The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1943 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 11, 1943
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•#',> IV • *l HUTCHISON ONE Of COMMITTEE ON BILL CALENDAR Sloven Members Are Now BrapariMI? paJly Work Program For House; To Consider Bills According ttt Representative T. O.r Hutchison' the legislature !s now down lo the .business,of considering bills introduced and recommended for passage In this session. M*. Hutchison Is one.of the steer' mg com'hilttee which daily selects the bills which are to be discussed. Mis letter: •Des Moines; March 9. Eiditor tfpper Des Moines i . . • , '"1 arrived back In Des Mblnes Monday about. 1:30 p.m. after a •Week of recess and Walked into the House In time to hear my name •being read off as a Member of the Steering committee. The House steering committee Is composed of the-following members:• Reed of Jefferson, Blattt of Chlckasaw, Dodds of. Des Moines, 'Hutchison of Kossuth, Wichman of, Powe 1 - shlek, Whitehead of Dallas, Judd of Clinton, Lane of Carroll, Duffield of Giithrie, Wormley of Plymouth and Tatum of Harrison. Busy Group "When the House adjourned yesterday the steering committee Went into session and prepared the calendar fpr today. We met again at 9:00 o'clock this morning, and again at the close of this morning's session and prepared the calendar for tomorrow. "Under the rules of the House the steering committee prepares each day's calendar until the sifting committee is appointed. We will probably act for approximately twd •weeks. No More Bills "No more j-ndviidual' bills can be Introduced and, as a matter of fact, there will be very few committee bills introduced for' we are now down to the business of considering the bills that have, been Introduced and recommended for passage by.the various committees. "As I have been home all last week I do not htyre^a. great deal to report." *' T. C. Hutchison. Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1943 TWO KOSSUTH BOYS HISSING IN ACTION LuVerne Parents Have Two Sons and Two Daughters In Service O. WALLER, EDITOR'S FATHER, :'• •; Elza R. Waller, 77, father of Russ Waller, co-publisher of the Upper, Des Moines, -now in the Navy/died Sunday morning at St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, Minn, after a- brief illness. , .'Mr, Waller had not been in good - health for the past two .years, but ' i.wasvseripusly rill only a few days. i.^Mi'.^^-'D*'Vct£ 4 ,*w>tfy.f>«* 7 :ii(a,.v«a*3at^c» QH leave rt^ When Beulah Eggleston (left) and her sister, Doris, (center) of Lu Verne passed their physical examination-at the WAVE-SPAR recruiting station in Des Moines last Thursday they made it four from the Eggleston family now In the navy. Ensign Elizabeth M. O'Brien is giving the girls the examination. /The girls are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Eggleston of LuVerne. Mr. Eggleston is the station agent for. the Northwestern in that town and the family has re- Cut courtesy ,Des Moines Registe sided there since 1936. They cam from Iowa" Falls. Alden, the elde son, is married and has been liv ing in Rock Rapids. (He joine the navy a year ago. Merle, th younger son, joined the navy in th fall of 1941. He Is a graduate o the LuVerne high school, class o '38. Beulash, the older of th sisters, graduated from the low Falls high school, while Doris i a member of the 'LuVerne class o '40. Four children in the navy serving tTncle Sam, it surely is fine record for the Egglestons. Card' Court /•'riad to the force, "genial 'man- always welcome. !er was the youngest ap- man for his age that we known. When he /first came .)"ilgona with his son, Russ, many •eople found it hard to tell which the father and which the Son. Mr. Waller retired in 1935 as senior conductor of the eastern division of the Omaha Road, part of the Northwestern System. He served on the road for 45 years, his final trip before retirement <being on the Northwestern Road's crack train, the "400." • ,. •-- - (Besides his sons he is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Naomi Kahl, of St. Paul, and Mrs. Nina Webster of Monroe, La. SCHOOL ELECTION PROVES A HOT ONE With a total of 267 ballots* cast the school election Monday provec unusual, compared with some other years when ft scant 100 were the rule. The three present directors whose terms had expired, were reelected, viz. T. C. Hutchison, E. J , Hough and A. A. Bishop. While Mr. Hough's name was not printed on the ballot as be had not filed, 133 voters wrote his name in and marked a square for him. Results •were: Three-Year Term T. C. Hutchison .....,..,....