The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1943
Page 8
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<v ** Bg» MoiflM, Algina, lowfl, Feb, 25.1^43 : - : ^.1>^>J;^^ u.i i,«n r. B .i .'-•-•---- --"-"•—'-••-. -<».fcSL.-ai...^ J ..?.^.^i-b».....L-...jL>.i.. ^A.-»,Jl.- fato^Eth...-!.,...^....- .^..n-,,....«!>., .,^_j-«.f^_^.-)...hi .B...*-. ^.-J , AJJ.J .. . ..... i^^^fc.^^-^^g£.fc^.^h...i-fJ.-».fJfj.»>. ^>. J J....^a.A^C.w^.:jJ^AIi!&-t.»JM ~*aS.-aMaxsM£&bsttS* ;aaa^MfltMdaMdBgm&flai^BiM<lMaiBlBaiailH»[ t\>l& ff aad Lett& ACADEMY SOPHS TOGffE4-ACT PLAY SUNDAY EVE "Gilded Youth", a' four-act comedy'drama by Martin J. Heymans, will be presented by the Sophomores in the academy auditorium . next Sunday night at 8 o'clock. The play Centers around the two pampered sons of a modern multi-millionaire, John Gordon, and their experiences in trying to transform themselves from play- JDoys into real men. James Dailey plays the part of Bob Gordon, and Bill Bieser. his brother Dick. The wealthy father, who tries to persuade the hoys to so to work, is played by Maynard Dunn, and Beverly Stebritz is Mrs. Gordon, the fond mother who attempts to keep them idols of society. Mary Hilbert plays the part of Setty 'Green, a young lady who finds herself in the embarrassing position of having two lovers. Vera Semon is Margaret, the sister of the two playboys, Trma Rose Weis plays the aristocratic Countess DuPrey. and Richard Scholtes, cast in one of the lighter roles, clays Otto, a faithful German butler who has been •with the Gordons many years. Bob Seipman is the cool, clever Randolph Vnn Darcy. who is a first-class villain. Dick Kinsey and William Lane act in the two minor r.oles of Goldstein, a Jewish merchant, and Dogran, a detective. The St. Cecelia orchestra under the direction of Sister Mary Henrietta, will furnish music between the acts, presenting "My "Dream-Boat" by Freeman, "Daddy's Letter" by Seymour, and "Fawnhurst" and "Blowing Bubbles," by Jergensen. Kossuth Hatchery Opened Last Week The Kossuth Hatchery opened last week with Mr and Mrs. Glen Rike in charge. Both have been previously employed at the hatchery, but this Is their first year of owned by M. E. DeWolf, of Spencer, who has operated in Algona a number of years. Glen has been employed at the Mid-Wrst Service station this winter. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. *Na 4983 in District Court, Jan- -uary Term, 1943. To All Whc-m It May Concern r You Are Hereby Notified, That in instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of George F. Hankman, Deceased, dated Oct. 13, 1941, having been this day filed, opened and read, Tuesday the 16th day of March, 1B43, is Bxed for hearing proof of same at tho Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk Of said ^C&urt; and at ten o'clock a. m., "I the day above mentioned al! persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last "'Ml and Testament of said deccas- ««;f»*". • - • •ed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, February 15, 1943. HELEN WHTTSi Clerk of District Court. ' • Alma Pearson, Deputy. E. J. Van Ness, attorney. 7-9 Released from Army Union: Louis Heerdt, brother of Walter Heerdt, arrived from Camp* White, Ore., Monday night. He has been in the artny since last fall. Being of the age limit he has been released for farm duties in preference to war service. Farm help will be gladly Welcomed. Hospital News Kossuth Hospital .February 9— Mrs. Kenneth Fras- dr, Algona, boy; Arthur Weber, Bancroft, surgical; Mrs. George Crawford, Burt, girl. 'February 20— Mrs. Leota Schutter, Wesley, surgical. February 22— Baby David Strickler, Algona, Mastoid; Tom Akre, Algona, medical; Mrs. Floyd Norte, Algona, medical. General Hospital (February 18— Mrs. Halrold Ev- arrs, Swea City, medical. February 22 — Ross Burns, Rolfe, surgical. 