Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 29, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER THE BRYAN CLUB. ..... V ; Heard an Address From Frantic Free Silverite Wallratti. .; IstChoice Of Otto's very Finest Tan Shoes. High or Low Cut for Ladies. ft* O $1.98 UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'*" He--My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. GREATER YOUNG AND INNOCENT. Ever Beyond the shadow o a doubt, our new ar rivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & Klinsicfc 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 iiATIONAL BANK -oy- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. A. J. Murdock, Pre*. W. W. Ron, CusJ). J. r. Brooknueyer, Aut. Caoh. DIRECTORS: JL 3. Rice, W. H. Brlngbnrst, A, J. MordocK, Dennis Uhl. B. F. TanUfl, jr. M. Harwood, . w. T. wuson. EftnklnK In ai; Its Departments promptly anil carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholder! •ought for. Strong Re«erv» Fund maintained. The Logansport Humme Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S, Klce—Pre». Geo. W. Waltem-Sec. J. J. HUdebranilt-.Trean. "W, M. IJInhop—ilumniie Ofllcer. I, 3. Blc*. J. C. Haj'lej, F. C. Coolbougb Geo W •Walters, J. J. Hlldebnndt, Peeked Justice. Isaah Adnmi, Sirs. W. D. Pratt Mrs. J. N. Hefl. Telephon* No. 30. Be;ort ca«e» of cruelty to Secretary. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BEOADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL There Were Four of Them—They Hailed From Logansport. Wabash Tribune: Yesterday Frank Sampson received a telegram from Ben Casto, of-Logansport, announcing the startling fact that his young son', together with another lad and two young girls, all living near that city, hail given their parents the slip and started out to see the world. He asked If they had shown up In Wabash. Frank wheeled to his father's farm, south of town, and there sure enough were the innocent dears paying a short visit to tho family with whom they wore acquainted.. In their youth and innocence they had started out to see a'small section of the world. Disregarding the rules and regulations which arc supposed to control society and the lives of people, they concluded to go in a crowd, veritable bnbes In the wood, yon know. Tho first night was spent in Pern and in the morning they traveled on toward Wabash, repairing to the Sampson IJni'm as before stated. They had planned to visit nt Marlon, Anderson mid /ill of the "real big" cities in this portion of the country, had not their plans been rudely.interfered with by destiny in tho sha.po of indignant parents. When Frank delivered Mr. Casto's message they wisely concluded to heed it and returned to tlielr homes yesterday afternoon." The neetiug between the parents and ehil-. dren must have been of a very entertaining, nature, of that kind, in fact, which has..been the means of rendering matrimony unpopular with many men. A.nd probably the worst is yet to come. Thomas Jefferson Tuley. iwlio.' ha.w departed from the teachings of his 11-, liistrious namesake, called a meeting of the Second, Third and Fourth ..ward Bryan clubs at the court house, last evening, and there were jnst-liftyont'- present, counting George Bttrkhart' and John Gamblne, who do n'ot propel';' ly belong in this territory. This 1 'was.' in marked contrast with the 250 at tli.e MeKinley meeting at tbf rink. Peter Wallrath was. l.hi speaker, and as his -convictions fluently expressed are for sound-money; 1 there was a curiosity to stfc how' h'e would defend free silver.