Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 9, 1968 · Page 19
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1968
Page 19
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... Rout 22 ! MONHOEVILL! Peana. EDDMI niiniirn hllliUkU UHnilCII COMING AUG. H VAIUAILI COU'ON-ONi COUFON COVIRS TOUR ARTV BIG CHAPERON 11 A.M.-2 Hr. Harbor Cruise Olllv Rfl8 D"y Satmdsy I Sunday To Imiworth Locks wiuf tu,., (with coupon) Regular prict $1.00 7 P.M. - SUN. Only m'm, 9 P.M.- v .VI .38 Only 2 20 sa. 1 FOR RESERVATIONS 2 P.M. 3 Hour Lock Trip flnllf $ 1 23 Dally Sat. t Sun. thru Locks toward Oakmont, 'Will I I ta. Children 75c sa. (with coupon). Reg. $2. 1 BOAT LEAVES FROM ALLEGHENY WHARF UNDER 6th ST. BRIDGE BACK OF HORNE'S Boat Leada 1 Hr. Befer Soiling Erynner Mitciiuiv. Revenge roars across seething Mexico as the Villistas return blow for blow, murder for murder... and a gringo gunrunner gets swept up in the blaze! I 'paramouni mm 'jf CHARLES ,TOBroiB' 2 THRILLING Tm a woman, Ace. And that women do..." PARAMOUNT PICTURES A HEARTLAND PRODUCTION TECHNICOLOR TECHNISCOPE IMF 'im l' j I F MIBj Late Show Tonite & Early Openings Also! To Accommodate Record-Smashing Crowds! '4 mmmpm llliif :: mm H.iJI SIJ.ilMiM.fMMillSI olH IIIP WI.eMlilMl liTllllMsirill R.ISMII r MlWMtlllliaTIHillSI HHIMM J IN W WMHIl IB IW Paramount Ptciures Presents Mia Farrow In i William Castle Production Rorryls SMotuvnng John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon Sidney BlackmerMaurice Evans and Ralph Bellamy S i: i AIR-CONDITIONED jkl T61 -200"7j i VA. 4-4000 BeiemUoni EL. 1-1383 "Pfeouo of h flano" - DeJOHN SISTIR. r 3 HR. LOCK CRUISE ESS 7 P. M. Sunday Evening thru Emtworth, (with this coupon), Regular prlci $2.25. tv rni. & SAT. 4 HR. DANCE CRUISE thru Locks to Scwicklcy. (with coupon). Regular pries $2.75. PHONE 391-2298 1 1 ROBERT mm nsm TAwx tmmc - ACTION HITS! I do eveiythingJf? I & i JN A WRAMOUNT RELEASE E5 Tomorrow! Last Feature 11:40 P.M. Rieommndd hr Morur Auditntn No on undtr IS admitiad unless accompanied by parant Today and Tomorrow at 1 1, i3G, 4. 6i30, 9, and 11(40. The New Films Doris Day in 'EggroW at Gateway ; 'Don't Look flacV- St ran J, Hollywood Briefly, in "With Six You Get L'ggroll," there is this widow with three sons and this widower with a high school graduate-age daughter. They engage in a brief courtship, they marry and then sweat out the acceptance of this adult romance by their offspring. Sound familiar?. Well original it isn't - it could even be written-off as a cut-rate version of "Yours, Mine and Ours" but originality isn't the only criterion, by a long shot, for judging the entertainment value of any production, stage, screen or television. - I The simple truth Is that an adult romance, in a romantic comedy, has an enormous appeal to many who are just a bit weary of the calf-like mating dances of the "liberated" teenager in such offerings as "The Graduate." "FEVER HEAT" NOW AT THESE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED THEATRESI ARCADE South Sid EASTWOOD Frankstown Rd. ECHO DR. Rt. SI S. IN HARMAR DR. IN Harmarvlll. LE0NA Homtitead NEW GRANADA Centra Avtnu. PARKWAY McKs Rack! SOUTH HILLS Dormant STARLITE DR. IN Waifard STARTS SUNDAY GARDEN North Sid GREATER PGH. DR. IN Rout 30 I. GREENTREE DR. IN rantra SHERIDAN SQUARE last llbtrty WHITEHALL rntwd PARK FREE! I Hra. Fra Parllna At 14 Indoor Garaqat, Evenings A Sunday ten & -PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTHi FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, , Doris Day, who has starred in quite a number of silly-funny though not tragic (except by mistake) movies, has, at 44, finally lost her chaste (chased) image. With this loss she has also demonstrated a most rewarding