The Evening World from New York, New York on December 10, 1904 · Page 1
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1904
Page 1
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I l I I JI y t I r ill I c READ NEW Y YQRKS rfi BaARDERS tit AND ROOMERS GUIDE 1 PAGE4 > f oJ td W ATHCClerlliar tonlllhil faaday fair J 1i4r r tri r WErHC Cltrh tonlhl r ii t 1 0 P i FIN A L > IY t YE 11N ED11l N rFINAL 1 a INCLUDING FICTION I I J SUPPLEMENT 1 Circulation Books Open to All J = 1 t Circulation Books Open to All j IRE S U L J S ED III 0 N = = 1RICI ONE C1SNT NEV YORK sArunDAy DEUgMllEIt 10 HHU PRICE ONE CENT 0 1 = B ALTMAN GO WILL MOVE TO r FIFTH AVENUE t Dry Goods Firm Announces Purchase of Block on Fifth Avenue Between Thirtyfourth t and Thirty ilith Streets r WILL AT ONCE PUT UPI h A FINE NEW BUILDING 1 t < Will Be Diagonally Across r ifrom the WaIdor1 AStoria f Plot One of the Most Expen i Siva In the City I 011 of the Unrest real estate deal In trio history of theclty has lust been com tr1 V pleld by Altman ft Co the dry goods firm oho announce that as a result ota U mammoth dry goods house will be erected on the cut aid of Fifth avenue covering tho entire block between Thirtyfourth and Thirtyfifth Btreets and running back 200 feet toward Madlion avenue Upon completion of the building the great Altman e establishment will be transferred to It from the present location between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets In Plxth avenue The Immense plot upon which the rThe is to be erected ti dlaeonetly across the street from the Waldorf Astoria Ilbtel and comprises some of the most expensive teal estate on Manhattan Eland AUrian Co began tlM work of acquiring the various loll I waking up the complete section many month ago r Pnroliaiek Hade quietly rile work was conducted no sKllflly I that not until the announcement of the purchase wu mode today did tho sell I t = taw to whomthor were conveying their property rr The erection of a great dry roots tort In upper Fifth ntenua II a IInu J tlbnit builnew move OUter homes I moving uptown have held to Broadway Altman I Co ore the pioneer In the f 4k iiovement of the big drrcoods houses f to the Fifth avenue district Undoubl P Idly other firms will follow their example V Tlffanyj will move to Flftrt f avenue and thirtyeighth street before I long and the time approaches when Fifth avenue below Fortysecond atrait will be devoted entirely to business pur poss > It Is reported In real N tUe circles f thai the plot upon which the Altman rmwlll build cost about WOOOOO The I price Ji considered reasonable consider tax the vast Improvement that are soon to b t made In the vicinity Only by the r cleverest bustnes methods wee the plot acquired by olecfmeal Any rumor of the design of a single firm to acquire the whole block front would have loot prices to a prohibitive figure i New UryQoods Centre I I rh9 completion ot the Pennsylvania tunnel will make Herald Square the I centre of the retail dry goods district i F There have Been frequent rumors of deIgns by large downtown firms upon plots In the vicinity of this coming Bilghborhood but Altman Co U the tint firm that has connrmed these rumors t so far As Fifth avenue Is concerned Work on the new building will be 1 btgun In the early spring in the mean tine the buildings on the plot will be i demolished u rapidly ar tenants move 1 The style ot the structure