The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1943 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1943
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«rtf,,tefm t>t couH wl ifl. %iftei»lJu?g, Oft' Ifear Socket Intimates ;.. -The. grand jury !« Low"Ites'SBthaitd .the petit IMit v ori" Fetoriiar? 2nd. past 'two sessions 6f 5*1 YH septeirhbe'r 4«d Novem- ullA petit Jufy* was excused, b«ng no cases for action. ! KENNETH DURANT KILLED IN SOLOMON hd grand jury to serve .for ths f'f6481s made life of. the follow- Vi , JicfcBeehken, Tltonka. Vfljike FreHihger, LlVermore. "V, 3, Fuller, Algona. ttioll Ferguson, Armstrong. ,9Mtdwlg, Oorwlth. •"* — Lakota.' tnd John Spongberg Prisoner Italian Government A / in'e«Martini,' WhlttemoVe. cfe iMteDonald," Ledyard, 1 ok^Ne'nttWets,' Bancroft,, Mlf 'Scn'uHiachef, Fenton. Lakota. • > for Term of the .petit jury id January term are c as Anderson, F. D. CochraAe "'Jenaeti, Swea City; Am 'Ltllie Foth, Jess Grubb,| I8ftaie*«arrlSf4,r.,C. Reding, Clara. Jattkeyj Btirtoit Tfiorpe', 'Gus Tfotine inCBiwiihdmpson, '^eona.',^^ 3&edlefc Dttftkthy, Duffy and Esther * itfc'-Whlttefrtore; Johrt Brand, y Ha«!dt,"-iMaynard Krosh and Troff, iLedyard; Jay Budlong, fiarold* Johnson _ Titonka; John Sarlsbn,"Marie Kunz, Leo Lelghtz aria^&rence-'Tsrelson/Wesley^ H. John T. McGuire, Algona Fanner, Signs Up to Grow 40 Acres Hemp O s Hundertlm\rk, West Bend; Dorothy. Hanna and-H. J. P,r1cei< Lone *. Rock! J6e Kennedy. Armstrong; f *lra, Lulu, Llchty and Lena Traug- L, er JUuVernef Curtis Olson, Fenton; I George Schroeder and Thos. Trenary, BurtJ Wm.^-SIome, Elmo™, Local Rifle Club to Train Classes in the ft > .*** "- . w- j-ji -. - t ^Firearms ^',for membership la ,, 'Rifle and pistol club t begin AConday,. January llth, at 5*Bfaian't:' fchool' building at 8 Sclfc^/Anyone'*'eligible for mil- ^{ieryice-fIs 1 cordially invited to ojUSAhyone^havlng a gun- equip' »sllngs,and military type IB "Invited to, bring the-n I (falCtldiiA ' Lth Rifle and Pjstol club Algonar April 4. ited Wlh* the Na- ^local cjub* p'arti- era\ medals' were fmbers of ^ ..le club has four mem- armed forces, all of 5rts in marksmanship. It r) _ih,of the club to be of as mucJVBslstance as possible to the country. With that aim in mind the local club will start training classes for any one who wishes to avail himself of the knowledge of handling firearms. The local club has a corps of trained instructors who are qualified to teach the standard army course. Winter sight- Ing 'bars, Springfield rifles and .22 calibre rifles equipped with military type sights will be used so that the student may get the same training, he would get in the army. 'The Algona school iboaid has * generously offered the Bryant school gym which, has been the indoor range since the, club was organized and classes will be held at this location. ^ , Learn to shoot for your'-oountry. See or call W. R. Clawson, phone AS, for any further information you may desire along these lines. ALGONA LOSEStO EMMETSBURG; IN TOUGH CONTEST Local Quint Takes Drub- fcring 34-26 After Having Tied the Irish Here 26^26 December 8 Algona high quint drove to Tuesday night and took a beating from the Irish 3426, and this after having tied'the team here recently 26-26, It seemed to be just on* of those things-"-. " Jrlsh inaae basket* from %$ ^T'not outstandingly $MOhat 9f the locals. but;ov»e , Saturday .evening, his son, . ', is:?now a prisoner of the '* Italian\^government, location undisclosed: The message came from the adjutant'general's office at Washington. John Spongberg, 24, enlisted In the National Guard at Mason City, January ,21, 1841., In February, 1912, he was sent to North Ireland. Just whenr he was "sent to North Africa is not definitely known. He was home on furlough a year ago during the Christmas season, being Called back to. service on December 31st. Not because he thinks he will make..a-mint of money out of the project,-but because he is desirous of doing his bit toward a successful war effort, John T. McGuire, Algona farmer, has signed a contract with the government to plant 40 acres of hemp. It is the largest acreage yet signed up