The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 5
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The AlgdM tTppef Des Moities, Aftwn*. Idwo,. Jam.iW, 1^ Mr*. Arthur Gadc, wlpo has been under a doctor's care Is Improving Mrs. Sam Smith has been confined to her home the past two weeks with heart trouble. Jftob Stebrltz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stebrltz, Is a new clerk at the J. tit Richardson hardare. He was formerly at the S. & L. store. Otrs. Arnold • Danlchjon and Ron, Kiarl Edward, of Brlstow, visited from Sunday until Wednesday at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. P. W. Hanson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tlmvcs returty ed Wednesday morning from Clti- cago where they have been visiting relatives for the past ten days. Mr. Thaves Is" a local Insurance man. The mid-winter communion service will he held Sunday, January 31, at the Presbyterian chtftch at eleven a. m. and will be conducted by the pastor, the Rev. C. C. Richardson. Pvt Willard F. Irmlter, NOII of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Irmlter of Armstrong, Is home on a short furlough, He Is stationed at the twenty-fourth General Hospital at Fort Bennlng, Ga. Mr. and Mi& (Ralph Tioo ny turned from Iowa City Saturday evening to their home here. Mrs. Tlce was a patient the pant .week at the University hospital!/ Mr 1 , Tice Is a salesman. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gillette were called to the southern part of the State Monday by the Illness of the former's father. Mr. Gillette Is in charge of the meat department at the Council Oak .store. Lawrence Tracger of \ West Union arrived Thursday for a few days' visit with his sister, Mrs. Dennis Pratt and family. Lawrence Is waiting for his call to officers' training In the army. Rev. J. C. Buthman let Wednes- day evening fdr Chicago where he will visit the seminary at Northwestern University .to find Methodist preachers for the Algona district of -which he is superintendent Rita Doolcy left Monday tot D Molnes where she will be employed In the U. S. Employment office. She has been assistant county recorder under her father, J. J. Dooley, for the past two years or so. Airs. >T. C. Buthmtm left Friday for Halstead, Kansas, where she will spend several weeks with her parents and with her sister, Mrs. A. W. Baumarr who Is 111. Mr. Buthman Is the district superintendent for the Methodist church. Rev. and Mrs,. P. J. Braner will go to Lewlsvllle, Minn., on Friday to attend the funeral of their old friend, Rev. W. C. Rumseh, who passed away very suddenly. Rev. and Mrs. Rumseh spent last Thanks' giving Day In Algona with the Braners. Max Carter attended a business meeting in Des' Moines over the week end and found that the weather made difficult driving on the return trip. Mr. Carter Is a Curtis Candy salesman 'and they live in an apartmetn at the L. S. Muckeys. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. F.oote arrived Friday for a week's visit in the Frank Shllts home.- M4 Foote is a war worker and has been work- Ing In a .plant near Fremont, Neb. but he is enroute to a plant operated by the same company In Wisconsin where he has been transferred. Perry Owen will go to Galena, Illinois, to visit relatives during his seven day Induction furlough. Perry was one of the group to go to the army induction^ center in Dse Moines on Wednesday morn- Ing. He was a member of the Algona 'group that worked on the Alaskan road last year. 40 Dozen . Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. For" ty dozen men's and boys' work shoes arrived at Neville's the last few days. We are now ready to pass out work shoes to the army that is producing food for the world. Food is and will be a big factor in winning this horrible war. This army must have good comfortable shoes. ''Our work shoes are all International'- Star Brand, the .best that money can buy. We have a full stock of all-sizes and more coming. 'Prices the same. as last year from $1.98 to $4.50. . '-i., <••- _ We are also stocking boys' Star Brand dress oxfords. These, are the best 'boys' oxfords we ever handled. Men's work shoes will be as scarce this spring as overshoes are this winter. Be wise — take time by the forelock. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE "Better Quality" SEALS "Quicker Service 1 * HBADQUARTER5 for MXDf-TO-OJDM RUBBER STAMPS YOUR ORDER WILL IE FILLED PROMPTLY AMI IFFIOIMTLY ftarn padi aid Wn. Mtttl Cfc«elw «d Tag*, r ladati, St. tl Stawpt The Algona Upper Des Moines Mrs. & «t. Zonder entertained the members of the Hobby dub (it her home Wednesday afternoon. Private dart Knlidseii Is spending a five day furlough with friends here and at Burt. He Is stationed at damp Bowie, Texas. Mrs. L, F. Rice and niece, Janice Gill, left Wednesday evening for Omaha for a week's visit with Janice's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. G11L Dale* son of Mrs). F. W. Davidson, is now located at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, where he Is a member of the radio division of the signal corps. Sctphcn Kenefick, son fit Dr. and Mrs^ J. N. Kenefick, has been 111 for the past ten days with the flu. He is In the second grade at St. Cecelia's Academy. Private First Class Donald M. Sengbusch of Ft. Rosencrans, Calif., arrived home Jan. 17 to spend a 12-day furlough with his parents and friends here. Airs. Maude Soloinan lias returned to her home In Spencer alter visiting several weeks In Algona with her sister, Mrs. Estella Sabln, who has .been ill. Lieutenant Lelghton Misbach, a former Algona mayor, now In the army air ordnance corp has been transferred from Gunter Field, Alabama to Waco, Texas. C. H. Williams went to Chicago Saturday to attend the spring market and buy merchandise for the Hub Clothiers. He Is expected home the last of the week. Mr. and Mrs. LcRoy Peterson of Humboldt were visitors In the Clint Lighter home on Monday evening. Mrs. Peterson is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lighter. Mrs. Perclval Sljone and two children spent the week end with her mother In West Bend where the Stones formerly lived* Mr\ Stone Is a Pratt Electric employe. H. B. White is-expected home on next Sunday for a ten day leave. He expects to 'be graduated from his officers' training course at Fort Custer, Michigan on Friday with a second lieutenant's commission. Dr. R. A. Evans went to Rochester Monday to be with his daughter, Kathleen, who underwent surgery Tuesday at the Colonial hospital there. Kathleen is in her senior year of nurses training at Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown, Home Economist Alma Shultz and Wayne Keith of Burt attended a farm bureau township meeting at the Seneca school Tuesday evening and a similar meeting at Swea City on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Margaret Bishop celebrated her riinet|yHfi,rst Ibirthday at ithe home of her son, A. A. Bishop on Wednesday. Mrs Bishop's many friends called on her or sent greetings. Mrs. Bishop is in good health and gets about very well. Lieutenant Lawrence Misbach is •home on furlough followting his graduation and commilssipning from army officers' training. He 'has/'beenr assigned to the army air ordnance and will leave after this week for Santa Aria, California, where he is to foe stationed. Arden Orton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cltrk Orton, is taking his boot training in the navy at the Great Lakes. training school. Arden, who la nineteen, ; received his call on 'January 15, after enlisting at Spencer two or three weeks previously. The Ortons have one other son in service, Donald, who is in the army. Mr. and Mrs Raymon Henry went to- Mason City Sunday to meet Mrs. Henry's mother, Mrs. Ruth Harland who was returning from LaPlatta, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Henry drove to Britt on Monday to meet his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Henry of Burlington who were on the bus which was stalled by the snow storm at Britt. The elder Henrys are now here on a visit. Mrs. L. E. Linnan is expected home the last of the week from Chicago where she has been the past week or ten days visiting her sisters. Mr. Linnan and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lorenz went into Chicago with her last week, but returned Monday by way of the delayed Milwaukee morning train which was scheduled to arrive at 6:03 but didn't get in until about five o'clock in the afternoon. Jim Merryman left for his station »ln Rhode Island on Tuesday after spending a leave from the navy here. His wife, who Is with her parents at Fostoria also visited here/ Jim is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Merryman. Other brothers and sisters who visited here during Jim's stay were Mr. and