The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1943 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 5
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*EV. N. J. BECKER, BANCROFT PRIEST, TO ROYAL PARISH *' (Bancroft—The Rev. Father N. J.' ffierekef; asiataftt priest at St. John's 1 foY tHe past twenty-th'tee mbntha, •lifts' WKe'tt' • a'pptflrtted pastor 1 of St. lioUlB church, Royal, Iowa, and the ifilssldn at Everley. He will take brer his new duties Tuesday, April "50th. Father Becker was coach this year at St. John's and he and' his *eam went very far In the basketball games and tournaments they •entered. The Rev. Father Weiner of .peM&rs will be the new assistant "JiGtra •^- r *" ' ' '' /i farewell party'hoMortng Father Becker was held in St. John's hall Monday evening. The program consisted of: "An Appreciation" by, Dennis iBlsbecker; "To Our Athletic Coach" by the drum major- «tta, the team and. the cheer lead- r Will sel V ill sell all tjie household goods b( longing 'to '.AJex' C. Miller, at the Miller home right back ^if Saturday, April 24 10 o'clock a.m, iLlving room suite, 3 beds, 2 desks, 3 ..Con^oleum rug;s. sewing : machine, 'electric washing 'ma-' chine, chestx>f drawers, dresser, pasteboard closet, 9 dining room vroonu, table. 2, ^eaterjAliltelieh i rangeyi:0n Itbve, UJ[tbneti:;:Qablrie't,X: ice,. j'boJC, toois, f riiit' ja^s, canned ' f rui tV bedding, led:. 'cream 1 ; itreezer,' silverware,' dishes and other things. These folks leave'iMonday for defense' work:' All must be ' sold. 6rs; "Prayer JBeautlfuI," 7th and 8th graders; "The Shephetd > and Mis Flock," a short play by the stude^te of St. Jdhn'a; Dr.'T. 3. fflgaivniayBf,' then gave a short ' talk expressing the appreciation of the people wards 'Father Becker and Bgan then presented Father-a purse. The program was ddh'- 1 eluded wlth'Short talks by the Rev. 1 J. H. Schulte and Rev. N.~ J. Beckfer; • (Frank Coyne passed away sud-- denly Monday night. No arrattge-i ments for the funeral have been made as yet. Pvt, Harold 1 Farrow, 1 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Win, Farrow of Bancroft,. who' has been station with the' TJ. S. Army in Alaska, will soon be operated on for appendicitis, ac- 'coi-ding, t6 vword received .by his parents' here'*- .. ; Funeral services were hefid last Tuesday morning at 9 o' St. Johrt's church,- -Rev. J. H. Schulte officiating, . for Janice -Lampe,^ ^ three year old daughter of. Mr. and 'Mrs. Led (Lampe,-who died Sunday evening ^at Woodward. Janice was borii August 22, 1939, but has been ill since, birth. Surviving, are her, knd two sisters, Sandra.,and '• - '• ' ••*• . , ^ ' fdity-houra 'Devotion ! was held on ! j,t^st- Tuesday,' Wednesday and Thursday at St. 1 John's Parlsht The devSti'on . opened w,ith v a solemn high;. -mass -and procession /at 10 :o',oI0ck f 'Tu'esday. The Sev.. N. J. Becker jwas 'the I celeorarifi The. hlgft; ^schboT.. .pupils' held a g\|ard of factor all/through the three, days. ;The devotions -dosed Thursday eve- •nlng with,' a* procession. The Rev. Patrick D'Urltilt,; LsiSallette Father, assisted with* the' devotions. eai WHITE'S ^ Phone 631' • E. State St. QuaHty^ ft " Fashioned Rayon TMgh Mold, Rayon Utility Sheer, pair £>^$1.00 Rayon Afternoon Sheer, pair_..-_$1.25' Cotton Mesh Hose, pair ___$ 1.50 NEW COLORS — VICTORY, FREEDOM and LIBERTY Sizes. 