Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Senus Isebranc and Delores were Sunday callers at the Wm. Tjaden home. Mrs. T.•• Cv.Dunmire underwen an operation Saturday -morning in the Mercy hospital at Mason City Falkert Stecker was taken to the Park hospital at Mason City on Saturday night for observation Mr. and Mrs. Otto DeWall anc children were Sunday callers a1 the John Holtorf residence al Woden. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Elliott, Floyd and Jean, were Sunday dinner guests at the A. M. Friest home in Leland. Marian Thomas and Donna Zentner of LuVerne were weekend guests at the Harold Miller residence. E. A. Fisher of Britt and his daughter, Leona, of Chicago, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Friest and Elida of~ Leland were Saturday night visitors at" the S. G. Elliot and the Harold Miller residences. Mrs. Pierre Sartor left from Mason City for Chicago, where she will remain for several weeks to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. T. ~"!oyle. v Mrs. Russell French, Mrs. Harlan Frankl and Miss Joan Godden of Algona were Thursday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard French. Major and Mrs. L. G. Gartner spent last week with their son, Harold, and family. They returned to,their camp at Lebanon, Mo., on Saturday. The Woman's Club held their annual May breakfast at the home of Mrs. George Bonacker. Plans were discussed for next year's study program. ' Mr. and Mrs, Theodore Worsley and son, Jack, of Long Beach, Calif., were visitors at the home of, Mr. and Mrs. Al Young on Thursday and Friday. Miss Ferae Krantz has completed her year's work of teaching at Buffalo Center and is now at the home of her father; R. L- Krantz, to spend the summer vacation. Mr. and Mrs. John Rippentrop, Jr., and Kent and Mr, and Mrs, Harm- Huisinga and Edith Mae were Wednesday evening guests of Mr, and Mrs. Dick B. Meyers. Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Schram, Mr. and Mrs. C, B. Mitchell, Mrs. Mary J, Schram, Lois Schram and Harriet Schram were Sunday dinner guests of Mr, and Mis. Kenneth Swan, Sunday dinner guests at the R. L, JCrantz residence were Mr, and Mrs. Brian Asa of Algona, Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Krantz of Ti- tonkft and Mr, and Mrs. Harold Krantz of Swea 'City, Mr, and Mrs. Louis Kaphengst of Elnwre, Minn,,, palled at the ^Maurice Kejl residence on Friday night: Iva Kaphehgst, sister of Mrs. Maurice Keil, remained to spend. 9 few day? w4tb ber, Pfc. Ponald Callies, who is in the roarinej at Portsmouth, Va-, arrived home Friday morning to spend his furlough witn his par.? eRts, Mr, an<J Mrs, Ed F. .CaUies, and other relatives and friends. Pfc. George Poekelman, who is News Items of Wesley Vicinity Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gschwendtner of Pontiac, 111., were weekend guests at the George Vitzthum home. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hildman and family spent the week-end at the Ed Downs home at Hayfield, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. George Werling and Charlotte, Bernadine Johnson and Ardine Munson spent Sunday in Fort Dodge. Lou Vitzthum, accompanied by three friends of Pontiac, 111., Spent the week-end at the former's parental George Vitzthum home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kleinpeter attended the two-day Lions State Convention at Des Moines from Saturday till Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lyons and two children of St. Paul spent the week-end at her parental Ed Hildman home, and with other relatives. Betty Riggs, who is taking nurses training in a hospital in Rochester, Minn., spent the weekend here at her parental Rev. J. A. Riggs home. Stanley Studer, Joseph Studer, Jr., and Robert Kirkpatrick returned home last week from Milford, where they had attended the LaSalette college. Alfred Erdnjan and Frank Gahan spent Thursday in Waterloo, where Mr. Erdman attended a district lumber convention. He is in charge of the lumber yard here. Mrs. James Silbaugh and Carmen drove to Ruthven Saturday to visit relatives. Mrs. Silbaugh returned Sunday evening and Carmen stayed for a longer visit. Stanley, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Swinton of Mason City, former Wesley residents, has been in an isolation ward .in a Mason City hospital with scarlet fever. