The Evening World from New York, New York on June 15, 1904 · Page 14
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 14

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1904
Page 14
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1t7J r < 2 > Xo p yy fw jjj jiigja iryr fj ffi8 ll Ii A 1 L DNEi3DAY f LVENINO4 s THE < EVENING 8 JRLisJj HOME MAGAZINE c Sti > I 1 f f I f MJt Botu Published by the Press Publishing Company No 03 to Cl 1arU Row New York Entered at the Postetllca at New York as iJocondClass Mall Matter VOLUME 44 NO ipon9 I i TOMORROW THE SUBURBAN I i t For twentyone seasons tho announcement lined + Above has thrilled tho racegoers who have found themselves In the metropolitan vicinity In Juno Established In 1881 the Suburban Handicap Is tho oldest fix e turo of Its nature on tho American turf About Its 1 A records cluster some of the most sensational Incidents In tho raceruunlng of tho country To veteran rill lower of sporting events tho mere mention of the race Is sufficient to oUr memories of Pontiac Troubadour t Euros Salvator Loantaka Lowlander Ramapo Gold Heels and others In a long Hot of equine monarchs The horse last named the winner In 902 lo cre lltoU With the rWord for the event up to date 203 15 Gen Monroe owned by E J McElmccl won the first Suburban In 21134 In 1885 Pierre LorlllarU who had become a unique figure In racing three years earlier by winning the English Derby with nn American horse j planned a companion coup tho winning of Americas chief racing event with an English horse Ho succeeded With Pontiac who beat Richmond out In a handsome finish In 20912 Troubadour almost unheard of up to the time of his announcement won the third Suburban In 2121U and turned one of the most sensational betting coups in turf history Aa an exhibition of the skilful human handling of trained animal strength and speed ouch an event as the Suburban a superb spectacle It is what makee racing ° o thejiBport ofkingaaf kings crowned and uncrowned > The association of the turf with the Iniquities of the poolroom is unfortunate It docs not however affect the wholesome popular Interest In what Is best in racing and it will not prevent a general wish for a favorIng day crowd + for tomorrows great running POISON IN CHEAP CANDIES In the office of the Deputy State Commissioner of e Agriculture IB a Jar containing a stick of parraffln two Inches long boolde which repose four small and apparently harmless cakes covered with chocolate The paraffin was extracted from similar cakes on which It bad been used to coat the chocolate to keep it fresh rho report of the departments chemist states that paraffin to the amount of 8 per cent has been found in velvet kisses Various other cheap candles which wero sold In street stands and stores near schoolnauia o disclosed traces of oxide of lead and Injurious aniline dycs when Pnlllyzed by the agents of the department Those adulterants are all gastric Irritants They become peculiarly harmful In hot weather when the childIsh digestion Is more cosily upset They ore undoubtedly directly responsible for dangerous enteric troubled p and contribute largely to the high summer death rate umong children I t The departments activity in detecting and suppressing the sale of deadly sweet supplementing as it does i the work of the Board of Health deserved great praise To render It tho more effective the offending dealers should bo prosecuted to the tulr extent of too law and vnn example made of themwhloh wjll render them loath 4p risk a second offense I parser JnsMoe The oonTiotton ot Curnon ra ioboken fur r nlsbea another striking example of the celerity and OM y tolnty of Jersey justIce A very nasty case bar been handled with discretion the sooused convicted after a brief trial and the taw vindicated with expedition and dispatch With B prisoner of relative wealth and social po tnITewTork would th end of ustlea have been 10 wall Bawd with so title obnozloui pubUoltrT Pxtos + dsat doeaotagpportthe billet r 4 ANEW WATER WAR DECLARED UntMiim IIHHHJI niiliniui to turn to Manchuria and ifssstumTn fin the nun iiniin oStho day There are ado c