The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1943
Page 7
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EST.V-f i $%•:• -,' the Algona tJppar Des Motoefc, Algona, Iowa, Feb. 25,1943 # "" > > ' rj , o Auction fester Colt at McMnhon Salt For Salvation Army A iW6*yeftr-oid colt, belonging t'6 D. A. teetef, living west of Algona, «r)ll be auctioned for the benefit of the fialv&tion Army at the Maurice C. McMahon fawn sale to be held Friday ot this week, Febrii- «*y 2tf. M?, Teeter, who Is a well known Algona fanner, had been wanting to Contribute something to the Salvation Army and is taking this method of raising a fund for the cause, a most worthy one. Board Proceedings Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa ..A« . . , AJtt ,1 u ary 15, 1948 1:00 o'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met to call of the Auditor With all members present. Motion by Helken and second by Qulttn that following official bonds be approved: W. E. McDonald, Super- Visor, $6.000.00; Michael Helder- •cheld, Asaeagor,•• IBOOiOO; Edward Ram us. Assessor, tSOO.OO; N. 8. Roskopf, Assessor, JfrOO.OO; Oscar Frandie, Assessor, $600.00! A. H. Hanna, Assessor, 1500.00; Linus Vaske, An- Sesnor, 16010.00; M. L. Steussy, As- eesbor, 1600.00; Roy A. Clark As- aeSBor, $600.00; I*. H. Junkermeler, Assessor, $600.00: Roal Roalaon, Assessor, 1600.00; C. H. Ostwlnkle, De- tlnquent Tax Cblleclor, $1)000.00: Art Long, Assessor, $600.00; H. J. Braley, Assessor, $600.00. t Ayes: Motion by Schram and second by McDonald that the Hnal estimate of J. I. Merryman on new bridge work be approved, total amout of finals »189.0f Ayes: all. • J Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that the following amounts •prom the Various drains bo transferred to the Road Maintenance fund for the' use of materials: Dr. No. 4 $ 6.17 Dr. No. 20 , 138.47 Dr. No. 79 38.49 Dr. Nor. 76 4.63 1.80 Dr. No.-90 .....4 46.89 Motion by Schram and second by Qulnn that Gravel Road Petition No. 697 be placed on file. Ayes: Motion by MtDonald and 1 seeord by Boh ram that Chairman Prasei 'be and is hereby directed to sign Quit Claim Deed, conv«ylhg to w. A- Gorans!,, all Kossuth County's Interest In and to the following described property to-wlt: All that part of the E<A of NWV4 of. Section 36 Township 98 Range 28 West ot the 6th P. Mi, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point 909.8 ft. West and 600.9 ft. North of the center of section 36 Town- Ulilp 98 Range 28 West of the 6th P. M* thence North tl degrees, East a distance of 236.2 ft. thence North 39 degrees, Eas of B t a. h 26 . distance , . 163.1 ft., theftca North 26 degrees, ast a distance ot 746.2 ft.,/ thence North 28 degrees, west a distance 123.9. ift,, thence South 24 degrees, .. ,, West a distance 460,2 f 4 de ft, t thenct of beginning, contains. Axes: air , , South 43 degrees 28 fU .West a dis tance of 682.9 ft., thence south- 162 ft. to point c' ' ' ' ----- " Ing 3.44 acres. _.„ — — Motion by McDonald artd Second by Qulnn that the sum of $160.00 bo made from the General County Fund to the Teachers; Institute fund. Ayes: all. . Motion by McDonald and second that Kossuth County dls- by Schram continue the Issuance of Food Stamps as of thU date, January 15tli' 1943, and that proper notice be given to Food Distribution Administration, and all people affected by the Food Stamp Plan. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Qulnn that the annual report of A. J. Chrlstensen, Mayor of ,Swcn City be approved. Ayes: all. Motion , _„ Sot. ram .that January 29, Attest: Qi th Ulnn and second by e Board adjourn to Chairman. E. 8. Klnsey, County Audlto" Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa. January 29, 1943. 9:00 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. . 4 . Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Schram, that the 1942 Permanent School Fund Report be approved. Ayes: AH: . ''..,'._ Motion by Sdhram and seconded by Helken that the ' following Official Bonds he approved: H. M. Smith, Engineer, $2,000.00; Joe Cogley, Assessor, $500.00; George Baas, Assessor, $600.00; Fred B. Dutton, Justice of the Peace, $500.00. Ayesi All. Motion by Sch-am and seconded by Qulnn that the following Annual Reports be approved: W. J. Davlson, Justice of the Peace, Burt township; Fred E. Dutton, Justice of the Peacs, Ledyard township; and Delia Welter, Justice of- the Peace of Atgona town- 1 am very thankful that babi-es are ^iot rationed. The business of haying babies can go right along 1 in ,the regular way. You do not even have to have a coupon-. ; They may. draw the lines pretty close on outdoor sports but that great American indoor sport of taking care of babies will -blossom like a rose. We are fighting' this war so that our babies can grow up in a country dedicated to life, -liberty and the pursuit of happiness. •- Baby is father, to the man and how well he knows it. God bless the babies. They are flowers picked f/orn^ the ' winga of love and laid in the cr&i iapjj£ v m'6ttiei!h(ood. Ajl kinds of.'baby shoes . ,up to stze 4 are not rationed. That is what I wanted to say in the first place. <We have a large stock of/ children's shoes and we know how to fit their feet. We are also carrying some ve>y high grade boys' and girls' oxfords this ye&.\ You get the same shoes for less money at Neville's. 300 pairs of ladies' "Silver Sewed" comfort oxfords just being unloaded from the truck. My customers will have comfortable feet this summer. Jimmie Neville ..... . <* ' . • , , The Shoe Alan ship; Aye); All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that 8«6ondftry Road Pe- tltlon No. 698 be placed on file, Ayes: Motion by Helken and seconded by Schram that 1189.48 ba transferred from Drainage District No. 168 to Drainage District No. 4. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by McDonald that the resignation of John Arndorfer, PTalrle Township Trustee be accepted. 'Ayes; All. Motion by schram and second ' by Qulnn that the following appointments be approved: Lloyd H. Bartlett as Township Clerk for Portland township; Casey Losa as Assessor for Portland township, and Nick Arn< dorter, as trustee for Prairie township. , Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Helken that the 1941 taxes charged on the N. 76 ft. of Lot 1, Block 3, Murtagh's Addition and Lots 2 and 3 of Block 2, Murtagh's Addition to the Town of Burt Incorp. be suspended as recommended by the Town Council ~ol Burt, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Qulnn that the State Revenue Tax carried forward on the delinquent list of 1938 and previous years In the amount of $10,000.00 and the Soldiers Bonus tax carried forward on delinquent lists of 1938 and previous years, In the amount of $eOO.OO, Is hereby declared unavailable and uncollectable In accordance with Section 7194, Code of 1939. