The Evening World from New York, New York on June 13, 1904 · Page 12
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 12

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1904
Page 12
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I htIl < f iij i i Iy JUNE 131904 THE J EVENING WORLDS HOME MAGAZINE t1 ft w tII I J ii t f lJfJt I BofIO f Published by the Press Publishing Company No 13 to 61 VarJc Row New fork Entered at the Iostomc at New York as SecondClass Mall Matter A J VOLUME 44 NO 1B637 1 A NATIONS DAY OFF fib To look back thirty years and contrast the conditions at outdoor sports of that day with their wide and general popularity at present is to gain an Illuminating under lW n lngot the more profitable uses to which the nation iput Its fragmentary leisure Its regular day off J In those times before the half holiday came a Sunday c meant Idleness pure and simple rest In the form of n loafing except where It was relieved by a picnic excur 4 ilonbr an Informal outing which yielded a vague and yi uncertain return of either pleasure or health Yesterday and on Saturday after business hours thou tanda of countryclub piazzas were gay with throngs i Ind the adjoining links variegated with ten thousand f i > rlayers Tennis matches Innumerable were in progress 13d1all games too numerous for record were In full blast vlfachting races rowing contests track athletics from r Easfport to San Francisco the entire nation was out of doors enjoying Itself with the most rational of pleasures those which increase the fund of health and the reserve itipply of vitality It Is a wonderful development one In n nay not inferior lIT the direct benefits cerlved to any that has bean j1 made in art or science or education For It means the improvement of the physical well being which In the Prioundatlon of the mental and the moral t f Vi Crotn nr Tnnnvli The extension of the fhrlMopher 5 t < street tunnel under Ninth stieet to a loop around the a I > Bible lltiuso will brIne the Jersey suburbs Into close ami quick communication with the heart ot Manhattan I Its further extcnilon through the east side either to a ferry connection or under the river to Brooklyn may w a bea development of the not remote future It seems 1 to br the manifest destiny of crosstown tunnel transit f to connect Long island with New Jersey by various I subway routes paralleling that through Thirtyfourth bat street trek GIRLS BUT A GIRL FOR A THAT + Blushing but unashamed twenty of the years y raduate girls at Vassar admit that they are already Jingaged to be married Of the hundred cod fifty other 1 r hlrtyfour are going Into society four Into social settle f I 1 money and sent three will become teachers There qli nothing autlmatrimonial about the plans of the icCrsdimtes tinbctrolhrd Indeed as Indicating the chances I9Cthe seventythiee it may be recalled that school I eacher famines have been reported of late in 1ennnyl l vanla and other snctlons because of the althrs successful i competition with the spellinghook At Vollejloy the College lleautlful there are also t one hundred aid seventy girl graduates All are prepared to work many will be obliged to work Dut to t Interviewer one of them said i I dont believe tinre Is one of us who doesnt think that I t + marriage Is the most dralrnbln and the highest state tint I any woman can reach 1 dont think that money In an Indispensable tI + l factor either In our muirliier vies Wed be 1 willing to start In modestly hut of course wn dont Intend to Imvo no visible uiraiis of support or means that you win i iadly discover with a compound mIArros pit v t By thle fair spokeswoman of Wellefllpy the Idea Is t i1 ktcouted that conditions