The Evening World from New York, New York on June 29, 1904 · Page 2
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1904
Page 2
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j t t 1 I 1 n i wq I t A c THE WORLD WEDNESDAY gVEMJVG JWE 29 190 r r 1r 1 t soGus MESSAGE i5AY BRADSHAWS Marriage of Helen Barnette to New York Broker Was Not to 4 Have Taken Place Yesterday Relatives Say CONSIDERABLE MYSTERY SURROUNDS WHOLE AFFAIR i Prospective Bride and Mother t Come Here In Response to Telegram Pronounced to Be forgery t Tis relatival of Joieph Paul Brad shaw thl young broker who accord Ins to dupitchei from Franklin Fa wia to have been married to Miss JJelen Barnette of that city yesterday hut failed to appear a telegram sayluc hi waa 111 being received Instead vigorously denied today that any wedding hid been arranged for Tuesday although y they < admitted that on engagement existed between the young man and Miss Darnel They furthermore denounced the telegram saying ho nni III which brought Miss Barnette her mother And brother to this city on a peclal train as a forgery although the name of Percy Bradshaw tho pro pectlve bridegrooms brother wa signed to It i TIere Is n good deal of myMery uri roundlng the entire matter and It look I nt though there must have been a misunderstanding somewhere There Is little doubt that the society folk of Frank lln had prepared themselves for the I wedding and thnt Miss Darnette and her people expeolwl one On the other hand the relatives of young Mr Bred haw declare mphatlcnlly that they mew nothing of a wedding being arranged although they do any that they vtpect one sooner or later nrndiliniv with bweellienrl j Young Mr Brndihaw bee given no public explanation himself It wn ssld by his father today that he met Miss Barnette and her mother and brother when they arrived hero jeiterday pent the day and the evening with them and would spend most of tho day In their company At just which hotel In the city the Barnette party Is stay 5 jng Is not kilown A search of all the jrnclpal hotels In the city by The Eon 02S World todaj failed to renal their t Hereabouts Mr Brailihaw who Is tsaoclated with the firm of Clark 9oqlt t Co of069 Wall street did ict appear at that office today Tho story whloh come to New York I from Franklin today l > that last Monday I a girl friend of Mlns Barnette gave fdlnnfrln honor of her approaching marring to which Mr Brndihaw was Invited lIe failed to appear Jnte tlint inmonight the story runs a telegram waa received signed with the name of Percy Brodshnw stating that Jo cph IJradshiw was 111 and inking Miss Bar l rielte to come to him Mis IlariiPttP nib her mother and brother did came it chartering n special train for the purpose it and on their arrival here were informed I that Mr nrodshaw wee not III 7 mid that his brother hud nor sent any J such telegram What other explanations there were docs not appear but while despatches from Franklin say that the friends or the young woman expected tho ceremony to occur nt noon estcrdaj at the locai Kplscopil church and that a special car was sidetracked at Franklin lor use on the hoi r moon Mr Brad thaws relatives say ItIa all untrue 2 Youliar Mr llrndHlinnr > ot nom Joseph UrndMmw live with his father Capt V H nrnll haw nt No 167 Berkeley avenue Orange N J but could not be found there today His father said I My son came homo at USD P M this morning after spending the even L < ng In eNw York with Mln Hnrnette her mother anti brother 1 n ked him f about this story and he said some una had plaed a cruel hoax on MIa bar q nette It any wedd nB had been arranged for we knew nothing of It