\ 241 I>r.~F. C. Scanlon 9( •13, J. Hough - 133 •To Fill Vacancy A. A. Bishop 108 Antone Johnson -... Ration Calendar Tire* Class A Ration; First Inspection geadline-r-Maroh 31, iClass B Ration: Second inspec- ' ' - moflth period during four March i-May 81, Class C Ration or bulk coupons: Second inspection during the three month period, March l-May 81, . Commercial vehicles: Bvery OQ -days or every.0,000 ro!le,s, which "A" bpok coupons 'No- 4 (i gala, ^J Fuel expire April 17j 'Period 8 coupons {11 gals. (,.___. yalld March 11: expire §gpt, 8ft Cfeffw .' Coupon .?fo. ix> (\ }b.) expires MftrphSa.. Ban* ' i <3 i&s.) expires J» are the petit juror ,-:Tto serve for the March term • court :i Homer Anderson ; .Algon Helen Bishop Algon Will Christensen Fenton Maud Chambers .West Ben Lena Dreyer Lone Roa Agnes Foley , .FentOn Mrs. E. P. Fredrlckson Bancrof John Frandle .Ledyar Frank Frimml Corwith John Farrell .; Whittemor C. A. Gutknecht Lakote Adolph Girres .Wesley Helmer Hauge ^..JJlm W. A. Horsman Fentoi Pearl Johnson"....;. Ledyard John Keene ...-:...l.i... > .....Whittemore A. E. Kresensky ,. ..Algona K, D. Long *.,.,...Algona Paul W. Larson Swea City Eleanor Potter ....Algona John B. Reding ..... ,....,..Irvington Grbver C. Reed .....'.,.' .....Algona Frank Schumacher ......Whlttemori Mrs. Lloyd Smith *...;,...JLuverne Alva Spurgean ...Whittemore Julius Studer '..... .Luverne George' Schultz .Whittemore Agatha Thilges Bode August Vaudt, Sr., Whittemore Herman Voight ; .Whittemore D. C. Vogel ...» Baneroff C. C. Voight JPenton Elmer Weisbrpd jFenton Carmon Wagner Luverne Ed WlrUes Titonka John Zeller /Bode Home From Visit With Husband On West Coast Mrs, Mell Peterson and two sons, Mell, Jr., and Cha,rles, have returned from a five week's visit on the west coast. They went there to meet Lieutenant-Commander Peterson, who had a ten-day leave from the navy. When the leave ivas up Hell was assigned to temporary duty at San Francisco, and the family had flve weeks together. Mell flew both ways from Ms station in ttae Pacific to enable Mm to have more time with his fajnily. This was the first time he had seen the b»by, Charles. During stay ttiey visited/Mr, Peterwm's mother, Mrs. A, L. Peterson, big grand- HJptber, Mrs, Helen Norton, and. his brother, Rajph Peterson in Hollywood, Jira, Peterson's cousin, Mrs, Josephine , Murtagb Pruyn in San Diego jyi<} her brother. Lieutenant Close Preaching '&&SiM^f+.^'^X$&**i VAjfc&a;-.'#**:*'1 •»», it Sunda; •Dr. George- F. Hall, iProfessor o Christianity at GustavUs Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota,- wil preach the closing sermon of week's preaching mission Sunday night at 8 o'clock, at the Methodis hurch. LAUNCH KOSSUTH COUNTY VICTORY GARDEN CAMPAIGN Two meetings 'for victory gar- ieners in Kossuth County will be leld Thursday (today), one at the Algona High School at 2:00 p.m and the other at the Swea City Ugh School at 8:00 p.m. A, L 3rown, county 'extension director will outline the 1943 garden plans and production information. Miss Alma Schultz, county home economist, will give nutrition and canning helps, Block Leaders to Direct The Victory Garden Programs 'or the towns will 'be under the di- ectjon »f the 0. C. iP, BJpck Leaders and the women hiding the eaders for the various towns are: ifrs. Francis Carmean, Bancroft; (Jrs. Al SteahJe. putf; Mrs, Geo. (Hgensen, Fenton; Mrs, I, B. Vortman, Lakota; Mrs. t* A. Nita, 4Bdyard; Mrs, WlUis Cotton, Lone Jock; Mrs, Llllie Hesse, Luvern&; fas.. Marge jforsland,, Mrs. KJd .