for by any one individual. And Henry Schepp- rriann, Irvington too, is doing his bit toward the successful signing tip of 4000 acres to make the government's hemp project -in this county go over. ,He has contacted and-is contacting farmers in his township to the extent that 100 acres have so far been secured. Sherman Makes Showing , Sherman township is making, a good showing 'in the effort for hemp acreage with nearly 100 acres turned in. The signing of contracts Is meeting with continued sUccess 1 as the commltteemen in, the various tonwships continue their efforts and It is believed that the 4,000 acres will be secured, January 15th, without too much trouble. . . , , " ' 29 Signers FHed_ .,. . According to Robt.'M, Loss, war board chairman, twenty-nine contracts have been filed in the local office up to Monday of-this week; He ; stated yesterday that he knew of several of the commltteemen who had signed up contracts which had not yet been delivered for filing. The twenty*nlne signers, however, covered a total of 406 acres, filed In the office. Mr. Loss also-said that those who had so far signed were showing a willingness to grow hemp because the need of It was so urgent, that it was one way in which the farmer could aid in promoting the war effort, that it was patriotic co-operation with the government. Landlords Friendly to Project Mr. Loss also said that he had found that the average landlord in the area was very friendly to the promotion of the hemp project. In fact there Is no real opposition to the growing of hemp, but some farmers fear to take it on because of help shortage. However, that is not so serious'a situation because the harvesting is usually done When other crops are not taking up all the time, and it will be up to the government to provide the material help needed, for cutting. Grundy county, by,Jth_e,way, is one of_ths fifteen 'whlch~haV signed lip" it? 4,000 acre quota and a hemp processing plant will be built there as soon as weather permits operations. , ..•••••• - . -.... McGuire Tops List 'Following is a list o fthe twenty- nine who have so far signed up, ;With the acreage quota of each. .When two names are given the second is the landlord: Algona— John T. McGuire, 4o acres. Harry F. Feller, 10 acres. Joe Busher, 10 acres. Harry Alt, 18 acres. Fred W. Schoby, 15 acres. Whittemore— Henry Muller arrd Hazel D. Lua- by, 10 acres. W. A. Lelninger, 10 acres. L. R. and Russell Walkei 1 , 10 acres. J. H. Farrell and Dr. McCreery, 10 acres. Chas. Kollasch, 10 acres, LUVerne— Geo. and Elmer Merkle, 23 acres Alvln L. Weber, 10" acres. Louis Merkle, 10 acres. Burt>— Arthur Riedel, 10 acres. Titonka— Clifford Ringsdorf 30 acres. Llvermore— John B. Reding, 19 acres. Bode— . C. R. Schoby, 15 acres. Corwith— .Henry .Weber 10 acres. Irvington—""" •>-•• ^ H, E. Platt, 25 acres, L. A. Johnson, 10 acres, Henry Scheppmamr, 10 acres. John Altman, 10 acres. Arthur Krause, 10 acres. Herman Becker, 10 acres. Chas. Egel, 10 acres. Edw. Mawdsley, 15 acres. M. L. Roney, 10 acres. Armor Lemkee, 10 acres. John F, Weber, 10 acres. Ostwinkle Takes Over Delinquent Tax Job C. H. Ostwinkle, Who has served as justice of the peace here the past two years, has been appointed delinquent tax collector by Treasurer C. W. Pearson and will take over the new job at once, pe served very efficiently :n this job six years prior to 1941. Justice Ost- winkles' record the past two years has bqeii' -a g&od one, his books, both*criminal and civil, havlng^been kept in exceptionally, t fine order. One>pf ,.j . complete of any justice records he had examined In the state. Local attorneys also speak highly of the conduct of the office under his ui- rection. KOSSUTH D.H.I. A. ADDS THREE HERDS TO MEMBERSHIP According to the December report of Frank L. Schrlber, tester for Kossuth No. 1 Dairy Herd Improvement Association, three new herds have been added to membership In the dairy group. They are the herds of Alfred H. Meyer and Edwin C, Grelriert, Whitte- morei and Lester Gf-ngerich, Algona. Thirty hprds are now being tested and their production registered monthly. Mrs. Schriber is assisting in the extensive Job. 309 Cows In