The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1943 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
Page 5
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GEORGESHARP IS NEW AGENT ATIRY1NGTON /MrT fthd Mrs. Qepfge J3ha*p, of EaSle Grove will Move sdoii to the apartment prof the depot and Mr, • Shaft)-Will assume the duties of station agent, this being a permanent appointment. George Skare, former relief man, has been sent to Alffona where he will act in •the capacity of telegrapher at the : Northwestern depot, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frankl had 'their new baby eon Patrick Gerald '.Baptized last Sunday at St. Cece- illa's church In Algona. ,' Mf.. and Mrs. Arthur Maasdam 'nave named (heir new babe daughter Jean Marie. This'Is the first •daughter for the Maasdams, the" •Other two children being boys. "The t^red Skllling family of Al« •gona has moved to the John Mo- 'Gulr& farm formerly tenanted by 'the Haschea, who in turnJ'have re- L jjjtaAigfflift ffUPM , Algotta, Iowa, Mat-ch 25,1943 Beret , ,x \ Boom •Your best bet for Sprlnsr, the beret — perennial. pet that is again breaking all sales records this Spring —in felt, silk and straw. We have the very latest variations on this beloved ' tHeme—one more Ingratiating than the next. Wonder hats .all — that mock, brisk breezes, "w'n friends and Influence any costumes to look enchanting! „ turned to their old home in Ore** ottjj& D. Mr. and Mrs.. Burcle David and family haVe moved from,the Frank Asa house across the street to thfe Douglas Riley place, the Rlleya re* eently having moved to the^old Fisher farm. Adelle Lemkee and Shirley -Ro- 'ney left one day last wedk for Omaha school where they for special entered a telegraphic work.* Kenneth Roney, father of Shirley, took the girls dowrt. Miss .Dorothy King, Ames student, will spend the week-end with her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. David Kinsr. Dordthy will be the bridesmaid for her friend Bernice Reaper Whose approaching marrl- ase has been announced. Mr. ahd Mrs, Clarence Green were summoned to-Rochester last Saturday to be with Mr. Green's mother, Mrs. Elmer Green, who had submitted to an operation at a hospital in that city. The Green family lives south of Galbralth. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney have received ,word from their son, Howard, Who Is with the armed forces somewhere in the south Pacific that he has been promoted frorti corporal to sergeant techni- claii. Mail that .was previously delayed Is now coming at quite regular intervals. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips have r.ecelved'word from their son, .Cllf- . been transferred to Chanute 'Field, . ton, . Who has from Kansas 111. He will be at this place for 60 days receiving special training In airplane instruments. He Was recently .made a corporal. Chanute field is located ,160 miles south of Chicago. . . / ''•/••' Mrs; \ Clem Cunningham was hostess to the Iryington Ladles Farm Bureau' last Thursday afternoon. The lesson on -garden- Ing was presented by Mrs. Ralph Lase and Mrs. Fred Gelgel. A round table discussion was also part of garden the program, hints. / Mrs. this being Clarence MaWdsley and Mrs. Armor Lemkee will be Joint hostesses for the April meeting. . • Look Smart and Feel Good WithCHARIS .. An ideal foundation for every figure type. ' •.!• Don't risk disappointment in your foundation garment. The 30-day money back, guarantee is your, assurance of complete satisfaction/' For appointment call V Tobitha Wilson Phone 48-J 603 S. Dodge 12* 8&888&^^ Twin-Co Beauty Salon InKresensky's Beauty is Your Heritage— Glorify. That Beauty , with Dermetlcs Dermetics— itie cosmetic made up'of Hydro- nixed Oils. Why not try our thxee-point.ageles,s beauty program— '^:- fr • 1— Soil Adsorbing 2-Blushing ' . . 