The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 9
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Ff, The AJgdM tfplKMf Pas MoiftMi, Algol*, torn, Jan. 28,1948 WHTTTEMOREBY TEAVYSOMlE Goal; Six Counts Mado by JPree Throws on Local Floor (With the-top-heavy score of 39-8 the Academy quint Sunday afternoon on the home floor trounced the Whlttemore Presentation has- ketee'rs in a rather one-sided contest. The vistors played In hard luck throughout. By brilliant plays several times they reached the bas-- ket for a toss but failed to make net The six counts made by Whittemore were garnered by way of free throws made out of 18 tries. Mahoney led the locals with 13 points, McEnroe took 12 and iDe- Zellar 9. The summary: Algona Fg Ft ft DeZellar, f ...j. * 3 3 McEnroe, f 5 2 Mahoney, c •...* 6 1 C Reynolds, g 0 1 0 Kajewskl, g * 0 0 0 Winkel 1 0 0 Valentine - ....1 0 0 Part-Tim^ Preacher Wins Big Following in Fight Against "Synthetic Chris Janity" Having received nearly A million and a half letters from his Lutheran Hour radio audience. It should seem that Dr. Walter A. Maier would have no fear for the future of Christianity in the United States. But radio listeners from coast to produced remarkable results. Once heard over only two stations, his messages are Mow carried by 891 stolons la 28 lands and, for Latln-Amerl- can audiences, In the But radio listeners from coast to g p a ms h language as coast have heard the noted evangelist W ^ H B8 E ng ]j s h. His declare that America is not thei pre- Hatenera have Bitten, ponderantly c .hHatian country «M Wm near i y a minion many people believe it to be. ±ie - *- iimiiy |jeu|jn3 uciiwu .v «— «— o«J a Vifllf doesn't base this assertion only upon ««« a nait the fact that about 70 million people 16.261 in one week. Htay away from church, but princi- Teaching or preach- pally upon what he terms a trend to- in - tne Bi bi e seven ward "synthetic Christianity. | ,j a y g a wee k k ee p s As a professor at Concordia Theo- j Dr. Maier keenly logWeSry,St.Louis,Dr.Maier $?fcirwn'* he calh, has been training divinity students attempts to sabo- for 20 years in the fundamental doc- tage the Scriptures, trine that Jesus Christ is the atoning,! Educators and clergy- redeemmg Saviour, and that the Bible' men who have shown [| the dWnely inspired word of God.: a tendency to question the Bible is ine uiviueiy .«»£___, ,_.—, o(ten nave heard a forthright chal- B lenge from this dynamic Bible ad- i I vocate on the coast-to-coast Lu' theran Hour the following Sunday. Early in his broadcasting career, in fact, Dr. Maier issued a standing challenge—which he has repeatedly reiterated—for anyone to prove the Scriptures in error. other merelya and the „.,„ uu »v....» that Jesus is uide, leader or virtuous man, lible only a moral code. 32 7 5 Presentation— BIbert, f 0 2 3 Uhlenhake, f 0 04 Koppert, c 0 2 4 RocMord, g 0 1 0 Schumacher, g ^..-0 0 1 Knecht 0 0 0 Rooney ' ° * ° ,,.,,.. . . . Atheism, unbelief , disinterest in 0 6 12 Academy Seconds Win . The. Academy second team in the curtain raiser nipped the Presentation seconds with a 20-6 score. The visitors made 'one field goal and two points' were by free throws. The locals missed seven tries at free throws. Dailey, Winkel and Vlalentine each found three baskets. The summary: Academy Fg Ft Pf Dailey, f ....... —+ ................... 3 ° ° 'Dailey, f .................................. 3 0 l Dunn, c .................................. ° 9 ^ Valentine, g ...* ...... * ............. 3 0 2 Winter, Kinsey . g , 20 0 10 Presentation— Rooney, f 2 0 Mueller, X, f .