$rtok.8Qfl» gt. .leneejlet! Mrs. Wilbur $ehrajn, Tjtonk_a; Mrs. rred iMr&Mary t-and Mrs, Display U. S, Flag CLARENCE BOWMAN IS JAILED FOR CHILD Refused to Contribute to Support of His Three Minor Children; Had A Job In Defense Plant Because he refused to contribute to .the support of his three minor children Clarence Bowman, city, is today a boarder in the cpunty jail in default of bonds in the sum of : $1,000 and awaiting action of the grand jury. I It seems that Bowman last fall took 'a job with a contracting firm erecting a defense plant in Nebraska. While he was drawing good wages on the job he is said to have refused to .contribute to the support of his three minor children, Trieve Mae, 8; Durwood W., 12, and Shirley Ann, 15. 'As a result of this refusal Mrs. Bowman filed information in Justice J. B. Johnston's court charging the husband with child desertion, Warrant For Arrest Several weeks ago Justice Johnston issued a warrant for the arrest of Bowman. The latter came to Algona Monday evening and~ he was immediately arrested by Officer Tim O'Brien. On Tuesday night he was brought 'before Justice Johnson and he waived.prelim- inary hearing and the justice bounc him over to the grand jury In $1,000 bail which he has so far been unable to furnish. The Bowmans have 'been married 23 years anc have always lived in Algona. Bowman followed cement work anc carpentering the past several years ALGONA UNIT PTA ASKS SUPPORT FOR SCHOOL CODE BILL Held Regular Meeting at Bryant School Tuesday Varied Program For To Spend $57,750 For Hemp Seed In Kossuth (Within the next few weeks there will be shipped into Algona hemp seed valued' at $57,750. This seed is to be planted in the 4200 hemp acreage signed up 'by 377 Kossuth farmers In' the southern half of the county. The seed is priced at $11 per ibushel. It will necessitate l'/i bushels per acre, 4200 acres, 5250 bushels. This announcement was, made today by Chairman R. M. Loss of the county war board. Seed to Algona The hemp seed will be shipped to this city and will be on track near the Rising elevator on South Phillips street. '"The shipments Will be staggered within a few days in \ order that signers may call for their allotment without the crowding which would result were it to foe delivered within a short time necessitated 'by a single shipment. Signers will be notified as to-the day and time of arrival of each car. . Hemp is to be planted about the same time that the farmer seeds his oats. For that reason the government intends to make shipments here shortly. Each signer is expected to come in and pick up his acreage allotment. No cash is involved in receipt of the seed. The government will deduct the seed cost when the grower has delivered his Hemp next fall and settlement is made for producing the crop. Contract For Building iH. R. Cowan & Son, local building contractors, are in receipt of specifications covering the material and erection of the hemp mill. No doubt other contractors in the neighborhood have received similar specifications for the purpose of making bids on the 'building, if they so wish. Low told will be awarded the job. The mill will be built on the 67-acre plat just east of the Catholic cemetery on No. 18 east of town. Work must be completed before Sept. 1st this year. At its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon the Algona. unit P.T.A instructed the secretary to telegraph .Kossuth 1 'Representative T. C. Hutchison, Des Moines, to ask the representative to actively support and work for the passage of the school code bill. Extensive Program The program for the meeting was extensive and varied. Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, gave a talk on the importance of physical education for the young people, suggesting that this phase of education should be more liberally supported. Clyde Rldenour, boys' physical' director and coach, was on hand with a group of 7th graders who demonstrated the exercises, tumbling, etc., for the meeting. Girls Kead Essays iFour girls, members of the eighth grade, ; read their essays on "Making America Strong." They were June Pletch, Joan Dahl, Rosalie Halpin and Shirley Halberg. The essays were entered in the Legion Auxiliary contest. Miss Agnes Engell, grade music teacher, sang with Louis Campbell at the piano. Nutrition Classes The P.T.A. is' sponsoring nutrition classes and one was held Tuesday evening in the home economics room at the high school building. Miss