acceptance of maturity. She is given no small amount of help by the most accomplished actor Brian Keith. Their co-starring may not have been made in heaven, but as presented in this movie their screen marriage would appear to have the blessings of common sense and the substance of maturity which, as here combined under Howard Morris' direction, make this hour and 35 minutes thoroughly enjoyable grown-up entertainment. There are many small flaws a repetition of the kid In the bed bit on the wedding night is one and an oversimplification of the conflict between generations. But the quartet of writers obviously figured there is just so much you can tackle in 95 minutes and there is little reason to question their decision. Pat Carroll, Barbara Her-shey, Alice G h o s 1 1 e y and George Carlin, naming the humans, and Lord Nelson, in the canine performing ranks, are just the right people, and best friend to have on hand. "With Six You Get Eggroll" won't get anyone concerned an Oscar. It should, however, en-gender enough laughs to drown out the "in group" enthusiasm which so often ac-companies the Academy Award announcements W. F. . 'Don't Look Back' Strand, Hollywood By DEBORAH LITTLE Joan Baez Harris, in her first book, "Daybreak," published about a month ago, recalls the period when she travelled with "Bobbie" Dylan with the fondness of someone who's had the gift of a meaningful friendship. It was while they were together tha Dylan (whose real name is Zimmerman) toured England in the Spring of 1965. D . A. Pennebaker followed them, Alan Price, D y 1 a n 's manager Albert Grossman and the rest of the entourage, taping over 20 hours of film. "Don't Look Back" Is the 90-minute . result. The documentary Is as pure a film as we could hope for. It is artistic, uncomplicated, honest and asks no apologies. Its "actors" (perhaps because of the type of people they are, or maybe because the camera chased them around for so long )are not the least bit self-conscious. Filled with the folk-poet's best songs ("Gates of Eden," "The Times They Are A'Changin." "Don't Think Twice," "Hattie Carrol 1," etc.) and many conversations, taped at concerts, in hotel rooms and during interviews, "Don't Look Back" will offend World Championship R.C.A. APPROVED North Washington Rodeo Grounds 17 Miles Nortn of tutUr on Routt 38 August 13 thru 17 8:30 P. M. Spentertd by N. Wethlngton Firemen PV I f J-A R" CONPI TIONBD j .. , ' a ,m - 4.UI j.ji r j 1QI.OCII anyone who either can't or won't listen. As the bushy-haired, chain-smoking artist asked a Time Magazine reporter who was trying to interview him, "Are you going to be at the concert? Are you going to hear it?" If you HEAR Bob Dylan, there are no questions to be asked, and if you don't, he says, you won't know what questions to ask or understand their answers. It's an exercise in giving yourself enough to receive, which isn t a bad rule : of thumb for all human rela- I tions. But there's one thing Dylan j didn't have back in 1965 and ! that's patience with people i fVoO MOST S MATOtfC CHOUGH TO UMDEgSTANO mo AprmiATf mc soiour Awtfsr hm eve mac At-oor om or nc mmt COMTltOVegSlAL HJBJStr M AMiaTlCA TOPAV, M UOUKS UPEN 1:JU P.M. 2 I'nlor IIUs! IMilii K''vimlit HOW SWEET IT IS Charlton Hrlon WM.I. PENNY DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. 2 Color lllls! Drlible RojnoMi HOW SWEET IT IS olio THE LOST SAFARI UUUIIS OPEN 1:3U P.M. 3 I'nlnr HIihI llphlilr H''V1H HOW SWEET IT IS A Charlton Hrston WML PfiNNY 5- , 1 rl IAT V V3LV I T.... '. Al1 DA I MMiWMVJUllMit Phono 261-8477 S DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. Color! Steva McSuten ' j m Fayo Dgaaway Thomas Crown Affair 1 j DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. 