9 to e ELITE IOWA THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY - APRIL 23, 33 and ' f " !' f ' . v". ' , , ' e John HUBBARD • Virgmiai OR^T, OUN HgWlJN • KO^H RAYMOND ; ^ - —2nd Feature PJjjs Ser WES. AND WEDt - AFiBIfc »R 2ft ?7 and 88 Eaater Attraction ,h honor of h,er. cjeushtfr,, BJda'8 confirmation iSiyMjfty^'piQse attw* were Mr* §iia,'iirf*'W«iH»p.»n4 )P. J. Kohlhaas Is expected home Saturday from Manly,, where he ls ;i spending a few days doing some drainage engineering. The project is a large one and involves some 3d linear,miles. Mrs. Nola MeChire and Mrs. William Davis of Mdrshalltown spent the week-end with Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Richardson. Mrs. McClure Is Mrs. Richardson's mother and- Mrs. Davis her sister. • Mr. and Mrs. Chct DoSart anil little daughter, Judy, spent Sunday' in Algona with friends. The De- Sarts now live at Fort Dodge, where Chet manages the shoe department of Montgomery Ward. • Pf c. Wilfred Schneider of Camp San .Luis Obispo, Calif., left Tuesday- morning for camp following a •H-'day • 'furlough) which he spent with his parents at Watkins, Minn., and'With friends in the St. Joe vicinity. jvtr.' '(and Mrs. E\igene ' ttood are the parents of their first child,, a daughter born Monday morning,at 'Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge. The. baby Weighed, seven pounds and one ounce. . Mrs., Hood is the former Matilda Germann. , , .Win. Boyken, .president of the .Tltonka,Savings Bank, was an Algona visitor on..Tuesday, coming down to attend a. meeting of the county bankers. Mr. Boyken reported the war bond drive as going strong, dn. his',.neighborhood. '••' •Mr. and Mrs.' Lyman Potter of Des Moines came 1 Sunday for a viait with the former's mother, Mrs. Pearl Potter. Lymp.ii is employed at the ordnance plant at Ankeny. Mrs. Potter returned to Des Moines with them for a short visit.' Mrs. E. R. Morrison accompanied Mrs. Stella Barker tb^Des Moines Wednesday and she will visit there the rest of the week and return with' her husband for the week-end. Mrs.' Barker has been Mrs. Morrison's ' guest the first part of the \veek. Maxine Brundage will bring three of her schoolmates, Betty Pingay, <Allce Fitzgerald and Ruth Hum, home ;with' her .(Friday evening for the w^ek-end With';her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. , I>. iBrtindage. The girls.are all students at Iowa State College," •"'. •, '.\ •.:.", ^\ ' ,• ,'; & ;JBi YoungwWth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed TTpungwlrth,, i of Whittemore, !has been transferred from Camp Berkeley;;Texas, to Denver, Colorado/ '•'<He ,is.;in,the medical .corps of,the awhy/arid his work at \Dehver 'Will.,' last "•• approximately two months. .'."- , ' Doris Young came, Wednesday froin' Sioux (City,, where 'she has been; taking her first year of nurses' training and :will: spend a ,few days wlth^'her parents;, Mr. and Mrs. Honier J. Young. She will go to Mason- City to: complete her training Jin: the course. . • ; ; , i Hazel Potter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. r.Cha's,;.Potter, ••\vho. Has -j been emiJioyejd ?:{)>' the'Gtate TaX;KDepartr ana '^half,^was <fecentlyf prjomoted itb cashier of the Income Tax.Dlvi- ' sion. She has previously •been serv- ing'as' assistant in the 'same der partment. , .. V • • • • !Bob Gclgel called his -parents, Mr., and Mrs. Fred Geigel, from Camp Perry, WilHamsburg, Va., one evening last; week. Bob is in 'the navy Seabees and is specializ- CONFIRM CLASS OF II IN LOTTS CREEK CHURCH SUNDAY (Lofts' Creek—A class of elevon 'chiidren were confirmed' at the Irrimanuel Lutheran church Sunday morning 'by" the Rev. E. Iflenei The members 6f the class were:> Stanley Opheim, Gerald Kuecker, Willis Wetzel,- James Buss, Hubert Hacfc- •barth,' Alice Luedtke; Kathleen Rusoh, Caroline Hintz, Anita Luedtke, Verdell Boettcher and Elda Woltew . MANY DINNERS SEBVED IN HONOR OF CONFHIBDSD (Mrs. Lydia Wetzel'entertained t-t Sunday dinner in honor of her son, Willis 1 - confirmation. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wetzel, Austin, Minn.; Mr. and M«j. Max Bast and Arlene and Mr. and' Mrs. Ernest Thiel, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz and family, Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Wetzel and Wanda Jean, Martin Potratz and Mr, and Mrs. Reinhard Wetzel and Patty. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Arthur Geilenfeldt and daughters, Lavon and Rita, and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ristan and Donny of Garner. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin were Sunday dinner guests of 'Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Rusch in honor of Kathleen's confirmation. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Boettcher and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hintz enter.- tained at a dinner Sunday at the Bpe'ttcher home in honor, of their respective daughters, Ver4ell and Caroline, who TReye confirmed Sun* dayinorning. Those attending were Teacher and Mffl., Ww- SP.bjn'el. Mr, and Mrs._WlU Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer and family, Mrs. Howard." Rapney, Mrs. ^n^ neth, Geilenfeldt and Miss Vernlce Qeilenfeldt, AJggna, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wallace and family, Penton and Mr. and Mrs. Oapar Kohlwes and family, Austin, Minn, Mrs. Ed,-Jftuecker entertained in honor of %f'son, Gjwald's confirmation Sunday. Thosa attending were Mr, and, Mrs. Geayg;$ ¥eyffi «fi?8 Emilie Slems an.4 Ervin, Airs/Her man Gade, an*^aynjpnd Meyer ( al p| Whittemorf,' ing* ih high explosives. Last weekend he visited his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman, at Nashville, Tenn. VIr. and Mrs... Carroll.. Johnson and baby son spent the week-end in Algona with friends. Carroll is employed by the Railway Motors Co. at Fairmont and likes his Work very much. He invited his Algona friends to come up far the fishing this summer. He Is the former manager, of the D-X station on State street. Friends here have received word that Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wrede are the parents of their first child, a daughter,' born April 14 .at the Clinic hospital at Fairmont. Mr. Wrede is in the army stationed in Virginia and Mrs. Wrede la with her parents. Mr. Wrede operated the Milady Beauty Salon in Algona before his induction. Mrs. John 'Oatighlin underwent an operation for the removal of a cataract from one of her eyes at St. Joseph's hospital in'Sioux City Monday. Last reports from her were that she was responding well to treatment. Her daughter, Mrs. Don Mertz, of Lincoln, Nebr:, is with her. • Another daughter,' Mrs. Andrew Hanson, lives In Algona. 'Tom Kruso arrived Thursday frbm Camp Chaffee,! Ark.i on a five day' furlough. H6 arid his wife, the former Betty Murtagh, 'left Friday evening for Vinton where they visited his parents and they returned here Tuesday evening'for a short visit in the parental C. B. Murfagh hbrnel Mrs, G. W. Stillman is substituting as high school English teacher for Mrs. Kruse. Mrs. Ed\v. S. Meyer and daughter, Marilyn, of Chicago, arrived Monday evening for a two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J., N. Fleming of Whittemore, and her .sister, Mrs. Craig Smith of Algona. Dr. Meyer will come Thursday, to remain over Easter in this community. Two other sisters, Joan and Ruth, will also, come from Chicago on Friday to remain here until Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Anderson.will leave May 1 for their new home on Long Lake, Wisconsin. The home is ideally located for such lovers of fishing as.the Andersons and is also completely modern and built for year 'round living. Mrs. Anderson, better known, as "Morrison," will retain ownership of her beauty shop here, with Mrs. Alice Wilkins, who has been employed there for the past nine years, as manager. An army air force communication brings word that another Algona boy has 'begun his five months 'college training prior to his appointment as an aviation cadet. He is Arthur Lundh, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Swan Lundh, and he has been sent to the University of Missouri. : He was one' of five'Algona'boys mentioned a month ago as being stationed' af Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. "David Welsbrod left on Monday after . spending .a .weekts -furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weisbrod. David the army air corps and has been stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., but is being transferred. His sister, Ruth, is a lieutenant in the, nursing corps of the army and is stationed at Camp Crowder, Mo. The brother and sister were able to visit with- each other while they were both in Missouri. ur<Jay and Sunday here with relatives and friends. 