The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1943 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1943
Page 10
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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT RATION BOOK 2 W. P. French, chairman of the local War Price and Rationing Board la high '<n his praise of the public for its interest In the point rationing: program which will be inaugurated March 1st. He sa'.d the number of Inquiries the local office has received regarding the program is evidence that the public is Interested in becoming familiar With the plan in order that it will be successful. '<From their experience with the •ooffee and sugar programs^' he Said, "the public, in general, agrees that the only fair way of apportioning the available food supply is by the rationing system. We have received and answered many questions concerning the forthcoming program anh have selected the questions most commonly asked for the benefit of those who, as yet, are not familiar with some phases of the program." Q. May War Ration Book Two be used by any member of the family? A. Yes, Ration Book Two—like War Ration Book One (now used tor sugar and coffee) may he user' •by any member of the household to whom the book is issued. Any jnember of the family may use till the family's ration books. |Q. Will all persons be given the •ame numer of ration stamps? A. Yes. Exactly the same ration book, with the same numbei Of stamps, will be issued to every member of the family. IQ. Will processed baby foods be rationed on the same point system M foods for grown-ups? A, The processed baby foods that are made of Attained or chopped fruits, vegetables, or meats, or combinations of these, put up .'<n sealed glass or tin containers aro included in the ration order. Canned milk, canned milk formulas and canned prepared cereals wll not be rationed. 'Q. Suppose I have used all my family's po'.nt stamps and run out of baby food? " . (A, You should learn to make your points last throughout eaoh ration period, just as you now budget your money for food to last until next pay-day. Q. How will 1 know how to budget my ration stamps? iA. The point value of all rationed foods will be published and posted in each store at the beg'^n- New Smocks ning of each ration period. You will also know how many points your family will have to spend during that period. •If you know that you must have a certain number of cans of baby "ood during a ration per.'od, you must set aside enough stamps for '.his particular purpose to buy hem. Q. May I use the point stamps n Book Two to buy coffee and ugar? A. No. Coffee and sugar will con- inue to be rationed only with Wai- Ration Book One. A. No. Coffee and sugar will lontinued to be rationed only with <Var Ration Book One. O. WMl I have to surrender ation stamps if I eat a meal in a restaurant? ,A. No. Resturants will be rationed in the total amount of processed foods they may buy. Q. My daughter is away at school. May we use her ration book at home for food for the family? lA. No. Your daughter's Ration Book Two, like Ration Book One, will be used by the dormitory or sorority house in which she eats to buy her share of food whMe she is living away from home. She will briing her book home with, her when school is out. Q. My housekeper Jives with her own family, but eats all her meals at my house. Should she give her Ration Book Two or does she keep it for the use of her fam- fiy. A. If she eats all her meals nt your home she should give you her ration book so that you can buy her share or rationed food. However, such arrangements are entirely voluntary, and you may make any arrangements you wish that satisfy you both. James Joseph, one day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilhelmi, dr'ed Thursday^ JTuneral services wore held froni St. Johns Catholic church Thursday with Rev. J. H. Schultes in charge. Burial was made in St. Johns cemetery. $3.OO Exquisite colorings on big cabbage roses paint a ravish- nig picture—no matter who wears it. Miniver rose w'.th dove grey, china blue with brown or dusty pink with grey. Shirred shoulders and b:.g .pockets on RAYON FRENCH CREPE :n a Spring 1943 WAYNE MADE smoi^k. Sizes 14 to 42. Chrischilles Adorable New SPRING HATS Chrischilles M; It looks like a big hat season because these first spring hats are so adorable, so really stunning. We show them in both felts and straws, small shapes, youthful smart —just what you're looking for to drive away tnose "w.'