3 Wl K 2 Color Hltil Yiit Brynnir M H VILLA RIDES U i II aha Nick Adams k THE DETECTIVE COSTMalNS LEEREMICK RALPH MEEKER JACK KLUGMAN LLOYD BOCHNER WILLIAM WINDOM TDNY MUSANTE ALFREEMAJf JR llFJACOOELINEBISSET.w wszm s ass M a rxrgF7oMio- 3RD BIG WEEK! I psts iT ' H irvey Zx.w Melcher. Color by Deluxe. Filmed in PanaviBion , v4 Released by National General Pictures. ' ; A Cinema Center Films Presentation. iiniu CEinuimn I MW- - -- -- 1960- who want to understand hut can't, and with history and what it can teach the future. "Don't Look Buck," he said. NOW APPEARING! ANKARA VARIETIES o IGE with RON URBAN THE CAVANAUGHS JENITA BERRES The DELMONACO'S ANKARA si s. is m""" Mia. Iron OownOwa Dalui Dlnntn from S3. SO RESV, HO. 2-6424 HO. 6-1202 Now Showing At The NEW! 619 LIBERTY AVE. Planet Of The Apes A On Million Years B.C. O00HS OPEN 1:30 P.M. Color! St.vi McOmm Fly. Danaway Thomas Crown Affair DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. 2 Color Hlti! Steva MeOorrn Thomas Crown Affair Also Burt Lancaster THS SCAUPHUNTERS DOORS OPEN 1:00 P.M. 2 Color Hits! Steva Mctaetn Faya Dunaway Thomas Crown Affair A Charlton Huston WILL PENNY DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. 2 Color Hill! Yul Brynnir VILLA RIDES also Nick Adams FEVER HEAT 3 HOURS FREE Parklni Eves. ( Sun. At 14 Selected Garages Downtown Kg toior nuc unariion ritnort I 1 iil a VJ : -fS 'III avawAaa. I ssCa, ' ' ill IliWIaaajinillllllll ltllnaalastiaaw I I 0h The Return ofthe a I nannu rnninir Doris Day and Brian Keith "With Six You Get EggroIT Co-etarring Pat Carroll, Barbara Hershey, aiic onostiey ano ueorge Lariin. witn The Grata Roots. Directed bj Howard Morris. Screenplay by Gwen Bagtii Paul Dubo, Bullock. R 8 Allen Produced by Mart. a 3 HRS. FREE PARKINS Evas. A Sua. at 14 S.I.et.d Garages Downtownl DON'T leave on vacation Gazette at your vacation ad-until you've ordered the Post- dress call 26.1-1317. "WONDERFULLY FUNNY!" -fanning. .. o...... "STRICTLY FOR LAUGHS!" -cohw, oo..... "HILARITY SHAKES THE SCREEN!" -monahan, mss Pa, . Jack v . Lemmon and 7 Walter Matthau are The Odd Couple .say no more. ' AND FEATURING SILl MAOiKI AND THI , PimiURfrH f I RATH PANAVISION TECHNICOLOR 1 AIR.CONDITIONFO 'THI linil RADIO CITY MUSIC HAIL ON THE HILL" -Mm. t c. PREVIEW At 8:30 ii 7th Record-Breaking lonth IN PITTSBURGH!!! : (STILL THE BIGGEST HIT IN TOWN) i :; , JOSEPH E. LEVINE i MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN . I II A II . Xi ; ' ' A x f GRADUATE ANNE BANCROFT. DUSTIN HOFFMAN - KATKARINE ROSS CALDERVVILLINGHAM. BUCK HENRY PAUL SIMON W SlfviS'NGARFUNKEL MRENCE TURMAN I3 TECHNICOLOR AM (A4IASSV rCIUi($ MUAH nJlmllJiliy SATURDAYS 2:10-4:10 xrr.ur .nlmm jTTiviiirai c.ic.o.oK.in.in b m iw. PAL0MAR PICTURES laughing and loving in IF!!0 IfbSitScap 1 ABBfy sru nan lAum CollMPHIM DDinnLTQ. UADTIM DCTCDQ StarwgLIIMOULIMas IVY UIMUULO IVirVI I MM I L.IUiJw n'nmmon icon ScieerpUy by U UUN NUKwiih BIBB ROBERT MAN AURTHUR- r aoM a SToa if sioncy aomia Produced by (Vector ol Ptiotopaphy Musk: EDGAR J.SCHERICK m JAY WESTON 'JOSEPH C0FFEY-QUINCY JONES 2nd Delightful 19- - inT fth HILARIOUS WEEK! ?Sc Indoor Porklnol Eveninni oiler 5 P. M. Sal.. Sun. & Hnlidnvl tlr I P. M. Indoor lheatr En-lrnc Irenn Garaq Rtd Lavtll TONiCgSiT P.M. "GET YOUR HANKIES READY!" for the new Columbia Picture starring Oskar Werner and Barbara Ferris. It's the bitter-sweet love story of a young girl... and a married man. 'New York Daily News Plus . . David Nivtn, Deborah Kerr wTWtra And The Pill" PANAVISION TODAY: 2-4-6-8-10 P. M. v. v. .. .,. INTERNATIONAL P'esenij the new romantic comedy k . ; tk v LV-t -si JMfi Week! in coLon MATINEES DAILY DAY & SAT. J:J5-4:J! V U- vl 00.8:50. 10:40 P.M. .

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