The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 7, 1943
Page 8
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»)<(! %. I . . ) *•> ^^^!^f^ : >-^W 1 *'* v ' * ^ H ij The Algona Union Soiaiw Are town council met Mondaj TEN DAY PROGRAM KOSSUTH RURAL BASIC SKILL TEST For Ten Days, Starting Jan. 13, Tests Will be Administered by Ooun ty! Superintendent A year ago this month the firs testing program of the basic skills was launched in the rural schools of Kossuth county, according to County Superintendent A. E. Lauritzen. • At that t:me about 450 pupils in grades 3-4-5 were given the elementary battery of tests anc about the same number of pupils Jn grades 6-7-8 were given the advanced battery. This year considerably over 1100 rural pupils will take the tests. It is a part of the service of the extension dM and college of education of the State University of Iowa. Parents Co-operate, Mr. Lauritzen stated today Hint i the cooperation shown by parents last year in getting their children to the testing centers was highly gratifying. Therefore similar arrangements for the program setup have been made this year. Only rural schools being affected ten ' testing centers have been set up in the county. To these the pupils of the 6-7-8 grades will go for tha advanced tests while the 3-4-5 grades will take the elementary tests in their own school, to he . given, by their own teacher. Sup- erf.ntendent Lauritzen will administer the advanced tests in the different centers. The testirrg centers, with the hours from 9:30 a. m. to 4:45 p. m., have been selected on the following dates: Testing Centers January 13, Lakota high school. January 14, Ledyard high school. January 15, Swea City high school. January 18, Fenton high school. January 19, Titonka high school. January 20, Burt hr'gh school. January 21, LuVerne City hall. January 22, Algon-a, Bryant school. January 25, Wesley high school. January 26, St. Benedict 'high school. Explanation of Tests The Iowa Every Pupil Tests of Basic Skills provides or the measurement, at the third to ninth grade levels of certain of the skills involved :>n reading, work study, language and arithmetic. And, this too, is the only program so far established which gives the county superintendent a direct contant with every pupil in the upper grades of our rural schools. Tests will be given unless the roads are impassable or there is a blizzard. Kossuth Boy Training In Below Zero Temperature In Western Colorado Mountain Amy Camp PRODUCERS ARE NEARFNG GOAL Quota for County Set at 1043; 10 J»ei* dent, crease over 1942 Farmers of Kossuth Cottftiyi are ing their "Food ftir.FTfee'dcflh" goal well on- their way toward achlev- of 6,054,000 'dozen eggs 'this : year, production statistics Issued by the U. S. Department of. Agriculture Indicate.- The figures show that, despite a shortage of labor which has taxed the ingenuity artd lengthened the work day of most operators, the goal already Is In sight. The rise In product'on has been acompanled by an Increase of mo/e than 20 per cent in returns to producers, both in the county and in the state. Records of the A. & P. Tea Co., one of the larger purchasers of Iowa eggs, show that during the 26 week period ending Aug. 29, the compariy returned $1,920,426 to Iowa producers for 5,940,360 dozen eggs. The Chicago Mercantile Ex- While those of us in Kossuth may murmer when the below zero temperatures hang on for a week we should give thought to the soldiers who are training at Camp Hale, Colorado, high in the mountains near Leadville, Colorado. The above picture sets out winter conditions in that camp. Sure-footed mules pack guns and army equipment up snow-covered mountain slopes and officers claim that the mules can take the equipment nearly any place where a man can cl.'mb. Corporal Edward Immerfall, recently manager of the Farmers Grain Company, St. Benedict, is one of the soldiers training in Camp Hale. He was inducted last July 8th and was assigned to this camp, wh'ch is approximately 14,430 Ben"Dorr's, St. Benedict, Have Four Sons in Service —Courtesy Des Moines Register feet above sea level and along this time of the year the thermometer registers in the 50 and 60 degrees below