at II all As a matter of fact no wedding vas arranged at this time It would F hardly be fixed for a dub without DUI knOvUnt anything or It Joe went lulu t town today early and will bu wth M it Barntttc all day lit is tngaKJ t to her 1 uiiuuslunu and I suppose mat tney win uo inurriea HUIIIU unto 1 but nu uate lias ever been set lur tuu ceremony f 4 Mr Percy Bradshaw who Is n daughter or former Majoi Uenr Tutmnn of Orange said ot the affair i l saw Joe today arid ho said the telegram aaUng he was 111 was a joke nut UD bY some one As to a wedding being fixed for xesterdav Im sure It Isnt reasonable to bellee that uch a tin arrangement could hap been made without our knowlnir nn thine of It Toe and Miss Barnptte have liren en traced for a year lie met her when 1 T she lived In Short Hills Later abe 3 m np 1 tn Franklin J HEWY01S AFTER tt ELLIOTT I OF REDS k Bruslj Has Made rtii Offer for ml r Big Wisconsin Pitcher Deal t Involving Cash and a Giants Twirler 2 Prealdent John T Bruah of the New york Katlonnla It Mill after the beat fcateball material that can be had In 0 Uie countly and today he made an IV tier to ho Cincinnati Club for Clarke 1 Ul9tt tho blR AVIsconsIn wIrier oft t lied 7II deal will not only Involve the J ruInt of a considerable sum by 0 r sldent Ilruoh but also the exchange f Olrnt nlnbman It Is nenerally J < that the denl will be closed out i t or dpi declared cff na ClnoLn i t iili iRjIMnff tfiit > nrl wcltli BUIott Itlons that wlj Inure < to the 1t J IIIf 4M4ai tPttP j 1 11i if iJ l t i f 151 j WANTS 50OOO I fOR WIFES LOV This Is theSum Whloh Albert T Foster Wants from Chalmers T DaleSon of a Wall Street Broker SEQUEL TOWOMANS FLIGHT LAST MAY When Mrs Foster Went Away She Took Daughter with Her but Father Later Got Possession of Child I Chalmers Dale jr eon of the Wall street broker Is being sued for 1260000 by Albert T Foster nuuio er of the Algonquin Hotel of No tS WHIt Forty fourth Btrnet the latter charging that Dale alienated the affections of his wife The announcement that the suit had been filed followed a sensational colic court case In which Foster waft haled to Yorkvllle Police Court charged by Dale with assault The alleged assault took place In the dining room of the hotel where Dale had come to dine lie said that there was no one In the dining room at tho time excupt himself and that he was about to nit down at a table when Mr Kost r ran In and ordered him out of the nonce Dale says that Foster I Immediate set upon him and struck him a violent blow In the face The arr it of Foster followed Whr Ifr trek Dale In court Dale was axked Mow long have you known Mrs Foster This queatlon was objected to by Dale counsel Footer WAIl then asked why ho had struck Dale Because his presence was objectionable replied Poster Magistrate Whitman then adjourned the hearing until July 12 when It will be railed In Essex Market Court The police court proceedings and the suit against young Doll are the sequels to the matrimonial dlnVirnces that han developed In the affairs of thh osiers which began when Mrs Poser ntllttrd her hiikband taking her little daughter with her She said hat she won going to Massachusetts 10 visit her parents Later Foster avers He roelved a letter from lila wife saying that she would never return to him and that the parting was for ever He began a search for ill wire wishing to reclaim nls daughter Deterllves employed by the hotel manager followed Mrs Foster and lo CRlrJ her III Baltimore at a hotel Mr Foster and his counsel went to Baltimore and while Foster talked with the wife thn attorney seized the child and made off with her The child was brought to