.n- ter blues." ( $2.95 TO $7.50 MRS. K. J. SMITH, BURT, HOSTESS TO CLUB MONDAY EVE Burt: The Woman's club met o Monday evening at the home o Mrs. K. J. Smith, with Mrs. H. O Buell as assisting hostess. Th program included a paper, "Publ;< Health arid Nutrition" by Mrs. W H. Vogel and a book study, "A Nev Earth and a New Humanity,"*by O. -1), Reiser, given by Mrs. Bahn K. Bahnson. The Karl Andersons visited with their parents at Humboldt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Volentini of Truman, Minn., called on- Bur relatives last week Wednesday. iDonald Andreasen spent th< week end with his brother, Verne Andreasen at the Frank Bahling lome. (Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schemme of Swea Ctty, were Sunday afternoon visitors at the^W. W., Boettcher home. O, B. Chipman and son, Richard went to Rochester, Minn., on Monday where Richard was to have an examination at the Mayo clinic The Rev. and Mrs H. W. Jackman eft Sunday afternoon for Omaha, Nebr., where they were called by the illness of the Rev. Jackman's mother. Reuben Widdel, Readlyn, visited from Wednesday untM Friday at the home of his uncle, the Rev. L. Richmann. He was to go to Des Moines Tuesday to be inducted into the army. Mrs. Ellsworth Stevens, who underwent an- operation at Rochester, Minn., a few weeks ago, is staying at the home of her father, Harry McOhane for a time\ Mr. McChane brought her home last Wednesday. The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner of Algona and the Rev. and Mis. L. Richmann drove to Lewisvllle, Minn., 'Friday to attend the funeral of their friend, the Rev. W, H. Rumsch who had died suddenly on Sunday from a heart attack. Nels J. Nelson underwent an operation at Rochester, Minn., last week Tuesday. The Rev, Paul Figge took Mrs. Nelson and Arlene up to see him last Wednesday and Arlene went up Monday to stay a few days with him. He is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bahling and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bahling and little daughter drove to Lohrville Saturday to meet Mrs. Loyola O'Brien and daughter, who had spent three months at Bell, Calif. Mrs. Merwyn Holding and baby accompanied her to Lohrville where they are visiting her parents: Book 2... Your Ration Calendar ^ ^ , Class A ttfttiohi First iittpee* Hon deadline changed to March U. Class B, O or bulk coupon rations: first lnt$ecH»n deadline February 28. Commercial vehicles inspection deadline February 28. , "A" book coupon No. 4 (4 gate. each) expires March 21. Fuel (Ml Period 3 coupons (li gal. per unit) expire February 22. Period 4 coupons (11' gal. per wit) valid February 2 till April 17. Fuel oil Coupons are nnt to be Included In ration banking. Coffee Coupon No. 27 (1 1T>.) exulres February 7. Coupon No. 11 (S IbsL) valid Feb. 1, explties March 15. Coupon No. 8 becomes valid on Feb. 8. Registration Date of registration for war ration book two, will be Feb. 22 to 28. Rationing Board Office upstairs back jof Iowa State Bank tyn fo|rmer photograph studio. 'Hours — 0 to 14 »nd 1 to 4 Mondays through Fridays; aturdays, 0 to 12. Office. may be cljosed any mortilng if | need be to finish any business. Algona Hornet Sold) Kilcft and Podia Mov<> Mjr. Attd 1*M. John kirk haVe pur chased Hie M. J. POO! hofne.