The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1942 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1942
Page 7
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The Alffona Upper Defi Moines, Algonft, Iowa, Dec. ACADEMY TAKES EMMETSBURGIN TILT SUNDAY ^Visitors' Second Tfeatn ; Bingfi Up Id Points Againat Academy Sec- i onds, 8 Tallies Coach Hedlund's Academy quint proved hot on field goals Sunday afternoon when they beat the Emmetsburg St. Marys' team 36 to 8. .And, top, the tekni Is p'cklng up in ,;a general way, 'better guarding,' ! better team work, better passing. •McEnroe was high in points with 12 counters and DeZellar second with 10, while Mahoriey came in a close third with 9. The locals had ,«na or two. men with a bit longer .; reach than the vWltors, ,,otherwse .{the two teams were pr"' matched for weight and i summary: •Academy •DeZellar, f _ .McEnroe, f '. 5 , ;.Mahoney, c ....4 1 , Kajewsk, g 0 ' 1 '•'• ^Reynolds, g 1 0 •X Winkel '.< ,..0 0 ;'t>ailey :.;.; ;....J. 0 : Valentine jO -0 "Winter ...,: .0 0. evenly ed, The 32 4 Kmmeteburp— •Shimon, f ...,...„....;-.....: il- 0 0 1 Wear, f 0 0 0 .Smith, c „ i *.;Jt .0 1 Aylward, g -... 0 'o 1 Mehan, g ....;....:.'.....i.'.:...;.-..'..'.0 0 2 •O'Brien ....„.;,.:,. : ..;.'..<> 1 0 '.McCain ;...:;....,..;;«.....;;...,;.:.;.,i o a ';';phiiiips'...;.: ;......,: ; .0 i i •Jones I........... *...0 0 1 o*Deii ;..';;:'.,' '.... ' o o i Make Date With Your Soldier Boy Xmas The matter of telephone calls this Chrlstfhfta Is an unusually serious problem this year .because of ur^ gent war-time calls, according to Fred Timm, local manager of the Northwestern Bell Teephohe Company. He says war never takes a Holiday and th'« year there will be many added messages over normal holiday times. Extra operators are on duty and every effort will be made to put through long distance calls, but war calls come first. Therefore, according to Mr. Timm, if you plan to talk with those of yours in the armed service Write a letter and arrange for them'to place a call to you collect as such calls are more likely to get tfirough. In other,.Vords, if .you want to talk to your boy in the service make & date with-him to call you. That is the best way to have your Christmas visit. •''••' ,.V • .'.'•« 2 10 ; Emmetaburg 'Seconds Win ' The Academy second team went •down in defeat-to the Emmetsburg ;>seconds to the tune of 18-8. Some ; .good material on both of these I; teams and it .-.would seem that 'the score should have been less one- sided.' - : ;-•;•••• Mrs. F. L Tribon •wfll taett all the furniture of Herbert Furst at his home, 514 Sot; Minn, street, Saturday, December 18, at 10 o'clock a. m. Piano, $30. New living room set, davenport, rockers, chairs, te- bies, ta!2 rugs, sewing machine, floor lamps, ironing board, desk and 'chair, radio/four beds complete, 2 dressers, 'chest of draw r ers, 'card tables, 2 clothed closets, oil stove, Congoleum rugs, dishes, canned fruit, lots of cloth- Ing, children's toys. You can get fine Xmas gifts here These -people ;go to Calif., the will ALGONA HIGH AND EMMETSBURGPIAY OVERTIME 26-26 Basketball Fans Surely Got Money's Worth in Tight Game Here on Tuesday Night Following three extra overtime periods With. the score Still a tie, 28-2$ the Algona and Ehumete- burg quints called it a draw at the high school gym Tuesday night After the first quarter it was nip and tuck and surely no basketball fan could ask for better enterta'>n- ment than that game proved. Coach Nelson's boys are getting into their stride and should make a. fine showing during the season! Holdren rang up eight po.'oits for bur side with Black, a substitute? pulling down 7. The teams were pretty well matched w'.th perhaps the edge in favor of Emmetsburg though they were on the defensive most of the time. The score, by quarters was 71, 12-15, 18-19 and 26-26. The summary: Algona Hardgrove, c..: ...................... .0 Reed, f ....... ......... .................. 