Milk The report sets put that 399 cows are In mMk, and that 78 are dry, out of a total of 477. The average production per cow for.the month was 690 pounds, with 29,7 butterfat High 308-day lactation records were made by one cow In the W. H. Bos» worth herd, Algona, with 9,806 Ibs, milk and 446.6 Ibs. butterfat, and one cow In the Wm. J. Mayer herd with H.4S5 Ibs. milk and 420.9 Ibs. butterfat, FUEL OIL BURNERS MAY LOSE FUEL OIL RATIONS; CONVERT According to a telegram repelv- ed by the. local rationing board 'those now burning oil must convert' to other fuel or they may lose their fuel oil rations entirely. We print the telegram, in full because it is self-explanatory: , y "In view of increasingly serious fuel oil supply situation it is Imperative that buildings other than private' dwellings be compelled to convert or lose their fuel oil rations, Ojrly most conclusive proof that property is not convertible will be acceptable. Boards should terminate heating rations for such buildings unless (1) Written proof is . presented that arrangements have been made for conversion by a definite date within current heating season or (2) applicant has proved conclusively that conversion is impossible. All 1101 applications except cold water flats regardess of size of ration or whether or not converted to coal must be tested for convertibility. It is responsibility of the board to see that copversiore Is made at earliest possible date and that final ration allotment is only up to this date. Boards should fix time limits of conversion Jo- accomplish savings in oil burned next two months when it Is needed most. Instruct each local board in your area at once to apply this policy vlgprously even if it meajrs heatless, buildings." Kossuth Marine Wounded In Action In Pacific Red Cross to Name Chapter Executive Committee Jan. 12th Mrs. P." P.. Zerfass, Red Cross chairman for Kossuth county anc sucessor • to Mrs. Mary Woodward of :Whittemore, is calling a Kossuth County Chapter Red Cross meeting to be held Tuesday afternoon, January 12, at the library at two o'clock. The meeting' Is fot the purpose of electing a chapter executive'committee. " ^^ of the gas rationing, kt' as "Siany 'menV bers as possible will attend. The public is asked not to confuse the Chapter Executive Committee with the existing Algona branch committee. KENNETH DURANT Algona Business Reaches Nearly Thirty Years Mailc of Activity of the Upper Smith, R9W of Pea the ««b Recreatlpn, Mr. Smith stayed wJtfaln the 'by|h^esa but few months anci-it >«,*! by Q, B, Barry, Tfee gori of gift lattw.i Wi* A- —" '--" Washington, Jan. 5 / James M. Elmore , '. ^ RoUte 2,' Algona '. ; ji (Deeply regret to inform -you,!/ your son, Private James ; EJ»' ; niore, Was seriously wounded In ' action in Southwest Paclflc Area December 19. Reports will be forwarded when received. Ulio, Adj. General. That was the message received here Tuesday afternoon by Mr. and Mrs; J. Mi Elmore, living seven nilles northwest of here. No further word from Washington has been received. James Elmore was inducted.from Algona January 3, 1941. He was sent to Camp Roberts for [basic training. The latter part of * April he was sent to San Francisco and after a few days there his contingent was shipped to Australia. According to a letter received hy his parents November 8th he was sent to the New Guinea area some time in August. He Js serving in the infantry, a first class machine gunner and it is assumed he has seen much action judging from reports of Jap engaments In that area the past month. James, prior to his induction, farmed for two years on the Pefe Burt farm In Union township, and for several years followed commercial trucking. Because of the shortness of his training period he was unable to get home on furlough' before being sent to Australia, 1 hence had no opportunity-to visit his parents since hjs induotJon, He wrote often that he liked conditions In Australia, He has a grand*, father. L. A, I^urltson, living In Algona. COUNTY OFFICES OPEN NOON HOUR, at in the mrt tony* wHJ if* NEW COURT CLERK AND RECORDER IN COUNTY OFFICE Beginning with ±he new year Mrs. H. -B. White'took office as