The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1942 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1942
Page 11
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Vi jMuj^ AJgoflA flE|HyPi»Koines, Algonft, Iowa, Pec. 8,1942 OADIKAKCE MO. 211 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOKPBOTECT1ON AGAINST AIR RAIDS, PROVIDING FOR 6LACKOUTS AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION. •WHEREAS, it is deemed expe* dieftt by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, to, provide protection fox 1 'citizens and property against possible enemy air raids during the present war emergency, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Sec. 1. DtflnifloM. The "Commander" shall be the person named by the Kossuth County Civilian Defense Council as commander of the Algona Citizens' Defense Corps, or, in his absence, the executive "Officer or controller, in the order named, which officers are named by the Kossuth County Civilian Defense Council, An "Air Raid Period" during the existence of a state of war, is that period of time which begins when an air raid warning or signal is given pursuant hereto, and ends when an all , clear Signal is given as provid- 4 ed herein. A "Blackout Period" is an air raid period occurring between the hours of sunset and the following sunrise. An "Air Raid Warning" IB the sounding of a public alarm, the type, manner and duration of which shall be as prescribed by rules and regulations promulgated pursuant hereto. An "All Clear" signal is the sounding of a signal different in character from that of an air raid warning, as may be prescribed by rides and regulations promulgated pursuant hereto. A "Practice Blackout" is the period of time beginning and ending at the times designated in an order issued by the Commander and approved by the Mayor. Sec. 2. Prohibited Act*—During Air Raid Period. (a) It shall be unlawful to operate any vehicle at any place except that emergency vehicles so designated by the commander with the approval of the Mayor, may be operated in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated pursuant hereto, (b) It shall be unlawful for violating any of the provisions of this ordinance or any proper order, rule or regulation promulgated or issued pursuant hereto, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thir ty days. Sec. 13. P«M&0*. This ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after its passage and adoption and due publication and shall continue in force and effect until the President of the , United States shall declare an end of the present emergency or until repealed. Passed and adopted this 27th day of November, 1942. Approved: H. M. HARRIS, Mayor Pro Tern. ADAH CARLSON, - Clerk. Council Minutes persons to congregate in groups of five or more on any public place or way, except that persons designated by the Commander to perform duties which require their presence out of doors may do so. (c) It shall be unlawful for any person to remain out of doors for a period longer than five minutes after the sounding of the first air raid warning, except that persons authorized by the Commander to perform duties which require their presence out of doors may do so. • (d) It shall be unlawful for arty person to use or operate a siren or other sounding device ; ''* December 26, 1942. The City Council nut in regular session. Mayor Kohlhaas was absent and Harris was appointed mayor pro tern. Minutes were read and approved. •R. L. Robinault's beer permit renewed. Ordinance No. 269 was passed. Appropriating Ordinance No. i84 was passed. ELECTRIC FUND M. Bellock, salary—$ 80.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 83.00 palfs .._.-....._.... Algona Laundry, service Botsford Lmbr Co., mdse. .—.-..._...._ Cowan fildg. Sup. Co., mdse. Punk & Deim, tndse. ._ 14.33 4.06 6.50 3.03 J. L. Richardson Hdw., mdse. Barker Drug, mdse. ... N.-W. Bell Tel. Co., serv. 1.66 3.77 15.70 1.26 Cresco - Union Elec. Co., signs __ Iowa Mut Liabil. Ins. ins. 172.01 Pratt Electric, mdse. __ 7.84 WATER FUND Harry Barton, salary „ 80.00 Frank Ostrum, salary— 65.00 R. S. Barton, salary 40.00 Joe Dunn, salary 5.50 C. U. Pollard, salary— 37.50 tra Kohl, salary 22.50 Laura Mitchell, salary.. 70.00 Neptune Meter Co., mdse. 25.04 Ernest T. Moe, gas 2.31 Harris Station, gas 1.60 Venteicher Station, gas_ 6.77 [owa Mut. Liabil., ins.- 53.58 rlomelite Corp, mdse.._ 9.21 M. M. Lory, mdse. 254.50 Tom Halpin, salary 80.00 Walter Gorman, salary- 80.00 C. C. Wright, salary 65.00 Earl Bowman, salary... 67.50 Wm. O. Ludwig, salary. 67.50 Alvis Hill, salary 67.50 R. S. Barton, salary 25.00 H. W. Stephenson, salary 77.50 Chester Webb, salary.. 62.50 Frank Ostrum, salary.. 12.50 Joe Dunn, salary 57.00 H. S. Roth, salary 82.50 C. U. Pollard, salary... 