1 Walliikait, f ............... .. ....... 2 Holdren, g ............................ 4 Colberg, g. ....: ....................... 0 Bflack ...A.......*.....-..-.... ........... 3 Devine .................................... 0 i 2 0 o 2 1 0 26 6 14 Emmetsburg— Hofstad, f 3 1 4 Smith, f ...A 3 2 0 Herliman, c ..».••- • »1 ! 2 Soper, g 0 1 3 Carrol, g - 2 1 4 Brost .* 1 0 1 Lager ,.: -...0 0 0 Nolan ' \.» - 0 0 0 McDonald .0 0 0 ALGONA MATMEN TO FORT DODGE LOSE FIRST MATCH Gade, 95, and Banwart, 112, Win Ms in Theft Class Saturday Night; Opponents Alumni Cofteh Clyde Ridenour's wrestlers took on a match with the Fort Dodge high school matmen Saturday night and the locals lost 3210. It was the first session of the season for the locals. Only three of last year's team are wrest- this year while Fort Dodge has a first team of almost all last year men. However, Coach Ridenour is very well pleased with the showing made by the team considering the ability of the' opponents. The Fort Dodge team won the in- vitatonal mete at Eagle Grove only last week. Team Shows Promise Banwart 112, Nielson 118 and Marshall 129, are, the three :Iast year's men on the team. New mat- er.'.fil include Gade 90, Helmers 105, Young 135, Dale 145, Brown 155) and 'Matern, heavyweight 165. Gade j and Banwart won their falls Saturday night. Young and Dale put up a good battle In their division and lost by a mere shade. Coach Ridenour says the boys make a hardworking bunch and he expects them to make a good show.'.ng during the comng season.'. The teams meet Clarion here Friday night. The Schedule So far four games have been scheduled for the season after the first of the year. They are Clarion there January,8, Eagle Grove here January .15, Gilmore City here on January 29 and Gilmore City there February 12. Several other mat- fches during the "Season are In the ADMINISTER FIRST AID TO FIRE VICTIMS—Boston, Mass.—Soundphoto: Patrons and entertainers bend over the bodies of some of the less fortunate victims who were caught in the fire at the Cdconut Grove night club in Boston last Saturday night. The fire started while the floor show was still In progress, and spread rapidly through the bulling, trapping a gay crowd of young celebrants from the Boston College-Holy Cross football game. The Boston Public Safety Committee announced the death toll as 440. . can be arranged. making -providing transportation Ottosen News LOCALS 20 6 i 14 The local second team also took the, game from. the Emmetsburg 'irecinda 17-35, parks Apas;$ig&,yriih, -e'"<pbints. This is the secbnd victory for that, bunch th?a season. We Still Have Electrical Gifts! Wonderful idea for ^ Christmas brides, your y favorite hostess—an electrical gift to give her perfect service in record time. Mrs. Cliff Landers will entertain the Progressive club this week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Zinnel, Mrs. Ray Telford, and Deanne Telford were Algona visitors Friday. Gertie Lou Coyle, of Cedar Falls, came for the Thanksgiving vacation at x the parental Mike 'Coyle's. .. The Presbyterian Aid served its annual chicken-noodle supper last week Wednesday evening, and it was a success despite the snowstorm. ' > Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lander were Saturday visitors at Algona. Mrs. Beth Wilson, Boone, .Jack and Gayle spent the week end at J. P. Starin's here. Lois Jacobson spent from last week Tuesday to Thursday at Henry Lovig's; Mrs, Helen ,Fish- "er, Omaha; .and her children, were Thanksgiving guests at Helen Shipley's. .. ; , , , ; .,'_. :: '-' •., £.., ' Donald Wehrspanh and verna Holt, Iowa City; spent last Thursday and Friday with their parents. Mavis Holt, Mason City, was here for Thanksgiving at Peter Holt's. ' The Lutheran Aid met at the church last week Wednesday, Mrs. Clarence Reese and Mrs. Olives Kinseth as hostesses. Program: solo, Mrs. Merle Faulk; reading, Mrs. Loren Daniels. Election of officers was held. Mr. and Mrs. 