abhoma PortjMwoond street has arisen In f xi TOVOlMhrouCh thewholodlatrtct bounded L and lUth arenues Flft ninth street and t T = < Jeutza1o < thtuonghtar 3 SMMBEsa1x ind t > kea place a fortnight ago It would m bseed by 4trt Todjqv the prorocatlon Has i t I UiOwoter irMcb L not there It la not h I fD 8 ± t3u0 the clfltona In thsro not a 1 kv qath srotmd wtilctolptoecy on CUt ftoora If reeldenta ofthe affected district want i tin vnytdehOT thor have to carry It up for the I UiIIrtUtt wont That IB the troublo DIg i 1aff iiiiiHiliii and en Infinitely smaller lifting capacity a J11 tMMMtcthtnbniptsiorothan one flight of stain yawns In filllV vatnrttt tho bucket brigade sets to work a i1ear1nga called fOr Widny afternoon on oannlt 1 aCtb rebels Ife ought to bi a rouser There is no t 1E a Bstterfbetterworth making a blcnolse about than the t watersupply It is not less important for Fortjsocond afoot to war to a finish now than it may be for tho 1 whole city to net a stick out for Ramapo later v Professionalism In Colleno Sport Tha action of the Harvard Athletic Committee in barring the crack pitcher r Clarkson from further participation In the work ot the r K nine Is all the more herolo becausa It Is taken lust before tho tames with Yale This firm stand acalnst profusion t allsm should accomplish much for the elevation of col loge athletics athletf t b I t MECHANICAL BOOTBLACKING Machinery has Invaded nearly all trades to their general Improvement but the mechanical shine Is nu Innovation which docs not promise to exercise an elevating 1 influence As a laborsaving device It may not r be without merit A hairbrushing machine which apt d peared in various barber shops some rearM ago had many points of economy and clllcleiicy In Its favor but 1 never became popular t BootblacklnE indeed Is mi art In which the Individuality or tho artist must dud expuyslon to nulto the f 1 Job satisfactory to the customer Ono shine may differ 1 > > fl from another as a Whistler from a pot boiler In tho hands of thi artist truly proficient the same materials f may bd made to yield results of splendor Impossible of attainment the Journeyman A machine which would b tf educe all shines to a dull uniformity of mediocrity 1 would lower the standard of buothlacklng fv Besides in the wordH of one objector Machlna bad 1 n corns a fatal defect l wtnpnlsrn MimluAn omclid campaign march which iilMII been ear designated by the National Committee has I f been composed by a Providence woman No doubt it Is rzt imp to the standard a compositions Yet the tunes to which the boys will v keep will yt t step w crop up from J r Jumblo source u most popular marching 1 ft uh fijI j > c i lHdtw r 1t y hi I t e Here Is the Ideal Girl 13 I Nixola Grcele Smith I D < ar MltJ OrelfyHmllh i M girl who hrts nn fnlco teeth gold teeth fnlo hnlr who H eute iuul uu nurv Sin III list be situ rated lunllhv neat mliletlr no flirt Kneel ironil InokliiK or rjurnrter god pure talented humorous sirlmin either iMuiulf or tjrimeil1 In r ego tu < iu > In tu Pnt tee ycnrs weight 120 to 15 points height 5 fret 6 to 5 feet 7 Inches 11 T PON rending tills UPON rom I munlrntlan from an Evening World render one is tempted to echo the much quoted ttiiltir who when n orient fire out of nix enumerated vnrle ties of pin Inquired plaintively concernIng the rejected one Whats the matter I J55f3 < K53TCx with that custard omik 10 there anything this young man doee not want The Hit or feminine virtues and graces Is rtalnly a pleasing one And yet a girl might sum them all and not be thoroughly charming And she might not measure up to a single one of them and jot be a delight to cods and men There Is a final charm of youth an elasticity a buoyancy of mind and body that some exceedingly vital men and women have which Is worth all the cain locued charm that poet artist or sculptor has Immortalized and which when we come In contact with it overrides all our preconceived Ideals and takes us prisoner There Is scarcely a rounr man or woman living who has not a fixed conception of the Ideal mate that the ve led futura has in reserve And a compart on0of these Ideals