—.O 0 0 Mueller, O., c > *—0 » J Kirschbaum, g * 0 j> \ Knecht,- g 0 2 Selected by the Lutheran Laymen's Leaeue in 1980 as the speaker for its ^rmring Christ to the Nation" , , broadcast, Dr. Maier's two-fisted the church, Immorality and misun- "Back-to-the-Bible" crusade has derstandmg. Dr. Maier agrees, are jj»i.n. »u retarding the spread of true ,^^__^ Christianity in America. Two-fisted Dr. Maier ^^D^HHi But the greatest danger to challenges anybody to 4®&MjlJljllf the church, he asserts, comes provclhcllibWrong J|^^^^Hl^ from "an educated, intelligent class offering a pseudo, convenient type of religion" in the name of Christianity. llshed in the paper brought about 200 letters to Kier and he is stMl busy trying to catch up on his letter writing. He assures the Opinion-Tribune that he appreciated every one. Flour and Syrup Instead of a tar and feathering, the interior of the automobMe belonging to Vefle Tompkdns of near Adel, received a new kind of bath. The automobile of Dr. Laura Miller of Adel and that of Tompkins collided. Tlhe two drivers were shaken up, and apparently the cars were not too severely damaged, but the inside of the Tompktas car was covered with a gallon of thick syrup and a sack of white flour, all mixed together. Proof E. S. Boynton of near Weldon has the proof to show that he has paid for and received the Osceola Sentinel for 21 years. He has each receipt received when he renewed his subscription every year. First Sold Mrs. Lydia Chandler of Audubon was the first person to sell Christmas seals in Audubon county. In 1908 Mrs. Chandler was requested to 'sell seals, and she agreed, selling $10 worth before she was through. The sale of Christmas seals was inaugurated only the year previously. From Horses to Poultry The tractor has replaced the horse to such an extent with farm work that R. W. Wyland, former breeder of Percheron horses, has remodeled one of the horse barns nto a chicken house. The barn, 64x34, makes a large poultry house by using both the loft and the main loor. (Mr. Wyland now gathers 500 eggs daily from h!s flock. The lens are not allowed to slumber e in the morning, but the lights are turned on at 5 a. m., and then are turned on in the evening from p. m. to 7 p. m. Doing His Bit Harry Burmaster, implement dealer of Gravity, is doing h!s par) to help in the production of foot next spring. He is reconditioning all kinds of farm machinery for the farmers in the vicinity. Mr Burmaster doesn't omit the slightest detail, he even trys to match the original paint job. Quilting Bee The Service Mothers club in Iowa Falls has been occupied lately making wool quilts from pieces donated. They made two quilts and tied them, in two days time. They are now asking for more piece's and old blankets, used in lining, so that they may get more quilts on the way. Small Change A burglar gained entrance to the Franklin ->county court house, and attempted to rob the county auditor's office. He forced the cash drawer open, but did not take the only money in it—a penny. From Bad to Worse J.'mmie Thompson of Emmetsburg was recovering from a broken arm when he found it necessary to lay low agaain. This time—the mumps. Silk No New Rug and nylon hose that had been saved .for a period of many years by Mrs. W. R. Rock and daughter, Marjorie, of Osceola, were donated in the silk arid nylon salvage drive. They gave 250 pairs of silk hose, the largest number turned in by individuals. They had been saving the hose with the Intention of making a rug. From the Files Seneca Boy Leaves for Service on Birthday Seneca? Daryl Hanson, who enlisted In the marines several weeks ago, received his call and left from Burt for Des Moiires and then on to San Diego. Calif., last Tuesday night, A week ago last Saturday evening about 15 young people came in and held a farewell party for him at the home of his parents. ^Th'e evening was spent playing cards and games. Refreshments were enjoyed in the evening. Last Monday night his parents held a family dinner in. his honor. Guests Included Nels and Lillian Jacobson, the Ernest Jacobson family, , Mr. and Mrsl Lawrence Jacobson and daughter and Mrs. H. C. (Madsen, all of Ringsted. Sam McCleish of .Bancroft and Irvin Luedtke of Lotts Creek were evening callers. He left on the follow, ing day which also happened to be his 21st birthday. A Flyer Through the Air Fred Schoenfleld ofi near Ida Grove took a tumble in his car recently, that he doubtless would not care to repeat. The wheels caught ?n a crusted snow bank, causing the c>r to go out of control and down a 20-foot embankment. Fred cltaibed out of the back seat, where he found himself, looked for a broken bone, but found only a skinned nose. >Fenton, Iowa, Jan. 25, 1043 J. W. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. Dear Mr. Haggard: .