3_ -Complexion Dress E*1rtcBt Anllker Of West Bend was a guest Tuesday in the Ed Parks home. Mads Chrtstlanson In spending this Week In Chicago where he Is attending to business matters. Gene StMuft* of Cleveland was a guest In the T. H. Chrlschilles home Monday nOon at a pheasant dinner. ,/ Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown and Miss Alma Schultz attended a farm bureau township meeting at Hurt Tuesday evening. / Mrs. Fred Getgle spent Wednpj- iday at Fenton where she visited her daughter and husband, Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Volgtt Mr. and Mrs. Will F. Walker left Monday for. two weeks with. their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Messenger and family, at Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mite. Arnle /Nehrlng, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson and Bonnie Kay of Elmore were Sunday visitors In the Roy Larson home. Edward Park, Jr. and Hugh Mat- cm spent fromThursday until Sunday In Des Molnes where they attended the state basketball tournament. Mr. and Mrs. Claire Levins of HinWh, Iowa, spent.the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. W. L: Jenson. Mrs. Levins and Mrs., Jenson are sisters. . Mr. and Mrs! Sigurd Fardell of Adel are expected for the weekend at the R. S. Blossom home. Mrs. Fardell Is the former Margaret Blossom. Rev. J. C.. Buthman, went to Lakota Wednesday evening to, attend a joint meeting of the boards of the Lakota and Ledyard Methodist churches. , , Ella Harr is the new bookkeeper at the Modern Dry Cleaners. She Is a daughter of Mrs. Edna Harr, who recently moved to Algona from the Irvlngton neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Woodward and son, Richard, spent Sunday at Lake Park where they vsiited Mrs. Woodward's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Paul. Mrs. Mary Lain has returned from Grand Island, 'frebr., where she visited 'her sister, Mrs. Agnes (Hall, during the repair of her house Which was badly damaged by fire. Mrs.'E.'C. McMahon and sons, Jimmy and Bobby, left Wednesday for Omaha where they will visit until Sunday. In the R. J. Neary home. Mrs. Neary is Mrs. McMahon's sister. Cartole Ann Lindholm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lindholm, visited in the C. U. "Pollard home the first of the week when her parents were called to Mountain Grove, Missouri.^ ' . Jean Murtagh is expected for the week-end with her parents, Mr. ahd Mrs. C. B. Murtagh! Jea'n teaches at Belmond and she will attend the teacher's conference at Mason City before coming here. Mr. and Kirs. Meryl-Yeoman entertained Bob^Cline and three other Pella pheasant hunters over the week-end. Mr. dline is the manager of the Pella clothing manufacturing firm for which Meryl works. Lloyd Muckey has been laid up with sciatic rheumatism for the past two weeks. Some years ago he suffered a hip injury. Since then any heavy strain sciatica, which is brings on the very painful. i ,E. J. Ostcrbauer, Francis rfoelier and Robert Pace of Rockfbrd, 111., spent a few days In Algona .last week. while Mr. Osterbauer visited his sister, Mrs. Anne.Fechner, and the others went pheasant hunting. Sunday dinner guests In the f. H. ChrUchllles home Sunday were Mrs. Martha Schmedkloth of Correctlon- ville and her sort and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schmeckloth and three sons of Spencer, iand Mrs. J. T. Chrischllles. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Engesser of WHIttemore became the parents of a seven and one-qiiarter pound boy born Saturday. He has been named lOaniel Joseph, Jr. Mrs. Engesser is the former Amelda Dooley and this is a grandson for Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. Dooley. Frank MoConnelt spent Wednesday at the Ho'me of his son, R. L. McConnell, new chief clerk of the Ration Board who moved here the first of the week from Mason City. Mr. McConnell, who Is a conductor on the Sioux, makes his home at Sanborn. Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Buthman will Bo to Des Moirtes Tuesday, where Mrs. Buthman will remain until Wednesday attending an area school of instruction for summer camps. Rev. Buthman, will remain the rest of the Week to attend various nieeetlngs. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Anderson have leased the Chrome filling station to Pete Waldron, who also operates the Chrome Cafe. The combined station and cafe was built by the Andersons about four years ago. They plan to take life a little easier now that their business Interests have been arranged. An announcement of the engagement of Marybel Jacobson and Dick Keen In last week's paper stated that Dick was stationed with the navy on the east coast. For about a month Dick has been in Memphis, Tenn., attending a naval aviation ordnance school. He was previously on the east coast. • Mrs. Mary Neuman, who lives in the east part of town, celebrated her 92nd