The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1943 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 2
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The Algona Vpp«y Peg Motftet, SERVICEMEN ARE HONORED AT SENECA HOMES Seneca — Relatives enjoyed a picnic dinner at the J. W. Bollig home Sunday in honor of Gordon Bollig, who spent the past week visiting with home folks. Gordon who is an inspector for the navy at the Martin Bomber factory at Baltimore, Md., left again early Monday morning. He was accompanied as far as Austin, Minn., by his brother Donald, sister Donna Jean and Mrs. lone Irmiter, and Steve Guerdet of Armstrong. Steve Guerdet, who is enjoying a furlough from Camp McDowell, Naperville, 111., where he attends Radar School, was also a Sunday guest at the Bollig home. Little Shirley Metz.gar of Algona remained at the Bollig home and will spend the week with Betty Ann Bollig. —v— Eugene Nelson Home Mr. and Mrs. Albin Nelson have been enjoying a visit from their son, Eugene, who is having a 15- day furlough from a camp at San Diego, Calif. Friday evening relatives gathered at the Nelson home and enjoyed a social evening in his honor. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thorson and August Nelson of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Neuman and children of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Geilenfeldt and children and the Kenneth Halversons. Eugene left again early Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Odey Cherland will be hostesses to the Seneca Luther League at their home Sunday evening, May 30. The Seneca school faculty were Sunday evening dinner guests at the Joe Madden.home. Following the dinner they returned to Seneca to attend the baccalaureate services. Alex Johnson, of Cylinder, began work at the Blakjer church Monday morning. At present the interior of the church is being redecorated. The exterior will be painted a little later in the season. Mrs. Emma Petersen, who recently submitted to a goitre operation at the Kahler hospital at Rochester, Minn., arrived home the middle of last week. At present she is visiting with relatives at Fairmont and Armstrong. Saturday evening dinner guests at the Odey Cherland home near Burt were Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Quill of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs, Bliech of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. John Cherland, Ruby and Arlot, Tilda .Tohannesen, Henry Wilberg, Mrs. Elmer Krause and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft. The Seneca 4-H club held a special meeting Saturday afternoon at the Seneca school and held their local good grooming contest. Marjorie Moore was chosen by the judges, Mesdames Earl Crouch and Roy Miller, as being the best groomed girl in the club and will represent the Seneca Stars at the 4-H Rally Day at Burt the early part of June. Alice Eisele, who has been teaching the district No. 1 school in Lotts Creek Twp., closed her school. Friday afternoon until .the fall term with a picnic for her pupils and also a program. tom where I sit. „• oe Marsh Bill Burry was reflecting back on the last war and what the boys used to do when they got a furlough. "We weren't a hard-drinking bunch particularly, but that was In Prohibition," said Bill, "and forbidden fruit always seems worth goin' after. We'd hunt up a bootlegger, which was easy, and buy a bottle. "So, instead of a beer or two, fvell—I guess we generally drank too much!. . . wonder what the boys are doing this time?" ._ I got out the official report the Office of War Information made and read him this: "The tact that there is vastly less drinking among soldiers in this war may stem in part from the sale of beer in camps." From where I sit, It certainly doesn't look as if we had to worry about our boys. We learned our lesson in the last war, and I'm glad to see we're on the right track now. No. 64 of a Series ' Copyright, 1943, Brewing Industry