The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1943 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1943
Page 5
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i, Algona, Iowa, March 4,1943 A CADET WIFE IN WESTERN CAMP WRfTESOFUFE Arrie Pedersen wMtes o 'tHe experiences of flying cadets' wive8 who are towns nea •camps whew their husbands are 'training. Mrs, Pederseh Is thi Cornier lAtitA Smith, daughters •Mr. and Sirs. Vf. ft&y Smith, 11 v Ing west of Algona. Tier husband .is,, tralmng,- In an avatioh camp near Sakersfled, QaHfoti^aj She •wrjtes to Miss June Corey, as fbl "J6wi>! Bakersfleld, Calf. • <~ • , February 3, 1943. ttear June— ' The people at home are Inter- •«dtea :to know what thei* sons are doing tn the service and I thought perhaps they would also be Interested Irt the activities pf a sol- •dlei"u wife who defies danger and lieartache to toe near her husband. As you know 1 have been with my 'husband the last fouEihohths. "We donTt/ get to see eaeh other very often. Week-ends are lie -only t)me~whicn cadets are af» loWed off the post and about half •of the time something turns Up IOWA atid they ddWt even get that time b I / ' in otit travels we 'have natural ly made some very good and lifelong *f ends. I have .been with a group of girls for the past three months., At- first there was just one other girl and I but we became acquainted with the wives of our 'husbands' best friends and We gradually added .Snore friends to oui« group until now there are eight of us who are .Inseparable, tfn Bakersfleld the woman's club has taken us under its wing and organised for us a club for cadets' wives. We have named it "The Cadet Wives of Minter Field" and through this club we get to know the wives of our husbands' officers as well as the other cadet Wives. /We meet every Tuesday night THUBS.FBfi0AY.S4/ftB. MARCH*, 5,6 FIGHT 'EM, VOU FRENCH! BE BRAVE, YOU BELGIANS! DEFY'EM, YOU DUTCH! Paramount Pictures presents RICHARDSON DEBORAH KERR HUOH WILLIAMS Second Feature MAX TEBHUNE —In— "TRAIL RIDERS" ' Added .'Serial, ."King of Mounted" tnd after a short bosiness session have either 1 talks or open discussion on arriiy customs and etiquette. ,The basis of our study s to help us to become better officers' wive* -» ' 'As each new class of cadets ar- •ive their wives are registered and the class just golttg out turns Edgings and jobs over to the new girls, This helps the girls to feel nore at home and to get to know ler fellow travelers. Our club has 'been in order just hree weeks and is the first of its ind In the state of California. I m very proud to have the honor f being secretary of the club. Living expenses are/quite high in most "army" towns and we girls really have to pinch pennies sometimes to make ends meet. However, that is good experience and I am sure that every girl will agree that:It is more than> worth the wory. The education alone which traveling affords is dividends enough for our headaches. Some Of the girls are "taking with them tiny children and even they are sure It Is worth while. : Such Is the'life of a "camp follower."' Wever ^complaining aboot GRADE 2 TIRES REMOVED FROM A COUPON HOLDERS According to a recent ruling by authorities the Gra~8e 2, or War tire, has been removed from "A" coupon holders and only "C" holders may now secure them, according to Wen French, chairman of the local ration board, "A" holders may still secure grade 3, which includes used tires and recaps only. In the case of a car owner wishing to have his tires recapped he may now have this done without action by the board, no need for a certificate as heretofore. This applies to "A" coupons and passenger cars only. Grade 2 Tires Grade 2 tires are established as new tires for which OPA has set prides of less than 85 per cent of ceilings for new tires; a damaged new tire, though serviceable; factory seconds and so marked; new tire manufactured prior to 1938; and new tire removed from car as a "take off." Grade 1 are new tires other than 2 and 3. Tlrfe Inspepton Record Car owners should remember that In making application