The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, May 21, 1943 MABELINE MILLER, RAYMOND LOVSTAD MARRBMAY23 Burt—MabeHfte Miller, daughter of Mf. AM Mrs. Earl Miller, and' ftaymbfld Lovstad, son of Mrs. Anna Lovstad, were Carried at the Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the ReVj Paul FIgge performing the double ring ceremony. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore n two-piece street length dress of yellow with a corsage of mixed flowers, She was attended by Gladys Speicher, who ware a two- piece dress of pink and-a corsage of roses and carnations. The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Robert. Paul Miller, brother of the bride, and Kenneth Schneider, nephew of the bridegroom, acted as ushers.. Barbara Thompson sang "Calm AS the Night" and "I Love You Truly." She was accompanied by Ruth Hodgson, who also played the wedding march. Baskets of lilacs and bouquets of snap dragons were used in the decorations. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents, at which some 45 relatives and close friends were guests. The bride and, bridegroom are both graduates of the Burt high school. Since her graduation the bride has taught a rural school and 'the bridegroom has assisted his mother on the farm, where they will make their home. MARY ANN SMITH HONORED AT SHOWER Mary Ann Smith was honor guest at a 1:30 luncheon last Saturday afternoon given by Mrs. Al Staehle and Mrs. H. O. Buell at the Staehle home, at which a lew close friends of hers were also 'guests. The afternoon was spent in visiting with some musical numbers interspersed. The hpnoree was given a shower of gifts. Mary Ann left Monday evening fpr San Diego, Calif., where she is to be married to Ensign Robert L. Jensen of the U. S. N. R., a son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Jensen of Graettinger. Her brother, Jim, who is at Camp Roberts, Calif., was to meet them and be present at the marriage. / MEMORIAL SERVICES TO BE HELD ON SUNDAY Memorial Day services will be held at the Methodist church at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The program will include: "Star Spangled Banner"; invocation by Rev. Paul Figge; solo, "Pledge to the Flag," by Nedra Wolf; "Song of Peace," boys' quartette; address by Rev. Wm. L. Patterson, Titonka; "American Prayer" by mixed group; Benediction by Rev. P. O'. Hansen. Mrs. Joe Higgins went to Armstrong Monday to spend a few days with relatives. The Martin Meyers family of Garner spent Sunday at the home ;of , Mrs. Meyers' brother, Werner ' '• ' -' .:. ,.,: .-•,. ,.•• >.. • --.•• :\'Mrs.' "CHriS- 'Kiiiidson" returned' home last week Wednesday from Blue Earth, Minn., where she had been visiting her daughter. The Fidelis Sunday School class meets at Mrs. J. L. Millers Wednesday. afternoon of this week. Mrs. Clifford Holding is assistant hostess. The Missionary Maidens gave a tea for their mothers in the church parlors Saturday afternoon. A program was given and games were played. . the Ralph Carneys of Algona spent Sunday at the W> R. Carney home. Wayne Carney remain* ed for a week's visit with his grandparents. Mary Jean Rachut, who is a student at Wartburg College at Waverly, is spending a week's va* cation here with her parents, Mft and Mrs. R. E. Rachut. Mrs. Jess Thoreson and daughter, Alice Mae, of Godell, were last week Thursday dinner guests at the E. C. SchWietert home. The Thoresons formerly lived here. Mr. and Mrs. Estel Rentz and Buddy and Mrs. Rente's mother, Mrs. H. S. Loen, spent' the weekend at the home of Mrs. Rentz's sister, Mrs. Iver Iverson, at Bricelyn, Minn. Mr, and Mrs. H. J. Bosworth, Mrs. Lytle