Mrs. Tom -Merryman and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Merryman of Waulce- gan, 111., and Mrs Leon Glyrrn arid daughter, Crystal of Cedar Rapids. The entire family of eight children was reunited. BASKETBALL St. Cecelia's ACADEMY vs. Corpus Christ! of Fort Dodge Academy 67111 3 o'clock p, m, In The WEEKS NEWS CURRENT WtilWS PHOTOGRAPttED FOR The Upper Des Moines FREE AT LAST—<MbraJbtpsHSou|ndiphoto—A happy group of British women and children are* pictured on their arrival ihr Gibraltar last week end after a series of adventures unequalled in this war. They were passengers on a ship bound for Britain from the East when their vessel was torpedoed and sunk in Sept., 1942. After a long period, in lifeboats, this group was picked up by a German submarine on wh!«h they spent 48 hours. They were transferred to a French cruiser and taken to French Morocco for internment. They have been released by the U. S. forces taking part in the North African offensive. MJNT Helpful Hints MEAL PLANNING . COOKDiG - SEWWO Living up to our title th's week we are sending hits on many subjects . of interest to all <homemakers. 'The'following is a miscellaneous lot covering many of the little things which are helpful. To sharpen- the blades of your food chopper, run small bits of left over scour'ng soap through it. Wash well, then oil with a little glycerine which does not leave any unpleasant oily taste in the food. The odor of fresh paint can be quickly removed from a room by slicing an onion into a basin of w'ater and leaving it Ire the room after painting. Novel and attractive house plants may be had at no cost from the following: grapefruit seed, sweet potatoes or the large seed of an avocado. Grapefruit seed should be washed in cold water before being placed in dirt. Sweet potatoes will grow in water, partly submerged, but do better in sand or sand loam. The seed of the avocado should be pierced wtth tooth picks and placed over a jar or glass of .water in such a way that only half of the seed is in water. You may leave it in the water when sprouted or it may be nlanted in dirt in an attractive 'bowl. Many women who do needle work do not know the easy way to put yarn Into the eye of a needle. When threading a needle with yarn or darn.'.ng threads, fold the yarn over the end of the needle. Holding it Mghtly hetween the .forefinger and thumb, as closely as possible to the needle, slip it off leaving a small flattened-out loop. Without releasing, the pressure on your fineer fov an instant slip the eye of the needle down over the errd of the loop. In darning stockings '(and whr doesn't these days?) have your stit- rrhcs run diagonally rather than up and down, which allows better for stretching. In mending: fine knit AROUND IOWA White Animal A rare specimen, a white oppos- sum, was> found by John .Popson, of near Albia. ) Annual Gift ) The Christmas turkey for the dinner, table of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Morris of Guthrie Center has been furnished by their son, Howard Morris and family for nine years. This year, the fowl weighed 14 nounds. The Howard Morris family now resides at Tacoma, Washington. New Director The absence of a faculty band director does not keep the Lake Mills band from taking its usual nart in school activities. Allen Sheimo, senior student, Is now directing the band and is doing well with the work. Allen has planned to continue with musto and band directing after high school days are over. Penny Drive Harry L. Grange, principal of the Indianola high school, has announced that he hopes Indianola hiorh school students will locate 10,000 pennies. One thousand pennies were collected (in one week by the students and the money went into war stamps. Nationally Known Emil P. Runft, of Reintoeok, has become nationally known as a dealer of dogs, especially English shepherd dogs. One day recently he shipped 28 English shepherd pups, to that many buyers in 14 states. During one week, he shipped more than 60 dogs to many states. Accidents Helpful Many residents of a section, of Cedar 'Rapids thought that the traffic lights had been altered by those incharge so that the red and the green lights overlopped for a lev/ moments at the time of change with the yellow light out entirely. However, the officadls had an explanation, they did not do it, but lightning knocked the connections off their regular channels. Most drivers reported that-.'