The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 7
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SOUMER MOTES PARENTS FROM NO. AFRICA i« S t&rlstolas letter i*r.'tten to his parent*. Mr. ami AfW, Ralph D'lttter, Ctefd6tt Dimler states that he Was among the first forces to land 1ft North Kte Says the American soldiers are treated very well by the natives and he wanted to tell Me father who Is a veteran ot World War I that .he now knows What It means to soldier under flre. Wm. Bowman has had a Christmas cable from his son, James, the first word he has had from htm since October 16. Me has been with Gordon most of the t'.me. vlrvin Chapman, who has been stationed at Coffeyville, Kansas, since his enlistment early in November, was transferred last week to Buckley Field near Denver for special tralntag as an arlcraft ar- morer. Robert Chapman,' who was one .of the b6ya sent from - Algeria December 28, Is now In the air force and was sent to Atlantic City, *Tew Jersey. NEW MINISTER TO M. E. CHURCH GIVEN WELCOME The Methodist congregation had a welcoming dinner for their new S astor and wtfe at the community all Sunday morning after the church services. Rev. Robert Phillips preached h.'^ first sermon here that morning. A cafeteria dinner was served after Which the following program was glvSn: solo, Marilyn (yConnell; duet, Mrs. George Detmer'.ng and Irma Alexander, reading by Mrs. H. R. Baker and a humber of small groups sang together besides the group singing. The rest of the afternoon was spent socially. A .T Katharine fees Ot. F. Schlohtl teft Monday eve- rflhg for Calif., where he estpeeta to find employment. Me has A brother living there whom Me frill v'stt. Dr. G. R. VoorhiaB, Marlon, Ibvca. will preach at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning, Jan. 17. He Id a state field representative of the Presbyterian church. Kathryn Dimler vUited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dimler last week. She has befeit In Houston, Texas, for some time but plans to go to Des Moines to work now. Mr! and Mrs. Burtls De Nlo are visiting at .the dltfford Holmes. Mrs. De Nelo's parents. They have been living At Charftpaigrte, 111., but Mr. De N'.o who is in the navy, Is being transferred. Mrs. Harold Sorensen has been SpendMig most of her time since last week Wednesday at Algona where her mother,' Mrs. Victor Johnson has been seriously ill having suffered a paralytic stroke. Arthur Ramuses and Harold Lai-- rimer, Des Motees, spent the wefek end with 'LuVerne relatives. Mrs. Larirmer and daughter, Myrna, who had been visiting Jn Des Moines the past week, .returned with them Sgt. Robert Rosenquist and Mr. and Mrs. E. Rosenquist, Mason Gl-ty, were guests at the Herman Schuldts Saturday. Sgt Rosenquist has been stationed In Alaska anil Is being transferred to Baton Rouge, La. (Mr. and Mrs Gustav Reddell have .returned home from a six weeks' i .Toe Welch ..,.11. ...uv; „ ,1 mortify* and famtlv. I''d Baker Upper Des Moines Clerk of Courts of Hflmboldt Cogley, trip tp Cftnfnkee • * McKvoy, ••••""•••" clerk* C II Cretzmeyer, comm. fees T C Hutchison tflttm,. fess BANGS DISEASE C. Gellonteldt. Insp. 14.88 8.45 3.00 3.00 16.10 100.22 Albert W Kro»ch, Ifldem. cattle , j CONSTRUCTION FUND B H Wray Jr., rodmitn .„;,.„ McGulro Bros., grading ..... «53.13 John Schumacher, graveling. 4104.42 Kd Fuchscn patrol 125.00 J6hn Stott, patrol 111-20 Doyal Sanders, pntfol 116.80 Martini & Sons Oil Co., sup Milwaukee Lubricant* Co. snp tcnfiedy & Parsons Co imp. Ucnardson Hardware «ip. .. <ohlhans Hardware, sup tOBSttth Motor Co. »up loyal "400" Oil Co. mip Algona Rendering Co. slip.. Concrete Materials Co'. 6u Concrete Products Co., sup. 108,08 C 1TOUUCIS *JO., HU|,.. 251.65 MAINTENANCE FUND J I Merrymiin, bridge work 14fl.a.i Northwestern Moll Telephone Co., serv 20.30 Kaymond Kortum, labor 48.00 City of Algona, light serv. .. 