The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 14, 1952 · Page 54
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 54

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 14, 1952
Page 54
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9 RADIO DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur,- Illinois, Sun Jay, December 14, 1952. Better Radio Programs for the Week By Walter Kirby (Marriage of Figaro) lint wrtwoll Sundiy, Dec. 14 9-9:15 a.m.' WDZ This 1$ Millikin Third in a series of Mozart pro grams by Nancy Zi, soprano, the Oboe Quartette, and the Choir. Noa So Pi Ouartetts in F Sanctua and Krric . Coronation Mass in C) 9- 10 a.m. WILL Cooper Union Forum "Men and Politics" the Right Hon. Lord Lawson, P. C, author and BBC broadcaster. 9:15-9:30 a.m. WDZ Book Peddler Muriel Perrr, head librarian, Decatur public library, reviews "The Folks at Home" by Margaret Hal-sey, a serious appraisal of the business ethics dominating American life, humorously told by a worried parent. 10- 10:15 a.m. WMAQ It's a Small World In this country in an effort to find out "what makes America tick," Binod Rao, chief information officer of his state, tells of the reluctance of Hyderabad to join the Republic of India, and of the new Agricultural Lands Act. 10:15-10:30 a.m. WDZ Listen, Ladies "Books is Christmas Gifts" Script and production by Miss Eleanor Sloan. 10:30-11 a.m. WGN Northwestern Reviewini Stand "Should the UNESCO Program Be Presented in the Public Schools?" Eduaid Cur- i W y "1'' (''-. v I - : v V 1 ' ' ' -s . , .-. ' y ' J Red Skelton plays the part of a sultan on his program at 6 p.m. today on WMAQ. ry, fcvanston llil.J High .Nchoci; Mrs. T. H. Ludlow. Illinois Con gress of Parents and Teachers; El-dridge McSwain, Northwestern; Merton Ticc, VFW. 11:15-11:30 a.m. WSOY Meditations Millikin students and faculty present the twelfth in a scries of devotional programs combining music and the spoken word; Ted Bell, narrator. Stories Edgar Allan Poe'a "Mot-ella." Noon-12:30 p.m. WMAQ Eternal Light Marking the Jewish celebra tion of Chanukah (Feast of Lights), "Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl, featuring Jeff Chandler and Anne Whitfield. 12:30-12:55 p.m. WBBM Invitation to Learning Miguel Cervantes' "Don Quixote," a 17th century panorama of- Spanish life and satire on the conventional romances of chivalry, is considered by Jan Struther, novelist, and Hamilton Basso, critic and autnor. 1 n c Green Room." 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ University of Chicago Round Table "Should There Be a 25 Per Cent Limit on Taxes?" Sen. Paul H. Douglas CD-Ill), Colin Clark, Oxford Uni versity, and Walter I teller, University of Minnesota. 12:30-1:30 p.m. WILL Mini Fac ulty Concert "The Opera Work shop Ludwig Zirner, director. 1:30-2 p.m. WMAQ American For um of the Air "Should Our Social Security System Be Overhauled?" is topic of debate for John Thurston, deputy administrator of Federal Security Agency, and Raymond Moley, contributing editor, News week. 1:30-3 p.m. WSOY N. Y. Fhil- Noon-12:15 p.m. WILL Best Short ;harmonic-Symphony Geo rgc WSOY-FM 1KJ MC CBS Sunday's Radio Programs WSOY WDZ WMAQ WGN WLS-WEHR 134t KC CBS 1IS KC 67 KC NBC 72 KC MBS tit EC ABC 7 AM News Newt Revival Hour aw AM :IS Kara mo Quartet World News Record Reveille " -is :M Morning Cathenn' Living Faith Destiny of America :J0 M " American Quarete Destiny; News " I AS SAM Naiarenc Hoot Comic Weekly News Roundup Gospel Hour Music lor Everyone i AM i " " We Hold These Truth- " - ) :IS 39 Sunday School Lesson Comics . Back to God " )o 4 " " Health Talk jAi 9 AM Family