for ration coupons they must bring with them the tire inspection record for check-up before Additional ration- Ing will be given. Non-highway gas rationing has been extended to a six months period Instead of the three originally made.'"This applies Dennis Pratt flew to Mason City I tfenneth Knudsen spent Tuesday Wednesday on a business mJsslojr. •—••-- ^ anything and learning to take things just as they come. Sincerely, , Laura Pedersen. Up-Town Room For Your Old Tin Cans PhH Kohlhaas, scrap chairman In the local' area, announces that a room hag beew pnbvided just south of the Old Call Theatre building in which may be deposited scrap tin cans. Those having tin cans for disposal, mashed down with the ends out, should leave them at this room. The committee, will appreciate your cooperation in this matter. New Rotarian Martin A. Jensoir, wholesale gasoline and oil distributor, is a new member of Rotary and attended his first meeting on Monday. to tractors and power farm machinery, eta Fuel Oil Rations Complaints have been made that fuel rationing has not 'been taken care of in some instances. This is not the fault of the iboard.- It must be remembered that rationing cannot be extended • unless the old stubs are turned In when the cou- Mi». Mary Anderson of Den Moines arrived Monday for a visit in the C. W. Morck home. Mrs. Anderson Is Mrs. Morck's mother. Mr and Mrs. Otto Knudsen moved Tuesday from their farm on the Irvlngton road to the house formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. L. (Hilton. Wayne Bjustrom spent the weekend at'Mitchell, S. Dak., where he visited his sister, Dorthea. Dorthea Will be graduated from the school this month. Mr 1 , and Mrs. Olen Crilly and Mr. and Mrs. M, F. Am'fahr went to Sioux City on Wednesday to attend a Frlgidalre convention .and to visit friends. F. W. Bcckwlth has liccn ill with pneumonia at the home of his daughter, Mrs, G. C. Yeoman where he makes his home. His condition was improving on Wednesday. MAt. Claire Wermerson of Fort Dodge spent from Thursday until Saturday of last week with her mother, Mrs. Henry Lavrenz, Mrs. Wermerson Is the former Amelia Lavrenz. Mrs. Ruth Sparks front near Wesley returned Sunday night from a two month's visit with a sister and other relatives at Seat- ."SUNDAY, MAR 7—4 DAYS \ !• EAST SIDE KIDS "KID DYNAMITE" Second Feature ' FRED ALLEN ROCHESTER MARY MARTIN —in-, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" Card Party &'Dance Monday Evening, March 8 Academy Hall—7:80 pjn. t Cards, Lunch, Dancing ( '- Rhythm T CfUb Orchestra 35o 'per person GuHd Circle No. 3— Mrs. t,. B. Uiman uVtra W. A! ILorenz pons have been used. This may have caused some confusion. , The board also wishes it understood that unless mail addressed to the board is properly signed, legibly, so return can be made, that mail remains in the office until the writer comes in to make his address clear. The board is not allowed cash for postage due, hence it the letters' are not properly stamped they are sent to the dead letter office. When writing to the board make sure your address is eligible and plain, :both return address and board address. Because of,the immense amount of work brought on by the recent registration the rationing office will open only from 1 to 4 during the 'afternoon. At least until the office force /can catch up with the filing and checking of the registrations. tie, Washington and "Portland and Corwallls 1 , Oregon. Mrs; Anna Hagison, who come from her home at Spencer, last Monday to attend the funeral of her friend, Mrs. H. B. Mason, was a guest at the home of Mrs. J. W. Haggard during her stay in Algona. Bonnie Bonatf, daughter of Mrs. Rhoda Btonar, is now serving in the psychopathic ward at St. Bernard hospital at Council Bluffs. Bonnie is a student nurse taking her training with Mercy hospital in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Stone have purchased .the former Martin Jones house on Thoringtoir . street and moved x their family there Sunday. Mr. Stone is a Pratt Electric Co. employee and they came here from in Fort Dodge where