The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1943 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 22, 1943
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•.• 7 * Good iommiinication . J - .;'--, April 22, 1943. Algbna Upper,Des Moines:' .:/'••••• , «am moved to write you about a ntitlter which disturbs me greatly. Irt^the first place, -1 write as an Individual citizens of the commun- ity'and not as a representative of the' institution which 1 serve nor ofjsany other organization. The places of business In Algona were requested Ja close on Good Friday from nodn to 2 o'clock'as they have dofte ih the past and the request was turned down. It Is strange to realize that one is a member of a community Whore once a year out of, re'spect to our Load's death places of .business DO NOT CLOSE. We may not be moved . to attend any of the several cHUrch- services held on that day, bui at least there ought to be enough respect and, reverence in our hearts to close for that little While In memory ot what th6 day Stands for. the business .places have found tittle to close other, times during the year. I weigh in the balances ofVmy mind the value of the Kossuth CoUnty Fair vs.] the Death of Our Lord! The Fair is fine and we eAjoy,' it and we did find time to close for one afternoon. 'One business man-told-me that since Good.Friday Was'a Holy Day there were always;/ tremendous crowds in town, arid the 'stores could not afford to close the doors right in their faces when business was the best. It is 'hard to .find con- slstnncy in the advertising of our merchants in" these tithes and their rtlfw 1° ?!° S< ! *°r.two h°«M-on Reading left to right-Back row, that Holy Day! In the first place Mrs. Will Weisbrod, leader: Phvl- «fla a t yman fn f reads the acW dr i la Gade,; Betty Ann Meyef, Phyllis steps Into the store is immediately Frank, Dorothy Dreyer, Betty Jean Winoi °^ ifT 8( j™? rohand . lse( ,-JA Schwartz, 'Ruth Melne, Irene Krause Places of buslhessI dp not hesitate (now Mrs. Lawrence Alt) assistant ln.;telHng us, eveh through ads-that leader. Middle row, Pauline Frank. l!??lU ? ? eM ? B ?ii,^ ee 1 ?°" g ° 6d K^ryn ' °W , Eunice Johnson, in-: the last week that shelves are Ethel Weisbrod; Phyllis Gibbons "!u if r i!k~ n<3 $ ey ]?, n< J. w v? fc I Shirl ey Frank. Front row, Lavonne !££ C ?J**:' fe? l l^J*k.»2™ 1 . Lorraine Wagner, Lorraine , UPRIL, 22, 1943 Tea Pages TO ALGONA BO Fenton Foiwaids Prove One Of Kossuth's Most Active 4-H Clubs _ . to; stock them up. What difference Willrett would two hdiirs 'closing on Good Frida^ make then, If this be true? Thenjln the other ear the govern- mient i pleads that patriotic citizens are not buying in these days ... . nothing except War Bonds and the absolute essentials needed., I cannot understand it! >. •/.•?; .Finally, I am disturbed about this! matter because Algona is hemmed in on every side by cities who, with-' out question, are of course closing, for a'.few hours on Good Friday .'.• . (they'are our neighbors and 1 Without -a doubt'will be able to "make: ends meet" this year even If they did close for two hours. :My appreciation goes out to some business men who have announced that of their own free will they will close their places of business from noon until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. This they will do even though the community as a whole will not do so this year. May others be moved to'follow! Rev. Clarence C. Richardson, , ' 503 E. State St., Algona. Active In Drives The Fenton Forwards 4-H Club, , under the able leadership for many years of, Mrs. Will Weisbrod, has always been one of the active clubs in Kossuth county. And the club has always enjoyed a good representative membership. During the recent scrap drive the club took over and made the effort In the Fenton neighborhood a highly creditable one. Then when the recent Red Cross drive was on the Forwards again' made a fine a showing in results. The above picture was taken a year ago. Since . that .time several have dropped tout because of going to college of business school and five new members have been added. They 'are Kathryn Bleckwenn, Marian Gade, Betc.v Holdc-rf, Delores Mueller, Beverly Schulte. Present Officers Second War Bond Drive Needs Speeding Up • According;. tOf reports up to Wednesday, the salg of,war bonds in* the second 1 ,war Bbrta drive will /need considerable speeding up during the.hext ten,day,jf.if .th& qiiota of $670,000 « to b'e'-m'et. While dfuthen- tic returns are not available at this time, it is estimated by those in touch .with sales overt the | county that^ aotAit'/ $200,QOO \ e^ ifar .would reach the total purchases'. With only H .. ten days to go this means that at I „"£ ,T T f° least $46,000. dollars; per ; day would ] *„"?