.t yras an improvement over the old type of wear, place a piece of net or very thin cloth under the hole, 'extending a little beyond it on all sides. Then sew back and forth over this piece in rather loose stitches. When the buttonhole :>n the back of a child's garment is torn beyond all hope of repair, replace it with a buttonhole cut from some discarded garment, with enough material left around it to form a firm patch. If you find it hard to darn at night, try using a lighted flashl.'.ght as a darner. Sausages will not split during frying if they are first boiled for five minutes. Drain thoroughly and fry as usual, or, best of all, cook in the oven. Before cracking nuts :f you will soak them over night in salt water the nut meats will come out more easily and quite often whole. • For speed, cool gelatine in a metal mold or part .instead of glass or pottery. When making a very juicy pie, set the tin containing the pie in a larger one, since it is much easier to clean another pie tin than the oven. An easy way to take shortening out of a by heating a metal spoon with which to remove it. Before measuring molasses or corn syrup, grease the measuring cup or spoon, and the heavy syrup will' not stick: Very lacy paper doilies may be placed over a cake, powdered sugar spread over it, removed leavinsr P lovely pattern in sugar' to substitute for .'cing. Glue an envelope on the inside of the cover of your box of stationery, in which to put stamps, st:-ck- ers, Christmas seals, etc, for corr- venient use. Now that meft "rines are high substitute f'oouently. -Mshes madp from eeres,, dried peas, bean? and nuts. > Legal Followers The entrance of William C. Stuart if Ohariton into the legal profession brings the fourth generation of the Stuart family ,'nto law practice. William was admitted to the bar several weeks ago and graduated from the State University of Iowa recently. He will not start practice immediately, however, as he has enl.'sted In the naval air conps. Long-Time Service The Saturday before Christmas this year was the 24th time that J. W. Gethmann of Gladbrook had gladdened young and old of that community by playing the role of Santa Glaus. After the children were given an opportunity to visit wtth him on Main .street, Santa Glaus visited all the shut-Ins and presented gifts donated by the business men. Still Going Strong The sewing machine owned by Mrs. Jasper Wilson of Traer was reported by Elizabeth Peterson, of Iowa State College, who has been conducting training school on clean- '•ng and repairing of sewing machines, as the oldest machine repaired in her schools, The sewing machine has been used since 1887, the only repair was one new shuttle. After being cleaned, oiled arrd adjusted, the 65-year old machine did excellent work, those attending the school reported, • Papers Delivered The LeMars Globe-Post reported two of its carrier boys used their skates In delivering papers following a recent storm that covered the entire ground'with ice. The Globe-Post photographer the next morning noticed that the boys had skated along the sidewalks, turning in at each house to deliver the papers. Owed Russell Kruse, a large man called ''Tiny" by his home folks in Grundy Center, working on the inside of a box car nailing in door boards to hold a cargo of soybeans bound for St. Lou's, absent-mindedly imprisoned himself inside the, car and was unable to crawl out of the small opening in the car 'at the ehd. After much yelling and hammering Tiny was able to attract attention of the station agent and was released before the train started for St. Louis. No Celebration Page County Sheriff Cecil Crawford thought he could -celebrate the fact that he would have no guests in the county jail for a time. However, before the celebration started, a call from Shenondoah advised him that 'he would receive three more visitors soon. This hoped-for recess would have been the first time since Crawford took office that the jail had been empty. New Siren An electric fire siren is beirrg purchased by the Marion city council. They have been promised the delivery of one within a short time, but until that time they will be wihout any system of ^ general alarm. The former .s'ren'was run by city steam, but that service has been discontinued. Gave All Three fathers bdiding farewell to sons entering the army had their pants' pockets picked to aggregate