Worship This is Millikin Radio Pulpit Radio Bible Class News & Weather A IS Pilgrim Lutheran Rook Peddler " " Little Brown Chruch 1 ; IS )0 Rhythms oo Request Shopping Memo Art of Living Voice of Prophecy " m LZ " Radio Parade " - U AS A' " World News A Small World Frank Ernest Voice of Prophecy AM IIIs Listen Ladies Singing Americans Interesting Facts III" If10 St. Francis Hour " Reviewing Stand The Christian I I l;J0 JL V Christmas Carols " ' JLl:45 n Pipes of Melody Sunday Devotional We're Downtown Millions Peering Message of Israel H -4. AM Meditations " ' I I :IS J Decatur Churches! " Lut.tetan Hour Funnies I I :4S - - n JLJLS t-V PM Sunday Serenade) World News Eternal Light Voice of Hope Voice of the Terkel -fc su I f:IS Vrenade: News Dr. s Orders 1'1-IS :10 Matinee Melodies Communist for FBI Round Table Freedom Store Amateur Hour I f .'in JL mi :S " " Melody Memos " A.UAS 1PM Symphonetts) Chicago Rears ts Catholic Hour Commentary " pm '' , i ... Chicago Cardinals " " " u :'J N T. Philharmonic American Forum M.ic in the Air Wings of Healing 1:10 27!? " " City Desk To Be Announced Lutheran Hour .T.PM ; Z Z - ? Fifth " Bd " - 1:11 2 BobConsidin " Herald of Truth :J0 Z Critic at Large Top Hits " f "M Salon Silhouettes The Chase Dr. Kildant ReriTal Hour fPM I 1J Variety Show Pigskin Parads Private Eyt Matthew Bell " T M , " " Sammy Kayc " " tf Ai 4 Broadway Melodies Final News Star Plaphouse The Shadow Light & Life J PM Sammy Kaye Serenade in Blue " " l ill !it ','""'' Wh Counter-Spy True DetecOTS) Greatest Story tX: 5 50 Years in Decatur Scarlet Pimpernel Nick Carter Drew Pearson P PM in , . " Carter: Newt Monday Headlines rVls Our Miss Brooks Youth WantstoKnow Top Hits Billy Graham L I :)0 , :4 " Song Show t.-4S WSOY WSOY-FM WMAQ WGN WLS-WEHR x 1341 KC CBS 192.1 MC CBS (71 KC NBO ISO KC MBS 89 KC ABO 6 PM Jack Benny Jack Benny Meet Tour listen Peter Salem Church in the Horn PM IS Amos Andy Amos 'a Andy Aldrich Family Top Hits National Vespers tV-in S " MeYody Pared. ) 7 PM Bergen ft McCarthy Bergen ft McCarthy Harris ft Fsyt Show News; Theater Fine Arts Quartet m-PM :IS . . " Family Theater " J -a :10 My Little MargM Mt Little Margie Theater Guild Enchanted Hour Folk Music Ijo Ai ' " " " August Richards f as 8PM H. Playhouse H. Playhouse " News Walter Winchell ' -vPM , " " To Be announced Tarlor Grant, News V-IS 10 Fscape Escape Dragnet John J. Anthony Melody Highway ,VjO " " Folk Music jAi 9 PM Telephone Qua Telephone Quix Barrie Craig Top Hits Paul Harvey News f PM ' " " Dance Band Memos for Men :IS 30 Choraliers Choralien Meet the Press Hawaii Calls Revival Tims M :) i A e Nw On Wings of Song Late News PM III' (-u"' s'" Cuest Star Public Affiars " Pastor J. C. O'Hair lS III Robert Trout, Newt Robert Trout, Newt Backpage Bulletins News Songs in the Night I 1 1 10 - J S Robert Trout Robert Trout Day's End Lutheran Vespers XVfS n? " : Sai News; Band News " Speaking of Businew -st -4 M li P11" 5""1 Dance Rand The Che Show Dance Band As We See It II :IS :30 Dance Band Dance Band " Chicago at Night Religion in News I I :30 " Liltle NiK Moije X J.s Szell, conductor; Erica Morini, vio lin soloist; intermission' feature: "James Fassett Tells the Waukesha Story." ... Orrrtnre to 'Tromethent Bccdumn Symphony No 8 in B minor ("UnfinisJKd") Schubert Violin Concerto in D major Brahou 2-2:30 p.m. WMAQ Citv Desk- Sen. Paul Douglas, (D-Ill), guest; with H llliam hay, moderator, 3-3:30 p. m. WMAQ The Chase I be Murderer, mystery drama. 4-4:30 p.m. WMAQ Hollywood Star Playhouse Cornel Wilde plays the role of a scheming imposter wno seeks an inheritance in a drama, "The End of Aunt Edlia," but one completely unforscen slip destroys his carefully laid plans. 