has not V been decided upon but It will embody every appliance known for safety and convenience The cost of the building U eittmaied at J1WOOOO This added to the colt ot the ground brings the total Investment Up to 5000000 B Altman Co announce that the BMollatlons for the property were con pooled throughh George 11 Read On the fifth avenue side of the plot ore the residences of Mrs E J King C A Anderson and Mrs Robert Os hboru Thr other t block tom Thp other buildings on the block are occupied by small business concerns On the Thlrtrntth street sided tbe erection of the Altman bulling compel cthe tearing down of the Build legs occupied by the Reform Club and the Brook Club too loiter new or When the news was made public this afternoon that Altman Co had to quired th Fifth avenue slto a member n vK Dot n 1 the firm of M Knoedler A Co of Ho JH Fifth avenue at the northea crrter of Thirtyfourth street and Mr XoMll King of No M7 ntth avenue riled that Itbe announced that they ItII not know of the completion of the dealof deal NO EXTRA SESSION OF I CONGRESS NEXT SPRING i L I ant Revision of till Thrift May Be I TaW Vf tn Fall on Sp olal j t Call by Hoasevell It I WAWTWqTON Dec 10No extra 1Mkury session of Coheres will be I h44 next spring for > revision of thee pemK That bas been decided definitely The question of an extraordinary tea I Me1 next tall U In abeyance > e ldenM ooievet announced this MMoa to awftMl of his callers today IW Frtstdent laid he had abandoned Mr Msl it calling Congress tnte MHMerdU > anr session In the uprliir as I KU sot swm > practicable to Mia n f t I4lew Ior > tariff tvblon at that time Hit located howerer tit ha ralght 3 sal n ilslelon for nest fall plthoagh no I to 4etClnnhlllllo IIf Urn JIlIt r Asa kin reached I IteII or ibis decision the Prtvldcnt it reentative Coopt oC Texas M had decided to r qt a Iouth I pellr lJtHr Y c 1 f I n1g1iCLt rs tH I FOREIGN RIDER STOL AND FOGAJ TYS IMPRESSIONS trvOlt I CAN BUT cee Cc o In uW AU OF DIM a lg ° MMe has Mrt Mt STRICT ° o ° ° o R CUOTMI4 eH 1 o I wtho Y ° v tfA4tee y I ° w C k ii I P I 4 r QECOp03 f 1 e 9y WALL taA WANT 0 C Afpe f 3 I r y SENTt f tKS K > TriaaNtrNE1A a s t I z l t QMonEl 1 r MonEl a e 1 ar J OMNS BODY FOUND INTHEHARLEM RIVER Mystery of the Disappearance of Mra Sadie Cohen Becomes Even Deeper Through the Gruesome Discovery May Have Been Robbed and Slain I Mysterr marked the disappearance of Mn 8a < la Cqfiwi ofNoHll Kiat Op Hundred and Sixteenth street on Tlluraday evening last and seemingly more Impenetrable IL became thU afternoon when her frozen body was found among the Ice In Harlem River It Is not believed that the wpraan pommHtcU suicide and It Is hard to account for her having been drowned by accident According to what the ponce l wave > learned ahe was on the foest of terms with her hiuUlnd anj family In lioct she tad everything In i 2j6 Furnished Rooms i 1 124 Boarders Wanted j 141 Plecesof Property For Sale 121 Business Opportunities 90 Houseworkers 88Bbys Wanted i 89 Agents Wanted 52 Girls Wanted 26 Stores To Let 44 Colleges Schools cAT the hour ot going to press with this edition of Tho Evening World the abovo ai tertlsements hara arrived at The Worlds main office for Insertion In tomorrpVa Sunday World Want Directory They form a partial list ot upward ot 6003 advertisements ot almost every known ncces arty or Inrestmont either al phabftlcallr or arranged Into one