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that the Official Report of H, M. Smith, County Highway Engineer .for Road and Bridge work, County Trunk and lucal County Road In Kossuth county, Iowa, from January 1st, 1942, to December 31, 1942, be accepted and placed on file Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Qulnn that the County Auditor, E. S. Rinsey, be an Is hereby dlrelted to sign a contract with the Commodity Credit Corporation of Washington, D. C., whereby Kossuth agrees to plant and harvest 20 auivs of hemp'at the County Home In Cresco township. Ayes: All. Motion by Helkei and seconded by. McDonald that the Board adjourn to February 1st, 1943. Ayes: AH. J. H. 'FRASER, Chairman. E. S. KINSBY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa. i February 1, 18'13. 9:00 o'clock a. m, Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Qulnn end seconded by Helken that the following Official Bonds be approved: John Beste.ilc'li- ner, Clerk In Auditor's office, $1,000.00; Joe Crowley, Assessor, JMO.OO; C. F, McGregor, Assessor, JJOO.OO' and J. E. Smith, Assessor, $500.00. Ayes: All.' Motion by "McDonald and seconded by Schram that a pauper's notice be served on Mike Benkna and family. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Schrttm that the resignation of Mary Kuhne, overseer of the poor for Kossuth county, bo accepted. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by McDonald that the cash allowance of Lena Godfredson and the cash allowance of Anna Meyers be Increased to $10.00 per month each, for the year 1943 beginning as of February 1st, 1943. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by McDonald that Mrs. Clara Eggert be allowed $6,00 per month for care of her uncle, John Juchem, beginning as of February 1, 1943. Ayes: All. On motion (Board proceeded to Audit and Allow bills as "per Schedule of Claims hereinafter Written." COUNTS FUND W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage ; * 6.00 Mrs. ILloyd Stebblns, labor 2.80 James E. Stebblna, labor 2.4o Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel. serv. 92.5 Richard M. Anderson, assessor meeting : •_; 3.8 Treasurer of State, use tax 6.2 City of Algona, light serv. 64.3 W. W. SulJivan, P, M., postage - 20.0 W. W. Sullivan, iP. M., postage 32.8 Wm. Muckey, labor 7.3 James E. Stebblns, labor 3.11 Marjorle Weber, labor - 24.00 Blnora Voigt, labor i_-_- 73.85 Helen Dickinson, assist. In Recorder's office 73.81 W. E. McDonald, comm. and session 148.90 W. A, Schram, comm. and session : •__ 103.96 J. 'F. Qulnn, comm. and session 214.75 J. H. Fraser, comm. and session ^ 198.65 P. J. Helken, comm. and session . - 195.10 C. H. Ostwlnkle, del. tax col... 78.71 R. S. Blossom, agent, bond premium* 370.0J Clerk of District Court, office exp, 4.78 A. J. Cogley, bd., and lodg. prls. _• 4 . . 11.40 A. J. Cogley, mileage and Invest, fees • 84.35 Ada Laurltzen, check test paper 16.00 Mavis Anderson, check test paper _- ^ 13.CO A. E. Laurlteen, travel exp—._ 5L70 H. W. MHI«r, office e*p. **„_ 16.44 Mrfl. Nola Schmidt, labor .... 4.66 F. A. Newvllle, guard air port 87.60 M, A, Bartholomew, guard air POH „.•„.,.„ 60.00 Earl tt. cushman, printing ,60 Whlttemore Champion, print- Ing . 