clerk of courts and Mrs. Clara Walker took over the routine in the recorder's office. Mrs. Carl Pearson will remain in the clerk's office as deputy and in the recorder's office Stella Mae Breen will be the new deputy. Mrs. E, C. Dickinson, former recorder, is helping the new officer become familiar with the office and work. H. W. Miller takes over as the county attorney, succeeding L. A, Winkel. In the supervisors' office Wm. Schram of Titonka, succeeds W. S. Co'sgrove, Wesley, John Fraser, Riverdale township, was reelected chairman of the board. With the exception of Schram the personnel of the board remains tha same as last year, ACADEMY TAKES BURT TUESDAY TO TUNE OF 28-21 Local Maintain fine Lead Throughout the Game; -EeZellar High with 12 Counters Coach Hedlund's Academy quint took Burt on the home floor Tuesday night to the tune of 28-21. At no time were the locals in any tfartipular danger and the boys .maintained a good lead throughout starting with 6 to 4 in the first quarter. The much-touted Carter, of -Burt, failed to get hot m *he i-game, in fact he was called on four ;iojQls.^ari4 ? BUrt 'just po«ldn',t pass which was a good one from start -o finish when he bagged 12 counters. The summary: Academy Fg Ft Pf McEnroe, f .3 0 DeZellar, f .52 Mahoney, c 31 Reynolds, g -.00 Kajewski, g 0 3 Valentine 0 0 Winter ...4. 0 0 Farm Transportation Committee to Help Farm Truck Operators The Kossuth County Farm Transportation Committee will be .at Swea City, Monday, January,. 11; Lakota, Tuesday, January 12; Bancroft, Wednesday, January 13;: to assist operators of farm trucks fill Out the necessary forms for appeals, corrections and supplemental allotment of m'leage and motor fuel on: the certificate of war necessity. Algona Boy Graduates From Navy Hospital Dannie Leonard Olson, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Olson, 404% S. Harlan street, Algona, was graduated December 23 from the Hospital Corps school at the U. S. Naval Hospital at Great Lakes. Qispn, one of-,a class of 495 men, SON MR, AND MRS. SOL DyRANT, MARINE IN PACinC Word from Na,vy bepartr- ment Received H^re on Monday; Last Letter Home Written''defc 26 A telegram from 1 the h'kv^ : d4» „ partmenti at Arlington,. W r Vft* Monday night not-fled Mr. and Mrs. Sol Durant that their >aoto, Kenneth, pharmacist's mate third, class. serving with the marines , in tlla Solomon Islands, had >been killea in action and the line 'of duty. No details were contained !n the message, nor Was the location of .the engagement specified. The inessagtt stated that if the b6dy Was .recovered the parents would be notiflpa immediately. Therefore ,it must OB a matter, of conjecture as 1 tp whether the boy n>et death in action on land with the m"a«in$s in the Guadalcanal regional} .whether ft o_c/. curred in action onjshfpJboarVT. .. ;» In Service Three Years^ -* Kenneth Durant was a graduate) of the class of 1939, Algona high. Three years ago he enlisted in tha navy and served in several different stations in this country. About a year and a half ago he was trans. ferred to the,marines and took 4 course as pharmacists' mate, last August h!a ship was one of the group sent to the Solomon Isles region-. The last letter^ received by his parents was written October 26th at which time he was located in or near Guadalcanal. BMth Algoni' Casualty Kenneth. Durant is the fifth Algona boy to make', the supreme sacrifice for his country. Bill Turner, Bob Sellstroni,'Thos. Wagner, Howard Me'dln.aAd^Kenneth Dnr- ant, all of them at'-fliie time students anfl graduates df-the/local-hlgh school, five ypu'ng m&tof Kossath's; • best <;' " - < u'" ' Kenneth is survived by hts par-i- ents, three brothers and one ip+ ter, the latter, married an.4 u<w living in California. £ minates a six-weeks course of preliminary training school at the" cprps Kossuth Ministerial Group Met Here The first monthly meeting of the year of the Kossuth Ministerial Association was held in the city lib" rary here Monday. The president, Rev. Earl Jackman Burt, was in charge. Rev. Eugene Nelson, Algona, was selected to fill vacancy as vice president to succeed' Rev, Lipscomb who recently accepted a charge at demons, Iowa, Tlie ex? ecuUve committee presented a program for future meetings as follows: February—Book report on "The Funeral" by OBIaekwood, with Rev. Paul Figge, Biwt, in charge, March—"Daily Vacation BiWe School," 1n chajge of Rev. Q, Q Rtehardson. April—Book review, 'Warftysr". by Butterlok. with Rev. Ml M. Sohaper, Good Hope, as leader. M»y-rAn anti-saloon league speftker will be^pn the program. unfr^AnnMaJ picnic at Call park. Devotion* w«r« Ie4 W lev. N. A W™. Kels^WM ««i«cte4 tp u CQi)4Hi!