The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1943 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
Page 6
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I*' P*V !•?" 'X' r ,'S"" r ^'^ili^^l < 'l"^ -'Vmtffr *\ -.» ' ', » M,^ ? V « | *fV.i!itf,.^.,._.-L..^Lt_£,'.--'^ -. jl^Sjj^i^ll^llJI^^^ fjt,. §lpn a ®ppcr 2le* Jltoint* e North Dodge Street J, W. HAGGARD & R. B. WALLER, Publisher* Batftred AS Second Class Matter at the Postoftice at Alirona Iowa, under Act of Congress Of March 8, 1879 ' tMued Weekly NATIONAL EDITORIAL*. SSOCIATIN ttocond Place, General Excellence, Iowa Prow, 1*40 First Place Award Winner, 1033, Iowa's Most Outstanding; Weekly, Judged by State University of Iowa A recent survey by Ufa Gallup people showed thnt if Roosevelt Is not 6 candidate He'nfy WftHaC6 (( noW vice president, is favored for th« 4 democratic nbmt* nation by 57% of the democrats. Trailing Waltef-6 were McNutt with 28%, Byrnes 16%, and Douglas 21%. In our opinion 'President Roosevelt will almest surely be the nominee of the democrats If the Wftf continues, notwithstanding: the fact that he had alienated the middle west,and th6 south in the past few years. We think that' Henry Wallace would be' a weak candidate for the democrats to' nominate Henry Is a high-minded gentleman, but has beautiful Visions of a perfect post war world, that some times sounds childish In these stirring days. What is wanted down at Washington just now Is,a hardheaded business man whose mind has been cleared ,of all dreams and who will deal with world affairs in a practical manner. Someone like Jim Farley, Wendell Willkie, or even old Jack Garner. Senator Gillette would also make a fine chief executive. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO.: One Year, In advance $2.00 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year $3.00 SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance $2.50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance In combination, per year $4.60 By the month 25c ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per Inch SCc Want Ads, payable In advance, word 2c, "For we have learned that liberty, freedom and democracy are not inherited. We know that a country cannot fight to win them once and stop. We learned the hard way that liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes awarded only to those people who fight to win them and then fight eternally to hold them." —Sergeant Alvin "Sork, 1918 Gillette For President Now that it is becoming more and more likely that President Roosevelt Is being groomed as a candidate for a fourth term in the 1944 election, the names of other democrats are frequently mentioned by democrats who do not fancy a fourth term for any president, and also by the many democrats who are antagonistic to the president, of which there are a constantly growing number. Senator Guy Gillette of Iowa, who has stated that he would not accept another term as senator, is generally acknowledged by democrats as well as republicans as a man who would flll the presidential office very satisfactorily to both democrats and republicans. Senator Gillette is rated a good democrat but IN no New Dealer, and in fact it was attempted to read him out of the party .by President Roosevelt, when he refused to sanction Roosevelt's court packing scheme some years ago. He is honest and able and is really above party lines. We have heard no republicans criticizing his senatorial record. He has always used his efforts in behalf of his Iowa constituents and the middle west. For the past year he has been making a valiant fight for the establishment of corn alcohol plants for the manufacture of synthetic rubber. It now looks as though his long fight has not been in vain. — Rationing Begins March 29th EDITORIAL COMMENT By J. W. Haggard The War Time Newspaper The Algona Upper Des Moines is running with a reduced force in the mechanical department as well ns in the business office