birthday on Tuesday. She is enjoying excellent health for a lady of her years. Her daughters are Mrs. James Brophy of Union Twp., Mrs, Josephine Stanton and Mrs. Joe Aman. Mrs. iNeuman's friends congratulate her on reaching this milestone. Sergeant Walter Beardsley spent Sunday in Algona with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Beardsley. Walter is stationed at Chanute Field at Rantoul, 111. He reports that Don Orton is also there. A former- Algona physical education teacher r Gladys Prescott, is employed by ah officer there. She is now married and her husband is 'stationed at Chanute Field. Lyle,"Bud" Anderson has been promoted to corporal. He is the sort of Mr. and Mrs. O: A. Anderson of Algona and he Is taking training in the mechanical section of the ground 'crew, of the army, air force. He enlisted October 22 of ."'last'year at Mason City. Bruce Miller, son qf Mr. and Mrs. Max Miller is also stationed at Bakers Field'and the two boys-have been together recently. • Pvt and Mrs. Dale Nelson left Sunday for t!amp Hoyt at Medford, OreV where he is stationed with the army. They visited Dale's mother, Mrs. Edna Nelson here. Mrs. Dale Nelson is the former Ardeeri Barr, and she is employed .near the army camp where her husband is stationed. Another son of Mrs. Edna Nelson, Harold, is also stationed at Camp Hoyt. Her son, LeRoy, is a cook in'a casual unit in Alaska. He has the ratfrig of corporal. Another son is farming in this vicinity. " News Items of Wesley Vicinity CHATTER BOX Garner were Sunday evening visitors at her parentalfeAlf Studer home. • •' •• -, \ ' < , Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Loebig and son Jimmy were supper guests Wednesday, evening at her parental H, M. Hansen home. Jimmy was ten years old that day. '. Sunday evening dinner guests at the George Werling home were Mr. and Mrs. v Sam Flangsted and family and Mrs. Werling's son, These balmy spring days, with* the robins singing itfthe morning, are going to make everyone want to get out doors. A spacious Victory Garden will be an ideal place to'spend a lot of time this spring not only for the fresh air and sunshine, but aJso for the fine lot of food stuff" that can be produced, We have a full supply 'of seeds ah'd tools, — JiLB— We • feature th? Afichael- ' Leonard! garden seeds in bulk • ^ncj pafchages, 'Sjven though you haven't raised a>ar'c(en ' for^yeaj* yb« yrlll wajjt $6 do your Wt tbla year }n pro, duclng your share of the ha^ tion's fo«4 supply. It wlH look mighty good) to you next , Winter Jp pans pn' the ahe> veK Plant 'plenty ol beans, peas, corn, and, onion se|s and ' —yjjiv—•• f Our garden hand tools, inA qiudlne trowel, weedgr and fork are now equipped with' Jrtjghtly longer'handles which make them easier to use, This, n,ice .weather will also ' ba-wnd.ijiPivi^to house clean, Ing rampaees, -with-, a pig •Wrgfr te'see that everythmg" 'Jsi'splp'^d 8P§n, We have all •th? house cleaning suppli&i you will nef d,'(inclviding >«• wall paper Noticel y PAPER DRIVE Saturday, March 27 V ^ ' By Boy Scout Troop No. 72 Please have magazines" and papers tied .in separate bun•dl^s. . • . . The inoney earned from the drive will be used to buy ,a flag and oljher troop necessities. Please cooperate and help the boys,-also the War effort. Personal Loans $10 to $300 Fuel,. Clothing/ Medical, Mr, Olive? Young entertained their evening card club Sunday. Five hundred waj played bj-ee tables, ;Urs, Georte HJJ- an4 lfe»ry Shore WS re prize ' Tb«f '« np nte$ to worry if Ijttf e hand* leave fing«rprlats or 'smudges on $»tiny surface of BROTHERS m a gku? jiffy with wtitmy twp fft4 Wftr, t of til, MeJJo Closj rewiiM it? i. Thai'? it ideal lot ikitctens, s<B»f'j9i(f OW g,ew toqlf, toe hand cuUivater and our, small hoe whlcfc If ae ' we Jfcr,' «nd Mrs. renz and Henry Shore were guests. Mr, and Mrs, Hogan will be b,osts to the oiitb Sunday evening at their [ Sunday gu^ts In the hpma /•Loebisr to t>Jd AJvina were " tsU you bpw e»y yvd efottftmjlci),! fc % e( - W m P^^™ m W^wfrJfcHPlW ^Pl' -- , 1. , ' b.. uf ll lt ___ r- V ' t (Ed Hildman went to Fort Dodge Sunday morning to bring back Mrs. Hildman who has been in the Mercy:. hospital several days for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kain of Sexton accompanied her father. ; The WSCS will hold their regular monthly meeting at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon, April 