105.00 Ira Kohl, salary. Adah Carlson, salary 45.00 85.00 Diesel Serv. Co., oil 962.43 C. M, & St. P. & P. R,y Co., freight 759.81 Socony-Vac. Oil Co., oil 83.13 GENERAL FUND A. R, Moulds, salary— 2ecil McGinnis, salary.. Tim O'Brien, salary N.-W. Bell Tel., serv A. H. Borchardt, mdse.. Srnest Moe, gas larris Bros., gas Mike's D-X Sta., gas... Dutch's Super Serv., _,*»'_. t*-»».S.*._->***....... w ' w. Bulllvan, P. M., pott- B&6 • •*«kfc»fc»<« *»*•*<•*•••• •.(•>••• State Treasurer, use t*x . _ Jof.n labor W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage ......_ City of Algona, light and water «.48 14.03 6.< 10.0 18.6 oO.Z W. W. Bulllvan, P.'M., pont- age . ......... Jo.< 3, A. Newvli;-!, rjuftrd ulr part 150.00 (. H. Fraser, comm. and session .... _____ 212.20 P, J. Helken, comm. and session 197,86 W. E. McDonald, comm. and session ... ......... 186.6 J. F. Qulnn, comm. and nts elon 210.30 W. 8. Cosgrove, cr/mm. and session _ ....... 173.80 A. J, Coglcy, mileage and In- Inveet. fees . . 85.70 A. J. Cogley, board and lodg, prisoners .. ... 35.(K W. L. Whitney, assist. In sheriffs office 2.60 A. B. Laurltzen, travel exp... 88.76 MrB. V. I,. StebblnB,. labor .. 1.20 L. A. Wlnkel, office Exp. 62.28 Bancroft Register, board pro- cee'd Advance Publishing Co., board 74.79 620.31 proceed, and printing ballots Algona Upper Des Molnes, board proceed. 87.85 K. D. James, sup. ..... . .ft Burroughs Adding Mach. Co., sup. Tltonkn. Topic, printing . 68.3( Wesley News-World, printing. . Lakota Record, printing _. __ . IK. nn I I M Verne News, printing ____ fO.UU j Whlttemoro Champion, prlnt- serv. Honan - Crane Corp., Leighton Supply Co., mdse.< W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. ... Northland Elec. Co., mdse. Mall. Iron Range Co. mdse. 4.90 10.26 21.56 5.20 19.89 5.34 McGraw Elec. Co., mdse. 5.33 Great Western Lab. Westing. Elec. Sup. Co., mdse. mdse. 41.08 Radiolab, mdse. 43.34 Matt Parrott Co., mdse, 15.54 H. W. Post, freight 4.53 R'y Exp. Agcy., express 1.50 Conoco Oil Station, gas 5.00 Harris Oil Station, gas. 1.89 Wm. C. Dau Garage, re- Jesse Lashbrook, salary. Elliott Skilling, salary- Oliver Bakken, salary. _ Chas. Harvey, salary .. Herman Lyons, salary.. Botsford Lum., mdse Laihg & Muckey, mdse. Percival Motors, mdse. K. & H. Co.-Op. Oil Co., gas Continental Oil Co., oil- Harris Sta., gas F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. Elizabeth Laird, rent — Mrs. A. M. Collinson, salary Dr. F. E. Sawyer, rent- Cowan & Son, repairs. _ Chas. E. Chubb, eng Geo. Dettman, care of dump Matt Parrott, mdse SEWER FUND C. U. Pollard, salary—. 67.5 67.5 3.5 2.1 4.1 2.2 6.3 24.7 82.5 82.5 52.5 52.5 52.5 38.5 16.8 1.2 1.7 11.3 1.5 227.5 10.4 20.0 25.0i 7.51 3.51 40.0C 3.6 20.00 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND N.-W. Bell Tel. Co., 7.66 .7! Algona Fire Co., service 96.01 serv. R'y Exp. Agcy., express SWIMMING POOL FUND F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 1.28 DEPOSIT FUND Moore's DX et al, refund , 60.00 Passed and approved this 27th day of November, 1942. H. M. HARRIS, Mayor Pro. Tern. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS the signals provided for herein. Auditor's office, Algona, Iowa, Sec. 3. Prohibited Act* During! ; October 29, 1942. Blackout Period. ' >:<» o'clock a. m. (a) It Shall be unlawful for Board of Supervisors met pursuant any person during a blackout '°J^ ournment wlth £U1 ™™*<* 3 period to do any act during an ak raid period, or to display or allow to be displayed 'or to permit any light visible from out of doors, except such lights as may be prescribed for emergency vehicles designated as such, as herein provided, and except lights for which a military or paramount public ne- , cessity exists. Sec. 4. Prohibited Acts During Practice Blackout. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, during a practice blackout, to do any act prohibited during a blackout period, except that persons may remain in parked vehicles during such practice blackout Sec. 5. Prohibited Acts During Aid Raid Drill. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, during an air raid drill, to do any act prohibited during an ak raid period, except that persons may remain in parked vehicles during such air raid drill. Sec. 6. It shall be unlawful for any person to disobey the proper orders of City'Police Officers as well as the proper officers of the Kossuth County Civilian Defense Corps issued while they engaged in the performance of their duties as prescribed herein. Sec, 7. Warnings. The Commander is hereby authorized, with the approval of the Mayor, to provide for the sounding of air raid warnings, all clear signals and other proper signals contemplated herein. Sec. 8. Orders. The Command- [ present. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrovo that Kossuth County Quit Claim all right of title to the Farley State bank, In and to the following described property, to-wlt: Beginning at the NW corner of the 8E% Section 26, Township 93 North, of Range 28, West of the 6th P. M., thence E. 300 ft., thence S. 146.2 ft., thence W. 300 ft, thence N. 146.2 ft to point of beginning, containing one (1) acre Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Qulnn that Fraser be appointed t moke necessary repairs 'on -Dralnag Districts No. 116 and No. 126. Ayes All. er, with the approval of the Mayor, 'is authorized and directed to carry out proper air raid protection measures and practice blackouts and air raid drills at such times as shall be directed by proper, military authority, Sec, 9. Rul**' and Regulations. The Waypr «nd the Command' er shall promulgate and enforce such reasonable and proper rules and regulations relating to the administration and *n» forcement of this ordinance as may be. necessary or proper to accomplish the objects and pyd- / poses thereofc VnJew an emer. gency presents itself, the said rules and regulations shall first be spproved by the C«y Couij, cil. Said rules and regulations shall be posted in the city hall and in the police office. vr*T*r '»»• *i2?^ ffZ~ Sum VT***= J Motion by Cosgrove and aecondec by Helkon that the Final Estimate of John Schumacher on (Gravel Con tract be approved as follows: Pro Jects No. 676. No. 613, No. 422, No 670-A, No. 671, No. 676, and Mainte nance Pdojects No, 10 and No. 9 Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Qulnn that the resignation of Martha Platt, Clerk In Recorder's Office, toe accepted. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that the Weed Commlsalo-i- ers 1 report of Henry Oettman for Harrison township be approved. Ayes All. .Motion by McDorald and seconded by Qulnn that the Indemnity Bond ol Alfred Jorgenson in the amount of $9.60 be aproved. Ayes; All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that the Personal Tax of L. S. I^oppon, assessed In Wesley Incorp. for the year 1941 be changed from the valuation of $700.00 to $400.00 as recommended by the Town Council o' Wesley Incorp. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that an abatement of $61.80 tax on moneys and Credits charged to Mary iO. Smith in Ledyard Township approved, same being paid In Algona Incorp. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Qulnn that an abatement of $2.11 dog tax charged against 'Ed. Kuhn In Algona Incorp. for the year of 1M1 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn apd seconded by McDonald that the rtog tax charged •to Cliff Etherlngton In Rlverdale Township for 1911 .be abated. Ayes: Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Helken that jCosauth County sell to W. H. Kreger the following- described property: Lot 2 of Auditor's Plat of SWy, SWW Section 24, Township 97, Range 29, Burt Incorp., for the sum of $120.00 and that the County Attorney, L. A. Winkel, be and Is hereby authorled and directed to execute a Quit Claim Deed of conveyance of Kossuth county'u Interest. Ayes: All, Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that Kossuth county, Iowa, sell to J. H. Wolf for the sum of $22.53 all county's Interest In and to (he following described property: Beginning at the SW corner of Out- Lot 5, thence So :th 60 ft., East 66 ft.. North 60 ft., West 66 ft. to beginning, all In Section 7, Township 93, Range 30, Whlttemore Incorp., and that L. A. Wlnkel, County Attorney, be authorized and directed to execute a Quit Claim Deed of County's Interest. Ayes; All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Cosgrove that Kossuth county sell to Elvlna Fuhr for the sum of $62.66, all of county's Interest In. and to Lot 9 of Block 4, Fenton Incorp. and the County Attorney be authorized and directed to execute a Quit Claim Deed of County's Interest to same. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Cosgrove that a refund In the amount of $2.11 be made to Benedict Dish for dog tax paid twice In Irv- Ington Township. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that the note on Permanent School Fund Loan of W. J. Bourne be extended to January 1st, 948. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn an seconded by Helken that Secondary Road Petition No. 596 be placed on file. Ayes: All, Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that Board adjourn to j'cloek a. m., November 2nd, 1942. Vyes: All. J. H. FRASER, Chairman. E. 8. KINSHY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, November 2, 1942. ):00 o'clock a. m, Board of Supervisors met pursuant o adjournment with all members present. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Cosgrove that the 'Final Estimates of ifcQulre Bros., on grading Projects Ing Burt Monitor, printing 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.80 Koch Brothers, sup. .... . 