12.20 E J Wnlf, Inbor 52.00 Uarry Ilelmke patrol 170.10 ,loe M Ksser patroi 00.80 Peter Movlck pntrol 104.00 Nyle Movlck labor .. " alin Mile PattcrBon patrol Clifford HolmcB, patrol 28.00 104.00 101.00 .TnircH Kelao patrol 100.80 Rasmlo HnnRen patrol 80.00 llert Shellmyer pntrnl 00.80 Clarence Hcntgcs pntrol 00.40 Wm F Oronbach, pntrol 00.00 Italph Markla patrol 107.00 Archie Doddw patrol 102.00 S D McDonald patrol 100.85 Dick Oaadc patrol 00.00 C H Cooper, patrol 04.00 Loin Stockwell pntrol 98.80 A J Hldirian patrol 101.00 J K Falk pntrol 110.70 .loHeph M Studer patrol 100.00 Mnrwln Marlow pntrol 7J.OO W V Schroder patrol 100.00 Melvln K Hawks patrol 100.00 Jitimes M. Long pntrol 101,00 John Simmons pntrol 74.00 00.40 100.80 Henry Wohlors patro Verne Mollndcr patrol „„,,„,, Roelf Miller pntrol ........ J00.0( patrol ............ 101.21 visit a daughter and family, Emll Paullngs in California. Melbourne Steussy has returned from visWng' his lister, Mrs. Peter Goi- coichea near Elko, Nevada. George Egglestone went to see the Chas. Nygaards near Wesley on Sunday and to make the acquaintance of the new daughter born to the Nygaards Saturday. Mrs. Virgil Smith, Humboldt, accompanied the Egglestones and will work nt the Nygaard home. j Board Proceedings Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa November 27, 1942 9:00 O'cock A. M. . Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members pro- Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by Helken that the resignation of Otto Wolf. Assssor for Prairie Township be accepted. Ayes: All. ,' . ,,„ Motion by Cosgrove • nnd 2nd by Qulnn that the appointment made by the Trustees ot Prairie Township appointing N. H. Raskopf os Assessor for Prairie Township to fill the vacancy be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and 2nd by Quinn that the Burglary Policy covering C. W Pearson, County Treasurer for the •mount of $1,000.00 and also Hie renewal on Policy A. B. A.-74010 be approved. Ayes: All. , ' , .._ Motion by ,Cbsgrove and 2nd by Qulnn that re-assessments be spread on the Drainage Districts as follows: D D. No. 23—2 per cent levy. - D. /D. No. 60—2 per cent levy. D. D. No. 72—2 per cent levy. D. D. No. 78—2 per cent levy. D, D. No. 82—a per cent levy. D D No. 85—3 per cent levy. 1 D. D. No. 102—1 per cent levy. D. D. No. 100—1 per cent levy. D. D. No. 126—1 per cent levy. D. D. No. 170—1 per cent levy. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Heiken that the delinquent personal In "restv and Penalty charged C.; Johnson In Eagle Twp. 1021 and 1922 be abated. taxes i «««ln ' f pr t ue" y ei 'Motion'by Quinn lind '2nd by McDonald that the following resolution be , adOPt ? a 'RESOLUTION WHKRWAS Kossuth County. Iowa bas on hand permanent School Funds In the sum of $5,000.00 over nnd above ' the amount this Board of Supervisors has been able to loan out and keep loaned out and secured by first Mort- gitges on real estate as provided by law, and which In the opinion of this Board ounnot .lie safely Invested In such real estate mortgages at this time, ""•WHEREAS fo* a considerable period ot time, this Hoard has found It Impossible and- linpractlble to obtain safe investments In Bonds of State of Iowa, or any political sub-division It is'therefore moved that this Board of Supervisors Invest t n e sum of $5,000.00 of the Permanent School Funds of- Kossuth County, Iowa In United States Savings Bonds .Defense Series "G" forthwith, and that the County Auditor of Kossuth County effect said Investment. Ayes: , McDonald Cosgrove, Qulnn, Helken and Fraser, N "Bls : olu < tlSn adopted this 28th day of November, 1042. •" Signed: .T. H. Frascr > - Chairman Attested: E. S. Klnsey County Auditor. Motion by Quinn and 2nd by McDonald that a refund In the auvoun of $2.00 be made to F. Gua Torino, ol Plum Crei-k Township for dog tax paid twice for ths"year °* 1B41 - A y es There being no further business al this time. It was moved and duly seconded that Board adjourn to December 1, 1042 at 0:00, O'clock A. M Attest;'B. S. Klnsey County Auditor. J. H. Fraser Chairman. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa December 1, 1042 9:00 O'clock A, M. Board of Supervisors met pursuin to adjournment with all members pre Motion by McDonald and 2nd b] Qulnn that J. H. Freser, Chairman oi Ure Board of Supervisors be and U hereby authorised and directed to sign a contract of purchase with Christian Jensen, wbeieiu Kossuth County, Iowa agrees to pay to Christian Jensen the sum of $4,182.50 for 11.05 acres of gra- velTlsod situated In the EK, 8Wti of Section 9 Township 05 Range SO, o: Wnlttemore Township, date of payinen and possession is to be March 1st i Cosgrove and 2nd b; «»«.„ tfcet the Final Estimates of JohnSchumacher on Gravel .Contra* be approved as follows: Project NQ 4W,U5. W and No. WO.. Am! AU- Motlou by Qulnn and 2nd by HW ken that thje final Estimates of M. T 1 Jojm TrMcpuire on Grading Con * rf.HH" + ' * ^ as follows: Projsvw 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, W ,„ ,,n4 28. Ayes: AH, „ ,Jon Board proceeeded to audi pllow bill* as-"per Schedule "* v w nw Hereinafter Written." W W Sullivan P. M.. postage $ ' |fo»r*BW«»l*m Boll Telephone' Company, telephone service urer of State, Dae Tex and of 0,00 Koch Brothers, sup ?idlar and Chambers Co., sup. tllpto Loose Lent Co., sup. .. Advance Publishing Co., sup. Lorlng Supply Co., sup Pratt Paper Co., sup Beck Specialty Co., sup Metropolitan Supply Co., sup. Bureau of Dental Hygiene, sup A & P Store, sup. Armstrong Laboratories, sup. Nick Malmras, repair election sacks Lalng & Muckey, labor .... P S Norton & Son. sup Pratt Electric Co., sup Norton Machine Works, sup. Kohlhaas Hardware, sup Raymond Irons Sec., election rent ...'..* • Delia Laird, election rent .. A R Moulds, arrang. booths .. Funk & Delin, sup L A Copp, printing Erwln Beenken, Bty G O Anderson Bty C W Pearson, Trcas., Adv. Bty • R A Evans, coroner fees .. .•;.Frank Kohllmiis, Mayor fees v A H Moulds, Mfli'Sh. fees .. C H Ostwlnkle J. P Fees .. A .T Cogley Sheriff fees .... A R Moulds Marsh. Fees .... Algona Insur. Agency, pn-ui. Kurl'W Daniels, Apiary Insp. Mis. Elvira Monlux, Board Soc. Welt are Mtg ...... Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O A Edw. Hauptroari, school elect. Kossu th.,Co,unty ..Farm Bureau apprdp? ..". '••••' I E Wortman, local registrar S P Eckholm local registrar G D Curtis local registrar.. H 11 Dreycr local reglstra'.. F P 'Newel local registrar .... HA Thompson local^ registrar Win. Boyken local registrar.. R H Finuell local registrar .. Florence Hot local registrar .. Fred A Dlekman local registrar Wllmn Augustine local registrar Mrs Mae Lnttlmer, local rcgls- • -trnr .. Adah CarlHOn local registrar E E Ilannu Mtg. K G Ewoldt Mtg G W Bleich Mt« .„ P M Chrlstenson Mtg K K Woltz Mtg G I* .lohnson Mtg Alex Hudig MtK H H Dreyer Mtg. pntrol Clyde Sanders patrol .. Richard Oarmnn labor Sam Warner Inbor John Grnmenz labor .. Dnvld M Lynch labor .. Jakob Tcuschcr labor Olaf Oftcdahl labor .... John I Dlxon labor .... D M Llchlltcr labor .. Lyle M Dlxon labor .. Wayne Sanders labor .. Roger E Jensen labor Francis A Kramer labor Vcs Neiuineis, labor .... Henry Johnson labor Alfred Wlttkopf Inbor 88.00 70.00 04.00 r.2.00 80.40 52.01! 42.80 42.80 1)0.00 40.00 5-1.80 30.20 S3.00 20.80 254.75 504.10 158120 S3.41 5.20 10.05 2.17 48.41 fi.04 1.20 188.75 2*00- 5B.05 30.30 1.20 0.82 14.00 15.00 15.00 5.00 1.25 1.00 1.00 5.00 Harold Meyer labor 70.01 Miix T Lau, labor """ Arnold Wcgner labor Merlin D Baker labor .Tolin A Klsenbncher labor .. Darrcl Batt, labor Kilei-t D. Boyken labor ...... linn y Winkle labor Jack liable, Inbor Everett Faith labor C W Pearson, Treas. Adv. Frt. John Schumacher, graveling. Harvey Bucnger labor 26.82 3.47 1.53 6.73 36.12 71.00 73.64 in ,, RESOtiVBi): That the County Ana- tor Is hereby authorized and directed to issue Warrants for. all bill* «!