'February 23 — John Grandgenett, Algona, surgical; Ethel Dowd, Algona, surgical. .February 24— 'Ernest West Bend, surgical. Cupid Deals Lightly In Valentine Month Two marriage icenses were la- sued during the past week. On February 19 one was issued to John Woods and Idea Patterson, both of Algona. The second was obtained by Kenneth Becker of Boston, Minn., and Lucille Raefner of Eagle Lake, Minn. Trinity Communion FENTON NEWS The Farmers creamery held its annual meeting of stockholders and patrons at the schoolhouse Saturday, February 13. Lunch was served at noon to about 400 people by the Rodman Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society. In the afternoon a program was enjoyed. After that the election of officers^was held and the report of the past year's business was read. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Walker and Mrs. Ronald Walker went to Mason City Sunday to attend the graduation exercises for the class of 1943 of Hamilton's School of Commerce. Miss Betty Walker finished the course last fall and is now working in the Farmers Elevator office in Mason City. However, the school has but one commencement each year, and she received her diploma at this time. A tea for parents and guests was held in the parlors of the First Christian church. Holy Communion wift be', eele- brated at the Trinity Lutheran church Sunday morning at hlnfe o'clock and at tett-thirty with the Rev. P. J. Branef, pastor official' Ing. Trttcker Pined $100 — iBurt L. Smallwood, Des Molnes, driving a truck belonging to Arthur Barlow of the same city, was fined $100 for an overloaded truck In Justice Delia Welter's court on February 22, The awest was made by the lowA Highway Commission The heavy fine was imposed due to the fact "that the two men had been guilty of the same offense several times previously. Groceries Frozen In the Council Oak ad this week, two items are listed which are actually frozen, and can not be sold. They are beans and egg noodles. The ad was run before the order to change it came in. For Sale POTATOES—Cobblers, $1.07 per sack. We have 20 tons. Bring sacks. East End Grocery. 5-8* FOR SALE—The former Robert Murray property on North Park Avenue. 6 room modern house with three lots. Must sell to close estate. Can give Immediate possession. It Interested see C. B. Murtagh, administrator. WANTED—JMarrkd or single man for March 1.—tP. M. Christen- ston, -Lone Rock. 7-tf FOR SALE—600 size brooder house, good condition. Price $75. —Herman Becker, 1 mile east of Irvington. 7-tf FOR SALE—Pure bred Poland China gilts. April farrow. Registered milking Shorthorn males.— Aaron W., Steussy, LuVerne. 7-8* (FOR SALE—1 Model A Ford coach; 1 6-ft, M-D mower, FOR SALE—200 bushels Soybeans. Ripe before last fall's freeze, $2.25 bu. A. L. , Baker, Lone Rock. , 8* (For Sale—International 42 combine. Complete. C. E. Zaugg, 2 miles north ,K mile west of West Bend. 8* FOR SALE—Manchu Soybeans. $2.50. Germjination 85%. 'Louis Goetz, Wesley. Phone 3291. 8-9-10* FOR SALE—White gander. Albert Girard, % mile west, 4 miles north of Wesley. S* SEXTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith and family, who have lived in one of Henry Nelson's houses north of Sexton, moved Saturday to the A. L. Greenfield property. Mr. Smith will be employed by David McGregor for the coming year. Three children will be enrolled in tho Sexton school. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neahring and children are moving to the farm near St. Benedict vacated by Arthur Thilges. Mr. Neahring has been employed at the Carl Paetz farm for several years, 'while Mr. Neahring operated a gas station here. They have now rented a farm. They will be greatly mi*9t»d 1ft Sexton community and Mr. Neahring was present director of the Sexton school for 1942 and 1043 school year. FOR SALE—(Hybrid seed corn. Iowa 939 and 303. State certified. $3.50 to $5.50 per bushel. M. A. Sorlien, Bode, Iowa. 8* iFOR SALE—Mullins seed corn, also 939. Germination 95%. W. C. Taylor, Case Implement Dealer, Algona Flour and Feed Bldg. 8-9* FOR SALE — Hereford bulls. Skow, Wesley. 