regions. Corporal Immerfall recently spent a 12-day furlough In Kossuth with his mother, Mrs. Frances Immerfall, his sister, Mrs. George Grien and brother, Leo Immerfall and fam.My, Algona. He is the company clerk in his outfit training at Camp Hale. change, futures trading center for eggs, reports that prices paid for future deliveries have been running sharply higher than in 1941 and that transactions on the spot boards have shown advances of several cents consistently over the prices paid for identical grades a year ago. The USDA asked that Iowa Increase its egg production by 10 per cent this year, raising its output to 253,700,000 dozen. 9e«. kohl : fMfc theft m, Ri* .. Vdia*, NSvilda, Uiat tie haft reached the high title of j*&rge*it. ;ttd itf in the ^school at tad Vega* Nfcv- &4a. , Me entered In March, 1941, 4nd,,was made technical sergeant ,fn, July, 1642., Willam Kohl, another son Is ttow located at Koams, Utah, He just recently enlisted in the army air corps. Mf. , and Mrs. Chris Alt regelved a letter from itheff son, Elmer a{ Christmas time, atafclng he , has been promoted to corporal. Me is stat'oned In Hawaii. Stuart |Thom,p8on writes from Camp Wolters, T*exas that he Watf surprised one evening recently when leaving a theatre to find a nice coat of snow on the ground. Guess he didn't think he was so far from home after all. evening and hired. Roa VatK aa wight 'Man 1 at the l'«h;t plant fit frier Laf&on will take P. B. Stotw' place. duty. fed. ST. JOE NEWS Algona Boy Coaches One of Football Classics New Years The Boston college football team met Alabama U. in a football game at the'Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida, New Year's day an-d lost to the latter by a score of 37-21. The game was one of three classics played in this country on that day. The Boston boys played in hard luck when one of the.'* men received a fractured leg in scrimmage. The game was witnessed by over 30,000 fans. The coach of the Boston team is Denny Meyers, Algona boy, son of Mrs, Wm. Meyers. SOCIETY Golden Wedding Anniversary— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butterfield of Bancroft celebrated their golden .wedding anniversary at their farm home on January 4. Open house was held followin-g a family dinner served by the children. Table decorations were in golden yellow with a centerpiece of Johanna Hill roses with candles on either sides. The decorations were •brought by the couple's daughter- in-law, Mrs. Roy Butterfield. Many gifts were received, among them a purse of $50.00 made up by the children. All the family was present with the exception of Howard, the youngest, who is in the armed forces. Delphians Meet— The Delphian Society met Tuesday noon at the Algona Hotel for a one o'clock luncheon. Mrs. A. E. Michel was in charge of the lesson on the subject of Brazil entitled "Coffee in the Americas." St. Benedict: Hubert Urban Dorr, ourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dorr, left Monday morning for 'amp Dodge for service in the nr- ny after spending a week's fur- ough following'induction the pre- : ous Monday. First Sergeant Ralph J. Dorr, nstructor at Fort Bliss, as cook nd 'baker of 50 recruits, volunteered March 23, 1941. First Class Private Joseph M. Dorr, radio technician, graduated at Madison, Wis., Oct. 30. He is now stationed at code commiss.'on school as Las Vegas, Nevada, and he was drafted June 25, 19-12. Pvt. Cletus R. Dorr of Miami Beach, Fla., in an A. A. T. flight school taking mechanical training. He was drafted Oct. 25, 1942. This family also has the fiflh one, soon to be called which will be giving four to Uncle Sam in les.s than a year. They are grandchildren of G. G. Studer. Mrs. Lena Marso and Roslee Dorr spent New Year's with 'Mrs. Ire-no Studer and family at Wesley. Sister M. Rosella received word Saturday that her nephew passed away in the eastern part of the state recently. (Mrs. Ben Dorr entertained her card club last week Tuesday. The prizes went to Mrs. Carrie Erick- son and Mrs. Francis Mayer. New members who will take charge of the Rosary Sodality the following year are: Mrs. Mary Penton, president; Mrs. Chas. Nelson, secretary-treasurer and Mrs. Henry Arndorfer, vice president. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Froehlich and Barbara Ann Froehlich spent New Years at Kenosha, Wis., visiting Ensign Dan Froehlich of tho U. S. Navy who is attending school there after passing his test at the Great Lakes Naval Training school. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Grandjennett and Mrs. John Grandjennett accompanied Corporal Ed Grandjen- nett to Rockford, Iowa, to visit his sister, Mrs. Frank Winner last week Tuesday. From there the Winners took him to Mason City that night to return to camp after spending a 14-day furlough in the vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson nt- tcnded the funeral of Mrs. Erickson's sister's eight months old infant last week Wednesday and also spent several days visiting at Grundy Center. This also had been Mrs. Erickson's childhood home and sh'j thereby also visited some of her schoolmates and thence went f .o Daws to vb;-t her mother over the New Year returning Saturday, Jan. 2nd. December Proved Cold Month; Below Normal According to the records of Harry Nolte, weatherman, the month of December proved a cold month, with 4.8 below normal. November on the other hand, was 2.8 above normal. The New Year started in with below zero temperature in line with usual cold. The record: High Low December 22 23 14 December 23 38 13 December 24 B9 13 Dtecember 25 32 IS December 26 33 31 December 27 32 9 December 28 23 4 December 29 26 20 December 30 22 9 December 31 28 8 January 1 29 21 January 2 30 14 January 3 22 9 January 4 10 -7 January 5 22 -5 January 6 25 -9 On Dec. 22, 3.3 inches of snow fell and on January 3 there was a snowfall of 2.2 inches. BUREAU MEMBERS IN PLUM CREEK GET CERTIFICATE Irvington: Plum Creek township, our neighbor directly to the north, !s to be commended upon receiving a superior township certificate in recognition for their farm bureau achievements for the past year. This Is a promotion from the standard rating they maintained for B year ago. The regular monthly meetings are well attended and over half of the farmers in Plum Creek township are bureau members. This award is made annually by the Iowa farm bureau federation. St. Joseph's School reopened oh Monday morn.'.ng, iTan. 4th, after the holiday vacation. Mr. and Mrs Nbflbert Friders are the parents of'a girl born at the Kossuth hospital at Algona, Dec. 31st. They now have two girls anrf two boys. ,i Richard Thul left Saturday r .'.ng from Humboldt and Raphael Faber Monday, mqrnlng from Algona for Camp, Dodge to be Inducted into the U. |3. Army. Mary Klein wh,o'js employed in St. Catherines hospital, pmal.'i spent the holidays here with her parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. Nick Kle'n and other relative! and friends. Mary Wagner who was attenu ing a radio schoolv : 'n Omaha, spent the holidays here ' her parents, Ledyard Car Slips Into Ditch; Turns Over Buddy Gray, who works at Rock Island, 111., was met by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barnes at Esthervilla on Friday and on Sunday they drove to Estherville where Buddy took the train back. On the way back the car slipped off the highway f.nto the ditch south of Ledyard and turned over but no one was hurt. The Troff tractor pulled the car to- town. Rosena Thilges returned home after some time at the Walt Bradley home in Algona and started work at her uncles, the Thigcs brothers. News Items of Wesley Vicinity Ledyard Vicinity News Items I MARKETS HOGS Heavy butchers, 180-200 $14.00 Heavy butchers, 200-350 14.10 Packing sows, 270-360 13.90 Packing sows, 360-400 13.75 Packing sows, 400-45Q 13.60 CATTLE Canners and cutters $5.00-7,00 fat yearlings 11.50-13.00 Stock steers 10.00-12.00 Veal calves 13.50 Fat steers 11.50-13.00 Fat cows 7.50-10.00 Bulls 11.00-12.00 GRAIN No. 2 white corn, new $.95 iNto. 2 yellow corn, old 82 No. 2 yellow corn, new 80 No. 2 mixed corn, new 79% 30 Ibs. test white oats 49 No. 3 barley 49 EGGS Mediums 37c Kxtras 41o Dirty and checked eggs 32c Cash cream— Sweet 49c No. 1 48c No. 2 46c POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs 2tc Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 19c Hens, under 4 Ibs 17c Cocks, over 4H '. lie Cocks, under 4M: lOc Springs, over 5 Ibs 25c Springs, 4 to 5 Iba 23c Leghorns I8c Springs, under 4 Ibs 21c Heavy Stags 19c Light stags 17c No. 2 poultry, 3c less. These are Wednesday quotations. Prices are subject to change by the time of publication. Mr. and Mrs. August Knoner spent Tuesday at the farm with Billy Knoner. Mrs. Wm. Flynn has been enjoying a visit from an aunt the past several days. Harry Schroeder and son, Ronald, were business callers nt Elmore Thursday. (Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green and Ef- ther spent Thursday visiting at tho Ted Green home. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouui; and Douglas spent New Year's at the Wm. Green home. Mrs. Harry Schroeder and Darlene spent Wednesday evening :.( the Albert Brand home. Mrs. Felder spent Christmas woek at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jerry Sullivan and family. Air. and Mrs. Lars Loge of Elmore were guests Sunday at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson. Mrs. Abe Lauritzen of Algona spent Wednesday afternoon vis.t- ing her friend, Mrs. H. M. Gran- Mr. and Mrs. Bob Whistler moved from their apartment in the Wm. Green residence to Mason City on Wednesday. Mrs. Elvin Carpenter entertained several ladies Tuesday evening at her home. A very pleasant evening was spent. Mr. and Mrs. John Monthei and Geraldine and Gerald spent Christmas day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kramersme:«r. Mrs. Wm. Dorsey, Sr., of Woderr, mother of Mrs. Wm. Knoner, is still in poor health and failing fast which her many friends regret to hear. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sullivan and children were guests New Year's day at the home of Mrs. Sullivan'* mother, Mrs. Felder, at Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Welch of Swea City, Frank Welch and Miss Minnie Brawer spent Christmas day at the home of Mrs. Mary Ann Welch. Cecil Spatcher, Howard Nitz and Everett Johnson left for Camp Dodge Sunday where they will be inducted :nto the United States armed forces. The Ledyard basketball team went to Bancroft Wednesday evening where they played St. Johns team. Ledyard was defeated by a score of 34 to 30. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Busch went to Waterloo Wednesday and olanned to bring back furniture. Mrs. Busch will leave Sunday to finish teaching this school year. Miss Connie Garry and Miss Phyll.'s Strand spent the holidays at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Strand and family and Mrs. Alice Garry and family. The teachers of the local school returned Saturday after spending the holiday vacation at their various homes. They will resume thc-ir duties at the local school Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith hav.; been visiting at the home of their daughter in Worthington, Minn. The day after Christmas thc'r daughter was to enter the clin'c ut Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Nitu will move soon into the Howard Mnync .station and living rooms whirh will be vacated by the Mayne family whc will soon- leave to make their horn.? '•n California. Mr. and Mrs. AP-crt. Brand entertained at their home nt a N<;\v Year's wake party: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green nnrl Esther and Mr. and Mrs. Mnrtin Gabel and .soiiii, Floyd and Darold. Rev. Mueller returned to Ledyard Saturday after spending the holiday se-isnn with his family at his home in Cherokee, Iowa. The usual services will be held at the Methodist church Sunday. Mrs. Kenneth Thompson, musio tecaher at Lake Park, spent a week with her husband, Kenneth Thompson- in Philadelphia and Fort Db;, New Jersey during the holidays, returning on Saturday afternoon. A farewell party was gf.ven on Wednesday afternoon at the home of 'Mrs. Elvin Carpenter honoring Mrs. Howard Mayne who will leave the fore part of the week for California where Mr. Mayne will seek employment. Word received in Ledyard by friends of R. K. Canary who entered St. Marys hospital at Rochester last week end states that he has left the hospital and is at present staying at a hotel where he Is recovering. Mrs. August Gabel has received word that her brother, Wm. Heller of Des Moines, who was hurt recently