225.9C Pratt Electric Co., sup, 3:67 Kohlhaas Eardware, gup. 17.05 Lalng & Muckey, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., sup. ... Algona Fire Dept., labor J. H. Welch Printing Co., sup. Alfred Jorgenson, dup. warrant C. W. Pearson, Treas., adv. hty. Delia Welter, J. P. fees F. A. Newvllle, const, fees Henry Gettman, weed comm.. Kossuth county Farm .Bureau, approp. . 416.68 Schroder Hardware, sup. ... 1.66 Raymond N. Klasa, sup. E. W. Daniels, apiary Insp. .. Ben Franklin, sup. INSANE FUND Katherlne McEvuy, clerk's fees Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, comm, fees . .... . T. C. Hutchison, comm. fees Mrs Gusta Muckey, witness fees Mrs. Hazel Hahle, witness fees _. Jack Hahle, witness feea- Mrs. Earl Cowman, witness fees COURT 1 FT!ND Matthew C. drier, -court reporter 210.70 W. L. Whitney, bailiff 45.00 FAIR GROUND FUND KoBsuth County Fair A'ss'n, «.pprop. ..__.___ 1500.00 POOR FUND Stamp IireulriB Officer, prov. . 230.00 Stamp Issuing Officer, prov.__ 66.00 Burt Creamery, prov. 22.14 6.00 109.98 2.7o 66.07 0.60 1S.RO 14.60 1.25 69.90 10.00 19.66 ,77 6,25 3.00 3.00 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.10 Aim & Boles, prov. Fred C. Huettner, prov. Hoods I. G. A., prov. Whlttemore Creamery, prov S. & L. Co., clothing Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. Dr. J. N. Keneflck, me<l Dr. P. V. Janse, med. Dr. M. G. Bourne, med. Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. Dr. R. L. Corbln, med. 8.00 6.20 6.00 3.00 6.47 116.00 27.60 23.60 41.00 6.00 6.00 Dr. W. F. Pclz, med. 43.00 Dr. H. II. Murray, dental ... 66.00 C. L. Cavanaugh, med. sup. 6.63 Lu Verne Pharmacy, med. sup. 6.14 K. D. Jamee, med. sup. Kossuth Hospital, hosp.'care. 136.50 Polk County Hospital, hosp. care 13.28 Ella Briggs, care 29.00 Mary Kuhne, salary 135.0C Marvel Dole, salary 80.00 House of the Good Shepherd, care Braley Drug Store, med. sup" 2Ity of Algona, light serv. ___J. G. McDonald, sup. Town Mutual Dwelling Ins. Co., premium Council Oak Store, sup. Jeo M. Saunders, rent D. D. Monlux, rent Dr. No. 82- Georgre Looft, labor . & 60 John Welch, labor -I__T- 20.00 ~ • - - - ^jj0 22.UO .96 25.00 4.60 10.00 8.00 Theo Dorenbuoh, ... H. Pomeroy, labor Rock Island Lumber Co.,"sTfp" Dr. No. 86— Chad. D. Chubb, engineer Homer Nolle, labor ... _ George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Rock Island Lumber "<5o.T sup. ..... Hick Baade, labor----Dr. No. 90— C. H. Cooper, labor 14.00 Theo. Dorenbush, labor _ "" 4,50 H. Pomeroy, labor _ 8.00 Dr. No. 102- Georgo Looft, labor _ John Welch, labor Rock Island Lumber Co." BU|i. _ Dr. No. 112— Chas. Emmanuel, labor Dr, No. 125- Theo Dorenbush, labor 4.60 4.00 .95 9.20 R\ Pomeroy, labor _ 4.00 Dr. No. 160- Alvln L. Weber, labor 1240 Dr. No. 185- George Looft. labor 7.20 John Welch, labor IIIII 6.40 Rock Inland Lumber Co., sup. .95 Dr. No. 166- George Looft, labor . 19.80 .John Welch, labor " JT.M) E, C. f-tcnstrom, labor 13.50 Dr. H. K. No. 8- Concrete Products Corp., sup. 6.01 Botfiford Lumber CIo, sup. 3.28 S. J. Nelson, labor II 16.36 Guy P. Lansing, tabor 12.37 Harvey Hagen, labor „ "" 29.61 Dr. W. K. No. 69-136- A. E. Quammc, :ibor _ 10.20 Dr. Trl. No 1— Guy Knight, labor .. .. 1.56 MAINTENANCE FUND | lohn ecnlimaCher. graveling 13593.15 K. & II. Coop. Oil Co.. sup... 3.11 *oyal "400" OI Co., sup. . 711.85 Bancroft, Oil Co., sup. _. . 207.17 Cities Service Oil Co., sup?" 70.38 "•eerleas OH Co., sup. . 334.82 slons stand approved as read by the Secretary. Ayes: All, On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow .bills as "per Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FOND E. 8. Klnscy, delivering bal lols _ 6100 L. A. Wlnkel, oifice exp. .. . 63.05 Hortense 'Ferguson, judge of election 6.40 Joseph G-recnberg, judge of election 6.40 Hazel D. Lusby, Judge of election 6.40 C. H. Rellly, Judge of election 4.80 R. 8. Blossom, judge of election 4.80 G. F. Mahoney, judge of election 4.80 Harrlette Setchell, clerk of election . 5.40 Lcora M. St. Jonn, olerk of election 6.40 Pearl Potter, clerk of election 4.80 Kdythe Brundage, olerk of elec - tlon 4.80 Frank Geigel, judgi; of elec tlon Standard Oil Co., sup. . 7.39 State Treasurer, use tax .. 30.63 ?lty of Algona, light serv. II 9.69 Concrete Products Corp., sup. 43.39 Vm. F. Gronbach, adv. patrol 20.00 'ohn Schumacher, graveling.. 8234 61 3 cter Movlck, patrol .... 108.00 Clifford Holmes, patrol 108.00 "larry Helmke, patrol 200.05 'oc M. Esser, patrol 108,00 *alnh Markla, patrol . _ 112.40 T ames Kelso, patrol io».00 Jlarcnce Hentges, patrol 108.00 Mck Baade, patrol ._ 81.35 '. E. Folk, patrol I._I 144.00 !. Hlrner, patrol _ 85.00 Joe Studer, patrol . II 10R.40 A. J. Hildman, patrol 108.00 . Stockwcll, patrol . . 108.40 ilelvln R. Hawks, patrol 96.00 Vayne Sanders, patrol -WOO 'ames M. Long, patrol 96.00 oe H. Culbertson, patrol ~ 16.00 loyal Sanders, patrol UO.OO Wm. F. Schrader, patrol 96.00 Verne Holinder, patrol 108.40 loelf Miller, patrol 110.40 ohn Simmons, labor " 24.00 lugh Butterfield .labor .... 