proves that no matter what we are ourselves we exact perfections from UIm Is a man small mean shrivelled like a frosted apple In skin and heart As surely does he dream of a tau beautiful goddess who will come to him and make an things glorious Is a girl plain poor spirited anaemic the hero is none the leis an alloomju rlnr giant capable of bearing theworld upon hU shoulders Our own santal or pbjoioal shortcom lags do not tend to male us a whit more merciful to our ideals Whatever we nre ourselves he or aha upon whom la the far future We win deign to con ter our hand must be a matchless being i Though a man hav not i tooth of his own left his deal must display an Sin limluri niw of faultless Ivory Though Ida baldness cries to heaven the Ideal must have an aralanohe of blond or dusky tresses according us his taste Inclines to meridian or midnight splendor The Irish servant ulrj who when roo noaoljed by her mlitren because she nozleotedto weep under the beds Inquired 8uro mum and did ye expect at the Christian virtues for JJ a month was a greater phllosopberthan lInT of us Fej In considitrins our Ideals ire expect not only all the Christian virtue but all the pagan graces as well What is the young man Ideal A strange unbollevable blending of Helen of Troy Cleopatra St Theresa and the rnd girl In the front row of the latest musical comly Vlrmt Is the avtrag girls ideal IB it not a novel mixture of Sir Golalrad Napoleon Lard Bryan and the latest popular preaohert The young woman described by The Evening World reader at the head of this oxJlmnn would doubtless be very armnmmg hut take the single Item of no false or gold teeth and how many could be found to fill the description Or no fgjse halrT Hair Is the New York girls weak point unless she Is of Teutonic or Italian extraction she Is I not ape to have much Oh enough to do up In an Impressive tower over the dmoct universally Indlipenaable rat and to look well certainly Dut suppose some enterprising theatrical manager with a lUte for novelty were to organize a longhaired btillet collect girls for their hair alone and gladden f l Broadway audience with a display of I brown and russet and golden logs not in braids for these are easily pinned on but falling naturally about their shoulder He would have serious difficulty in finding recruits with then 1 Maar7 wealth of hair Fortunately for the girts however all Evonln World readers are probably not I so fnttldloua on these point nut scat doubtless has some Individual remilro rrentn In regard to hIs Ideal wliloli would b > of general Intereat Will not the young men write to The EvenIng World of what constitutes the Ideal girl atirl Ilienuuu women renders tell what In their opinion the Ideal mm should l > o lllte HE SOME OF THE BEST JOKES OF THE DAY BRAIN NEEDED TURKS Upson Is rather eRotMtlcal yet hn has a powerful brain DlKB > Yes ho must have to spend all trio thinking he does about hlnuflf ChlcnRO New REHEARSAL DEFINED Pnllrnce What Is a dress rehearsal Pntrlcr Why that Is when the ballot liuu their clotljei onYonktu States min A PERFECT FIZZLE 1 YiiupnTO you hud n perfectly lovly time nt cxfordi house pnrt Nu It was n fizzle Mrs Wcxford Ins little She no tact was nlnajs arranging It no the moil would han to pull off with their owtlt wivesChi CIIKO ItocordIlrrnld AND TAKES ALL HIS PAY Uoc that jounu Mrs Bllnkcy support her huslmnd Support him You might roll n thai If want to Blip holds you him up every Saturday night CIpveKinO Il iln Uciil cr AND HE SUCCEEDED UPS pardon sir nnld tho waiter with outstretched palm but avert you fprcotten eomethlns No replied the departing guest but Im tryingrxto forget 1t0ooel dav rv Philadelphia Press 1 4 ZL I I jxxwwixKxKrxxwJKxiWrXKw + > MH > + I W + + II + I + + Htj Th4 Gr American GOOK How Do you hill Him c t of tc 1t eat He Tells a Few WayUp Sports How to Pick the Handicap Winners NOW GENTS LET ME ME TELL YOU HOW TO PICK Z DEAR I Vron 1 STHE SUBURBAN WINNER THE GOOK ooKJ Do AS T TELL You NDr ITS THE YOU CANT LosE Iy001C t t t 0 0 C I I I e ii J IM SO BET ON THE HORSE THATS CONC TO WIN BACKTHE HORSE THAT PASSES UNDER THE WIRE FRSTJ GaoKoo 1 Ct00K