in an automobile accident, is not improving very fast. Mrs. Gabel's many friends hope her brother 'will soon improve. A farewell party was given on Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Ella Gfelhaus :n honor of Mrs. L. W. Mayne who will leave soon for California where she will loin her husband who ia employed there. Their twin daughters, Sharon and Shirley, will remain here with their grandmother. Mrs. Ella Gelhaus until the end of the school year. Little Evalon Benton was quitrf ill with the flu over the past week end. Mrs. George Vitzthum will entertain- her bridge club Thursday, Jan. 14th. Mrs. R. K. Richardson spent the week end with relatives at Bloom- '•ng Prairie, Minn. The second club dance will be held in the Kleinpeter hall orr Tuesday evening, Jan. 12th. Junior Kunz of the CivMian Air Corps of Pella came home New Years to await a call for further training. 'Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hipperly and son of Britt were New Year's day guests at the parental George Hanig home. Mr. and Mrs. Evroul Loebig and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Loebig were Sunday evening guests at the F. Blei-ch home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forburger and Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Olson were New Year's 6:30 dinner guests at the J. L. Haverly home. 'Mrs. Lena Marso and Miss Rosalie Dorr of St. Benedict visited ,-it the Mrs. Irene Studer home over the New Year week end. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lyons and two children of Algona were Sunday visitors at the Ed Hildman home. Agnes Johnson of Des Moines and Lois Hildman of Mason City spent the New Year week end with their folks here. Private Elmer Stalzer left Mon day for Camp Livingston, La,, following a 10-day furlough at his parental W. M. Stalzer home. Bernard Erdman returned to his teaching duties at Alvord Saturday following a holiday vacation here at his parental Paul Erdman home Mrs. Don White and two sons left Monday for their home in Des Moines following a two weeks' visit at her parental Wallace Benton home. Benny Wagner, who is employed at the naval recruiting office In Des 'Moines, came Sunday morning for a 7-day visit at the parental Al Wagner home. Martin Munson and Leo Hildman left Monday for Induction into the army. The former is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Munson and Leo Is a son; of Mr, and Mrs. Geo. Hildman. The Bert putzetwck family visited at the Mrs. Tillie Loebig home Sunday eventing. Their daughter, .Jean, left .by train that evening for Mason CMy, where she attends n business college;. Barbara Lauman of Mason City was a New Year week end guest at Mrs. Tillie Loebig-s home. Miss Lauman and Alvina Oppedal were Sunday dinner guests at the Mrs. Elizabeth Matern home. June Adele Kunz left Tuesday for Madison, Wis., to continue her studies at the University. Mary Adine Kuw, a Student at Ow St. Catherine'* academy at St. left Tuesday following the holf-day vacation'. Paul Erdman and Emil Wester drove to Marshalltown Sunday to get Karl Ahlers, Sr., of New Jersey, who is spending this week here. He and Mr. Wester travel for the Ahlers Produce Company of New York. Mrs. G. L. Olson went lo Irvington Sunday where on Monday she began her teaching fdut?«s in the lown school following the holiday vacalion. Mr. Olson who is a Iraveling salesman, was also home over the holidays. 'Mrs. Doris Dwyer of Portland, Maine, was a New Year's week end guest at the home of her sistar, Mrs. Delbert Benton and family. She also visited her parents the S. E. Dwyers at Humboldt She is secretary at a navy pier. Little Laurel Kelch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelch, Jr., of Kanawha, spent last week at her maternal grandparents, the Alf Studer home. Mr. and Mrs. Kelch moved to a farm south of Kanawha last week. They had been farming for George Kelch, Sr. Jim Silbaugh, Robert and Nona and Velma Hanlg went to Ralston Saturday where the two young ladies stayed for a visit wtth Nona's relatives. Mr. Silbaugh and Robert returned Sunday accompanied by Mrs. Silbaugh and Carmen, who had been down there for a week end visit with relatives. Mrs. A. R. Kiflsack