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lang and daughter, Marilyn, of Baltimore, Md., came Saturday for a visit at the parental J. L. Haverly home. They are employed at the Glen- Martin plant. Mrs. Lyle Hepperly and son, Gary, of Britt spent several days last week at her parental George Hanig home. Irene Hanig went home with her sister Sunday for a few days visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flahler and two children, Dorothy and Carl, of Ringsted were Sunday callers at the Emil Wester home. Mr. Flahler operated the creamery here a few years ago. The closing exercises and picnic of rural school No. 5 in Wesley township will be held Friday, May 28th, in the Call State Park at Algona. Mrs. Olive Bruns of Titonka has been rehired for next year. 1 Mrs. Rufus Johnson left Wednesday for Dixon, 111., for a week's visit before going on to her home at Battle Creek, Mich. She had spent three weeks here with her mother, Mrs. Susan Lease, and other relatives. Margaret Flom, who taught last year at Ida Grove, came home last week. She plans to attend summer school at Cedar Falls and will teach in Fort podge next year.. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Flom, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Espe and daughter, Olive and Mrs. Anna Severseike of Story City were Sunday callers at the Sam Alne home. Mrs. Alne had recently been brought home from Mercy hospital at Mason City. Mrs. Chas. Kraus and Miss Jeanne Ketchen of Emmetsburg drove to St. Paul Monday for a visit at the home of the former's daughter and family, the Harold Brooks. Mrs. Brooks and daughter accompanied,the Wesley ladies home for a visit at the Kraus home. A new hoist was recently installed in the driveway of the Farmers Co-operative Elevator Co. New planks were added and other repair work was done and the working devices were checked. The elevtor plans to ship out 42,000 bushels of government beans from the steel bins. Mr. and Mrs, L. L. Lease and Loren, Mr. and'Mrs. A. M. Lease and Burrell, Mrs. Susan Lease and Mrs. Rufus Johnson were Sunday dinner guests at the Will Walker home at Corwith. Other guests were the Morris Studers of Garner, the Ed Studers, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Titus and Will Mantil of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Froelich went to Williams Saturday night, called by the serious illness of their son-in-law, Lawrence Ricke, who submitted to a major oper- •ation in a Webster City hospital that evening. It was for a ruptured ulcer of the stomach. Lou Ricke and Carl Froelich drove down to see him Sunday. Margaret Jean, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Weber, visited her cousin, Marilyn Weber, near Algona several days last week. On Sunday they attended the school picnic of Marilyn's school, which, was held at the Call State Park. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Weber and Harold also attended the picnic and brought Margaret Jean home. ®^^ Grant News Mr. and Mrs. Gurney Farrow visited last Sunday at the David Farrow home. Mrs. Rhoda Dunn, Charles and Mary were dinner guests Sunday at the Wm. Rich home near Algona. Mr .and Mrs. David Farrow and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Floyd Hagedorn home, near Blue Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graham, Jr., were Sunday dinner guests at the Harvey Graham, Sr., home near Titonka. Pvt. Lament Johnson of Camp Young, Calif., is spending a 15- day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garrelt Johnson. Mrs. James Reynolds and sons and Evelyn Colwell of Atlanta, Ga., are spending an extended visit with friends and relatives here. , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boever drove to Sleepy Eye, Minn., Monday to attend the funeral of Mr. Boever's brother-in-law. They returned Tuesday evening. Mrs. George Harner, of near Swea City, took Mr. and Mrs. Ely Anderson to Mason City Friday morning, where they left for Fort Knox, Ky., to visit their son, PCc. Vern Anderson. Mrs. Clyde Anderson was honoree at a miscellaneous shower at the Mrs. Vernon Hutchinson home Friday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playing games after which a loteiy loiiten^i aM6 cake, ice cream and coffee Wi* served by the hostesses, Mrs. WfiR lace Reynolds, Mrs. Delmer Att* derson, Mrs. HeMfy Hllplpef, Mfli Al Zeilske, Mrg, Martin Tokhetifo and Mrs. vernofi Hutchifison, ¥M bride received many beautttal and useful gifts. Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City. N. Y. Franchisee! Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF FORT DODGE Sale of County The Board of Supervisors are offering for sale, an 8 room, two story, partly modern house, with full lot, located on North Jones Street, and what is known as the Ed Gcetsch property. Sealed bids will be received at the Auditor's, office^ Algona, Iowa, until noon June 29, 1943. A certified check in the amount of $50.00 must accompany bid, and bidder, if successful, must agree to pay cash, or one-third in cash and balance in monthly payments. / The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. J. H. Eraser . Chairman Board of Supervisors retailed t« papp . ifto h»vipg spent § J6,dj»y Jfrlis father; Seyp pjfter ,?e^»V«s end r Ajlts, son of Mr.' and Mrs. ^ n ,,^ r AiltSj and Rajph Cprdes, spn s# Mr, sM Mrs, Jsha Cprdes, hefid, home §8t«fday frojpWew $. J., wb£! 4 SeMnam i* Ufi/>f»Tism > The Regular Chicago _ _ to Emmsteburr, Hotel Kermare, Wednesday forenoon, lune 8th; Mason Pity, Hotel Cerro Gordo, Tuesday, June Sth, Return visits each month. Dr.J.F.Shallenberger,M.D. who baa since 1907 treated Chronic, Nervous and SPECIAL PISHASBS of Men and Women Scientifically * *~teflftM9 of tho i^e. SSajr, $fosej Tferoati LjingiL Blood, SMin, Nervous petylity, Nerves, Wver. sh, Intestines, Kidneyii and BJasder. ConsmBp- Peafness, Parajysl^, Neuralgia,' Spilepsy, Sick Head' ache, Goitre, fScgpma, Scrofula, Appepdtell Rheumiitiamofjolnts and muscles, 1 F1BWIA, FISSUlWB.afld Otfeer $!: UHCIL DAK STORES YOUR FRIEND^SS/AT MEALTIME FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JUNE 4 AND 5 Your Dollars Today Will Go Farther at Council Oak— Not Only in Price, But in Best Quality That Money Can Buy. Trade and Save, at Council Oak. Superb ,,,,„ CANNED FOODS Prices and Ration Point Values may change from time to time but the high standard of quality established for Superb Foods years ago is rigidly maintained. Supzrb Foods cost no more points than unknown brands. SOLID PACK, NO. 2 CAN ... TOMATOES Fruit Cocktail APRICOT HALVES Heavy Syrup, IC-oz. Can ... 16-OZ. CAN . I4c I7c I3c DASHTY Noodle Soup 4 servings in each package. Cooks in 10 minutes. No fat required. i Packages Mot Kationed 150 COUNCIL OAK GUARANTEED MEATS Fork Loin ROASTS and CHOPS ., 39c, 32c and. . PURE LARD POUNDS FOB 33e Pure .Ground BEEF 5 Points LB. PORK SPARERIBS .210 Per Pound Fresh Smoked WIENERS ::..290 Per Found LARGE SLICING BOLOGNA, Ib. ... .22c RING BOLOGNA, Pound ..........26* RING LIVER SAUSAGE, Pound . ...27c CLUB FRANKFURTERS PER POUND 250 NO. CAN I2c gupCtbSILVER THREAD KRAUT MORNING LIGHT GOLDEN CORN <-'.- I2c C LAPP'S CEREAL FOOD Wheat Cereal and Inst. Oatmeal Per MACARONI and SPAGHETTI 2 Pounds 160 «"*$ POINTS' Pe ^ n . ut Butter is not Eationed. This delicious and nutritious spread nel P s y° u save Red Points to buy meat. Superb Peanut Krush 16-oz. Jar 30c 6 Ounce IC w Jar .... 100 I6ST? 390 Superb, Peanut Butter 24-oz. Jar 43* WHITE LOAF. HIGH PATENT "Thirsty Flour" , l Barrel Bag FIH8T PBIZB FLOUR $169 Vi-Bbl. Bog .... • DWARFSES Popped Wheat Large Package SKINNER'S RAISIN BRAN Package I |0 MODI LANE KIT TXK IN EVERY PACKAGE PEJl PKG. .. HOBS-ROSS "ANGElj FOOD" OOx CAKE FLOUR, Package Ll$ EOBB-BOS8 PANCAKE FLOUR 220 Coming and Going! This week marks the arrival of Juicy, Hew Crop cia Oranges in assorted stow. W's alw the lasj for esfra. sweet T.«KM Seedless grapefruit. *UNKJ$T LEMONS mo RIPE TOMATQE$ 8 H, 886 SMCINQ CUGUMIERS 100 Each ° p HOME QROWN Exchange the empty bags for 22 carat, Gold Pattern &.. 30c TUT WHI ftr Nancy 24 a," lit COUGA OA8HM3&B SQyOVgT, 1 oi^^w™ 1 ^—*^ fi'" ^' J •'. 5,>^?7l-^I

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