and find it necessary if we are to continue in business to ask our advertisers and correspondents for their indulgence and cooperation. Five of our employees in the mechanical department have joined up with the armed forces, besides one of the publishers. However, we hope to continue in keeping up the standard established during 77 years of continuous publication. Correspondents are now asked to have their letters in this office not later than Tuesday and sooner if convenient. Of course a murder or something sensational may be handled at the last minute and the telephone should be used in such cases. All display advertisements requiring composition should . be in the office not later than Wednesday noon for the Thursday noon paper. The sooner these ads are in the better attention they will get. Church notices and like stuff must be in early to insure publication. Want and classified ads will take long chances after Wednesday noon. We feel sure that everyone •will recognize the situation and help us out by their cooperation. Algona and Iowa folks generally who may be complaining that the rationing of meat, butter and other eatables will be a real hardship when it goes into effect on March 29th, should live on the west coast where it has been found impossible to get meat and butter in the San Francisco bay district to meet the amount of the allowed ration of two and a half pounds of meat and a quarter of a pound of butter per week. On account of price ceilings allowing stock raisers so''small a margin of profit little stock is being butchered. It is estimated that residents of the San Francisco bay area will be lucky if they are able to buy more than a pound and one-eighth of meat per person and a very small amount of butter. During January and February California folks were able to buy only one-' eighth of a pound of butter a week and In some localities only one-eleventh of a pound during recent weeks. On the west coast it is said that many wholesale houses have closed on account of the uncertain prices and the many restrictions. Or ts this just a big noise made by the meat dealers and dairy get the OPA to raise the price ceiUngs? People generally, we think, are trying to take the rationing of food cheerfully, but at best it is a rather ticklish job. Idle Presidential Talk The air is full of conjectures as to whether President Roosevelt will seek a fourth term, but of It is idle to talk about this at present, as any day .may make a complete change in the war situation on which the fourth term candidacy is predicated. Subscriber For Fifty Years Mr. H. E. Miner, well known Algona man, remarked Tuesday while pay-ins his subscription, that he had taken the Upper Des Moines for the past fifty years, first subscribing in 1894, before the consolidation of the Upper Des Moines and the Republican. And we might remark that Mr. Miner has always paid for his paper in advance. Tills paper has many old friends who have taken the paper for many years and it is needless to say that we value their continued support and friendship. How to keep an Gar Healthy Watch out for these symptoms: If your motor gasps, grunts, pants, and puffs ... if it seems to be developing hardening of the arteries ... if it tires easily, and chews up gas and oil without digesting them... do something, quick! Chances are that you have made the mistake of chinking that because you use your cir less, it needs less care. So drive to your nearest 66 Service Station. Tell the friendly Phillips man that you want his Care-Vor-Yiiiir-Ciir-For- Yoiir-Cuunti-j service. And what a going- over your car will get! 1. Car-conserving lubrication of every moving part, including differential and transmission. 2. Oil change, it necessary. 3. Cleaning and re-setting of spark plugs. 