„; „ bylpril^.^ 1 ^- 4 ^ th( ^° la £±?'*S Some Communities Lagging j frfepoirts. have ' : iljthat admp if;'the communities in " : K6ssuth are 'lagging in the drive efforts. We are told the liquor store personnel In Algona has sojd/bejttl'er than $45,000 worth already: That*is a fine step within a community. If every other community,, in the .county would meet this 'effort and iturni in a like amount of sales there woty'd'he" no question as to the complete success in: meeting, the,-county quota. Ac- cqrdlrtg toUnfertJin toUch with 'the drive throughout' the county the season is a busy one for everybody and:.then, too,.there'is no individual The present officers of the For-!- sollcitatlon bei.hg made.i N6|do'iibt wards are: Leader, Mrs. Will Weis-1 manv Prospective purchasers arc day for the purchase of bonds and we arc informed'that this suggestion is meeting with generous response. : l/p"^ 'However, the flhk'f*success of'the' drive to meet-the 4 $670,000 quota Is really up to individual citizens of Kossuth. In factj it really .is .the duty of individual citizens to buy limit without being be /emembered that War I the^sale of bonds became a matter of compulsion in many instances. It is the hope of the government' and ttte various committees, national, state and local, that such compulsion will riot be necessary during this war. But We must raise this money to successfully prosecute this war to victory and if no other way can be devised to raise the funds then some sdrt ot compulsion program will of necessity be .instituted. "The Old Spirit" The 1 . United States' Treasury issuing a "Minute Man Flag" ' 'brod; assistant leader, Ruth Dreyer; president, Kathryn Bleckwenn; vice president, Ethel Weisbrod; secretary, Marian Gade; treasurer, Beverly Schulte; reporter, Delores Mueller; historian, Dorothy Dreyer. Commahder-in-Chief •(When Saturday night liberties Wgre taken away from the soldiers at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, the btfys resented it a little, especially since they had been doing special drilling all week. Ted Vera, Algona DOy now in the ' army writes his folks, '.Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vera, about Sunday, April 18, at camp: '3Ve got up at 4:00 in the morning a^d went over to old Camp RoBin- sitoi. None of us were too interested. We just thought It was routine ojjeck-up when. all of a sudden we wre, called .to attention and up rolls a 'big.. black limousine, .wirh President Roosevelt in it! He was «jnly three feet from where I was standing forita while. G-men with machine guns had him surrounded so no," one 'nTWnild^sref any; funny Ideas, -AH ' ouc j effort t ^anA>'wojrk l n preparation -for ''the event dtdn't seem. so much hi vain then." " ' •- •' BOY SCOUT AREA PLANS CAMPS FOR SUMMER SESSIONS To Be Maintained at Port Dodge, Storm Lake and Okoboji; Five Troops to Camp Each Week Plans" for summer camps for the Prairie Gold _ Boy Scout area ar.e cdn^plei'ei'TnMe \Williyb&'cam5in^ " ,Ted ' received a .. niedal .. awarded fop expert 'marksmanship in a, test -in which he hit 200 out Qf. a-po,ssible 220, There w6re 3,400 ' soldiers {'participating in the test and sfac.'Of'the group .were granted medajs. ;. Lt. Col. G. G. Naudain Now Stationed in East 'Following six months' service on the staff of the 91st Division at Ownp WhJJe, p^gon,- Ot' CoJ. ;G. Q, Naudairt Ijaa»nsf erred tp JBdgewood Arsenal, 'Maryland, He la,; in the city this week spending a (pi dtiys' furlough with (ila motn, Mjs. W. E. Naudain and his her, V. V. Nnudfdn, And fri«mds. wife is visiting with Tier rela- 4ftves:at Sioux City... Lt, Col, Nau- <Jaln is a native of Algona, a grad- V(ate of the local high school and q$ Ames. The -past seventeen yqars he has been professor of chemistry at Winthrop College, Hill. S. CV. 4 e I* ft lso a vet- of World ww.Ha.