Helen Comfort, home , economics teacher, had charge of the class and subject discussed was 'Meats." Next Wednesday night, at 7:30 in the home economics room the nutrition class will take up "Canning," and Miss -Comfort will present a canning demonstra- :ion. Marine Appreciates Local U. S W. Quilt Evidence that the quilting pro- ect of the United Service Women's oca! chapter is appreciated was received recently by Mrs. Karl Wil- asson in a'letter from Marine Private First Class, Oscar Katzadian tationed at New River, North Carolina, -Mrs, WUlasson is es peclally interested in the Marines Because of her son, Don who en- isled in the Marines before the war (Private Katzadian, a Californian, ays in his letter,' "Last week our Company Commander gave me a luilt, and as J opened it I noticed our name' and address, I'm .glad ou had your address in it, 'because 1 nV lucky to get one and J just pn't know b«wJtP BWBfc you for it. had first choice and I Picked purs out, hgcause, I thp,ugbj jt la •retty, J?ve'feeen >!nsr it~ yery 'fllgh^Wd If warnv.Thereihasi , .„ , sleep tecau£e it wa« tee Don Willason Out Of Hospital In Samoa; Met Algona Visitor Mr. and Mrs. Karl Willason re cently received word from their son, .Don, who is located in Samoa telling them that he was soon to leave the hospital following an operation for appendicitis perform ed in January. He .staged that he expected to be back in marine uni form in a few days. Don had a rather interesting ex perience sometime ago when he me up with a navy man, who proved ti be Chief Petty Officer Stuckrath The latter was stationed at the Navy Recruiting Office in De. Moines for several months where R. B. Waller, is also stationed. Mr Stuekrath had made several visit! to Algona with Mr. Waller so hi and Don enjoyed their visit, abou Algona. Don is one of the marines who were, given • more or less publicity by the Des Moines Register when a, grottp of eight gfrls^ termed th ""Maureen Corps of Drake" Unlver sity," agreed to : write-letters to eight marines for the duration. The Willason's have 'another son Robert, who was home for a tw<o weeks' vteit, returning to California last Friday to continue his work in a defense plant. Robert has been in Los Angeles since last September. ' . j but f won't- set gain, Mrs. W|jaa«>n£ picture of myself sd tt^boy.wiw^" "- EXTRA! FATHER AND FOUR CHILDREN DIE IN CORWITH BLAZE Ed Kelch of Corwith and four of his children lost their lives this morning in a fire which started in their hpme between 7 and, 8 o'clock. The mother, with her small baby, escaped from the houpe in her bare feet, waded through show, and drove to the neighbors for help. The four children were in the room with their father, who was attempting to start a fire with the use of kerosene. There was an explosion which immediately set fire to Mr. Itelch's) clothes and articles in the room. In the confusion the children perished with the building 1 , but the father managed to get outsid« although fatally burned. Mr. and Mm. Keloh and baby were brought to the General Hospital in Algona, where the mother and babe had their. minor burns dressed and were dismissed. Mr. Kelch died about noon. CHURCH MISSION CONTINUES HERE .The annual preaching mission sponsored 'by the Algona Ministerial Union will continue for throe nights. This is the second year these services have been sponsored by the six cooperating churchy. The churches have been filled every night since the missions began fast Sundjay. Special mvwie te provided each " t r toy %h$k clwira of ^thg pburob 'ph the services are hej& ALGONA OVER THE TOP IN RED CROSS WAR FUND DRIVE Swea City First In County To Complete and Raise Red Cross Quota; Many Yet to Report Red Cross Chairman, M. H. Fal- kenhainer, has just announced (Wednesday evening) that ; even with incomplete returns, Algona has gone "over the top" in the Red Cross Drive. These incomplete figures, with still others to come in, show that the city of Algona has raised $2204.00, while the quota given out was only $2050.00. v „ Swea City First Swea City was the first town in the county to report completion ,pf the drive "arid exceeded Its'ciuota by a considerable amount. A'l other towns and townships reporting, and