4. Battery check-up. 5. Cooling system inspection; 6. Tire check-up. If your car does noc need all of chese services, the Phillips man will frankly cell you so. He's the doctor. Just be sure to take your car to him regularly . . . every two months at least. Remember, you are always welcome at the Orange and Black 66 Shield, whether you buy one coupon's worth of famous Phillips 66 Gasoline or merely want water or air. FOR VICTORY...Buy U.S. War Savings Bonds and Stamps — HOUBS OF SERVICE.— To Conform with Pet. Order No. 5 Mow., Tues., Wed., Thure., Fri 7:30 a.m.-6:SO p.m. Saturday 9; 0° a.m.-9:00 p.m. Sunday 9:*0 a.m.-^.:00 p.m. AMENDED ORDER NO. 63 PROHIBirrS US FROM GIVING CREDIT TO ALL HOLDERS OF A, B AND O CARDS AUTHORIZED O. P. A. TIRE INSPECTION STATION HARMS SUPER SERVICE STATION State and Phillips Ste. Harm* Oil Co., Distributors Phone 74 — Algona, Iowa Waiter Steven, Attendant Frank Hald*ona.n, Agent RAVIHOS kV RttSt A Litif* *f fMi -• A LiHlt of That •• 1 Not Much of Anythlna ' I've found out that E. 3. V&nNess has got the best system for taking care of the hole in the/ doughnut when he dunks it, and he says he saves , the-hole and feeds It to the dog. Now there's an Idea and it don't seem to hurt; the dog none, I'm going to get a dog and that'll take care of the hole In the doughnut situation at our house. I've been hanging the doughnut holes on a peg in the closet rather <n get sick eating 'em but the Mrs; says she's tired of having the closet all cluttered up with doughnut crumbs. —o— About the flf^t of next month we're moving off Main street after having lived In a nice apartment all winter and didn't have ho walks to shovel and we're moving to an acreage and It's right across from the Academy and the Mrs. says it's time we moved close to a school because on account of It wouldn't hurt my mentality to get a bit of learning and which t guess I need. And then there Is a lot of pasture around the house and maybe I can arrange to rent that out for a couple of cows and maybe I can put ;he acreage to hay and sell a couple of loads of hay off it, anything so I won't have to borrow a lawn mower to push all over the place next summer. Then there's the garden, looks like a couple of acres, and we can plant that to beans and carrots and can 'em and Gene Hood ives just across the alley from us and he says 1 can borrow his farm- ng tools but he didn't say he was joing to do any of the hoeing. There's a porch on the house and I'm extending an Invitation to our riends to come out and see us and :hey can sit on the porch and let ;hei-r feet hang over b^it bring your rationing points with you, in case you don't have any ducks to bring. Found another Dane in this town and he's been here all along and t's "Tony" iDidriksen and he's a Drinter, and, like me, another Dane, le's a good one because on account ;hat's one thing we Danes are— jood at whatever we undertake, but Tony admitted he couldn't sing so good and he wasn't so hot for sing- ng in the Dane quartet and maybe Duane wouldn't want him to put in a lot of time practicing in the Advance office unless he practiced in Snglish and then there's Martin Didriksen and Soren Didriksen and :hey're Danes, too, but I don't know whether they can sing so good or not but they aren't printers either of them which is smart for them mt now whenever "Tony"' comes over to the UDM shop he and I >alaver in Dane and it makes Earl prague half mad at us because on account of he can't understand Dane palaver. In the post office the other day I thought I'd got in the wrong hatchery because on account of there were a lot of little chicks and they were peeping away and sounded just like the Cotton Hatchery at Lone Rock, there must have been a million of 'em and Wade Sullivan says he's going to have the boys take care of the hatchery business and Harold Lamprlght is to see to the water for the chicks and Don Smith is to take care of the feeding of 'em and Halbert Long will regulate their peeping when they get too loud and when I found out it was the post office and not a hatchery I dug up and bought a three cent stamp and it wasn't a hatchery after all. —o— This