Foundation DEATH CLAIMS CHAS. ANDERSON OF SWEA CITY, 92 Swea City — Old friends and long-time residents of Swea City were grieved Monday to hear that Charles Johan Anderson, 92, had passed away during the night at his home in the east part Of town after a long illness. Mr. Anderson was a bachelor and had lived by himself in his little home for the past forty years or more. He was one of the oldest residents of the community, having lived here even before the town started. For a time he owned the farm now owned by the Swea City hatchery, Later he made his home with Ringquist family for a period. He worked at his trade of stone mason during his younger years, and many a building in the community contains his handiwork. A kindly, cheerful, old gentleman, he was a familiar figure on Swea City streets, with his little black-and-tan terrier as a constant companion. During recent years he had grown too feeble to get about much and was cared for by neighbors. No known relatives are living in this country. Mr. Anderson is thought to have had a sister living in New York, but it is believed he lost trace of her when she married. Funeral services were tentatively set for Wednesday afternoon at Immanuel Lutheran church, with burial here. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson of Buffalo Center spent Sunday at the John Alberts home. ttf. ftnd Mrs. Frartk Schleifef of Buffalo Center were Saturday eve* nlng visitors at the John Alberts home. Mr. and Mrs. Will Richmond of Algona were Friday visitors at the Walter O. Smith home. The two ladies are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. George Hall and the letter's mother, Mrs. Berth* Eckholm, all of Mason City, were Sunday guests at the home of Mrs. Eckholm's daughter, Mrs. Hugh Butterfield. Among former neighbors from here who attended the funeral of Frank McAdathS at East Chain last Friday Were the Geo. Reg- ners, the Geo. Butterflelds, Gus Sanftner, Mrs. Jake Kockler, Mrs. Wm. Krumm, Mrs. Martin Dahl, Mrs. Jas. Montgomery and Ralph Walker and son, Ralph, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lowefl Baldus, former Swea Cityans now employed in defense work at Burlington, came Monday to get their son, John, who completed the school year here after his parents moved. They also took their furniture, which had been stored here. They will move into one of the new government-constructed homes for plant workers. Mrs. Ed Hammond and her mother, Mrs. Met Johnson, went to Rochester on Wednesday, where Mrs. Johnson was to go through the clinic preliminary to an operation on her eyes if her general physical condtion permitted. Mrs. Johnson has gone totally blind as a result of cataracts and specialists at Fort Dodge advised a consultation with Rochester doctors before operation. NINE GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL AT WHITTEMORE THURSDAY, MAY 20 Whittemore — Graduation exercises were well attended Thursday evening at the academy hall. The Rev.-W. H. Discher, pastor of the Lutheran church, gave the address. His theme was: "For God and For Country." Members of the 1943 class of Whittemore high school were as follows: Delores Potratz, Alice Heinrich, Frank Dpgotch, Lyle Shealler, Richard Biersted, Nevin Woodward, Richard Hansen, Charles Feye and Calvin Vaudt. Wanda Hansen of Mason City is spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Hansen. Luella Bisenius of Storm Lake spent the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer and son, Allen, and daughter, Elaine, of LuVerne, visited at the Henry Schultz home Friday evening. Delores Potratz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz, has accepted a position with the Kent Motor Company in Algona, starting her new duties Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding, Cletus Reding and Mrs. Carl Elbert drove to Rochester, Minn., Sunday to visit with Carl Elbert, who is a patient in a hospital at that place. Mrs. Earl O'Connor and daughter, Kay