compact section tomorrows Sunday World Want Directory There were 8160 answers to advertisements where the auto or offlco number WIn l1ed and a box number used rel1 trod it The World offlco jaetMonda > morning an incrme V 4010 over cor responding Sundays answers last yeAr WO tj iuJun WER ADS J r uW r y the trorM to make life Tsotih the llvlmr Her rtars lud leen suoi that the posltilllty of her havln n secret fOr raw that irlirht leave driven he rto end hr existence cannot be ftpccpted In tx rlajuitbh bf how rte oarne to htr death The one theory that seems tenable Is that of robbery and murder to hide Its victim When Mrs Cohen left her home on Thursday evening It was with the In tendril of purchasing Christmas presents She had ta In her pocketbook and on her person was Jewelry worth perhaps tlVJ What has become at the money nndl the jewelry tho police are trying to learn Mrs Cohens failure to return on Thursday night caused her family the grcatcJt anxiety but fearing notoriety they did not mention tier absents to their neighbor or report It to the police untillast night A general alarm was sent out then and the search that oci cusfoned on the port of detectives ended with the finding ot the womans remains In the cold waters of the Harlem by ft boatman near Knit One Hundredarid Twtntjriecond street AFTER YANKEE FARMERS ST JOHN N D Dee lOTbe Can > dlan Government h4t appointed Thomas Hetherlnjton Immigration agent and authorized him to open an office In Baton Mr Hetherlngton propose to carry on a campaign tn New England agricultural districts to Induce farmers to locate in the Canadian Northwest It Is asserted that MOCO Americans mostly from the Middle West have Mttlej on the Canadian side within fifteen months 18 DELOW ZERO UPSTATE ILATTBBURO N TN Des 10Ths mercury touched It below zero at RaInbow Lake early today It was U blow at Satanic Lake U below at Upper Chateaugay Lahe and IS below In lab Placid It was at zero here The weather Is extremely cold throughout the northern econ of the State TOPOVFn TOUR1 ke Tt HrTI to llMinix CamJtn sal 1 r1J ieahoud Ml Un nr IIU DoW1rar I IMPORTANT tO WANT ADWE11T1SERS Owns It He toft intnia Ig cirnib tin ndWnlltletrtal 3tT1xWn enact nates deutftd tr Want Gd itrtittnnl for tbt nazi menhgi lout later tbnn 130 1 tt III Th Wttr IIICf4 d k d 1 f A o1 b llti Li MRS CHADIC K III CANNOT BET BAIL Woman Decides HoWever to Fight Against Being Taken to Ohio Will Remain yin Tombs Probably Until Her Hearing Next Saturdays r THE WORTHLESS NOTES WHICH WERE ISSUED BY MRS CHAD WICK VMBB MV BM Voile U ld by ClHxeniIfhttonal D ak Qbetlin 0 JBQO 000 Note JJ ld by CHitena National Busk Oberllno > 230000 Note admitted to exist by FtesldeMt Btckwltb 500000 Note held by III Reynolds 0000000 Certificate ot trusteeship for eecarltlct held by Reynolds I 7BOO000 I Total > 13700000 All hope of securing bail for Mrs Chadwkk was abandoned this afternoon It Is now doubtful if she will ever go back to Cleveland WillIngly the discovery that the name of Andrew Carnegie has been forged toinotes and other evidences bf Indebtedness in favor of Mrs C dick to the extent of l37So5oorandthat everybody with whom Mrs Chadwick had any business dealings has been viclimlzed may prompt her tp take the advice of her lawyers to remain in New York and fight extradition to Ohio She is in the Tombs to stay until her case Is decided This was ad milted today by her counsel Philip