40.7* Matt Parrot! & Sons Co., sup._ 19.80 Koch Brothers, sup. 16.63 Fldje'r ft Chambers Co., sup. 2.14 Missouri Kansas Chemical Co,, siip. « , 81.87 fl^alng & Muckey, sup, 14.43 F. S. Norton & Son, sup. . 175.12 C. A. Crooker, sup. . lfi.00 C. W. Pearson, Tieas., adv. bty. 0, O. Anderson, b'y. • Delia Welter, J P. Fees...... A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees Ernst G. Thlel, const, fees Callaghan & Co., sup. Nick Mdharae, repair assessor sacks .._..__ . Haggard & Peterson, rent Mra Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. A. exp, 1. E. Wortman, local registrar S, P. Eckholm, local registrar C, D, Curtis, local registrar H. H. Dreyer, local registrar. F. P. Newel, local registrar H. A. Thompson, local registrar Wm. Boyken, local registrar. R. H. Flnnell, local registrar. Florence Hof, local reglfrtrar. Mrs. Mae Latt!mnr, local rtg- Istrar Adah Carlson, local registrar. Kossuth County Farm Bureau, approp. 416.66 20.79 2.00 6.60 3.00 1.30 10.00 1.26 8.00 28.92 3.76 3.26 1.2E .76 .75 2.25 2.00 5.50 .76 3.75 20.00 R a m u 8, assessor Bertha Johnson, assessor mtg. Joe Cogley, assessor mtg. ... Roy A. Clark, assessor mtg. W. C. Stamer, assessor mtg J. E. Smith, assessor . meet. Harry Schroeder, assessor mtg. Donald A. Blanchard, assessor mtg. Edward mtg. R. Roalson, assessor mtg. Camilla Cooper, assessor mtg. H, J. Braley, assessor mtg. Frank W. Elbert. assessor mtg. Ray E. Hansen, assessor mtg. A, H. Hanna, assessor mtg. Eleanore Potter, assessor mtg. O. W. Berggren, assessor mtg. Will Chrlstensen, assessor mtg. Michael Helderscheldt, assessor mtg. Robert Bunkofske, assessor mtg. W. L. Reynolds, assessor mtg 1 . Linus Vaske, assessor, mtg. Richard M. Anderson, assessor mtg. . Wm. Hammer, assessor mtg._ L. C. Hutchlns, assessor mtg. John Hartshorn, assessor mtg. Belle M. Koppen, assessor meet. Hugo J. Faulstlch, assessor mtg. Ed. Chambers, assessor mtg.. Hollls Benschoter, assessor mtg. N. H. Raskof, assessor mtg. Art Long, assessor mtg. Wm. Hammer, assessorp mtg. J. D. Crowley, assessor mtg. M. L. Steussy, assessor mtg._ L. H. Junkermjler, assessor mtg. . C. F. McGregor, assessor mtg. D. C. Gardner, assessor mtg._ Henry C. Nelson, assessor mtg. George Baas, asses&or mtg. Christ Brandt, mtg. Clarence Schutjer, mtg. W. R. Stenzel, mtg. E. P. Hansen, mtg. E. a. Ewoldt, mtg E. E. Hanna, mtg. E. R. Woltz, mtg. Robert Kruse, mtg. Menno J. Rising, mtg. John Cordes, mtg. H P^» »K MILWAUKEE!. Monno J. Hlslug, mts. Robert Kruse, mtg. John Cordes, m:e. R. W. Gin&rloh, mtg. L.. Ell Anderson, mtg. R. I. Anderson, mtg W. C. Engstrom, mtg. A. M. Kollasoh, mtg. •1j. W. Ehrloh, mtg. Thomas Berg,. mtg. :__ H. O. Larson,, mtg. Wm, Oiaenburg, mtg. Henry Elsoheld, mtg. E. W. Mawdsley, mtg. _. Carl Hutchlns, mcs Edw. Looft, mtg. H. J. Holoomb, mtg. S. P. Powers, mtg 1 . Jerry Heetland, mtg. W, J. Stewart, mtg. __j Russell Shlpler, mtg. Wm. Rlngsdorf, mtg. Lloyd H. Bartlett, mtf. Geo. Griese, mtff. A. B. Lappe, mig. -j» Leo Goche, mtg. Earl Cushman, mtg. O. R. Jenson, mts. J. W. Bollig, mr.g. Chris Dahl, mtg. . L. C. Cast, mtg. CLeo Engesser, mtg. C. W. Elbert. mtg. L. Hackbarth, mtg-. '.. O. B. Ruhnke, mtg. ~ Martin Meyer, mtg. j. H, P. Sphultz, mts. Fred Kbllasch, mtg. Edwin Wlchtendah., mtg, Chas. Bormann, mtg, H, c. Allen, *iuar. exp. C. H. Heard, labor Kllpto Loose Leaf Co, sup 2.00 2.