and Cora Gibbons, Armstrong, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gobbons of Los Angeles, Calif., were 6 o'clock dinner guests at the Don Mitchell home Sunday. Sgt. Lyle Fraser, Camp Barkeley, Texas, arrived Saturday on a' 14-day furlough, which he is spending with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Fraser. His sister, Carmilla Fraser, who has been teaching at Blairsburg, also ' arrived home Saturday to spend the summer vacation. * Willis Chipman of Milwaukee spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chipman. Sunday he accompanied them- to Rochester, Minn., Where they visited Richard Chipman, who recently had one of his legs amputated there. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Ringsdorf also went with them to Rochester to visit Mrs. Kingsdorf's sister, who is a patient' there. Board Proceedings Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, April 29, 1913. 9:00 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. jMptlon by Helken and seconded by Schram that the following named persons appointed as weed commissioners, Ole T. Molan, ,Swea City; W. H. Patterson, Lincoln Twp.; H. W. Harms, Garfield Twp.; Prank Boever, Grant Twp.; B. C. Luedtke, Fenton Twp.; Ubbe Winter, German Twp.; Fred Darnell, Ledyard Twp.; U. W. Enrich, Hebron Twp.; Charles Scott, Portlond Twp.; Henry Qettman, Harrison Twp.; M. TJ. Stnussy, Sherman Twp. Twp. Twp. Twp. O. E. Kuhnne, Ljtts Creek I. K. Kngeaser, Otvenwood Henry J. Sharman, Wesley J. J. Theesfleld, Eagle Twp.; Wm. Fritz, Buffalo Twp.; and Ernest J. Gales, Rlvervlew Twp.; be approved. Ayes: All. •• Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that the official bond of Frank W. Egbert, Assessor, In the amount of {600.00 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion 'by Schram and seconded by Helken that the appointment of (F. E. Teeter as Trustee In Portland twp., to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Russell Shlpler be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Bchram that Kossuth County, Iowa, purchase from 'Elmer Fehr et al, 22.21 acres of gravel land located In Section 16, Whlttemore Twp., for the sum of $683.00. Ayes: All. I Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Helken that Kossuth County, Iowa, accept .from.-Ijawcencev.BpBnja, ,x,tho sum of $25.00 for Lot 8 of IBlock 1, Plat of .••Stevens; 1 ' and that Chairman Fraser and County Auditor E. S. Kln- sey be and are hereby directs to sign a Quit Claim Deed of conveyance. Ayes: All. : Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Schram that C. S. Pearson and Leo J. Jmmerfall," deputies, be granted a 10 per cent Increase In salary as provided by law; Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Hmheti that iFraser *nitte nocee- ear? repair* on Drainage DUtrlct No. 116. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Bchram that th« Resolution for the Resolution for the destruction of Noxious Weeds be published In each of the County Official Newspapers for the year oklMS. Ayes: All. Motion .by McDonald and seconded by Sehram that a refund In Hie amount of $144.71 be made to Henry Henrlcksoii as dral-mge tax was paid on NWty and SW% Section 33, Township 94, Range 30, and since the original assessment, these lands were divided and sold. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that the application for ft School Fynd Loan, filed by Mathilda Weaver be not approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by MoDortdld that the 1942 application of Lester Theesflold for Homestead Credit on the SW% of Section 6, Township 97, Range 30, be approved, proof that application was made out properly and In due lime Is how rn file In the Auditor's Office. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald ' and sccond-d by Qulnn that the following valuation reductions be approved, ns recommended and .jet out bv the Bonrd of Review of Algona Incorp. on the 14th and 15th days of'April, 1943: W ?./4th of Lot 4, Block 20 O. P. Alsonn, reduced to $42,400.00; W. 2/3 of Lot B, Block 21, O. P. Algona, reduced J800.00; E 1/3 of Lot 5, Block 21, O. P. Al- gonn, reduced $800.00; Lot 1, Block 128, Call's Add. to Algona, reduced $300.00; Lota 6 and 8, Block 1, Lute A. T. Stacy's Add. .Algona, reduced $160.00; S. 66 ft. of W. I/a Of (Lot 3, and S 66 feet of Lot 4 of Block 28 O. P. Al- Bona reduced $400.00; Middle 1/3 of Lot 3 of Block :'3 O". 1>. Algonii reduced $800.00; N. 22 ft. of [,ot 5 of Block 28 Original Plat of Algona reduced $620.00; B 2/3 of Lot 1 of Block 29, Orlg. Plat of Algona reduced $600.00. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Qulnn that the assessed valuation on the S% of Lot 1, Block 8, Original Plat of Algona, be reduced by $100.00 and that the last half of the Mill taxes due and payable In 194, and that the 1942 taxes due and pa.ya.ble In 1913 on the $100.00 portion of that assessment be abated, and that a refund be made for the amo'unt of reduction on the first half of 1941 taxes due and payable In 1942 which first half has been paid,) all being recommended by the City [ Council of Algona, acting as Board of Review. Motion carried. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion by Heiken and seconded by McDonald that the 1&12 Soldiers Exemption In the amount of $600.00 valuation be approved on 'Lots 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Block 8, Swea City Inuorp. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by by Schram that the penalty of $73.90 on the delinquent person tax of L. C. Knutson, Swea City Incjrp., be cancelled. Ayes: All. Motion hv i charm and sejji.ilefl by McDonald that all of the penalty except that on Old Afee Pension tax for 'Arthur R. Long be cancelled. Ayes: All. Motion by Quln.1 and seconded by Heiken that the report of C. C. Scharlaeh recommending the establishment of Sub 1 of Drainage District No. 68 be approved and that his bond In the amount of $500.00 'be approved. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Quinn that June 15, 1943, at 2:00 o'clock p. m., be and is hereby fixed ns the date for hearing on matters of establishment of Sub I of (Drainage District No. 68. Ayes: All. Motion /by McDonald and seconded by Helken that a refund of $2.00 be made to J. A. Brjwnell for 1943 dog tax paid twice In Algona Incorp. Ayea: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Helken that McDonald make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 81, No. 114, and No. 106. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Schram that Qulnn make necessary repairs on Drainage District Joint E. P. A. K. Trl. No. 84. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken an seconded by Qulnn that Fraser make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 9. Ayes: -All. Motion .or McDonald knd seconded by Schram that the salary of Wedd CSmTnlBSlo'nsrs fce mwease0~ to- 45c -per hour. Ayes: All. ; ' , Motion by McDonald and seconded by Schram that the Budget Estimate, Aid to.the 'Bllna, as set out by the State be approved. Ayes: All. On motion Boa.'d adjourned to 9:00 o'clock a. m. May 1st, 1943. J. H. FRASE-R, Chairman. B. S. KINSEJY, County Auditor. Auditors urtice, Algona, Iowa, May let, 1943. 9:00 o'clock B. m. