The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1943 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 10
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mon soldiers .WIN THRU DRIVE JESakota—The pupils in the grades ot the Lakota school sold $1,628.45 worth of bonds and stamps In the recent drive and thus bested the school students^ who sold $1,468.10 In bonds an stamps during ; the same period. The total for the, school Was $3088.10 and certainly is a fins' record for Lakbta's Bph^ol children, .ft much better record? than has Been turned in by achools in much larger towns. Hospital News i General Hospital April 14—Peggy Ann Puffer, Corwith, surgical. , April 15—Mrs. George Valentine, Burt, surgical; Mrs. Lawrence Zwiefel, Lone Rock, medical. April 17—Mrs. William Drayton, Algona, medical; Mrs. Raymond Fisher, Corwith, boy. April 19—Mrs. Kenneth Meyers, Algona, girl; O. L. Baldwin, Des Moines, medical. April 20—Mrs. Everett Faith, Algona, medical. Kossuth Hospital April 14—Jessies Palmer, Algona, medical. April 15—Harold Gunder, Algona, medical. (April 16—Mrs. Hollie Benschoter, Algona, surgical. April 17—Donna Rae Powers, Algona, tonsilectomy; Mrs. J. A. Johnson, Algona, medical. April 19—Mrs. Stockwell, Algona, medical; Mrs. Johanna Lewison i^MiEW?'T >v v- • -XV''•-V"•:^^^f^P band, of fflf^anor drulckshank, sta- tiohed wltB the armed forces at Sarfjtose, Calif., haS been promoted to %st Lleutent. Lieut. Wllsoft Has not had a furlough since the btrth of his son and would appreciate a chance to see his baby, which we hope will be his privilege before long. Stuart Thompson 1 , who has been stationed at Camp Wolters, Texas, did hot move/overseas as was expected, but is now at Camp Van Dorn, in -Mississippi. <3eorge Rich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Rich, who has been in service in the South Pacific, has been undergoing some sort of sickness which his parents believe may bo malaria fever. He was Serving in the New Guinea area but has been transferred back to the Australian mainland. His correspondence reveals he has not been feeling the best, is thin and pale, which is not one of his characteristics. George was of a husky stature and dark complexloned. inry toffirchSf j&tothertta' loft boy/ Is able td%e^afthat he has be'tn in a, hosfiJtjM fft tiAe. He is also'back His trouble cMld hi the AusttWra. — , T —» be, Made known but when he wrbt* v «« was expecting to be released from the hospital soon. _ ,y (Corp. Elmer Alt writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Alt, fro:n the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, that he has (now entered a school 6h that Islarid for trifling* He will Be trained in gun rhec"hariilbs. He had been doing guard duty up to that time. Pfc. Larry Gisch of the armed forces returned to his camp at Point Loma, Fort Roseorans, California, after a 10-day leave' with his parents and sisters and 'brothers hei-e. His folks took, him to Livermore. Where he jjaught a fast train for the coast. He has been in service since 1941 and his duties have Been in connection with guarding the coast. On his return he would not be surprised if he might be changed to a different location. Detroit Paper Carries Feature About Mrs. Spencer and Sons Bode, fracture. 20—Mrs. Jane medical. Chapin, Algona, From the Files TWENTY YEARS AGO The seniors of the class of 1923 •were presenting their class play. It was Booth Tarkington's, "Clarence." The cast consisted of Lucille Windell, William Mann, Grace Taylor, Raph Reimers, Evelyn Sorenson, Esther Free, Irving Urch, Ignatius Wernert, Theodore Hutchison and Norine Vincent. Hon. Ray Files was the commencement exercises speaker. The class numbered sixty-six. gone an operation at the Kossuth hospital. W. E. McDonald was selected as the new secretary of the Algona' Community club. A story about Mrs. Emil C. Spencer 'and her two pairs of twins, whose father was a colonel in the Civil War, was featured recently 'in the Detroit News with a picture of Mrs. Spencer. Mrs. Spencer is visiting in Detroit with her niece, Mrs. Jas. Weldon at Grosse Pointe Farms. We quote in part the story as It appeared in the Detroit paper: "Some day when things quiet down on the Pacific front, Gen; Douglas MacArthUr, whose father as 'The Boy Colonel of the West', led the charge at Missionary Ridge in the Civil War, may be able to sit down and swap stories with two 25-year old soldiers fighting under him whose father also was a colonel on the Union side in the Civil War. "These brothers, are probably the youngest men now in service