-•''Mr.'/Wa'll-' rath spoke 'in the broken Ebgiish./jo- familiar to those who talk with .him. He'said: "'-. ". '.,.'.. V-y "Shontleiuens uu.d members ..-uf -. dui sillier club. T am bleased iu nieet-TicI' you dunight. (Applause.) .Dis- coiin- dry is sooffring under'a greaffinaiisnal debretchen. It haf all bin caused-by de contratcheii uf our money. Vat. ve'<; vant Ish more money. (Vociferous a'p-. plause.) Vee.hadi. a great dehl uf.berc knbid.'i. money duhring .de .var. -uml now vee haf no bore kabida becansh. it ish all horded py.de panks. Euglriii'd hash d.-iken all our golt until vee--'iiiif nodings but. bnbor money. Unil> di? United States hash now 'rcfoosed- 'to coin eny more sillier for de poor man. Dat ish de cnnditchcn uf de beeplos' uf de country now. In all ages it bash bin de customarlo to haf de golt .tor. de ridcli man und d<> poor man dook- vat he kood get. Vat vee need 'ish more silber money, und if Bi'lon Isli leetded he vill gif do poor'man vat is'li in de Democratic blot'form.' ('Applause^' Den vee'kon dell de ridlch 'man- ,'tu dake hish golt und shrike it avny,.vor, vee vill haf blouty silber. monies. Veil 1 de ridtch man finds dat vee ken 'du' vicloudt hish golt becaush vee haf : 'sil- ber, und-Iie kont lind enybodys to lone hish golt tii. den he vill pe vary villln'g' tu led usli haf golt tu. Dat isli do vay veo vill du veil Brion ish lecdtcd." (Applause.) . ,,- . , • Frank Kistler followed Mr. Wallrath. He said: "As we are short'of timr? I will not attempt to give yoil aii These include our Very Finest, Former Price $4.00, : • • 15c for Children's Waists. 15c for Boys' Knee Pants » :AII on First floor for the Greater Convenience of our Lady jpatrons. KRAUS "Of Course" •';''PERSONAL. - W. H. A'list in of Rensselear is in the city. ,. .-,, -. . • i 'Mrs.-Cv-O:.'0hcr is visiting at South Bond'. I.- ••?-:/-•' '• ' '\< .• ': -F. .ij'B'rlgg's was at Lafayette yesterday. • • ' . ; Jllss..Gi-Mcp Sbnfor is nt Marion for a visit.!'.., . , '.George ..Ham is visiliug relatives nt El wood-, "..-.;.- jThrid Hbkii.was hero yesterday from Wiiha-sh. •' |A."W. -Abbott of Lafayette was here yjestord'ay. 'it, Q, p'op.bw. is here from Decatur 'fipv. a.risit.; • .-... . . . |.Tv F.)R.jMin wn.S: here yesterday from '.South-Bend', v PLANS FOILED ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Jail Breakers Caught at Old Tricks. ouiliue of the great financial rjuesfibu'.. 1 can not do so iu fifteen minutes/The only man who can cover fills important quest-ion in fifteen minutes.is our candidate for president. William J.. Bryan. The principal object of 1 this meeting is to find out how many will go to hear Bryan spenki We-want to charter'a special 'train and -want' to know what we can expect. I will ask all who are willing to go to stand up,' 1 A count of those standing showed, that eleven were willing to throw away good money Cor bad, and though Mr, Kistler made no comment,.,It Is'.safe'' to assume that lie thought n liand car: would be fully equal to -the occasion: ; of'Wabash was iu the fcrly' jre'ste'rCay. . • • • ' jWiir.Small is the guest of .his parents at ijtli^ilc fpr a.' short time. jriaivry.Ciiirli of-Wnbash has"'returued 'home after a, short visit here. ' A.