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all mambera present. . Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that a paupers notice be served on Luke Kllllan, and also Scott iCountv, of which he Is a reel dent. (Ayes: All. Motion toy Welken and seconded by McDonald that the motion made April 1st, 1943, that J. D. Lowe be appointed Secretary of the Soldiers Rnllef Commission be rescinded and that Marc Moore be appointed Secretary of the Soldiers Relief Commission anil that h)8 bond In the amount of $500.00 be approved and placed on file. Ayes: Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Schram that A. B. I^iurltzen's salary be Increased $10.00 per month beginning June 1st, 1943. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Helken that Katherlne iPark's salary be Increased $10.00 per month beginning April 1st, 1943. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to AAdit and Allows Bllla as "per Sched- u4 of Claims Hereinafter Written." • COUNTY FUND Collector of Internal Revenue, Victory 'ax : .$ 290.00 Northwestern .Bell Telephone Co., tel, serv. 67.IB W. W. Sullivan, postage 4.00 Roy A. Clark, assessing 87.40 J. E. Smith, assessing 93.26 Henry c. Nelson, assessing 174.85 Ed Chambers, assessing 155.40 Eleanore F. Potter, assessing. 167.10 L. C. Hutchlns, assessing .._ 198.15 H. J. Braley, assessing 93.25 N. H. Raskof, assessing 185.55 Edward Ramus, assessing : 7T..90 Camilla Cooper, assessing 71.90 Joe Cogley, assessing 104.90 George Baas, assessing . 174.SS Joe D. Crowley, assessing 174.SB Robert Bunkofske, assessing _ 180.70 O. W. Berggren, assessing 120.45 Wm. Hammer, assessing 117.05 Richard M. Anderson, assessing 347.65 Oscar Frandle, assessing . lol.66 Michael Helderseheld, assessing HS.7B Ray E. Hansen, assessing 180.70 Treasurer of State, use tax 10.07 City of AlRona, light service. 4.87 John Hartshorn, assessing 143.75 Melbern Steussy, assessing 156.40 Belle M. Koppen, assessing — 161.66 C. F. McGregor, asseessing 167.10 Harry Schroeder, assessing — 48.55 D. C. (Gardner, assessing 174.68 A. H. Hanna, assessing 159.30 Don Blanchard, assessing 42.75 Linus Vaske, assessing 163.20 R. Roalson, assessing 120.45 Art Long, assessing 147.66 Spencer Typewriter Exchange, sup. M.OO Hugo Faulstich, assessing 167.10 Will Chrlstenson, assessing 174.85 Casey Loss, assessing . 147.C5 L. H. Junkermeier, assessing. 128.80 Frank W. Elbert, assessing — 83.55 W. C. Stamer, assessing 69.95 Hollis Btnschoter, ass-i'SSilif 147.05 Elnore Volgt, salary _ 76.70 W. E. McDonald, comm. and session 183.05 W. A. Schram, comm. and session 1C0.25 J. F. Qulnn, comm. and session 206.40 P. J. Helken, coinm. and session 1 —— 2H.69 J. H. Fraser, comm. and session ._ 211-95 M. A. Bartholomew, guard air port _____ F A. NewvUfe, gu'rd air port 97.60 C. H. Ostwlnkle, del. tax col._ 100.45 A J. Cogley, mileage and Invest, fees .. 105.85 A. J. Cogley, board and lodg. prisoners 27.26 A. B. Lauritzen, travel 'expense 22.3o Ada Laurltzen, assist, in Supt. office _, 13-60 Mnvla Anderson, assist. in / Supt. office 12.00 Mrs. .Edw. Wlttkof, assist. In Supt. office 9.00 Helen Dickinson, assist, in Recorder office ___• 12.00 H. W. Miller, office exp. 52.18 Mrs. Augusta Baltz, labor 3.1o Jack Hahle, labor 2.63 Wm. Muckey, labor 12.60 Bancroft Register, board pro-< ceed. ;: 1 ;-- -W.95 Algona Upper Des Moines, board proceed. ! 129.66 Advance Publishing Co., board proceed. Algona Reminder, .printing ___ Titonka Topic, printing 136.68 S. R. Stedman, sup. 2.04 Jenkins Fergemann Co., sup.__ 1.07 Klipto Loose CLeaf Co., sup. _. 128.