• owed at this meeting «s "per Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore written. Motion by Qulnn nnd 2nd by Cos- rove that the board adjourn. Ayes. A11- ' J H Frnser Chairman. Attest: E. H. Klnsey County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa December 8, 1042 0:00 O'clock A. M. , Board of Supervisors met pcrsuant with all members JVHJHUH "i* "•'- »-"•*•••• •" - -~ ,' Helken that an abutment of taxes in the amount of $19.04 be made on the 'Incy Wood County Life School pro- icrty described as Kast 10 acres of Jov, Lot. 5 except (1) acre threof all n Section 11 Township 115 Range 20, nlmteincnt to comnly with Section 6044 of Code of Iowa. Ayus: All. Xtotlon by 'McDonald and 2nd by Hclkcn that a paupers notice be serv- Willlnni Tnchett and family and o adjournment PI Motlo'n by McDonald and 2nd Ted Abbas and family. Ayes: All. Motion by CoBgrove and 2nd by l«UUlil.Jt *•«»•» « vy«7i-o ........ Edward O. Kelly, legal services . 862.76 Heikcn that Kossuth County accept from Booth and Olson Inc. the sum of $100.00 as n compromise settlement In full for delinquent personal taxes charged to Booth & Olson Inc. In Lakota Incorp. f6r the years 1933, 1934, 10,'in nnd 1938. Ayes: Al. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Heikcn that Kossnth County employ Attorney L K Llnnan, to assist County Attoncy L A Winkcl, in case of Brown y_s Kossuth County. Ayes: All. . C W Oarfteld, legal services Gaylord D ShniBWay, legal services .................... 86 rS2 Fred Grunig, labor .......... 12.00 Motion carried, all voting Aye. Motion by P J Helken and seconded by J It Nelson that refund be made out of the funds of Drainage District Huraboldt-Kossnth No. 2 as per schedule now on file In the Auditors office. This Is In accordance with the Decree of Court now on file In the office of the County Auditor. Motion carried, all voting. Aye. RESOLUTION J. F. Qulnn moved the adoption of the following Resolution: WHEREAS: Due to the litigation over the 1038 re-levy, this Joint Drainage District No, 2 has become obll- gntcd for addltlonnl nnd Interest not contemplated by the 1038 re- levy ; Since the 1038 re-levy wns first computed, further expenses hnvc been Incurred In the maintenance and completion of repairs on the drainage district; Some addltlonnl Intercut will In all .probability accrue on the present outstanding obligations, anil Incidental expenses will be Incurred and encountered In the future; The outntundlng legnl nnd valid principal Indebtedness (over and above Indebtedness wlilrh will apparently he paid by the 1038 re-levy as confirmed by the Court) Is ns follows: Warrants issued through Kossuth County .............. $ 4022.40 Warrants Issued through Hum- <boldt County .............. 3406.82 Owing to the qature of the litigation, nnd the Various contentions raised herein, the entire dlsrlct wns Involved, Including the land originally nsHessed for lateral benefits ns well ns the lands flnsessed for the main nnd extension, so that it now appears that Justice and fairness will be best 18 - BO 54.00 20.00 8.75 14.00 Anderson Mtg ^ I>fivlil S Anderson Mtg ....... Qeo. E Buttorfleld Mtg ....... J E Kelly Mtg ..... . ........... H J Holcorab Mtg; .......... S P Powers Mtg ............. Edw. Looft Mtg. ...'• ........ Jerry Hcctland Mtg ........... E It Thomas Mte ........... Frank K Clapaaddle Mtg ..... A A Schlpull Mttf ........... II C Allen Mtg ............. Fred Kollasch Mtg. ... ....... H F Schultz Mts ........... •• Edwin Wlchtendtthl ~Mtg ..... Chas. Bormann Mtg. ... ..... Bertha E Johnson, assessing Joe Cogley Assessor Mtg. .... R Roalson Assessor Mtg. .. Camilla- Cooper Assessor Mtg. A H Hanna Assessor Mtg. .. O W Berggren Assessor Mtg. Will Chrlstenson Assessor Mtg. Robert Bunkofske Assessor Mtg ............ /. . ........... W L Reynolds Assessor Mtg. Linus Yuske Assessor Mtg... Richard Ml Anderson Assessor Mtg ............ .>> ....... •„••• Belle M Koppen Assessor Mtg. Hugo FauUtlck Assessor Mtg. Ed Chambers Assessor Mtg. .. N H Raskopf Assessor Mtg. .. Wm Hammer Assessor Mtg,., Joe D Crowley Assessor Mtg.,. C F' McGregor Assessor M!tg. D C Gardner Assessor Mtp. .. Henry C. Nelson Assessor Mtg. George Baas Assessor Mtg, ., Advance Publishing Co. printing 13.55 31.85 2.50 .85 15.00 18.00 1.85 27.70 10.00 15.00 20.02 1.30 833.3fi 4.25 3.00 1.50 2:00 .70 3.50 2.75 6.75 1.00 2.00 4» .25 3.25 25.25 4.00 4.00 4.00 400 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 •J.OO 4,00 4.CO 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00' 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 2.41 3.31 2.80 1.70 4.80 2.50 il.OO 4,42 3.81 3,81 1.01 2.41 1.71 1.71 3.00 3,01 1.31 1.71 1.71 0.12 6.60 R M Miller tiling Peter Hnyenga tiling Kohlhaas Hardware up Norton Machine Works imp. Kunz Grain Co., sup F S Norton & Son sill Thompson Yards Inc. sup. .. Mrs Annn Dahl sup Gco M Harris sup Northern Lumber Co., sup. .. Farmers Coop. Society, sup. Funk & Delm McCorinlck Decrlng Store, sup. O 1C Rubber Welders Dutchs Super Service, sup... Lotts Creek. Store sup Lone- Rock Exchange Co., sup. J M Blanchard sup Greonberg Auto Supply sup. .. Arnold Motor Supply sup. .. Kossuth Motor Co., sup W G Flnlg sup Balbach Co., sup '..... Globe Machine it Sup. Co. sup Burton' Warner Co. sup Waterloo Construction Co sup. Central Auto Electric Co. sup Dclegard Tool Co. sup Sargent Machine Co. sup Glbbs Cook Truttor Co., sup .. Sleg Fort Dodge Co. sup Owatonna Tool Co. sup Ft. Dodge Machine & Sup Co. v sup Hoenk Motor Serv. storage .. Royal "400" Oil Co.. sup .... K'ossuth .oil" Co., raup•'...... Peerless Oil Co.. sup Lone Rock Telephone Co., Serv. 4 ; Central States Electric Co., light service • • • • Iowa Pubic Serv. Co., light service Central States Electric Co., light service ••••• Interstate Power Co., light • service V," Interstate Power Co., light 801 v ce DRAINAGE "FUND' Drain No. 4— Northern Lumber Co., sup .. Drain No. 80— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Drain No. 82— George Looft,> labor John Welch, labor Buffulo Center Lumber Co sup Drain No. 85— Geoigo Loo£t. labor John Welch, 'labor Northern Lumber Co., sup. .. Drain No. 90— •Buffalo Center Lumber Co snp Northern Lumber Co sup .... Drain No. 102— George Looft, labor John Welch labor Drain No. 107— 84.00 GO.Otl 24.0(1 115.20 20.00 8.00 81.20 81.20 20.00 2.S7 4377.85 0.00 25.00 40.21 .01 10.27 0.00 10.80 :)0.12 30.55 3.50 20.80 21.11 .41 32.31 16.04 01.50 3.20 70.1)7 00.65 122.55 103.30 .75 40.43 20.83 7.3(5 130.05 1.33 0.30 11.74 80.0S" 24.61 7.30 30.23 0.00 005.01 8.08 284.45 0.35 * 1.02 3.00 3.20 2.04 1.02 .21 22.: 18.00 22.50 20.00 4.50 6.75 6.00 2.43 2.78 1.22 fl.78 0.00 AdVa'nee 0 pubUBhlng Co. print. 0.18 Dmlu No. 125-r- Buffalo -Center Lumber Co. sup -•• Drain No. 105— George Looft, labor John Welch labor Drain No. 100— George Looft labor 'z'Sn Johu Welch labor 9.00 8.00 18.00 ou Henry Johnson labor »•* Northern Lumber Co., sup Drain No. 177— 18.08 Chas Emaneul labor August Fehr labor THpnku Topic Printing ., 5.60 Wesley News World Printing 4.00 Wesley .. Lu Verne News Printing Kllpto Loose, Leaf Co., sup. Follett Publishing Co., IUP. .. Chas Scrlbnei)* & Sons Co. sup. ....,..' ,.,... Rand' McNally Co., sup. .... A N Palmer Co., sup. Glnn & Co., sup. Bow Peterson & Co., sup./-. ••• McCormlck Mathers Co., sup, American Book Co., sup, .. ( ? LIBRARY PUNP ~ Bobbs Merrill & Co, gup. ., J B "Llpplpcott & Co., sup... Iowa State Safety Council 4.00 17.43 38.00 Houghton Co., sup. . Mlfflln Co,, sup.. sup. . , of Algona, Jigbt service o L«Me Leaf Co., spp. Parrot? & Sons go., ipp. 55.81 813.17 241.49 _ 28JK) jft'b'a ToTnionrgssUt.'