4:30-5 p.m. WENR Greatest Storv Ever Told "I Know My Sheep," story of a man who is spiritually reborn by making three noble sacrifices, based on a teaching set forth in the third chapter ot John. 5-5:30 p.m. WMAQ Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Marius Gor ing stars as the colorful hero of the French Revolution period, squash ing in a nick of time a plot against some of England's greatest men, in cluding the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Nelson. 5:30-6 p.m. WMAQ Youth Wants to Know Democratic Sen. Estes Kefauver is guest of discussion pro gram moderated by Theodore Gra- nik. 6-6:30 p.m. WMAQ Red Skelton Show As a sultan surrounded by harem beauties, Red is ecstatically happy, even before they pull a switch which makes him the re cipient rather than the donor of a batch of expensive gifts. 7-7:30 p.m. WENR Trio of prin cipals from Chicago Symphony's woodwind section: Leonard Shar- row, bassoon; Florian Mueller, oboe; Clark Broady, clarinet, 4 i Rox Kern Liadoy Verdi Clarke Techaikowtkv Denra 1 Gordon MacRae and Carmen Dragon's orchestra, with guest star Dorothy Warenskiold, soprano, in 'Holiday Inn," adapted from Irv ing Berlin. . Let's Suit the New Yesr Right . I'ee Cot Plenty to Be Thankful Fox . Happy Holiday White Christinas Abraham Be Careful. It's My Heart Lester Parade 7:30-8 p.m. WMAQ Voice of Fire stone Igor Gorin, baritone; How ard Barlow, conductor. It s a Big Wide Wonderful World The U atr You Look ' Tonight Musical Snuff Box Di Prorrnza il Mar (Trariata) The Blind Ploughman uur I nve ( ttomeo and Juliet) Funiculi, Funicula 8-8:30 p.m. WMAQ Telephone Hour Lily Pons, coloratura so prano; Donald voorhees, conductor. 1-aMing in Lore with Lore Boys from Syracuse) Rodgers Mimosas Giraud Dancing Doll Poldini Overture to "Poet and . Peasant" on Suppe Una Voce Poco Fs (Barber of ServiUe) Rossini ThMMr ArUna TM Tffrv 8-9 p.m. WSOY Lux Theater Lynn, Phyliss Kirk and Bob Humphrey Boeart recreates his Acad- Havmcs star in "Ladv Be Good ". emy Award-winning film role as tender love story of a song-writing a. rorester s hard-bitten captain team. f . U... 1 1 'T-L A r vi uducicu river Doat, ine j.m o ti'crsv r- . . u.ju-o It. III. s l JU a ui Greer Carson plays opposite Humphrey Bogart in "The Af-' rican Queen", on WSOY at 8 p.m. Monday. Wilhelra Leibniz: a Philosopher- without the Ivory Tower" by Professor Detlev Schumann. 1:15-1:45 p.m. WILL . American Folkways "Songs of Many Wars." 4:15-4:30 p.m. WILL World in Books "Fill 'er Up" by Bellamy is reviewed. 7-7:30 T.. m. WSOY Mr. Keen Batbieri, Laura Castellano, Lucine Amara, Cesare Sicpi, Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill, Jerome Hincs and Lubomir ichegonov in the leading roles, with Alfredo Erede conducting. 5:15-5:30 p. m. WMAQ Your Symphony Scrapbook Arthur Goldstein, member of horn section Chicago Svmphonv, illustrates his div The husband of a skating enthusiast cushion of the characteristics and goes to the tracer of lost persons to. peculiarities of his instrument with find the person responsible for his excerpts from Rosiini's "Barber of wife's meeting with foul play, in j Seville" and the "Siegfried Idvl" the "Skating Rink Murder Case." 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Mr. Chameleon "The Door to Happiness." 9:30-9:45 p.m. WBBM "Folio Research Today and Tomorrow" To whA degree science now feels the new polio vaccine, gimma glo bulin, is successful in treatment of miantile paralvsis will be told bv Basil O Connor, President, Nation ai Foundation for Infantile Paraly- j Johnnv McPhee by Wagner. 