DO 6 BuZt zl 4 I 0 h P t I 1 y1 lf You Dont Feel Well Try a kittle Vlusic jsr x oJ se is Its Good for the Botts Palling Hair Appendicitis Sunburn or Any Form of Mental Fagt e 1 ytEST08 Cligygf Que7 tv Tku erwLt INTHB COLO AY e r cooR DAWN OF l OOTNn tl poRNINAFTB RAUS rnr I r r reE eM eerrPRf t L DOES BALLET Music I El EROOUCB BALDNESS o T I enotve uPi p f = nY NuD8Y5 t raY I Ng TO rl i = c sorrir 1 t RESTORINC NISI i NIA KOO 4i CQUILlBRIUnwiTh a d a rr I JJ 4 A LITTL HARP 1 ti I MUSIC I Z It d OOE9 THE LCETtB CHCRMAN BAHq MUSIC SHOULD an APPLItOTO VICIOUS oNA I f flesTo THE MIND TO CquiLIBRIUi j CHILDRCN pv SttTlnottey MRE y THee RlOEI j f Y Watt nioat wno PLAY THtm oes fI q v J OWN MUSIC ON THS PIANO LACRf t t OFTBN ACQUIRE A J r e r LUXURIANT caowrn l lea 5eo OP HAIR r Go I FRlT2f + Se aTKOT ° 4 Bep NRlR n i LatL > I weal ti y eESE E7 t I yoU = 1 I C a 5KAFTj C I j bla 1 u 5KAFT 1 ° N X oucweT t j yAIR f f Y 1 4 MAR QRUT6 ri neARTL855 E I BRUT t 4 7 S 4 R uTnnrrr TIIe OWNU lj 55wy 4l P04 TNe I I I lI 5ueflCR TsN11pR IIL wets r l r III T 1 waYl II 1 T b 0 CHIN fiusc 1 J C F J I 4I Ctuaa 5 THE t 3 l OLRYLRS OH WINO IN5TRLN7S lillll To FRI OUT TV19 SOtT Of HUSiC + Inn PHODUCA3 NalGNJloR5WITH BLOW THOIR iHR OUT t MURDER INTHIR I1EIIlTtj t 1 IIHIIH I > ihfIi i iiiIi 13iWi ii > ifI + IH + < + i1 rW + HIHHiiHIH + H p LITTERS QUCRRC8 AND ANSWERS tfJ Inlnrdn To the Editor of rho ieuliiR World On what day did June S 1Sv9 Mil W 11 MAn lo Involution To the HJHor of Tho KvtnlnK WorM I A reader < rltcl fs Oio Darwin theory The foot t a that evolution In occurring dally but so gradual are these chanced Hint It Is byopd our range of vision or knowledge to perceive them Could t not have been possible that tho predecessors or the buouoi race mr mon > Tfoitt keys that those monkeys had mithlnK II think at but to on But a time nw wen they hnd to migrate In curch of food and other requisites of I life To supply these wants they hail to acquire knonledge This they did ihus little by little through privation nnd went theta general anatomy aril thnrnctcr changtd N C To Learn JIll ABC 1 To IIIeE41torot Tha Eveolne World I sm EnslUhman born In London and tam about slity or seventy years t t < d fT N1IA niLd PEOPLE LOSS BECAUSE CEE I THEY BACK THE wROr1G 1 i II FEEL HORSE THEY BACK CpoOKY THE HORSE TNEY HINK WILL WIN IM tcE ° Ti FooLISN r 0 r CJ r oo H r i Ro T Goo K t JTHATS How To ii Ii GOOK You CANT LOSE GOOK KNOW f FOR I N OK READ IT IN THE t HORSE FUOGEI j ijLJi J i 0 ON n T + 1 cI rf adj + of HJTP but I would like ti thud IIlY I exact age How can I find It 7 P 11 L Writ to the clerk nf thud olldoll purl h In which you were born Try Y 31 C 1 innuiilllin To tin iu tor of The 15vnilnR World Kindly tell me the namo of some not very expensive gymnasium A So Which Should lie Prefert To the Cdltor at Tho Evening SKId I am a young lady of twentytour and have been soinavwUh a young man I I r Jl ye lg r W t two years Lately ho tells me hte mother nrd sister are first In hits heart Wont readers please decide which should bo nest In a young mans heart his Intended or his mother r I JT CllSSIC City Hull Nave York City Tothe Kfttor of Tho Lvsntng World Where hnlI address a letter to Mayor McCIcllan a Ar PronoimrPil < < W aish Rabbit rohIE41t0rlf T ie Drenlng World What Is the proper way to pronounce iV lsn Rarabllt t v fi Wv 1 j l c 1 f J ofihiytI I p p The e I totem r rI wi i Iiihe ll l By Martin Greene t W Why 13 the 960 Immigrant Worse tbanis2250Brother SEE said The CIgar store Man > that the v f t TF cheap rate from Europe Is bringing In alot I of undesirable Immigrants JL Maybe thats what tho conservative New Yorkers were saying when our ancestors coma over replied The Man Higher Up We are all immigrants t In a sense except the Indians If somebody halnt emigrated from somewhere In Europe years ago you wouldnt have jour name on a sign in front of a stcre I You will notlcn that the hardest screamer against I undesirable Immigrants Is the man whose ancestor rarne over hero with a 5 bill and a sheepskin shirt vnclther of which was changed on tho voyage It is ndl apparent to me that there Is a marked