New York end Is In tin custody of her father Unity Ball Coning After losing her child Mrs Foster went to Philadelphia and there con BUlled an attorney who advised hero go to the home of her parents In Irpckion Mass She followed his ad xlce In the divorce suit that was Instl tilled by Fouler he named William JI Kmorj ns corespondent That oung Dale was Implicated waft not noun until the pollen court proceed rgs and the alienation suit that was 111nlI1 MCHESMEYS HALF BROTHER SOLD e H B Duryea Pays 2600 for the Yearling at the Sheeps head Bay Auction Sales ToDay 1 iSpeoUI lo The Ktenlnjc World I SHKKPSHRAD DAY June 29h I feature of the sale of tlioritiirhhrod I arlliigs from the Mere Hill Suiiin Slop Rockwood Stonewall Prenkn sand Imnola Stud which acre sold nt Sheopuhe flay thl aftr inoon wao u chestnut colt bv Ooodrlch Manoln Muon n half brother to McChpunpr and Itril Mnvm which wan bought by II It Durjen for 12600 Other salts were II f b j Hehldrri Hlilno 1 Mrlllnnln tat < h r by HandFomi Ilourneo J Ilelllj JJKIHr Hr or li c li > Planudf > I iiirrl 11 M Elmer H 7ii II c In The Hard War DrI P Stuart iui Hr a lij Trhtannllnrh II II Durham site UIHe tu tam isdlsrere J Ulnnl sac Ch f h tIny lad Nellie Ileatrlce T F heiR SIMI liW t p j ht U uiRe Patilon Flower < L D WIlson ioQ II c lij Kotrerer Ixxllil Illoom V T herald Efl llr or blk a by lUndiome HMntwr Vlvent P It Hiirnlln Tat Knlrkerbotker b i by Ittnnelenr Ac opt It T lliion Jr YiO ll c by lnrold by ltadlanr T Welili tOJnr Hr c by Iniculdib Hoal Una 1 Weah I Ur f b1 InKoldib > Virginia Moor W L IOU < 11 o b > InioMftby The Ooernen C Minefield t20tt II1 dh th f n y ohlobnoomr J James 21 < 1 IU > t by Incoldfb Admlttanct J Janic 100 Ch c by Innoldiby lllfalutln J Jainei 200 II f by Innoldiby Hankara J J me Sam SnnHr f by Innpertor nLlnl T I > r Carter I22D II t 2J lnioldbr Marie Phrn J Jams 12IA II c by Mont Dor Klfrlda II a II Whitney tlin ftliIi f by Inir3ldib < Olralda C Little fleld IW Oh c b OoodrlchManola Mon U II Duryea IftXMi II t by Kempronlua Ifarechal Nltl T Wloh 1160 Ch o by Ilandtom Tchoupletoulai C J Thompson ooo Uic by llaiidome Ileldrmen W C Smith 1123 maiJob lJ IlolvldreStra M K ny miii I 400 i Ch i 0 br Far n4ol Aleta meek 5taIl sM rh V by1 Mnden Crotchet MI Hay I Binn W7JJ i ini e 2 Htndsorot wmAj t HJ A fllllttan t 4 Ji o 1i ij iM 7 d I Lii Iiff I SOME OF THE FIREMEN WHO WERE OVERCOME BY SMOKE AND GAS AT A LIVELY THREEALARM FIRE AT BROADWAY AND BROOME STREET IVENING 1 WORLD RACE CHART TWELFTH DAY AT SHEEPSHEAD BAY The ISTrnliiH Sorlil plmrti are hulled from nut race nt AqueductS FIHKT RACK For threearolds and upnard lelllnc allowances JDOO added tCO teten furlongs mart fo Won ridden mil Timelt7 102 5 Winner bill g hyPpiuuciazn g Owner Chel Ml J4tlU Index Horsef Jockeys Wtt C inopenClnaPI 2ll The Cricket IHIIm 1U I 114 P II jSL4 lIt4 15 in 12 i 311 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threeearolds and iipHanl nelllnir tl MK1 added mile and a ttt > tn iuiii rime 1n 4n Winner hr h Mxteenth on turf Start Joel Wo 1 > l lliuillKlllir Serene Ovynerr M I ILaiman Index Horses JockeeWtSt L 4 H LVI Open O Pi Hh fall ivlteiitke I Martin Id T I 2t4 2L l4 J II 2 115 4 < 4 Muc Illldebranil 101 n r I s I 2 81 in 12 21 iil1 Hold Dome H Phllllpo lit < 2 fl 4t f 14 f I 1 t 10 12 5 81T Mcrelta rim mila HI S 31 II 2 21 tt 10 1 85 1147 Itnb Munihv oleman S5 I 9 II S t I I i 12 n 3 iii rlhlc I Cochran 101 12 11101 I III H itt 20 Ii rta lilt Ixilhurln J Jones UI 4 101 I It i i A f L7 inland Hlificln lIES in i it 02 a a In 1 I j mTi IMilaur Hum limO I Ill II t4 7 9 tie i I I 9 1iill Klnn Mllen HIJ a 1 t I f 104 A tfllk 1 Sit i