5:30-6:30 p.m. WMAQ NF.C Symphony Orchestra conducted bv Guido Cantclli. Svmphony Xo. tg in C maw Hatdn ieua dca Canra Mranmkr loiero Ral 7-7:30 p. m. WG. 20 Questions Santa Gaus pavs his annual visit uhen he joins Fred VanDeventer. Florence Rina'd, Herb Polesie and sis. 8:45-9 Books- Saturday, Dec. 20 animal, game. in playing the vegetable cr mineral" a.m. WMQ Carniw.1 of! -"The Trees Kneel at Christ- :30-8 p. m. WMAQ Reuben. Reuben Reuben Bradford s annual : r it ...t - i i i " V", wno is joinea Dy a;Tpan M,echnlr mas," the modern miracle storv of! Christmas storv of the Narivitv. c- Christian, a Svrian family in Brooklvn. -viH'companied hv vocal and innimrn- Uas. Jvan. f L - Jl J 1 ' 1 H 1 ' J T ' 1 I ' t I .. lady missionary, Greer Carson, dur- r jT C T i , a , ,7 , T C l, t sclcc,1"ns ,rom oM w w,j i.'ll t . r- u. j- i River s End halts a bereaved moth- Lovelace and Mrs. Ruth Harshaw. rclicious themes. -s ..Ulm ...s a ,u i.g. .j carnpa;gn t0 estabish a strang- Addy Weldon Lara'le Sousa Sousa Suite in Trie Bucolique Varies Gallon Piemi Monday's Radio Programs WSOY-FM ItSJ MC CBS WSOY 134i KC CBS WSOY-FM Special-U. of Dlinois vs. U. of Michigan Game Time 7:55 p. m. WDZ Utta KC WMAQ til KC NBC W6H 72 KC MBS WLS-WEHR SM KC ABO 6 AM Rooster Club Norman Ross Farm Hon Farm Bulletin Board a AM ' Dens Skeeter Bonn is Newss Sannmon " Thet Randolph n:S 4! Sangamon Special Ross: News News News 4s 7 AM World News Roundup Norman Ross Bill Emu Show Red Blanchard ass AM :li Moming Herald World News Ross; News ' " W -IS :JO T-I' , Local New,; Music 400 Hour News; Weather 1 -V) Ai T. N. T., Local News Musical Clock 400 Hour; News " Newt !s 8AM News M America " Vour Neighbor News Breakfast Club ' rAM :IS Musical Seconds t Johnson Family " i:1 Nancr's Notebook Music That Sings " " ass-10 At Tello Test Breakfast Club News " jAi 9 AM Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Welcome Trawler News Mr True Store f AM J JSC Reporter News " Virginia Cale " fill " Back to the Bible Double ot Nothing Victor Lindlahr Whispering Streets . n " Today's the Day When s Girl Marries IF Ai "I f'i God,rTr Shopper's Serenade Srrike it Rich Lit F" Arkie's Coffee Time -4 AAM I IfJ! L,n Hospitality Program Bob ft Ray Queen for a Day Brerk"theiUnJi I 1 1 30 - 5 Kosemary Bob Hope Show " " XS nS YiVZ Let a Talk About Ne urt Msssey Time lack Berch Show -si -si AM JO fr'u TLd't' f?ck H"" Victor I indlshr News . Kitchen Club I I x-i"fcTTm k- ?.lunc for N'1 H"t' Konsan Ross Tello Test The Buccaneers I I M Timechecker; News Man on the Street Ross. News Holland Engle. New. Markets; Weather X JL i "i fl Mivre?.. vrldM"T Mary Mcrryfield Marshall Kent News; Markets Ck.tU I J Nim rw.Mkef The Traeeliers Cedric Foster. News Markets: Farm News 1 "l 7s l65gcS55l Light FarmReporter B1ncoon Antics Market Repone. Dins, B.U Ti- 1- r,hZlh Ti "R",dom fh,ptl 01 A1 Aic The Brichter Day Take t Number Health Talk "TTTm 1 i N7I Al.if. Amencan Quartet Date with Duggan . " School Time . f :J0 VL . V , . D'n Garroway Paula Stone Bob Atcher Present I :i m Brighter Day- Jack Wood Show Kukls. Fran ft OlUe Charles Kssher " J.? 2. HottVi pStVnd TWB ShPpiDg B Rd'ofLUe Bc""iful M.Maxgaret McBride Bob Atcher Presents " QPM :, . " . , Jke Showcase Pepper Young Family " Feature Foods Ivl S Aunt Jenny Music; Holly wood Right to Happiness rearare rooos . :)o 8 Hilltop Hoose Santa's Mailbox . Backstage Wife News Cal Tinner C ru :IS Young Dr. Malm. Jim Sesney Show Stella Dallas Earl Nightingale ' " lu,nrT' - IS TaX'ksS Wdd" Brown 8ung JJi . 