(t South Jones street And mdVed ther Monday, everal months ago th Kirks sold the.ftrfek home o South Minnesota,'wfrere they ha beeri living, to Leo- Thllges o Bode. About three weeks ago thp also sold their other house on North Church street to Mr. An Mrs. W. T. Oiossl, who have bee) living there s.'.nce August. Mr. and Mrs. Pool have move' Into : the Thilges house vacated by the Kirks as the Thtlges family does not plan to move to. Algoni until htey have disposed of som of their farm Interests. iLakota Bride Given Post-Nuptial Shower (Lou'se and Emma Thaves, Mrs Carl Gerzema, Mrs. Will Klenlt and Mfrs. John Otrlese held a post nuptial shower Friday afternoon honoring Mra,i Wallace Peterson nee Irene Wirtjes and about 3C women attended. Contests furn'ah ed entertainment after which the brid« opened her lovely gifts. Mes dames John Wlrtjea of Granada Minn.^ and Art Anderson of Swea City were out of tow.n guests. Mr and Mrs. Peterson will live on the Peterson farm west of town on No. 9 where Wallace will operate •the farm of his mother, Mrs. Bena Peterson. (Continued from Page One) "Better Qualify" SEALS "(Motor Servloo" Livir fill ORDER NOW, HIADOUARTEM for MADt-TOORDU RUBBER STAMPS YOUR ORDER WILL BI FILLED PROMPTLY AND EFFIOENTLY Stamp pads and Ma, Mtfal Cht«ki and Toff, Badges, St«tl Stamps The Algona Upper Des Moines In that case some 6,700 hours will be required to get the job done. This means that In some cases some schools will have to dismiss certain periods during the week. In the case of Algona, for instance, with 5000 books for the city and then the residents in the five adjacent townships, it will mean much work. Supt. O. B. Laing has 40 teachers who will serve as registrars and he hopes that the work here may be done by dismissing perhaps the elementary section one half day and the high school one half day and staggering h's workers on the job. Then, too, he hopes to have outsiders come in and help during the week. W/omcn Are Registrants iln the vast majority of applications the mother or house wife will be the regisrant She may register and accept the books, one for each person .'-n her home. Knowing the days and the time for registering in each of the different sites she can plan to visit the registrars at her convenience during the week. The teachers MI the county performed very satisfactorily during the recent coffee and gas registration and they should be given due credit for their cooperation. By taking on the job in the issuance of Book 2 ?.t is thought that again the job will be done with a minimum of confusion or delay. It must be remembered that in order to secure a No. 2 book your sugar book must be brought to the registrars for check and identification. Wesley Girl Weds on Parents' Anniversary Wesley: Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. AugusUGarman, will be married Saturday, Feb. 6th to Louis Schaller, formerly of Corwith, now of the U. S. army, for limited service and stationed at Van Couver, Washington. Margaret went to Van Couver several months ago and is employed to a hospital there. Their wedding date is this year, the 50th wedding anniversary of her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux and the 31st anniversary of her parents' wedding. Margaret was employed at the John Mullin home near Corwith before going west. Mrs. Tom Cooke, Former Resident, Dead Word comes from the west of the death of Mrs. "Tom" Cooke, widow of the late Thos. F. Cooke, recently. For many years the Cookes were promnient in Algona business and social cycles, going west 35 years ago. Mr. Cooke, who was a colonel in the Spanish- American wfar, (Ved some years A son, Capt. Edwin W. Cooke, ?600 to be Awarded Joys and Girls in Cossuth County iBoys and girls of this county, ietween the ages of 14 and 21, are ligf.ble to compete for $600 In cash r war bond prizes in the National Youth Safety contest, plus ten ounty prizes to be awarded by he Klossuth County Mutual Fire nsurance Association, according t;> D. Paxson, secretary of the As- ociation. "The contest is easy," Mr. Paxon declared, "The only requirements are that they secure an *of- c.'