^9 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup. 42.7:! IIHIIIIIIIIIIIHIH I CAR OWNERS I I NOTICE! | SE The regulations regarding license plates, registration certificates, and 1943 li- ;= = :ense windshieldtransfers must be complied with. v S H Unless the law is fully observed cars will be taken up by officers, and the own- || H ers subjected to the penalties as provided by law. S "H Yoii are required: ; H •• j| I. To have 1942 license plates on both the front and back of your car. If J M you have lost one or both you must make application for a duplicate. || If 2, The 1943 license stamp (in the form of the state of Iowa and bear- g S ing a number) must be displayed in the upper right hand corner on the |f S inside of the windshield. It must be attached so it can be read from j the outside. H J| 3. Your certificate of registration issued by the county treasurer must be ( = displayed in a conspicuous and readable position in your car, prefer- gj ' ably on the steering post This must be the 1943 registration certifi- . 4* The Federal license stamp must appear on the windshield and also = the A, B, or C stamp according to the gasoline ration assigned to the This warning notice is given and mutt be complied with immediately. ment starts immediately. - ' • *. ^,_. ^1^^ ^^I^^P ^^^^^ "^^^^ ^^dd^~ '^WW^^^ HJr ~^^^^^F^ ^^H^B^^ ^^^Bj^^^ ^^W^^^WF ^I^^^^^^^P ^^^I^F ^. ' Sheriff . / Quick Grip clip Co., sup. .... Nick Maharaa, repair flag; ... Paul itdndholm, sup. ... Richards Chemical Co., sup. Missouri Kansas Chemical Co., sup. . Kohlhnns Hardwure, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., sup. Lalng & Muckey, su. Edgar Haflptley, bty. Wlllea Koppen, bty. Kenneth iBaumann, t>ty. . Warren Bruns, bty. C. W. Pearson, Trcas., adv. bty. Delia Welter, J. P. fees' A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees J. B. Johnston, J P. fees Iowa State Prln'lng Board, printing W. S. Darley & Co., sup. Haggard & Peterson, rent Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. A. expense P. A. McArthur, weed com. KosBiith County Farm Bureau, approp. A. A. Droessler, mtg. A. W. Kennedy, mtg. L. J. Nommers, mtg. E. J. Delterlng, mtg. If. V. Clark, mtg. Art Rlley, mtg. J. L. Eustace, mtg. Harold Sorenson, mtg. Charles Hnnsclman, mtg. George Eggleston, mtg. W. E. Carlson, mtg. _ G. O. Anderson, mtg. ' A. C. Llnde, mtg. Fred Peterson, mtg. _________ Earl Hansen, mtg. __________ John Uhlenhake, mtg. ______ j. J. B. Geelan, mt.g. .. __ Gene Martini, mtg. __________ Wm. Roeber, mtg. . . ___ Aug. Vaudt, mtg. ____________ Clarence Schutjer, mtg. ______ W. P. Stenzel, mtg. ......... Chris Brandt, mtg. E. P. Hansen, mtg. K. G., mtg. K. E. Hanna, mtg. . G. W. 'Blelch, mtg. E. R. Woltz, mtg. Harry Sabln, mtg. John L. Gerber, :ntg. Elmer Potter, mtg, M. N. Phillips, mtg. T. IL. Thorson, mtg. J. P. Peterson, mtg. O. H. Llnde, mtg. P. M. Chrlstensen, mtg. G. B. Johnson, mtg. Alex Radlg, mts. H. H. Dreyer, mtg. R. B. Bernlnghaus, mtg. Joe Schaller, mtg. __ H. W. Harms, mtg. Mike Wagner, mtg. Robert Kruse, mtg. Mehno J. Rlsius, mtg. John Cordes, mtg. R. W. IGlngrlch, mte. Ely Anderson, mtg. W. C. Engstrom, mtg _______ R. I. Anderson, mtg. ________ A. M. Kollasch, mtg. ________ A. :r A. Fangman, mtg. ________ J. F. Coyne, mtg. _, __________ A. J. Renger, mtg. __________ A. C. Kollasch, mtg. _. ______ David S. Anderson, mtg. ____ George E. Butterfleld, mtg. _. J. B. Kelly, mtg. ___________ J. J. Anderson, mtg. ________ L. V W. Ehrlch, mtg. _________ Thomas Berg, mte. ______ : ___ H. O. Larson, mtg. __________ Wm. Oldenburg, mtg. _______ Henry Elscheld, mtg. L _______ Edw. Mawdsley, mtg. _______ John F. Weber, mtg. ________ Carl Hutchlns, mtg. _________ Edw. Looft, mt. ____________ H. J. HolconYb, mtg. ________ S. P. Powers, mtg-. __________ Jerry Heetland, mtg. ________ Paul Hertzke, mtg. _________ J. H. Warburton, mtg. ______ E. F. Edwards, mtg. ________ Menno RIslus, mtg. C. W. Elbert, mtg. O. E. Ruhnke, mtg. L. Hackbarth, mtg. Martin Meyer, mt?. A. A. Schlpull, mtg. Earl Chambers, mtg. H. B. Thomas, mtg. W. A. Marty, mtg F. E. Teeter, mtg. W. J. Stewart, mtg. _________ Will Rlngsdorf, mtg. ________ Lloyd H. Bartlett, mtg. _____ John Arndorfer, mtg. _______ Nick M. Arndorfer, mtg. ____ Isadore Mayer, fc mtg. L-.'l-.i. __ " Geo. Clnk, mtg. ________ : _____ Geo. B. Ludwig, mtg. _______ George Grlese, mig. _________ Leo N. Goche, mtg. _________ A. B. .Lappe, mtg. ___________ Earl H. Cush'man, mtg. _____ O. R. Jenson, mtg. J. W. Bolllg, mtg. Leo 'Ertgesser, mtg. Chris Dahl, mtg. Sim iLelgh, mtg. H. J. Kohlhaas, mtg. ; H. W. WarmblerV mtg. John P. Bormann, mtg. Louis Anderson, mtg. _. Guy B. Risk, mtg. Henry Blome, mtg. S. P. Blome, mtg. Axel Erickson, mtg. A. Emmanuel Anderson, mtg._ Martin Molinder, mtg. O. L. Thorson, mtg. Ole K. Flom, mtg L. A. Boleneus, mtg. Fred A. Dlekmann, mtg. H. tF. Schultz, mtg. Fred Kollasch, mtg. Ed Wlchtendahl, mtg. Chas. Bormann, mtg. Chas. 'Bormann, quar. exp. Lloyd H. Bartlett, quar. exp._ DOMESTIC ANIMAO- Bertha E. Johnson, listing dogs Wm. Hammer, lls'lne dogs COURT FUND Matthew C. Grlcr, court reporter W. L. Whitney, bailiff TNSTITW5 iF<UN'D Gene Fisher, demonstration LIBRARY FUND . Treasurer of State, use tax W. W. Overmyer, sip. INSANE FUND A. J. Cogley, trip to Cherokee Helen White, clerk's fees C. H, Cretzmeyer, comm. fees D. C. Hutchison, comm. fees A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees BANGS DISEASE FUND Glenn W. Crossley, Indem. cattle Ray S. McWhorter, jndem. cattle T. B. FUND Dr. H. E, Woodward, T. B. Insp. CONSTRUCTION 'FUND H. M. Smith, salary Collector of Internal Revenue, Victory tax Alfred 'Fehr, gravsl land H. M. Smith, salary _„ Concrete Products Corp., sup, M. T. and John T. MoGuire, grading MAINTENANCE 'FUND Collector of Internal Revenue, Victory tax Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel. serv. Walter : L. Johnson, labor.,.__ Treasurer of State, use tax City of Algona, light strv Harry Helmke, patrol S. D. McDonald, patrol Clarence Hentges, potrol .. Wm. F. Qronbaoh, patrol Ralph Markla, patrol Archie Dodds, patrol ._ , Joe M. Esser, patrol ,, „„_, Ed Fuchsen, patrol Bert Shellmyer, patrol Rasmie Hansen, patrol .. A. J. Hildman. patrol „ Urban Neuroth, patrol . Oliver Young, patrol „„, J. B. Falk, patrol „_„,_;„_ Lera Stookwell, patrol ... George Weljr, patrol _... ;• John Stottt patrol ,, Geo. F. Qrahamf patrol . „ Melvin K. Hawks, patrol _____ Bflw. C. Ohm. patrol „_„., Doyal Sander*, patrol j..,.,., Wm. F- Schraier, patrol Jamea M, I^nsr. patrol Ed Baker, patrol ..'. Joe Wejcn, patrol . r „ Verne Molinder, patrol . Clyde Sanders, patrol ___, RoeW MUler, patrol' 1 Henry Wohlere, patrol _,.„„, «. Or.- Parsons, labor, , —,„_ Jacob Teuscher, labor/ ___,._,_ V U. Orail, labor Otto Schmidt, labor „ , _.;. Hanie, labor _, Benedict Qisch, labor „,,.„ urol 16.32 .76 1.07 S6.24 349.48 4.51 24.85 12.01 1.70 . 1.60 1.00 69.86 6.00 4.60 3.00 6.00 89.61 8.00 16.92 15.36 416.67 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.00 .'.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 8.00. 3.00 8.00 e.oo 8.00 4 CO 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.01) 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.(XI 4.00 4.00 fi.OO 6.00 G.fl» C.OO 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 •"-18.00 16.00 16.