--4. " sessions at" Fort Dddgerstorm LaKe and at Walther League on West Okoboji. Plans are for five scout troops to camp from Monday until Saturday of each week. Scout masters and troop leaders are encouraged to come with the boys. Charges for the week if registered before May 1 will be $8.50, before May 15, $9.50 and by J.upe 1, $10.00. These prides include 'food, all camp- services and at Okoboji, boats. If 50% of the scouts in a troop attend the tfoop leaders ^get the .week at camp free. New Mexico Camp Another camp for", senior scouts to be held during the month of August should, interest many scouts in this area. The boy must be over fifteen -to attend. It-is h'eld at the Pjiilmont .r^ncfc near CJramarron, New; '-Mexico, the' 'plan for this year's ' session is ' unique in the camp'9 higtpry. The boys are to go to the • ranch and work for two weeks picking apples, irrigation, on Jhe sheep, Ahorse or. cattle ranges, etc. This two week period of work pays the expenses of the next two weeks of, camp llfe,"-The camp also pays 75% of the scouts' transportation to New Mexico! making the .entire month cost about .$12.00 to scouts In* this vicinity. Eight boys from this area: have already made application, • •. . -' v Gift to Boy Scouts The original ranch of 37,000 acres was given, to the boy scouts in 1938 Nine Years Old, She Bought a Bond The little lady just about reached to the top of the counter in the Algona liquor .store. In one hand she had some bills. A 'friend asked her if she had a book and was she buying wine today? The little lady was.-very definite in her answer with "No sirree, I don't want to buy anything to,drink, and especially, not wine." The friend continued, "Then what's the 'money for you got in,your^hand?" And th»n Jher Jady--stretched as high, as she could and placed the bills on the counter with "I'd like to buy a war bond, mister." The clerk hauled out his blanks and'pen and ink and started to comply with the lady's patriotic request. She Is Nine Yearte Old This patriotic young lady who is thus helping to beat the Axis w.-is Maxine Gibson, 9, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Gibson, 318 E. Call, city. She attends Bryant school and is in third grade. She was surely serious about her investment with the United "States government and when a U!DM representative asked her why she was buying the bond she .answered "Because that' will help win-the war." Right, Maxine, and more power to you. waiting until the busy work of the season • ip more or less under control, with the: intention to 'take up the bond buying a bit later. ' : Algona Merchants to Kick In Merchants in Algona are planning on making the final day, April 30, a bi-g push day in sales. Following a survey by the Chamber,of Commerce it develops lhat a large number of Algona's-business- men intend to turn over the gross Sales on that day to the purchase of bonds. This is surely a fine gesture and no doubt wjll "hep' up the bond sales very satisfactorily. The Chamber has contacted every merchant in the county with a request that they, too, use-the gross sales on that is „ to 'corporations, institutions, business concerns, etc., which maintain over 90% of -employees -participating in the 10%' pay deduction for the purchase-of bonds. This system is! 