last week Hank Furst cut my hair, not because it needed it because on account of. it's still winter but the Mrs. insisted she wasn't going to tie it up with ribbon and there was John Storms and he had his hair cut and (Hank said John was almost as good looking as Clark Gable and so John and I ore putting on a contest, sort of beauty contest, like Norman Rice and Jimmie Murtagh had one time, and Hank said why didn't I let him work on my physiognomy and make me pretty and then have my picture printed In "Life" magftMhe and get a thousand bucks for that and I give him half aftd he'd give me back the 50o If of 1 making me pretty. There's an Idea and maybe I could get John Storms to go along and we'd get 2,000 tucks and split 'eni among ourselves. •- '.. '• —n—> This Is to notify the citizens of Algona that I intend to run for mayor In next week's election. I'd run for the council Irt my ward but 1 want to give everybody a chance In other wards to yo,te for me so It's mayor I'm running for. Besides there's more money in It because on account of some times folks get tight and then they're haled to the mayor's court and the mayor gets some of the costs and a councilman never gets in on that and anyway the mayor is the boss of the councilmen and I like to be the' bosa. I urge voters In Algona to vote 'for me for mayor, I promise 'eni anything and everything that goes with good mayoring which I pan give 'em because on account of I'm plenty smart. Fred Timm had a notion to run for mayor but he Withdrew in my favor. I had to buy the coffee for Chas. LaBarre to keep him out of the race and Harold Golmore had me guessing a few days before he decided to stay out of the race and it's a cinch I wouldn't have much chance with that bunch running against me. Frank Kohlhaas says he welcomes my entry into the contest .because on account of he says Gene Sehemel is going to vote for him and that would kill the vote-my Mrs. would give me. Nevertheless I'm in the race, folks. I solicit your vote next Monday. Maybe I can arrange to make it worth your while, too. Contact my manager, Bob James. " ' Ernest Peterson made me a proposition the other day and said if I'd buy an ebelskyv pan he'd have his Mrs. show me how to mix 'em, and he'd furnish the ingredients and I could bake ebleskywer to my heart's content..And there's an idea but it's fine of Ernest to make the proposition but he says he's one Dane who doesn't intend to . sing for me or anyone else because on account of he is saving his strength and wind for bowling and which he's plenty good at. But he also likes ebelskyvver and says they give him as much muscle for bowling as spinach gives Popeye for battling. I'm going out to Ernest's place one of these days and eat with him and I'll devour as many ebelskyvver as he does at the one sitting, so to speak. Mike Doyle of neai< dttosen was | in the other day and he tells me 1 that Doyle is not a Swedish name nor Norwegian either but that it's Irish and that don't mean shanty Irish either and I'm for him because on account of he is as proud of being Irish as I am of being Dane and that's going some. , —o— "Fuzzy" Robinault has got the slickest pair of glasses made of glass and a 'bright red celluloid frame which matches his complexion and they are the kind a guy can flip off his snoot and throw 'em out the door and they don't break and now if I can get a pah- like that I won't have to worry about somebody holding my glasses while I have an. argument with some guy who might want to commit mayhem on me and I can fix up a black eye for a couple of bucks but my glasses cost me 22 bucks, hence I'm going to get some specs like .Fuzz/s though they may not be so loud In color, so to speak. And Luke Killion, he's the gentleman from Carroll county who knows the same banker that I know, 'but we don't owe the bank anything, he says if he could get some green one she!d make an Investment for new specs, too. iL , . J am iUftwllling Jhat tHt