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.M 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 6/4 (1.00 0.00 6.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 1.90 1.75 .60 .80 196.71 46.00 15.04 11.74 27.00 17,25 6.25 3.00 3.00 11.40 32.21 11.84 213.85 34.50 6663.00 263.85 7S1.40 384.50 S95.70 24.40 2S.OO 30.80 14.81 182.60 128.60 126.10 IL'6.10 112.10 J26.W W.10 121.10 96.10 126.10 126,10 181.10 120.60 136.10 ?2.60 Z1.00 30.00 107.10 1M.1* 112.10 117.10 126.40 129.60 186.60 Movlck. pa „ MUo Pattereson, patrol ___ „._ Clifford H9l«ie» patrol . Arnold Wejjner, nJtrol ! Hardoopf, patrol inJor ttjrdqojpif, : ?*ars»% f i 136,10 48,00 82.0H 38.00 4.09, 20.00 28.00 W.M 128-10 m» $£,W 87.10 63.0ft Stott Hardware, sup. ... 17.12 Lelghton Supply Co., sup. * 36.26 Balbach, Co., sup. 86.64 Central Auto Electric Co., sup. 61.66 Sioux City Iron Co., sup. 18.62 Glbbs Cook Tractor Co., sup.. 208.72 Sleg Fort Dodge Co., sup 45.76 Pink Supply Co., sup. 30.96 K3]obe Machine & .Supply Co.-, sup, 61.62 Herman M. Brown Co., sup... «,73 Waterloo Construction Co., sup. 1 72.34 Fort Dodge Machine & Sup. Co., sup. JJ.79 Sleg Mason City Co., tup. 3.57 Kossmn Couni.v )mpl. Co, sup. 1.12 McCormlck Deerlng Store, sup. 1.44 Funk & Delm, oup. 5.97 Kohlhans Hardware, sup. 11.83 Algona Implement Co., sup._. 6.08 Pratt Electric Co., sup. 12.63 O. K. Rubber Welders, sup... 30.88 Thompson Yards Inc., sup. 2.60 Stoeber Hardware, sup. 7.96 Farmers Coop. Elevator Co., sup. 40.20 Greenberg Auto Supply, sup.. 21.20 Arnold Motor Supply, sup. 82.73 Peerless Oil Co., sup. 662.69 Cities Service Oil Co., sup 1.G9 Bancroft Oil Co., sup. 47.73 Royal "400" Oil Co., sup. 229.00 Mid-West Service Co., sup. _. 100.10 Tire Re-Cappers Co., sup. 170.10 Standard Oil Co., sup. 217.66 Interstate Power Co., sup. 9.31 DRAINAGE .FUND Dr. No. 38— Gco. F. Graham, labor 6.00 Dr. No. 69-Edw. C. Ohm, labor _ 15.00 Rudolph Fisher, labor 10.00 Wm. Fisher, labor 5.00 Doyal Sanders, labor 15.00 Wm. F. Schrader, labor ___ 15.00 James M. Long, labor 10.00 Dr. No. 78- Dwight Graham, labor 42.00 Dick Baarte, Iab.,r 42.00 C. H. Cooper, labor 42.00 Dt, No. &Theo. Dorenbush, labor 41.48 R. Pomefoy, labDf .... 19.26 Df. No. 86- Homer Nolle, labor .. 3.00 Chas. E. Chubb, labor 14.60 Dr. No. 90— Theo Dbrenbush, labor 9.00 j{. Pi,meroy, labor . 6.50 Dr. No. 161— Geo. B. Palmer, labor J6.00 'Botsford Lumber Co., labor. .97 Dr. H. K. No. 6-87- 'Dwlght Graham, labor 82.60 C. H. Cooper, labor .. 66.00 Dick Baade, laoor . 66.00 (Jeo. F. Graham, labor 12.00 Stott Hardware, sup. 13.95 POOR FUND B. & B. Dairy, prov. 10.68 Whlttemore Creamery, prov. _ 3.10 Fred Huettner, prov. 6.00 Paul Ernst, prov. 6.00 Super Value iQroc try, prov. 11.00 Hoods Super Va.lue, prov. 3.00 Consumers Food Market, prov. 42.00 Aim & Boies, prov. 8.00 R. & H. Grocery, prov. 30.00 Smith Dept. Store, prov. ln.00 Warburton Grocery, prov. 14.00 Chas. Kraus, clothing 2.25 Jensen & Bolstart, clothing 6.29 W. A. Murray, fuel 3S.SO Burt Elevator, fuel ,_ 7.00 Botsford Lumber Co., fuel .._ 7.00 Kunz Grain Co., fuel 7.00 Farmers Coo-p. Elevator, fuel 24.10 Lcroy Elbert, fuel 3.50 Dr. R. B. Corbln, med. 21.00 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. 19.50 Dr. M. G. Bourne, med. 21.00 Dr. P. V. Janse, med. 31.00 Dr. P. O. Nelson, med. ' 4.60 Dr. W. P. Pels, med. R.BO Dr. F, C. Scanlan, med. 3.00 Dr. Bahne K. Bahnson. med._ 127.00 Dr W. D. Andrews, med. 24.60 Dr. J. N. Kenefick, med. 35.00 Lu Verne Ph umacy, med. sup. '_ 5.60 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care. 4.76 Lillian Schenck, care 12.00 Mr*. W6y_. Ella Brlgrg*, eal-'e Elarn Medln, $Ar<t#e> rent Marvel Dole, mileage * collector of In.ernAl RtVeiriwe, ^, victory tax .