who can claim such a distinction. They are Capt. John Spencer and Staff Sgt. James Spencer. "John, in Army : aviation in Australia, and Jim, now with the engineers in New Guinea, were born when their father was 79 years old. "If they ever meet MacArthur, and their mother'hopes they will, they will be able to tell him how their dad escaped from Libby prison in Richmond, Va., by digging with a door hinge. "As far as their mother knows, they have never seen each'other Mold Sluiriie E*i Tlfi« Youth ope church prayer __________ day at 8:80 In the morning. Mrs. B. Frances Bramson is director of the group. The program will con-' slet of an instrument number, "The Palms," and three songs by the.young people. Rev. N. A. Price and Alden Reid and Durwood Rutledge are in charge of prayers and Easter meditation. Mrs.) Francos Sfkmson will present' aft Mltfstrat- ed picture;- ."The' > Old ' Rugged Cross," with a musical background by Helen Welsbrod, soloist and Mrs. Walter Weisbrod at the 'piano. Mrs.' Walter Weisbrod will ulngV a solff "I Know That My Redeemer LlVes." Mildred Elmore Ufi president of the Youth -Fellowship and she- is assisting '.wltlfithe ..ariange- ments for the .program. '' - •. Safetygrams The , bicycle rider has ,a definite responsibility in helping^ to keep 1 our highways safe. , Bicycle riders should not rOam all Bver, ! ,the road, but should ride singly On" the right side of the road. Children espec- — i ially should not ride -four or five T> a nu u tr < -.. abreast on their bicycles. R. Smith home were Mr. and Mrs. |B icyc ] es shollld h a Ve the proper Ross Buffington and Mr.,and Mrs.' lighting on their wheels so that tho .Me Id up.] Molne.s. 'to* tot olnb iBC 6\m — Afidt Algoaa llllil'IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllH ^ HELP US-HELP YOU BUY " A KOSSUTH BOMBER V ' *" ',. Chrischilles Store *i*w» K. Jf. HfttHngldft ' • J. ». --, Rddttls S12-14 Wrst tfftt'i Bk, SW ALdONA, iOWA Office, irt Sawder Building Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA , mmansoif & HUTCHISON; ATTOttNfflYa At LAW A. Hutchison (l|82-i&88) Donald C. Hutchison THWdofe 0. Hutchison Security State Bank Buli'dlng Phone 2ol ' . Algona, ^" Donald Buffington and Kathleen, all of Titonka. Mrs. Emil Person and children of Burt called in the afternoon. automobile driver can spot them ai night. Bicycles riders, too, should signal their turns so that others know what to do. CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for IS wards or less.- When'paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 8c per word. Np ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE—Aqua taffeta formal Size 14. Brand new. Call Walte Will. 16 FOR SALE — 12 Duroc Jerse; brood sows. John Long, Jr. 16 Duane Dewel was visiting at' Slnce going into the Pacific area, home'from Columbia, Mo., where| but she>s sure if she oould set a he was taking a course in Jour- mes sage through to Gen. Mac- nalism. Arthur he would see to it that they i! Charles ! Pedley was to be in Algona to take passengers up on 15- minute trips in his airplane. Mr. Pedley was formerly mechanic for Ray McWhorter, who was taking the advance appointments. BROODER HOUSES Brooder Stoves and Chicks INSURED FOR FIRE. LIGHTNING AND WIND ,; —LOW would be together for their birthday on April 10." The older pair of twins are both married and living in California. Bob was recently inducted into the army and is taking basic training in the army air forces at Fresno. Bill is anxious to get into the Navy, his mother says. He is married and has two children. FOR SALE—Three sows, farrow by May 10. $15.00 cwt. Vaccinated Edwin Hanselman, LuVerne, Iowa 16* FOR SALE—Tenant house, one year old. Also 'Manchu Soy Beans Test to run 90%. Rufus Lindhorst Swca City. 16-17 ! FOR SALE—Papec 12" Hammer mill, 60 ft. rubber drive belt; fertilizer attachments for John Deere 2-row 999 planter. Joseph Krieps Sexton, Iowa. . 16* Four Corner News L S. Bohannon Over S. & L. Dep't Store. L. J. Lowman was a Sunday dinner guest' -at the E. C. Witham home. Mr. and Mrs. W. R.' Smith were Sunday evening callers at the Mike Elbert 'home' at Sexton. ' Betty Lou Drayton and Betty Jean Rich have been sufferers with the measles the past few days/ Wm.' Drayton is a victim of -sciatic rheumatism and is a patient in an' Algona hospital. He is'lmproV 1 - ing at lastest reports. Sunday callers"at the Art Alexander home were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Alexander and Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Lowman, Jr., of Fenton. Sunday dinner guests at the W. FOB QUICK SALE SW',i and,S'/4SEyj-15-100-30 Kossuth County. Price $115.00 per acre, Good soil and buildings; buildings wired; Owner 'hais : option on another farm near home. Owner J. F. Carlson,. Pocahontas, Iowa. See Owner or L.' E. Linria'n, Algeria, or Frank W. Shaw, Pocahontas, for terms. 