The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILL15 COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH Tf, M« Negroes' Health Programs Cited . Harrison High School Her* Win* Award for Fifth Straight Year Th« Rlchsrd B. Harrison school in Blythevllle is one of the two schools in Arkansas cited for meritorious distinction and named to receive the certificate of merit from J*deral Security, a Negro public health -agency, for. contributions to community health through Ihelr ichool programs. Tills is the fifth year Hie Hnrrison School has had an active health program that won recognition, Last year it won the progress trophy. which goes to winnH.s of the certificate o[ merit for three consecutive years. BtythevillaDealers Display New Plymouth neuters in BlytlicvIHe tomorrow will display the new Plymouth streamlined to make It lower and nar rowty on the outside, but providing wider scats and more headroom on the Interior. The new models are be According to George Hollis, prln- j | displayed by Hie nlythcvllle Motor Comnniiy, Cliicknsawba and liroiid 1 , rr fr« taUh^Tub'J'lL^e 0 ! p"| W..m,t ; «.d ..« T. J. Be«y ^tor Co., W , E»l Man, Street. S.»wn abc, Broadway; is Motor Sales Co., the social deluxe 110 Wes four-doo The new Plymouth.s have a 91- horseixiwer motor and the wheelbase has been lengthened to 118 Inches. The lenders flow gracefully mary «nd a" Intermediate. Finch | sedan, yeiir they present their health program during National Negro Health Week to stimulate Interest In health. Plans are now imdenvay for ob- «rvance or the health week from April 3 to April 10\ but the pro- , gram has not been determined. . into the body but they arc dctacli- Durlng the year the school has ] .,iji(, r cr c . a . se ; n mnkirii; rcpulrs. The •ponsored a health program covering vaccination ol nil first guide students Tor smallpox, complete Immunization program against typhoid, tetanus, whooping 'cough, diphtheria, Washerman blood tests, »nd chest x-rays. Most of Jhe Inoculation work was done by the North Mississippi County Health Unit. glass area in the car has been increased to provide better vision and greater .sufely In driving. The deluxe group includes the Foiir-(l<K)r -sedan and the club coupe. Three other models are planned on Courier News Reader Lauds \Spunk of Southern Senators a 111-inch \vhcelbase. These will b' a Lv;o-doqr sedan, a Lhree-passen £0r coupe and the Suburban. A elirome plated compression pis Ion ring has been designed to re duce cylinder wear and provid Krealhr economy In operation. . The program at Harrison Is led by A'. Z. Sawzee, third grade teacher. The school was mentioned, alont; itlth a Fort Smith school, in the quarterly magazine, National Negro Health. Editor rcl Courier News: const rn Inert to offer Burglars Blast Safe In Pocahontas firm POCAHONTAS. Ark., March 17 (VP)_A Rflfc In the office ol the McFall Chevrolet Agency here was blown Rome time ] night and the thieves took about $600 in n?> well us an undetermined amount in check*. The Arkansas Highwny Pfldol was notified of the robbery and is Bending experts here to conduct an Investigation. Sheriff Carl Brown said the robbery was discovered about G:30 this morning when employes o£ the company went to work. reply to your editorial: "If Solons Value Our Kslccm They'd Better Get to work/' You have said your say, and that Is a.s it should bo;' and yon used tip quite a IOUK sprite saying your say, You rafer to the Constitution, but like the fellow who frenquently quotes the Bible, you only mentioned the part that and pass them back to the state to handle. Let us not forget thai the go\ is supported by the peop and curb tills TrnniEm idea tha the government should support th tew senators and representatives j people. Add just a few more "gin in Congress who have not entirely! become a rubber stamp. j Did iL over occur to you that if the things the President is offering and (teniEUKimg through Con- tlie majority of the people, that Seven Fined As Result of Gambling Raid fORREST CITY, Alk., Majfh 17. If)— Seven defendants—only one of yhom was in court—were fined here esterday as a result of last Satur- ay night's State Police raid on the Blacklist! Lake Casino near here. Deputy Prosecutor Fletcher Long aid he would seek an order pad- ocklng the gambling establishment He said he would ask