Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 8, 1959 · Page 13
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1959
Page 13
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PITTSBURGH rOST-GAZETTEi SATURDAY, AUGUST.fi, 1959 l; The HDrauna UDesh By HAROLD V, COHEN Local Scrapping The 1939-60 legitimate ion at the Nixon will open the week of September 28 with the Lunts In "The Visit," their last Broadway hit. . . . It'll cost the Westinghouse, Company here around $5,500,000, according to Variety magazine, in time and production costs to cover the political conventions and the presidential election next year, over the Columbia Broadcasting System's television network. Harry Moldell and Donnle Klein, who sold their Uvlng Room In Mitchell Corners a few month ago, have ac quired a new cocktail lounge In Monroevllle. They're calling It the Wooden Nickel and the unveiling take place next Tuesday. The spot features a rustic motif and la located In the old Garden City Model Home on Route 22 near the Miracle Mile Shopping Center. . The Pittsburgh Savoyards are holding auditions for new Inglng members Sunday afternoon, August 16, In the Arts and Crafts Center. Walt Harper's band opens a fortnieht eneacement. next week at Tommy Carlyn's Star dust Lounge. They'll play there Wednesday through Rat urday. . . . Some gagster clipped the words "The Rover Boys from a newspaper aa for the singing group and pasted it on the door of the WWSW office housing salesmen Jack DeHaven and Siri Berlin. . ... "Ice Capades" goes Into Johnstown s Cambria County War Memorial Arena August IS for six nights. Don Brockett, the TV Guide promotion director, will stage the dances for the Mountain Playhouse's upcoming production of "Bells Are Ringing" (August 3lSeptember 12). Brockett was also the choreographer for "Paint Your Wagon" at the Jenners-town strawhat earlier this season. . . . Tom Hall, the Pitt Players' 1959 acting award winner, Is working with the Edgewater Beach Summer Theater In Chicago. The Vagabonds gave the Holiday House the biggest midweek business (without any party bookings) In its history. . . . The Warner Theater will shut down for a short time after the run of Danny Kaye's "The Five Pennies," which follows "The Nun's Story," in order to install Todd-AO equipment. . . . Terry Davis, the son of Gus Davis, the Stanley -Warner Theaters -circuit booker, leaves Monday for San Antonio, Texas, to begin a four-year hitch in the Air Force. The column's sympathies la B. F. (Dlnry) Moore, the Stanley Warner Theaters district manager, on the, death of his wife, Mrs. Irene Moore, after a lingering Illness. Services are being held at Rein-hauer's tomorrow and the body will be taken to Illinois for ' burial on Monday . . . .Tack Cargo has gone back to I.as Vegas on a talent-hunt for his and .lirnrny Fallon's-New Arena. Billy Conn went with him. Local bov Don Liberto will be In "CalfMe Madam" at the St. Louis Muny Opera next week and In "Babes in Toy-land" the week after that. Active on network television as an actor, dancer and choreographer, Liberto started his career, here a lot