and the higher education have 9 i l rodueed any change In the modern glrls feelings I i COJ nt Relieve she nays we graduates have a very t r different point of view from that of any nice well AS J s > educated renslhle American girl We believe In looking et things at they are but believing they can be made 1 yk c better and that we are the ones to make them so And t rt isnt that the real American iplrlt after a1l1 11 H There Is Just a suggestion here that the college girlY c1 means to dispose for herself of that vexed question of c a i rereducttkiu which has just been disturbing the soul 1hOl Dr Smith of Toronto Rf J cl n FOOD AND THE IMAGINATION ee Dr Wileys experiments to prove the deleterious effect of food adulterated by preservative acids appear to i have been entirely aurce = sful The health of the twelve A roung men who constituted his poison squad declined Pg Visibly on the diet of doctored food as was expected b tfts Influence ranging according to the ofllclal report e r mmllllly Injurious to deadly though no fatal cFs Issue Is reported v lfc It would be Interesting to know what part the I 1 Imagination played In the result of the experiments rThe soundest stomach may Incline to grow squeamish at i y 2 j the knowledge that it is consuming food believed to be eft j ° poisonous Montaigne knew of a jocose host who Informed 1 hlA guests Ions after the prorensp of dlspstlon s had ben achieved that thy had diced on linked rat t with the result that come vamo violently III Our grandfathers to whom the tomato was the poisonous rtilovc apple wruld doubtlrss have ilftectoil dangerous symptoms Immediately aftrr eating It The effect of strawberries the gout varies In direct proportion to l r rlhelr Ignorance of or acquaintance with their acid i dualities 1 Iff The Ignorance which Is blls probably stfpntiarrts the ti ordinary ilgtstli through salicylic acid perils the recognled prcKonC of which In a particular brand of i ritzooil might cause very serious qualms u THE BURGLAR WHO LAUGHS + Iout H Mntlieny expert burglar and postullko rob her would be worth many pages of excellent philosophy I N JU < o Teufrhdropckli llcrp Is a man who hrmtlly and whtilly e l r ijt laughs on every possible occasion HP cracks a safe and Ni Emllii al out and the muse time When IIP wits np 1 + r irohended bv ilcteftles at the vacptrnck the other day 1 fiats dimpling fuunleiiuuct put to rout the Kcrlnusniss of Pt Ihe trained uleiiiltp In the jail at Newark ho ltae to lead r the mauazliiCK to mu the bars from rattlln out with t iilK luerrlment FiI Can this man be wholly und Irredeemably bail Eii R Never with that laugh tho Carl > le tailor retulloied i will Insist And yet pending the revelation of some t hing good which shall reach further titan the ptlsoners r t mot a merry haha It is perhaps Just as well that thn police I r ii t liaVo labelled Mr Mntlieny as daugprotis and that they propoen to keep him for quite an extended period In I hand xS The basic good nest In l tat heny may rlppn In confinement But even It it does not his example will remind tho less mirthful men about him within walls that It Is MJjfineceseary to be wicked and grumpy at the sine time kl principle open to criticism It must be confessed Is fit Ui bttter to have used even the electric dark era and Batedrill with a smile than never to have 7 V riV J a i ri q t k x r I t i r Yh t v wtisil r t i d t 4 r lafttf d r r + + + H + H + XH + KHH + Sra H + + H + + H + + fHtH + + + HIHHH + + + H I1 + H = l + + I I f I + H + + H + I I II + MHII I rlii 11 F3Ic ir i The Great American GOOK Isnt He a Bird If If HP If If J 3 t This Time He Sympathizes with the Poor Women Who Are Rudely Made to Stand