The Evening World from New York, New York on June 14, 1904 · Page 10
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 10

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1904
Page 10
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T 9 J IIII ijJ 1 1 v rif Fl r r f 1e e4l7I tYuw r + J aA r J a 1 > If f t N yk 1h I TUE6f7AY EVENING THE ING MAGAZrnE i JUNE 14 1804 THE tJ EVENING JI > WORLDS HOME i MAGAZINE f 1rtrfJt t i1fiIod + Published by the Press Publishing Company No 63 to O lark now New York Entered at the Post Omca at New York as SecondClan Mall Matter VOLUME 44 NO 10008 1 THE GRADE CROSSING MUST GO 1 Durihg the year ending June 30 1902 824 persons Were killed and 1326 injured at railway crossings in the Unifed States The addition of one or perhaps two to the currant years list of fatalities of this nature as a result of the Van Cortlandt accident does little to swell the total ta But this latest mangling occurred directly before the J jltys eyes It occurred in the shocked presence of Hundreds of onlookers It accentuates more strongly than general figures can possibly do the constant I r menace to life and limb of the deadly grade crossing In the railway reports the victims of these fatalities ate set down as mostly trespassers and others Oft the 824 slain In 1902 only three were passengers In I Ifrd It Is the railways which are the real trespassers i in granting them franchises the State did not alienate I tiC publics right of safe passage across their lines Whether the immediate responsibility for the Van iCortlandt tragedy lay with the engineer or the t Co chauffeur is not material in view of the fact that the flindamental cause of the blame was the policy of economy which continued a grade crossing at this ftttjuented point Alarm bells and flagmen are at best uncertain safeguards t New York has lagged behind the nearby Jersey J titles in providing security against this form of danger j I Ijy abolishing tl > > cause The Pennsylvania and Lacka I Monna lines are elevated through Newark The Lacka M + svannas tracks through the Oranges will be depressed I within a year and every vestige of risk to vehicle and i I pedestrian eliminated The Van Cortlandt tragedy should do for New York I what a more sagadous public sentiment has done fort New Jersey As a result of this new demonstration of iti peril the grade crossing must gol ii EXTRA BOSSES IN THE SCHOOLS A few weeks ago the Department of Finance and the Board of Education were engaged In a process which J might be described as that of making face at each oilier o The friction developed In that period of iinploipantnosi will very possibly be Intensified by the report of Comptroller Grouts export examiner Mm Mathilda t 6oflln Ford on the subject of special courses and their I supervisors In the elementary schools It will be un 1 t tortunate for trio public Interest If the renewed hard I f feeling shall go so far as to prevent on the part of tho ip citys educational fathers a very Intelligent consideration of the points urged by Mrs Ford l 1 It Isto be notml Unit the Comptrollers expert dose not advocate tho omission of the public school courses I in vocal music physical culture or manual training 3lio Insists merely that these branches of study are over supervised to the embarrassment of regular teachers and rn to tho it unnecessary cost about 350000 per year of the I city In plain words Mm Fords Idea Is thnt too many tI extra bosses arc marring the sprclnl rouoe err otll by 4 crowding for results at the expense of ordinary work In the three Hs With essential Initiatory Instruction from directors and competent principals the regular I teachers should bo able to conduct the special work particularly If the efforts shall cease to expand plnln i I flowing classes into schema of expert dressmaking and applied design I 1 While the city vacation schools are mot lug along ng hey will be presently the Board of Education may pursue perhaps with profit a course of study preliminary to next