he went on a business mission. W^ f. Olossl went to Chicago Sunday on a buying trip for the Lusty & Giossi store. H. A. Tuttle went 1 to Minneapolis Tuesday on a business mission. He planned to return Saturday. Mr. and birr,. Bernard Yeoman and three children spent Sunday In the parental G. C. Yeomart home. Mr. and Mrs. WUHs Wlttmcr of Emmetsburg spent Sunday in Algona as guests of Mr. and MM. Orrin Spauldirrg. Mr. and Mm. Harold Oxley and Eileen, Merle and Marlon of Corwith were Sunday visitors in the Dennis Pratt home. Mrs. John McDowell and Mrs. V. V. Naudain will go to Renwick this evening (Thursday; T;O visit the Renwick chapter of O.E.S. Mr. and Mrh. Thco. Herbst are spending today (Thursday) in Des Moin-es, where Mr. Herbst is attending an insurance meeting. Albert Granzow went to Cedar Rapids Wednesday to attend a sales conference. Mrs. Granzow took him to the train at Livefmore. Mrs. Fred Schultz returned last week front Rochester, Minn., where she has been taking treatment for a heart ailment. She is recovering nicely. •Lieut. J. transferred and Mrs. Prank Mlttlieder and LaDonna of Corwlth. Ted Vent is spending thin week in Algona on a special furlough granted him by the army. Ted was Inducted into the army a Week ago. He previously tried to enlist in the navy;- the merchant marines and the coast guard. He has been employed at the Algnoa Grain office. Mrs. Vera ,wlll remain here wiliJ her grandmother, Dehnert. John Nolle, 60, Wednesday at his Mrs, William died suddenly home in Des SEXTON NEWS Mrl and Mrs. Uoyd Steven and family oft Mapleton, Minn., were supper guests at the Harvey. Steven home on- Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. David McGregor and?children attended the funeral of-'.£*sUe' lt JenkIns on"" Sunday afternoon; at the 4 Baptist, church in Algona. Grandma Kirschbaum is still re- Mrs.F.LTribon Will sell new merchandise in the building formerly occupied by the, Sto-ete Store this Friday and Saturday, March-tit and 8. The lot con. sists of' ladies' Spring and Winter Coats,. Suite, Dresses, Sweater*, /Jackets, Slacks, BlousesV House Slippers, Gii>- dles, Hoae, Hate, Slips, Children's Clothes, some Wash Dresses. This Is your chance to buy clothing:, for now and your future needa at BARGAIN prices. THE HOG THAT WILL NEVER GO TO MARKET ported here. -Her very ill at her home condition remains the same. Her children have been at her bedside. Miss Dolores Bemis, a member of the Junior choir, rendered a solo at the.Sexton church on Sunday morning. Mrs. Everett Steven is ihv charge of Junior choir, Mr. David McGregor and Ronald Jenkins evenin-g went to to get Ames -Saturday Mrs:. Jenkins, Bend a few months ago. Lola and Fay Friesner of Des Moines are visiting for two weeks with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thompson.' Mrs. Thompson spent last week in Des Moines visiting friends and relatives and the little girls returned here with her. Lieutenant Andrew Monlux spent from Thursday of last week until Wednesday visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'D. -D. Monlux. Andrew has been; In the army since last September and he is stationed at the Cadet Center Medical Hospital at San Antonio, Texas. Bob Muckey, who recently entered the army has -been stationed at Coe College at Cedar Rapids, where he will take a ineterology course which will last about live months. He is the son of L. S. Muckey^ and until he entered the army he . was a , student at Dakota Wesleyan at Mitchell, So. Dak. Air. and Mrs. Hortey Watkins and children, Karen and George, have moved here from Rapid City, South (Dakota. Mr. Watkins is a salesman for the Armour Co. He takes the place of Irvin Peterson who was transferred to Yankton, South 'Dakota. The Watkins family is living in' the Dennis Pratt house on Nebraska Street. Lieut. Harry Grfeenberg arrived Wednesday evening to visit until Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greenberg. Mrs. Greenberg remained in Topeka, Kansas, mother of Leslie Jenkins, who has been visiting in the south for the winter, - , A pre-nuptial shower was held on Sunday afternoon at St. Cecelia's Academy for Miss Martha Kriepa, >sister iof Joseph Krleps. Several of her friends In this community attended the shower. A farewell dinner was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips of Algona for their son, Andy, . who left for' armed services on Monday. Guests were ____________ 0 _ . Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Steven and I grandparents -for the first time. where she visited her parents and Harry .plans to stop for her there before continuing back to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they have been living. , Mr. and Mr. Linn Mills of Medford, Oregon became the .parents of their first child Tuesday, a boy weighing six pounds and eleven ounces. He was iborn- at the Sacred Heart hospital in Medford and has been named BHly. Mrs. Mills is the former - Maurlne McCullough and Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCullough are Herman Wise and daughters, "Mrs. <0allHaa9e Sarah Nqble, and Algona. Wise and Mrs. Drusllla Miss Polly Moore of ' '' V ' ' Hospital News Kossuth Hospital Feb._25—Mrs. George Miller, Al- Hedlurd, Algona, Medical; Martin Kardoes, Titonka, Medical; Mrs. Francis Sebritz, Al- Algona, Surgical; Mrs. Jujius Seller, Boy. |Feb, 2ft—Cecil Anderson, Algona, Accident. (Mar, 1—Viola Bierle, Lone Rock, Surgical. •- _, (Mar. 2-Jbhn Rain, Algona, Med- Walker, AlgQna, gona, Medical. IPeb. 2&-IPred gona, Girl. IFeb, 27—fDarlene ipal. Mar, Surgical , • General Hospital .Feb. 29^-Mrs, Pon MJllep, AJgpna, a hog you don't s«e in thi« Country, Landr^ce is the breed, '•% wonderful bacon hog deveU >«4 in Ponmark, Th« Danei were just about» «rjrbeft farms" to $9 fhejr w«r« • thrift? Through tb«ir f WTO w* d«c*|- and pnd farm jh# fo$|t quality. wad happy w«W e z j_ F CornunB c&mfi. ^ T* f!" ^l^iJT EH'ii 1 *! fe>* .Tbjy tak y tgok the Remember thi» stary M yon mwlwtyour Hvegtock, crops and other farm prodvce, Remenj. her it and put every dollar yo.* can Jnto U, §, War BondV-. '%\> Rvwy doll»r in ipnds tba> pu can for your country and r yowl*}!, Your Qovernment thgt mpney wif flfld, ypu are jpfctag 9, tpwd the or [jtotw: Girl. (Feb. 87—(Mrs, Pitcher, Air 28— Mj-s. $Jvan WJlhite, Cor- Mrs. Ralph Lejst Lu, verne, Girl. Surgjcal. * * , Mar. t— Carol Sorenson, Algona, Surgical. (Rfer- 2~atrs Burt, Surgical, Bpijebrake, MAKt EVERY MARKET DAY BONO DAY Borrow $100-$200 01 More To Pay you can -get the a week's visit in Algona with his wife and his mother, Mrs. Carrie Haase. Gail is in the merchant marines and is stationed at Brooklyn, New York. His wife makes her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Thompson and she is employed as a mirses aide at the Kossuth Hospital. Gail expects to return to Brooklyn, Monday, MA and Mrs, Glen Crilly and family moved Sunday to the forme Norton house on State street which they recently purchased. The W. J Sigsbee house which they Vacate( la now occupied "by the Archie Me Daniels family. Mr. and Mrs. Mat Murtha, who lived purchased by the moved to the house on Call street formerly occupied by the C. R, Pbmmerenlngs. Tom Kohlhaas, sop/of Mr, and Mrs. John Kohlhaas, student at Greighton University, Omaha, was visiting with bis parents here the past week. Today he left for Corpus Christ! naval air training center, in, Texas, where he will visit wHh bis brother, Ensign John K. Kohlhaas. Upon his return here he will wait for'bis call Into service the latter part of the pionth. While a freshman at Creigbton Tom was a member of the Freshman basket- noil faamn ' TJ, Mlsbach has been from Williams Field, Ariz., to Omaha, Nebr., where he is with the Ordnance Motor, Maintenance. Mrs. Lyle Reynolds returned .on Monday from Iowa City where she underwent a major operation, February 16. Mrs. Reynolds'is recovering nicely. *• W. J. Payne spent Tuesday In Des Moines where he attended a sales meeting. Mr. Payne is circulation manager in this territory for the Des Moines Register. Mr. and Mrs/. Harlnn Sigsbee and Irma Dee Phillips spent Sunday in Fort Dodge where they visited Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee and Mrs. s Hattie Phillips resaectlvely Mrs. F. A. Corey will leave the last of the week for Cedar Falls to make the' acquaintance of her new grand-daughter, Barbara Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Rekers, who was born last week. Louis Haag returned recently from Iowa City where he had gone for treatment following an operation for removal of an eye several months ago. He expects to go to Iowa City later to be fitted with a glass eye. Mrs. Leland Socbergcr- of Mason City spent from Saturday until I Wednesday In Algona with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Payne and her sister, Mrs. Clyde Rfde-1 nour. Mrs. Seeberger is the former Eleanor Payne. Lieut. Harry Lt Greenberg wrote from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to renew his paper. He says that the weather there is wonderful. His wife is with him at present. He is in the Quartermaster Truck .Com;, pany, Aviation. ' Sergeant Clifford Tilton spent Tuesday evening in the Ed Parks home. Sergeant Tilton's wife is a sister of Mr. Parks and he was enroute to Spencer on leave. He is stationed at an army camp near Kansas City, Mo. Pamela Waller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Waller is celebrating her first birthday today (Thursday). Her grandmother, Mrs. Dennis Prat^aird a few others have been invited'in to help the young lady with her cake. Mr. and Mrs Fay Minand enjoyed a visit from their son,, who is in the n-avy and stationed at Great Lakes. He left February 23 and is on a ten day leave. Another son, Lloyd of Waterloo, visited here over the week-end. Byron Van Boekel has secured a position as science teacher in the Rochester, Minn., schools and will •begin work there on Monday. Mrs. Van Roe'kel and their son, Neddy, will remain in Algona until living quarters can be arranged. Mr. Van Monday for Rbekgl 'has been a popular teacher at the local high school for the past two years. Katlutyn Kelly will begin worlc Monday at Druggist Mutual Insurance Co. Her place at the Modern Dry Cleaners will be taken by Pauline Neuroth, who has been employed at the Sargent Feed Co. Doris Shade of Des Moines will take Miss Neuroth's place. She has been working for the Sargent Co. in Des Moines. Mrs. Art Sorensten expects to return to her home in Glendale, Calif., soon, after a month's visit in Kossuth with -relatives and friends. The past few days she has been a guest of her sister, Mrs. (Harvey Reid and her brother-in- law, Pick Sorensen, and family, She has also been visiting her parents at Lakota. F. F. C. and Mr*, Daniel Blanchard of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., were guests in the D. Ezra Blanchard home Sunday. Other visitors wereTRoger Hunsley and Mr. and Plaines, HI. He Is a former residen of AJgona. He had been in Algona two weeks following the death o his brother, Charles Nolte and had been in excellent health at the time. The cause of his death was due to a heart attack. None of the Algona Noltes will be able to attend the funeral. Wendell Woodward and his mother, Mrs. Delia Woodward of Kamrar and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doyle of Ellsworth were guests last week at the home of. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wille. Mrs. Woodward is a sister, and Mrs. 0>oyle, a niece of Mrs. Wille. Wendell, who has been in the navy the past four years, has ibeen on a submarine in the Pacific and was home on his first leave. Merte Pratt and Arthur Wieso were graduated from the navy's electrical course at Morehead, Kv., Tuesday night. Because of their high scholastic ratings during the four month course, both boys have been assigned to further training in electricity in New York. They are both now petty officers, third class. Merle and Art were both employed at the Pratt Electric Co. before enlistment, they took their boot training together at Great Lakes and they have been roomates at Morehead. Their friends here were hap- Used Cars and Machinery 1938 Chevrolet Coach 3 Used Tractors , Spreaders - Plows - Discs - Cream Separators 1 6-ft. Mower 1 26" Woods) IJroa. Thrashing- Machine 1 Corn Binder 1 Gas Engine, 6 h.p. 1 l<4-h.p. Fairbanks Morse gas engine NEW MERCHANDISE 1 New 700-Chlck Brooder House 6 Hog Feeders Several 2-Pen Farrowing Houses Baling Wins - Twine .