The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1942 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1942
Page 6
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The JugBM tlrotf ftt» kotoM, JJJgMla, lim, toe, it, tttt. ALGONA HI LOSES TO EAGLE GROVE IN FRIDAY GAME Visitors Win 23-19 by Pinal Burst of Speed in Fourth Quarter; Locals ' Lead First Three In the game with Eagle Grove in the high school gym Friday night the loc-al quint held a consistent lead with 16-13 'n the first three quarters, but in the fourth quarter the visitors came in with a burst of speed which won the game for them wlion they ran up ten points, to only three for our side. At that It WHS n good game and would have been ours had the locals made half of their free throws. However, Coach Nelson's boys are showing flue .improvement !-n passing and team work. The suni- Algona Fg Ft Pf Reed, f 2 0 0 Hardgrovc, f 0 Wollukalt, g 3 Holdren, c. 1 Cfolberg, g -1 iDevirre 0 3 1 1 0 0 14 ,5 Xtegle Grove— Smith, f 0 0 McGrafch, f 0 0 Oole, c 6 4 Helbach, g 0 2 Mlllgren, g 1 0 Shoenhair < 1 1 16 7 8 SecomLs Win In the curtain raiser the local second team took the Eagle Grove seconds to 'a beating by 17-14. The visitors lead ?.n the first half with a score of 6-2 but in the second half our boys jumped this '15 counters to win. / Son of Rev. Holme* Elected to Congress Many Algona people will remember the Rev. Holmes family who moved to the west a number of years ago. Rev. Holmes was a popular pastor of the Algona Congregational church and set-ved a term or so in the legislature from Kossuth county. Mr.l and Mrs.) Holmes are now both dead, and ther son, "Hal", who wa.s a little boy when the family left Algona. was elected to Congress this lust fall from the state of Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Holmes I'.ve i.t Ellensburg, in the Fourth District, which extends from the Grand Coulee Dam to the Oregon state line. The newly elected coitgrssman, who is a college professor and is interested in sheep ranching, is forty yars old now and is married. Young Mr. Holmes is credited w'.th being a popular and able young man. A picture of him and his goodlook- ing wife with a story of their campaign was handed to this office by Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, who was a close friend of the family when they lived Mr Algona. JAYCEESJUMPTO SECOND PLACE IN BOWLING LEAGUE Following several weeks of consistent winning the Jaycees have now arrived in second place in the Kossuth Bowlfng League. Four teams are tied for third place all of them having been consistent in their wins the past several weeks. The standings: W L Pet Mullins Hybrids 28 8 Jaycees 26 10 Honnymead Grandads 24 12 John Deere Tyke Holsnm Bread .... Fenton Closes Stores And Holds Pearl Harbor Day Program Fenton: A large group of Fentoi Jolk, including businessmen, clerks, farmers, housewives and school children gathered at the Honor Roll Board on main street at 11:25 a. m. Monday in honor of Pearl Harbor Day. All business places were requested to close their doors at (the ringing of the church bells, at which time a short program was Iheld. Rev. F. C. Pruel led the igroup in staging "America" followed by silent prayer for peace. Wilfred Stoeber, president of the community club urged everyone to buy bonds and according to Postmaster Schwartz the call was heeded as he was kept busy all day selling war bonds and stamps. "Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ackerson tot' Wesley and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Liong of Lone Rock visited at the Asa Warner home Sunday. K. of C. Old Style Lager f 'Ivor Gr;iy Cnfe Fuller Brushes Wesley Auto Pioneers Barry's Midgets Burl .24 12 24 12 ...24 12 ..23 13 ...21 15 ...20 16 ...18 18 ...17 19 ...13 23 ...16 20 .778 .722 .667 .667 .667 .667 .639 .583 .556 .500 .472 .361 .444 ACADEMY TAKES WHITTEMORE BY TWO TO ONE SCORE Met Presentation There Wednesday Night and Broughfc Home Bacon With 26-12 Count Following last Sunday's defeat when Bancroft came here and took the Academy quint to n cleaning with n 32-14 score the locals trekrd to Whittemore Wednesday night and in a battle w'.th Presentation Aacdcmy rather regained some of the