(Enclosed please find check for a year's subscription to both papers. I feel more like paying my subscription now since you have quit saying amen to everything to what, these cockeyed Washington brass-hats are pulling off on a bewildered people. I fully agree with you on last week's editorial about "Smaller Army." Your mention a couple of weeks ago about Hoover being an honest president was very fine. When history is written Hoover will get his just dues. He is a statesman, but a poor politician. Anybody that blames Hoover, for the conditions in 1932 is not very smart. We have had depressions before and undoubtedly will have them again. I wonder how many people when they blame Hoover or those days stop to realize that he was' stymied by a hostile congress. Anyone that knows anything about legislation knows that the president can do only what congress allows him to do. Even your raving editor, "Reese" will agree on that point. I am, very truly yours J. H. JENSEN. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux' Wesley, to Celebrate Gold Wedding Feb. 7 •Wesley: Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, February 7th. A special ceremony and blessing will be given ,by Rev. L. N. Klein at the 10 o'clock Mass. Mary Olson and Paul Haverly will be attendants at their grandparents' golden wedding Mass. A three course dinner.will be served in the church hall at noon to about 50 relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Laux were married at Gilbert, la. Mr. and Mrs. August Garman, a daughter and son-in-law of the Laux's, will observe their 31st wedding anniversary* the same day. AROUND IOWA Ironical Wayne Hunt and men driving truck for him from the Osceola County Co-Operative Creamery at Sibley arrived in Chicago with flve large trucks hauling 11,000 pounds of butter. Upon his arrival, Hunt entered a restaurant and ordered a meal, requesting-some butter. He was told that there was no butter, and they had been unable to obtain for two days. A Veteran Retires John F. Etchison of Mapleton has settled many a dispute on the basketball floor. Gasoline rationing and more work with his regular bus.'.ness has forced him to retire after 18 year serving as high school basketball official. During that time he has averaged 100 games a year, or 1800 in all. - Still Digging Ore testing work under the supervision of Paul E. Pesonen, mining engineer, is'being continued at the iron mine near Waukon Test pits are being sunk, but work has been retarded due to lack of working material. Wtth this, the same as in many other businesses Two Celebrations Mr. and Mfs.« C. M. Herrlck of Wapello were married On Christmas day, 1917. On the date of their 26th wedding anniversary, December 25, 1942, thefr son David Edwin, was married to Annabelle Hu<3- COULD YOU USE $100? Bet you can think of many uses for It! Well, you cap get $W»$100-$200 or more In IMMEDIATE CASH through us. Money to pay store, bills, doctor bills, Insurance, buy coal, clothes, feed, livestock —easy monthly payments—special plan for farmers. SERVICE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL L. S. Bohannon Phone 103 Algona, la. Personal Loans ; Up to $30O Cash Advanced Cor: Medical, Dental and Hospital Expenses. Accumulated Past Due Bills. Fuel, Clothing. Taxes, Insurance Repairs. —any necessity or emergency. SPECIAL PLAN FOE FARMERS United Loan Service Phone 782, Algona, Iowa Office Second Floor Upper DCS Moines Newspaper Building Professional Advertisements ATTORNEYS A* LAW HARRINGTON A R. J. Harrington J. D. Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bk. , ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H, W. MtLLF/tt ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Sawyer Building Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA & HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. Hutchison (1862-1938) Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison Security State Bank Building Phone 251 Algona, low* E J. Van Ness Allen A. Brunsow VAN NESS & BRUNSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices in new Heiae Building Phone 213 Algona, Iow» Gaylord D. Sliumway Edw. D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Hutchison