'meeting with good success, and thousands of flags are being, issued 1 to all parts of the country..In Algona two concerns have been warded .the "Minute Man Flag They are the .Northwestern Be Telephone Co. and Swift & Co. I the case of the telephone Employee they, have signed up 90%; with 11? pay .deduction, (While Swift & Cc has a\ 100% ; .sign-up with the 10? deduction. There are many othe employees in the city who are kick ing in their 10% toward 'bond, pur chases weekly but these are th only twp concerns which have sign ed ua their employees 'sufficientl to receive the flag award. "They Give Their Lives—Yo Loan Your Dollars." KENNETH DTJRANT VOL. 72-NO. Vi SILVER STAR TO KENNETH DURANTj JAP WAR ¥ICnM United States Sfpy Hold! High Praise f<f Galla^l try of Algona.Boy Duff ing Gultdalcari|l Actioj| The Silver Star,medal has beisft awarded X po8thumoilsly., to KennejH W. Durant, son of Mr. and MS,' Sol Durant, Algona, pharmaciJt i mate.third class, for the 'gallant! ', with which he gave his life'^n cffl£ ing for marine wounded at GuadiS- canal last year, the navy deparl [t ment announced today. ; ••'.< If iKenneth was 24 years old. W had enlisted in the navy In* Ju 1940. He was killed in action November 3, 1942. The Citation - ..,. The citation .which the award reads: Algona Nurse Cited* For Bravery During Japanese Air Attack ALGONA FIRE CO. HAS! BUSY DAY Mary Kain, daughter Mrs. John Kain, of Plum Creek, town- The firemen had a 'busy day ship, is one of five civilian nurses Wednesday. First they were called who have just received letters of to;'the G, C. Barton home a few) commendation from Rear Admiral minutes after 7:00 in the morning i Louis E. Denfield, U. S: N. assist- to extinguish a small fire, which did little damage. 'During the noon hour they were ant chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington, D. C., for called ,out about 12:20 to bring .4- Un.3 I her bravery upon the occasion of the first Japanese air attack on JUSTICE COURT GIVES JOHN LOSS 10 DAYS IN JAIL (Following Information filed bj Chief of police Art Moulds, Johr Loss, city, was brought before Jus tlce Delia Welter's court Tuesday evening and pleaded guilty to the charge,of contributing to the de Inquenqy' for a minor. Because o his pleading guilty to the chargi no evidence was presented and'hi was glyen thirty days in the county jail, iwith a suspension of twent: days 'by:. Justice Welter. ,, The camp was rs^ and then" an- , by WftHe Phjlljps .operated two yea^ other gift of • 90,000 acres Including the original home, a 27 room ranch -house, the daughter's home, a cattle, sheep and horse ranch and an office building in Tulsa for incpme purposes were added to the glfi, jt is located in the Santa Christ} •mountain range. .' ''•••$.:'•' Elsdn Fischer, Prairie'Qold Scout Executive; has attended the camp under control a weed fire that had the American naval base at Dutc started near the west trestle on the Harbor, Alaska, last year. Milwaukee'railroad. The fire burn-) Without regard to their persona ed quite a patch and several telegraph poles. The third alarm oame in the . ....... JJ.07H 91 . 2 yellow soybeans ...... ....... 1.66 SOQS hutchera, J80-«00 g 4^14270-890 king sows, «60-4flO and reports it a very experience for any scout. He hopes that many , of. -the scouts within his area yrfhj b> f^ble to. inke ad, vantage pf the pamp in New Mexi ico this summer. Shouldn't Give This Calf More Rop* }t night following the explosion at the Algona Cooperative Creamery, which is reported ' elsewhere. , AUGUST ROSENAU, 76,|ASSESIN HOME safety, the five, nurses gave aid t the military and civilian wounde at first aid stations in open areas exposed to the bombing attack, an assisted the surgeons • in . perform ing operations. Because of thei help the suffering of the wounde was alleviated, and the number o casualties was .held tp a minimum In his letter,; Rear. Admiral <De»i field praised the nurses for the! heroic conduct under trying condi tions and expressed the gratitud of his Buree/ij; for* their' lie, took a calf to the sales pavilion Had Been A Resident In' Kossuth for, |fore Than Years; Pf Algona Years —AwguaVy Rosenau,' w ho passed away iAprlJ'43th at Algona ~" Mus- Mrs. John where n . e * r boy , to KosSi they settled on a now Lakota eteers e»J calves ...... in the trailer deliberately jumped out ^ear the Mr. Rosenau, if age, bad >bee tot many checked eggs ...... . ..... :.28c OASHOTEA^I One member for KENNETH BRAYTON RECEIVES BURNS IN OIL EXPLOSION While working «}n the 5 -oU&urB<u under one of the boilers in the Al- pffwory this (Thursday) about 2i30, seen the hot bricks formed. a, .