confidence, which Bancroft had taken from the basketcers. The Academy crew took Presentation to the tune of 25-12, and though the scores seems rather one-sided the game was much better in action than the score would Indicate. For the locals Mahoney found the basket 6 times whMe Uhlenhake for Presentation found it three times. Algona had 19 fouls chalked up aganst them while Presentation was charged with 15. This seem a lot of fouls in an ordinary game, but Bon Eggers, Fenton, referee, was somewhat the closest observer of all referees, in fact it seemed that if the sidelines clapped a hand he called foul on one of the players. However, he played no favorites, and outside of seeing "pushing" on the least provocat'on, his work WPS quite satisfactory. The summary: Algona Fg Ft Pf DeZellar, f 4 2 2 McEnroe, f 0 0 2 Mahoney, c 6 Kajekski, g 0 Reynolds, g 0 Winkel 0 Valentine 0 Dailey i 0 Kinsey 0 Winters 0 RUSSIA ON THE OFFENSIVE—The Red Army broke through more German defenses as they forced breaches above and west of Kletskaya, at Kalach, which they now occupy, and south of Stalingrad at Karrassno-Armelsch. Along with these successes 3,000 more Nazi prisoners were taken on Sunday on the Don-Volga fronft Wettminster- dulld, business girls' organisation of thd Fresh?;* terlan Church, will meet W,ed.ne8dAy evening !<n the church basement for a 6:30 dinner. TWa Vrlll ije the Christmas party. . . * . ^ Bridge dub- Mr. and MM. tt. M, Olson ehter- talhed their couple bridge 6lUb oh Friday evening at their home, Thd guests 'were Mr. an'4 Mrs. W. E Steels and', Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mc- CUllbugh. QMS' Club Meeto— .Betty Jane liaBarre wMl enter tain the eight members,of Her high school girls' club at her home or Thursday evening. The affair wll bd, the club's Christmas party. , Bridge Cltlb— Mrs. L. S. Muckey will enterta'.n the members of her bridge club on Wednesday afternoon at a covered dish luncheon. There will be a ( Chrlsttnas gift exchange. Martin Didriksens Married Fifty Years Union; Mr. ami Mrs. Soren Did- riksen'attended a family gathering at the home of Mr. D'driksen's brother, Martin, in Algona last Thursday evening, Dec. 10th. It was the Martin Didrikscn's golden wedding anniversary. The family and close friends gathered for the evening to celebrate the occasion. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Wlbur Zeigler and children, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Didriksen and children. Mr. and Mrs. Soren Didriksen, Mrs. Mary Zeigler and her daughter, Leola. Lunch was enjoyed which was brought by the guests. Both were presented a gift. , SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH BONDS |Hf PnftisnVwith o future! Wednesday-Thursday, De«. lfi-17 Daily Ifl o'clock morning every 2 hours. Algona Merchants Christmas Thank You Party- "A Dog's life" "Jewel of the Pacific" Friday and Saturday, 'Dec. 18-19 Double Feature Three Way Attraction <*•>, — TORNADOES -Ofv. T HE,, WEST- Headi'h^for the Tt*A$ T« BAToAN 'sHARPE TERHUNE A MONOGRAM PICTURE Sunday and Mjonday, •...., , •^^HHIBiBHWfflBWWBWS HO FOOLIN! Ginger posing as a ' minor to beat full farc..coincs steaming home with the Male.:* Major operation! CINGEB HAY ROGERS • MIEXAN1 with 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 20 5 18 Presentation— Uhlenhake 3 2 2 D. Blbert, f 1 0 2 Koppen, c 0 1 4 Schumacher, g ^ 0 0 •! Rochford, g 0 0 . 3 Knecht' 0 1 0 Muller 0 0 0 8 4 15 Academy Second Win The Academy seconds beat the Presentation seconda in an opener 20-8. The high score was no doubt largely due to the df.fference in size of nipny on the teams, Presentation boys being younger and certainly much shorter than were the boys on the local quint. However, the Presentation lads showed good fight and good material will come off that bunoh in the future. L. D. R. Girls, Depew, Elect Year's Officers Fenton: The L. D. R. girls of the St. John's congregation at Depew met at the home of Wilma Weltzin Tuesday evening, Dec. 8th. The devptional program was opened with the singing of Christmas 'carols and the Christmas story found 'Ji the second chapter of Luke. The Treasure Chests, which represent the group's "Overflow Giving" were then presented. This amount goes to Home Missions. A mission story was read by Verlain Johnson. Wilma Weltzin gave the bulletin re- nort. Roll call was answered with Chr'stmas Thoughts. The election of officers was held with the fol^ 'owing elected: president, Marie Mitchell; vice president, Lois Mae Norland ; secretary, Luetta Norland'; treasurer, Doris DeWall; historian, Verlata Johnson; bulltetin reporter, Rhone (Mitchell. Lunch was then served by the hostess. IETY B, N. A. The Boyal Neighbor club anil hold '•ts annual Christmas party &t the home of Mrs. 