42.40 ^Imer Ewlng, labor _ 49.60 oe Welch, patrol 11L20 -lyde Sanders, patrol . " 112.80 lenry Wohlers, labor 16.00 3d. Baker, labor 48.00 am Warner, labor IIIIIII 15.40 acob Teuscher, labor III 19.20 ohn Gramenz, labor 12.40 lorry Winkle, labor III 19.20 I. Merryman, 'bridge work 163.60 lubert Mergen, patrol 92.00 . W. Elbert, labor _ 6.27 . W. Pearson, Treas., adv. freight 4.J7 'eerlcss Oil Co., sup. _. 239.65 ' & H. Oil Co.,, sup. 289.61 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.10 5.10 5.10 C.30 6.30 5.10 6.30 6.30 6.30 0.70 570 Anna Nefson, judge of'eTeVtlon 6.70 C. C. Bcharlach, judge of election J. M. Moore, judge of election H. B. Nolle, Judge of election Olaire Keith, judge of election . Edw. capeslus, judge of election H. M. Harris, clerk of election Alice M. Hutchms, clerk of election Eva C. Corey, clerk of election Henrietta Huenhodl, judge of election . Mary Strelt, Judge of election Alma Nelson, judge of election Rugcno Hutchlns, election judge of Julia Benson, judge of election Hen?y *GerM!? °— "-- ** I **»..* O®*"". <** * booths _ I. F. Engesser, Jud1fe""of "election J. F. Coyne, judge of ele'ctTon" .Charles Qulnn, judge of election Mrs. Geo. W. Nyman, Judge of election Mrs. Ivy Hutton, judge of election Mrs. Charles Baker, Judge'of election , Mrs. Evans Carmeon, clerk of election . Andrew A. Fangman, cleric"of election Albert C. Kollasch, clerk "of election Mrs. Verne Austin, clcrk""of election A <* 4.80 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 8.40 4.20 4.80 American Legion Post, renfll" 2.60 J. E. Kelly, judge of electlonl 5.70 David S. Anderson, judge of election Rena Haglund, judge of" election Geo. R. Butterffe'ldTjiidge" election .. of Bertha Johnson, clerk of election Judy Do Zellar, clerk of election Mabel Paxson, clerk of election P. J. Kohlhaas, clerk of election Vallfe M. Trlbon, judge of election J. A. Brownell, judge of election Dena K. Kohlhaas, judge of election ^. <* n. un ^o.. sup. _»a.iii r. L,, Urcmmei, Judge of elec- ohn Schumacher, graveling . 917.001 tlon 6.40 6.80 6.30 6.70 5.70 4EO 4.80 4.80 4.20 4.20 4*20 4.80 4.80 4.2Q 4.20 5.40 5.40 7.CO L. F. Callies, judge of election 3.30 Peter Bcenken, judge of election 3.30 Annabelle Sachau, Judge of election 3.30 Anna Andrews, clerk of election 3.30 Evelyn Dunmlrc, clerk of-election 3.30 E. P. Hanson, clerk of election 5.40 L. G. Huber, clerk of election 5.40 American Legion, rent 3.00 Ray E. HanBen, arranging booths 2.00 Savings bank, rent 3.00 E. R. Woltz, judge of election 5.40 P. L. Drcmmel, judge of elec- Anna, M. Murtagh, judge of election John McEnroe, judge cf election . B. E. Norton, judge of election Helen Dickinson, clerk of election Eva Towne, clerk of election Anna Sharp, clerk of .election. Elvira Monlux, clerk of election Chris Brandt, judge of election W. P. Stenzel, judge of election Clarence Schutjer, judge of election Tacob Keller, rent L Ienry J. Kline, rent IIIIIIII~ Henry J. Kline, rent ~rnst Miller, rent W. G. McCullough, ambl. serv. Department of Social Welfare. 'blind old . 21.44 COUNTY FARM 20.00 6.71 •*••-.38 2.44 4.87 6.61 16.00 10.00 6.00 10.00 10.00 8.00 50.60 loy Larson, labor 90.00 Sen Bakken, labor _ _ 75.00 L. E. Stephens, light serv. ... 29.73 C. S. Johnaon, prov. . 105.04 Algona Baking Co., sup 61.31 like Enrlght, sup. 26,20 >r. P. V. Janse, mod. 60.60 )r. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. 1.00 " .D. James, med. sup. 2.72 lohlhoas Hardware, sup. 6.39' tcCormlck-Deerlng Store, sup. 4.31 Cossuth County Imp]. Co., sup. Royal '400" Oil Co., sup. 28.62 No. 25, No. 21, No. 20, and No. 18 be approved. Ayes: AH. On motion board proceeded to audit and allow bills as ''per Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FUND W. W. Sullivan, P, M., postage 16.03 V. W. Sullivan. P. M.. postage .... , 25.00 W. W. Sullivan, P. M., post- Wm. A. Fitzgerald, pasture rent 60.00 Ugona Insurance Agency, premium 9.27 lotsford Lumber Co., sup. 18.76 . I. Merryman, latoor _ 109.90 DRAINAGE FUND lr. No. 2— James M. Long, labor 4.00 tr. No. 4— Concrete Products Corp., sup. 110.56 George Looft, labor 251.60 George Looft, labor 4.16 John Welch, labor 2.80 Dick Baade, labor 4.0 C. H. Cooper, labor _"_ 4.( Thompson Yards Inc., sup. 4,45 Rook Island 'Lumber Co., •up. .95 Dr. No. G— EVench Lumber Co.,, sup. 1.29 Dr. No. 7— Dick Baade, labor 4.50 C. H. Cooer, labor 4.00 French Lumber Co., sup. 2.04 Dr. No. 9- Frod Gronbaoh, labor 109.68 lohlhaas Hardware, sup. ireenberg Auto Supply, sup." MoCormick-Deerlng Sto;-?, uup. H. J. Tank, Distributor, sup. Lease & Lease sup. _~~ Leo E. Blelch, sup. 6.88 Hugh McDonald, Judge of elec- 157.131 tlon 12.34 W. W. Boettcher, judge of 27.5'I election 6.09 2922 Herman M. Brown Co., sup. nn 9! Sleg- Fort Dodse Co., sup. 70.35 J. D. Adams Co, sup. _. 