„— ,,^,^ exploded'iii the face and breast of Kenneth^ Bray ton and seared the *"iCj"" ~ _ _ « • . RITES FOR BEN FELT, WESLEY, HELD IN FLORIDA The death of B. F. Felt, former well known Wesley merchant, was reported earlier to the week, taut obituary details were not receivec until later. •Benjamin Franklin Felt was born September -18. 1858, in Portland, Iowa, the eldest child of Alonzo Sidney arid' Mary Louise Whitaker Felt. With five brothers and three sisters he grew up on the Portland stock farm which- his father owned. He was married March 1, 1883 to Nellie May Coggin, and for a time they lived in Wheatland, N. D., lateY returning to Portland, where for many years he operated the Portland Roller Mills. He then purchased a store at Wesley which he operated for 32 years, retiring from active business in 1928. >. Spent Winters In Florida Since that tinje he and Mrs. Felt have spent the winter months with their daughter, Mrs. Nina Ranck, at Rockledge, Florida, where be bo- came interested Jn the citrus industry and aequired>extensive grove foldings. : •I;'.:;*] ;,/ ?5 •.';;>. ,j •. Felt passefl away St? , „ of Mrs. Ranck en Tuesday, April' 13 Fiperal services were Jjejd Tljurs day afternoon a^he Koon ff« 3hapel v with t^e,;,Bev.\ W- B; ard, pastor ol'aiJje jljurch at Cocoa' Beat 9$r. A- W.'Bideo«t, ;; pastor-of*U. Rockledge Presbyterian church, in change. / ffhe remains wf$n$fao«.d in a re oe|ving vault following the services and will later be brought to Wesley "or interment, Widow. DRIVE CONTINUES IN COUNTYINTEREST Reports Still Coming-in From Various Activities Thruout JKossuth; 4-H Girls ^Working n Continued -interest in the Red Cross Drive continues; all 'over 'the county and reports are' still coming in from various activities which have heretofore not been reported. From Chairman Mrs. W, J. Weisbrod :of Fehton> comes a donation of $17.02 from a collection taken up at a music recital given in- the Opera House of Fenton under the I direction ol Miss Dunn, .music teacher. Mrs, Weis brod writes that the collection was in charge of her • 4-H- -.girls, who are working hard 1 for 1 the success of the Red Cross. Belated reports are in from other theatres, throughout the county. Titonka reports a total of. $6i.43 taken in at the motion picture theatre, while the theatre at Swsa City contributed $51.00 and • Jne theatre at Bancroft, $12.00. ;All"this is ln ; ' addition to the full report given -by County Chairman M. H. Falkenhainer. last ,w^ek. / , , • Interest in the Red ;6ross-Drive is evident all over Kossuth County'. It speaks well for the interest that our folks have,-in .the war i eft'orl< i We are just, beginning., this : bija^ ness of "giving' 1 but Kossuth ' is producing bumper crops and part >f the proceeds shall and must go into the war effort if we are^ to res ieve suffering}of our own boys'ial the'fighting" fronts;- '•••'••"" ' l ' Miss Schultz to Give ' Twelve Canning Demonstrations, May Miss Helen Comfort, vocational homemaking instructor in the Algona public schopls, will accompany Miss Alma Schultz, county home econoriiist, to a canning demonstration.' at Mason;' City on: Thursday, April 20) Mis* ;Fr^nces He'ttler, state extension nutritionist, will present- the new "facts on canning with pressure L cookers .and water baths and.' preparing vfriiits '»and vegetables -for refrigerator lockers. With the help, of the city O V C. D, block leader ' "chairman,',.Miss 1 Schultz is arranging for 12 canning demonstrations to be given during the month.of May. Watch for definite announcements as to date and place. Robert Combs Now ' »••*• ."• *« rm- -*••-. t.' -, dot's Wings BANKERS MEET The Kossuth County Bankers Association met Tuesday evening at the Hotel Algona. Dinner was served, following which a general discussion regarding the second war bond drive was had. Guadacanal. During a marine;] offensive the Matnnlkaii" area, Durant, with courageou. .