and daughter, Cheryll, will leave Monday for her home at Hayward, Calif. She, the former Irma D. Benton, had visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Benton, and other relatives the past 6 weeks. Enroute home she iwlill visit relatives at Des Moines and Hoegler, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs.' Pfcter .Schmltt and with other relatives and friends. St Joseph's Seii'ool Sodality had a Christmas party^last Monday an-d exchanged gifts. The seniors of 1942 were guests at: the party. The afternoon was spent at games and dancing. \ Eleanor Bormann, who is employed as secretary .In Montgomery Ward store in Des Moin-es, spent Christmas here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick, Bormann, and other relatives arid friends. Corporal Vern'ori.'Plathe, who is stationed at Kansas City, where ho attends radio school, spent a short Christmas furlough here with his parents, Mr. and ; Mrs. Charles Plathe and other ' relatives anil friends. Bill McGuire, a freshman at Loras college, Dubuque, spent the holidays here w'th his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McGuire and other relatives and friends. He returned via train from Fort Dodge Sunday evening. . ' Mr. and Mrs. John Thul, Rich ard and Rita, Mr. , and Mrs. Ray mond Kohlhaas and Doris Ann Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner anc Patricia Ann and Marilyn Kinsctl were New Years supper guests a the Eugene Thul, home near At gona. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ernelding an the parents of a .son, Jerome An drew born Dec. 24th. The Erpeld fugs have one other child, a girl Madge Malin of.Livermore is car ing for mother arrd baby. Miss Adent of St. Benedict is attend ing to the household duties. He has 1 been oil the nigh MK "Stone recently resign T < iMr. and, Mrs,. Edward Sander and sons, Harold and Elmer, ? o Heron Lake, Mlnn>, came Sunday arid visited Until > Wednesday a the Henry Sander and Louis Schne'der homes aHd with othef relatives.^ > ' Miss Florence Allen, studen nurse from ,M6rcy 'hospital, 'Do! Mohies, spent her vacation with hel parents, 1 Mrv and Mrs. A, C. Allen Florence received her caji and cape at the der-effiondes held Sunday afternoon at the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Miller ant children of Sfoux Center, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller and children of" Ft Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Verh Miller of Meservey and Miss Dorothy Miller of Sioux Falls, S. D., were Week end guests at the Charley Miller hom6. Nine men left .Tuesday night for Des Motaes to take their final checkup for army service. Those going were Ronald Walker, David Schutter, Albert Kemrta, Albert Mertz, Dale Edglngton, William Hoffert Toby Schafer, Bert Metllle and Roland Blouer; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker and daughter, Geraldlne of Clear Lake, Clarence Smiley and Ruth Phillips and Charles of Fort Dodge and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kuecker, Gladys Schneider and Danny and Mr. and Mrs. Lev! Frieden and Leroy of this place were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Fred Kuecker. Holiday guests at the John C. Benninger home were Corp. and Mrs. Herbert Benninger of Lincoln, Nebr., Miss Ruth Benninger of Elgin, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dahl and Irene of Wh'ltltemorc. Their visit. was enjoyed very much. Corp. and Mrs. Benninger went to Elgin, III., Tuesday for a visit with the former's sister, Anna and family. Mrs. Henry Bormann and circle were in charge of the lunch for a dance in St. Joseph's hall Tuesday evening. wlttf listed- February, 4w fo _^S?2 \H^- herd a,public sale begllfnl o'clock sharp. Mf. Zunlach ed to Sit fatoning and will, sell livestock attt his 1 faftfi al the sduth, 2 miles 6ast of ntlles w3st on paving' and n6f th of Algftna. '.Janua/y, 14—A, Jandl, tfator, Is holdlhg a closing out s"afe pf sdme 152 head of livestock ahtt f mabhlnery for the estate of his 8on;\ Anthony U Jandl, Jr., who' was kill* ed recently. The farm Is located ?" miles east of Burt, or i mlleS softm .', and I mile west of Titonka, ,,,, ' January 2»—John Arndorfer wll, , hold Ma Sale. He has decided s to . i quit farming and WllJ move tti Ai- ,>, ^ gbila where he recently )(ttir6hal!l6d' t, the Robert Lafiarre. House. Mlv., * Arndorfer Is "offering lOtf" JieaC ftlt.n * k V Hvestock and a complete set df l&m. \ i , • machinery on the farm located miles east of St. Benedict,' 3 M south and 2% miles west of WeS- tey. February 4 —Th,ere will be a ptid-v Itc sale On the old John Helgens place, % mile' north and % niltb west of Fenton, offering some- 12W head of Ilvest6ck and machinery.