-W:: Abbott of'Lafayette: was yes- tohlnj- -oa-ll[ng- on friends here.' - : Franfc"Washburri has returned I'rom 'liuiit.ing'toiv. after a short visit. '••' :M'iss/';\iame Friend has as a, guest M'UsjSo'Uie .Griffith of Lafayette. il'hos.'FoIIen, agent for-the-Wabasli 'at.!Lnl'ay.ette, was in the city yesterday. '. M-iss Mary 'Price of Wabash is here for a visit of a few days with .relatives. .. W: 1-1. Bringliurst is at hoine again after : h trip through Northern Michi- M.L9S,-Verne -Markiand of- Kokonio' is:r.lift'.g.uest of Miss Gertrude Hill in the city. DeiVtr-Martin has returned to Ills noii)e" i in'Missouri after a visit with ':',?lli^s,Auna Enyart of Moscow, Idaho. •is ilie'ijruJes.t of 'her parents, who live in WERE DUMPED AGAIN. THE SILVER MOON. Ciit No Figure With Pe.ople Who Want to Hear flusic. Notwithstanding the chilliness of the iir last night, there was a good crowd nit to hear the band concert and enjoy he beauty of the ulght. These are icrfect evening's and the appreciation if thorn is none the less real because lire is a "silver moon." Following is lie program rendered by the Military and last night: larch, "Bombasto" ... Fnrrar Vn.lt/, "Life Is a Dream" GlkofC My Old Kentucky Home" Dolby Glllhoolle' sWeedlng" Reos Silver Wedding". Schleproll elections 1'rom "Wang" Morse: larch. "Eleventh Infantry" Barber of Seville"...:...... .Rossini Quakers are a rto6doo--Eveit Cuppy Couldn't Win..-•:.• And still the Quakers continue to.wad. from' the Spiders. Even Cuppy was. not strong enough to win. from- <tlie- bard-hitting aggregation from the-city.; of brotherly love yeslerdny, and in ; cpn-'' sequence another game was SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 189G. Plenty celery.—Rpthermel. Read the.Bee Hive ad. today. Don't miss it, ' To Dr. and Mrs. ,7, M. Ward of Kewanna, a son. Jubilee concert at the colored church Monday evening. Admission 10 cents. The truth or falsity of Otto's shoe offer can be seen at a glance in'passing the store. C. R. Lybrook will be. tlie.principal in the schools-at; Young America during the next year.' . • .. . ';- ._ Be on hand early to carry off.your share of the bargain handkerchiefs WQ: offer today.—Bee Hive. Henry L. Swlag : aiid Miss Anna Ran- 1 Jail, both of Walton; were married .recently by the'Rev. S. ii. Stokes. .500 baskets of' peaches-wiere received yesterday. SCO- will arrive today. Plenty for cyerj'body.—M^C»ffr.ex."'l& Co, •'..-. .(:.••-• .'','"' ". :-. " '..Many people-will go to South Bend Sept. 3d to hear W. J.-.Bryan speak.- Half fare for the round .trip.—Vandalla line." ; ' WATKINS FAMILY REUNION. The decendants of Thomas Mahoue Watkins, of Montgomery c,ounty, Va,, born in 17SO held a reunion at the city park in Kokomo Wednesday embracing throe hundred persons. Among the representatives were Eliza Watkins, of Middletown, Ind,, and Ellen W. Wal- eotr, of Mimcie,' they being tho only surviving children of'the elder Watkins. .Officers for .next years were chosen <is follows: President, John J, Walking,'of Swnyzee;'Vice President/ Horace McDowell, of Windfall; Secretary, Win. M^ Watkins of Kokomo; Aslstant Secretary A. P. Watkins of Lincoln, lud. A canvass of .the ninety- t\vo voters of the family developed that- they-were unanimously •Republican in politics. The next reunion will bo held iu Kokomo in-August, 1897. Consolation in defeat, Cincinnati' nl'sV. lost to the Champions' and are, gjilng, down the toboggan chute 'with '^lie^ Clevelamls. Chicago won one ' froni; tbe.Bostons and Washington puiied -up; into the third division by winning ffojri Pit'tsburg. Following are the scores of the games yesterday: . • ... •'';-..'•'.:/. At Baltimore—Cincinnati (;."•'•Baltimore S. •''• '-'" - •'•'• At Philadelphia—Cleveland (i, Tliifa-;' delphia 10. ' . ' " '. : .;,, / !"" At Washington—Pittsburg 5, ,Wasli,v ington 33. • . ; •; v...; ; -.j Xt Brooklyn—Louisville 3, lynS. . •-.'