'William Geerlng on UihUrsday afternoon. There will be a gift exchange. Bridge Club- Mrs. Bert Deal will entertain the members of her 'bridge club at her home at a pot-luck luncheon on Wednesday afternoqtt; There will be a gift exchange. Announcements • ' '"'"•' See our complete line of samples— prMted or , engraved. Let .them complete your trous- :;:; seau and tell the story of tne all important , .;" •..: . : eVent, . ' '"/•", The Algona Upper Des Moines fr^1&&f&l!&^^ '• " " " " " " • '-'-' • ' ' '•'.'• .?"'•'.. W* Woman's Club Xinns Party— engo In a ceremony performed on The Algona' Woman's club met Saturday at Mason City. Fitliday afternoon in the iWrary clubrooms. In the business meeting, five dollars was voted to the Pan American. Exchange Scholarship fund and three baskets of food and gfts were filled for needy families. Seven hundred and fifty keys have been collected for the salvage drive. The program consisted of three piano selections by Mrs. C. C. Shierk, Nocturne by Greig, Erotique by Greig and Sibelius' Finlandia. Mvs. Shierk played Lullaby by Jocelyn for an encore. Mrs. V. 1C Rising led carol singing with Mrs. F. E. Sawyer, accompanying on the piano. Mrs. O. B. Laing read a Christmas prayer by Stephen Benet and "The Last Christmas" by Delia Lutes. W. S. C. S. Circles— The Woman's Society of Christian Service circles of the Methodist church will meet at 2 p. m. on Thursday as follows: Mrs. A. T. Lauritzen's circle, with Mrs. Minnie Long, Mrs. C. H. Cle- I ments circle with Mrs. Milton GVi- dings, Mrs. Clinton Lighter's ' circle with Mrs. L. J. Malueg, Mr.=. W. C. Irelan's circle at her home, Mrs. R, W. Anderson's circle with Mrs. A. A. Sterling, Mrs. W. D. Andrews' circle with Mrs. W... Gj. ' BANCROFT NEWS aturuuy ui ivj.tuiuii \su*y. The hride is a mathematics teacher in the local junior high school and thds is her second year here. She Is a graduate of the State University of Iowa as is her husband. The new Mrs. Brown will return to Algona and to her teaching duties after the holidays. Beta Sigma Phi— A .'..! Ptv cl; i itcr of But i Phi will have its" annual Christmas party home Wednesday evening at the Mrs. E'*.wi:r- Hutcnics At Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Murray spent Monday at Des Moines on a business mission. The Glen McCleish family, of Whittemore and the John Gisches spent Sunday at F. X. Mescher's. The Farm Bureau women are iving a dinner in the St. John's uditorium this week Friday oon. Mrs. John Holland, of Gilman, 1., is spending a week at Reuben Ison's. She is the former Anna ilson. The Legion Auxiliary had a ,hristmas party at the Lepion ooms Tuesday evening. Gifts •ere exchanged. Mrs. Paul Mulligan and her hildren spent from last Thursday to Sunday evening at Her- >ert Trenary's, Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kramer ;pent a few days last week at St. ^ouis, visiting the son Urban, who is at Jesuit monastery there. Sgt. and Mrs. Raymond Goodenow, Des Moines, came last week Tuesday for a visit at Mrs. Lilian Devine's, going back last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McGuire, J.u- verne, Minn., spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday at Frank McGuire's and Mrs. J. H. Welp's Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert McCarthy, have received a cablegram from their son Robert, London, England, where he is a member of the famous Eagle Squadjon. Katherine Kramer, St. Vincent's hospital, and Gerald Kramer, of the Trinity school at Sioux City, spent the weekend at c'rcle , at her ' home; Mrs.' T^ C.' Hutchison's circle at' her home an'd Mrs. A. E. Michel's circle at the 'church. R. N. A. Elects Officers— The Royal Neighbors of America