Bldg., Phone 58 ALGONA, IOWA IJNNAN & tiYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algona, Iowa Phone 268 Offire over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg, ALGONA IOWA today, local invention must take the place of purchased working material. A local blacksmith is making buckets, for use with wind- asses, out of 14-tach iron pipe 'ound iin a junk yard. From South Pacific Henrietta Janning of Storm Lake, received a grass skirt, the gift of her brother, Paul, located somewhere in the South Pacific with the armed forces. The green yellow, rose and white skirt was made for Henrietta by a g.''H on the island. Unnecessary Jump Jimmy Boos became frightened when kerosene on the surface of a pan of water placed on the stove at his. home at Fertile caught fire. The flames were quickly extinguished by the use of quilts, but the young boy, who was still in bed, was awakened and to escape the flames he jumped through the window, suffer.'-ng cuts on his legs. Friends United On board a rescue ship would be a very welcome place to moot a friend from "back home." That is what happened to Harvey Glen Frailey and Milton Mills of Iowa Falls. Frailey, a survivor of a sunken ship, boarded another vessel where he found Mills, who gave him and cigarettes. Eyeglasses Found A paiir of gold-rimmed eyeglasses, In- a case were found when some cement blocks fell and broke while workmen were repairing one of the university buildings at Iowa City. The glasses were embedded in the cement. Letters to Answer When S. W. K'«r of the U. S. Navy, first entered the service he was lonesome, so the Glenwood Opinion-Tribune notified girls by publication, at his Request, that he wanted letters, The letter pub- Clothing - Dry Goods - Shoes Are Scarce! rsi % ings areS being rationed to you -practically every item is being soW to tj re -tajer on an allotment basis, if at Ill-antt that each, and every item now in stores is of better quality and better value than the new things to come., Don't hoard, but don't put off buying your ne.eds. _ Ladies' Full Fashionefl Bayon Hose will be as hard to find as nylon is now, we have them from 79c 80 square prints, were just not being sold by the wholesalers— we have a few - — - ---------- 27c Two-Way Stretch Girdles are "out" for the duration. Better get yours NOW -------------- 98e Men's, Women's Bain Coats and Capes. Don't wait for the rainy season if you'll need one. _ Men's Bubber Boots— bring your ration card and get them here for _ --------- r — - ------- $3.12 We have 6 Spowsulte flmt were good values at $5.84 to $7.84. 6 lucky tods get them for ea, $4 Peters Work Shoes are aifotted to us. 65% of last year's purchaser We have a good stock from 2.69 If you don't get a pair of the ladies shoes we have on sale— you're missing a bet, 200 pairs, pair 2.29 Woolisscarqe. luW receiveci a ^eamk of MSB'S Sweat &&$*, We bought last faU^-aame oM price .....—98c ^to^kets are aimoat iiapogsibte fa l)uy o» the wh Resale markets, A few at last March priqes are not permittfed tp te m^uf actured—we have about lg pieceg, yard, 19c ftfid we can't get any more, but you <?an imye wfrat we have, 313E99 -149 I^eiyeS^-oiily m HJwja Placet I4»gd glue Oralm Jackets—- —JU» We ^ goipg out of the Oilcloth business for the dur»ttoB, qet your&»Qw at ^- -yd. 27c Our KQ.406i^ea AUBayonHgsew^b^llgy^o^ ttjtert toy to town ftt pa4r 38c We have ap irr^iffllar of-Beay Br^d Eagineer aad Ftreroan Box for men, Try tb buy elsewhere All Winter ^JJwSHW on •••^^•••i^^MPI^B«l^^^"^^"ii^^^^^^^^^^^^^™~' ^^^^ Forget Food Problems at A&P FORGET about scarcities in foflds "gone to war!" FORGET about necessary and voluntary rationing . . 