4S I he Boot: Shelf Woman in My. House Paul Harvey fJjJs 4M Bar None Ranc Sports: New. Ju Plain Bill Lmie Simon . Beulah Kamey , ' fM ' . final News Front Page Farrell " ' - t -is :ii r- - Lorenro Jones " Hits with Hubbard I ' H Cinnamon Bear The Doctor s Wife News , "aDotra 7:05-7:30 p.m. WGN Family Thea ter noddy McDowell in Charles Tazewell's delightful fantasy, "A Lullahy for Christmas", the story of a mute shepherd boy who is ridi' culed by his elders for following a star in the heavens to find a man, a woman and a newborn child; Ruth Hussey, hostess. 7-7:30 p.m. WSOY Bergen-Mc-Carthy Show International beauty Zsa Zsa Cabor and Charlie McCarthy go into partnership as the operators of an exclusive beauty salon, during the blonde star's visit. ' 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY My Little Margie Margie gives a command performance when a phony genealogist convinces her that she is really a princess, and her father decides to give her a royal ribbing that results in a reign of hilarity, with Cale Storm and Charles Farrell. 7:30-8:30 p.m. WMAQ Theater Guild on the Air Joan Fontaine and Franchot Tone in Edith Wharton's novel, "The House of Mirth," the tragedy of a worldly young society woman, who is so eager to make a successful marriage that she rejects the man she really loves because he is poor. 8-8:30 p.m. WSOY Hallmark Playhouse Lloyd C. Douglas' novel ette, Home lor Christmas, is dramatized. 8:30-9 p.m. WSOY Escape "Four Went Home" Antony Ellis' excit ing dramatization of the attempted escape of five GI's from a Nazi prison camp. 9:30-10 p.m. WSOY Choraliers Eugene Lowell, conductor; j. AI den Edkins, bass soloist. Hallelujah ' Friend o Mine Home Sweet Home 8:30-9 p.m. WMAQ Band of Amer ica and the Green and U hite quar tet, conducted by Paul Laval Ie. The Footliftrr Fillmore Uld Oaken Bucket French National Defile March Wings of Victory There Is No Christmas like s Home Christmae Christmas in Killarney Children's Psrade 1 Capitan March Washington Post March 9-9:30 p.m. WMAQ Best in Mu sic starring Robert Merrill, bari tone; Marguerite Piazza, soprano, and Meredith Willson, conductor. September Song Weill Papaeeri Jul. Orchestral number Prologue (Pagliacci) Leoncavallo smoke Gets in lour Eyes Kern I Have Dreamed (King and I) Rodgers 9:55-10 p.m. WSOY This I Believe Antonio Iglesias, correspondent for Mexican newspapers, Monday guest; Dr. Lawrence Haskew, dean, College of Education, University of Texas, Tuesday; Oscar Ewing, Federal Security Administrator, Wednesday; Mrs. Walter Magee, pren-dent, Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs, Thursday; B. Lee Pace, associate editor, Colorado Springs News, Friday. 11:15 p.m.-l a.m. WMAQ Promenade Concert George Stone plays classical recordings. Concerto for Trombone and Military Band Rimsky-Korsakow Symphony in C aharp minor Pf itzner Suite in E major for Strings Foote Svmphony No. 7 In C Sibelius Fantasy on a Hymn by Justin Morgan Thomas Canning Tuesday, Dec. 16 11:30-11:45 a.m. WILL A Trip through Switzerland "Americans in Switzerland. er in the place of her lost son, in the prize play Boy Doll. 8-8:30 p.' m. WSOY Broadway Plavhouse Joan Fontaine in the Trad. ! tender love storv. "Manhattan Sere- Turlet ! i . t Ventre jnaae. 8-8:30 p.m. WENR Mr. President Edward Arnold poitrays the President who built Washington's first highway, strengthened the national financial structure, and won territory important to the future of the Republic by peaceful means. 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Big Story-Story of Arthur Shinske, reporter for Moline, 111., Daily Dispatch. Thursday, Dec. 18 2-3 p.m. WILL Music for the Connoisseur "So You Want to Be a Music Critic." 