lodge held a six o'clock dinner at the Legion hall last Thursday evening and held its election of officers. Mrs. L. S. Muckey was elected Oracle; Mrs. Henry Johannsen vice Oracle; Atha Hardgrove, past Oracle; Mrs Eva Potter, recorder; Mr.s. Esther Helberg 1 , receiver; Mrs. Frank Ostruim, chancellor; Mr.s. Mar.e Scuffham, inner sentinel; Mrs. Bertha Spear, outer sentinel; Mrs. Nelly Van Allen, marshal and Mrs. Katy Coleman manager. The guest speaker was Mrs. Mabel Potter who is a state juvenile organizer for the lodge. Congregational Circlus to Meet— The circles of the Congregational Woman's Association will meet OIT Thursday, December 17, as follows: Circle No. 1 at the home of Mrs. Geo. Free. Mrs. August Slagle is assisting hostess. Circle No. 3 at the home of Mrs. E. J. Hough. Circle No. 3 with Mrs. Ruth Kin- teigh as hostess and Mrs. B. M. Southgate assisting. This meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. W. K. Ferguson. Circle No. 4 w'.th Belle Purvis. Miss Mary Duryea is the assisting hostess. Teacher Weds— . . i his tint. Christmas gifts from the Secret Pals will be given and the names of, the persons revealed.) There will also be a miscellaneous shower for Helen Moad, who will be married Chr'stmas Day to Ensign Faye Meade, former Assistant County agent here and now in the navy. ^ . « Miss Wallace Gives Readings— .At the Christmas party of the L. O. A. class of the Congregational church last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dana Paxson, Miss Lucia Wallace gave two of her excellent Christmas readings. They were, "The Christmas Silhouette", a poem written by John E. Coughman and Roark Bradford's "How Come Christmas." The class .'s tieing a comforter and providing Christmas, baskets fpr . the "needy 'ts. ' '. ; - '-'^ ; -' v> '''-''' That Man with the Red Coat is Here Again ' Mrs. Craig Smith will entertain her bridge club at her home on Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. lw H. Faber o Seventy-Five Club— The Seventy-iFive club of the Pesbyterian church wttl have its Christmas party at the manse on Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. r;. J. Nealy of 'Burt and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hardy are the members of the committee in charge. There will be an exchange of small gifts. This meeting has been postponed from Tuesday evening until Friday evening and the time 'a 7:."50 instead of the usual 7:00. Masons Elect Officers— At the regular meeting of the Masonic lodge Thursday evening the following offksers were elected: Worshipful master, John L. Momyer; Senior warden, Gaylord D Shumway; Junior warden, Edwin L. "Wolcott; treasurer, L. W. Keitn; secretary, D. L. LefCert; member cf the temple board, George W. St. John, The installation of these officers will be held the first meeting in January. Sowing Club Party- Mrs. Rudy Guderian and Mrs. L'oyd Pratt are on the committee in charge of the annual Christmas p-irty of their sewing club be'.ng hild this afternoon (Tuesday). The group met for a one o'clock luncheon at Cook's dining room and from there are.going to the home of Mrs. Dennis Pratt where gifts will be exchanged. Mrs. George Conklin is president of the club. Elementary P. T. A.— The Algona Elementary P. T. A. society will meet this evening (Tuesday) in the audttorium of the high chool building at eight o'clock, rfiss Agnes Engle, music instnic- or will present an operetta by he first, second and third grades, ntitled "Mischievous Mickey Mouse i Toyland." A collection will be taken. Former AUjona Girl Weds— Mrs. John Elle/ recently received word of the marriage of her niece Theresa Shipler, a former Algona •irl, who was married in Salt Lake Oity to Gordon Qrton, early in November. The bride, who is a daughter of Ralph Shipler, Ledyard, lived in Algona until about two years ago. Episcopal Guild Officers— The election of officers held at the meeting of the St. Thpm&a Guild of the Episcopal church last Thurs-, day are as follows: presdient, Mrs. Chrischilles' Yes, Santa Glaus has made this store his stop- tfpihg;;pia : ce: 'i^^^m^, with ^.gra^'lsl^^* of attractive gif te> esjfecially for "HER; l^ever in oiir 72 long years, havV we : offerisd • w more lovely line of'Christmas gifts than you will find on display at this store. A Christmas gift is made more desirable by the reputation of the store that sells it. A gift from the CHRISCHILLES STORE is like the name "sterling" on silver, it enhances the value and makes it GENUINE. Buy your 1942 feminine gifts at this store—the place where SHE would shop if she bought for herself. &$ Helen D. Fischbeck, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Fischbeck oi Mason City, became the bride of aayj m w auw.