16 FOR SALEy-Good breeching harness, A-l shape. Also two sets of serviceable .back pad harness.. Jqseph ' Skow, Wesley. 16-17* IS arms EASTER THE HOSIERY COLOR FOR EVERY COSTUME PIH1X INSPIRE . . . one color that can do so much for all your costumes. INSPIRE will light up your navy suit, give interest to beige and grey, and it's perfect with brilliant reds and greens. It's the new all-around Phoenix color to simplify your wardrobe yet keep it smart Chrisckilles SO. SB iFOR''SALE'—Two choice black yearling colts. Julius Becker, one- half ' mile west St. Joe, Phone Livermore 2505. 16-17* FOR BALE—Hereford bulls. Also Hampshire boars. Bred gilts, May and June farrow. Joseph Skow Wesley. .16-17 wants position. Business school •training. Write or inquire Upper Des Moines. ' , 16* .WANTED—A man or .woman of good appearance and good education with car, to represent old and thoroughly reliable educational institution of good reputation. Good wages. Position now open. Address XYZ, % this paper. 15-16 WANTED —Janitor for Grant township .consolidated school. Apply to W. H. Barger, Swea City, phone 2F20. 15-16 WANTED — Waitress. Apply at Hotel Algona. fi. J\ Van.Ne#f , Allen AJ-Brun« VAN NBSS & BRtWSON 5'ATTORNBYS AT LAW . Offices In new Heise Building Photte 213 Algona, lo Gaylord D. Shumway fidw. D. Kell] '" SttWMWAy & KELLY 1 , ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office In Hutchison Bldg,, Phone ALOONA, IOWA LINN AN ft LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algdna, Iowa , '. Phone „ Offife over Kosluth MUt. Infl. Bldj - ' ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WtNKfiL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Hutchison Building '/ PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS I ' J. N. KENEFICK, M. D, PHYSICIAN & 1 SURGEON Over 1 . Rexall, Erug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 881 « 16 Miscellaneous MORE EGGS, milk, and pork How? Insulate your hen house dairy barn, and hog house witl Fire Proof ZONOLITE insulation A permanent investment that increases production' immediately Botsford Lumber GoE,......''.-•.! 16 HYBRID SEED CORN > Iowa 939—$3.50 to $4:50', i Iowa S03—$4.50 to $5.50 State inspected and certified. !ertified seed is your guarantee that the corn has been properly detasseled,' te'sted; arid from, puro seed stock.,. Seventh ..year. M. A. Sorlfen,' 2 miles north Bode.' 16-19* WOOL—We are paying top •p'rice or wool. Joe Greenberg, Phone iFQR SALE — Matched team Strawberry roani mares. Eight yrs old. Joseph Skow, Wesley. 16-17* iFOR SALE—4 new Iowa cream separators, electric; 3 new Chore Boy milking machines. Get tlicm while they last. New electric motors for washing machines and cream separators. Algona Maytag Store. 16 FOR SALE—Soy beans. Guaranteed 95% .or better germination Nick B. Wagner, Algona. 16* iFOR SALE 1933 Plymouth Overhauled and in good condition. Also five room house with big garden, for rent. 'Alex C. Miller, North Williams street. 16* iFOR SALE—1935 Oldsmobile 2- door touring sedan. Mechanically in good condition; extra good tires. Hoenk Motor Service. 16 FOR SALE—Trailer house. Also Hampshire male hog. S. E. Noland, Algpna, Phone 24-J, 16 USED MERCHANDISE — 1 gas engine washing machine. 4 good used cream separators, guaranteed to skim, 1 with electric motor. 1 steel doe box. Piece 9x12 blue linoleum. Gas engines. Electric radio. Electric .stove. The Algona Maytag Store. 16 FOR SALE—Two 5-room houses in Whittemore. Also one other house and lot for sale. Lutheran Congregation, Whittemore. Trustees, Herman Meyer, Archie Voight. •'•• 15-16* FOR SALE—Book of ,5C!Q receipts, and duplicates, -f to a ppge, $£.50. The Aigpn^ Upper Des Mpines. 9tf SEED POTATOES from certified stock. Pink eyed Warbag, Cobblers, Early Ohios, Rural New Yorkers and Green Mountain^. $3.59 per 100 Ibs. East End Grbceiry. phone 143. '• •" ••* !l ••" NOTICE Parcaut'a Hybrid geed Corn for sale at N(ck B; Wagner's] Algona. •"' 16-18 Wanted WANTEI>-<3irl for clerical work in a local institution.'.Good pay. Make written application .and. leave at Upper Des Moines office. 16* WAJNTTED—Girl or woman for office work. Elk Cleaners & Tailors. 