in StreetCars but He Doesnt Lose His Seatf ll NOW GENTLE MENTHE IM I tDOK Ir I PROPER THIMQ Gooli oo t cETTING no CET UP FROM moo TH gT ool VV TO DO IN q CASE GooK COOKISH UU I MAKE V I RICHT YOUR SEgTSMAKE wHAr t i LA LIKE THIS IS NOW A LOW BOWSMJLE EDP TO DO r v OH My OLl ELY AND I ° I F How ASK THE LADIES S E i j I 0 V7ELI IT 5 GooKY Vro SIT DOWtJI BELIEVE IF IT THE I FEEL ITS THE AINT r COOK THF COOK GoolI 1 1 f l cJ p I I 1y i i r 9 THE GOOK t t r o t j f V LY d a I If t 7 1 1 0 + l I I 4 J KHHHHHHHHKHHKI Kisses at 20 Cents Apiece 139 Nixola GrceleVSmith I oUG woman A j > f New II r It n I n lunn has brought u1t for slander iiRalnit a young man to whom show formerly engaged because In Hie pren nce of a second young man who had superseded Urn In her nffec JPXVUIV J ftL t Ions lie remarked JU ort that the price of i kisses hail gone down since he paid twenty cent apiece fur IhemI rornmen + uhlili had for effect of making the second iiultnr I break Ills engagement Here Is a VOIIIIB woman deserving ofI great sympathy and commiseration for she Is one of the vlcllmn of the lack of system prevailing lu the kiss market I The law does nut fix the value of akin I kin and the Jaw Is wise for like every other commodity In this mutJiblo world tho kisses value varies with the law of supply and demand Hut nm nlwervant reader of tho news will recall that day nflT tl < i > Mills tor dam uses are ItiilltuTrd b r MIIIIIK women 1 l setklliK to recover the loss of n rllleJ t kissor the rose ilot nn the I of adores Uon the brush of a adores wing that makes time eternal poetic Ijranv called itami that these show inch i varying values attached to the kiss bv the complBlnants as to make the establishment 1 of same general standard Imperative but a axed scale of course for this would be obviously unfair Who I could attach the same significance to the scarcely yielded tarot kiss of the maiden of baMhfiil liyeon anti the widow of aft But It should be n sl ding scale carefully adjusted to the nvalllblllty of the dlrivrent grade of kisses Of course the widely dlfferlllK values are due to n great extent to tin lack of union HIIIIIIIK WOIIIPII Hn lone all they remain n meat unoiKanltfd mutually anlaKOnlstlo mOM nothing ran be done They will have In realize that the tiny of cutthroat competition ore over and that they inimt Orsanlzi Ililt apparently the Swung womnn of New llrlHln luiwlf placid the vry modest vilut of M cents upon lui cusses Hut sir surely undiifMiimutiil them K Hhniild hal kern W ioiils Oilier clllllK HHIIHII I iH aodrst III tlnlr eNiliniiei hove surd for IIIH > < viilutJ al Liea aploiu And there hare been M ht e all the W1r butwetii Hut perhaps ionipotlllon In the Nen IliUiin kiss nuirkvt U so keen ni to rcniVtr mi hlghiT viluu than M cenib prohlbltle I OIKH know a bab girl nho was s n fond of tutu thut when Vi Im il dflltfKlSl llfflIHll h give bier llfl fur a KU sat liniililih p < rmlllpil lulUli til IIH Hfltil Ul whll < m shoats friilut Mile liniiiniril nn her bralel I tici nil lip + Hill uiu ihty her iiuisi lull her lhit whlle iln > iliiiXKlxl gnvo nee Illll llll < for a IN III was III III i lilt < if rtillliv Iwo pliiti fur n rrlh Ilini pluliiK Ili illloiiloil > In I 1drluItu vuliii mi her ktssrs nf lint a I lit IIM > TIltllUirilT Sill It IlaH III I i ldl + n it thi illsIll Milmorn till I iilsn s or tin niniiisii IIIK drill < mil prKlvtinily bought lni inn Ile nn nn n un liitll iniimi pnsluury Ir our ravxidr lliit Us Krnu hi nhii iii to a < < itiln p u iiiiiMi Ill vitniff inaii wino mall > nullI tin riiln Ill rnti shish hi hi I nntiiiH I I lily inl IIP pall > t hinian o > iniMi iati in II ivi eat sure that HUM mint he OHIC > > pl i > i iim furls + n h as a IIIIIIT con Ifu 11111 1 ih III hulk willi n f In IT gout ill rut Th Niiv Emihin Kill his miffoipil in 0 i rail nf nil inlii old llni IIH f W lOr liii sister > who 111 In sully fn > h r A CORONATION CUSTOM A I il i a III vrv iJ M days r1is i 1 < r on e Kiitllrt nf Suttli rlni oi iJi > iiiii M tm threat woiiM kill lime of tin lir n i > r < nul rtn i llIillH I nrI ii HIM HIThoi hliniir anil IliPti w nil ko > n ttN nolVnii In ti skull of Ihr lnl briniern trashes vlii > i nl itl fie power of the nifilrlni to tlicm i m malbpnntlPHtM oull 0 nay If a warrior or roinplenou bravery IH klllnl In war bus body Is made Into mfliclnt ami idmlnhtcrtil to the young men to milk them brave a practice which may well have been the AmIoc4JInlaILtin I 7 i 7 f 1t t t < j1t t A yy A j j VervJ Queer Isnt It But Its V < ry True y CHAWMED I liJ I I = = THEY SAY THAT TWO CANT LIV ON LOVE ii 1 i i ilr JV 1 I 1 111 j x rw JkZ ¼ C I Y 1j 1j 1 t h LETTERS QUERIES AND ANSWERS tl tl II IM IroiiitiiiujMl isiiHftir la I CJjr f Tir I va WilM vtaI In tin iTi t niy HI 1nImn tin tturl ij iiulT > ur T C It trlsnldes TI the Clllir of Tii Frpoag lvrd W In tt n AriHlltln uilMiltnl l > y tin disciItL91Ult < Ar Idr9 < VInws on iruxprnniont cro Ui > l mummy run HIM Oiu man who UHK 1 for hl < xtiiuni merely KVf as a rr tan for ik > ln > tn I 1111 tlreJ i > f tearing him called The Just Tin Mptrii VomKr nf the Vnrlil To the KJltor of The R rnliiR world What wore the original Seven Won hero of the worl < lI AKCHIBAJD p l ThL PyrBmtd3i jDabylona lIan sine > > JI k 7 f Y sSfm < r l i < Ii 0 j iiiiti in the Voiiti of Miiujoluu the IlllOMUIl of UllO1 tilt TrlHJll Uf i liMiii luplterV ftituo In Ilililaai uul the Piuros Light Uon c I l en In Clone Vtiitlirr i Tu the KJIlur of The Kfnlnr World1 IH llroolclyii Hrldso visible from any I liiit or High street NenutK N J DlSPtlTK I XVImln the rinuil ontt Tu thn KHIti > r of Ttie FfnhiK World Iii tnuflllns through your country 1 have often hertz accosted by the salutation hats tho rood woriir This seem foolish to me I have asked others Its meaning derivation and the correct rutoit tnoto ptople rair tl1mroreo uk rMtdeniito 1 rt I JlJ I 6 tl ii l < WONT VOU < vON 517 TKCr COUCH J 11 4 j BUT IT5 WONDERFUL HOW QUICK T I 41 t st E L i rM if 1 l r 1I1 1 I 1i i A t + TWO LOVERS WHO ARE VERY THIN WILL GET SO VERY THICK 1 OJ I + III + + + + IIIIIIIIIHiIHH + + IIHIH HHlIlIllIH + llIllIIHHHlllHIHIHHrHIIIIlIltIlt II 1111 I HH What Is the Telephone Number 1H6ABroml < One Ate Six Abroad Now Guess What This Is tell me what the above expression moans how It started and what T should reply when thus addressed T U J BARHAM lees and ItnliliK Problem To the IMItor of The UMnlnir World Here Is a problem tn tangle up a few of your cleverest renders Simple nil It looks It mill stump nine of ten of the cleverest although thorp Is no catch In Itt 1 Listen A dog pursues a rabbit the moment the chnv starts the rabbit Is JO < feet advance of the dog At every hundred feet travelled by the rabbit the doe cuts down the distance between himself and the rabbit by one half For Instance at tho end of the titI OGtce tr vIU by they nD blt I h e I P t dog Ie but fifty feet behind How far must both travel before the log catches the rabbit Puzzle this out dfar read ors Get busy with n Vorry It Give HIP answer If you can Tills Is a good old Knellsh puzzle What cleyer American fun solve U7 Kew 1 thlrtkISLES DlUT1811 ISLES Wedding QuarT To the Editor of The Kvenlnit World At an evening wedding does the bride leave her home for the place of the ceremony accompanied by her parent Ior with her Intended J O Tha bride < < ota to the seen of the l ceremony with htr