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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 14

Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 14

Herald and Reviewi
Decatur, Illinois
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14 WOMEN'S FEATURES DECATUR HERALD Thursday, December 20, 19 15 MAKE YOUR HOUSE A CHRISTMAS CARD Reasons for Baby's Insomnia By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED This seems to be a season of insomnia for the babies. So many of my readers tell of babies who go to sleep at the proper time but 1 For Immediate Delivery Lt. Col. Nowlin to Live Now in Dallas Lieutenant Colonel I. J.

Nowlin left yesterday for Dallas, after a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Nowlin, 335 -West Main.

He returned last from the Philippines where he served on General MacArthur's staff at general headquarters in Manila. He has been on active duty for five He is resuming his medical practice in Dallas, specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat. Aw EASY PAYMENTS ONE-THIRD DOWN AND 18 MONTHS TO PAY BALANCE. WHY WAIT? WE REMOVE THE PRESENT COAL AND REPLACE IT WITH STOKER COAL. COAL COMPANY PHONE 744I 724 N.

TOMORROW NIGHT AT 6 P. M. GALA OPENING EVERYTHING'S BRAND NEW! Join us in ushering in a new Era of Entertainment Comfort! It's the Finest in the Land! mi', w-most welcome 1 of mi fstfjicrJ OPEN 12:43 14c and 40c TODAY wilt cent bulbs can be used outside as well as in. (Westlnghouse photo) Mothers of World War No. 2 will have the party today that was postponed from Tuesday afternoon because of weather.

It will be with Mrs. J. M. Blacker, 1563 North Monroe. ASPIRIN OPEN EVERY DAY A.M.

TO 10 P.M. Jordan's Market 2506 North Main Phone 2-3444 LOAD OF FLORIDA ORANGES TANGERINES Friday A. M. for Christmas BALSAM and SPRUCE CHRISTMAS TREES BUSHY ALL SIZES Full Line Groceries Fruits Meats Roszcll's Ice Cream and Hotel Owners i i 3d MM fl holidays especially if the house is lighted too. Fluores- Marry in Springfield Miss Priscilla Jane Dial, daughter of Mrs.

Chris Ranthum of Alton and C. E. Dial of Lincoln, and Pfc. Richard Rawlings, of Springfield, a former Odd Fellows' Orphans home boy were married Dec. 16 in First Methodist church in Springfield by Rev.

E. V. Meyers. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs.

James H. Barry of Springfield. Miss Edith Rawlings, sister of the bridegroom and Marine Lt. Edwin J. Rawlings, brother of the bridegroom were attendants.

A reception for 150 guests followed in the Barry residence. The wedding cake was cut by the bride and bridegroom with a knife brought from Germany by the bride's father. Pfc. Rawlings attached to the 13th Airborne division recently returned from overseas and at the conclusion of his furlough he will report to Fort Bragg, N. C.

The bride will join her husband later. Auxiliary to Eagles has postponed its party planned for Friday night because of the weather. RIDGLYDALE Milk and Dairy Products 141 NORTH CHURCH STREET 5436 PHONE 'Attention Restaurant Ge bh Illuminating outdoor trees and shrubs creates a thrilling and beautiful effect during the Colonel Visits Dead Friend's Parents Lt. Col. Jack Curtis Forest Hills, New York, was the guest of Mrs.

Pearle Baldwin and Mr. and Mrs. James M. dinger in Pana for several days last week. Col.

Curtis and the late Major Jack O. Baldwin were together at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and both were sent to the Philippine Islands in 1941, Cur tis in July and Baldwin In October. They both were in the "Death March" but did not meet until the latfer part of 1942 and from then on were together until the death of Major Baldwin. They had prom ised each other that if either one of them survived he would visit the other one's family. Col.

Curtis came to Pana to fulfill his promise. Golden Crown camp No. 129, Royal Neighbors of America will meet Friday at 7:30 p. m. in I.

O. O. F. hall with a Christmas party following at 8 p. m.

There will be a 25c gift exchange among the adults and another exchange for the children. Carnation club. Degree of Honor lodge No. 1, will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Harry Winters, 977 East William street.