.'.•' At Boston—Chicago fi, Boston;- 4. At New York—St. Louis York 2, ', • ••'•-' STANDING OF THE'CLUBSt of at the the • r :-.T,auje8;.An'derson, formerly '''Bajrnfitt;- 1s now- -night -clerk Nicholas inTL : .ifayette. ' ;,.",Miss Henrietta. Smith, of. Lafav.ette, ,is iheiHii5st 'of'her aunt, .Mrs. John B. WiikMns'o'f'.Titr'd street. Mitchell will return to- Tho Siieriff found a place on iho South wall of'tlm jail where n number of rivets that hold the iron plates in place, had been cur. with some instrument, probably in the hands of prisoners preparing for a general jail deliv-' ery. The find was made through a prisoner named .Tamos Silence, who was brought: here from El wood ; the confer< ::•. Wednesday by Sheriff McKay of Wi:i- .held ::t a nine. Silence was accused of larceny. He told tlic Sheriff with whom lie was 'traveling toward Winamac, that The prisoners at tbc Cass county jail were preparing to move. Sheriff McKay of course notified Sheriff Adams, and when the matter was looked into, it was found that the" plate was ready for removal, and that a few minutes active work would make a passage through (he weak brick wall an easy matter. The tool with which the cutting was done was found concealed in a bed. It was a case knife, formed into a saw. and made a very effective 100! for a workman who had plenty, of time before him. The only prisoners who could have profited by the break were James Scott and Bert Dailey, accused of the robbery of the home of William Heffley near Adamsboro. several months ago, and William Rauch, charged with harness., stealing. Lon Saxon was in another portion of .the jail. Wu have on baud -~> bushel of Do you want auyV—McCaffrey & Co. Fred Taylor has purchased a.'half, io- ! leivst. in the Lynas lurkish bn.t.h rooms on Pourtli .street. AlltiTl E. Biirge and Ni'Ilio F. Krause were granted liconst: 10 marry by Clerk Bliss yesterday. Miss Cleo Barnes, ilie aecomplishW. elocutionist of tho <-i;y. gave nn cmer- t'ainmeni last night ;it Wnvn-r 1 '-. About tw:: ' :••• .'" •' .. i • " •'(': Mrs. Char: .-•-.••••• ;•••'• ' :• Sunday SI-IK.,.. >:a.-.-. . ;••'•' •' - '• ' SpeiiC'iT park yesU-rd;:., a.' .1 v. ir..:.. Boni 10 Dr. and Mrs. .1. M. Ward o.> Kewanua, a. son. Mrs. "Ward was formerly Miss Grace Toby Of this city. A lie either in advertising or misrepresenting would react. Otto is soiling shoes just as advertised.—See a.d. Miss Hattie Bowyer's nineteenth, birthday auuiversary was celebrniefi iu an agreeable manner a few evening* FAMILY REUNION. The residence of James McMillcn on the Westside was the scene of a notable family reunion Thursday. The pleasant home was filled all day with the members of the family of Me,Millen. One o'f the features of the day's enjoyment was a big dinner to which sixty-five sat down. Thursday's meeting was the third annual. A number were present from out of the city. -r -'flay ugiiuva. visit, at-Union City, Nev JPariSj,-<3M9ii-ari<I> other- points. '^Miss'-vMhrtettA Pryor of Jefferson siting her aunt, Mrs. C t Keystone block. •KiKofeb'tno 1 ' 'jTribtine': 'Mrs. George Gou _•. i-..! ji'-C«_--.-:'»_i-.: t) jg the'guest .of he 'parents, M. W. and Mrs. Coate. *<Mrs. Baltimore Cincinnati Cleveland Chicago .. Plttsburg . ..':' 73 ...' CO C4 '.03 ...,- OS Boston 57 .Brooklyn ... :i •"! Philadelphia 01 New York 51 Washington , .42 St. Louis 34 Louisville 27 33 38 41 47 : 48: • 48.' ' 5505" US' W 72 77' ..CSO .coo.. •,.r<73 ), .F,crgnson and childrei ••--r „„.,..