of years ago as half of the team of Liberto and Owens. . . . George Scott, who is so good as the relentless state's attorney in 'Anatomy of a Murder" at the Harris, has just been signed by Warner Brothers to play the title role in "The Life and Death of Legs Diamond (the notorious gangster)." The Stanley will sneak preview scarey one tonight. . . . Post-Gazette sport editor Al Abrams Is vacationing In Las Vegas. . . . Pittsburgh dancer I.u Maraclnl was felled by pneumonia while touring In the summer theater package of "The Zlegfeld Follies." with Bert Wheeler and Hank I.add, and Is In the Fltkln Hospital In Asbury Park. N.J. "AISOLUTILT PRICILISSI" mjr -an FERNANUtL" vt. TOTO in! Addenda Frank Sinatra drew an estimated 10,000 into Atlantic City's 500 Club in 18 shows over eight days. The take, including admissions, food and drink, hit close to $130,000. . . . The Ethel Merman hit, "Gypsy," is earning more lhan $2.3.000 a week. . . . Alec Guinness will return to the London stage next season to portray Lawrence of Arabia in a new play by Terence Rattlgan. George Vnskovec Is the latest actor signed for Paddv Chayefsky's "The Tenth Man" . . . Biff McGuIre and Cindy Robhins will be co-starred with Henry Hull In "Happy Town." The songand dancer begins renearsing on Monday. . . . Michael Hordern, it British actor, Is coming over this fall to go Into "Moon-birds" with Wally Cox. . . . Jeffrey Hayden, Eva Marie Saint's husband, will direct the movie version of "Mines-burg, Ohio," the collection of Sherwood Anderson stories, for United Artists. Here's One Way to Relwarse jl 3l - Jl ) Kennywood Gets Walter SoIekRnncl The "Clown Frince of Tnl- irpii. nynp "Cenqu.tt of the Msen" Ta-n-th.r fnaet rid Air C.riltlne4 kas," Walter Solck, will have his orchestra at Kennywood Tark tomorrow for 3 and 8 p. m. concerts at the Music Tlaza. Also known as the singing drummer man, Solek has had numerous hits on Dana Records, and adds a touch of comedy to the polka-playing routines. Twice dally through next week, except Monday when the park and pool are closed, Kennywood is presenting high diver Henri LaMothe, He jumps from a forty-foot lad der into two feet of water. Co-featured is the Five Frednnlas troupe of foot Jugglers. ITBMfV WQRIUR 1 THERTiRS "MAN'S REACH" ky GMy, L'Aihky IVIHY WID.. THURS., Fit I.. SAT. AT 1:41 t. M. nin rnnuniuv. iMiRtnnr at enunnrtt e.niii Til THRU uo. r Yv.yr- FH8HI tHum ima rot JH0W1IMI c jk; AIR CONDITIONED n.A Walk! Blt th In Thi Worldt CENTENNIAL Will B. Able and Gloria LeRoy are apparently having a ball while rehearsing for Hie Civic Light Opera production of Victor Herbert's "Naughty Marietta," which opens a week's engagement al the Melody Tent on Monday. The presentation marks a salute to the composer's centennial year. The Neav IFilms 'Sorth by Northwest Comes to the Perm And the Fulton Gets 'The Mummy By HAROLD V. COHEN The entertainment is as high as an elephant's eye in "North By Northwest" Nobody can possibly believe a single word or situation in it, but Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, the subliminal director, and his scenarist, Mr. Ernest