The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1942
Page 8
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PRESBYTERIANS TO HOLD PAGEANT CHRISTMAS EVE Over one hundred children and «dults will participate in a Christmas pageant at the Presbyterian church .Christmas eve, Dec. 24 at seven o'cldck. The cast includes the Beginners; Primary and Junior departments of the Sunday School and the Junior and Senior choirs and adults of the Church. The pageant is entitled "The B.'.rthday of a King" and it was written and arranged by the Rev. C. C. Richardson, pastor of the church with the theme taken directly from the scriptures. The cast is as follows: Trumpeters, Walter Kempley and Ted Herbs t; Narrators, Patricia Pollard, Donna Dean; Prophet Isaiah, Dick Woodward; Angels, Luella Graham, Donna-Jean Mitchell, Shirley Bowman; Shepherds, Bob Butts, Dick Barker and Sob Ban-wart; W'semen, Calvin Wad- lelgh, Joseph Skow and Fred Geigel; Joseoh, Malcolm Lund; Mary, Valeria Butts; Little Child. Claudin Pollard. The program is in six parts consisting the Prelude, The Prophecy. The Annunciat'on, Shepherds in Fields, Journey of the Wise- men and the Holy Family. The pageant committee consists of Fidelia.Skow and C. C. Richard- aon. The costume committee is Mrs. D. G. Clopton, WMma Rurrge and the properties are in charge of RUth Turner. The lighting is in charge of Herbert Furst and p. G. Cloptori. A Christmas ottering *rill be taken and treats will be; distributed to the smaller chMdren. First Lutheran to Hold Midnight Service Christmas Eve The First Lutheran church will hold special Christmas Eve Services at their church''beginning at eleven o'clock December 24. They w'll be over a little after twelve. There will be a festive processional with the church appropriately decorated. There will be special music consisting of solos and clior- al numbers. The Rev. E. K. Nelson will read the ancient Christmns gospel which is ever-new. The late evening services are H little out of the ordinary to A1-. gonians and special effort is being made to have them Impressive. Everyone is invited to attend whether member or non-member. Sewing Boom Open The Legion Hall will be open only on Tuesday aternoon for sewing and knitting. Those wishing sew- •nqr and knitting to take home over Chrsitmas should get It'today (Tuesday). The sewtng room will not be open again until the following Tuesday afternoon. Read The Want Ads--It Pays. Livestock Auction Thursday, Dec. 24 GARNER, IOWA Sale starts at 1:00 o'clock sharp 600 Cattle 600 Advance listing of this week's good selection as follows: 150 good Colorado Aii£iu< st<-«r and heifer calves, wt. 300-375 lint. 75 grod Montana Hereford stwr and heifer calves, wt. 400-450 Ibs. 25 good Montana Hereford steers, wt. 850 UK*. 25 good Montana Hereford «it«rs (fleshy) wt 1000 Ibs. 300 Native Shorthorn and white face steers and heifere, all breeds and weights. Both of these cattle are of good da- ing kind suitable for anyone's feed lot. 200 Hogs 200 fo<- od run of native feeder pigs, bred sows and breeding boarn. Ail weights and breeds. Mr. Farmer and Live Stock Dealer Make this dependable weekly auction your market for buying or selling any class of live stock. Garner Sales Co. GARNER, IOWA NAVY CLARIFIES ENLISTMENT FOR COMMISSIONS To clarify procedure for Iowa men believing themselves qualified for commissions in the navy, and for Iowa women Who desire to jo'-n e'ther the WAVES. SPARS or tile ,Navy Nurse Corps, Lieut. P. J. McNurlen, officer In charge of Naval Officer Procurement for Iowa .issues the following information: 1—.The Naval Officer Procurement office for Iowa is located on the second floor, Old'Postoffiee Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. 2—.All applications from this state should be processed through this office. 