.al entry 'blank at the office and len inspect two sets of farm uildlngs, report the fire hazards ound and corrected. An essay, ot exceeding 100Q words is also equired. "The National Youth Safety coh- est is in complete accord with the /ar work in this community" Mr. axson continued "The world de- ends on us for food, and loss of uildings, livestock or crops irough fire is utter waste. The ogan of this contest is 'Farm Fire Are Food Sabotage,' and it well for all to remember this." The contest is also open to boys nd girls in any grade between le seventh and twelfth. Separate r'es are awarded to the winners in the boys' and girls' division. Farm Sale Dates (SeVeral farm pale dates have been listed with the Algona Upper Des Mo.'.nes as follows: iFebruary> 10— W» El, Bowman will hold a closing out sale at the fawn 1 mile north .of Lu Verne, mile east of the county shed. He has 30 head of livestock and a full line of machinery. February. 16 — C. J. Houseman will hold a Poland China bred sow sale at the farm 1 mile east, miles north of Armstrong. He Is offer.'rog 60 head of spring gilts iFebruary 17— (Mrs. F. W. Davidson will hold a sale of machinery and household goods at the farm located 1 mile east of Algona on Highway 18. She has sold her farm and is leaving the community. February 18 — O. A. Laabs will hold a closf'irg out sale at his farm 9 miles northwest of Algona, offer- Ing for sale his livestock and machinery. Nice Work, Bremer! Bremer county tops the state for the first 10 months :-n per capita amount of war tbonds purchased. The county average for that period was $78.50. Scott county was second with an average of $78.35, and Polk county third, with an average of $78.05. The calculations were made on the basis of 1940 population, and the Bremer county lead would be even greater if based on actual population figures. SWEA CITY NEWS Sgt. .Geo. Merron, home on a furlough from a camp in Washington and Miss Donna Faye Merron of Bancroft were guests at the Dave Ijynch home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lynch spent Sunday with Mrs. Tom Lynch at LeJ- yard. The Idle Hour club met at the home of Mrs Dehnar Angus oti Thursday with Mrs. Ed Hoppe assisting. Roll call was answered by 16 members. There was also one ' visitor present. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. P. L. Person with Mrs. Richard Long assisting. , Hip Baby Destroyed Grant: 1* fi' Month* old baby of the Adolpft Serhows was badly burned when the Berhow h'ome in Ofant township burned Friday evening. It was brought to the Henry Johnson tobme in Swea dfty, where it .'« dolhg as well as Can be expected. The Berhows have ten other children. Lone Rock Nurse Head of Pueblo Alft'n ILone Rook: Mr, and Mrs. P, M. ChrlstensOn haVe received word that their daughter, Marietta, a nurse at the Convlrt hospital at Pueblo, Colo., has been elected president of the Nurses Association and sup' ervisqr of patients of d.'strlct No. 4. Miss Chrlstenson Is the only daughter of tHfi P. M. Chrlstensons and her matiy friends wMl be glad to hear of her promotion. _/ Frank Behne New Head Fenton Lbr. Co. Fenton: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Behne and family of Nora Springs lave moved here and are living ii ;he Frank Humphrey house recently vacated by.Supt. V. J, Tatum and family. Mr, Behne .'