the order from lircuit Judge Elmo Taylor of Scar- oy at the opening of the regular court term here Monday. Fines of $100 and costs each were assessed by Justice of the Peace G rf. Hopper against Henry Mallory he club's operator, and six em- ploye*. Only Mallory was in court, Long said. Mallory entered guilty plea; tor himself and the employes &n< aald the fines and penalties, amount ing to "around $1,000," Long artded Mallory was charged with bein: interested in gambling devices, am the employes with setting up, keeping and exhibiting gambling devices. The charges are misdemeanors. Ix>ng said he recommended the minimum $100 flues In view of the guilty pleas. Stum Police said they found open gambling going on at the swank establishment. Elaborate gambling devices were seiMd, they reported. The six employes were listed as George Intcrbltzen, Leroy Trainham, W. E. Andrews, O. T. Antwine and William H. Thompson, all ( MemphU, and Tom McMllltn of Brlnkley. Since tne raid, Tralnham, Inter- blt&en and Thompson hart been arretted and fined at Memphis on loitering chargei. Only 34 «t»t*s five women M| right to §er?» on Juriw. me" fellows to the swelled crowd we have created .since Roosevelt took office the first time, and we will have to do as old Rome did, we will not only have to feed the but (by robing other nations). have to even furnish nterested at the time, nut there are many other provisions at our Constitution you did not men- tin. Far one thing, I have f filled to find any provision against the evil, Sf it is an evil, of which yon com plain. T do find it ulcuriy stated that the President- i.s required to such laws would be 1 passed? Just | entertainment for these idle masses, why should one section of the country fti.sten objcctiotial laws upon other sections of the country? Such laws arc within the realm of the sevenil Stairs, what we call State's Rights. You seem to over- Who will take the place of the Christians of the Roman days? ,U seems to me that the editors of our newspapers are missing an opportunity to set things right. I believe you know that we cannot sur- Marion Count/cms Ask $4 Million in Land Suit HARRISON, Avk., March 11. W) —Owners of some 620 acren o[ Marion County land are seeking damages of approximately $4,000.000 from the U. S. government In a anft scheduled to be tried here beginning next Wednesday. T*he land was condemned In 1947 for the Bull Shoals Dam at a gov- «rnment-Iixed price of $14,200. make his Report to Congress on the Slate of the Nat Inn. Now. if he would do that, just that, mul quit, he would perform the duties imposed upon him. But no, he woes on aiut presents Utws rtinvvn up by his executive helpers, and calls it "Must" leni.s- lalion, thus stepping over and trying to run the Legislative Branch of the Government . The President should be content to perform his Constitutional [unctions, that is, enforce the laws passed by Conpress. He can then teli the people, through tlic newspaper reporters ami editors. that he Is waiting for the people's representatives to give hii more work (o do. It Is n shame and disgrace thnt we have come to thp point of thinking one man, the President, is the sole protector of Die people. Thanks, brother, that we have a look that Imporljuit factor. Rent. Vive as a nation if we continue on Antl oln - present course. The nation is made up of small groups, starting Truman ideas, are mailers that ] tt . ith the indivlual. then small com- .slioultl br governed and controlled i cunUlcs. towns, cities, counties, and the union of the 48 Controls. Anti Lynch Law, ix>ll Tax. FF.PC, and many other by Ibe States. Really, the National Government was M' vc n only ii very few things considered to tie common to the nation: such as national defense. .states. Stales. Now. over thi.s vast space, with varied climate, resources, etc., very few, and T mean just thnt. very debate on the subject. i do not think any president lias the right to think up ideas and demand that they be passed Into laws through a few partisan "yesinen." No section ol our country should have thrust upon It a law that is not sanctioned by the pcole of such section, and Is clearly an effort of other minority groups to feather their own nests and satisfy their own selfish ends. And by Doggie! I think every senator and representative should have the right to stand oh his two feet and i a y his say in the interest of his own people. After all, if u proposed law I.T so controversial that It does not draw popular support. It ought to be aired or talked to death if any senator has the strength to do so. PRANK C. DOUGLAS Dance Blytheville at th* Armory Sat. Mar. 19 9 'til ? Music by Calculi Reed And Hit 8-Piece Orchestra Sponsored By the Junior Chamber of Commerce , nastoliicrs, posiroiuls^conmicrco be- | fcw liuvs s |, ol ,id apply to all the i ,.