Lehman, have put together a haywire nightmare that runs all the way. Mr, Hitchcock's tongue sticks out to here in his cheek, and Mr. Lehman never stops winking. Together they have compounded the old adage that it's fun to be fooled and mas saged the funny-hone while feather-dusting the spine. "North By Northwest" is a thriller with a giddy sense of humor. Very little of it makes sense, but no matter. From the moment Mr. Cary Grant, a Madison Avenue advertising man, is kidnaped by a band of for eign agents who think ne s someone else, "North By Northwest" stays on a roller- coaster that operates on laugh ing gas. The chase, besides being wild and pixilated, is also wonderfully scenic, and from New York to Chicago to the Mount Rushmore Memorial Monument at Rapid City. S. D., the movie spins a spiders web around a Cook's Tour. None of Mr. Hitchcock's dia bolic skill has been dissipated, and his shnrk treatments are full of chill and malarkey. He and Mr. Lehman have added several Machiavellian varia tions, too. One is a classic: Mr. Grant slands alone on n deserted midwestern highway in the middle of nowhere waiting for a rendezvous. Suddenly a small plane appears in the distance. It comes closer I and closer, missing the ground by inches and Mr. Grant falls flat on his face. Back again it roars and Mr. Grant has another hairbreadth escape. The game of cat-and-mouse continues between man and machine until the pilot finally realizes he cannot kill Mr. Grant without killing himself. By that, time, "North By Northwest" has left every pulse in the audience barely beating. For a finish, Mr. Hitchcock has arranged another of his cliffhangers against a macabre setting. Mr. Grant and Miss Eva Marie Saint are fleeing the villains and their only avenue of escape is Mount Rush-more. Over the great stone faces of Lincoln. Washington, Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt they climb, their fingers clinging to a huge lip or a giant nose as death stalks them at the top and yawns thousands of feet below as well. Ridiculous? To be sure, but Mr. Hitchcock makes It work; the itchy suspense has been lined with nervous disbelief and the anaesthesia spreads a comic glaze. As a matter of fact, the whole picture has the essence and flavor of a head-stand on a slap-stick. And yet an air of slippery sophistication pervades it, too. The mixture pays off handsomely. The character of the angry, perplexed, bewildered case of mistaken Identity fits Mr. Grant like a glove. It is obvious he relishes the role, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Miss Saint has been converted beyond her sweet and gentle norm into a fetching sex symbol, and the metamorphosis is entirely, successful. She looks and acts like exactly the kind of a young lady Mr. Grant would be willing to risk life and ilmb for. As the head heavy, Mr. James - Mason is suave and smooth and his chief hatchct-man Is played with glowering blackness by Mr. Martin Landau. Although their roles are small, Miss Jessie Royce Lan-dis, as Mr.' Grant's somewhat kittenish mother, and Mr. Leo G. Carroll, the bland Washington