117.14 Overton Chemical Co., sup. _ 815.50 Waterloo sup, Construction Co., 1.71 76.00 9.30 44.78 Fort Dodge Machine &T"Sup" Co., sup. 63.68 Owatonna Tool Co., sup. . 9.10 Paper Calmenson & Co., sup" 745.73 Sioux City Iron Co., sup. _. 130.73 Central Auto Electric Co., sup. 163.77 Globe Machine & Sup. Co., sup. 58.26 Roynl 400" Oil Co., sup. 782.61 Martini & Sons Oil Co., sup. 14772 Bancroft Oil Cc., sup. 47.73 Central States Electric Serv., light serv. Cities Service Oil Co., sup. K. A H. Coop. Oil Co., sup. Standard Oil Co., sup. 458.77 CONSTRUCTION S1UND Peerless Oil Co, sup. 401,28 John Schumacher, graveling 4539.67 J. I. Mtrryman, bridge work 339.25 John Schumacher, graveling 3463.00 MoGuire Brothers, grading- 3096.00 Betty. Welden, salary 81.09 Bert Shellmyer, patrol 112.00 Milo Patterson, patrol "" 165.00 Ed Fuchsen, patrol 139.00 Archie Dodds, patrol _ 114.80 3. D. McDonald, patrol 127.W Wm. 'F. Gronbach, patrol 166.00 Olaf Oftedahl, patrol 144.80 John Stott, patrol 147.20 3. H. Cooper, patrol John Tjarks, patrol 76.40 . . 40.00 W. H. Rlcklefs, patrol 40.00 31enn Householder, patrol _ 40.00 H. M. Smith, salary ~I 265.00 John D. Fraser, salary 135.00 E. H. Wray Jr., rodman 91.00 Jim H. Merryman, bridge In- spec. ,__ ico.OO Olson Construction Co., labor on bridge 910.05 C. O. Scharlack. labor Concrete Products Corp., BUP. Dr. No.»20- Thompson Yards Inc., sup... French Lumber Co., sup. Dr. No. 63— James M, Long, labor _ Dr. No. 69— 7.50 96.97 1.66 1.31 8.00 £.00 Wayne Sanders, labor Wm. T. Scrader, labor _ I2.ft Dr. No. 78- Dlck Baade, labor 6.31 C, H. Cooper, labor ,_ 5.» French Lumber Co., sup. 1.4S D_r. No. SO— , , George Looft, labor 14.60 John Welch, labor "" 12.01 Rook Island Lumber Co., sup. 4.2. Hoenk Motor Serv., storage ~ _.„ French Lumber Co., sup. £6.77 6.00 O. H. Graham, judge of elec- 5.40 6.10 3.90 3.90 5.40 6.40 3.90 C. c- Smith, clerk of'eiectlonl 3.90 Donald Mitchell, arranging booths Burt Library, rent Harry Sabin, judge of election Sylvia Germann, Judge of election Elmer C. Smith, Judge of election Jennie McCrary, Judge of election J. J. Anderson, clerk of election ManHle Sperbeek, eferk of election _ . F. Bcrtwcn, clerk of election Dora .Smith, cleric of "election I A. J. Christfinnen, rent 'f. O. Larson, judge of election Thomas Berg, judge of election Butler Jordan!, judge ot election Rtiy Eichhorn, clerk of "slec" tlon ' Wm. Oldenburg, clerk of election _ if. L. Roney, judge of election Henry Scheppmann. Judge of election Edward Mawdsley, judge of election Robert Skilling, clerk of election Leota M. Gelgcl, clerk of election Farmers Lumber & Grain ~Co~, rent Frank Asa. orrang. booths _" S. P. Powers, judge of election Chas. R. Lewis, Judge of election O. p,u Wortman, judge of clec- Ur.n Art Lester, Judge of election.'. Jennio Gutknecht. judge of election ^ George Heetla^, judge of election „..._„._.___ Janetta Mussman, clerk of election Jerry Hectland, clerk of election Luclle Ley, clerk of election.. Julia Ball, clerk of election Oscar Johnson, errang. booths 5.70 5.70 6.10 5.10 5.10 12.00 5.70 5.10 5,10 6.00 6.00 10.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.60 6.00 0.00 2.00 2.00 8.10 5.10 ,5.10 a co 3.60 3.60 5.10 5.10 3.60 3.60 2.00 '. H. Peterson, arrang booths tlon'- ... .. " James H. Black, Judge of eleo tlon __ _ Herman Wise, judge"^"election __ Hehry Elseheld, clerk "of election ... Frank Capesius, cfeWof "election Sim Leigh, Judge ol'oiecllon" H. A. Warmbler, Judge of election ^ H. J. Kohlhaas, judge of "election Paul PhlllIpsrc!efk"of"efc'ctTon John P. Bormann, clerk of election Donald Jacobs, Judge "of "election _ _ Guy B. Risk, judgo"of"eTectT6n Louis Anderson, judge of election S. F. Blome, cTcfk"of"ofoctTon Cunegundes Sullivan, clerk of election Wm. Krumni, Judge "of""eiec~ tlon Levl Schuler, judgo"of"eTectIoT) .Art B. Anderson, election judge of W. J. Kennedy, clerk ofoice- tion ______________________ Karl Preston, cleric of election Jens N. Sorcnsen, judge of election Henry Tjaden, judg«~'of""elec- tlon _______________________ John P. Byson, Judg'e'of "election ______ Glen W. JenklnsonT "clerk""of election ___________________ R. W. Harvey, clerk of'elec- tlon ______________________ L. A. Bolencus, judge of election ___________ ___________ A. L. Kleinpeter, judge of election ______________________ Henry C. Nelson, judge of election ___________________ Thos. A. MoMahon, judge of election __________________ Viola Studer, judge of election Martha Sherman, judge of election __________________ Fred A. DIekmann, clerk, of election _____________________ Albert Neuroth, dork of election ______________________ Myrtle Koubo, clerk of election Lester L. Lease, clerk of election ______________________ Town of Wesley, rent ________ Paul 'Friberg, arrang. booths. American Lesion rent _____ __ Fred Kollascli, judge of election _________ . ___________ Wm. Meyer, judge of election. H. F. Schultz, judge of election _____________________ Frank W. EJbert, judge of J. H. Mouse], judge of election 7.60 J. H. Holeomb, judge of election 4.60 E. O. Chipman, judge of election Geo. P. Hawcott, clerk of election . Emma K. Staehle, olerk of election Pearle Chipman, clerk, of eiec- tlon J. P. Simon, judge of election W. V. Pool, clerk of election M. N. Phlllls, clerk of election T. L. Thorsonp, Judge of election J. P. Peterson, judge of, election Jos. Goraczkowskl, election I Judge of Viola Swanson, clerk of election O. H. Llnde, clerk of election. A. H. Hanna, Judge of election Lem Marlow, Judge of election 4.80 R. C. Thompson, Judge of elec- 2.00 2.50 6.00 6.00 6.40 6.00 8.00 !i.40 7.40 6.40 5.40 5.40 G.40 N. U. Pingel, judge of election 4.50 Edw. Looft, judge of election. 3.00 Edw. Halverson, Judge of election' 3.00 31enn Yahnke, judge of election 3.00 Mrs. W. E. Flynn, clerk of election • 4.60 Mrs. Martha Gabel, clerk of elccttlon 3.00 John Hartshorn, clerk of election 3.00 D. A. carpenter, clerk of election 4 SO Town of Ledyard, rent 7.00 B. F. Edwards, judge of election 6.00 Paul Hertzke, Judge of election 9.40 J. H. Warburton, judge of election . C.OO Belle M. Koppen, clerk of election 6.( Menno Rlslus, clerk of election 7.0i W. G. iFlaig, judge of election 11.01 P. M. Christiansen, judge of election K.4 Alex Radlg, judge of election. 5.4( Art Prlebe, clerk o'.' election. 5. Geo. C. Pettlt, clerk of election 6.4 C. W. Elbert, Judge of election 6.7 Geo. Wlnkel, Judge of election 7.7 Otto Ruhnke, judge of election 5; Martin Meyer, olerk of election 7.2< Louis Hackbarth, clerk of election 7.7 A. A. Schlpull, Judge of election 6.1 E. B. Thomas. Juuge ot election 6.90 F. I. Chapman, Judge ot election 5.1 R. S. Chambers, judge of election 1 3.6C Hulda Frltzmeler, Judge of election 3.6 Anna Murry, judge of election 3.6< H. C. Allen, clerk of election _ 6.10 Fay LIchty, cleric of election . ___________ Elizabeth HIggins, judge of election ......... __ _ _______ Laura Brogan, judge of tlcc- tlon Chas . Bormann, election cleric of Erwln Slems. clerk of election Marie Hogan, clerk of election Mary Woodward, clerk of election Town of Whlttemore, rent Theo. Knccht, arranging booths 6, . I 6,40 (S.40 l.m 6.40 6.40 640 6.70 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 £.40 11.00 6.40 6,00 6.00 6.00 9.10 600 6.30 630 6.90 6.30 6.30 6.80 6.40 6.40 4.60 4.60 4.50 6.49 5.40 4.60 4.60 3.00 aoo 3.00 6.79 5.7O 6.7* • 6.10 5.10 6.10 6.80 5.70 6.10 5.10 4.00 2.00 tlon K. G. lEwoldt, clerk of ""election M. O. Richards, clerk of election Fred Flalg, rent Explosives Corp., Standard BU P- .. 330.48 Glbbs Cook Tractor Co., sup. 297.08 RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby authorled to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as "per Schedule of Claims Herenlbefore Written." On motion Board adjourned to 9:00 o'clock a. m., (November 9, 1942, Ayes: J. H. FRASER, Chairman. E. S. KINSBY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, November 9, 1942. !1:00 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors met at regular session with the following members present: Fiuser, Heiken, Qulnn, Cosgrove, and McDonald. Absent: None. Motion by Coagrove and seconded by McDonald thut th« minutes of thu last regular session and all adjourned sessions be read by the secretary. Ayes: All. Motion by IlelJoi) and seconded by Qulnn that the minutes of the last regular session and all adjourned ses- G, B. Johnson, judge of election _. . R. Kraus, judge of election . H. Dreyer, judge of election W .C. Stamcr, judge of election Geo. O. Goetch, judge of election ; Peter Jensen, judge of election W. E. Stoeber, clerk of election H. R Relmers, clerk of election F. H. Bohn. clerk of election F. H. Elgler, clerk of election C. W. Newel, rent Joseph H. Schaller, judge of election Herman Harms, judge of election Michael Heiderseheldt7"j"udge"of election Mike Wagner, clerk of'efectlon H. W. Halecman, clerk of election Robert Krusc, judge of election Harry Rleklefs, judge of election John Cordes, judge of election Menno RIsius, clerk of election R. W. Gingrich, ol9rk of "election Ely Anderson, judve of" elec" tlon W. C. Engstrom, judge "of election R. I. Anderson, Judge of "election A. M. Kollosch, cle"rk"~o"f "ejection 4.80 4.80 4.80 3.00 4.80 4.80 6.80 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.80 4.80 3.00 3.00 6.00 fi.95 6.26 6.75 S.25 5.26 (1.30 6.00 9.00 0.3) 8.30 6.00 9.20 ti.OO 6.00 Luclle Hof, clerk of election Violet Dlmler, clurk of election 3.6< Town of Lu Verne, rent 6.01 J. E. McEnroe, Judge of election 5.70 Leo C. Miller, Judge of ejection 6.70 Henry Bailey, judge of election 5.70 Clark Scuffham, clem of election 7.03 Alfred Jergenson, clerk of election 6.70 Leo J. Miller, rent : 2.00 Wyot Stott, judge of election. 