^ ( Gface Crisman Takes 5th Grade, West Bemf West Bend: Grace' Crisman off ledar \FallS/Has been elected by- the schobl- bdard to fill .the flftht grade vacahejMn the public school. She needs ''Up Introductlbn to our readers. She has been teachlffgr near Cedar .Falls 'for many y'eai'a' and Is well qualified. Her mother, Mrs. T. W. WilHams,.us'ually spends he winter with her. In .Cedar (Falls. She and Mrs. CriaJnan and Mary 'ane Crlsman arrived here front here Thursday arid are new at hbmfr n Mrs. Williams residence StS 1 >hens B. Williams, teacher of mule In the college at Carrion, Mo'., risked his mother at Cedar Falls and came by train Wednesday- to» . •isit in West Bend a few days. ' *' AROUND IOWA Out the Window Explosion of a cook stove in thp Jake Twombly home in Greenfield blasted glass out of the windows and spread fire in the kitchen. Fue oil used in starting a fire was the cause of the conflagration-. Mrs Twombly was burned about the face and arms, and extensive damage was done to the kitchen. Keep Warm Forty-seven people can keep warm the result of Mrs. E. L. Nickle's work. The Carlisle woman spends much of her time knitting sweaters for the Red 'Cross. Lucky Find Mrs. Louise Spoils, Bailie Creek lost a purse while shopping in Ida Grove, 'but did not notice the loss for a day or two. When she returned to look for the lost article later, the purse was found In a local slore where It had been kepi for the right ful owner. A clerk had found Ihe purse and turned it in to the store office for safekeeping. Double Loss Kenneth H. Grqenewald of Grundy Center, not only lost his purse containing $64 in cash but h'.s gas ration book in the purse. The lost articles had not been found at lust report. Golden Eagle An Injured golden eagle was found 'by a boy in Call stale nark and was turned over to Mr. Wille, the custodian, for care. Mr. Wille now spends much of his t'me shoot- Ing rabbits to feed the bird until It is ready to fly again. Hospital News Eggs from Home (While stationed in Cuba, Gilbert Benter, formerly of Allison, but now with Uje United States armed forces, ate eggs sent there from the AH'aon Produce Company. Feminine Coraplcker Mrs. Vern Storm, of near Pisr gah, makes the going tough on her hushand in the cornfleldj This fall she has averaged 100 bushel* a day picking com. Before she is General Hospital Dec. 30— George Broesder, Algona, surgical. Dec. 31— Bernard Morrall, Algona, surgical; S. M. Nelson, Titonku, surgical. Jan, 1— Mrs. Lawrence Tish, of Swea CMy, surgice,); Mrs. Greoge S waive, Titonka, boy, Jan. 5— Mrs. iRejiert Bww, Algona, girl; Mrs, Edward Weig, Wesley, boy; Lawrence Buescher, medical. _ Jan. l— Mary EJUftbeth Van Allen, accident; Gilbert Kelson, Hum- boidt, accident;, Juanita Schmalen, West Bend, surgical. Jan. 2-airs. Riejl Mfd Bngle, Algona, medical; Jfrt, Qljjttprd Haate, Algona, girl; Nonna Tjaden, Algona, medical; ,Mw r Ed Pankuk, Vippnd, Al- Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13. words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per wold. NJO ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge; • their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE—Black faced ewes, all two and three year olds.—S. A. Gardner, Algona, phone 13F31. • 1-2-3-1* FOR SALE—-Cheap saddle horse, gentle for children.—Alfred Jergen-. son, Algona. 1* FOR SAfLB—Shorthorn buTis!^ Herman J. Studer, Corwtth, phono 3156, Wesley. 1-2* Miscellaneous FOR SALE—Shorthorn roan bull, 1 year old.—Dave Weber, 2 east and 2 north Burt. Phone 11 on 100.' 1* FOR SALE—1938 Ford coach. Extra clean. F-12 tractor on rubber with cultivator. F-12 tractor on steel. John Deere "D" tractor, new motor. 