Frances, of Adair and Alice Duffy of Des Moines visited at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy, Sr., from Saturday until Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson of Rolfe drove over Saturday evening to get their little son, Billy, who spent the past three weeks with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. Rosella and Elenora Voigt of Algona spent from Saturday evening until Wednesday morning with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. They are both em- v '^^y^'l''^ -' t" , r '' , "\"%' i r ? >T$|S,. •! Vi<"M f ^ ijy^ *4 .. •"« ' Tk v, -, 1 ,). "-'''.*•' 1 ', v A *' '-'"' ' - ' ' '' VV ; ' '• ! '' ' '" ' " ' { ' " '' • '' * ' • • ' -"^ pieyed in the court house at Al* Vr's. W»«. Sthwarz-enbath Of Luke Park alid MfS. ThoS, Mlllef Of Chicago, Hi., Visited at the Prank Eisele home the past week* The former IS Mrs. Eisele'a mother" and Mrs. Miller is a sister of Mrs. Eisele. Maxine Bisenius returned to Washington, D. C., Monday eve nlng after being home here wit) her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius. The past three weeks she has been recuperating from an appendicitis operation. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rochford drove over from New Hampton Thursday evening to attend the graduation exercises. Mr. Rochford was the former high school superintendent for the past 22 years, resigning .March 1st, August Gade, Mr', and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and son, Gayle, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and daughter's, Arlene and Phyllis, and Louis Gade were Sunday dinner guests at the Herman Meyer home honoring their daughter, Gertrude's birthday. William Braatz and his niece, Esther Braatz, returned to their home in Milwaukee, Wis., Thursday evening after visiting here and in Minnesota with relatives the past five weeks. Dorothy Braatz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz, accompanied them and will spend the summer in Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Ralph Sebers and Mrs. James Rosendahl, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker anil daughter, Shari Ann, and son, Gary Allen, drove to Fort Dodge Sunday morning where they visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Rosendahl. Mrs. Rosendahl visited with her parents over the week-end. A number of relatives and neighbors went to the Henry Schultz farm Monday to help clean up after the fire which destroyed the barn last week Tuesday. Those who helped were Otto Schealler, Albert Meyer, August Elbert, Fred Kollasch, Wm. Meyer Jr., Alfred Meyer, Louis Gade, Alvin Meyer, Ernest Meyer, Wm. Meyer Sr., Cleo Derner, Joseph and Herbert Knecht, Paul Kirsch, Ferdinand Ostwald, Walter Fandel, Herman Voigt, George Streit, George Meyer, Wesley Schultz, Nick*Reding, Herbert Potratz, and Geo. and Norman Schultz. Three tractors, and three teams were used to haul the debris away. Mrs. Nick Reding and Mrs. Herbert Potratz assisted Mrs. Henry and George Schultz in getting the dinner and afternoon lunch for the crew. services were held Sunday afternoon in the tvithJ Methodist church for AJired Nel- ^B6n, 6ft, iwhojlled at the dinner table Friday. Rev. J. A. Riggs had charge of the services. Me la survived by his widow and six children: Tom of Clear Lake; Mrs. Harold (Mable) Flom of LangforB, N. D.; Mrs. ban (Nora) Kimes of Pontanelle; Alfred, 3t., and' Helen of Algona. Also 11 grandchildren and one | J = 1 ID Your Attention Please Effective June 1, 1943, the banks of Algona will adopt the following Uniform Schedule of Service Fees for all checking accounts. These fees are necessary to cover the cost of deposit insurance, burglary insurance, supplies, and general maintenance, and is in keeping with the request of the State Superintendent of Banking and the State Banking Board: Active checking accounts in which the minimum balance is $100.00 or less. A fee of 50c per month. Five free items per month. Three cent fee