'Hollis Cooper were Thursday guests at Alfred Jensen's, Rodman. Sylva Ton- derum, Bode, is helping with the housework "at Ralph Cooper's. Jackie Wilson, Boone, spent Friday with Eldon Hundertmark. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem were Thursday guests Manda Mitsven, Bode. of Mrs. Mrs. I. 4 -jt We have a good as- - sortment of toasters, but no more automa- -tics, a few waffle bakers/two electric roast. • ers, a few hot 'plates, and a nice assortment of table lamps. A door chime would make an acceptable gift. , Christmas Decorations At present ^P have a ® om /' bulbs, light strings, ete^ Jjast year, fortunately, we bought 1 heavily on, tfyese items, l^his year they are .not being made. 91 ffc^tSh w ^* ^rar^ww? , Wfcy naj (tiro "Her" » new tor the Wt- on* We have » model tot owbr, They #tt> » stock »* gll I Loyig spent a few days at Arthur Loyig's last week. ; Jessie, Lovig, McGregor, is visiting at Henry Lovig's before induction into the army. Mrs. Donald McBain, of Des Moines, spent Saturday and Sunday at the Ralph Richards home. Mr.,and Mrs. Ray Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Holt, Clear Lake, S, D., and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson, Pipestone, Minn., x were weekend- x ers at Peter Holt's. Chester Alme has returned frdm the Fort Dodge Lutheran hospital. Donald Blanchard, of Lone Rock, visited at his sister Mrs. Alme's Saturday, and their mother, Mrs. J. M. * Blanchard, went home with him. J. M., Mrs. Alfred Shultz, and her baby were Thanksgiving guests at AJme's. ' Mr! and Mrs. D. E. Young, of Rolfe, were Thanksgiving guests =>t Henry Lovig's. Mrs. -Ernest Enockson and her girls spent from last Thursday to Sunday at William Cooper's, near Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Merland Cody, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cooper, the William Coopers, Humboldt, (Mrs. Helen Campbell, and the Enopk- sons were Thanksgiving dinner guests at Thomas JoUiffe's, near Bradgat.e. ' Roy THllngliast suffered a heart attack on Friday and was taken to the Kossuth hospital where he 4s doing nicely. Mrs. H. W. Post and Mrs. Frank Vera spent two days last week at 'Fort '(Dodge where they visited Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee. 5trs. T. C. Sherman expects to leave Wednesday for Minneapolis where she will spend the holidays with her sister, Mrs. R. R. Kennedy. " Harold Jergcnsen left Sunday for WaUkegan, Illinois, where he has employment fn a defense plant; Mrs. Jergenson plans to remain ; to Algpna. Faris Miner spoke interestingly at the Kiwanis club luncheon Thursday noon of h.'« experiences as a civilian Instructor with' the army air corps in Texas. Mr .and Mrs. Kenneth Medin and daughter, Sandra, of Graettinger and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Medin of Whittemore spent Sunday in the parental San* Medin home. Hubert Deal, son .of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal, s n Des Moines await- ting further orders from the army. HQ enlisted a week ago Monday in the signal corps of the army. Adra Yeoman spent the week end in Webster City where she visited her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Yeoman and family. Adra is employed as a beauty operator in Algona. Eleanor) I/aBarre hi expected home Friday evening