640 W. J. Stewart, judge of election ' Russell Shlpler, judge" of "the election Will Rlngsdorf, clerk of election E, O. Mann, olerk of election" Isadore Mayer, Judge of election John Arndorfer, judge of election Geo. Clnk, judge of election Geo. B. Ludwig, clerk of election John N. Ludwig, clerk of election Mary McKenna, rent John Farrow, judge of election A. B. Lappe, judge of cle"ctlon eo. Grlese, judge of election John Hellman, clerk of election Sari H. Cushman, clerk of election 'horles Plathe, judge of election John Frideres, judge of election Henry Bormann, Juuge of election Wm. Runchey, clerk of election John Bormann, cleric of election O, R. Jensou, judge of election . . . W. Bolllg, judge of election Wm. H. Elmers, judge of election 'hrls Dal clerk of ele 22.2( 6.60 5.40 5.40 7.20 6.00 6.00 8.00 6.00 3.00 6.70 6.70 5.70 5.70 7.90 5.10 . 5.10 6.11 0.20 7,10 8.20 6.70 6.70 6.7« RSJSOUVED: That the County- Auditor Is hereby authoried to issue warrants for all bills allowed at thin meeting as ' per Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore Written." On motion Board adjourned to 12:00 o'clock noon, November 9, 1942. J. H. -FRASER, Chairman. E. S. K3NSE1Y, County Auditor. . Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, ' November 9, 1942. 32:00 o'clock noon. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present and proceeded to act na County Board of Canvassers to canvass the returns of the General TClec- , tion held in the various precincts In Kossuth county on tho 3rd day of November, 1942, -with the following results: UNITED STATES SENA/TORr^Geo. A. Wilson, 4,075; "Clyde L. -Herring; 4.02S; Ernest J. Seeman, 1; W.- M. Heptonstall, 1. GOVERNOR—03ourke B. Hlckren- looper, 4,720; Nelson G. Kraxch&t. 3,252; F. M. Briggs, 1; Ward Hall. 1. LIEIUTDNANT GOTV03RNOR—Rob- ert D. Blue, 3,757; Lester S. Gillette, 3.616; Charles W. White, 1; J. Elliott Hollister, ;. SECRETARY OF 6TAT&-Wayne M. Ropes. 3,669; Mary If. 'Fagan, 3,346; Kenneth W. Trickey, J; H, W. Reln- ecke, 4. AUDITOR OF STATSJ-Ohet B. Akers, 3,687; W. M. Shaw, 3,200; John P. Lynch, 1; A. G. Peterson, 2. TREASURER OF STATE-W. G. O. Easier, 4,000; Walter Arant, 2,881; A.- C. Chrlstofferson, 1; Geo. W. Swan, 2. SEORETARIY OF AlGBlOUILTUKiE* —Harry D. Linn, 3,580; Frank M. Mur-ray, 3,606; Claude H. Banwell, 1; Al- vln Mitchell. 2. ATTORNEIY GBNEIRAL-John M. Rankin, 3,655; Joseph N. Wagner, 3,136; J. A. Merritt. 1. COMMERCE COMMISSIONER — David B. Long, 3,603; B. M .Richard•on, 3,668; Mike P. Conway, 3,100; Sidney H. Johnson, 2,907; Walter Jaschen, 3; John E. Solyst. 2. SUPEIRTNTEINiDENT .OF PUBUC INSTRUCTION-Jessie M. Parker, 4,020; May E. Francis, 8.004. J IT D GE S OF THE SUIPR33MB COURT-«. J. Mantz, 3,636; John ST. Mulroney, 3,565; W. A. Smith, 3,618;. William R, Hart, 3.038; Richard. F. Mitchell, 3,070; 'Edward A, Hager, 2,966. REPRESENTATIVE TO OON- TOWNSKIJP JUSTICE OF THE PEACB Algona TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ELECTED AT THIS GENERAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 9. 19tt CONSTABLE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE TERM BKG.INNING TERM BEGINNING GRESS—Fred C. CHchrist, 4,300; Edward Breen, 3,348. JUDGES OF THE DISTRICT COURT—Fred M. Hudson. 4,051; G, .V. StIIlman, 4,488. STATE REPREHBNTATUVE-Theo. C. Hutchison, 4,232; G.W. Bleich, 3,007. COUNTY AUDITOR-m a <Duke" •Cinsey, 4,628. COUNTY TREASUIWBR - C. W. 'oarson, 4,799. CLERK OF TUB DISTRICT OURT—Helen White, 4,322; Nellie fan Allen, 3,332. COUNTY S H :E R I 'F !P - Alfred chultz, 2,632; Art J., Cogley, 6,488. COUNTY REOORDBR — Sherman 'ottfir. 3,082; Clara Walker, 4,480, COUNTY ATTORNEY—H. W. Mller, 4,319; L. A. Wlnkel, 3,464. COUNTY CORONESl-JJr. M. O. 3ourne, 4,089; Dr. R. A. Evans, 3,406. SUPERVISOR FIRST DISTRICT— . K. Clapsaddle, 660; J. II. Frager. 99. Term beg. January, 1943. SUPERVISOR THIHD raSTRIOTr- V. A. Schraii, 747; W. B. Coferove, 23. Term beg. January, 1948. SUPERVISOR Fa'FTH DISTRICT— lyron L. Johnson, 836; Frank Bauer, 83; P. J. Helken, 481; term begfe. anuary. 1944. , OONSTTTUTTONAX, AMENDMENT no, 768. TOWNSHIP CLERK TWP. ASSESSOR ii light displayed contrary to the provisions of this ordinance 0r contrary to any order, rule or regulation promulgated pursu-. ant hereto, shall constitute a public nuisance end may fce abated as such. Sec. )), Conflicting Q?dl«Mnvf*. »y MMQR of the tmergemy nature of this ordinance all ordi- nwwes a? B»?te o* ewUnpQces te conflict herewith shall be B«»wing spy,air raid P?r- wt »riQ4 practice period pr ate raid Greenwood „.., .... Hebron . .... : __-- r .,..„,„"..,.,.""....., ..... Irvlnffton r ^,..-, T ,__ T _ • .... „„ ;„„„ Ledyard , , -J rTTijiT ; ?*ff * T " • • " *" T "7 -—,- T -- T T----—--^-----,.,,--------.----^.-- __,— ..,.,..^.,^.,^..,^^1^,^, *~~ " On motion Board, adjourned, jo

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