| 22 6 13 Burt— Fscher, f 1 0 2 Weske, f - .2 1 3 Smith, c 0 1 2 .mers, g , —.3 0 2 Carter, g N ..3 0 4 Officer .0 1J 2 18 3 15 Holdeis of 'C' Ration Books to Be Put On the Spot By OP A FINAL RITES FOR JOHN FRANKL HELD 30TH Widely known i|pck buyer, farmer and- popujar ctt^en, John Frankl, living' just east of the c4ty, WAS tH»rie4 in Cal- v$ry cem«tery lajt Wednesday morning, following a two weeks' illness, from a. J*ea.rt ailment. Death came the previous day evening. Services were held ftem MeOMeto't v. Fitter H*IMww* nay- aad ROT, V, J.. Pav- Workers Needed The surgical dressing room will be open alernoons Monday Jhrougg Friday each week and one night a week on Wednesday. Workers are badly needed. Anyone who can give her time to help make ,the dressings will be very welcome. Whittemore Farm Sold For $110 Per Acre i* »V^t ^.l^,*?f^\ ^&&»E^£*ii3bafei*i£-d •"^r |p T~j><vrn5,7r 1 T**, C J TV* T r entatlve for the Editable/ the sale of the 182 acre, er fawn in Kossuth county to tian Jensen of Algona. TWa'aala^ i was negotiated through A. M.''Petersen, real estate broker tit TUpn- ka. Reported sale price was;ttpi- proximatply $110.00 per acre. , This farm is located 6ne nilte, east of Whittemore, and is how operated by August Elbert. &&,* Jensen will assume possession-afl of March 1, 1943. Holders of gasoline rationing "C" coupons are about to be put ore th^ spot by the OPA according to word received by the local rationing board. It seems that complaints are being entered regarding the users of "C" books taking advantage of their "C" rationing to do much unnecessary and pleasure driving. For that reason the OPA has asked rationing boards to puo- Hsh their list of "C" applications by which methods reports of offenders may be. made to the board. The "C" book holders in Kossuth county follow: Lpne Rock— J. F. Quinn, supervisor; Fred E. Genrich, mail carrier! Milton M. Schaper, minister. "lijtonka— Garret D. Welhousen, AAA; R..C. Ball, veterinarian; Pierre Sartor, physlcan; Ernest J. Gallup, physician; W. F. Hamstreet, physician: Frank Snuttjer. minister; Jerry J. Schutjer service farm machinery; Lewis C. Heifner, mail carrier. Wesley — Edward M. Paulson, SQ- clal welfare; H. J, Sherman, farm. er and corn inspector; Clothilda Hutchison, old age assistance; D. W. Aldrlch, mail carrier; W. & Q09grove, supervisor; Donald A. undertaker; Vee MxUlln, , carrier ;''R. JC Richardson^ physician; H, H. Raney, Ian, 1 'Julius P. Stu4er, farmer; Jo* Rigga, minister. , • ' Algona—M, a. Bourne, phplclan; E, if. Nelson, minister; Clark f Co., service; C L. Torrence, block manager; E. V. Pierce, game warden; W. G. McCullough,' under-. taker; City of Algona. po^ce; Lloyd R. Robinson, farm manger; L. E. Stephens, mail carrier;) 'Wm-^J, Preston, star mall route;.Harlan J. Frankl, stock buyer-farmer; O^at Funnemark, AAA committeeman. Bancroft—Wm. A. Murray 1 , farm manager; R, E. -Webei 1 , ( vet^rinar- ian; Thomas E. Garry, mall carrier; A. H. Deitering, mail car* rier; Thomas J. .physician; . Otto Baranthine, police; Viggo Christensen, contractor; J. M, Kol- lasoh, farmer; Ambrose W, nedy, banker-farm supervfisor. Bode— Mike Bormann, ' farmer; Mrs. OH T. McGwire, farmer; ioula E. Wittenberg, minister, Burt-^John.G, Clgpsacl ician; I* H. SohencK, mau,«arrifr; Guy C. Giddlngs, mall ' 'carrier; Bahne K. Babiuon, physician; Ron ald H. Ortman, nus I, Uchter, . vin Raamusseri, farm,' iFenton— J. T. Waite, isp; Janjiea A» Mueller, Carl V«W-» TT. **««*•"«j *w»t« Y» E. Straley, mail carrier; Inarian? W, C, Bunkofske, W.'B- St, Os4r, extension p wa .,-con,a6t8

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