8:30-9 p.m. WSOY Bing Crosbv Show Song stylist Ella Fitzgerald will be the ijroaner s guest; joc Vcnuti, violin virtuoso. Nicea t atheran hvmn Pilgrims' Chorus (Tsnhauteil Warner Ave Maria (OtrlM ,Trl, tirtil Music l Lohengrin) Wagner Hallelujah (Messiah) Handel 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Tarzan Paganism and Christianity meet in a dramatic struggle ' in "Congo Christmas" when a village mission school and its tiny church are pitted 9:30-10 i. m. WSOY Let's Pretend Nila Mack's original version of the Universally beloved poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas," including Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with Michael O'-Day, Gwen Davies and Arthur Andersen. 10:05-10:30 a.m. WSOY Grand 'ainst,,he Pries,s of Temple of Central Station The Yuletide caS-iMlomo''o. Moon God. Trying Mt Favorite Song Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Sleigh Bell Serenade Some Sunny Day To See You Is to Love Yon Lady Be Good Friday, Dec. 19 10-10:30 a.m. WILL German Lit- sic, "Miracle for Christmas," with Mason Adams, Ralph Clanton, Walter Greaza, and Gilbert Mack and Madeleine Pierce. 11-11:30 a. m. WMAQ Elizabeth Hart Presents Senior Capt. Phyllis Gerringer, a brigade officer at the Salvation Army's William Booth Memorial Training College, will talk of the Christmas kettles located in the loop area of Chicago; also Rev. Donald Curzon talks about his school for boys from broken homes. 11:30 a.m.-noon WSOY Stars ovci Hollywood Edmund Gwcnn, veteran character actor and Academy Award winner, will repeat his dual portrayal of Charles Dickens and Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens' immortal classic, "A Christmas Carol." 1-5 p.m. WLS-WENR Metropolitan Opera Verdi's "Don Carlo" erature and Culture "Gottfried , is sung by Delia Riga, Fedora 8 8:30 p. m. WSOY Gangbusters A winning horse paying 11-1 odds in the sixth race at a Florida track creates the clue that leads the G-men to break up a Chicago counterfeiting ring in "U. S. Currency Custom Made." 9-10 p. m. WGN Cliicaco Theater of the Air "Damascus Dun-," an original cantata by Jack LaFrandre, with Nancy Carr and Bruce Foote; Col. Robert R. McCormick, intermission speaker. 9:30-10 p.m. WMAQ Northwestern University A Capclla Choir Christmas concert under direction of George I lowerton. Troit Chansons Rseel Nicolette Thr-e I orely Birds from Psrsdise Foundelae I-torn Heights of Heaven Kri.,in Horn Immancel Praeturiut the Bells Send Hol from Vega Iickertn To Us Is Ringing of .Midwinter Song of Mary Shepherds' Sons Good King Wencrsles arr. Sha Television for the Week Skip to Mr Lou Daybreik Sanbonnct Sue medley Shenandoah Air Forces medler Yon mans Sanderson Bishop Martin Grofe Edwards Trad. Crawford 9:30-10 p.m. WMAQ Meet the Press Mrs. Anna Rosenberg, Assis tant Secretary of Defense, guest. 10:15-10:30 p.m. WMAQ Public Affaire "The "Bible and National Progress" discussed by Dr. Hugh Thompson Kerr, Jr.; Dr. Emilc Cailliot and Dr. timer Homnghau-sen, all of Princeton Theological Seminary. Monday, Dec. 15 8-8:45 a.m. WILL Illini Time recorded classics. Prelude and Fugue in F minor Bech-Cailliet Symphony No. 1 in B flat major Schnniann 3:45-4 p. m. WSOY From the Book shelf "My Island- Home," by James Norman Hall, story of a small town boy who became one of Amer ica s greatest writers, the co-author of "Mutiny on the ifounty," i re viewed by Muriel Perry, head li brarian,, Decatur public library. 7-7:30 p.m. WSOY Suspense Lloyd Nolan, well-known private eye of radio, trails a murderer who employs some of the most fantas tic ruses ever devised to conceal his crime, in a bizarre drama based on an actual police case, the Man with Two Faces." 