15-30 tractor. Single row corn picker on rubber. 8" burr mill. Allis-Chalmers model 60 combine. Good manujre .spreader. 4- wheel trailer; Plows,' cream separators, 6 h. p. gas engine.—Bradley Bros., south Hotel Algona. 1 FQR SALE—iFrigldalre Frozen Food and'Meat Cabinets. Also new cream separators and % h. p. electric motors.—Algona Maytag Store. •FOR SALE!—Benrus 17-jewel shockproof man's wrist watch. $27.50. Phone 812-W. Algona. 1* 'FOR SALE—Three Berkshire boars.—William Fritz, Wesley.. 1 FOR SALE—Two fresh Holstein' cows. 1% miles west of Sexton;—* Perry Lowman, 1* FOR SALE—We have been fortunate in getting a big lot of cert- fled Richland Soy Beans, germfna- ;ioir 94%. If you can use ahy, call us. Price"$3.50 per bushel.— lx>ne Rock Co-Op. Elevator, 1-tf FOR SALE—Black mare, com' irg two years old. Gentle. . Reasonable. 4 miles south, two miles iast of Bancroft.—Henry Lensing, Bancroft, Iowa. 1* NOTICE—The regular annual meettng of the shareholders'of thfe Algona Federal' Savings' and.. Ass'n, Of Algona, on Wednesday, Ju..-»., m i( 7 TO -ot^--,. 2 p. m. at the office'of'th'e' AssWia-^ , "•"" tion, located at 206 East State St.' * Algona, la.—Signed, C. R. LaBarre, Sec'y. '. • i WILL THE PARTY who .purchased three B batteries at the Coast to Coast store Monday, please call at the store. Important. i DO YOU WANT.A BIKE? Regulations, are now less strict arid many can qualify. School children are eligible. See our line of Victory bicycles. Store. $29.93.—Gamble i SAVE MONEY by feeding Gamble's Feeds for Hogs, Poultry,and Cattle. r BONDED BABY- CaiOKS-Get your order in, .now, • Guaranteed livabHlty for 80 days after delivery. Postage prepaid.—Gamble Store. 1 SEE US for; Honeymead Feeds for Hogs, Cattle, Poultry and Sheep. —^Bradley Bros. ' jitf NOW IS THE TIME to get those tractors and machines overhauled We have parts NOW and pjrfy heaven'and the OP A know how Ions we will' have.^-Bradley Bros. 1 USED APPLI ANDES—Used Electric washing machines, 2 Dexters, One Minute, Automatic and Speed: Queen. Tho'r and Wardway gas engine washing machines,. Good used cream separator, electric radio, and gas engine. "We repafr all makes of washing machines. Wringer rolls for all makes of washers. Stoves repairs for all makes,—Algona Maytag Store. a FOR SALE—Two good used cook stoves,—Gamble Store. 1 FOR SALE—Wild hay. Four stacks.—J. E. Thill, St. Benedict, 60-2* FOR SALE—Black pure brf d P.Q- and China boars.—John BoeRes, lUVerne. • 1* FOR SALE—Purebred Hampshire •oars by the grand champion of Kossuth county fair. A large group o choose from. New blood for old ustomers.—Joseph A- Skow, Wes- ey. 48-« HIDES AND FUR—Highest mar.- ket price paid for Hides and Fur. —Joe Greereberg, 1-2 HY-BRID SEED CORN— Iowa 939 and 218-M, our new and put- standing hybrid. Thousand; of acres of our seed were growing over- nine counties of north and north central Iowa and equaling or out- yielding the best in hybrids,- Sold at fa e.js' pr'oe.— Miller Hybrids, e;-;jowa. ' , y$* the new releases. Needles—alburns. —KoMutb Radio £ Electrip, A'gona, OBIT .YOUR typewriter at the Algona Upper Pfs S« ' 'FOR SALE—Shorthorn and Here- ord bull calves, 8 to 10 months old. —Joseph A. .Skpw, medical. Jan. 3— (Mrs. to through, Mw. $tonn have 4,000 bushels to her sew 0904 Heed of Knoxville displayed a sample of the material used in be? great-grandfather's wed- cHug, suit during a study of wool in &e tbjlrd grade classes. The suit- Ing and lining bad been spun and woven 'by band to be ready for Mjr. (UockbaM, Gun- great-«an4fatfesr' on his wedding day- in Ken^pky o *» W*# gous, boy; Marten lybjttle, Fenton, surgica}; Mrs, Clarence Anderson, Algona, girl; Mrs. Peter Heldt, ac- Mrs. Henry Becker, Bancroft, me#esl{ Mrj- George Jan, 4—Mr*'• gona, frtkctur*;. James Black, BURN BPRWINP BRIQUETS or Warm Morning Coal. Know fuel atlsfaction.—Raesly Lumber 0o. >hpne 234, IMKf PB3K BLOTTERS, asSQrtfld peach nd red, for per Des Moines office, WANrrEJD~i9Nt»n to work in hat chery.— Hamilton Hatchery, Ban- for maid hotel. J for steady bouse* Hoenk, Phone tenwre, girl; JMC. , Frapjjen, ,, team,Brawn, 'ft euKiiptor. 4l4Q I*aye,$ror4 with Britt, medical. Jau. fr-Mrj. Gerald BaMJng, Ti-

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