8-9-10* Joseph iFOR SALE—160 A. good bldgs. good soil, all under cultivation, near town, electricity, 4J12',50 per acre. Edw. Capealus, Algona. a iFOR SALE—Purebred! Poland China gilts. For April farrow. If you wish to buy, come at once. O. E. Ely, Wesley. 8* tfftft SALtt - 5 unit, electric, Surge milking machine. Complete A No. 1 ewwutkm i-ii it,, 1-10 ft, horae disc. 'Looks like' new. Red Wing* flax for seed. Tested 98% germination, O. A. Roland, Algona. , ** •FOR SALS—Matched team roan geldings, 4 and 5 years old, welt broke. Keith Strayer, 4tt miles east of Algona on Highway 18. 8* (FOR SALBJ-^Two stacks alfalfa. (Second cutting. (H. W. Hobsow, Lone Rock. JJ* IFOR' SALE—Piano, Qood con* dltlon. Mrs. Glenn Francis, Corwith, Iowa. < 8* (FOR SALE—Boys' bicycle, like new. $30.00 'Phone 26F13, Algona, 8* FOR SALE—Skelgas'ranges and combination ranges. Skelgas water / heaters, automatic and coils. Skelgas chick brooders. Brood your chicks with Skelgas and save fuel oil and danger from fires. Have some used gas ranges. Algona Skelgas Service. Telephone 221 or 165. . J* Wanted WANTED—Married man to work on farm. Tenant house.—Henry Eischeld, 5 Mi miles east on McGregor. 7-8* WANTED—More hatching eggs. Contact Kossuth County Hatchery, Algona, Iowa. Phone 800. 8-9 WANTED—Middle aged Or elderly lady for housework on farm. Steady job.— Lou Rlcke, Wesley. 7-8 WANTED TO BUY—-Power garden tractor. Call 221. 7 WANT TO BUY—Second "hand child's scooter In good condition Phone 942-W. 5* WILL BUY OR RENT: Well equipped bakery. Give all information in first letter. Write box 169. 8* (WANTrED TO BUY—A garage. Viking Oil Co. 8 WANTED TO BUY—Baby beds, play pens, cribs, baby buggies, strollers. Phone 28. . 8 WANTED TO BUY — Studio couches, washing machines and what have you. Clean out that attic and basement. Help the war effort by disposing of any wanted articles that you think someone else will need. We pay cash. Gambles. 8 Lost-Found ISTRAYED—February 22, small black arid white long haired dog, license tag 393. Christy Olson, Rt. 1, Box 209, Algona. 8* For Rent (FOR RENT—Five room insulated house. Coal heat With or without electric stove. Available March 1. —Dennis Pratt. 7rtf FOR RENT—W. J. Sigsbee house on McGregor street. $27.50. Seven rooms. Modern. Phone 16 or 245- W after 6 p. m. „ 7-tf Miscellaneous DWELLING LOANS refinanced to advantage; long term low rates. See Algona Federal Savings and Loan Association. Algona. 5-tf FOR SALS-Eight head Guernsey and Brown Swiss heifers, two Hoi- stein heifers, all less than a year old. Wisconsin cattle. S. H. Am- dorfer, 1 mile south, 1% west of Good Hope Church. 8 SEE US for Honeymead Feeds for Hogs, Cattle, Poultry and Sheep, —^Bradley Bros, 1-tf SKE ME FOR Real Bargains lr /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on die.—Phil J. Kohl- laas, phone 22, Algona. 1-ft I We Have the -.' SHOES V IN ORDER THAT EVERYBODY MAY HAVE the SHOES THEY NEED, THE GOVERNMENT HAS PUT THEM ON A RATION BASIS Now You Want Really Good Shoes ... AND YOU'LL FIND THEM HERE Both work and dress shoes in nationally known quality. Wolverine and Weyenberg. For Work Freemans - Bootmakers - Leu-Clair, Osteopathik - For Dress ^ OUR LOW CEILING PRICES OF A YEAR AGO IS ALL THEY COST YOU NOW. Make Your Coupon Go Far By Buying Quality. Coupon 17 in Your Sugar Book, PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—aJl the new releases. Needles—albums. —Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa, 1-tf "F6R SALE—253 A. farm elOSe to L8W Rock, very good Improvements, good land, $13& per acre, jood terms. cduniy, electricity. $160.' ' Odoti location, tow ta*. . , ^ Edw. Oiip&4ti&> Al^om. Ifrwft 8 JUST RKCBHVBD A new . ment of Warm Morning coal heat* era. $49.65 each, You likely are eligible to buy dtte.