& 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.01 2.0 4.01 4.01 4.C 4:0 4.0 4.01 ' 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0i 4.0 8.01 8.0 4.0 4.0 4.01 4.0 4.0 4.0C 8.00 8.00 8.00 4.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.0G 4.00 •1.00 4.00 •1.2C 2.6C 342.6 INSTITUTE iPUND Treasurer of State, use tax 2,6 LIBRARY FUND Treasurer of State, use tax^__ 8.0S - • COURT FUND Xi. E. LInnan, legal fees -100,00 T. B. FUND Joseph M. Berte, Indem, cattle 21.66 Harold !L. Branrtow, Indem. cattle z~ 10.1 Elmer M. Hanaen, Indem. cattle 30.00 L, A, Johnson & Son, Indem. cattle 61.0 Clarence Rlebhoff, Indem. cattle 89.15 Percy M. Watnem, indem. cattle 39.17 BANG6 DISEASE FUND John H. Furst, indem. cattle. 12.60 INSANE 'FUND Helen White, clerk's fees 6.26 A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees . 12.8( C. H, Cretzmeyer, comm. fees 3.0 T. C. Hutchison, comm. fees.. 3,0( A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees 3.00 A. J. Cogley, trip to Cherokee 13.60 E. F. Bare Jr., clerk fees 11.20 CONSTRUCTION 'FUND Mrs, Anna Kalselm, sales tax on gravel - ; , 87.59 H, M. Smith, salary „*„__ 263.86 John D. Fraser, salary ..... 146.10 John Schumacher, graveling.. 828.6' 'MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern 'Bell Telephone Co., tel, serv. '. 20.46 Treasurer of State, use tax . 23.65 City ct Algona, light serv. _. 22.1! John Schumacher, graveling.. 814,9f Roger Jensen, patrol 97.10 WeWn R. Hawks, patrol ..,. «t60 Harry Helmke, patrol- .,__,._ 240.90 S. p. McDonaW, patrol^,.,... 148.60 Joe M. Baser, patrol..... 160.U Win. f. Gronbach, patrol,.., 160.1(1 Archie Dpflds, patrol ,„....!. 144.10 Rajpn Markla, patrol „.„_ J63.10 Clarence Hentget^ patrol 144.60 rameg Kelso. patrol M9»10 Ed Fuchsen/patrpl . , 162.64 Bert Shellmyer. patrol .!..„- 166.10 HTyle Movlck, patrol ,.. 48.00 ?eter Movlck ly , patrol „„ , 176,^0 Sandys,-patrol ..:;„.. 162.W _., T . J«0,W Clyde Calmenson Co., Sup. „_ Tire Recappers Co., sup. „.„ Ogreii'S Service Sta,, Sup, _ ___ West Bend Elevator Co., sup.. ti. I* Lease, sup. ..t.-j..-.*. Tltohka Implemen". Co., sup... Tltonka Telephone Co., tel. serv. .....^ ____ .__.. _______ Central States 'Electric Co., light serv. ...„ _____________ Interstate Powur Co., light serv. „...„. ---- ... — 4 ... Interstate Power Co., light serv. __ ......._» __________ F 1 . S. Norton & Son, sup. ____ . Clifford Holmes, patrol ___ ... Arnold Motor Sup., sup. _____ Republic Steel & Too Co., sup. Sleg 'Fort Dodge Co., sup ____ Fort Dodge Machine & Sup. Co., sup. __________ _______ Sioux City Iron C.Q., «up ____ Dukehurt-IIughos Tractor Co., sup. _______________________ Central Auto Electric Co., sup. Herman M. Brown Co., step... The Co., sup. _______ Qlbbs Cook Tractor Co., sup._ Bancroft Oil Co., sup. _______ Standard Oil Co., sup. ________ Peerless Oil Co., sup. _______ Royal "400" Oil Co., sup. ____ K. & H. Co-op. Oil Co., sup. __ Joseph M. Studer, patrol . Oliver Young, patrol _________ John A. Elsenbacher, labor _ A. J. Hlldman, patrol ...... . DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4- Cohcrete Producta Corp., sup. .................... Dr. No. 82— Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. Dr. No. 85— Chas. B. Chubb, engineer ___ Homer Nolle, labor ________ Dr. No. 90- Buffalo Center Lumber Co., sup. ................. ..._ Dr. H.