lot WsrfleM Crnnthwalt ml I 18 12 12 II 11 inn e a 101 J Fire laier l > ne ills 7 71 7t N 12 12 10 2 1 I Turn 1 1 > vlonoluL I L I IS 18 H ILO 31 o 23 Do ItegzKe itchy belt StilM doe not run In hlo form on the grit e ollo i rIta hi beet on time eras = = = C = SHEEPSHEAD ENTRIES FOR TOMORROW fliinKP nrAp nvv HACD TRACK t I Jnn 20 Tie ei ulcn I r in irurriw raced am ns follow Plltbl R VCK Handicap six and one I half furlongs on main Irk I IS3 Ilellnl I 42 Mllncold laM I MT a if the vujolin K hiT lllorM 7 Illiulolph 101 IM Mltzon 121 Ml Kiihlnnor ll dlilraiiil Omra IIS tai 101 IIII Ill HorlMinnlon 114 2s Monle Curio UK1 17n > ttlltar II UUCnM Silrn I s7HAe 1011 liMAihlnni 12 lljjoiunl InS I7riilijrlu tin Couulo Ixird or Ibe ValeMiir n Utlmcnt CI i i lSeroimi NecHvutl ltnce Vllllet on < mile SVilHd IMC 111 2H fiouoraa na 122 lux Cut lll llele DA MI llonltKii ion 55 lirldlepath ItS na IrUll Wilt hlnl IMI PixMnKlon I 18 ILl stainplne 141 lteane is tlruiinu Ill Ocean Tidn IN W7 WIM Thinieir1 177 Rnl nol HIS ietI I iirmimata nil 335 Dlninl ini an i lialtah 1 IInll IU lima lli cMill Iechae lull count nIII in al Kox IMI Knlnilimtx ua 1 Hunter lie 2n iiiireiiu in i ansi inuKii Ir1 t1 lJialor IC3 11 Culler iso BIGAMIST SENTENCED UIOIIMOSI SiJunn J9 Charles J ItUler ii ice known ui Mlllor who on Juno It pleadid irullly to an Indictment foi blKimy was sentenced todnj hs Count Judjre Sltiphen O Stephens to not loss than one year or moore than tlircu years at hard labor In Sine Shag Prison PflMcr married Mars M ITn Und In Newark on Juno U IWj A few months later ho married Jessie WurdeH ot Mount Vernon and In ill 110 19I ibo wvddcxl Wllhelmlna Uehl r of Port Richmond o r Wife O 8 who discovered that the tnt man had two other wives and who made the complaint against him nas thp only one nt the trIo of vlcjJms In court when Ifl tfr was sentenced site ihw rd tin nntenre pronounced without homing emotion of any kind i j 1 < < t t 1 < 2M > llliuk 201 Orace Dealh ISO Away Ho a Iuurlh furlong liarsThe Spln1rlf on mile and mia Hlxhbnll 12H 292 Ostrich ni 1 mrlbI Heflo T Wr 24S Hhlo Ig 101 staliart m JilJuS5nt ins sea UlmnbT 103 2 857 lqulr 02 871 W n 10115 8 7 fa 11 ThIN tSiI 1Ither Rokt11 91 m M rJar11 lii ont Coull rv fnlwn RIII ilnberer Thom ont1llh Rare Mrtlileni 1llh luoearnM ani I half fUrlong ot IMiurltN Course ti > e 217 llulwark 111 1711 lcrr > 3i us ACyIII in 3jO iimiaj IG llurui bal 1 iS Oordn Sin p > lcrtowI Jim Iipflttip118 n IU XTII nurlrr 1U TCI Men 10111 37rt Dandollor I IS ICing rji I onIlInn 11 Ilnl Colt 1IS 17M1 Mot Shot 111 112 lnlalll J5 37nt Torchello 112 HVS n la Mlcnnra 12 Sixth Ilace For moJtar Bid sellIng fit nail a halt furlong on turf uln tl U2 incense Oi IK I Inxader nn Tramutoi IIM 1 140 i 10 Trmo I CWI Oelranli HIT Ill TariHiii U2 ifS Uelro n7 17n Prliuem Krln wi frank Tvier 1 311 Cnnfesiwr 10 3021 It Ii onlolr IC ljttl Hufc P 114 1 52 I1et Itatnanlio 111Uutrp If Ip1 11 RlnZ IM St Am Di tH tlk 17 3H noru I 137H VIrgo 1 I W n II STRANGLED WOMAN IN RIVER SI PAIL Minn June 2kith I silk tic Mot4rd tlchtlv iibout the neck Hlrl Ilh I Irck the hoI of u mjirblilJreisfd noiiuin onuI who liul INn siruncled to dcath has been foun lloatlnR in the MIsMsnlitpl HHoi neiii h 11 liilor II h > i was Idcnttntd n tbul or 1Jtli J rholt ilBhtifin vrtrs Hid or Mliincapolls t8 s Teachout hn homo bnturdnv to uttcnd acbonl and hud not Klncc been wen Her purse I lrr purnnol and hat were found the PUr nli foulll on river bank ivcar the Tenth avenue bridge The po llCf nr convinced that aho wan mur tiered but thfiv have no olue nn to tin murderer Tin girl WIIR said to have ben invoiced In n Oomeallo tniKwIv