ttttbt from Memphis,* Q&s. ti. Biaokfofd, fS a rattIesWftke,and one roblh as eVldeH66 dfu$fbg'» approach be taken, a« g*eat-stuff. On Mrs. Walker's feeding trough fdr, birds, even before this Mareh zero stunt; • we have seen biue<-jays, red headed -and downy woodpeckers, the tiny nuthatch) one robin and moat glorious In pliimage of all, Madame and Mr. Cardinal. As ;tho cardinal was caught carrying food to his consort I imaglne\th*y wei-e newly-weds. \Telllng Willis of the state park about this I think he became jealousi for the next morning a big-eyed owl was roosting nearby, Which he had sent up'to scare fluf winter visitors away. But t think he should be contented with a bald-1 headed eagle that came to his camp recently, iWhen Mr. Blackford comes back with another boast I'll put In for good measure that JL dtjj&frut ifrSfratfK&jfe&t ^&^&a^ ^HaflSfa * feliL B oown atftriin jv nraopta flown In* W tnt yafd flt StttSfrTOS tlfitSurltoy' Of tnftl detail* nvvftftnttf f6f By (He Mfi, Who lake* time off ff&m tNtlftuUF JK^iltft* lilM^KMHtt' £jfr titttft&te Kmiung navy Bweatera xto waicn the-e&fdlnftl Hftsh dbWn for foKftK* tufa , Alvlri BakkeH of Bode : had (he have 'three 1 Wesson his right foot broken when a staVa he w&s moving fell 6n them. He is able to be about with the aid of crutches. ildy house CLEANSER 3*Way Farther Yw'll t«v* tht TALL OVAL, _ •oiy«to'li6ld eas. AT ALL BETTER GROCERS ott MORfi rtlottt K6Wf Get'the moitey you need through 1k Store bills, doctor W1U, in* 'mirrfrtce, taxes, buy clothes, feed , and" livestock — easy' monthly payments. Special plait f.or the farmers. Confidential. l L. S. Bohannon PhoftelO* ' JL West Bend Vicinity News Items 'Sam Dunnn la moving to Nebraska to do defense work. Theo. Zaugg recently returned home from Excelsior Springs, Mo. Mrs. Prank Mikes and children were Algona visitors Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Christensen spent Sunday at the John Harris" home near Hardy. Mrs. Donald Blair of Hardy is visiting at the home of'Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Blair. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller and family spent Sunday with Mr. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Miller. Mrs. Myron Boos and Mrs. Richard deal went to Mankato, Minn., to attend the funeral of a relativa Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Perkins and Mrs. Gust Hagestrom returned to their home at Weiser, Idaho, after a visit with Mrs. Perkins' brothers. Pvt. Morris Montag, who is going to a radio school at Kansas City, Mo., spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and'Mrs. Joe Montag. Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Luebbers of Mondamin, Iowa, and Mrs. McNary of West Des Moines were visitors at the Joe Dorwefler home Tuesday. ' iFrof. Stephen B. WlHams, head of the fine arts department at Culver-Stockton, Canton, Mo., spent the week-end at the home of his mother, Mrs. T..W. Williams. ' Mrs. Donald Kuecker was taken to the Lutheran hospital. Ft. Dodge, Thursday suffering from an attack of appendicitis. Mrs. Kuecker was operated on Thursday night. Her husband, who is in the air corps stationed in Texas, has 'been called home. Mrs. Kuecker is in a very serious condition. Conrad Kelson, who has been assistant buttermaker at the creamery the past year or more, has resigned to take effect the first cf April. He has secured the position of manager o;.' the creamery at Kensett, north of Mason City. Mr. Schrendt of Staceyville has been secured to take his place. The Garfield Hustlers met at toe home of Jo Ann and Bar! Balgeman on Monday evening, March 15. Earl B^jlgemau gave a talk about hog brooders. Gus Birninghaus gave a talk on choosing a dairy calf. He also gave a report on Victory Garden plans. After the meeting a lunch was served by the Balgeman family. While doing some work near the parsonage Tuesday, Rev. P. M, Dobberstein attempted to pick up something and the strong wind