3—Applicants for commissions should write to, or 'nquire at this office. Those 21 to 29, college graduates, with at least a year of 'business or professional work, may qualify. Two months training w'll follow the receipt of commissions. Other men, 30 to 38, college graduates preferred (although two years of college may suffice in some cases) may also be acceptable. Men are needed as chaplains, electrical, ra- d'o and civil engineers, etc. Men under 50 who meet the basic requirements of physical condition, plus a gold background of education and practical experience, are specially needed in certain fields. 4—Women seeking to enlist in" the WAVES or SPARS must be 20 to 36 with at least a high school education, or have two years high school with the equivalent of a h'gh school education in business training or experience. 5—Graduate nurses are eligible for the Navy Nurse Corps, 'f qualified in all respects, and are commissioned officers if accepted. Practical and experienced construction men. although they may not have a college degree, may still qualify as warrant officers, and should make application in the same manner. Zero is Lowest Drop During the Week According to the records of Harry Nolle, local weatherman, the. temperature reaching the lowesl mark was zero on Sunday. The high was 40, Inst Wednesday. The record: High Lo\v December 15 34 12 December 16 27 11 December 17 40 12 December 18 20 S December 19 12 December 20 14 0 December 21 29 10 New Oil and New Coal Fired Heating Stove* Are to be Rationed (According .to an order which be* came effective December 18th new oil and new coal-fired heating stoves are included In emergency rationing. .Notice of th:s has been received by the local rationing board. Only those who may buy a coal heating .stove :afe .where one is being substltucd .for an oil stove; where there is no other heating equipment; replactag old and worn- out heating eaulpment, or persons eligible for an auxiliary fuel oil ration of 350 gallons or more. To buy a new o.'1-fired heating stove must be toi replacement or worn- out or damaged dil heating equipment: for a house trailer; where there Is no cotfl or coal-iburnlng equipment available; where no member of the house is physically able to operate coal burning equlp- mentTor where there is no flue or ch.'mney or other provision for vent- ln-g. Irvington School Will Give Christmas Play The Irvingtp'ri school will present a one act plajr entitled "A Substitute for Santa Claus" to be given at the school December 23 beginning at eight o'clock. Mrs. <?. L. Olson, teacher of the school; -Will direct Following the program there wM' be a Christmas tree and coffee am doughnuts will be served. Follow, ing is the cast of characters: Santc Claus, Charles Colwell; Mrs. Santp Claus, Shirley Gronbach; Brownies Eugene Asa. Dick Becker, Dlcl' RMey, Howard Asa and Paul Gronbach; Fairies, Myrna OVerturf, Kathtyn Asa, Gerry Colwell, Bonny Gronbach and Shirley Hansen: radio announcer, Sam Schneider. There will also be a pageant en- trltcd, "Peace on Earth" by the school. W. D. Kucker returned Saturday from Marion, S. D., where he spent a week taking treatment. Preibyterian Senior and Junior Choirs Present Program , A special Christmas program wa g.',ven Sunday evening by the Senlo and Junior choirs of the Presbyter Ian church. A large attendahc was reported and listeners salt that the program was one of th best musical affairs over to' b hold in the church. ( •Mrs. <Fred Gelgel 's organist artc Mrs. Paul Llndholm is director o the choirs. The,Syncopation club junior Bel Canto organlzat!6n, un der the direction of Miss Barbarr Haggard ably assisted w'.th thre numbers. Soloists were Kathleei Ijorenz, C. C. Richardson and Agne Engell. - ; Special Interest was taken In th little folks of the junior choir whi wore white robes with broad collar and bow ties. They carried jtfli carol books and as they sang . red spotl'ght was thrown on them The church was decorated fdr Christmas and the entire program was given In candlelight. Elbert and Kajewski, Algona, Join Navy Two Algona boys, Archie J. Elbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe J Elbert, and Donald A. Kajewski son of Mr .and Mrs, Frank Ka- jeWski, joined up with the navy last week and are stationed at the Great Lakes for basic