the list is far from complete, have exceeded their quotas and from all appearances, Kossuth County will again head the list of money subscribed in the state. Headquarters to Stay Open The headquarter rooms in the old States Cafe building, "so generously donated to the Red Cros by Dr. Reinhold Heise, will be kep open for the remainder of thi week and personal subscription will still be welcome. This is a mos worthy cause and has- alread saved the lives of hundreds of ou boys on the actual battle fronts The Red Cross" is everyone's privilege to contribute to a vital par of the war effort. Remember th slogan, "I witt give DOUBLE thi year." All towns and township worker are urged to get their reports inti the headquarters room toy the em of this week so the drive may h closed', as planned, in two weeks. Donald L. Engstrom Serving In Hawaii 'Feeling that celebrating his nineteenth birthday properly would be to offer his services to his country Donald L. Engstrom, Algona youth, did that very thing on October •18th last, when he went to Des Moines and enlisted in the Marines. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Engstrom, 202 E. Kennedy, city, and a graduate of the local high school, class of '42. Following his graduation he was employed for several months in Colorado. Donald's birthday is on the 18th of October, on that day he enlisted, was sent to San Diego, California, for basic training and on the 18th of January, three months to the day, he was sent to San Francisco on his way to Pearl Harbor for service with the .fighting marines. He is connected with the anti-aircraft detachment Of the marines. LuVerne Soldier Cited For Bravery Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Brayton of Luverne, received word this week from their son, Kenneth, serving somewhere in the Solomons that his detachment had received a citation for bravery in action in the Pacific .Islands, and that he had ^l^i&JJISggJJ!" * aaTO8V«.tim^r{KSHiic" i( ,a4«o--. u«!«iiir*ii Australia the past year.--Ke has .a brother, Walter, now serving in Camp Blanding, Florida. fashioned, hymn remaining we. as Congregational Cleaned and pressed frpnj rust ;«•, W, A- Baptist , a»4 p)aeed in front p/ the is -stormy do JAYCEESHOLD BIG LEAD AT TOP BOWLING LEAGUE The Jaycees team maintains u comfortable lead In the Kossuth fowling League. Three teams, the rloneymead Grandads, Silver Gray Cafe and Fuller Brush, are tied for fourth place. The standings 5 W L Pet Faycees ................................ 50 22 ,69i Jullins Hybrid ................ 47 25 .653 Jolsum Bread ................ 46 26 .639 ioneymead Grandads ..44 28 .611 in>ller Brush .................... 44 28 .611 Silver Gray Cafe .......... 44 28 .611 K. of C. ...., .......... i ............. 43 29 .597 Old Style Lager ....... „ ..... 42 30 .583 John Deere Tyke ............ 41 31 .569 Burt ... ................................... 39 33 ,542 Wesley Auto ......... ........... 38 34 .528 Pioneer ....... - ................. .....37 35 .514 Harry's Midgets ....... , ...... 24 48 ,333 Women's League The Shilts Shoes team leads in he women's league with 76 points ver the nearest competitor, as fol» ows; Shilts Shoes ..... ................. 38 28 .576 Modern Cleaners, ........... 35 31 .530 Dlk Cleaners .................. 34 32 .515 Barker Drugs ...„..+ ......... 38 38 .424 Tin Can Collection Next Saturday committee chairman fo,r U*e local United Service W9flaen'f PW&, a njj can collection will be sponsored by that group In Algona next Saturn day, fre 13th. Cans that have been are free PAST TEN MARCH DAYS THE COLDEST RECORDED IN IOWA According. to Weatherman Harry Nolle the first ten days in March this year wdrethe coldest March days ever recorded In weather annals. In fact;they were seemingly the centered cold days for all winter. The/average temperature for the first ten days In March, 1943, was 13.7 degrees. In 1942 the same days' average was 36.4, hence we experienced 22.7 degrees below that of last year. It is a record that so far is unbeaten. Plenty March Snow We had 6.9 inches of snow during the ten day period with .1 inch on the 1st, .9 inch on the 6th and 5.9 inches on the 9th. This, too, is unusual. But' March was giving us the unusual to think about Why, the thermometer registered an average for the ten days of 1.2 below the January normal, another record in the more than 60 years records have been "hept In Iowa. The daily chart: High Low March 1 „ 28 March 2 .....10 March 3 „ 34 March 4 31 March 5 17 March 6 16 March 7 „..