operative, spike some spices of their own. The goose pimples of "North By Northwest" are nourished on some waggish hnrs d'oeuvres and the mer- SThELAWuT!iELAWj Mrry It AIS ?r".0700 CONDITIONS FREE CONCERT Tonight 1:00 P. M. WEST VIEW Nicholas J. Parille'i Band ri 1X7 LATC SHOW TONITt 10:30 FLASH O'FARRELL AND LAVODIS NOW SHOWING estrTON M(i RiMIt rtNII Ml. tahnnon MWimilf miviBi ihtuviim STUDIO I,llna Illustrating His Past f ; , It ;l iid C:: I "' I1 ' 1 n.A BOV Suzanne Turner Is a bit shucked ns ( arl l ow, In the role of a playboy who has had six wives, demonstrates his point In "Drink To Me Only." The farce comedy, which opens n week's run at Hie Whlta Barn on Monday, la being: presented for the first time In this area. riment and the melodrama here are maximal. 'The Mummy Fulton By WIN FANNING The doorman at the Fulton hands the patrons a small envelope of "tomb dust" as they enter the theater to see "The Mummy." The dust, it is said, gives protection against, the curse of the mummy. If you are the least bit sup erstitious it would be well to shake a bit of the dust on your sleeve immediately. This curse business b ec o m e s mighty frightening before Mr. Peter Cushing can get things under some measure of control. As monsters go Mr. Christopher Lee can take honors in the ugly department. Wrapped ffom head to toe in the style common to mummies, he is also murh the worse for 4.000 years of wear. Then, too, as a "living mummy," it is necessary for him to have holes cut out for the eyes. This special feature serves to heighten the general air of unpleasantness about him. The story has to do with an Egyptian curse brought to bear on all who violated the tomb of a high priestess laid to rest 4,000 years back. It is a trifle confusing, but apparently the god she served has designated one of his present day disciples to carry out the murderous vengeance. This chap, played by Mr, George Fasten, enlists 1he services of Mr. Lee to handle the actual dirty work. Mr. Lee was, in life, the secret lover of the priestess, Thus, he goes about his task with a special enthusiasm of his own. Well, of course, although bullets can't stop him and spears pass through his body harmlessly, Mr. Lee Is finally brought up short. How this is accomplished you must discover for yourself. Despite an excessive amount of hocus-pocus including a delightfully bloody, but much too long, entombing ceremony Mr. Jimmy Sangster's screen play is both suspenseful and highly entertaining. The color photography does much to give this English production fine polish. Miss Yvonne Furneaux also adds a welcome touch of beauty to Director Terence Fisher's otherwise grim cast of characters. And don't forget that tomb dust. There is something about "The Mummy" which seems to fairly rry out for "The Return of the Mummy" at some fu-lure date. It would be best to be prepared. MEN, NOW! ff II DIRINC tntiiT niiati I I llffffiT"' iHaffiffil I I -' 'I i&M I ill wt&mmi ijji II ---J i x KffBAxV I? I ML NEW uc& N0W lUllSi 1 1 " AU CDNRITI0NE0 FULTON M J f It h ( graaftal tf LIBERTY LOUNGE Mnrititmry Cur, Filfrl HI. NOW APPEARING NIGHTLY Ted Curson ttt AHN,? 