- ,i.~ ..,-.-.. i ..,1,1. r '"" IwetMi Ihe .states and \vllh foreign iifllioti-s. However, with the i)»c of lime, presidents like Uoosc\'elt and Truman have enlarged the Federal Government until it is top heavy, and will Inil unless we Irim off these extra-constitutional fun- people. All other matters should be left to DIP .state, or the. county, or the city, town or .school district. And when you let these matters be decided by the people In these smaller group, T ngree that the majority clions from the federal government should rule after fair and unlimited PROOF/S TKUTH PERK with Arniocel' WASHES UP TO 46° WHITER . . . WASHES COLORS 31° BRIGHTER Here's proof beyond question from 1,218 walking tMtt. iounds ridicutoui. doein'l it? Bui lhat'i exactly what you can Save by pouring SODIUM HYPOCHLO. RITE into your Garbage Can ... II will "eat" tht tilth, grime and greale immediately oul of tne Can, in fact, it loo strong. SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE will "eat" the boHom out ol Ihe Garbage Can unlesi ii is thoroughly rirued with water. Surely, ydu would not Inow'mgly place a itfonq Chemical liU SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE inio your vaihing machine or tub to "eat" up your hard-lo. get and eipeniive clothci? Of coune you wouldn't. Then be very careful of Ihe bleach that you use. If trie product contains SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, the law requires the manufacturer to show this on tne label of the botlle. Be sure and read ihe label carefully. Don't lake-chancel . . . KUTTYHUNK 8!uin 9 is a Safe Natural bleach. It does nol contain SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE. It will bleach your white clothes Snow-White. bring out Ihe checls and brighten the color of colored Clothes . . . and it will not hurt any fabric that water itielf will not harrr PERK leaves yoix whole wash Whiter; Brighter! Waif} aftff K'atb. tests brute ft it on the Hunter Rcflcunmctcr and General Hlecrric Spcoropbotom- cicr : j\V w Pert tt-ttb A rmoftf washed whites up to 16° whiter, colors 31° brighter than any other leading type of snap. These washing CMS j.m<> proved: Perk with Armotcl cms washing time on(-h<ilj...}jui one-third on soap. DOUBLE -ACTION WASH PfRFICTO* Only Perk contain* Armotd, Armour's exclusive ntw ingr«<h«it rh*c Hives you: 1. Moqnoi Action: Pcric with Arrnocil draws dirt out of clothes like a magnet, sealj it in the water so ilin cAnncx »ettlc b*ck. Removes iccmrmUtctl grayncss, prevents future gnyneM. *. Acfion: Perk tvirh given clotlies i new svmthine b«lli«nc€ tliat tctlci.ts the radiant, tunny ntu- whiicncM, btigluncw in jo»r w»»h. Your Grandmother Used DIAMOND PRODUCTS KUTTYHUNK BLUING Sold-by LeAding Independent Grocers A ft f, Kroner, Safcwoy, Liberty and all Chain Grocers i PERK >j —• *.. IS YOU* M5T lUY-ior clortm—tor Here's another "fir»t" for'Ktlly'i Prid* Flour . . . fa«t for years with discriminating house-wive*. NOW your iavont* all-purpose Hour brings you something entirely new . . an apron full of flourf EACH APROH15: READY MADf - HO SCMM - SMPL Y RIP SACK SfAMS - OH 25 LB. SACKS ONLY Just rip the i»am . . . and pi»slo! You have a gaily colored hasten apron, allraclively decorated with many colorful design*. And remember that two bags mak« o dandy pair of curtain*! With K«llv/i Prid« M»ur, you can bake anything from laity dumpling* to lh« lights*!, fluffiest biscuit* you «»er *aw. Our year* ol producing (inert enriched flour are your guarantee of quality. EQUALS ONI HOSTESS KHUN KELLY'S PRIDE FLOUR IS PACKED IN ALL SIZES, PHOSPHATED OR SELF-RISING Apron Sacki Available In 25-Lb. Si» Only ALWAYS JH£ FINEST ASK YOUR DEALER TODAY © WIUIAM KfUY MIltING CO. Distributed by MOORE BROS. Highway 18 West Phone 866 •lytheville, Ark. r,

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