for the Christmas vacation with her parents, , Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre. Eleanor has been attending; the state university. Rev. P. J. Braner went to Fort Dodge Friday on, the'ibus to call on Mrs.: (C. E. Heise .who Is, in" the. Lutheran hospital 're*c6verfhg from a fractured hip. Mrs. Heise's condition is reported as improved. Herb Adams -came home-,..Wednesday from Des Moines where he had spent ten days at the Veterans' hospital. He expected to undergo surgery, but it was found unnecessary after a period ,of observation. Corp. Dennis (Pat) Hegarty of Fort Lewis, Washington, came on Friday for an eight day furlough with h!s wife, the former Blanch Myers, and his sister, Mrs. John Eller. His brother, Emmett, was recently home on furlough. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster, Mrs. Mary Whte and Mis. F. L. Tribon went to Eagle Grove on Sunday to attend a Christmas cantata. The director was Mrs. Wesley Bartlett; the former Mary Elizabeth Foster. Mr. and Afrs. Stan Muckey became the parents of thelir first child, a daughter, born Sunday at the Kossuth hospital. This makes grandparents of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Muckey for the second time within a week. '' Mr. and Mrs.JR. F. Donovan leave- today for Santa Ana, Calif., where they wMl visit their, son, Ralph and family for two or three months.. Ralph, has 'been doing defense work there for several months and his family recently joined him. , .1 Mrs. Charles Du Charme II and son, Chuckle of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, arrived Friday to visit until after the holidays with her parents, Mr.' and Mrs. N. C. Rice. Mrs. DuCharme wMl come to Algona for Christmas. Mrs. S. J. Murchland has refceiv- ed word that her husband has beer promoted from staff sergeant to warrant officer at Camp Pickett Virginia. Mr, and .Mrs. Murchland were married on his last furlough home. She is the former Moines Monday to be sworn into the navy. He has been employed at the Pratt Electric Co. since graduation from high school. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer (Lars) Anfinson, ; former Algerians, -now living on the west coast. Maurice Bartholomew, Jean Kin- -sey and Farfa Miner flew from Squeeze Field airport at Algona to Clarion, Waterloo and Mason City thence back to Algona on Friday. Faris, now a 1 ; civilian instructor for the army at Coleman, Texas, was insrumental in organizing the local aSrport. Mrs. A. E. Michel received word from her son, Maurice that he will remain at Camp Davis, North Carolina. as an instructor in anti-aircraft following his graduation from officers' training December 17. Maurice will ibe given a ten day furlough during which he will marry Helen Austin, local teacher. Mr, and Mrs. V. M. Wingert returned Sunday from Watikegan, III, where they ihave spent the past two weeks. Mr. Wlngert stopped in Algona briefly and then left for Kansas City, Kansas, where he will now be stationed. He a wararnt officer in the navy and was formerly stationed in Panama. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith and little daughter have moved to West Bend to the farm of Mrs. Smith's parents, (Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Runchey. Wayne has been employed by the Algona Co-Operative Creamery for the past six years. Gordon Bjerke of Plymouth has been hi fed to take his place. Mr. Bjerke has a wife and small child. Evelyn Cady received .a Loren Bell, son of Mr. anfl Mr». Robert Bell, is ill With pneumonia at his . .DB1I, home. He is in the second year of high school. Sergeant Ralph Llndhoni .spent the week end, in Algona with h'« parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lindhorst. Ralph is