^ ge- corders Oflta) ............ ™^ J . V. Qu'nn, COBXW. «od aessloit 183.00 H ~B^raaer, Conim. o&d session ij«,w W 8 Cosgrove, Comm, & seu, , Js-jO W B If sPtaald, Comm. ft ses. 160.65 P J Helken, Comm & *es... V A KewviHe, Guard air port / A f Cogley. mJlesie & Invest I J Cogley, board and lodge nkel, office expense •Iti«n, travel exp Stebblns. l»bor ^ _ Barry Co.. -„. Ben II Sanborn & Co., Macroillnn. Co,, sup. L W 8'nger Co., sup....... Glnn & Co., sup. .Row Peterson if Co., sup. ,. Laldlow Pros,, sup Carberry, Schppl S«rv., §»P. D C He&tlt ft Cfl,, i\iy, ...,,, Iowa public KeadlnK Circle, P- 68.62 62.10 1110,70 466,21 265.07 181.66 18.02 8.0SI 10,00 18.50 16,34 2330 30.07 10.63 60.11 45,18 ,, 25.00 7.91 Budopu 0.,' slp. Scott F.oretiuiun Co., *up, • , Pacific Press Publlgblug 4s»'n. 9.78 gup. oUer Grolfer Society Inc.. sup. Beckley Cardy Co., sup. Silver Burdatt _ CO.L ... 8,o< Herbert "Armlorfer labor 8-00 Drain W. K. No 36-80-,. John W Smith labor *— Dr. H. K. No. 2— n Fred Grunig labor "•*- Kossutb County District Court ' Court coat filed In Kosuuth county • '• 13B<2 Humboldt County Dlst. Court Court costs 051.W Gaylord D Sbutuway attorney ^ ^ C W Ga'rfVe'ld attorney fees.. 380.06 Edward fees G Kelly Attorney POOR iFUND Stamp Issuing Officer, . prov. Stamp Issuing. Officer prov. Hoods Store prov C S Johnson prov East End Grocery prov. .... Bouacker Food Market prov. 208.00 28.00 22.50 1.00 47,0i 3.00 12.25 Applequist Grocery prov. .... «•* Aim & Boles prov. »•«" Fred C Huettuer prov. Wbittemore Creamery prov S & L Co., clothing ........ P 8 Norton & Son, fuel .. Burt Elevator fuel ........ Farmers Coop. Society fuel 0 P McDonald & Co, fuel Lampert Yards fuel ........ Dr C H Crewmeyer med, .. Dr T J Egan med • . Dr O A Neuman roed. .... 6.0 7.» 35.37 7,0 7.00 13.87 7.00 58.51 Dr R Dr F Corbln. med. 0.75 3.00 . . ,,..,,, C Scanlan med, _....... M.« isi&i 57.61 Dr A W Amuoson glasses Griffith Drug ^?o. med, sup, Kobauth Hospital, Ho«p. care Klla Brlggs care • Punk & Deluj »up. *7»,* Andy Bowman labor Algeua fcaunjlry & Dry Clean ers, laundry * 0*10 ouae of toe Goo$ SUepherd C&T0 t »«»•»•...!•••*••«»••» *U«W City of Algona, Hsbt W- •• 19 jL» Mary Kjune salary ^-w Marvel 'Dale salary Marvel Dole mileage Earnest MBller, rent llyi'la Keinbart rept D P Mionlu* rent .... Jacob Seller, rent . • Henry J Kline rent .. Ceo M Saunderi* rent M J Cunnln^oam rent Department'»/ Social Welfare blind aU} ;•• County Fariu— 80.00 5,4 s!oi 20.00 10.00 5.0 10.00 MO Book Store L'uiyerslty of I»WA Uon carried, all vo t ^o'int meet fflinutef of tits Ben Bakfcen labor were read. Motlpu by W E McDon- •••---- Pratt Blectrie Co, sup F S Norton & Sou Cewan * Son »up. ing were reaq. J aid seconded !» Fritter, (bat MS «8 lead, Mptfon ye. Hoffmaft-and, mlautes be appro Educational Test Bureau, sup "DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND Stanley Larson, cow killed by dogs Not Allowed Maynard White, sheep killed Elmer Jorgensen, sheep killed by dogs • Swcu City Hatchery, turkeys killed by dogs 2 20 - 00 John Krebsbach, sheep killed by dogs ..•••• 40 ' 00 Harold E Hanscn, sheep killed by dogs Bert Carr, sheep killed by Richard M Anderson, chickens killed by dogs ;v,,"i Martin Geerdes, sheep killed by dogs Ell Quaiu, chickens killed by Iluslsel Jensen,' ducks killed by dogs Chas. McElwec, pigs killed by :arl Larson sheep killed by va ° Rhoda,' 's'hecp kll'led by Ilcnry 3 Ilduge,"sheep killed by ohn "oiBo'ii,'' ge'cs'e killed by dogs Tarl M P Mortenscn, ducks 'killed by dogs •.