hit him in such a manner as to throw him to the ground, nis head struck a rock and a severe gash was cut over his right eye. Luckily his glasses wer&>not broken. The wound was dressed and he is able to be about, ST. JOE NEWS Leo Frideres of Algona is attending t,o the farm duties for John and Norbert Prideres. Marcella Thilgeu Is attending to the household duties at the Clarence Thilges home. Norbert Frideres underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital in Algona Saturday morning. ^ Eleanor Bormann of Des Moines spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Nick Bormann and other relatives and friends here, The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thul was baptized Gladys Bertha Sunday by Father George Theobald. Sponsors were Mrs. Peter Becker and Joseph Becker, Jr. Mrs. Thul and baby daughter came home Saturday from St, Joseph's Mercy hospital, Fort ; Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thilges are the parents of a son born on Thursday, March 18. Mrs. John Thilges, of West Bend, is caring for mother and baby. There are now two girls and two boys in the Thilges family. The infant was baptized Duane Loren Sunday^ by Father Theobold. Sponsors were Fediiis Thilges and Loren Schale, Souvenir Mrs. Charles Wittmaack of Ida Grove received two pairs of African sandals from her husband, Sgt Wittmaack, stationed in Africa. The sandals are similar to those worn by the natives of Africa, SALAD DRESSING Tffl 1 31< KEUOGG'S CRISP Corn Flakes 11 OZ. PKG. 8< KELLOGG'S Rice Krispies 2 5V20Z. *%^f PKGS. 4£O OXYDOL I WAX-RITE • FLOOR WAX I PINT CA OAMPMLLI < Tomato Juice atonal* Peaches' 2 PEAR Compote N ,°..',ru n aRANDMA'ft Molasses GRANDMA'S Molasses TRU VU CELLO PACK Pecans TRU VU CELLO PACK Walnuts POST Bran Flakes •...P* PostToasties "*?* 6 4§ MT 1 Ib. Mllo 4< r 23c 29c 23c PI.* 23e qt. Jar 39C • 01. ptg. 03C N o.*.too..e. n ,o IP » 0 4lc . fle 8c No. 20 Ot. 12 os. o«n MARY STEVENS CAKE FLOUR "LEWIS LYE PKG B : ^£3^ 3 cans 25c DAIRYLAND EVAPORATED jk •• . MILK, 3 MV* 9T 1 CANS LI SUN RICH, PANCAKE FLOUR 3</a IB. PKG. DELICIOUS PANCAKES ' MADE IN A JIFFY NEW RECIPE __ Campbell's TOSM OU T P° 3 10 ^ N0SZ 25c CAMBPEU'S NEW RECIPE . tf% f*UlCKFM • 1 lO'/2 OZ. ** • A Vfllllt c t lc ' >tN J /ikic &IC OOUP NOODIE ™ CANS •• • * MARY LYNN V/fAMIZED ASSORTED SOUP MlX 2'/i OZ. GLASS , I *•« AMERICAN BEAUTY SPAGHETTI OR, Macaroni 2p KG s Zic Por Men Plnor — M*r* SMlifMtltfl Oum pw Pound Buy 1«K ooffM. : ECONOMICAL 1 IB. BAG •TANDARD QUALITY Tomatoes N ..> FLAV-O-RITB IARLV JUNE Peas STANDARD QUALITY Peas 18K MIXED SALAD Vegetables 2 CREAM STYLE ISKCorn 2 WHOLE KERNEL VAO. PACK IBKCorn , CAROL BRAND OUT I Wax Beans N ..a THU VU QREAT NORTHERN Beans TRU VU LAROK Lima Beans " 1,.,.*.,. I3c TRU VU HAND PICKED .Navy Beans nb.e.u.10c K-9DogMeal4 Pkg M9c KCLLOOO'I GroPupMealiio..p*,. 9c •NO WHITE , Gloss Starch i tlloM Starch 215c Household Cleanser 10 oz. Parsons 10c Zero Vboui, 20c Me I6c .20o,c.n I2C NO. 2 9K|> 20 01. c*na C wv , 27c 13c I9c 10c 15 02. PKG. MAGIC BAKE ENRICHED FLOUR 4S9A £ 1-83 GOLD NUGGET 49 Ibs. 1.79 GOLD MEDAL 49 Ibs. 2.43 KEUOGG'S All Bran - BAKING POWDER Calumet ,*OZ.CAN F1AV-0-R/TE IMITATION Vanilla / aoz. BOTTIE RENNET POWDER Junket " 2 PKGS . ?Utl-E-RIPE ' Prunes , L B. PKG . fULL-£»IPt \ VANIUA EXTRACT Burnett's 40-50 SIZE IB, ,. /i0 z. 28c 27c !< DRY CLEANER BLUE 5 BARREL CLEANS DRAIN PIPES BRANO , SPRAY BRITE 8 oz. hot. 15c GAI. CAN vwii ''stieamw " , ' ' \ 3 BARS 25c SOAP |CS A« 4 p fl ^ G I9c I9c CAMAY SOAP 3 bars 20c CAN BULK , rA'DDATQCaJifornia Pork Sausage Ib. 29c vAlUvUlO PQRK ROAST _ _ _ _lb. 34c LETTU' Pork Neck Bones _ . _ Jb, 9c RADISHES SAVAGE -- ^3So GR jffH?RUIT Ring Bologna _.,_, Jb.,22 ? ADAMrrC DRESSED UAmiVllAI Onad. WHITING ---,_-- Jb, |3c **** COD STEAK _-_ T -lb. 25c 2 bunches for 2 for 25° 2 bunches 10e for IV 6 for 27 6 Per AA C Dozen 49 3 Ibs. 07c tor ir SUPERVALU STORES

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