stationed- at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. He has, been accepted for officers' training but has not yet received his call. A fine baby boy, weighing somn- thing over seven pounds, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Angle at the Kossuth hospital last Wednesday. The Angles live on highway No. 16 a few miles this side of Sexton. Mrs. Angle was Ellamae Brophy before her marriage. Lieutenant-Colonel and:Mrs. Hutchins spent Friday lit Algona w.''th his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins. Mr. Hutchnis is employed in the War Department at Washington, D. C.. and she returned there from here while the lieutenant-colonel continued With his duties.... Bob Fleming visited Friday in Algona at the home of his sister, Mrs. Craig Sm'.th. He was returning from Los Angeles where he had been working in an aircraft factory. He Is visiting his parents, M>. and Mrs. J. M.' Fleming at Whittemore a/waiting ',nduction Into the army. Mrs. Herman Moore and' Mrs, Durwood Potter and son, Jerry, left Saturday evening to join their husbands at Santa Montea, California, where they are working in an airplane factory^ Mrs, Moore has resigned her position as office nurse for Doctor Hoffman Her place is being taken by Mary McNeil. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Oreenberg received word Friday that their son Harry, has been commissioned a lieutenant in the army. He- has been taking h'a officers' training at Camp Lee, Virgin'a. He is now with his wife at her parents' home in Topeka, Kansas, and they are both expected to arrive here soon to visit until after Christmas. Friends here have received "word from Mr. and Mrs. carl Haass that their new home Is now Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When the Haases left here they did not know where they were being transfetred. The Milwaukee move was especially welcomed by them because '.t is also the home 1 ' of Mrs. Haase's mother. Mr. Haase is a Hormel employee. Lieutenant and Mrs, EiTmund 9i Cap'esius left the last of the week for Fort Worth, Texas, where he will be stationed. Mrs. Capestos has been visiting her husband at Camp Robinson at Little Rock, Arkansas, the past mon-tli and they came here to visit relatives after he Mad received hl(* son in the Army Vetefteftr> They will Jrtake thel? ' Wbrtti.' Mr. and tt. it. received word that their som Tfld, ' • will be graduated'ftorn an ofticfers' training course for 'the navy at Northwestern trniVersWjjr .on this 24th of Decfember. HY ' " ' missioned an ensign. .. rive in Algona Christmas day for a short visit wiiOi his .parents, Thd second. Chrlschilles son, Jack, IK expected home the T8th for h'a vacation from Belbit College In Wisconsin. • ..! be corn- He will ar- IOWA Tuesday-Wednesday, Rite 15-18 Ralph Byrd BOtty OraWe in in "a o. a COAST GUARD" '«OWG OF THE ISLANDS* Thursday-FHday-Saiarday, Dfe<x 1M8-19 Second Feature TOM TYLER * BOBSTEELE *• JimmiebOOD -eivr- HEH BONDS * CHRISTMAS' Serial;. -"Spy. Smashed For Last MInuEte beautl- Gift Hand Bags Flat or .pouch styles with coin purse and compart- fl An Ii9« ments. Black or colors . • Gift Silk Hose Are always appreciated. Beautiful ' quality. Sheer rayons. Full fashioned. i' JE Winter colors- l«lW Gift I^y col 1 lingerie Rayon panties, ' br^efs; s step- ( in^.,' Gifts., like 'these' are' welcome •. ful Delia Robbia wreath made by. the boys ?.n the Junior Republic industrial and vocational school at CMno, California. The gift was sent by Mrs. Mary Henderson who is on the staff at the school. Mrs. Henderson is a former Algonan and Luncheon Sets S 2 49 her iwas.pnce a:.inember of. Hospital News o| Every Pratt Electric Phone J70 • ,/ , A -', ) '•'--- ". VC ^ *.J*) r Koseutb ,^ , r ,._ »™.