-IC. No. 6-87— 786.00 166.90 18.86 26.30 6.81 77.47 60.06 8.62 167 1.67 239.03 383.60 89.i5 .41.92 47.09 4J.85 07.48 64.64 39.84 181.37 £4.99 1X0.97 160.30 129.23 925.27 74.42 48.69 167.10 141.10 6.00 161.10 305.44 8.83 14.30 8.00 1.63 Dick BaAde, labor ..„ 16.6* EHert D. Boyken, labor * 4.00 John Stott, labor 4.00 C. H. Cooper, '.ftbor , 16.20 Dr. H. K. No. 8— Humboldt County Malnt. Fund, sup. __..,. t . 13.91 POOR FUND Stamp* Issuing Officers, prov._ 202.00 C. S. Johnson, prov. 23.89 Hoods Super Market, prov. 12.00 East End Grocery, prov. 19.63 Aim & Boies, prov. 800 Super Value Groc., i.rov. 20.5J Whlttemora Creamery, prov. 3.10 B. & B. Dairy, prov. _. 4.08 Fred C. Huettner, prov. . 6.20 S. & L. Co., clothing :. 8.66 F. S. Norton & Son, fuel 36.69 Lampert Yards, fuel 14.00 Kunz Grain Co., fuel 7.45 Burt Co-op. Elevator, fuel 7.46 A, C. Schlssel, fuel 69.61 Fullerton Lumber Co., fuel 16.60 Dr. J. W. McCreerj, med. ... 120.00 Dr. M. K}. Bourne, med. 9.60 Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. 76.00 Dr. J. A. Mueller, med. 44.90 Dr. P. V. Janse, med. 78.00 Dr. J. N. Keneflck, med. «.00 Dr. F. C. Scanlan, med 7.00 Dr. R. L. Corbln, med. 6.00 Dr. P. V. Janse, med. 41.60 Dr. R. N, Reuber, med. 39.00 Dr. W. A. Suthers, dental 20.00 A. H. Borchardt, med. supplies 5.80 C. L. Cavanaugn, med.'sup.__ 16.62 Dr. C. V. Hamilton, med. not all'd Dr. L. W. Swanson med. not all'd St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, hosp. care not all'd Kossuth hospital, hos. care 201.00 General Hospital, hosp. care 36.00 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, hosp. care 75.66 Mrs. Ii'.cyd Stelnman, care 20.00 Mri. Ella Brlggs, care 20.00 Mrs. Lloyd Stebblns, care 58.00 Mary Kuhne, salary 130.85 Marvel Dole, salary 78.60 Algona. I«6 Cream Factory, locker rent . . i .._. 4.69 Iowa Mutual Tornado Ins. ASS'n, premium .^ .. . 8.96 John Uhlenhake, rent' ... 30.00 O. B. Fuller Jr., rent v* 4.60 M. J. Cunningham, rent . 6.00 D. D. Monlux, rent... 30.00 Lydla Relnhaft, rent iO.OO Leo M. Saunders, rent JC.OO Ernest Miller, rent Ifi.OO W. G. MoCullough, amb. serv. WOO Deartmpent of Social Welfare, blind aid 25.28 COUNTY FARM Ben Bakken, salary 71i.< Roy Larson, salary 90.( Pratt Electric Co. sup 49.! L. E. Stephens, light serv 61.3 Hobarton Coop. Elevator, sup. ._ . i__. 78.1 Anderson Jack Sprat Store, prov. _ 114.1 C. S. Johnson, prov. 105.8 Algona Ice Cream Factory, cutting meat and locker rent 36.] Zender's, clothing Shilts Shoe Store, clothing 13.? Dr. L. W. Fox, vet. serv. 67.2 Iowa State Penitentiary, sup. 32.1 C. A. Heard, sup. l.OI Thorpe Wood '& Iron Works, sup. _ 14.36 D. G. Hutchlnson, cattle 267.1 C. W. Mechler, pig 47.5C J. A. Skow, pig O0.( Resolved: That the County Audlto Is hereby authorized to Issue war rants for oil bills allowed at thl meeting aa "per Schedule of Claim Hereinbefore Written." Motion by Helken and seconded b; Qulnn that the 'Board adjourn to th call of the Auditor. Ayes: All. J. H. i-RASEJR, Chairman E. 9. 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SUN RICH PREPARED PANCAKE FLOUR 3Vi IB. PKG. ELBOW MACARONI OR CUT SPAGHETTI 5 IB. BOX BALL MASON FRUIT •lars r;59 GENERAL MASON 2 Jar Covers MASON Jar Rubbers „«. 4c AUNT SUE'S Dry Cleaner g ., lon 69c Self Polishing Wu Aerowax Plnl 23c WHITE LAUNDRY Self Polishing Wu Aerowax Plnl 23c WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP Wash Well .OIT4.C •WEETHEART spap 1C..,. 