16* WAiNTTED-iA second man. This is a year around job. Hobarton Co*>* meyftHwOa, ^ mm'Ufa Mi gona. ' 18 {STENOGRAPHER . Bookkeeper Hitler and Pig Scours Hitler is trying to rob us of our liberties while"'pig S99urs,rob.,(;he future profits on our hog profits. We and our allies will take care of Hitler, and Walnut Grove and our free v service, y/i)\ t^ke ,care of. pig, scbiirs. Feed" Walnut Grove'" for profit. H. S, B'4in,-HumboldtjPJ)oue 297-M. 16 ATTENTION WOOL GROWERS Many,wo9l Buyers are making a big noise about 'the 'government' taking over the wool business. Nothing is so far definite but if it materializes,, prices will not be lower. Dori't ' get excited 'over i it. Bear this in mind when you want to sell your' 'wool. ''We 'will' 'pay you more money than you can realize through any other source on the basis of honest weight and an' all around square deaL ' North Our Total Sales for Saturday, 1 April 24th Will be Used to | buy U. S. War Bonds | This will be our Easter present to Mr. Hitter 1 and Togo. 1 lillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ C. M. CRSZTZMEYER, M, D. t Phone 444-310 \ SURGEON ,,&' PHYSICIAN S Office in John Oalbralth Bldg. r * PHYSICIAN & SURGEON i , MEtiVXN O, BOURNE Phone-Office 197 , Res. 1ft Across front F. S. Norton & Son OSTEOPATHS -1 DR. SHERMAN HIEYEB '••>', OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN '\ A General Practice <\ Special attention given to rron-su$> gical treatment of rectal diseases'i. varicose veins and rupture if DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST , Located in New Call! Theatre BldgL Phone, Business 166. .Residence 789 ALGONA, IOWA -s ' OR. C. .0. SCHAAP * DENTIST. Hutchison Bldg. Phone 13* Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowi>. •, A. J. EASON, Dentist , Office over James Drug Store -]. Phone Office 59 Residence 8{fe> Ipwa Fur 2551,-' 2553, 'Britt. Wopl Co. Phones <16-17 WOOL—We are paying top price for wool. Joe Greenberg, v Phone 118, IS-tf RUBBER STAMP PAI>S und ik, black, red blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines. 11-tf IMPORTANT^HOME LOANS- LOW INTEREST—Low MONTHLY PAYMENTS OR TERM LOANS —FULL OPTIONAL PAYMENT PRIVILEGES — YOUR BEST LOAN. ALGONA FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. ALGONA, IOWA. . 14-ff SEE ME. FOR-Real Bargains i|r /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl haas, phone 22, Algona. 1-ft PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums •Kossuth Radio & Electric, A'lgona Iowa. ;,tf , JUST RECEIVED a new shf.p-' riipnt of Warm Morning coal heaters. $49.95 each. You likely are eligible to buy one.—Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 234. 3-tf FOR DURABILITY — For tn. pressiveness — Use Better Papers. The best papers are made from ra£S. Try new Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper. $2.70 for 600 sheets. The Algona Upper Moines. " ' 8-tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and. Washers Bjustrom'* Furniture 1-tf BURN BERWIND BRIQUETS or Wacm Morning Coal. Know fuel satisfaction.—Raesly Lumber Co Loan roffhrintwS.tB.te* Bay You* lome or Refinance Your Present the Low Cwt £ j New Jfcid Different !j Coats for Easter ChrischUles Store We had a big "wind-fall" this week. . Coats that wo had bought last November and December—-rich,' smartly tailored garments such as are NOT available in any open stock—are coming in for Easier. These beautiful coats are» all QUAI/ITT, the kind we like to sell and we have a fjne stock to show. If you have been putting off buying that new coat be- cause we couldn't find ''just what you wanted" see these wonderful garments. All colors, including tweeds,, in all sizes, especially LARGER ONES. AND SUITS . We .have a small but very smart line of suits, both in 'ine twills (navy and black) and sport tweeds. All sizes from 12 to 20 and also some 221/2 and 24% in f?rintzes,B«. tailored models. See""these suits while they last. Not. snough to go around but ev- iry suit is a masterpiece. Ymir FUR OOATI This is m Time to KARL R. HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in>New Heise Bldg. ,, Phone 44 - Res. Phonp li» Loans to';Fahners ana|StoekmeiL • with a sound, basis for credit -Rate 4%%.4 li Part time o*ffice, Friday Ivto 4 p. a! at Bohannon Insurance Agen ' above S. & L. Store, Algona. , Typewriter Paper: 500 sheets 59' •m This Is a good grade bond?; paper and will make an ex cellent school paper. The Algooa Upper Des Moines I "BETTER "QUICKER QUALITY" SERVICE"' HEADQUARTERSI For Mmle-to-Oraer ,RUBjp STAMPS| ' You/order« will be fillcd| promptly and efficiently! STAMP PADS AND INK* BAND SFAMPS-SEAU H It

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