4 plus 1 GROUP rlurinj fr Iht Urti A Purl "I iMI R'rnrlllnr Hlr itl Lllllf JOf rnni,l fphn" MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON THE "GOLDEN CRUCIBLE" Pittsburgh's Spctculr Histories Drama MON. thru SAT. 8:45 POINT STATE PARK 4 mm. LAST 8 NIGHTS! Call COurt 1-5760 for rMrnn. Tlckfti aim t tB RfflfM nt Mrt.on. Pmw t rrtt. Fl-dlit Tnui Commnnvmih Trtut rid Uni'vB NMml kinti. OillHr (ill ptrlrmint): . A4IU (Mn . Tr I; 111. 12 m, JMJ! i. snt.it n in, n ti, 9 .t.Sft. 3RD SMASH WEEK! SEE IT FROM THI BEGINNING rutin: 11:151:5! 4.45 7 3S 10 50 JAMES STEWART LEE REMICK BEN GAZZARA ARTHUR O'CONNEXC EVE ARDEN KATHRYN GRANT. (On.. o.on fy p.m. . . . A CHILL1N&, TINGLING SHOCK HITI A miq unt in lacnnicviori Com oi ary at A.SS or at lot oi 9:20. SFE 2 HTS! "THE BIG CIRCUS" 11 11143, ZMD, :ju, d:b5, iu;b ViraSTANLEYtSS WamkataaWam 4Wtk KIM NOVAK FRIDRIC MARCH b, PADDY CHAYFFSKY IVM'HrWflW. I LAST hm hi i mm HUDRESiliEPDURN w FRED ZINNEMANN'S The Nuns Storm wawawawaawauawaa rtcHNicoi-oft'HM SATURDAY KIDDIE MAT. MAN0H, HOLLYWOOD KENrON, ROWLANO, UK A WHITEHALL AND ARSENAL TUN! ACTION! THHILLtl MATINEE DAILY At All THlilirl Cnllml firlrmn,tl jrrii.W'i:nM.'H3 Hd JOrPH N. WFLCH M Judgt Wttwf LIBERTY C. I.lhortj MO. SO. HILLS fXKMONl vo. l-iino DENIS Mt. 11)1 nnn LC. 1-1 00 TflRKR KTnnnri "HAVE ROI'KKT WII.I, TKAVEL" to fpiitiiri "TBI! Till NO I.A.VTi" t)tl4 SUn h1rlT WKl.tlm "ARK ANT 01R1," Iniini Iraiil-Mltil Styaor "tOUTH fACIflC" ' iinnnlrnt tarkini ft.: 2:J0, :40, 9 25 Sharldun Stt wiv-wi. Himn IM. 1-3215 STRAND J-6WI Ontlani ku. MANOR S. Hill HA. 1-1633 HOLLYWOOD Dormant LP. 1-1066 ' AMBRIDGE Afflbf litgt CO. 6-3690 KENYON Norlh (ID FA. 1-1005 WHITEHALL fr Brfntwond TV. 2-3015 frit Parklni ARSENAL A laitrrnmllli U. J-5544 ROWLAND Wllkiaibara rr. i-soni ETNA Etna IT. 1-0418 Man WhaCmK Ch'at 0,ln pail Nraman-Bark 'oil rOtJNfi PHILADf LPHlANS Saian Havwata r.alar WOMAN 0SfSSED Walt Hlny'i Calnr "SLEEPING BEAUTY" AoOK Mafuhy "RI0E A CIIOOKED TAll" JOHN WAYNI WM. HOL0IN "The HORSE SOLDIERS" Tarhnltitart Clnnruiroaai also "Tin Musger" Ofhorah Km-Val Srynmr "1 H E JOIUNEY" Cnlor nbrl lv!nrln Parkar "THE HANCMAN" Marilyn Monrn. Tony I'arlii. lark Lrmmnn 'SOMl LIKI IT HOT I. Cgny in fHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL 2 Ta Coliir Hlt! nsAUNn Riissra "AUNTIE MAMI" Dnril Oav. Jarb Lammntt IT HAPPENED TO JANE' Dt. liivnalrl" Tuny Ranriall "MATING G AMI' Drkwati Krr Yul Orynnar THE 10UP.NEY" r.alar Plat! 2 Dltnry Faatarillail fl dk Ik h A a J III TOMORROW In FREE Conc.rfi Ti. Clown Print of Polkai WALTER SOLEK POLKA ORCHESTRA FREE THRILL SHOWS Each Afternoon & Nite IXCrPT MONDAYS WHEN PARK IS CLOSED IIATOX TWIKLIXft OXTEST AUGUST IS Enter Now! Aug. 23 thru 20 FALL FANTASY "NEPTUNE'S KINGDOM ON PARADE" and FESTIVAL ef MUSIC BATHING end AMUSEMENTS COMING SOON ! A '"-,' - " ' ..... I'ZX'i A JWHIB KM 1STAVCI0N AIR. CONDITIONED WARNER , PIFTH VENUE AFTERNOON ond EVENING FREE TODAY THE DIVING SENSATIONS AIR CONDITIONED DANGELAND SUBJECT TO CLUB MEMBERSHIP tonite . ADTIC ADLMCI I fill I IL. Hllllkkk TOMORROW DANCE THURSDAY, AUGUST 13th THE nADQFV ORCHESTRA TOMMY UwllOt I 9 to I A.M. THOROFARE DAYS Aug;. Nth Thru 1 4th WEST VIEW PARK CLOSED MONDAYS - .