Carpenter and Edmund W Powers They visited Mrs Chadwick and repeated their advice that she should remain In New York and fight the proceedings that have been brought against her In thai Federal Court Mrs Chad ivicks son Emil Hoover said that he had advised his mother to abide by the decision of 11er counsel SHE IS QUIll Ill TODAY Mrs Chadwicks condition U cawing great alarm to her ion end htr nurse She was in bad shape physically when she was cent to the Tombs I andtwo days ot confinement haTe greatly aged her Commissioner tit Charities Lantry who saw her today says that she la undoubtedly In a bad i way gjt I I Sloe was trying to take some exercise along tho gallery sad Mr Lantfy but was scarcely able to stand on her feet 1 han sent for Dr I Lovln tho physician who looks after the Federal pjfeonort and he will be placed In complete charge bt Mrs Chadwick I When Mr Carpenter and Mr Powers calledto see Mrs ChadwIck they sent word to her that he should come to the consultation loom The messenger I returned wltji the Information that Mrs Cbadwlelc was too weak to walk down the stairs The attorneys thoreupon went to her cell accon j pealed by Emit Hoover and the maid Freda j George Ilyal the attorney for Herbert Newton of Brookline Mass I who attempt to collect 180800 from Mrs Chadwick precipitated the aeMI I Continued on Second Page I LATEIWINNERSATNEW ORLEANS Sixth RaciNrAlatfdirv6to 5 1 George vlvlal 25to12 Burke ockran 3 s + CHARGES RAILROAD CORRUPTION INDIANAPLIS Deo OBcfore the Supreme Court her loday W A etcham filed an amended complaint charging cor rupticn in the caso of the State against the Terre Haute am Indianapolis Railroad The case is one in which a judgment anf S3CpCC is asked i v 4w 1 KILLEDBY Y EXPLOSION ON RIVER I CINCINNATI I ic10A special from Ashland Ky say six nl er klj feilptho river near hereby an explostonjo nitrOi 1C i tnere strangers errQptIGfn1 t I s Wt 1t rlKye t vt I I MQR 7 Cft EA ESE Tr elegy Oor icEEMN OU7 OU7aJ DERBY WAS WON BY TRAPPER AT NEraiEANS e Favorite Ran Good Race In Feature Event Confinrj Away from Field in Stretch and Winning Eased Up NEW ORLEANS WINNERS FIRST RACEJerry Hunt 3 to 1 1 Dairy Green 9 to 2 2 Floral Wreath3 OECOND RACE yibna evenl Totneis 5 to 1 2 Millta 3 THIRD RACE No Trumper 2 to 1 1 TernS Rod 16 to S 2 Signal Light 3 J FOURTH RACE Trapper 2 to 1 1 Matador 4 to 1 2 Ranger 3 FIRM RACE = Lurallghter 13 to S 1 Dan McKenna 7 to 1 2 RankfnS NEW ORLEANS La Dec 10A CQOl and bracing wind swept away the rain clouds frqrn New Orleans during the night and left It clear with bright un1 tight for the Preliminary Derby whlch I ° the feature agent on the vrotrrammo today Tho rains of yesterday however one more converted the track 1nu a mud hold and the going was deep at the pours this afternoon i SLilChirln u opl wnucAthered at tho I lait St CharlM lloifl list nUfht conceded that the Dtrby was strictly twohorsa race and that Trapper and Mains Horn would be the contenders The alien I dance was the belt of the week and the betting ring looked IIklt atreal place iof buslnt for the ant time during the rnMllnr The card as a whole was one of the btJt of the meeting and If the back had been food some excellent racing voaMjimro peen seen Jerry lluut yver Caught Floral Wreath was a hot favorite In the obenlni event but she met the unul fate of farorlte Ape was a bit low to ret awav and Jerry Hunt the second choice lumrwd to