« the new manager for ;tho Thohipson yards. The Behrres hdve two children, a son ten years, bid and a daughter, one year. Hospital News KoBSiith Hospital •January 2d—Mr>s. Alfred Leej, Ottosent, boyj Mrd. Clinton Perci•al, Algona, 'bOy, v January 29—Mrs. Ed.'th Rich, AI- rona, medical; Austin Burtlss, Luferne; Mre. Alice King, Algona, medical. January 31—Donald Winkel, Algona, surgical. (February 1—Mrs. C. M. Gross, Lone Rock, medical. February 3—Jake Freeh, Algona, minor surgery. •February 4—Mrs. George Wildln, Algona, medical. General Hospital January 27—iF^ed Wlllrett, Alona, medical. January 28-HMrs. D. D. Paxson, Ugona, medical. . January 30—(Dick Dahl, Swea 2ity, medical. > January 31—Mrs.. John Cordes, Lone .'Rook, 'boy. . ' BANCROFT NEWS Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 26c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2o per word; when charged, 3c per word. NK> ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients Sc and send cash with order they receive lo per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE—Pure bred Spotted Poland China brood sows. Good wide backs, 300 to 350 pounds. Vaccinated and eligible to register.— M. L, Barton, U east, 1 mile south, LuVerne. (FOR SALE —!Four grade Ayrshire cows and two other milk cows.—George Sears, LuVerne, 4 mi. E, 3 S Algona. 4-5* IFOR SALE—One 2-bottom 14-inch International plow. In good condi- tion'<—CSias. Wagner, 132 Puttman, Algona. 5* FOR SALE—Fine piano, cheap if taken before Feb. 15. Also want a good home for a real rat dog.— John P. Byson, phone 499-W. 5* FOR SALE—Stack of oats straw. Well stacked. Algona, Alfred Jergensen, FOR SALE—aOO A A grade Leghorn pullets, laying. Also good potatoes. Phone 697-J or call at 1214 E. L'.nden St 5* POTATOES—Cobblers, $1.07 per sack. We have 20 tons, sacks. East End Grocery. Bring 5-8* FOR SALE—The former Robert Murray property on North Park Avenue. 6 room modern house wf<th three lots. Must sell to close estate. Can give immediate possession. If interested sec C. B. Murtagh, administrator. fi FOR SALE-tfJew Bottle Gas Stoves and we can hook them up. [owa Cream Separators. Frigida're Frozen Food Cabinets. horse ago and a daughter, Argue, survive. Mrs Eizabeth Ottosen News ** 1 ^^ Mrs. Helen 'Campbell is ill at tier home near Humboldt. The L. R. C. meets at the school house Thursday, Feb. 4th. Albert Shimon of SPocahontas spent Friday at the Roy Jacobson home. Mr. and Mrs. Art Tabor entertained the 500 cub at the 1 * home Wednesday night, power electric motors. — Algona May tag Store. 6 FOR SALE—1940 Master Deluxe Chevrolet coupe. Good t'-res, radio and heater. Call 845-J after 7JOOI p. m. 6* FOR SAt,E—8x24 trailer house. —Herman Becker, 1 mile east of Irvlngton. 3* Wanted WANTED—'To hire married farm hand; have 4-room cottage.—Jas. Brop'hy, 4 'A miles north of Algona on 169. 3* WANT TO BUY—Second band child's scooter in good condition Phone 942-.W. 6* W1ANTEUD — Married Wn tor general farm Biirt, Iowa. work.— Kyle Keith, 5* To rent farm for 1943 Have tractor equipment. Good references. Box 101 R2, Algona. 8-8* Miscellaneous iDERMAND'S CAFE will be closed on Sundays until four o'clock in the afternoon. B DWELLING LOANS refinanced to advantage; long term low rates. See Algona Federal Savings and Loan Association. Algona. 5-tf USED APPLIANCES—Cream separators, handturned and electric. Kerosene stove. 32 volt Philco radio. Two 32-volt electric motors. We repair all makes of washers. We have the wringer rolls. Also repairs for all makes of stoves.— Algona Maytag Store. 5 SEE US for Honeymead Feeds for Hogs, Cattle, Poultry and Sheep. —Bradley Bros. 1-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains In /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-ft PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—all the new releases. Needles—albums. —Kosauth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tf JUST RECEIVED a new shf.p- ment of Warm Morning coal heaters. $49.85 each. You likely are eligible to buy one.—Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 234. 3-tf • Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Bjustrom's Furniture ^ 1-tf DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, pink, peach and red, or sale at the Upper Des Molnes office. 