- Hog Troughs Poultry Feeders py to know that their new assignment leaves them still together. Merle will be home tonight on a few days leave. HONEYMEAD FEED FOE ALL LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY On Hand For Immediate Delivery Bradley Bros. PHONE 714 SO. HOTEJL AIX3ONA FOR QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS MAKE EVEKY POINT COUNT Shop and Save at lf"P|^ CHECK EVERY ITEM WHOLE KERNEL CORN POINT VALUE 8 NIBLETS Iowa White Cream Style CORN 12 OZ. CAN 13c 2 CUT GREEN Super Yalu Storei not only offer lurpriiingly complete stocks of rationed Itemi but Every Day Low Prices as well. While points are valuable, don't overlook the feet that the price you pay is fust as Important as ever.' Prices in this Ad on perishables guaranteed thru March llth. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 18K DELICIOUS POINT VALUE 32 Tomato Juice "»„" 22e Red Cherries V.t. 9c Tomato-. Juice SALAD STYLE Mustard .•„„.*, lOc Campbell's Point Value 8 Tomato Juice 1 «r 8c Campboll'i New Recipe Point Value 6 Ea. Tomato Soup 3 1 "an. 01 25c COLOSSAL Ripe Olives Plnt 31 c 18K BEANS PEAS STANDARD QUALITY BRING YOUR RATION BOOKS No. 2 24 02. can can a oz. «lau Point Value 17 He Point Value NO. 2 CANS POINT VALUE 1,4 1 NO. 2 19 OZ. CANS, POINT VALUE 16 2 NO. 2 *%n^ 20 OZ. CANS 20, in the hous Crillys, havi ball team. * the Martha and Doljy Sifessuwn, Klpgstey; Rev. F. M. Scheme!, Mra, Fete Nilles and • Mw, m Wtpk* Wgen and family, if*. and Mr?. Ja« Bedjna Mr. and MM, 5«seh,an4 *!«,. Joe Beach and Mrs. Ralph lly, Bode; Mr. Wesley, ,. And Mane zZT 5 ^ •w*gf*t JWto. know $r*W^^ «W ,ff«» **SBI M Mr. and M r , .family 9 f ^ Chicago 18K Mixed Salad Paint Value 14 Each Vegetables 2 2 o.,°.c.n,25c KELLOQQ'8 All Bran i 6 „,.*,. I9c NABISCO Shredded Wheat VU^1 Ic Shreddies 2 Pkc , 25c KELLOQQ'8 Corn Flakes „„.«.. 8c SUNRIOH Corn Flakes Post Toasties Cheerioats KELLOOO'8 Rice Krispies 2 SUN RICH FARINA Wheat Cereal 2P8kB " I4c FOR MORE CUPS PER POUND USE 18K Coffee ,„ 28c CANNING SUPPLIES BUV YOUR SEASON'S NEEDS NOW MASON Fruit Jars sr 59c MASON Fruit Jars q r u 69c QEN. MASON 2 PC. Jar Covers „.*. I9c Jar Rubbers «,*. 4c IMITATION EXTRACT OF VANILLA 'iff- lOc •S&tifSSS* 4!' 19c 44 01. 24c CAKE FLOUR Swansriown QUICK OR BEQ, 43 01. pkg. Quaker Oats 22c 3 1 p\, 0 ,!2lc 11 01. pkg. 8C I2c Sani-Flush ,„„.„„ I8c OXYDOLlgpkg21C jvonv •, SNOW Ige pkg IVOKY r 6 ^ oz. pkg. BV, 01. Pkgi, 23c around to Order SELF POLISHING WAX Wax-Rite LAUNDRY SOAP Blue Barrel NORTHERN Tissue 230 pkg 23c pint. 39C p.* 25c. ralli ZOC _. SUN RICH PREPARED PANCAKE FLOUR .:«*"• Buckwheat BAKING POWDER CALUMET ' CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP .10 14< SACK Cold Nugget Gold Medal uok 24 </, uck 4.78 84C 1.10 THE NEW GRANULATED All PURPOSE SOAP PKG. DUZ CRISCO 68 $ t •*! Mrs. Stolger of Swea City, Maude Hunsley and sons, Carol and Clair of Brftt and Mr, CARROTS MODS FWSH M £A TS Notice of Probate of Will STAT® OF IOWA, OgSTJTH COUITOY, ss. No v «88 in District Court January Term, W43. To AJ1 Whom It May Concern; You Aw Hereby NotWed, That instrument of -writing purporting o be the last WW an4 f^meni f Qeorge F. Raokman, Deceased, Oefe » J84U hav>w toeen day : ffled, oj?ene4 amj read, JjfiB<iay Hw Jflth day of Marph, 943, i^ fl*ed for hearing proof pj Same at the Court House, Jn Algona, "SftrW* ^ 9 B 8 ^ 6 * Owf said County, or the Clerh; of f at t&p, o/plppl? a, m, pf fwrt ZBNCH$17c ORANGES « OTMa DOZ.29c GRAPEFRUIT *»*•' 6c Bacon, Broken „ . _ , ,. Jb. 900 Smoked *"**, Country Sauaage ^ „ . , Ib, $3$ GRAPEFRUIT California 25c ORANGES, LARGE, DOZ 41c OJjs m quired, to ap are h^eby mx should the, * * y i * $*te& CM|» Summer Sauaage , w ^, Salt Side Pork.. ,_, Braunachweiger ._„ J Longhorn Cheese ^ ^ p 29c ' sV^- Fresfc Meaty ....^. or Sww* Steak Ra

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