suicide tills time ago which Irllt U < X 7 t 1 MORE ARRESTS IN SLOCUM CASE Continued from First Page stated that he had not been a director Steamship Com of the Knickerbocker Blemlhlp pans since February last and consequently could not be held responsible for any of Its acts subsequent to that time lie wet so far as to say that he had disposed of all the stock he held In the concern at the time he left the directorate This statement was I great surprise to Coroner Berry who Immediately after reading I ban to dig Into the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company In February lat and he ray he discovered a r nord remarkaMy at variance with Corblns statement to the newspaperman The minutes of February show said Coroner Berry that Floyd S Corbin was not only Interested In the Knick erbocker Steamboat Company n t that I time and that he did not sover his connection with It but on the third day elected director of that month was llt I The minutes also show that Floyd 9 heavy stockholder and Corbln was a heaV stbolder Corin there Is no record of his disposing of his stock Orahd will convene The Federal Jury wl In the tomorrow morning a 10 oclock PostOfflce Building United States I DistrictAttorney Burnett and Assistant Henry A Wise will present the evl dfico bearing on the terrible calamity adduced by Coroners Berry and OGor man at the Inquest which ended yesterday afternoon I Gsn Burnett promised In the beginning that when tlfe proper time should arrive the United States officials would not be luttgaid In their deity and his attitude today Indicates that he Is not going to lose any time Iolng lma When the United States Grand Jury meets tomorrow said Gen Burnett toda > I shall present to I all of the cxldence taken at the Coroners Inquest I Into the Slocum disaster that 1 think his a bearing on the case I have summoned witnesses to testify and the jury In Its own Judgment may summon other witnesses and ask for more evidence Of course I cannot say who the witnesses are nor can I discuss the evidence that will be presented but aumee It t saY that the evidence In my opinion will be sufficient for all purposes Can you say Oennral how many ofllcers of the Federal Government or how many employees governed In their professions only by Federal law maybe liable to Indictment under the circumstances No anIe shall Instruct the jury as to the laws governing United Stare employees ant others who come under Federal jurisdiction and then If this Feera Jurlrlcton of thorn or all o them have fallfd In their duties It must say so I It does It I duty and think there can be no doubt on that score I SMOKE AND GAS STIFLE A SCORE I Continued from First Page I second alnmn and took personal charge lie ordered that the men should keep In touch with each other nnd signal to the street If anybody dropped Capt ONeill of Engine No 3 the favorite company of the Chief went Into the I building wit his men and staggered out again after a few minutes He reported that It would be pure deAth forth lire fighters to penetrate far and renewed efforts were made to drown the blaze eJlfn WnrlMtd In Helny Tho men at the hose were worked In rtluy A detail of ten men would clamber down Into the ellur with the hon tn remain until they felt themselves becoming unable to staid They wet Instructed to signal by jerkIng the hose and upon such a signal the flremin on the sidewalk would pull up tlu Tine Perhaps half of those who went Into the cellar would come up clIiiKlig lu the hose It was necessary for firemen to climb lowu after the others Nu man would consent to leave the fight against the lire unions he was absolutely