Miss Teresa Winters will be hostess and there will be a mystery pal gift exchange. Now! Helps 25 OFF Oar Entire Throw Rug Stock Shag Rugs! Loop Rugs! Rag Rugs! Chenille Rugs! Wool Axminster Rugs! PAY CASH PAY LESS Store Hours 8 A.M. to .5:30 P.M. 332 North Main Phone 7037 The Wooden Shoe 241 East Main Street SERVING EVERY DAY Including Monday French Fried Shrimp. Steak Fried Chicken FLOOR SHOW ONE WEEK ONLY JOY LEE and A BIT OF CHINA DANCE FROM 7 TO 12 FREDDY KING And HIS ORCHESTRA HOT AND SWEET MUSIC Your Favorite Drinks From Our Own Bar NO MINORS ALLOWED PLEASURE INN BRUSH COLLEGE AND WILLIAM STREET HARD ROAD I.

i Won't Harm Finest Fabrics i I 7i Kl in I Today FRI. HElt-BOfT FOR IN "TRAIL OF THE SILVER SPIR" HEY KlliS! SPECIALLY FOR YOU CARTOONS YES! FUNNY SHORTS YES! AND MONSTER AND THE APE! DON'T MISS THIS GRAND SHOW! Beer to Carry Out Bt the Case or Bottle PACKAGE GOODS All ostlohmll adTertlsed brands) Variety ot SANDWICHES FISH EVERY FRIDAY Open Sanday HENRY'S PLAGE 761 North Wafer Street BEN NOLEN Pays Top Price For USED CARS 241 W. Wood and 542 E. Prairie ROLLER SKATE TONIGHT 7:30 to 10:30 Admission 25c. Plus 5c Tax Open Every Night in the Week and Sunday Afternoon 2:30 to 4:30 CHAP'S ROLLER RINK InUrMction North Main and North Water WE HAVE SHOE SKATES FOR RENT OR SALE DOORS OPEN AT 6:15 Big Double Show Ends Tonight unnsiTv "I got ft woman on my mind and.

the ain't good!" TVlttUm fiFNDIT HlYWIDn Ik PLUS SECOND HIT Youth Takes a Fling at Folly With Shocking RulU! cniME sniaai TTW. Also Short Subjects EL ROA INN OPEN EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT SUNDAY STEAK CHICKEN DANCINQ 4:00 to 12:45 Featlirinq BILL GILLI SRAND at tho Hammond Orqan BENNIE HOFFMAN Piano nd Vocalitt WALTER PERKINS and Drum (No Minor Allowed) PHONE IS MAROA. ILLINOIS LEAIMERS lc Each For Utabi Wira Hansen pmonc 44-1 8 IOOORS OPEN AT 12:00 NOON ENDS TONIGHT It's BINC'S Bang-Up Best! Kid PDHCDV UII1VI WIKWWM I Mary Martin Basil Rathbona in PLUS SECOND HIT Shocking! 'Daring! kkhmt DAKTINI Deirlin AndrM KING Alto "THIS IS AMERICA" and NEWS Decatur's Most Comfortable Theatr Adults. 30c; Children. 9c ENDS TONIGHT Millions for Murder! Plus Second Feature Perilous Voyage on the High Seas! HHja 10WERT Phyllis BROOKS itt Unlit OPEN 12:00 PLUS EXTRA "A STAR IN THE NIGHT" 7-90 Including Controls MERCER PHONE 932I CLOSED TONIGHT! TO CHANGE OVER TO THE NEW SOUND AND SCREEN THRILL! JiKTl, 7.

ON s1 'til 6 P. M. Then 18c and 60c LAST TIMES SATURDAY Beautiful Chrittmaa Faaturatt PPETOON IX TECHNICOLOR and Empress Box Office! il.T NOW MfcJ fair if You'll Love DUCKY LOUIE THE CHINESE MICKEY ROONEY! LOS ANGELES TIMES says: "A NEW CHILD STAR IS BORN!" RIVER VALLEY!" aU Li wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake (and keep the family awake for hours. Or babies who won't ro to sleep for an hour or two after being put to bed and lie and fuss and fret or talk or sing until the family is distracted. There are two attacks to be made upon such situations.

First, in mind that babies outgrow their ability to sleep such lengthy periods. Maybe all that is needed is to re-arrange the naptimes. Two naps a day may have to be compressed into one long nap right after the noon lunch. If that is already being done, then the bedtime may have to be The baby who has always been put to bed at 6 or 6:30 mav now go more willingly at 7 or 7:30. The over-long afternoon nap may be the cause of the disturbed sleep at night.

Children may go to bed at 12:30, then play for an hour or two and fall asleep at 2:30 and sleep until four or five. It is useless argue that if they do sleep it must be because they need the sleep. They need it even worse at night and if this long nap prevents them from going to bed at a good, early hour and sleeping until 6 o'clock or later in the morning, then shorten the afternoon nap or omit it altogether. Good hours at night are more important than an afternoon nap. The diet has an enormous influence on sleeping.

Children may be badly fed and the mother completely unaware of it. I mention just one instance, a child of 2 being fed 5 bottles of milk a day and only small quantities of solid foods. You can't expect much but insomnia with such a deficient diet. So be critical of the way your child is fed and compare it with some standard diet sheets. 1- Mm.

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