years teaching arrangements with Mrs Fords report among tho texthook t BACCALAUREATE WISDOM I i This years output of adlee to rollcRe graduating elnases resembles that of previous years In the attention tClven to unalyblu of national characteristics r President Woodrow Wilson of Princeton like Dr j ttllllls a week ago finds the age Mot 10 badly de iauched by wealth aa some have thought It These observers Y each arrive at the conclusion that the present isis good morally as the past and In many particulars TAitter which Is gratifying and consoling There has ikeu an overproduction of pertalralHiu and the declaration that we are going to the dogs too often made with too little cause a 1 President Faunce In his ImicaUuiieate sermon at lh own charged that wr ate n nation of adapters rnther luau of originators In intellect agile rather than pro band Dr Faunce says further We arc lintel to respond nod adapt trutlin which other lave discovered 11 c hae innellciti InMiuort but f ew irlintlnti o f the fret unU eci > llrht writer of cehool honks tow uillioi1ll bl iihicntluii Hdinliulili rruihnra few ii < loBlaiih wlnxc Milieu arc litiiul tn IIII nkllful es lollor of plilliii iiplij no ihlnKrm nhn rank with trios oft Innee wile tnauKht hue line to biuod and ripen before colon begot4 i f That Is we have LMIson1 now where once we had Jmersona HnnHlh where there were Hawtbornes and r for a Jonathan I wards minister who dilute their i theology to the IPSH exact ins demands of their coiiKreKa Lions tlnnsHut t Hut If there nIl loss originality and fewer great hinUcri the Ions may lie regarded as offset In part by tho IntTeaie or itopular knowledge At least In the pro t inctloii of miii who just fall short of great stature and men of fprvlrMlile talent anti nipnrlty tho nation I more it prolific than my iihi known to history Ja CLIMBERS STILL QUOTED LOW 4 1 In MaRlstrati Unoirp court yesterday the offensn of owillnihliiK way again minted nt low rates for Manhattan Auoiv flft l iirlponrs of various eerier gratlps paid 1 eaih for hiivln been In too much of a 1 hurry on Sunday to enter bridge can through tho doors Not even at a hnndid cents etch however were indulgences 9 In offnnaUe roudyltun held to he liurRnlnM t I The Increusll linn cot of a Fecund Sundays Intmfii once with the climbers revtaltd both tho palice Ui gum earnest and the fart thnt the hnrryup tourists had not r quite realized tho now spirit of order Two warnings should surely bo nnongh IT the oca t i11on arises next Sunday a material rise in the Manhattan rl P rice at cnrvlnUow rushing will bo the proper thins I r Su raUjJng for Instance like the J10 nr bar tl yh rate Jist knltlatcd tMt by sill a g 1 strato Dooley tit 1J lt aF i H I bu Cherish the Hand That Jilts Thee 69 I Nixola GrQQie Smith YOUNG man of A Plymouth Pa has net out to teach young women who Jilt men a leaon lie haa brought cult ncalnnt a girl who cancelled her engagement to marry him for 10000 for breach of promts Too many girls arc free with the ffeotlotn of men he declared They become engaged In order to have a good lime end after they the of the novelty they break the engagement Mcanwhlli the men sincere themselves and beHev fog the girls sincere flare made prep rations to be married They can do nothing they have no protection Mca are deterred from breaking en gagnments by the rear of breach ol promise suits There u no reason why the girls should not he withheld from jilting men by the same reason Theoretically this seemi like very excellent I reasoning but it uat be remembered thst while a young woman nave In rare Inntiuice cutters pecuniary I damage from the breaking of the engagement the rame breach confers a corresponding degree of nnanclal Immunity on the young man Therefore whatever the Injury to hll pride the wrench to his heart strings c JiltIng him II a benefit tether than an InJury to his pocket nnd therefore does I not entitle hIm to pecuniary damages i which are all that the law recognize or II able to confer It Is a