„ 13 March 8 * 26 March 9 ...~ ~ ~ 28 March 10 34 -7 -1 15 GORDON DIEER, LUVERNE, AMONG MISSING, AFRICA Joined the Army In Junoj 1942; Served in Africa Since Christmas; Has Brother In Army, iFrom the war. department In Washington, Tuesday, came wortl to Mr. and 'Mrs. Ralph Dimler, ot Luverne, that their son, Gordo'h t was missing in action. Tills came simultaneously with word that Captain Clyde E. Herring,:, son of former Senator Clyde L. Herring, wda also missing in action, and as Gordon was a member of the Herririg company, it is presumed that, the entire detachment was involved in the missing report. According to news reports the Herring company was made up largely of Iowa 'boys. It is further presumed that the missing may mean capture fty the Nazis. • ; ••• ..-;. j Gordon Joined lest Juno Gordon (Dimler -joined the army in June, 1942. He received basics training in several camps in this country and just 'before Christmas his detachment was sent to Africa* He is a graduate;Of the Luverne high school, class of' '37. He' haa three sisters. His father, Ralpfc Dimler, is a veteran of the first world war, and at present is : employed in the Ankeny munitions plant. RICHARD LAVRENZ MISSING, AFRICA Was Machine Gunner, In Service Since 1941; One of First Sent to African Battle Zone Another Kossuth boy - has been. reported missing in action in ;the African war area, presumably with the same detachment which was reported missing in the Dimler telegram from the war'depa: at Washington that their s.on, Cor-' poral Richard Lavrenz, was missing in action. He was a machine gunner. He enlisted in May, ,1941, and received his basic training at Camp Claibourne. He was a member of the early detachments-sent to Africa last year. Lavrenz a Soldier Family - i Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lavrenz, part ents of Richard, have two other sons in the service. They are 'Sergeant Ernest Lavrenz, an instructor in the officers-candidate school at Fort Sill, Okla. He was a member of the Kossuth-contingent'that-, reported in the late summer of 1941. Then there is Staff Sergeant Roland'' Lavrenz, who joined the army la June, 1941. It is thought that he is now on his way 1 to overseas service. He has been stationed at Camp Polk, .Louisiana, with a detachment of armored - engineers. Roland is married and his wife-andl their small son, Richard, is living here with her parents, Mr, .and Mrs. Wm. Otto. She was formerly Marjorie Otta ' Sooif-Four Sons On Tuesday, when Mr. and Mrs. Lavrenz received the wire from! Washington, their youngest son. Raymond, 19, received orders from the selective service - board' to appear for physical examination, which means that within a short time he will also be tn Uncle Sam'a employ. Thus the four sons of the Lavrenz have answered the call to fight for freedom's cause. The Lavrenz'-S have two daughters, Lois, , employed by the Santa Fe railroad; in Chicago and Dorothy in h l gh school at borne. four — .OWJAUU* ai uumv. x*4C juur £»Uft WH* 2 I dier boys are nephews of Mrs. John Dutton and Mrs. August Lavr«|« -1 19 1 LOCAL BOWLERS, TIP EMMETSBURG HERE ON SUNDAY The Algona All-Stars, local bowing team, took an Emmetaburg team to a cleaning on the local alleys Sunday afternoon when they Uppe4 216 pins more than their visiting opponents. The local teasn was made up of one member of five of the league teams with. Barry for the Jaycees, Matt ahr for the Fuller Brush* i 3M* Thf locals took two of this city. Plum Creek Flyer Receives His Wings Leroy L. Adams, sen o| Mrs. Roy Adajna of v Plum ' Twp,, graduated -from 'Ad Army Flight. School iat VktorviiJe, Calif., March etvpj recejv Bombardier Wings 8ftd, was missioned 2nd Ueutenajnk Leroy entered Force in Jime, training at San and VtetoryMle, Mr* Adwna Lo« Angele* this ytar, wher* secretary | n gank, Army Ordnance &&;**$&

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