™.,ber 8—Kveyn Wilhelm't Bancroft, surgical; 'Mrs Robert Hal verson, Fenton, surgical; John Tallier, Al?ona, surgical; Aletha Ad aons, Algona, surgical. • December &-Wrq\ 'Earl Anglo. Atepna, hoy. IDecember JO—W. Alfred —.— Ledyard, girt; Ponna, BeenHen, Tl- tonkfl, medical. , ! . . . the Long Bros, arid Henderson grocery firm. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hemph'H were surprised to learn that their son, -Jack, a mach.'.nist'3 mate in the navy, appeared on the Horace Heidt program Sunday noon. Jack sailed with his ship a week ago and was supposedly somewhere on the Pacific. The radio program revealed that the ship had been rammed and the ship returned to port under its own power. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Alt became the parents of the'.r first child, a daughter, born Sunday at the Kossuth hosnital. The baby has been named Morilvn Parby. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greehbers are grandparents for th« fir«r Hm" Mr.s. Alt. Mui former Isabel Greenberg is making her home with her parents for the duration. ' Mr. Alt is in the radio technician division of the army. Man Wanted Grood Sunday Eegis- ter route open, earn $35.00 a month extra for working on Sunday . morning only. Needs car and good reference. Extra gas allowed for this work. Write or call W. J. PAYNE Phone 353 Algona, la. Attractive, .hand 'blocked patterns. Tbey ; 'inake:,smart table' settings. They're always appreciated. Chenille Bed Spreads Rich luxurious chenille spreads in every color. Designs are made of baby chenille for rare beauty. Scarfs and. Vanity Sets: 79c Crocheted or sectional lace effects .'n natural pastel /shades. A gift that is sure x- to please her. Gay Smocks $279 Smart'styles for gift giving. Long sleeves. Loose or belted models. Gay printed fabrics. Misses', women's sizes. Ready for Christmas with New • f ?m Sparkling, colorful prints. checks; stripes. For practical giv'aig. Sizes 12 to" 20, 38 to 46, 48 to 52. Crisp new cottons. for winter wear indoors. Cleverly styled, button, fronts, set-in belts, nip- in waists, and tie belt styles. Ftoe count prints that will hot dim with washing. You'll want several for yourself- as well as for gifts! BRUNCH COATS Good enough •to tf^AQ treat as a gift, • • **•* or something special for yourself Large leaf print pattern, Trirar med with white. jumbo r ! *-rac, • Shirred back' for fine fit. 2. hut- ton front. Colors—red, blue and brown. Sizes 12 to 20. .j*$& Noririe Greiner. Ernest Anflnson went to Algona, medical. December Ifcr-Mrs. Ray Braim. AJ-, gona, surgical; Fre4 Pau, Fenton, Pecember key, Al*ona, girl. Stanley P*n Alt, WRESTLING First Home Meet of the Season Friday, Dec. 18 7;30 p. m. A, H, $. Gym AdmUtkm 1G-20-3& Gifts for Mother FANCY GOWNS always appreciated .... HANDKERCHIEFS in gift boxea HOLEPROOF HOSE sheer rayons " IiUXTTE PANTIES Briefs. Real gifts .... Gifts for Sister i MM 1 «w9 GIFT DRESSES For the holidays BRH5FS, PANTIES an inexpensive g?<ft .... FOT KNIT GLOVES gay pew colors ..., 79c SNOW SOTBS - M AJ- 2 piece girls' styles .... IfVw Gifts for LADY LILLIAN Manicure Sets DRESSER SETS three piece seta ..„. PERFUME and: SOAP SETS FACEPQWDER, Cream Rouge Sets 49c Giftsfortiirn 49c 49c 8B4VING SETS Lotion, powder, soap SHAVING BOWL Lotion, talc powder ajwpye appreciated HANDKERCHIEFS In gift boxes -" KG Gifts for Father ] 1.95 DRESS SHIRTS always appreciated ... DRESS SOCKS sure to please him HANDKERCHIEFS colored borders . -.. GARTER SETS !<n gift boxes . ....— Gifts for Brother SPORT HOSE; - MQ. three-quarter length *9w NOVELTy , A AA . / . i DRE^S gHJRTS; SlBjCfKWriAR flne'lgfts Kitchenware Sets „,„ iota oft-j3r«« ^rmr *^< ™<'«™

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