peculiar fact about an engaged man that whit there may be many momenta during his engagement which bring with them grave misgivings al to the wisdom of his final rtiolce the doubts disappear at once 1f the object of his vacillating devotion take It Into her head to jilt him and she becomes the most doslrnbl of earthly things However few men hare been jilted since the world began who did not learn In late life thAt they have moro often cause for gratitude to the woman who refuses than to her wfta accept them To a woman an engagement even though stripped of romantic Illusions I Is legitimately enough a cause for rejoicing for to her It Is at once an emancipation and a guarantee of support for life And the breaking of an engagemon Is Just AI properly a distinct financial KTlevanoo and one for which she Is entitled to suelc rflllreee In the courts If she choose to do eo and Is that kind Hut why should engaged men rejoice It must be admitted that carried away by the surrpundtng feminine tn thusUum they usually do 40 nut what fort forA A captive trailing humbly after the triumphant car of his conqueror might just aa renvonably be carried away by tite band mtilo and halt the procession to eieciit u dnno exprexslva of his keen delight In his subjugation It is conceivable that a mean epirlted mortal might su e woman for dam liftS for becoming engaged to Wm but nevnr for ceasing to be A moum might Just u well cherish 1 a grievance against a cat because after playing with him and pretending cite vf going to kwnlluw him for an agonizing Interval ahA latxed Into IIIml Ill IR 1 for etfulne3 < of her purpose I and neglecting to break his book allowed him to get way I I Or the wouldb sUclde standing on the railroad track fronting the redejed monster of destruction as U bears down upon him sue the engineer for d jnpge liiiuno Im became aware or the peril nod hailed It Just In time to save his life lifeOr Or the condemned criminal reprieved at the scaffold hae It In for the bearer of the merciful mMIrA The Idea of suing a girl for breach of liciul Is ridiculous If oho Jilts you lie grateful and morn grateful and for ever grateful Far though you remem her her nlglitlj In yom ifiajers and hr name In the bat on your IIS an you JII jnl rill toe tlunl Ime you can nevr l grateful enough o SOME OF THE BEST JOKES OF THE DAY I NOT AN EASY MARK I thought nichlfj Hklnnrr was quite a 111I1111111 chianti of your 10n thn told you that V ll Pohh trill he lied won many mark of esteem from his ftOlowcIt I Iz n S XCI lnllalIIIII IIIlIadlphl I Pre PreTHE I THE NEXT STEP i Vow said the bm mnti after they I hml reh nra1 ihn Wf itlug for 111 oath time there In only ono morr ihlm to do doWlmf I Wlmf that Z aked the maid of honor tend for the Intern to go through i the motions of tho dhouv trinl Chlriifo Itecnrd IIerlll iAN I ILLUSI NATION I ivuher IVmny nlnt did I tell you yetnrdil that It WT rolled to take unl rveral letter I Foamy IIgglam lihrelnto TIM heiThrn mnVe n intfiice Cor iptH lIolllV the noil u > liip lat i T inm > I n n l > ttprfirrlir nb Itvlat the nullli m nff cainor I Hilimori Aineroan TOO LITTLE BY HALF I The ileiMiritnr had JIMI iiuulp Ills Ml tnote Ill 111 > > 1I what 1 io ml Hi hiiuiieliiildpr Vu i KO ihil tutu deiuuiti tin hminp aril thru IM > > It lo Y 11 In nimncm nr > 0111 hIlL tl No ieillcil the deior itnr I ootiM not arCorl to tike the home for nioro th in hall paymrnt ChloiRi Post TAKING NO CHANCES 1Itj Frpil Pietty Tolly Polly want a plpcc of caL IXio PacrotJld you bake U yourself Th Oetewy t i < y s rrgtrleP f i f Hl M ll 11 M 11 M 111 H 1MMtM 11 M 11 tiH I MHMHH 11 HMIM 111 f II11 It tJi1i MMHHI Mill MIMHI tMHMH i HOME SWEET HOME By T E Powers mn How nY it You Looic UN you JIN4NlN6 4tT t d nL TAIt you ro A 9p 6HOW Ti llfNT I 1 I No Nlty Ana Too f EXPEHSIYE c 1r etGar A aN x nv 1 BHAUUl xae p 1 RINT Se t AfKIR OPERA coasts f t i 1 TDLO ou NExT Ir CARe wiNtO l4 0 R e i 4 BLESS MY 5o it gtfc GENT EMCN THE GOOKi METHINKS THC AY T0 FILL ili rri THEJl YOUR