- -3 ENJOY YOUR MOVIES 7JE2- ..nr4aP k ctarc ABC BLUE DELL In.t. JO Eart YAllay J-lrlvl BROOKSIDE tnt &lckly. Wjtik f Kfii CAMP HORNE twaa I! 14 I tlalt 1Kb i. J0r.it 4-4127 COLONIAL t. 11 laatk Oiympia 5 9T07 DEPENDABLE Pirkwty ffttmlUR Mln fra Airport, A M hrriM-5071 ECHO It. 41 at i aria Ella M,i EL RANCHO t. ?H, Iria-anllta CAaal 1 6027 FAIR GROUND Vawairlllt it .it ti Viat 'arl Falrjroani., II 1 0152 FAMILY It. 5 A. Np KilnrtM EDIim 7-7831 GATEWAY atmaat CI Clak Ian laft HI. ta Kawltai, It. 909 Greater Pittsburgh It. 0. V4 Ml. Call il Wart-lnho.i. Irltia. Villi, i iltc Greater Pittsburgh It M). v. m, (an at W.rt-laihaaia Irlaia. Valin 4 55'0 GREENTREE iikliiliiwa ti ,. Oiflaa I CarmiU. WAIn.t 1-2049 HARMAR It. ? HaroarallH akniaal "i.S25 KENMAWR It. ?1 lit. IiKhi iafka- Canaaalli. Sf, 1-057? MAPLE It 50 Bahrain 10 Kl. I. at Wllilaikart MT. LEBANON 19 Mil fro Mt L T I Llttla Wail. It 19 MT. LEBANON 11 Mid m Ml Lai T I i Ittl. Wail It 1 rint riltiborib Ihnwlni 'Hvi Rocket Will Tnvil' 3 Stoogis' "YOUNO LAND" Tech. Pat Waynt Cartnon Show n Dm r If t h t trrrtu Rlartlnf 7.4A "Hivt Rookit Will Travel" "3 Stooeei" "Thi Tnunt I anal" Tarn. Pal Wira. '"AluU. Ih Bun" Tich. "'Hivt Rocket Will Travel" "3 Srooei" "Tb Toonr ttnll" Trh. Pt Wan "Rrnl Brfiail" TVch. Rnrk Hiidino 'Tururu, Bfa,t of thu Amaioo" Tf-Ata. rartnnn ftbow on I)ivl(ht &rrm Ftirdnf T.ifl "Have Rocket Will Travel" "3 Stooges" "Th Tonnf land' Trh. Tat Warn -AtllU, tha Hun" Tarh. "Have Rocket Will Travel" "3 Stooeei" "YOUNO LAND" Tech. Pt Wayne Atllla. tha Ron" Tarh. ""Have Rocket Will Travel" "3 Stooeei" "YOUNO LAND" Tech. Pat Wayne "Ouarn of Shah" "HORSE SOLDIERS" Cine.-Tech. William finld-n. Jnhn Un Indnrrert" 1 crh InjrM Ber f mta litra; Latt Niook Rhow Tontht Firat PUuhnrgh Khmrlnf ( Carton n rhw ) 'Have Rocket Will Travel' '3 Stoogot' Y0UN0 LAND" Tech. Pat Wayne Unnfrt" Flrat Fu II If n r' " Faalnr. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" Tha Triune 1 ind" Tarh. Pal Ha.n "Man Innrlr ' Jtrk ralanra, Anita Kkhairf "I Ntnotaa" In Flrat Full-I.an(th Fralar. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "Tha Tonnf land Tarh. Pat W.raa tllr: Lata fcpnok Show Tonlfht Diiney'i "TONKA" Tech. Sal Mineo "Tha Trap" Tarh Itlrharrl WMmark X Pnrlalfnna" la . ;Brlfltta Barrlnt Tlua Lata Fponk fthnvr Cartnon Rhn an DaTllfht S.rern Startlnf "H "HERCULES" Tech. Steve Reevej "Oram Manalnna" Tarh A. Hrphnrn. A. Pfrkllii Eitrn: "hilrnt F.namf " Cartoon (haw An Darlltht frrCrn flUrtlnf I 00 lllanaa'a "Tonka' lorn. 8al Mlna. "Thiinrlrr In the Sun" Tarh. Illaan HaYMarri. .IrtT Chanrllar F.alrm: "Land Unknown ""THE YOUNQ PHILADELPHIA'S" 10:40 Paul N. wman, Rarhara Rnah "fit) Ail Oay lor A Ma nvinff" -Te fh f MiMDrrty Kitra: ' Part? ( rashfra" Mark Damon ''IIor snldifra" ("ln.-1fh. Hihium Holdrn. .lohn Wafnit "Rally Hound lht Ht Bo" 'inr.-Tfwk. Paai Nftrmin, Jnunnt Woodward. Joan CoUlns Extra: Knfak PrprlfW Tnni.ht "HORSE SOLDIERS" Cine.