• •Cennetb Thompson, geese killed by dogs ••••• Julius H Harms, sheep killed iby dOgS largarct Graham, ducks killed H E Perkins', "bog kil'led' by dogs ' * 'aul P Banwart, chickeus killed dogs Frank Burger, sheep killed by dogs ••• Mrs F A Drone, turkeys killed by dogs Herman Fritz, sheep killed by dogs N. Hanscn, sheep killed by Carl Veer, sheep killed by Floyd Uul's'mnii, rabbits killed by dogs I 8 - 00 3arl J Trenary, sheep killed by dogs Herman Fritz, sheep killed by dogs Albert Doden, sheep killed by Julius Frost, sheep killed by dogs Andiuw Reding, chickens killed by ;dpgs Closing-Out FARM AUCTION miles south, I will hold a closing-out sale at the farm 5y 2 miles east, miles east of Burt; 7 miles southwest of Titonka, on Thursday, Jan. 21, '43 SALE TO STAKT AT 12 >A LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 87 Head of Livestock 87 2 - Head of Horses 1550. One gray mare, 9 yrs. old; 1 sorrel mare, 8 yrs. old; both well broke, weight 27 Head of Cattle 27 3.00 12.00 20.00 24.00 100.00 2.00 3.00 13.00 10.00 4.00 24.00 24.00 100.00 11.90 12.00 10.00 10.00 Ralph M Walker .sheep killed by dogs Henry Ostwald, sheep killed by dogs ••• Mrs Peter Weydert, geese killed by dogs .........:.... A L Rochleau, sheep killed by dogs .....' H B Zumuch, sheep killed by dogs Sevc-rlu Opheim, sheep killed by doga Tom Trenary, sheep killed by 7.00 73.20 15.00 20.00 '39.00 77.50 84.00 12.00 12.00 20.00 S .10.00 244.00 served by making a re-levy for the amounts herein above Hated on the hauls of the original cost of both the main, extension nnd laterals; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED : (1) That a re-levy of 13 per cent Is hereby made upon oil of the lands In this district located In Kossuth County, which 13 per cent re-levy Is now made on the basis of the original cost of the main, extension and laterals, as said costs were originally assessed against the lands In Kossuth County. Said re-levy to draw 4 per cent Interest from January 1, 1043. (2) That n rc-lcvy of n per cent is hereby made against all of the lands In this district located In Humholdt County, which re-levy Is now based on the original cost as assessed upon lands In Hmnboldt County for the main, extension ami Intern Is. Said re- levy to. draw Interest at 4 per cent from January 1, 1943, (3) Thai the County Auditors respectively of Koasuth and Humboldt Counties are hereby empowered and directed to spread this re-levy upon the records of this drainage district, to certify this re-levy to the respective County Treasurers, and to do any and all further acts that may be necessary for the completion and certification of this re-levy. The resolution wns seconded by Ben E. Schulze. Upon roll call, the following vote wns made: AYES. W E McDonald, John Fraser, P ,T Ilelken, W S Cosprove, J F Qulnn, Frank Hoffman, Jos. R Nelson, lien E Schulze and W W Boothroyd. NAYS: None. Whereupon the Chairman declared said Resolution duly adopted this 8th day of December, 1942. W W Boothroyd Chairman O H Johnson Secretary. Moved by Cosgrove and seconded by Nelson that the meeting adjourn to call of the Auditors.' Motion carried W W Boothroyd Chairman O H Johnson Secretary ALL PUREBRED MILKING SHORTHORN—10 cows, 8 fresh, 2 to freshen soon, bred to roan purebred Shorthorn bull, 400 to 600-lbs. b. f.; 7 calves 6 weeks old; 2 bull calves; 5 heifers; 7 long yearling heifers, all bred to registered Shorthorn bull. These heifers will calve the last of Sept. and first of Oct., 1943, Registered herd Shorthorn sire, b. f. 300 to 500 Ibs.; roan purebred Shorthorn bull, 13 mos. old. This is an exceptionally good calf; dark red purebred Shorthorn bull calf, 7 months old. 60 HEAD OF HOGS 60 14 brood sows—7 purebred Spotted Poland China sows; 7 cross bred sows. These sows are all bred to a Hereford boar. Forty-five fall pigs.60 to 70 Ibs., crossbred and good. 150 WHITE ROCK PULLETS .. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. Narrow-tired wagon and triple box, in good shape; low-wheeled wagon and rack; bob sled and flat rack; New Idea manure spreader; Rock Island 8-ft. disc; 20-ft. flexible wood drag; John Deere single-row cultivator; , John Deere corn binder, in good shape; 5-ft. Mc-D. mower, good; Mc-D. hay rake; Victor endgate seeder, new; New Idea elevator, 32-ft, complete with hoist and speed jack; new DeLaval cream separator, No. 19, new world standard sieves; McD. grinder, 10- in; feed cooker, 65-gal.; grindstone; hand cor.n sheller, new; 2 10-bu. rotary hog feeders; 4-bu. mineral feeder; 2 tank heaters; set of britchen harness; set of leather flynets; hog troughs; barrels; pitch forks; milk cans; pails; and other articles. TERMS—Cash, or make arrangeme nts with clerk. JESSE WALTMAN LOU MATERN, Auctioneer BURT SAVINGS BANK, Clerk. FOE QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS Edward C Wolf, sheep killed by dogs 12 ' 00 __ Tod Hoover, sheep killed by — 12.50 56.25 Avery FTtchi sheep killed by . -Infra 41.UU dogs G W Patterson, by dogs sheep killed o.oo 5.00 9.50 24.00 25.00 10.00 S= Christ Alt, chickens killed by by dogs R F Elridge, chickens killed dogs Aloyslus J. Else-held, chickens killed by dogs Albert Looft, sheep killed by dogs Mrs. A. L. Benschoter, turkeys killed by dogs W. E. Qulnn, sheep killed by dogs E. F. Nurre, chickens killed by dogs 15.00 Harry Miller, turkeys killed by dogs 176.40 Fred Darnel, sheep killed by dogs H"- 00 Harold Ntelson, sheep killed by dogs ..., 12.00 Otto Beckman, sheep killed by dogs 06- 00 Mrs. Frank Hoflus, turkeys killed by dogs 80.00 Loren J' Brown, sheep killed . 48.00 Lewis Broesder, chickens killed by dogs Perry Lowman, sheep killed by dogs Geo. L Simons, sheep killed by dogs 10.00 Henry Bros, -ebeep killed by dogs , J. 0, F. Price, sheep killed by dogs Walter Stevens, rabbits killed by dogs L. C, Hutcblns, slieep killed by dogs S. E, Nolund, sheep killed by dogs '. Otto Knudsen, sbeep killed by dogs W. E. Lane, sheep killed by dogs Bert Olson, calf killed by dogs W. T. Pitcher, rabbits killed by dogs , Woodrow KrucUt, sheep killed by dogs , , Anthony Shaw, chickens killud by dogs H, J. Orthel, sheep killed by dogs , Clifton Hauge; sbeep killed, by _„„ dogs , • • • • 72.00 On motion which was seconded and duly carried, Board adjourned to Call Of the Atfdltor, J. H. Fraser Chairman B, S. Klnsey Secretary. Auditor's Office Algona Iowa December 8, 1042 8:00 O'clock P, M. „ The Boards of Supervisors of Bum- boldt »»d Kp«uto Counties met in Joint session at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, w December 8, 1042. at 2:00 O'clock P, M., puruuant to call o< AnOliors. 5.67 15.00 10.00 00.00 12.00 67.00 15.00 20.00 10.00 15.00 2.25 45.00 S8.CO 60.00 ,. T County were, W H McDonald, J P J gelken. W 8 q<w«rpv» rraser, r J gB>»«u, n a v u »«>'>"» and 3 V Quinn. Members preient from Hunboldt County w*re, W W Boothroyd, Frank .Hoffman, Jos. B Nelson and Ben B ScnuUe Ab*e»J;, W, B. W«ir. Motion was made and seconded toat W W Boothroyd act as Chairman ol Joint sessipu. Motion carried, all vot- 1 —r Ayes. Jotluii made'and seconded (bat 0, Looking Forward Into 1943 We can look forward into the new year with confidence and faith that 1943 will «ee much accomplished toward* victory. As lumbermen and building supply dealers we expect to assist the farmer in* keeping his buildings in repair and his plant in condition to produce the food and livestock necessary to assure Victory. And you say—How will you do that? By keeping the materials on hand, such as lumber, posts, wire fence, paint, or in fact, any item that will keep hit buildings in repair. ''" We art unloading two cars of lumber at this time. We will bui small building, «uch a* hog or brooder houses here at the yard, '. ' * W« »sk you $o call and when you have a building problem, PHONE £29 Starting the 48th year of Servist to this community, \, y<w u >J 'W 1 ^ ^ssja ^i^ ' ^ • - i '-;•*%?, ^^^

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