-^.—— ; -- —;-- lieutenant Richard M. Brown, son school building at eight o CIOCK. of Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown of Mar- " ~"" 1 " m "* in '" struc West Bend St. Bernard Requisitioned by U. S. West Bend: Rev. P. M Dobberstein informs us that one of hia St. Bernard dogs has been requisitioned for U. S. service. He is two years old and weighs about 300 His. When trained the dogs are used to carry packs. Father Doh- berstein has two of these dogs which are greately admired by the many visitors at the Grotto. oiuux v^ity, ajjeiii. uic wccivcin* ov «••• «*•••• -.*-«. *^ —* — — the parental Matt Kramer's. Kanawha spent Sunday in Algona and Mrs. Otto Vaske en->«ti«W Mr. and Mra. G. C. Yeo prl Mrs Kate Vaske. man ' ... tertained Mrs. Kate Vaske, daughter Bertha, Mrs. Angelina Haupert, and the latter's son Joseph at Thanksgiving dinner. Pvt. John Nurre, San Antonio, Tex., arrived last week Monday evening to visit his mother, Mrs. Anna Nurre, and the rest of the family. Robert Jones, of the Great Lakes Naval training school, spent from last week Monday to Wednesday at the parental Peter Jones home. Alice Saunders, St. Catherine's college, St. Paul, spent the weekend with the parental Mr. and Mrs. I*o Saunders. Joseph Murray and Anthony Schneider, St. Thomas college,.St Paul, were with their respective PWnts« Mr. and Mrs. W. A, Murray and Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schneider. Mrs. James Tornatmne and daugh ter, Karen, of Fort Dodge, are visit ing the former's s'ater, Mrs.^Julius Winkel and her parents, Mr. an j Mrs. Frank Capesius. Bud Merck arrived home Satur day for Christmas vacation wit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W Morck. He attends the Unlversit of Colorado at Boulder. Bernard Parks of Spencer visited Thursday even'-ng at the home of his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Ed Parks. Mr. Parks was returning to Spencer from Kan- BUY HER AN ANNIS FUR COAT s Buy-her an ANNIS fur coat —the smartest,, most 4'wanted". gift, in any woman's ward- J\ robe. We stock f i^thpse 1 u x u r i o us, stylish, alluring fur coats and we invite your inspection. The cost is reasonable. Christmas Suggestions Our new 1943 .line, of cotton; wash frocforis now on display—a truly inspiring., collectipn of seersuckers, prints, Miami- types, chambrays and Sprinted rayons. Priced $3.00 to $5.50. The finest line of silk and rayon lingerie we have ever shown, Barbizon, Lorraine, Artemis, and many other beautiful slips, gowns, pajamas—also warm cotton balbriggan sleeping-wear for the cold winter nights. . Towels—unbelievably beautiful as well as practical shown here in both 'sets and in separate pieces. Also linens, pillow cases, and many otner unusual gift Items. . ' • sas City. ftfegne Bruudage will arrive home today (Tuesday) for ChrVjt- mas vacation with her parents, Mr. and (Mr|.<>. D. Brundage. Maxine student at Iowa State College at Ames. A. R. Gardner; vice president, Ruth Fraser; secretary) Mrs. "H. E Woodward, Whittemore, and treasurer, Mrs. Glenn Raney. Lutheran Aid Party— The annual Christmas party of the Trinity Lutheran Ladles' Aid will be held Thursday afternoon at two o'clock in the church parlors Mrs. WaRpr r Will and Mrs. Arthur Sohwfeppe are the hostesses in charge. > Store Party— (The members cf the Chrlschille? store staff enjoyed their annual Christmas party at the -store Monday njght. Mrs. T. H. QhrischiHes roasted a turkey and the gfoup had dinner followed by a gift exchange. G, O. of '" The St. Cecelfc Court of Pathollc Daughters of America will have its annual Christaaa party Wednesday eventag *t the Academy. There " card* and refreshment^. So A WOBO

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