difference between the Immigrant who pays 5960 for his passagi i and the Immigrant who pays 2250 or whatever the r regular rate Is Neither of them Is likely to have much but ambition on landing It is not to be expected that immigrants should be afflicted with elephantiasis of the hankroll 1 There seems to be a general fear that the 960 Immigrants are going through our restriction laws like s baseball through a plateglass window If there Is an pason Ir an undesirable Irumlsrant more likely to get in because he paid only 5900 for his passage tJyo If he had paid a larger sum I wish somebody would translate II lo nio Our laws were passed to be enforced If they au not enforced It Is tho fault of the Irnmlgra lion authorities The holler against Immlsratlon In not new It It the same scream that went up when tho Irish and German Immigrants were coming so fast that timid person feared the namo of New York would bo changed to OYork or Yorkblatt There Is the foundation for a lot I of good citizens in this hunch that Is landing now They tell me remarked Tho Cigar Store Man tSit these Immigrants never bathe The immigrants havent got anv edge over a lot 01 a people born right In this town in that respect replies The Man Illnher Up The Piidge Idiotorial IDIOTORIAU PAGE OF Trig EVENING FUD time Japs are > The Reason Why All Our WIDE AWAKE peo V Editions Arc So Far pie Have hoar Ahead of thc Clock ever topped tote think WHY You i IIUlleCnm MldnlRhts that Come Earlier Tnnn Mornings should accustom 1 Cyr Iee1 ftr to pun Put Ct yourself to do so Stpp and think t OFTEN trofalways In the middle of the block Cable earl and automobiles will serve to HAKE YOU stop to think at I the Intersection of cross streets > ABUT < that Is another matter f WE will tell you why the Japs are wide awake peo1 Pie J v It Is BECAUSE when It Is MIDNIGHT In New York It Is 945A Al In Yokohama > New Yorkers are at a DISADVANTAGE This paper proposes to REMEDY this You NEED NOT write to I flayor McClellan The Sayings Banks need cot even I redistribute tbelr funisln tbe order set down fa the City I Directory WE WILL DO IT without assistance in this war HEREAFTER our n th EDITION containing all the news I up to 4 P M will be Issued at 732 A M Our Jib or Q MIDNIGHT edition will Issue before any reputable saloon 1 sets out Its morning free luncb ALL OTHER editions will be Issued accordingly We confidently EXPECT to make Ibo face of a clock look like a Fourth of July PINWHEEL to the readers of tneDVENING FUDGE > G GL oeo i CensusiClippings Less than T per cent of the power used In manufacturing plants In the United States Is electric The population of the Philippines Is 6976574 and oC this number UOOOO belong to wild tribes The foreign trade of the United States last year was nearly 2COO000000 Including Imports and exports This breaks all records of nil nation as long as history has been written The United States sold J19JOOOOOO worth ot breadstuff abroad last Year an Increase of KIOOUWW over the previous year It Is estimated by the Census Bureau that a prolonged European war would Increase the price of breartitulTo In tnt United States until broad would become a luxury even II the residents Americans the greatest wneatQroducinc natloi In the world The amls true of cotton those two forming the prlncfpU staples of modcrli commerce with Iron in4wool holding a tic for third plKca I I t n w INFORMATION WANTED nincU Is Not a Color ITo the IWItorof The Ponlnl World Is blacken color D L Inquiry and Answer In Evening World Wholl tell Inc this e In language plain t h Wont some kind soul x Itlsc and explain Black Is no color No f But the ncEios black Thats so Hut hes a colored man 1 Agreed Why osOt such a quaatlon theres no need lut Vds n color RIght And the Indians red Oh Julie Jut hes no colored man Not hoi just all him one and then youll see > + Now thats whats puzzlinG r Me like fun llcds n color hack Is none Then why In the ama I Of any unlnt Is the Meek man colored x t v And the red man JntT BID UOTT 1 u S t i r It fJI Ji t s f < 6 1 + erfer + maW x us j iht 1 titl a + t tk a

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