4 p.;: 2lc Linit i2o, Plfl in AMBASSADOR I V Tissue 6,0,,, 26c ' -. I FLAV-O-RITE IMITATION VANILLA 1AC LARGE • • • 8 OZ. BOTTLE mk^J BA KINO POWDER CALUMET GRAPE NUTS NABI8OO SHREDDED WHEAT .«-** i*.,p kl I4c t _ 13c HARRISON'S ORANGE HUT ORANGE CIDER VINEGAR EMERALD LARGE BUDDED WALNUTS t 39c I2c EIHERALD LARGE BUDDED lie WALNUTS „ 29e ALGONA CREAMERY BUTTER Ib. 49Mc GARDEN-FRESH FOODS CARROTS (re8h 2BNCHS15c ORANGES KOTi(ta 00Z.29c GRAPEFRUIT '*5y to Sc LETTUCE "•-* 25c .GRAPEFRUIT *ft*» 25c California ORANGES, LARGE, DOZ 39c WON COD SELECTED FRESH MEATS Sliced .' " Bacon. Broken ,. „ — ^lb, 26c Smoked Country Sausage - - - - Ib. Me SHW8 Summer Sausage , „ „, Jb, Salt Side Pork Ib, Braunfichweiger Ib. Longhorn Cheese _ _ _ _ Ib. Fresh Afeaty Spare Ribs _ ^lb, Round or Swfet Steak Ib, Jewel Shortening, „ 2 Ibit 26c 33c 33c Oleomargarine ^.i, ft. ^^P ^^P ^^^^^ ^^f^^ |^^d^^ * s ^^B|pp' f ~" ir •* •»,,,_ j. LOW* R. 3. Harrington J. £>. Rooms 212-14 Pint Nat'J Bk. BM*. ALQONA, IOWA VV. B. QUABTON tt. W. MttUil ATTORWByS AT I*AW Office in Sawyer Building Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA HUTCHISON ft ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. Hutchison (1882-1038) Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison Security State Bank Building Phone 261 Algona, low* JT. Van Ness Allen A. Brunaott VAN NESS & BRUNSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices in new Helse Building Phone 213 Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. Kelhr 8HUMWAY A KEIXY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Hutchison Bldg., Phone 38 ALGONA, IOWA LINNAN A LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algona, Iowa Phone SM Offire over Kossuth Mut. Ins. BldiL ALGONA, IOWA I* A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Hutchison BulMlng PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENECTCK, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone C. H. CRETZMEYEB, ML, D^. Phone 444-810 j SURGEON & PHYSICIAN" i Office in John Galbralth Bldg. ' PHYSICIAN & SURGEON MELVIN G. BOVBNE Phone—Office 197 Res. 1M Across from F. S. Norton & Son' OSTEOPATHS DR. SHERMAN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN General Practice Special attention given to non-surgical treatment of rectal disease^ varicose veina and rupture DENTISXK DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg: Phone, Business 186. Residence 78» ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. SCHAAP" DENTIST rlutchlsorr Bldg. Ffiorre-iSa Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa M A. J. EASON, Dentist ' Office over James Drug Store- Phone Office 59 Residence KARL R. HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in New Helse Bldg. Phone 44 EMMETSBURG PRODI CREDIT ASSOCIATION^? Loans to Farmers and Stockme: with a sound basis for cr«Itt. v Rate 4%%. Part time office, Friday 1 to f p. to. at Bohannon Insurance Agency, above S. & L. Store, Alg«na. Typewriter Paper . 500 shftflt* 65c This Is a good grade bond paper and will make, an ex cellent school paper. The Algona Upper / DCS Moines 'I %i j H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load irmured against, loam toe damage. Equipped to do aJJ kinds of draying and haul- Ing. "BETTER QUALITY" SERVKB? ORPER

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