CHURCHES J Gook < f < ON SUNDAY 1 T 1 S 15 LIKE THIS y vl xl < 1 ot cJ o j j QQ x e r 00 1 r eJ 1 1 J 1 1F fi YOU MUST HAVE xw h IM GoOKED i M VAUDEVILLE SNOh j ff I TO A FlM IGH A BALLETORA l c RMAN f h T BANb 1 O A r Il a 1 t r IilIHIHIIHII1HHI + HHHilHIHIiIt I LCTTriRSQlJ RICS AND ANSWERS et I No In thf IMIIH nf The lrtiini WurM i IK It tl1rtv In taco r doul r wllll oil Hiiftlc to clnriU the Mine nr a clam I curktnll afiit tlu < clim have been I itin A L JAn IHK Irolilrni fn the VMIliu of The Cvnln World ItoaUiv la the followlns pioblun pox rude to tnlv or not1 A Mini ha lliro A soni tic dltw them n certnln tttlttl her cf rKKn one ivccUlitx 10 another 30 thu third receive SX Tliey etch sell the ores at the same price ind ire tipprvr m UJnr in h Cif y I r fI 1If r j 1 < Nr I I ONOIfhwJV I rl i1k ii r d 1 < earn inn tint nf money 1 It po < lt > lr ifulTs A A S linen a Shun iiu 1ecnpy Spacer I T > thf lilt > r < f fie ienlnt Worht Woulil K lcntm r < lilt jilou IIIeu Va I lids iiiifn Oois n hidiw occupy VIMCO Vh > ilnh II e0 > shy deco It I not For all example put up a ihett and your how will occupy 1 certain amount of army < on tint ahem L M A 1tifes Ailvlrr lit l ntiiic To the KVtor or The Kxcnln1 World TI 115 a wife have Miffered Ixraimo of n husband who gambles If Mr Jerome rnud lt h C L i yn a U I q ltlhH < i1tLJk v i + ttttIJoil < y a w ir Lets I KNOW GET dAAC WHERE Wg CAN DPCS CRH QET DE P E WE co IH YARDS ft 5 CENTS g14 to s l Nl l1Y No No CAn5A41 4RAIN fXPEHSIVII tars THE WE Wtu A CAB TACKE A A R V U ciIi I L1 tl J + 2 + I I itsg YE S ALL I MY HiFAUCT Your FAULT + You MICH1 i PAULTP l I 1 HAY BROCJCiHT E Atf UMBRELLA II II n imIa L1 11 I Tr i1 J lhweItS 1 the Way Wifle Economizes ITh 1 Th < Great American GOOK Hes a booloo f t E jf j t 10 j 10 This Time He Takes a Hand in the WhyMenDontOotoChurch Discussion OH ME OH MY you MUST PROVIDE Z Ft1L ENTER AINMENT I I FEEL FOR YOUR CONQRE TijpT CjATlOrvl L cookY x JFEEilnKp w f0 r o I I THATS HOW rq FILL YOUR coKoo OOK00 CHURCH I t READ IT IN 1THE FUPEV 1 i t Ii t jI ao kC0 z I y i41 + IIi + 1i1HIlt lrlIHH + liii + lHiII4wI1iI IIIH out for clRarntore hack rooms alaofor rooms hired In small hotels where poor men gamble away their weekly pay It would be much better Few go to places like Canflelds but those who ran well afford to lose 1 have n hunband who earns US to 122 n week and I receive J5 of thin The lest of It hciKamblea awn A WIPR WHO SUFFERS A Piipll Complains atTn Trntm the Rlltar of The Rvrnlnc world The sriduatlon work of the boys of I r nst liln schools Is severely ImrnnseU by socnllcd lcstalCIt are tour kinds of UMta rhlcSi must be paeed INe t iI n 5tV Latjc tI rt 1 k n i Vif > 1t i 1 11 It ibirfitJiifl ifJr hjt 1r 1 itWJtJmJmati Superintendonts examination itho teachers test and the Principals ex amlnnUon It ts little wooden that the rentge pupil goes home with a headache and tho next day falls In his test iwcaiiHo hIs brain cannot work entangled ah he if OVKRWORKKD PUPIL STUnoM Cruias of 1001 To the RAItor of The Kvenlni World Whats the population at the city of Paris Trance A D Saturday To the EJItor of The Benlim Warldt What day did Mirch 1 1888 fall 01 C Mea < i y u t llt iJ J l y I Ij 1YVJ f IIt o The t a ni 1rcr f By Martin Greene Jersey Justice Seems to Save Some Manhattan Failings T SEE said the Cigar Store Mao that tho Nee Ii I Jersey authorities appear tq be detennfaefl te a break the neck of Mrs Valentlna the murdlllOMo at the end of a rope Jersey Justly IB a queer quality commented the Man Higher Up No donbt this Valentlna woman la a murderess but IX ever there was an excuse for a nrardev she had it She IB an Ignorant woman and tier knowledge of tho English language and American customs ll 1 small It didnt tako the Jury long to soak her for th limit and the BoaM of Pardons appear to think thai sho should die a disgraceful death on the gallows it was different In tho ease of the Influential your = men who killed Jonnle Boschletor In Paterson onlr B tem mlleo from the scone of