-Teck William Holrlm. John tVarna "Bnoirhoal ' Tarh. t.. (.rant, R. Iarn Kltr: "Cult nf tha tobiV "HORSE SOLDIERS"-Cine..Teck William Holdan. John W ayna "Rmkabya Babj" Jarrj Lrwla Film: Lata Spook ghnwl ' Stnoma" In Flrat Full-Ianrih Fralar. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "Tha Triune Land" Tarh Pkt Warn. Cartoon Show rim Late Spook Show "UP PERISCOPE" -Tech. Jamaa "Maiarlrk" C.arrar "Raatlaaa Trara" sndr Dae. John gaara Tafnaja Bad Girl" 0OIN It. l''i II. I a traaai iart. 6nrai.r 2S04 PENN-LINCOLN It. 97 i0 W aaar Inaarrai it tlw V.,etiri -?2il PITTSBURGH It. 22. laraatlm Onial Flrat Ran Orrrnaburf Ara "THE BEAT GENERATION" tr ( nrnran, Mamia Vn Dnraa ....'Bl n rator" Mickaj Koonr; "RIO BRAVO" Rainbow Gardens llMaia War : Ml al llaia Hi way ftrahari 2-632) RANALLI'S It 8 lat Ctna I lak.ntaa-a. NllltM 5-2297 ROUTE 19 t Mia tram Ml Liiiaaa Tawari Wiihinutaa SILVER LAKE Within City waik Hit Mln Fraoaitnwa. t. t. HI 1-1899 SOUTH HILLS It !1 S lilt w. Aatart HI. (-7112 -Tech. '"in Wijni,, liran Martin. Rlrkf NrlM an. i.aai Hiittkrif r' Va n Jnhnaon Litra: Lair Spook Khnw "PORK CHOP HILL" Gregory Peck "ALIAS JESSE JAMES" Tech. . Bob Hopa. Khnnrla Fltmlni "SOME CAME RUNNING" CineTecC Prank Sinatra, liran Martin, ghlrlar MarL.ln. TARZAN'S FIGHT FOR LIFE" Tech. " Strioraa" in" Flrat Fnll-Lanrth Pattnr. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "Thi tnnni l.nnd" Tarh. Put Warn. Lt Show: Krrrnia l Frinkanatain" "THE BIG CIRCUS" Cine.-Tech. Vlr-tnr Maiur Krd Ruttnna. Rhonda FlemlBI J7HE REBEL SEr-Kathleen Crowley " 8lMrn"lB'lrl"'faliaVn?thlriitMr "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "Thi Tnnnf Land" Tarh Put Warn. "tr:"Twn-Hfadrd 8pj" Jack Htnkin Cartoon ( arnlral tt ""'n MHn( lumr"-Clnf.-Tnk. Dehhla Rari.nlda. font Randall. Paul DonglM "Allai .laaaa Jamra" Tarh. Bob Hon. r.xlr; "Nakad In tha Sun" Color SOUTH PARK Kail. 8 T.annai i-nri SUPER 30 It. JO. Iran. Fa. Uaiarhlll -7417 "HERCULES" Tech. Steve Reevei "Enchanted Uland" Tech. Dana Andrewe ttrt; Lata Spook Show Tonlaht "Imitation nl Life" Ctna -Tarh. Lan. Inrnrr Sandra Ore. Jnhn Cnalai "Tha Parlert Fnrlourh" f Inr.-Trrh. Tona Cnrtla, Janrt Lrlsh Fitra: "Klaa nl Fire" Jack Falann. SUPER 71 N It . 51 ti 71 Wnarl 9-7040 "ANATOMY OF A MURDER" Jai. Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Sanara Pint Salaried Nhorl 8uhMU SUPER 71 a. It Jl ti 71 Wtrerli 9-7040 TWIN HI-WAY It 0. 2 Ml. W. tnWii. w.im iaaa Wexford Starlit laate ) I Mllai trim Wail Via. Wt. 4-27J1 "I Stooiea" In Flrat riill-tnfth raat.r. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "LEGEND OF TOMJOOLEY" "8 toorea" la Flr Pnll-Lanrtli Faatnr. "HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "Th Yonnj Land" lech. Pat Vttynt Kitra: "Klnta Go Forth" Frank tlnalra "COMPULSION" Cine. Oraan Wallva. IManne Varat, Dean F look. en "Th. Hanfman" Rnhort Taylor. Tina Lonta. 'At War With the Arm;" Martin Uvta WOODLAND zir 2 " ."L 'r'ch- amaaad Ittaaeaai M m tra- "1 Mltla nf Rome," Marl. I ana IM llriwrt HlatMtaai J-4JJ4 rttlMrefi a Arlmlaalo. Reanlred aaaMaWMi IATI RDAt, At'Ct'8t 8, 18st MaaaraaaaaaaMaweaaaa

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