OMARU notjrrtth lheillfldear001 litet 4 wl a i I 4 V b H + + I I I IrIIHH + i 1SiihtIthh1II I I PTfte 1 I I1igher Up By Martin Green 4 I q Its VBA Jerome Overlooks a Bet iid t4 Not Axeing Vanderbilts Door SEE said the CigarStore Man that District 6 6 I Attorney Jeromes private detectives tried to J butt into the residence of Mrs Nellson and I serve a subpoena on Reggie Vanderbilt It Is surprising replied the Man Higher Up hats I the DistrictAttorney didnt send his men on a hook l bladder truck with life nets and picks and shovels If ho1 overlooks many bets like that people will begin to los confidence In him as a performer rhe arrest of a few reporters Isnt much of a spectacular feature In a production such as the DistrictAttorney is accustomed to j put Ion lOOt course the Dletrlct Attorney Is all to the good 10 chasing young Vanderbilt The young man haa committed YJ a crime that reeks with Infamy He hasdons what he pleased with his awn money If It had been somebody elses money the District Attorney wouldnt pay any more attention to film than he would to a fire In a corncrib at Pompton N J Criminals like Reggie Vanderbilt and Jesse Lowlssohnl who have more cush than they know what to do wlthl are hounded because they dared to co Into Canflelda gamblinghouse and take a chance h flit Reggie and Jesse had gone to the racetrack and gambled the DistrictAttorney wouldnt have known any thIng about It He dont know anything about the hundreds of poor devils who are losing money that belongu to their wives and children at the tracks every day Thy man who cant afford to lose money may blow it like an intoxicated seaman against games in which all the percentage is for Sweeney The millionaire who dont fenl his losses gets on Jeromes list for getting the worst off it against roulette or faro bank Wouldnt the DistrictAttorney be after Vaiiderbtlti Just tho same if he were a poor man 1 asked the Clgaru Storo Man Say retorted the Man Higher Up dont you glv > Jeromes press agent the credit of having any sense ol all 1 Arent you wise to the new piece the DlstrlctAt torney Is starring In entitled Save the Mazuma of Out t Millionaires The Ftidge Idioforial QiOTOftMi PAGE OF THE EVENING FUDGE d Do you ltaoqQ WbyNcwYorkcrsGctTblDgs WHY tutor tup r WuCthcrluCYWantEmorNot tblsDlgIJNiYER58 Den hand around A Purely Scientific IdlotorlM of oani It U beT + te trot h riea roto CI I STATS mG FUDGE rear1 s il 1 lessly and relentlessly 1 PURSUES wrongdoers and choochooers whom It doesnt reallj want to pat Into Jail or drag to the I I scaffold but whom it likes to scare Inlo fits for purposes r of public WEAL and all that sort of GOOKY thing yon know I This POLICY on the part of the FUDGE Minn food weather for Sundays and naifholidays and KEEPS the sun moon and stars alienator to their business rent I I larly besides unmasking crime and spreading mare or I less BEHEF1CENCE where It will do most rood Just now we call attention to the Hew York ten i I I tralsblr new electrical engines which will ban jM1 r senrers through the tunnel at serenlynre TBlles aa rr 1 hour The FUDGE made the Central boy that emlse j and we WANT yon to bellere that NO OTHER POWER l la earth could have brought about Its purchase Wn1 kept at the heartless corporation till It ought the j enzlne So please thank us first gj It makes no DIFFERENCE that this class of CBtfse Shad not been perfected until Just now and COULDnT I J possibly hare been bought before The FUDGE broifbt I I It all about as It does eKrjthlnr So pray REMEMBER r this and put ttoour credit when you are counting oft air lllteey el1esl cooto thTHlDGB laiotwto 1 wSL > J I t e t t

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