4 and come to you* A. & P. Market. We won't promise that you'll find all the foods you're accustomed to getting in peace time—but you'll find the fojods you NEED in wide variety. Come in today , . H plan your meals as you market. Choose from A. & P.'s dairy products ., . . packaged and glassed foods . . . tepmtingr baked goods i . . fresh fruits, and vegetables! Thousands are <ollowtng this plan-as-yourmarket scheme every week! IONA AliL-PURPOSE ENRICHED *FLOUR 49 lb. bag | .79 • 24>/i Ihj bag 90c 100% Pure Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening dexo 3 lb. carton fi3c Throw your Smmyfleld Prepared scrap into Pancake F lour ______ o lb. bag 2Ufj the fight . . Ann p semojjna Spaghetti or save iron _ _ ., o 11 1 AA and steel Macaroni o ib. pkg. 23fi scrap. Turn Use stamp Np. 10 Now—Expires Jan. Slst it over to -, r o 11 your local OUgar , -^ IbS. Buy -K Items With Blue Food Stamps)! L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW . Office in Hutchison Building PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 320 C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D.. Phone 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN" Office jn John Galbraith Bldg. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON MELVIN G. BOURNE Phone—Office 197 Res. 194 Across from F. S. Norton & Son OSTEOPATHS DR. SHERMAN MEYER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN General Practice Special attention given to non-surgical treatment of rectal dLaeasea>. varicose veins and rupture DENTISTS salvage committee FOOD STORES OWNFD AND OPFHATED HY THf GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC HA CO. DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phone, Business 166. Residence 788, ALGONA, IOWA DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Hutchison Bldg. Phone 13S Res. Phone 174 Algona, loom Ann Page 14 oz. bottle 13c size 1/2 lb. —pkg. 21b. _box 14c KETCHUP IONA COCOA SULTANA PRUNES niedium SEEDLESS RAISINS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE rlilS rEtl Wilson's Selected jar HAM LOAF . E ;l Se _ rTO . ?*£ 47c DITDI? I ADH Cedar Valley 2-lb. OC^ rUKJi LAK1J carton 1 *^ POTTED MEAT' ™^L^ C £ We cans 1 Ib. 12 oz. OQ C Natijon Wide Peanut Week Spanish Salted Alb. PEANUTS Sultana Vitamin B-l A Ib. P-NUT BUTTER* Boasted in Shell Ib. PEANUTS -.... bag Carnation Malted 1 Ib. MILK J» r 37c Mother Kern's HORSERADISH qt I I - 48c MUSTARD ._ jar. FRESH EGGS doz. AA- Vitamins A, B-l, G ....ctn •Hlto Iowa State Brand lb. BUTTER •— ctn. Vitamin A Pasteurized 1 qt. I A. FRESH MILK bottle IUC Vitamin G Mild American LONGHORN CHEESE lb. Fresh Colored OXMLBY GHESE lb. Bench-Cured White Aflf* CHEDDAR _ _ lb. tUI* Italian Grated 1% oz. J»_ CHEESE pkg. V«f Cheese contains Vitamins A-O A. J. EASON, Dentist Office over James Drug Store? Phone Office 59 Residence 859 KARL R, HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in New Heise Bld Phone 44'" ~' ' EMMETSBURG PRODUCTION; CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to c 'Farmers/and Stockmen with a sound basis for credit. Rate 4%%. Part time office, Friday 1 to 4 p. m. at Bohannon Insurance Agency. above S. & L. Store, Algona. 33c Enriched Flour 24'/j lb. I ID -tcGOIJ) MEDAL —bag 111U Evap. Milk n tall A-| A WHITE HOUSE W cans' I v Fey Hand Picked M lb. Af_ Navy Pea BEANS 1 bagW I U Naturalpak CalimJTna 6 oz IA _ FANCY FIGS pkg. IWU Black Zante 11 oz. CURRANTS __ _ pkg. Breakfast Food SO oz. GEORGIE PORGIE pkg. Chili Powder I'/j oz. MEXENE - t"^ Old Dutch A U oz, | e . CLEANSER * cans 19« Paper Towels RED CROSS _ roll Now on sale Feb. Woman's Day, «e CUSTOM GROUND A. * P, COFFEES Eight O'clock lb. Bed Circle lb. Bokar Coffee lb. 26c Redeem Coupon No. 28 PLAN NOW FOR RATIONING With Hours Fresher Fruits & Vegetables California (Vitamins A+, B-1+, C++, G_j_) *Head Lettuce, size 60 2 heads 23c Extra Fancy (Vitamin C+) *Winesap Apples ___3 Ibs. 29o' Texas (Vitamins B-1+, C++) Grapefruit, »ize 96 10 for 35c Teiws (Vitaniinsi A++, B-1+, C+) •ACarrots -_- —.--bunch 7$ California (Vitwnins B/1+, C++) Oranges, sizes 176 _,- - - — „ -dozen 36c , Key to 1 Vitamins: ++ Excellent Source; + Good Source ' OERBER'S STRAINED FOODS STRAINED A 4H oz. FOOJDS .... ..* ««na CHOPPED . O «H wt Typewriter Paper Ann 59c This is a good grade bond paper and will make an ex cellent school paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines CRtSCO JFW RUBBER ST Your ord^n will be promptly and Sliortemng For Dwnes and Fine Fabrics BWIMif^Hl^w •P'lHBBIi Enriched Bread j,i^pr '^ff- 1^^ m:m LIFEBUOY H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped tp do all kinds of draylng and haul- Ing. "BETTER QUAUTY" -QUICKER SERVICE*

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