1st. Hostesses are Mrs. Oliver Joung, Mrs. Carl Johnson, Mrs. Will Eden and Mrs. Jake Lalling. • Mrs. Helen - Johnson, ' Lillian, Bernadine and Joe, were Sunday dinner guests at the George Gootz home, They honored Agnes Goetz who was three years old on Tuesday and Lillian 'Who was 22 on Monday. •; Mr. and Mrs. A? Connor of Popejoy, visited their son Kermit here Sunday. The Connors were Wesley residents a number of years ago when he operated a barbar shop. Kermit now works in the Koppen pool hall. IPred Diekjman, Robert Diekman, Bud Studer and Everett Ackerman drove to Des Moines Saturday. Mr. Diekman went on to Anita on business and the boys attended the boys state basketball tournament that evening. They returned Sunday. , ^ Mr. and Mrs'. L. L. Lease, son Loren anil Mrg. Susan 'Lease, attended a double birthday party at the Ma$an Hajl home in Hanlontown Sunday. Lowell Hall and Mrs. Lease were honored guests. Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Lease are sisters. Corporal j^att HJWman has -as his new .address, San Luis Obispo, California, Be had been at Port ^Uepnardl'Wppd, Missouri, then to maneuvers in southern California before going to San Luis, ' He is tl»e oldest son of Mr. and Mrs, Ed Hildman. MM. Earl Powell of dear Lake is visiting this week in Algeria at the home of her sisters, Mrs. John Ulfers and Mrd. Wm. Rtinchey. Wlttna Moore hag been ill at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Moore, for the past week. She is employed at the Zender .Clothing store. Juttn»i Chrischllles went to Des Molnes Saturday where he attended the state basketball tournament. He spent Saturday night in Ames; with friends. SMrley Harvey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Harvey, was operated on Friday morning at the Kossuth hospital for appendicitis and is recovering rtl-cely. Mm Roy Berrle and children, David and Rosanne, of Mason City, spent Trfesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Barrie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barry. Mr. and Mrs. A." A. Bishop hav c received word from their son, Lt. James Bishop of the Marines, that he Is now on an aircraft carrier. James is a naval aviator. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Henry of Burlington spent from Wednesday until Sunday In Algona, where they visited in the home of his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Henry. Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Potter and daughter, Donna, are Visiting in the parental Hugh Raney and Mrs. Pearl Potter homes. Mr. and Mrs. Potter have been living In Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal arrived home Friday from. Rochester, where Mr. 'Deal has been taking treatments. His condition is improved but he will have to remain bedfast for about a month. Donna Jean Phillips of Fort Dodge spent the week-end in Algona where she visited her sister, Irma 'Dee Phillips. Donrfa Jean moved with her mother, Mrs. Hattie Phillips, to Fort Dodge last fall. •Mrs. F. A. Corey returned Wednesday evening from Cedar Falls where she had been visiting for over two weeks at the E. L. Rekers home and getting acquainted with her new granddaughter, Barbara Jean Rekers. Mrs. Frank Stratton IeU Wednesday evening for Washington, D C., where she will join her husband, Corporal Stratton, who has a five day furlough. He Is stationed in Maryland. Mrs. Stratton is the former Rita Will. .Mrs. Leona Ramus left Sunday for a month's trip to Indio, Cal., and to points in Washington. She planned to visit her brother. She is the former Leona Dunlap and her husband is in the service. She has been employed here at the H. D. Clapsaddle home. Leonard F. Pompe, son of Mrs. Martha Pompe of Whittemore, has begun an intensive course of study in aviation mechanics at the army air force technical schoo}- at Amarillo, Texas. The coursfe will last several months and upon graduation he will be >ent to an army air baser ..... •••- - . .. Mrs. E. J. Hough had the misfortune of breaking her foot as she and Mr. Hough were walking home from: the theater Monday evening. Mrs. Hough stepped 'out to avoid a puddle of water and caught her foot in a rut. It is thought that she will have , to be. laid up for about six weeks. > •'.' ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lindholm and son, Paul Ellis; left Monday morn- Ing for Mountain Grove, Missouri, where they were called by the death of Mr. Lindholm's mother, Mrs. G. B. Lindholm. The elder Mrs. Lindholm had been ill for some 'time and the Paul Lindholms visited her about a month ago. , Mrs. Jack Tally arrived Monday for a visit with her parents, 'Vtv. and CALL FOR FURNACE Dependable service, reasonable prices on repairs for any make of furnace. We'll help you be sure your furnaca is kept In good shape. • The factory provides us with 24-hour- a-day service on genuine repair parts for Green Colonial furnaces. NEW FURNACES? II your present furnaco Is beyond uia 01 topalr, you can •till buy 4 new Crein Colonial. Aik u> about it. Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge St ALGONA, IOWA GPEEN COLONIAL FURNACE SERVICE Wfrs. c. N. itnudsen, aftd her siste*, Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen. She ha! been on the west coast with her husband who is in the army. He is beinsr transferred and Mrs. T ty plans to remain here until further plans Can be made. She is the former Dorlys Knudsen. Mr. and Mris. John Parks,, . 7 and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parks and two children, Bruce and. buanc, of Spencer, spent Sunday in the Ed Parks home here. The; men are brothers and Mrs. John Parks and Mrs. Ed Parks are also sisters. Tom Parks has only recently returned from Alaska where he was working on the highway project. Mr. and Mrs. L. J.. Crapser hate received word that their son, Russell, has been promoted' from sergeant to staff sergeant in the headquarters company of the Alaskan 'Defense Command* Russell has been in Alaska a year.. He was inducted into the army a year ago in November. He was employed at the Percival Motors before that time. Pfc. Wallace E. Nctkrin* whose home is in Elmore, Minn., spent the week-end at the Roy Larson home. Wallace recently returned from Alaska where he had been for the past year and a half. He spent three weeks in the fox holes watching the Japs fly over the island where they were stationed. He returned to Santa Ana, Calif. Thursday. A message from the army airi forces states that Robert A. Stebritz I son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stebritz of AlBona, has been sent to Sioux City, Iowa, where he will receive instruction at Morningside college for five months prior to his appointment as an aviation cadet. During this time he will be classified as a pilot, navi&ator or other job with the air force. Mr. and Mrs. Fifenk Sterling, E. Dreesman and family attended the funeral of Mrs. H. A. Wagner of Buffalo Center on Sunday. Mrs. Wasrner passed away last week Wednesday at the age of 77. She was a sister of Mrs. M. W. Fergu- son and H Dreesman, tit Algona She bad been in good health and she visited her relatives here about a month ago. Mr*. Thomas Hatpin spent from Sunday until Tuesday in the T. J. Halpfn home here. Mrs. Halpin, the former Betty Hilsteadt, has just returned from a three weeks' visit in Louisiana with her husband, Lieut. Hatpin. She has been living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. HHsteadt, former Algonlans now in Boone. She plans to join her hus- bftnd at Austen,, Word f.M been John Spettcer has been" tif froth Fifst Lietitenaftt 1ft the to Captain, Jdftft IS Ttftt ydurtget set of tbJ'WWn* Mrs. ,EmHy Spencer and hi the administration cfrew of th&.Wf force. He is Stationed in AUstfaliifc His twin brother, Staff S&f&nt James Spencer, is fn ttew Oulrteft. ( A letter from the latter a few Week* , ago stated that the brothers plai- ned a reunion (n the near future. IOWA Thurg.-Fri.-Sat. - Mar. 25-26-27 Roy ROGERS Smfl«r BURNETTE Virginia GREY 2nd Feature Story of China Today REY SCOTT'S __._, KUKAN THE BATTLE CRY OF ~CHINA NATURAL ~ Serial "King of the Mountles" Sun. thru Wed. - Mar. 28-81 uv ANDREWS SISTERS^ Robert PAIGE Grace McDONMD *- SknpHtwird totiVdtt WMMM ft. No»o»'. No I DniMMT BUDDY RICH « m OMBtM 2nd Feature Madeleine Carroll and Sterling Hayden toi "BAHAMA PASSAGE" (In Technicolor) Stores Are A'Natural' for Your War-Time Marketing Yes! A&P Self Service Stores offer an Ideal solution to the problem of wartime marketing. Here it is possible to buy an food needs quickly, easily and economically. A&P*s five complete departments an? keyed to today's needs . . . stocked with foods that offer meal variety and tiptop nourishment. 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