„.-.. ITJ Marvel Dole, gatafy j........* Wif Algona Cemetery A«»'n, open- Ing grave _„_.*_..».__ W. G. McCullough, biirlftl .... Ernest Miller, rent i^.*.^. _, _— Maurice Helken, rent i... _, B.W Lydla Relnhttrt, i-ent _...j.»_ lO.M D. D. Mohlux, rent i._.^_ 10.001 Henry J. Kline, rent ^ .. 10.00 Anne Gilllngham, rent .^i....* 10.0B Department of Social Wei- ' faro, blind aid - 38.31 COUNTY FA'RM . : Roy Larson, salary . ISt.Of Ben Bakken, salary ..__ ... lOO.Ofl Pratt Electric Co., sup. .....^ 188 L. E. Stephens, light serv. 46.81 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel. serv. 15.64 Hobarton Klevator, sup. _^ . 81,01 Consumers Food Market, sup. 27.0B Henry Braun, sup. 7.04 Nichols Shoe Repair, repair shoes _._. Lift C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. _. __ JL09 Dr. P. V. Janse, med. 44.00 Katherlne Park, misc. exp. 3.80 W. G. McCullough, l>mb. service 6.00 Geo. W. Patterson, (up. 197.78 McGuire Brothers, labor 38.09 Richardson Hardware, sup. 19.74 Kossuth County Imp). Co., sup. , 13.7S Royal "400" Oil Co.. sup, 28.68 Mid Continent Serv. Co., sup._ (.It RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to issue war* rants for all bills allowed at thl-i meeting as "per Schedule of Claim* Hereinbefore Written." On motion Board adjourned to 9:00 o'clock a. m., May 14th, 1943, J. H. PHASER. Chairman. E. S. KINHEY. County Auditor. Prices for May 28 and 29 On Point-Rationed Foods cf Dependable Quality Packed Under Well Known Brands Points and Prices Subject to Chance by OPA NoriKtoest BarCett Superb "Aristocrat" Sliced and Haloes Superb I Ciiu Superb Brand CARROTS & PEAS, No. 2 Can Oregon Heavy Syrup Youngberries n OUNCE 1 O -. CAN 1ZC 7 Point* Superb Imported QUEEN OLIVES NO. 26 JAR Not Rationed. ... 45c White Cream Style Superb CORN a ! Honesty Green and White. FRESH LIMA BEANS No. 2 Can ..', Morning Light' CUT GREEN BEARS 15 COUNCIL OAK GUARANTEED MEATS Fancy Tendered HAM ROASTS Skinned & Smoked Finest Flavor POUND, 37c and. NECK BONES 2 Pounds IE w for 100 SPARERIBS 210 Per Pound CLUB Frankfurters Per Pound 250 Fresh Smoked WIENERS Pound 290 HEAD CHEESE, Per Pound 29c SOUSE LOAF, Per Pound ........29c PICKLE & PIMENTO LOAF, Lb. . .32c MACARONI and CHEESE LOAF, Lb. 32c LIVER CHEESE LOAF, Lb. 35c PEANUT KRUSH **--*** 16-OZ. JAB 30c Superb EVAPORATED MILK Not Batlonedf 8 TALL OAKS I7c Council Oak COFFEE Exchange the empty ban for 28 carat gold pattern dtahea. Pound 4 A<< Bag dlJC WON-UP GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Sweetened and Unsweetened No. 2 Can t pomu 13c 46-Ounce Can < romu 29c . "Tac-Cmt" COFFEE May be had In rer- nlur or drip (rind. Jr.". 300 LARGE SWEET CALIFORNIA PRUNES Lb. I5c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP Can 9c 2Pkgs. No Point*.. RICE—CHINESE STYLE Rice prepared by this method is most desirable for Chinese Dishes and to serve with Steaks, Roasts and Chop_s as an alternative for potatoes. 1 cup rice 2 cups cold water Wash rice. Place rice in shallow saucepan. Add water. Cover closely. Boil slofrly 15 minutes. Lower heat and cook very slowly, keeping covered until all the water has been absorbed. The rice grains should be plump and dry. Whole Grain White Rice, Per Lb. I0c No Folnti CRISCO ^Shortening. ' 8, CAW 69c g ffllDt« Fer IA, KELLOGC'S " RICEKRISPIES ,,,,,,,.,., lip MILLER'S CORNFLAKES 2 PACKAGES 100 LEMONS 6 (or 18* GrMn Top Carrot*, Bunch 86 Slicing Cucumbers, Each ICc letter* UHuw,,Lg, Mind lie TOMATOES Bed WJ- Nincy Ann BREAD IK ,P « 8 SOAP MQQUOTS! IVORY SOAP, 9 Wediuin 804P, * IK

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