training. Three Licenses to Wed Three licenses to wed were issued during the past week by Clerk of Courts Mrs. Katherine McBvoy. They were Thomas Edward Gage and Vclma J. Brewer, both of Algona; Wlllard L. Mttchell and Elizabeth Betty Turner, both of Algona; and Forest Wayne Brown and Helen Irene Lemke, both of Algona. Mrs. Amos Angle returned Sun day from Mason City where she had spent a week visiting her sister, Mrs. Elmer Mayffleld. TWO MEN WANTED AT ONCE Manager of large, well known feed company must appoint two -non for good paying work ! >n the localities where this newspaper is circulated. Render service ami do sales work. Farm experience or any kind of sale." experience helpful. Must hnv car. Pleasant, permanent work. Send only name and address Personal interview arranged. Wr'-te Box'69, c-o /Kj\»Kir^ Classified Ads CLASSIFIED BATES , Minimum charge 25c for 13 ivords or less. When paid with order, 2C per word; when charged, 3o per word. N(9 ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale LAST MINUTE FLASH: To th MEN. We'll be open ton:ght ana Wednesday nights until 9:00 o'cloci if you want to buy HER gift. Beau tiful robes make an ideal gift. We have them at THE CHR1SCHIL LES STORE. 51 FOR SALE—150 tons alfalfa and Red Clover hay.—Ray McWhorter Burt. 51 s FOR SALE—Eight year old mare, O 'entle and good worker, wt. 1500. Shelnnd pony, also Deering 8 ft. grain binder, new canvas.—J. A, 3asche, Algona, 15F121. 51'» FOR SALE—Wild hay. Four stacks.—J. E. Thill, St. Benedict B0-2 f FOR SALE—One 2-bottom 14. inch Grand Detour tractor plow.—Mel•in Rieken, phone 26F14. 51* FOR SALE—Duroc Jersey boars. Sorrel and roan work horses. Eight years and under. Four miles east Irvingtonv—Henry ' Schnakenberg. 51* •LAST MINUTE FLASH: Big new shipment of linen 35c handkerchiefs just arrived at THE CHRISCHIL- LES STORE. Still some of those lovely 75c and 85c imported handmade kerchiefs !« stock. 51 FOR SALE—Team of horses or will trade for cattle.—Don Erickson, 2 miles south Lotts Creek, 1 mile east. 51* FOR SALE—Baled alfalfa hay.— James Coady, Burt, Iowa, phone 3 on 97. 50-51* FOR SALE—Black pure bred Poland China boars.—John Bockos, LuVerne. 47-51* Just received a shipment of permanent an,ti-freeze. Mixes with water and guaranteed. $2.65 per gal. First come, first served,— (Jreenberg Auto Supply. 51 FOR SALE—Purebred Hampshire boars by the grand champion of Kossuth county fair. A large group to choose from. New blood for old customers.—Joseph A. Skow, We&ley. 48-tf 'FOR SALE—If you can qualify under government restrictions, for a new Skelgas range, we have combination coal and gas ranges and straight Skelgas ranges. Also one used South Bend coal range, two used gasoline pressure ranges and one used electric range, color white. —Algona Skelgas Service. Phone 221 or 165, 51 FOR SALE—Used Coronado refrigerator in good shape. Call 545»LW, Algona. 61* (LAST MINUTE FLASH: You'll still find fairly complete assortments of wanted holiday items at THE CHRISOHILLES STORE. This Includes fine towels and towel-sets, all wool sweaters, blouses, fine slips, gowns, pajamas by Barbizon and a host of other gorgeous Christmas gift items. 61 'FOR SALE—Shorthorn and Hereford bull calves, 8 to 10 months old. -Joseph A. Skow. 51-1* BURN BBRWJNP BRIQUETiS or Warm Morning Coal. Know fuel satisfaction.—Raesly Lumber On. Phone 234. 38-tf ForBeat FOR RENT-^5 room modern house on W. Neb. street. Coal heat. Available at once.—(Dennis Pratt. 5J FOR RENT—Unfurnished apartment, three rooms with bath. Electric stove. Two blocks from the business district Water and automatic heat furnished.' Avafjaljle immediately. Call Gaylord P. Shumway, 780. 51 Lost-Found LOST—Five month old female dog. Color of police dog. Answers to haime Fannie. $3.00 reward. Phone 30F14, Algona. 51 ket price jpald i&r Hide* ted . —Joe Qreehberg, ," J,' #*W HY-BRitJ SEBJD^ S3fl and 2lMtfc Kttr.fW »,.»..— standing Hybrid, tliotilaflds, tit H.6* res oi our seed *er« (Rowing over nine counties' of north ,ftnd north central Iowa tbkf eluding' or out* yielding the b#rt Ift hybrids. Sold at farmer' prVe.