helpless and some of those who welt tnkin to Ucopltiils trltd to escape when they recovered their senses and found that they had been removed from the sphere of activity ro hours after the lire was dlscov vied It was believed that the blue was under control Tim smoke decreased in volume und preparations were made to send fresh mn into the building to make the litory permanent Then It wns discovered that nil tin gas connections In the cellar had either born mel ed or broken by explosions The atmosphere own more deadly than It lisrl been before llnHnllou llilrf Meruiinie Battalion Chief Oucrln who had been working at tho head n his m nror more than two hours without a rest of 1 ml mile was knocked out bv the com bination o vmokp and gas Vhim lie fell he 1 lor in the building from the Menir firm iml and FIIt two of tlm men who helped carry him out were overcome on the wmmy Putilck Alc Kfpver who fell close to the Chief re nmlnnt umllscovrted Cot a tlinu and when ho was taken out the ambulance I sturgeons thought he HUH dead The chances are against his recovery but through his grand ph > 1qtie may pull him JiUou Abbott of ICnglne Xo 1 gull iiie n Mi emu through the smoka md IIi 1 upward watt stiucl by a puce of gloss on < the forehead Ills right yye wile almost out out Many othrr Urn men sustained Injuries of a similar nature but told nothing about It mill the Ore wan over The member of Rnglne Company No > reached the xenx of the See on foot Their engine lost I wheel At Broadway ind enlne trtlnd tho tender clnshM Into 1 throwIng the whole ciew o thr Ireee None was injured uHhpush t some were overcome afterward In tho I smoke ftOke The time and the locality sened to gather an enormous crowd Revrves from 1 the downtown statlons formed the fro lines whloh extended for blocks lu every direction Not until after threw i hours of unremitting henrtbroaklng work VMS the fire pronounced under absolute control Smoke pouring out of the basement > > f the buildings at Nos 48 and 4 Broadway gave the first warning of the fire This Is a rivestory building adjoining 1 tenstory office structure a the southwest corner of Broadway and Hroome street tinny Plriuii In Uolldlnu The building Nos i8 and t runs back to Nos 66 and 5 Mercer street Thf basement subbasement and first Irftt floor of No A are occupied by Rice Hochster Co wholesale dealers In tortoise shell and celluloid goods Their factory In Grand street near Mulberry was destroyed by fire two welts ago Wnll Haskjll Co manufacturers of shirts and shirt waists have the sub basement basement and first floor of tho luilldlnir at No 4S3 and other floors In the structure are occupied by the laa workrooms of this firm and of WIIIHm Meyer cc Co dealers In and manufac turers of laces and embroideries There were about 100 women and 0 men employed In tho building When the alarm wo given nil made a rush toe tap < by the front stalrwajs Into Broadivcy but the srnokc was so thick that they were unable to Jcicend the nlnInn Fortunately there nre ftnh Was on the Merce street aide of the building and tin employee were ihlr tr get out In that direction Ten of the girls falitcd In the excitement All two grll carried out bv Policeman flrtim of th Droadway Squad the stock carried bv Rice HocisCr Owlnir to the Inflammable nnture of Co three alarms were turn In Tle flames Hit Into the lacks 0 < ixllunld and tortolfft iholl creating a black Htininir smoke that nui Illtn r foe ull over the wholesale section What Is Catarrh Hyomei Only Guaranteed Cure for This Common and Disagreeable Coro agreeable Disease Hyomei euros catarrh by tho alm pIe method of bn > athngtlt Into the air