on all items over five per month. Active checking accounts in which the minimum balance is between $101.00 and $300.00. A fee of 50c per month. Ten free items per month. Three cent fee on all items over ten per month. Active checking accounts in which the minimum balance is between $301.00 and $600.00. No maintenance fee. Twelve free items per month. Three cent fee on all items over twelve per month. Active checking accounts in which the minimum balance is between $601.00 and $1,000.00. No maintenance fee. Twenty-five free items per month. Three cent fee on all items over twenty-five per month. Active checking accounts in which the minimum balance is above $1,000.00. Thirty-three free items per month with each 81,000.00 of minimum monthly balance. All commercial accounts will be subject to analysis. A three cent fee on all items, and a credit of 2% interest on 60% of the minimum monthly collected balance will work as credit on the monthly fees. (An item is your check charged to your account; and/or a deposit credited to an account; and-'or each out-of-town check deposited. No, charge on in-active accounts.) We believe you will find from a careful reading of the above that our Schedule of Fees is very reasonable, and each one's fees, if any, will depend entirely on the activity of his or her own account. f T '"'" • Feel free to ask us for further information. Security State Bank Iowa State Bank ALGONA, IOWA as = =a Eaq =ss SSSi •SB =3 i aam BE — tsa sssa 3= sss GEN. GRAHL TO ADDRESS LAKOTA SERVICES MAY 30 Lakota—Memorial Day services will be held at the school house auditorium Sunday morning, May 30, at 10 o'clock. The Presbyterian •and Methodist churches have dismissed their services and will join in a union service. ' The following program will be given; Star Spangled Banner by audience; invocation, the Rev. Edward Cass; Pantomime on the Flag, Mrs. C. R. Smith assisted by Billy Beemer, Fauchm Heetland and Marlene Kienitz; Address by Brig. Gen. Charles H. Grahl, head of State Selective Service, Des Moines; Girls' quartette, "The Lord's Prayer." The American Legion Auxiliary will present History awards to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades and will hand put booklets for parents with sons in service. Benediction will be given by Rev. E. G. Sauer. Services will be held at the two cemeteries following the service at the school house. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer and children of Cedar Rapids were visitors at the Dan O'Keefes last Friday. Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. O'Keefe are cousins. Ubbe Dreesman and daughter, Mrs. A. C. Schissel, attended a memorial service at Buffalo Center Friday for William Jergens, who was killed in action in Africa. Mrs. Bob Clemans and son, John, of Titonka spent a few days with Mrs. Cleman's mother, Mrs. Emma Smith, while Bob was attending a linotype clinic at Sioux City. A group of young people from the Luther League spent Sunday at a Rally Day service at Britt. Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Darnauer went down in time for the banquet and the evening service. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heetland, the Rev. E. G. Sauer and Mrs. Henry Mitchell attended a meeting of county Sunday School workers which was held at Burt last week Wednesday evening. Ronald Heetland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heetland, spent Saturday night and Sunday until 2 o'clock in the afternoon with the home folks. He came with some buddies and returned to Camp McCoy, Wis., with them. The George Heetlands spent Sunday with Mrs. Martha Gabcl at Ledyard. In the evening they drove to Buffalo Center to meet a niece, Marjorie Gabel, a student at Waldorf College at Forest City, and she is spending a few days here. Mrs. Howard Holmes and Lola Schroeder, Des Moines, spent the week-end here. Mrs. Holmes with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schroeder, and Lola, who is taking nurses training