<• devotion to ;duty in scaring fo£; 'the wounded, worked hi& way* forward with the assault ele*j ments despite , tremendous .hos-? tile^ fire. After ij: he had|ad| ministered aid 1 to^ numerous in-i jured personnel, -he halted at the command,-post In; utter, haustion until? ; a mkrinie;! tally wounded about' iUS Varoai to the ,front,__ called .for^a. hosjj ' pital corpsniah; .TjnHjB^ifatingljK; r rushed 'forward ih 1 thejiiftce of;!' machine ; gun kn]d ! ,:snijRer firtfl' and was ; -killed 'befdref^a^chin^ ' / the,stricken man. rvHe'g^Ilantlyl gave up-His life'in the,iServicfi of his . country,"',' •, ' ; ' : ^f:^§. ; A ' . 'A salute will' be ..giyen ,'fbr; Ke^- neth Durant on the rj'parade %f Features" program at 8:45 -Satift- day evening over stations WTMC3V Waterloo, KRNT Des Moines, KMA Shenandoah, WMAX Sioux City : | 4-H MEETINGS ME COUNTY SCHOOI5 ; Miss AUria Schultz, ofavnty homo economist, has arranged for nina 4-H meetings to be held In th'$ high sd^ools throughout tHe count ty during the next two weeks. Misa -Schultz will explain to th^ gfccJs the 4-H organization and' ho^ir th"^ can contribute a 4-H member J,to the war effort. ^ *•• JMeetSn^a haYe^been's^hediJe the Grant Consolidated "and Sw^ a City public schools for Wedi esdM», April 21; Titonka, Thursday, ApHl 22;, ^urt'' and Bs^nproft pubffo schools,.Monday;''ApriF26; 'Lisdyf d and Lakota schools, Tuesday{ An: H 27; Lone Rock, Wednesday,* ABB! 28, and LuVerne, Friday,. April«,». No date has been madias y«t Mr the Fenton and • 'the' Whittemp « schools. „ Ration Time Table April 25 Red "E" meat stamps become /alid. Expiration date to be announced. Wholesalers' and retail- rs' allowable inventories of meats, ats and oils, - canned fish, and heese to be based oh 'sales in x>ints during this week. April 30 Red "A", "B", "C". find "D" meat tamps expire at midnight. < Blue •D", "E" and "F" stamps for pro- essed foods expire at midnight. 'rrfmary distributors, including pro- essors, begin .filing their first, re- orts of meat ; rationing operations or period beginning March 29. May (Blue "G", '«"'. and «J" stamp for processea, fpfa^S Ijefcomq vaU< After taking the highly technical I course, in'flying which the army 1 air corps demands all of its pilots j to have completed, Robert Combs,' son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Combs, living six miles south of Algqna, i has graduated and received a lieutenant's commission along with his 'pilpt wings. He has been in the service since 1940 and spent a year in basic training at Camp Claibourne. He was graduated from 1 the army air school at Mari-, •anna, Florida, the last of February and came home to spend a week wfth his parents 'and friends the first of March. Robert is now a fijll-fledged pilot .and flier in service of/Uncle Sam. ijon.moNKA, WAS HIGH MAN IN SINGLES CLASSIC PRESS WOMEN 1 ' MAKE PLANS FOR NAT'L Genevieve Sterling and Jttaj Corey spent the week-end Jn p n Moines attending the, spring mew- Ing of the Iowa PresSiWomejn. T»e group is making preparations^ o entertain the Nations,! .FederatI n of Press Women at a oonfereij e in Des Moines in June. Attend! s the recent meeting were Mrs J He n Miller Malloch, national preside: L of Chipago.'an.^jMrs,';^dwlni '. Abels of Lawrence, Kansas, w o was president of the Kansas PrSa Women last year when that grfi p entertained the national conw i. -tion. Both women addressed i e ^ P. W, Mrs. Abel's husband, w e» is president of the National Et » torial Ass'n., was one.of the pr the r Recreation Alleys he -•~i!f»js "«= r *vc«i4ottnvu Alleys nere Sunday afternoon^ O. E5. Hott car , Retailers and wholesales take pom inventory of meats, etc, at close o hon^orsi with 772 pins business. Copies of menus, Mils o ^ in the three lines, and the high in dividual line 'with" 243. Second 'place - " ---- '" " • '—"- lopper, wife o fare and prjce. lists during tyeek nt Anvil, 'A-in 'l«»T;VoI.,«i JP..Ii .f-i. of April .'4JQ who, was a gueatFat" went to. Weslej? filed with local rationing boards b this date by proprietors fo all eat ing and drinking?-establishments. RetaiiJr^^ eMended an inv«weon Barry, Jr-, eq 742, Chan 731 pins and took fourth were 23 entries. cheon In observance of the bond drive was tfte war stamp /ormall,- owned an4 v by Tounkers. Th 7?f pins, alien in War Ratton No. l, good for one pair expires. Stamp may be members of a tdre taspectiojj for •

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