—Rafesly Lumber, Co. • Phone 234. 3-tf /Exchange D^pt. Basement Good Used FUrnlturei Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast seta, Buffets, Radios aJjd wAshers BJustrom'a Furniture l-tf DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, pink, peach and red for sale at the Upper Des office.'.. 15c each,' 2 for/26c 3-tf 'EViERYONE Is invited to the card party at St. Benedict School, Thursday, March 4," 8 o'clock. Circle No. 1, St. Benedict church. ADDING MACHINE Rolls for Molne*. Rl«urar size. 16 f6f Me. Large, siee 1 30C t6t §8e,> v . ' v • ,'.« ..± *^__a**.^..^-«ut^, .*•,..... .. ^^^nt....^^.... ,*.,LA^B tt* YOU NEED & rubber itftmp for any pUrflosVybu 6*h 6rdef tHew at The/Algona Upper DM M61tte«. SOb and up. . ««-d KSBt YOUR tyitttfrUef and add* ing machine ribbons at the Algona Upper Des Malnes. N«w supply just received 4-tf BURN BERW1NO BRIQUETS ot Warm Morning Goal. Know fuel satisfaction.—.Raesly Lumber Co. Attention, WALNUT GROVE Users. Due to government railroad regulations, freight transportation has slowed down much. Therefore, don't delay-Ordering or you will run short. Your brood sows are in need of this best of care to produce healthy Utters. For over 26 years WAiLNOT GROVE has played Im* portant part In the livestock l.n- dustry and this year'.is mohe important than ever.—iHt. S. Fain, Humboldt, la. Phone 297-M. 7-8* r wii< firm Llglt BatterteS Are available, Write 6f call ttajmtaldn BiSteibutlftf Oo. ' In Kfirihedy &. ParaonS building. PJioWe 1*4, Al* gona, Iowa, -6-B . - Livestock i young Whlteface bull; i ,5-yr*old Strawberry Roan marej 1 a>yi>old Bay gelding; 1 4-yf-old Black gelding. LINIDE MPLBMESN* Co. 8 .feHICffiSS AVAILABLE;' At once from the February 20th hatch. 300 White Giants, 100 Barred Rocks, 200 Buff Rocks, 200 'White Rocks, 700 New Hampshire Reds. 600 S. C.'Red9 (from the Feb. 26th hatch; 600 Austra Whl«es, GOO Leghdrn Rocks, 200 White Rocks, 200 ' White Leghorns. Brooder houses and other equipment avail- Able for our chick customers. See BUY V, but it's worse to pay It's unwise to pay too much, •» j foae a Ut . Brtle. When W ' too little, bought to do to pa^ng a done. If you 1.1 i i nlthifcVln-r° 1J -^-***'**^^ J ™™** v» -i „_ 1?hatiks C' "fr ,„„ „,».. to th&nH alUw neigh*' bora and friends for the f and assistance glverf .us . Ing and at th^.time ef oUr (Mr. and Mrs. i P. DavidS ( 6rtJ ,, • Mrs. »*. W. Davidson* Clara and ;£>ale DaVidsdrt?-, 8= WE ARE STILL ON A QUALITY STANDARD Clothiers Leuthold * William* Company Despite scarcity of merchandise and gradual deterioration in the quality of civilian merchandise, we are still dedicated to a QUALITY STA1TO- ARD We may not have the assortments that we have always shown, but WHAT WE HAVE IS STRICTLY A QIJALITY PRODUCT. s This Spring, you will find the same good lines of, high grade apparel and piece goods -tha,t you have become used to at this store. The same "brand" names are here to protect you in your selections. Gradually, as the war continues and goods for civilian use become more restricted, we are all going to have less wool, less of many other things. But we will continue to buy the best that a limited market affords. ^ In short, the CHRI8CHILLES STORK and QUALITY are going to continue as partner^ M they have for 71 yeaw, Ch«*n«r jjoe4i.iire foUif, to be more expensive 1YE»Y IMjfMi**lWI« 4taf are HO? WING TO LAST? WM» Aft »°t «»*»? fa stand us. Be safe and trade with a «tfl*f%ftt tar almost three quarters of a, eentufy has QUALITY, First, test and ALL THP Tim A* „' n. Keep Young Keep Pretty! Hats Women for lovely ladies, Obfoose beret r straw ,. . fret |U' J*WT f WT"|( * Iflli -J _ fc-r»,.'' . ' *J

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