'Cpl. Kenneth Kuecker of Sheppard Field, Texas, came Saturday on a furlough to the home of his mother, Mrs. Ida Kuecker. •Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach. .' Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz and family and Mr. and Mrs. WHmer Wlchtendahl and Marlene were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scheppman, Irvington. , Mr. and Mrs. 'D. Buss and Anna of Algona were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Buss. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ohm and Mr. and Mrs- Otto Ohm, Fenton. SENECA NEWS The Seneca school will be closed on Good Friday, April 23. Mrs. Bertha Loft of Des Moines spent Saturday evening and Sunday at the Henry Looft home. Alvin Oleson, who has been enjoying a brief army furlough with home folks, left again for California early Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osborn are having their buildings wired for electricity. Bob Niesen of Ringsted is doing the wiring. Current will be furnished by, Central States Electric Co. The 'Seneca School Band, numbering about 49 members, gave their annual concert at the Seneca school Monday evening under the direction of Gerald' ,Neimeyer of Armstrong. Wanda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Oleson and Ponna Classen were confirmed at St. Pai»V» Luth^ eran church at Ringsted 7 Sunday, Pprothy Nejsop was confiwn.ed at Danish ohurejj, northeast of ngset , ', >fr. and Mrs. Martin Wlberg and family wer« Sunday dinner guests at the Fred,en borne, west of Fenton, Qt-her. guests included Mr, and Mrs, OJe Johannepen and TiJda, Mr, an^, m$. Hans Prejthus and family and * he Lawrence Pres. tl»tt»', BKBcrof^ fyt'jgb* wd l*# rence Johann^es^ns, -Lone ftocjj, and Mr. and Mr«; Hairry YaWecfe 2nd Mrs. W. J, Payne spent the . end visiting her husband in Des siip^er guests Monday 1 •tevenlng at ;he home of Mrs. Rosa Barto and MTlas Dora ; Bierstedt i Lloyd Pratt 'spent from Monday until Wednesday at StacyvUle, vhere he Was Wiring the farm of Wm. Weis, former Algona barber. Harry Phillips arrived home on Wednesday "morning from Chicago where he underwent an operation several weeks ago. He is recovering nicely, Dr. J. N. Keneflck attended the funeral of Dr. O'Toole at Eagle Grove on Saturday. Dr. O'Toolo was the Keneflck family physician for years. Miss Eleanor Norton came home Friday from St. Paul for a week of spring vacation which she will spend here with her mother, Mrs. F. S. Norton. O. R. Bennct, who is employed in Omaha, will spend the Easter week-end in Algona With Mrs. Bennet, who is employed in the Chrlg- tcnsen store. Mr. and Mrfc. Stanley Mnckey are expecting Mrs. Muckey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius ( Blinkman of Shakopee, Minn., a's their Easter guests. Mrs. Ted Vera Will leave tonight (Thursday) for Camp Roberts, Ar- karisas, 'where she will visit her husband who Is in the army and stationed there. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thaves had ,as their dinner guests Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenau of Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. Walter R6senau of Lalcota. ",\. Mr. and Mrs. Orin Spalding and son, Jim and daughter, Judy, will go to Minneapolis for the Easter week-end with Mrs. Spaldings' parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.'Hardy.. Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell expect Mrs. .McDowell's aunt, Mrs. Garnet Gunn of Iowa Falls for their Easter guest. Mrs. Gunn plans to remain irl Algona about a week. Mrs. Fred Shaffer is visiting her mother, Mra. J. O. Paxson. Mrs. Shaffer is the wife of an army major and they have closed their home at Mason City to 'enable Mrs. Shaffer to be with him. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pratt and son, Jimmy, will go to Victor, Iowa, Sunday where'they will : visit Mrs. Pratt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. McGahey. Mrs. Pratt and Jimmy will remain for a week's visit. Mrs. Jessie Dalziel left Wednesday evening for Waukegan, 111., where she will attend the funeral of her brother, Charles Thorn, who passed away Tuesday evening. The funeral ; services will be held Friday. Mrs. Henry Guderian, Mrs. Alwin Huenhold and the Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Richardson .will go to Lakota Friday evening, where Rev. Richardson will preach ; the Good Friday .sermon in the Presbyterian church there. Corp. Donald E. Willasson of the Marines has arrived; in Algona for a furlough with his parents, Mr. and,Mrs. Karl Willasson.. He has, peen stationed; in the South Sea islands. He has been m the service since April • 10, ,1941., Carl Haugen and Raymond Henry 'attended the ' Junior Chamber of Commerce convention^; at, Cedar Rapids over the week-end. > Mrs. Haugen and son spent the weekend at Albert Lea, Minni, where she visited her'grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Knuth and their five weeks old daughter, Judy spent .from Monday until Wednesday in Algona with Mrs. Knuth's parents, ; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith. Mrs. Knuth is the former Roma Smith and they live at Paulina. Mrs.. Irving Miller .returned Wednesday from Camp Wolters, Texas, where she visited her husband who is in the army stationed there. Mrs. Miller, the former Roberta Simpson, is bookkeeper at the S. & L. store and has been on a two week's vacation. Sgt. Chas. Paxson came Monday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson until April 30. He has 'been station at Portland, Ore., and expects to return there. "Chuck" is in administrative work, , handling military correspondence. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Thaves of Spencer will bring their infant daughter, Linda Lee, to Algona on Easter Sunday for baptism in the local Presbyterian church. A family dinner will follow at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hanson. Mr. Thaves is a brother of Ed Thaves and Mrs. Henry Guderlan here. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Simon have been transferred back to Algona from Chamberlain, S. D., where they moved last fall. Dale is the depot agent at Sexton again. At present they a r e visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dick Norton and they will move May 1 to the Kenneth Knudsen house on North Minnesota street. Gerald Steussy, son of Mrs. Freda Steussy of Algona, has just completed his primary flying training at the army air force training detachment at Tulare, Calif., and has gone to take basic training. Gerald was employed at the Borchardt Drug store here and afterwards attended the Des Moines College of Pharmacy. (Herbert Mathes was graduated April 5th from his boot training course at Farragut, Idaho, and will now attend a gunner's mate school, HJs, company hud the distinction of having the, highest rating in shooting of. any company wbich had graduated from JT§rragut at that time, Herbert is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs* Lyle Mathes. Rev. U O. Richardson will go to LuVerne Easter Sunday evening to conduct services in the Presbyterian church there. Rev. Richard son is moderator of the church and a congregational meeting will low in which the church will call a new pastor. Some members of the local Presbyterian chpir will accompany him to furnish music. Bin, Josephine gouthgate ex? pecta' to go to Seattle, Wash., as soon as transportation can be arranged to visit her daughter, Mrs. Don Thorp, the former Dorothy Sputhgate. She also plans to go to J^gng Beach, CJaM., to vteit another daughter, Mrs. Nicolas Furjanlck, the former Prtecilla Southgate. Mrs. Soutbgate has spent the winter here with another daughter, -Jfr». Theo. Hertwt. ' Ajerle _ ^^.