-Je.«Q for a month'at St. Jo §e))|i.,;Michj, Ijnre 1 returned home. ".'.• .^VIUnwlvmnh'Guse'o'f Dayton,- O:, re rjui l nd<l : ' > l'i"oii>o ; ' r yesterdiiy • after a shor -.visit-wftb : ' : liis'fnthe'r,"Chas: Hillhonso •Tribune: Charles Baum 'Logansport this wjierervJie' has-. been vlsitiiif re)a.;tlY«» for-tlve-pas't'few weeks. "rs. Lew En '.403 32'i McKJNLEY. MAROHttNG CLUB. ' The MeKinley Marching Club will meet at theTlnk Tuesday evening for organization.- Alt members and those wishing to join are urged"to,|be.present. Peaches. Don't delay your purchase. 75c per bushel and upward.—McCaffrey &. Co. ANNOUNCEMENT. ,.'.-, ;-•. •Mr, George Gonser, who has charge of the circulation department of' The Journal, will also attend to genoral'co]-' lections for The Journal. " 'There .' is quite an amount outstanding,'nnd The' Journal company will esteem it a'fa-^oi!; if bills are promptly .paid. 'when, pre-: s'ented. - • -.-•-•• • •• •". '•.•• t THE LOGAMSr •JOURNAL CO.- ,Ed. Enierich,left.'.Thurs- duy; foi;, rittsborgji. Kansas,••• Denver, Co'l.i gjid-rS.outlicrn 'Callfornia-'to visit i'e'i'a:ives;>i;-J].')iTvy -will be absent about . Silk waists tomorrow, ,?],25., and $4.98 for.choj'ce.r-Trade'Palace!,. Logansport-,will have no demonstrir. tion Labor day. :-.:r^ ^iiss'-iifigg'l'e 'Mcpartlly is,here from ...Peru,"Wi?. "^'uost.' Of. Miss .Gertrude iiurpiyy fpV.the ..Soiithside. ... -Messrs. -Carro.H. Toiisley.-. Pickell and Campbell have returned from Lake .-•Maslnlaic-kee..'-where they -have 'been ieii-mpi-B»*tljfrJ'n'.st two Weeks'." ',"' '••'T-hoj! 1 . ^Rousting" club headed by •jfft'ssitt." 1 Will -Howe, ' Willard Fitzer, Chester;'Hadjey,' C, Safford, ,T. 'Little .anil iflplll. jS'ordpu,,, went, .down .below J^WE|.',,.-.yesterday • picnicking. Thpj" i^turned-late-yesterday evening. T-Ue [party was chaperoned by Mr. ••find MJIS -.Cliester -Hndley. -, S^xj weelia -ngo.i suffered-with-a very ' .cold:..w.a9.-ahn06t unable to speak to consult a pfryfcfciatiT ."'"Noticing- ' Ctiaiiiberlain's cRemeffy-tfdvertitsed In .the. St. '('Viks'.'ZiEfiturig J'procured a bottle, .ij^f iff*eT'' v t8Rl^g"i.t a..short w-hlle was -•ir,':.r,_OJj:»W-':"-t-i;-l: .-i::..^'j I p rirt ,, 7 ^^ •U)g,v^iy.i 1 ».cold.-i:W;m,-.Ke!l, 678.Shelby J 3.t« } PauJ/ : MInD:'''F.or «nie by B. BOUND OVER. William Miltchell who was arrested upon an affidavit charging him with the theft of lead piping from the John- sou house was arraigned yesterday morning before Mayor McKee and was found guilty. He was bound over to await the action of the Circuit Court, In the sum of ?100, in default of which ho was sent to jail. • LAFAYETTE FAIR. The Wabash raiiroad will run an excursion to Lafayette Thursday 'Sept. 3d., on account of the Tippecanoe county fair, which will be in progress next week. Thursday will be the big day of the fair. There will be a 2:43 trot, 2:2:5 pace and 2:17 pace that day. with forty fast horses entered. SHORTHAND FOR A BICYCLE. I will give a full course in shorthand and typewriting In exchange for a la- dyls$8b*BentIemnn's bicycle in good repairs. Address "G 1 ' 24, this office. XOTIOB TO CONSUMERS OF ILLUMINATING GAS. We desire to notify those who are favoring us with their patronage, that the price on Artificial- Gas consumed after September 1st, 1S9C, will be reduced to a maximum of ?1.25 per thousand cubic feet net. We trust that this material reduction will result not only in a' continuance, of present custom, but also In increased jatronnge, which we will continue to endeavor to merit by good service and ow prices. .Very r^^^ully, ~"r& WABASH VALLESff-i'S COMPANY. ; 'Encampment The North-Westerp Line (Chicago fe North-Western Railway) will on Auc- st 31 and September 1.1890. sell exoir- Ion tickets from Chicago to St. Paul nd return at rate of $8.00 for tie ro'ind rip, good for return passage until Sfp- ember 15, with privilege of funhpr ei- enslon to September SO, 189C. For Ickets and full information apply to gents of connecting lines, or addrro ^. H. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 .Tackcoo 'lace. lodlRnopolls, Ind. Mrs. .T. E. Hayes. Miss Clara Hayee and Miss Jessie Button are in Jeffier- soiivillo. pnests of ilie family of Berf Small. The Uuivei-salisis of Oalveston wili dedicntc their new church on Sunday, August 30. Rev. D. A. Pa.trick of TJO- jransport will 'delfver tl^o dedicatory sermon assisted by Rev. T. E. Ballniid. . •oX-Crawfordsville. A daughter has been bom to Ida I. Long, deaf and dumb sister of Mrs. Hurd. She formerly lived at Walfoa but a year ago last Tune was married; to a deaf and dumb editor.of Chicago. Their home is iu New Jersey. Aaron Grecnsfelder has on exhine- . tion in his show window on Market street the smallest, pair of InxiieJ' Shoes that were ever made.. They are'four inches long and one inch wi'fle. The ' shoes were made by Bering '& Co<..cf Cincinnati. A party of thirty young people p5c- nlcked at Spencer park Thursday evening. The party was given in. honor of Mr. Orla Harland, who will return to Purdue university to resume his stnfl- ies in a few days. A general gooE time was reported. The latest novelty out is the 16 to'7. puzzle. It contains sixteen silver pilots to one gold one. The idea '5s-to get the gold pellet into the wbKe-bouse without allowing the silver ones 'to get in at the same time. It requires considerable skill to work it successfully. The Baptists of the .Tudson association, who ha.ve been in session «t Young America for the last few (lays. closed the meet.iug Thursday nigltt, after a most successful meeting. The twenty-six churches of tbc-.Tudson -association were all represented at flic meeting. Charles Snell. the jolly and popular night man at Bob Radabaugh's place will leave this morning for his home at Auburn, Ind.. where he will visit relatives. Before returning lie wiH wed one of Waterloo's fair daughters. Mr. Snoll is a highly respected young man. and his many friends join ir ' wishing him all .sorts of good Inc'lc. Pern Republican: When -such substantial oitiuens as Charlrs H. Brown- oll. -T. O. Cole, .Taeob TlK-oVvaJd. -CharU's A, Cole. H. W. Stronre. ^ot.lle'ib C. Conrad, .lolin H. and Ell..la.mison. aii'l in fact nearly'ill! tho loading Democrats of Peru go into a. juovement as they have into the sound .money l )J1I> .vr if. means something. Tlioy are nort: flo- .ing r.liis -for fnu. Tl»>y see danger ahead. .-; 1 The BurjrniHii Cycle Co. u;tj< decided, to maimfiicinre its own wheels. .Arrangements Jiave been completed mil ; an t'st'iblisbment will soon be loc.iteB: in the Eastern!. The factory will begin * operation November 3. and will have wheels on the market at the opening of the season of 1S07. They will make two;grades of wheels, a medium and E high grade, wheel in both ladies' an'fl gent's styles. The retail store on Market street will be closed in order to give full atention to the nioflHfncturittjr business this winter. The " company will have a down town store during ihe Summer and will rent, repair an* retJiil bicycles.

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