the front nnd rot the path Jerry Hunt was never cautht Floral Wreath took second place In the stretch but tired and was passed bY Daisy Oreen who made a stronr hM nnd lust felled to vet no to Jerry Hunt who won by a neck DailY Green oral half a length In front of Tloral Wreath Ylcfljn Won Vastly Vlona favorite In the second race went right to the front at the start with TotnMS second They raced on almost even terms to the tar turn with UeHIa and Lady IatrlcU In close behind On the turn Vlona came away and at the end won ti4lly by two lengths from Totneu who though tiv lag held second plies to the end and teat MellU a length Ks Tfiintprr Vat lncky No Trumper was the choice In the third race and he war lucky to eel I home Signal Light was heavily bcklod and had nil the txj luck of the rave Ming repeatedly shut oft And pocketed nisbop Pool had the early anted and made the running wltn Ferns Roll to lilt utc > li fciowfd by No Trum rand stud Light la tbe run borne fem Rod took the laid but No rrump er closing strong got up 10 tlma to wfu ttr a head Films Pod beat 81pal L1gbt a atd 1 awe dad Grains oa1Agt + to 7 SIXDAY BICYCLISTS ON HOMESTRETCH OF THELONG GRIND + u Seven Teams in Big Garden Race Mak r ing Their Final Efforts As 10 oclock the Hour of the Grand Finish > Approaches STOL AND ROOT TO FIGHT IT x OUT IN A ONEMILE i SPRINT I hf Sensational Spurt by Keegan and Logan by Which They Gain a Lap the Most Exciting Finish of Last Day of Eard Weeks Struggle I If lrw I CYCLE RACK SCORR AT 7 OCLOCK 1f1 1t L r JI Ken and Locan 1111 1 4i Y U > der turft and Stol J41 1 JteN and Ko ter 2 Root and Uorlon v U13 1 Dreton and 03ogotts < Ly 0 SaautUon adWIUIoau 313 2 Turville and Nettling tal F The s1g day bicycle riders at Madlsnn Square Garden are atom at tM And of their long rind At 10 oclock tonight the 142 hours of racial wW end aqd then In all probability will coma a mite < rpf laUK4ws saaT r nnd a New York teaa to decide IhJ winner JT f > There seems lttl chance that eIther Stol or Root end their tlxls 1MiiN Trill be able to gain any ailrnUge twford 10 oclock whichmetss ut they1 wilt be the tewa Co fight It out for flrst aad second money > 8aa els9M 1 and Williams will probably take tbi moncy while Ktcfcan aid Los should win fourth Aat 111 It U generally conceded among tM cyclists around the Garden that Root > < a batter sprinter than StoL That being true Ota riders shouUflnMi u follows FirstRoot and Darloo SecondStol and Vandmtuyft ThlrdRamu lnm and Wlllami FourlliK fan and Logan DflhOoutrolts and Breton SixthKit ad Fogler SeventhTurrll Pd Nettling Kcfgan And logun Slow fp After the senMtlordl tirit by Ke < ran nod Logan TMUltlwr In thtv Jain las a lap on tho other Tl trI they wen expected to get right after tM leaders but apparently their effort left them with no slkm to do thou for they were content toi stick with ttte bunch While the riders were plugging away Walthour Monroe Butler and the other riders who quit the race Ina hutt early liu the lay requested the official to adrUo rife N C X to lift the suspension put upon them and impose a fine by way of pun r1It1t It Is likely that this win tx > done arc Walthouj will escape with a 000 tax while the others will get off with smaller fines 3VVlnr thatreaUst sprlat ever know In the history of a sixday nee a4 while the crowds cheered u they bal I serer cheered before FaUy Xiefxa and togan succeeded In lapping Very other