^I^lW^M ,9» Tuesday, ffciff hs few? felSSC M- Algona, who has been with Merle 8ihd6' they 1 went ihtff thW service 1 and who id aTsb air electrician, lii M the sick bay with scarlet fevnr and. so the boys will be separated for the flrst time. . . , •• • Don Smith, Jr. and LcRoy Lee are employed at Bremerton, Wash., in the naval ship yards. The jobs are under Civil Service and the boys live in barracks which are supervised by the navy. Theiir patents' 'ar'e Mr; 'and Bmltb. and -Mr, 1 an'd Mra. 'ifcVfer'dtl! Lee. They report that they like .their work ivery much and that they have seen Kenneth Lynk, son 6f Mr,-and Mrs. Louis Lynk of Algdna. Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen will go to Des Moines Friday to look for living quarters. 'She and the daughter, Karen, will jbln Mr. Knudsen thet-cS about the first,of May. keaAe|H tt thought at first he would be Mat to New Yorkito-complote hid train* ing. Because of previous mechanical e^periehce the bbiWpanV dipt* th6 New Yorjt training win'Be 1 'Unnecessary arid,he will be located 1ft Des Moines for eight or nine "*4te£-* 5ta». .iSsciS&fe £4 H i > --T.t3l r/J EASTER: BASKET FOR MORE CUPS PER POUND 18K COFFEE VAC. PACKED IN PERFECT CANNING JARS DRIP OR REGULAR 1 LB. JAR ECONOMICAL 1 LB. BAG KELLOGG'S RICE KRISPIES 5'/z OZ. PKGS. 23< Join the parade, to Super Valu where you'll find a wide variety of fine qual- ^ity, rationed and non- rationed foods'for your Easter Dinne'r at Everyday low Money-Saving Prices. > SHOP < AND SAVE AT SUPER VALUI STUrr QUEEN Olives Na 2 , Me CIDER . ., Vinegar aioi. i»ui*-.l2c WHOLE UNPEELED •'•'... No. 2V, *•»« ni *twv . OEORQIA . , |j Peaches 2 Apricots 2 29N :, : if o.'.2w • oiii' 3 01. cam .. 4JIB • ,•''"/•'.' •'". • ' . <NO. 2'/,,.,' s ; r «gjji Z9 or. can ' CO6 DILL MIXED PICKLES 32 OZ. JAR KELLOGG'S KRUMBLES 2 23< IOWA WHITE CREAM STYLE CORN NO. 2 20 OZ. CAN DAIRYLAND MILK RICH EVAPORATED 3 1 sff 27* Compote OUT GREEN ; ,. . ••:, •.! !•;.' • .• 'f'1 Beans .NO. 2. IB at. on.-j 3c FANCY CUT WAX i • ' . ISKBeans , 8N «L 2(c 18K DICED '" ' "••.••• I ". Carrots NO 2 20 oz c ,n lOc 'WHOLE KtRNEL, 1/AO. PACKED ; i ill ISKCorn .,,-*«, I2c GOLDEN CREAM STYLE . . I8K Corn 2 .iS2.,';'27c 18K MIXED SALAD Vegetables 2 za » c. P . 25c PACKED IN QLA88 ' • Sauerkraut 2 *V. 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A 7 ° Z> I Ql* Molasses ^.SSc S°* TM ® a J1 Pkgs REGULAR OR IODIZED Ken-L-Bisket Rediflo Salt * ,, 7c Dog Food 2 BOX 25c DURKEE'8 j SPAN BRAND Margarine ,„. 28c Brooms »* 49c I2c 48 01. JM Z9C 18,, o.n I4C V I4c Red Cherries y, lOc 1 Ib. pkg. 5C I4c Gloss Starch im. Pk o. 5c LAUNDRY SOAP MAOIO BAKE ENRICHED BLUE BARREL B FLOUR * a - B BARS, 1. 95 Gold Nugget L?, 1, 79 Gold Medal tl. 2,45 TOILET SOAP, le SALE ' SWEETHEART* • P&G SOAP I0bais43c '.'.'•••"••••• . NABISCO . SHREDDIES PKGS. 25< Shredded Wheat"." I Ic QUICK OR REGULAR Quaker Oats 48 OZ. PKG. Algona Creamery Butter Ib, 49c Onion Plants t!;,' 2 for 25c Brown's Seeds AU Varieties 3for lOc Pilsbuiy's Flour 49 Pound Bag 2.19 Super FRUITS W Valu VEGETABLES Super mjf w «| V C MEATS FANCY APPLES FLORIDA JUICE ORANGES^' ASPARAGUS RADISHES CAUFQRNIA CARI IARGK Lbs. for 39 19 DOS!!, ILb. for ? er fie Bunch V 2 bunches for 4 for |fi- 25' (MI1OT ORANls ^ SWIFTS CIRCLE S PICNICS $& FANCY TENDER HAMS Slumk 0!P I" 1 " 1 * 3 Butt End HAMS". SPAM £j* . FANCY SLICED BACON BROKEN SLICE {> BACON V PAWPY BRANDED, BEEF RIB R 6 POINTS if 7 POINTS 36' „, | POINTS iv57 c . 5PODTB3 •"' >f '- 04c SacfcOO* •^.pTONW $I39«-' Isbsraw- It W T?4l ' >J%*i V* , j£ /,, •';';«, •?"' uj. isiiS--!. *^fb"J:''^i^^,w',J®Ai.^S:«S'*ASJi! »,Wi

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