-Mlller Hybrids LuVerne, Iowa. BO-2* <WJB AKffi .PAYING 100 for cottontails and 20c for jocks.-.AH- gona Prodddfi. el FOR iNSUftED general hauling call John Cuiiri. 'Phone 888'J. 60-61* PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—a.1! the new releases. Needless-albums. -KossutK RadloiA Electric, Algona Iowa. * GET YOUR typewriter ribbons at the Algona Upper Des Molnea 40-tr DESK BLOTTERS, assorted col ors. blue, d«rk green, pink, peach and red, for sale at the Up- pe"r Molnes .office. 16c each, 2 for 26c. 3*-tf STANDARD • DEPENDABLE NON RESTRICTED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. ALL FORMS AT LOWEST RATES—ALGONA INS. AGENCY. PHONE 55. 31-tf Exchange Dept, Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios - and Washers • Bjustrom's Furniture , 42-U Of 9 84»tf SEE Mfi FOR Real BsrtfUJJii U> ifMifc, Iowa, dralnag* surveying andMStS .Ml UIB.~t»nII J, KdnL bfttf, phttB* „ YOU NBffiD ft fUbbtt »imi> toi any ptirpdM, you can order thejn at Tho Algona Uppef Des Mom^ and up. Card of Thanks We wish to thank our friends, neighbors and relatives for,o; beautiful flowers and the many kindnesses extended to us at the tfftie of the death of our beloved son. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hetder* Scheldt and )^>u|N«f, 61* I/I POST Dray and /Transfer Storage , of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loss or y damage. BflUlpped to do all !• kirtdij ,of drying' and haul- •[ ' FILMS DEVELOPED and printed and satisfactory work guaranteed; Price 26c per film. Lusby & Glossl 24-tf AETNA FARM LOANS— Low rates. .No commission, appraisal, or title examination costs to the borrower. It !a worth looking into Call or write Hutchison & Hough. 43-51* ADDING MACHINE Rolls for lale at the Algona Upper Do* ifoines. Regular size. 15o each, 2 or 25c. Large size 20c each, 2 or 35c. 34-tf STRAYED— December 6—ycd steer, wt. 776 Ibs. White spot on forehead and tip of tail white.— M. T. McGuire, Bode. 50-tf Wanted Experienced marr.'cd man wants job on farm. Phone 995, Algoiui. Iowa. 51* WANTED—To rent farm on 50-50 shares 160 or 240 acres. This vici- mty.Box 92, Corwlth. 51* Miscellaneous HIDES AND FUR—Highest mar- We Have Popular CORDUROY and WOOL SLACKS •I •JPIHtlBi ChrischiUesi 4fter the most franUc efforta tg ge| these w»Uy < *ftrd'to- fln4" garments in time for C%r}«tmas, wo »re gl»d to fti'- TOttpce that we fasve » own- plefe) line of «U Wndij of wnajrt, warm, weU tailored, popUiAr priced draw slacks, These come in all sizes from 12 to V) (alw stout sizes 36 and 38 waist) in corduroy, ail wool flajmeLs and part wool flannel. Colors are navy, brown, wine, green and prices are only m&r WAWFPP ITEM OF TOE I •BUY YOUR sales books at the Algona Upper Des Moines, A sales Up with every purchase. IBc each Man Wanted Good Sunday Register route open, earn $35.00 a month extra for working on Sunday morning only. Needs car and good reference. Extra gas allowed for this work. Write or call W. J. PAYNE Phone 353 Algona, la. 50-51" Give a box of 3 pairs! Once thought of as a mundane (though always useful) gift— stockings are rated this year's most wanted gift! Our stock is ample in rayons of all weaves — and you'll find them beautifully sheer. Strutwear and Phoenix brands are featured. Also fine' lis- .es and silk and wool numbers. Our Hosiery ment is complete. Fine Sheer Rayons 1.00, 1.15 clifise AND WE HAVE A GOOD STOCK OF BEMBERG RAYONS 1 t . 'Months ago, we made fortunate purchases of fine high-grade Bomberg and rayon hose and offer them now as Christmas's most wanted gift Item. These rayon hose arc really, finer and more sheer than pure silk. Use the Tremendous Stocks and Resources of this Great Stove Chrischilles Store , r ''•••"', * -' ' * .;»• ' rew<teiitfl« biWjBess, beginning witti our Annfwmry ifi ttu^ to onr foresightedaesa and tremendous siocj; of we are able to assure late shoppers that they wttifitiU a« mis store> '.',''*, %^3K$3^^ a *^A%'T»* *"*«" * S' .Ife^sea&ii

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