passages and InnS It kllU the Kfrms ot catarrhal poison heals and soothes thn Irritated mucous mene I brnno and effectually drives this disease from the system Ujomol will destroy activity of all catarrhal germsn the respiratory organs and in afew We ktthe euro will bo complete This la a stronc Htittftmpnt but Hcgoman k Co 200 Broadway om phnBlres It by agreeing io refund ijour money if Hjome 1 does uofijure j < > 1 i i > ii J fi GOLD MEAL FOR fH SLOCUM HEROINE I I Coroners Jury Moved by Bravery of Marie McCann Irish Immigrant Girl Who SwamI I Out and Saved Six Lives I SHE SAYS GOOD THING I HADSCARLET FEVER I RosyCheeked Lass Was a Convalescent on North Brother I Island When She Performed I i Her Thrilling Feat I I In this picture of fainthearted men and thoin who to eliminate banner ac cuaatlons are said to have lost their heads when the flames of the General I Plocum were ceitro > ln and driving to destruction more than a thousand live I stand one heroic figure I Is that of I Marie McCnnn the scarletfever con I I M le cent on North Brother Inland who swam out to the wreck and rnscucil six I people from drowning I In rl og iltlon of her heroism the members of the Coroners Jury who heard her simple story on the nltneM I I stand last Tuesday are uh orlblne to a purse fa her and also to give her a I gold medal as a more lasting testimonial to her rare bravery Mary McCann I a pretty ross cheeked Irish Immigrant who shortly after she landed on these shores List Iy was stricken by scarlet fever Sue came over to the new country to go Into service She U without clone friends or relatives on this side of the water and has only her81 and her ow good sense to depend upon When she became 111 there wu no one to tae care or her but the city and she went to North Brother Island I was a good thing that I had the fever wasnt I she said to a newspaper man after her testimony at the inquest That was the way she looked at It To her It was Providence THREE NEW ROUNDSMEN Commissioner MCAdoo today announced the appolntent of the following patrolmen to roundsmen Thomas F McCormack John J Geban and Joseph J Harrington The two former have been attached to the Central Of floe and the latter to the Humboldt avenue station Brooklyn The three stood one two and three respectively on the eligible list They stations have not yt been assigned to new A LETTER TO OUR READERS 63 Cottage St Melrose Mast Jan 1 1904 Dear Sir Ever since I WM in the army I had more or less Kidney trouble and within tho past year it became so severe and complicated that I suffered everything and was much alarmedmy strength and power W fast leaving me I SWan advertisement of SwampRoot and wrote asking for advice aking I began the use ot the medicine and noted a decided Improvement after taking SwampRoot only I short tlmo tml I continued Us use and am thankful to say that I am entirely cured and strong In order to be very sure about this I had I doctor examine eoms of my water today and he pronounced I all right and in splendid condition I know that your SwampRoot is purely vegetable and does not contain any harmful drugs Thanking you for my complete recovery and recommending SwampRoot to all sufferers I am very truly yours I C RICHARDSON You may have a sample bottle of this wonderful remedy Dr ICIlraprs SwampRoot sent absolutely free by mall also a book telling all about SwampRoot If you are already I convinced that SwampRoot Is what you need you can purchase the regular ffty ont and onedollar size bottles at the drug stores everywhere Dont make any mistake but remember the name SwampRoot Dr Kilmers SwampRoot and the address Binghamton N Y on every