16c each, 2 for 25c. 3-tf St. John's basketball team de- eated St. Joe on the home floor unday afternoon. (Margaret Quinn attended a shower for (Mrs. Virgil Wolfe at Fenton Thursday afternoon. Sister Angela Marie arrived hut week and began teaching the third grade at St. John's school, Monday. •Collette Kockler left last Sunday for -Mclntyre, 'loyte, where; she' will teach the third and fourth' grades. ,. Mr. and Mfs. Hubert Hood of Humbol,dt fonmeijly of Bancroft, are the parents of a son born Uvo weeks ago. 'Victor Mansmith of Great, Lakes, 111, is spending a furlough v.'aiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Ma'nsmith. ADDING MACHINE Bolls for sale at the Algc-na Upper Dec Moinea. Regular size, 16c each, 2 for 26o. Large size 20c each, 2 for 9$c. 84-M IF YOU NEED » rubber atamp for any purpose, you can order $heii> 8t The Algona Upper Dei Molnw 50o and up. 18*-tl GET YOUR typewriter ribbons at the Algona Upper Des Moinea. New supply just received. 4-9 BURN |$ftWIN€> BRIQUETS or Warm Morning Goal. Know fuel Uofl.—iRae#Jy Lpnper Co. Scicnpc P^yS styling combine to give ypu a new "inches thinner" }ooJc-*witb * youthful dash you'll fa|( jn, love with! Luxury £rJspejgl» fabrics v? so softly flaftcjing'Hhe exquisite tailoring anij Kipgsgatc taffeta linings fi»f Cejaucse* rayon yam arc pfl?of'of ¥«lue you'll find truly surprising at only $22.50 ««4. y. «.!•«. w.. ^^^^yif^^p^PJMpipP^p^BpiBpp '.Jf, Am a 1 M'ftJBl hospftfl recently f and auSfed a !fabtUf6d leg,' , .. . and Mrfl. John We8s¥taaif and son Arnold, attainted the $$d» dlJlg,of thelf son, Vlnceftt 16 -Mils Mtel ftoeatel of Hemsen Thtito •tUlV ^ aay. i iMrs, A. H, 'Foth has teen assisting in HoodTis Store during the past week. Inez Hood has been working at the Hood *tor6 in Humboldt, . '^-" r " {Mrs. Dan Shllllngton came on Saturday from CaWfp Bowie, Texa«, for a visit with" her. parents, Mr. «rtd Mrs" F. J, CoyMe and with other relatives and friends, Elizabeth Cogfey, R. N,, returned to Waterloo to resume her duties In a hospital there after visiting at «n cms W»~~--T- death in ttw »— ?I T^T Burilhgton last Wetfn* was a first cous!.Jt of SneHdah, Henry Fox Baker. " , Ivan "Joseph, two And! ™- inonth old-, soli of Mr.'and M« Kollasch of Battle Creek, J formerly of Bancroft, died _'«=<• Friday of, broitchral 1 asthrtft IMn- eral services were held from 'Bt^ Cecelia's chufeh fn Algona Monafty morning. i > • * I I WE IS A VE YOIU MONEIYT S :vp v TP v *m v -w :in AVINGEi Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5th and 6th] SWKET JUlOi — THIN SKINNED NAVELS -. ' Head Lettuce NEW CABBAGE BROCCOLI BEETS * FreBh Tendcr New Crop—Solid C* Texas ...Lb. »» Fresh Firm. Tender ..Lb. !9c 2 ril ,n I5c 1 Green Topped * Bun. GRAPEFRUIT SxS™ 6 For 23e I. Pink Grapefruit[t r ;;6, r 25c 5 Another Carload Apples Fine Quality U. S. No. 1 Grade BEN DAVIS—YORKS WINESAPS—BLACK TWIGS 45 Lbs. Net— Bushel A AF Basket, Your Choice LaVW Red Rome Beauty '''I U. S. No. 1 Bushel.... ^ £1J|^ GENUINE FAVORITE Wheaties lkL I0c NORTHERN—Per Koll Toilet NORTHERN—Per Roll Roll Towels lOc ft 11 f AMER. BEAUTY WHITE CORN- 2 CONSUMERS **1Jt- FLOURS -'..'<•-- — 20 MULE TEAM BORAXp" $*1 OTWfc * For Dirty Bands U«e BORAX014c LAVA LU v^ ..--•><<>* * l ^&* Bars 3-«20e V GILLETTE RAZOR Fkf. •( 4 BLADES . 9c jlllNIUIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIillllllllllUIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUllllUIIIIIUIIIIIII^ " A NEW ARRIVAL AT "CONSUMERS"! TRY IT TODAY — Want a New T.ast*. fhrfll in a | Better Bread? "Tops" and You'll Agree"witen you first taete that Dendo U(? [ ' Whoksoflte Energy Packed Fortifie4 with V tamin & and Iron—Try It Today t raipaiaHWW^ Early Ohio Potatoes • • Ib. 2c - Meat Department RING BOLOGNA PERLB.22c BIG BOLOGNA PERLB.22c BEEFROAST, 0JRI&28e NECK BONES ;,^_ PERU}. Wl 4<j»»b Fi«h «tf All Kindi (CONSUMERS 'u°tWH<HI*AU S!--\ V F Y'O'li *-^~-^• ii '-~£*•< , i,.,~ ^ -."w;"if ; i75"^^ -4

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