tho Valentlna woman crime There was a horrible tragedy but the refined thugs who committed It arc making little ones out of big ones In the dump at Trenton Tiith a fair chance of being pardoned one of these days Their crime was without excuse The Valentlna woman had every license to kill S the woman who had stolen from her not only the man sho loved but the property she had helpoa him aocQp mulato It Mrs Valentina had been young and handsome and could have mado goo goo eyes at a jury and had picked out this city as the theatre for her crime exhibition oho would have been as safe as a small boy stealing lead pencils from a blind peddler Tho only woman who has been found guilty of murder In the first degree and gives 1 the death penalty in this town for years was Mrs Piaoa J Sho was a gaunt unattractive woman with scared eyas and she killed her daughter without apparent cause It didnt take very long to elide Mis Place to tho oleotrU chair while fascinating murderesses and murderers with a pull and clever lawyers either got short sentences or 1 so confuse the situation that It seems as though they 11 are due to die of old ago In the death cell In Sing Sing Prison before a decision Is reached If wo must have capital punishment It ought to ba administered without regard for sex assorted tho Cigar Storo Man So long as nature gives one woman slayer a complexIon I like flowers eyes that can speak lips that pout and a smile to ravish and hands another woman slayer a complexion like a khaki jacket and n sot of features like those of n rockinghorse thero can be no equality justlco In Jury trials replied tho Man Higher Up 1 The Fudge Idiotorial I HDIOTORIAU PAGE OF Trie EVENING FUD E j THEY HAVE iOEYESIN THEIR BACKSif if C t > rl not It Iht PUn l PUJ C i 1 fI I t I This striking picture from next months EVENING I I FUDGE may well te enlltld WHERE COULD IT AND I WHICH to It Is because THEY HAVE NO EYES IN I I TIIEIR BACKS They have eye teeth hooks and eyes fIn I their bodice eyerony In their speech but NO eyes In i a their BACKS Perhaps It Is a < well For U they had l l then people uho backbite them would probably BITE OUT j AH EYE by mistake If any one tries to put an eye In your back write a I letter to this paper explaining your grievance But at the same time BE VERY CAREFUL that you yourself are 1 not EYEING ANYBODY ELSES tack If you had a month la your back you would probaMy be entity of 9 BACK TALK cIt wonld perhaps be a bitter thing for the COMMON i PEOPLE if the TRUSTS bad at least ore eye In their backs In any case a back eye is better than a black eye Those on whose backs you plant your heavy eye would not then be crushed An Illustrated COOKBOOK I d will be given to any one who has the SLIGHTEST no i TON what all thto Is about I 000 I 1 The Soap Tree j An enterprise In Algeria IK to niaimfuctutit natural aoaj on a large scaln from a tree known n8 saplndua utllli This plant which has long been knowr n Japan China and India beam a fruit of about the size of a horse cheitnot smooth and round The color varies from a yellowlah green to brown The Inner partH of a dark color and has an oily kernel The tree bears fruit In Its sixth year and yields from K to 120 pound of fruit which can eully be harv Ud 1 I Lords Prayer in Burmese mS mS I05 caio97oS c mUI cSICX5 QI05ms C0170tU SS 1 I Et o1000QVu 00009 JOD cCX o1G BOOOII oacSccoSajcScoooStooSooS l qpSo oo I a ItS t icoTj 1 9 Sgo1coca > u aODCS tgscO cojo OC D7J ScflWC I cosa ostm Oll1 Oo110 > S97rr X1 I I 9 S 9GO > o > l9 S polmf31t S ° i I 0 cfc ci oangj S ecS o cjS tflo c8 oocS cooS I I tloln 1 Sl cm g JQJl 1 QGCYSSO > 9ilia Lv mcS c c QS i flu1u m I S o > mg Ot s c S thm 0 J sorS socS dcS coaS e 5 uli1J mgS f This Is how they nay tho Lords Prayer In Bummh or rather how they write It When they Bay It It sounds much the same at It look lure The letter look llki hook and u > en and may be upside dqwn tot all not people know about them j f 7 + iIL t G >

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