bottle August Prices OnAll HotWeather Apparel Clothing las Shoes for Men Women and Children Every Article Guaranteed Perfect and Stylish 4 4 14th St Bt Mh Ave 19 ast iiiui I1and hroadwsy HITAXi TAmnKS an be bett dji papri medlcta fer made bt deed lafttioffloyrr mUliontof them Uooetipttlon base bitS ole W 11 Inirn sick headache mnlnHf bad breath for throat and seamy lUncai sTiller from a dltordered tontacU eye rtfteed 01 outed by lupani lab r las will gearaUysi relief 1blt111 milul lbs axe mat puIIOh for an onUaarj otorlon All draggotte sea taem u u DENTISTRY P SIT V PAINLESS Teeth flllM anil t3SO crowntd lrh out o abaolutelr i > aln IMS melhoel I L Iteth xuacltl L rYcXJJJ In the inoinhiu rYcXJJJthe Initrifd In the aenlnr Perfect I fit guarsnteed u tit fi l tnled ylil1 sIls OK OOID nninoK AVOOIC 5330 olrt mill rorcelnln iroTrnf3O Uol1 o Kl111 no t i jOV nl uunrnnlfr auth All S ark NEW PAINLESS DENTAL CO Pi FtirTOX Tjh KtTN Over Cnipman flrTO M toOI S Sundaji oto i t tAG t Dii f I t p h > 1 f rq 1 r i j f i J I t I 5 I f I Ii jaj 4 C 0 C Digestion isnt a mere chemical proccos alone L The walls of the atom etch move against one another and grind or U churn the food C FORCE is already half digested and well milled I gives these overtried twentiethcen tury stomachs of ours A fair show showk r r There Is a certain crisp mupetizln delicious taste to he flakes of FORCE which create a lensalloa you long to repeat That delicious taste I a tore sIgn that you areeatinff something which Is going to do you good We Are Glad to see so many people satisfying themselves that any piece of furniture advertised as SPECIALS by other houses can be bought her 10 Per Cent Cheaper CheaperTis BeaT r r Brass Bed 2Inch postscurv front com plttt with woven wire ir spring mattress and plllowi t 2300 FURNITURE CARPETS ETC CARPIT On Your Own Terms of PYJfleflt MGR RTYS Established 1865 ri THIRD AVE Bet 123d and 124th Sts 11 tLLAI 3st 8U A trial will convince you that W L Douglas S390 shoes are tho Des In the worlds 0 v e r 1000000 NBW TOIIK CITY STORM m 1r way cor How lid 81 TB3 Broadway cor 8th St J3 I 9 liroadita > cor a h8tII 1419 llroadway cur 41lt 31 2202 3d Av cor 120th 81 074 Sd Av 12 East Hth 51 20 W et 12lh St S43 81h Au O hiau St 13 u 2314 61h Av cor 2d 8t win Htw BOlb 51 BROOKLYN VIII T70Sil Broda cur Thornlon 81 1367 1 way ocr OalH Av 421 ra 1 cr riltoi 5t Pearl 494 th Av Fulon eec lf Ilh J nlEY CITY w J Iqcewirk N2WARK 7 115 I CA N D SPEOIA WEDNESDAY Sun Ills Icebergs Ih JQo Chocolate Strnsrlterrr Jellies Ib 15o SPEOIAL FOR THURSDAY Tnttl Frt Cream 1 ion t Chocolnlt Hitter Sweet Ib 15o 12 Df54BAPCEAYSr COO tvtST OVtr t 29 cc in NS CHURCH Ask Your Barber to keep your shaving cup supplied with the old reliable creamy soothing tAut I IAFtAOS SHAVINGS WILLIAMS WilLAMS S 0 VAN Williams Shaving Stick and Tabled Cream Toilet Toilet Water Soap Talcum Powder end Jersey DIED CUI1E > BEHNAKD CUrIE June2 fl Funrl from late residence IUD Ams u terdam a > e June 3 9A JI I KKNEYQn June 2S WILLIAM ZEst NrY beloved husband of the lat < Marr Kennel Funeral from till late residence 121 W UOth it Friday July 1 at 1 30 AMi J thence to Church of St Charles Borrowed Ulit I near 7th itv whir Ca mau tot of hit requiem tout will be offend for the tepee I EXCURSIONS J OCEAN i I t QOINQ IllhIE STEAMER I Grand Kepublic UI est anh St 9 A 81 a M eat 2Srt at 10 00 AH ai llatlfry LOS 11140 A St m 1 Ine Kockftwav at 4 tf IV M ni > > rnii > ntir ti 011 AND OPENING FlotlnR Knot lan BurnUv nl lctnfJnf LAUNDRY WANTS FEMACS i i I hI raI tmale Pt prlnee ltinua1 te LUI4r W < > 1 p + 1 < K

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