I tUer In the bicycle rice this ttrfwa I i and are now bird only wa tat betiMI the leaders I hl y The treat riding came lust kWof a tM e end of the one hundred and tMrtytiCM Hi hour Kinran begin and < ea hi aid Logan tllered each other every has 1 j pill Chief Scorer Bp onw d eUr4 that such riding bad Qer r beeeae before during the twelve yeafsiot ala c < day racing i l Bteryman the me tnelil4lag and Root was doing his very beH t but KtfKn nnd Logan after over tWrtr Jiuteswork succeeded In Ming tnMud the entire bunch The print came otter I a roornlrg of slow work and WM e > r > Ureljr unexpected by riders and ntfeeia v i lora alike I When K < < gan lint pn his hsndt rM tho handlebars and started to dig the i audience was on Its feet and when hale an hour later LoP Howly but SurMr pasted very man In UK nee hats were I tAn Continued on Second Face l EVENING WORLD RACE CHAR t FIFTEENTH DAY AT NEW ORLEANS New Orleans charts are Indexed from first racer 04 M FIRST RACE Six rurionft Ttm23 cI 3131 12314 Jvn < < N5B 1 Isar rdt XI old ant uptunl Hurt rood Won driTlot Plan stow WIIIDtr b rroO a dtew InnociiK o TrslntrW whiles e t + j j ilnu LTokii i wt st 1 Jerry Moat CrtmmfM 11J 3 ty t 116 t I 134 a r 11 noisy Uleen flick 111 t 2 a Iii JO 3tt aw 1J l III Vtonl WrMlh AMsnia US 3 3 i 20 2 34 rle1 k ItKHonti 0 MarrHon 1IJ 1 1 ° N 4 36 = hra2ayy LM lIZ II II a II a 3 oe tae i JUry Hunt Jot UitO Mtir Oran la middle of track la Mrttcsi w lt4 wits I 221 tMun < tllltO tlorml IYrwtb r QoBccovn BACBHT Mtionn Ttmtd SS M l 3 M 3c i125w 4 pU Tkn rMr > U rants lun rood WW sally PIK0 driTlnsr 1Iear br to R Vktorr = Vlon Trtlmr W P MtiwriU fe3c sStjaC Tau HwS loc J N vlaa CrIIImln 102 I t 11 i I e 6 I 1 3t Tataaau Ids ttn I 3 lit 2 I t 3t 0 54 f 1 hlllio MIMI T 3 3 31 it 0 I r J 4 a 4 ° M 4 II 14 e 11 lItrtcla ltelnlYflI IAld1 d i GT AIU It lrollma 1 3 t t III 0 15 S 11 teas t8 1 m a III e1 31 C 40 18 N were bbatm visas authe peed Telauna a geed rah fat lIn oat A a eeval 4 ltmn IlACKi furlongs pure Jdd far tin Ids Stet 3U1 Wes j 1 117 Jrtuwt plies lame Timiltd34 0 > > 4a tat LS 1UWrlJre W sir Wtll fJti 6 f hearts TraIn J P lie Mw fDifLrr JoclJ a tYL 1 lOa nIL iJ TnrU Phillips 1 3i Iii at 2 t 2 e1 3 W No Itol RIC 101 I 00 I HII 113 lW I I131 Tm 1t00I I I 1 Ie5 I I > I Crimminsp1 i I UU ell l1UIJ 301 s I 3 S t N e fJ f4 WI UloIIOp Pmte I Menu cl a 3 tp l 1 ae a l let J 1laU It VRrte J Ueletyt a r 1r rto 1 L Ii 1 ° o toW e Aatloral Olaad O > I 316 t II f ° 0 1P 10 et 112 CIp n tetUlly Scull lal T CO t II 0 tM t nruu t OItahea N Iton ruhlpor bliD n PnJU1 handled Terns UMstnoM veer drive NnatIJthttal I Enlj Md tlA oI AmT B1JFJ nTIIIIArII iii PI lrtllry vrbJ lluidJctp hII a4t1tO two I qrr 11 0 00 oWi Ma IOOtt Ken eerie t1ano rkW ea our 11B ii1i ytar TyaJMrW af r OSTIAUU1J I1UTL Wtawr if e t > r 1L ° tUnTtrpt1 Tttl rdflII BnrJer J m f S6 aJ 4 lt ° a Qof rt i ttptvr f Phi tin 2 ca i i In ° 3 v 1 MwatIslor J 11eY it = i r r 4 JIlt f 1 l 1 I 4 U I k IGli KntaJln rye f I Yuan I 2 i e el 3e g f rs rl 101001111 jj ltAmmtee al a N U K It e 11 II rUy Claun I 3 1 S le t 3r Jad itlhtJ 01 a e M M q l I vpetln a tJteUO 110 3 1e 1M f I GII o 4 1e 1a le l D1 M3 Tna boot CUII I JI2lL 10 tll YO a to > r t3 1L I Atwur = T ktnner ellntee xa 41Iatt2lot lratatLn lnl put break legatll iota Al r lie J 3CeOtu Itt fmlI1 ettdr Wttltsatsd Iheraiser u i n i a w

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