sum of $50 at Osage the other day. Besides the pocketbooks,. the dips obtained other important material as registration cards, automobile keys and valuable papers. Those reporting losses were Theo. Trib- bensee, St. Ansgar, Robin Pelley- mounter and Ed Hackbart, Decorah. No Gratitude While giving the family dog the air after abatement of a thunder storm from which the animal had sought refuge in the house, Airs. H. F. Groetken of LeMars met With an unusual accident. The small toe on her left foot was stepped on by the dog and broken during his resistance to ejection. Early April Fool 'A mounted cock pheasont was placed beside the road by Raymond Linn of Guthrie Center then- he hid to watch the fun. The bird attracted six ' carloads Of hunters, who stopped, their cars and took shots at the bird. One hunter, shooting a small cannon, knocked the bird over. He then picked it up, smooth- SAVE TIME-SAVE WORK Use thit NEW Furniture Polish that CLEANS - POLISHES PROTECTS tidy house FURNITURE POLISH BETTER GROCERS HAVE IT FREE ESTIMATES ON Prompt, expert service on repairs for any make of furnaco. We'll help you be sure your furnace is kept in good shape. The factory provides us with 24-hour- a-day service on genuine repair parts for Green Colonial furnaces. NEW FUKMZICES? H your present furnace ll beyond use or repair, you can still buy a new Green Colonial. Ask us about It. I Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge St GREEN COLONIAL FIJRMCE SERVICE NEW DISCOVERY FOR MASTITIS Out to Sfrapfoceccvf Agalactiae Here Is ftood newt lor every farmer who feu Mattitl* to hU herd. About ninety per cent of all Mastitis, or Garget, U caused bj Streptococcus ajatocttee. The new discovery, Bee'b* G-Lac, (Tyrothriclu) consists ol Gramicidin and Jyrpcidln. Beebe C-IUw Morn the action of Streptococcus aaalac (***. U Mattitta, due to this microbe. It cutting Into your milk production ... II your b«*t dairy cow* aim In danger—act now) CM* P*»b« G-|4H!. Voii'lJ be amazed »t the results, Beebo G-t*c I* easy to inject into the test canal, Beeba Q-lMf goe» right to work. Don't let Mastitta (du« to Streptococcus »gai»ctiac) rob you of your profits Get Be»b» G-Uc today. UACi-iTie •** "SJKW*' tabowory MASTITIS testa of mlik samples from TESTING ? our CDW *- Only ^ P*^ I $9 I »nw Sample tested. A»k »• for SCRVICI details. Wo obligation. * ed Its feathers and set It 'back to fool othef hunters comtoig along the road. Costly Push Clement Llckteig, of Cresco, un- stole to start the motor of his car, enlisted the aid of bystanders to give him a push. The motor started, and before it could be stopped the car had crossed the street, climbed up on the curb and Into the large plate glass window of a local store. The window was broken! Graduates Miss Carol Hanson of Orinnell was the flfjsfe !». _. „ class of 30 girls selteted -to* I tracing In- Sranlff Al**ays municattons metHoda, Hie" Sff i. operators are-the first women rSflw operators used by Bfcaiiiff Airway 1 ** Used" Agalh iA two blue-star service dag in use during World War 1 in the hoihe tit > telmer C. teighmy At New Market* is being displayed again. The 'flag as displayed for Mrs. Elghmy's tWd , brothers during tne first world war and for the EigHmy's two youngest boys at the present time. Profit by Feeding Full-o-Pep Live Stock Feed and Laying Mash All Feeds in Meal or Pellet, Forms For More Milk- Feed Sugar Schumacher or 16% ETairy Feed Kossuth Motor Co, Phone 200 N. Dodge Street IOWA Tlmrs:rFrfi,-Slat, Jan. 28-29-80 ten"** *"...«. m>U°» d lh * Mary Beth HUG! 0VIK MY Serial, "King of Royal Mounted" Sunday, Monday /Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 31-Feb. 1-2-3 BATTLEFIELD FOR A <• LOVELY LADY'S HEART! Tfce Screen's Ntv Happy tivart-Bealtl JoneFRAZEE Robert PAIGE will, Eugene PALLETTE Elizabeth PATTHSON CHARLES COIEMAN MAUDE EBUtNE SLIM and SUM VIRGINIA fUrrins '" Teehn/eo/orl Madeleine Carroll Fred MacMurray A Paramount Picture with ; Stirling Hayden • Helen Broderick Marie Wilson • Carolyn Lee •reduced and Directed by EDWARD H. GRIFFITH •••••••I | Stationery f i For Service Men I • . . - -... • -'.a Army—Navy Naval Air Force Army Air Force Coast Guard 50 Sheets—50 Envelopes 1.10 Moines URTTHEA ^BPF K- t VI.}.l|i^ w^ ^P|- iP'Pi BBPfliTip •jwjf'imuiwv^'j'^^MfwivHwimwwiww^ — Starring Garry Cooper " i-fe,*</£,,.>'; ^...*?i,'u& 5 fA^ \...

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