in Des Moines, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Schroeder. Mesdames Emma Smith and J. H. Warburton and little Rjuth War-, burton spent Friday afternoon at the Allan Carra in Titonka. Mrs. Carr's mother, Mrs. James Patterson of Denver, Colo., was visiting there and as she is a former Lakota resident of years ago, these old friends went down for a visit. Mrs. Lawrence Stafford left Saturday morning for Indianapolis, Ind., to join her husband at Fort, Harrison. She expects to spend the summer there or until he is again transferred. Mrs. Stafford closed her school in the Frank Lewis district Friday. Her mother., Mrs. Jerry Heetland, • and daughters, Florence and Wanda, .and Mrs. C. A. Winter accompanied her to Mason City, where she a train east. RITES HELD FOR WESLEVHANWHO DIED AT timt brother, ft! A Nelson, of Wesley. ^MlBgSfrefs^rt A, H, Leak |fank fox, Frtd DlekrMfttt, £a\il Frlbefg, George Panser and tfuy Carlson* Mrs, A> M. Lease And Mi's. Fred Blekmann had charge of the flowers. Buflal was in the Evergreen cemetery. Geo. Hafiift Have Four Son« In Service Wesley—kettheth Hanig, sbn of Mr, and Mrs, George Hanig, left Saturday from Britt for induction into the army. Mr. and Mrs. Hanig now have four sons in the service. Joseph is* at a camp near St. Joe, Mo., Francis is at Ft. Knox, K>., and Vincent is at Escondido, Calif. Bet yoil daft Ihltift 6? ftfafitf tile* for itl Well, yad. cart JftO&T $100 • $2Do at mare in IMME-* DtATSS CASH thru us. Money to pay store bills, dftctof bills, Ihsurande, buy coal, «othes f feed, livestock — easy, mohthly- paymertts. (Special Plan for Farmers'.) L. S. Bohannon Phone m Attftt*, t*. CONS FREE! Sacks of "Kitchen Tested" GOLD MEDAL FLOUR AND OTHER GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS NO PURCHASE NEEDED! COME TO OUR STORE FOR ENTRY BLANKS AND DETAILS. DONT MISS IT! We Carry • Complete Line of Gold Medal Products GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen Tested" • H.OUR|ii:±___.$l.29 NORTHERN FINEST QUALITY ~ " TOILET TISSUE TO LL . _ 5c Roll.. Northern Towels J tlnndy LaFRANGE S3*t SATINA K° Ironln l ~Pkir. GIANT BARS BLUE BARREL SOAP For CDARIf Easy on Your Hands OrMnlV Wash Clothes Whiter. „... BATH PALMOLIVE SOAP Lrg. Wheaties , LARGE PKG. , lOc DELICIOUS NEW FLAKED KIX PKG. Me lOc BEST BY TEST CLOROX, Half Gallon 23c Gheerioats k. lit ALL INGREDIENTS FOR BAKING Bisquick 4 K 35c BUY NOW AND SAVE —CANNING SUPPLIES— Frillt Jar« Ball-Vac-U-Seal null Jdia or Glass Top )IC 15c Quarts CQ. Pints ft j * Dozen D9C Dozen DIG Good Live Rubber Jar Rubbers, D^ Wide Mouth Kerr Lids, doz ..... 15c Preito Universal Clo*are Jar Caps, doz — 25c Rhubarb Time Pen Jel, pkg --------- lOc Grapefruit Juice M oor.-. 40-0^ e . n -i p 0 mt.._27c Gerber's Baby Food 4* „«. <«,-i pt 3 for 22c COm White Cream.Style—No. a Can—14 Polnta.—-—-!"?. : Sauer ''J^nt'j^^^^^^S^-^^ Minute Gelatin ',„'•'**&•« D .«,rt._2p kg , 27c Van Camp's Pre-Cooked Beans P " k ;. 15c Ovaltine puh-**.' 39c Fould's Spaghetti L. nt „ En , ow _8.oz. P k ,._ 9c FouH's Macaroni EIbow „ swil** p*. 9c Fould's Noodles „«,.* « r F in .-«. M . n* 9c PILOT BRAND 80 OYSTER SHELLS . LB. BAG I HEAVY DUTY—BLUE DENIM 69c OVERALLS PAIR $1.59 FULL OP SWEET JUICE- TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Large Size for Solid HEAD LETTUCE FRESH TOMATOES ""<""" SUNKIST LEMONS Ripe.....—.. Extra Juicy Large Size— 2 For 29c Lb. I9c •Full of Sweet Juice—TEXAS ORANGES MEDIUM SIZE Z DOZ. 39C Large Size, Doz.., 49c , GOLDEN HEART FANCY BLEACHEI> CELERY CRISP BUNCH NEW MILD-SWEET ONIONS FANCY GRADE WINESAP APPLES 3-25c Extra Fancy Winesaps 3 «*• 39c FRIDAY & SATURDAY SELECT FROM OUR DISPLAYS FRESH PEAS—FRESH BEANS CUCUMBERS — SEEDS OF ALL KINDS — - MAY 28th and 29th WE. S A V E ; Y10 ; U POULTRY CO THERE'S A JOB TO BE INCREASED EGG DONE AND POULTRY KNJOY HUJHEB PROMTS i U CONSTANT PEMANP F<J FRESH. WHOLESOME EGQS and THROUGH .YQJU8 SElBY POULTRY COMPANY

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