7-7:30 p.m. WMAQ Railroad Hour 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Cavalcade of America 'A Barbed-Wire Christmas," a story of American prison- ers-of-war in 1944. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Mr. and Mrs, North Louble-crossing among racketeers is untangled at the cost of a policeman's life in "Partners in Death , co-starring Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost, and featuring San tos Ortega. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Life with Luigi Luigi worries about not hav ing money to buy Christmas pres ents and gets himself a job in a department store. 8-8:45 p.m. WENR America's Town Meeting "What Are the Answers from Korea?" will be dis cussed by Lindcsay Parrott, New York 1 imes; I lenry Hayward, Chris tian Science Monitor; Robert Pros-scr, Newsweek; Walter Simmons, Chicago Tribune; Robert Eunson, Associated Press. 8:30-9 p.m. WGN Northerners Marilyn Powell, soprano; the octet and the ensemble. DeSvlva DuPnnt Puccini Rodgers Redmond Button Up Your Overcoat La Rosita Donde Lieta (Ls Boheme) Dites-Moi (South Pacific) ThirtT-T vro Feet and Eight Little Tails .Shenandoah Trad. Chanty 'Ah. Sweet Mystery of Life Herbert Tales of the Vienna Woods Strauss KSD-TV, Channel 5 St. Louis 9-9:30 p.m. WSOY My Friend Ir- mi Needing money for Al's Christmas present, the dizzy blonde agrees to serve a summons on her boss, Mr. Clyde, and ends up serving it on Santa Claus instead. Wednesday, Dec. 17 10-10:30 a.m. WILL Library Presents Miss Viola James, instructor in library science, announces "Yule-tide Reading for the Family." 1:15-1:45 p.m. WILL Netherlands Composers Music by Henrik An-driessen; Guillaume Landre. 3:45-4 p.m. WSOY Listen, Ladies "Christmas Story for Children" by Eleanor Sloan. 4-4:30 p.m. WILL Studio Theater Charles Dickens "Mrs. Lirripex's Lodgings." ' . . 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY FBI in Peace and . War A businessman who claims he has no cntimies has several attempts made on his life, and the FBI seek "The Motive." 7-8 p. m. WGN Musical Comedy SUNDAY, DEC. 14 1 :00 Cards-Bears 6:00 Red Skelton 6: 0 Mister Peepers 7:00 Comedy Hour S:00 Television Playhouse 9:00 The Doctor 9:30 Little Symphoare 10:00 Plavhouse of Stars 10:J0 Fred Waring 11:00 Racket Squad 11:30 What's Mt Line? 12:00 Our Miss Brooks 12:30 s.m. Film. MONDAY, DEC. IS 6:00 Popular Scence 6: 1 5 Dottve Bennett Show 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Paul Winchell 7:30 Howard Barlow's Orchestrs 8:00 Mama 9:00 Robert Montgomery Theater 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 Studio One 11:00 Chance of a I ifetime 11:30 Opening Night 12:00 Live Like a Millionaire TUESDAY. DEC. 16 6:00 Armchair Adventure 6:15 Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Berle 8:30 Fireside Theater 9:00 Two for the Money 9:30 To be announced 10:00 Toast of Town 1 1:00 Break the Bank 1 1:30 Wrestling WEDNESDAY, DEC. 17 6:00 Popular Science 6:15 Dottve Bennett Show 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7.-001 Married Joan 7:30 Dragnet 8:00 Television Theater Sr 00 Boxing 9:45 Snorts Parade 10:00 Arthur Godfrey 1 1 :OU 1 V 1 heater 12:30 a.m. News THURSDAY. DEC. 18 6:00 Sports 6:15 Dottve Bennett Show 6:3fJ Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Marx 7:301 Lore Lucy 8:00 Ozzie and Harriett 8:30 Theater 9:00 Martin Kane 9:30 March of l ime 1 0:00 U neipectf d 10:30 Faitbanks Presents 11:00 Danger 11:30 T-Men in Action 12m. The Web 12:30 a.m. Sews FRIDAY, DEC. 6:00 Popular Science 6:15 Greatest Fights 6:30 Those Two 6:45News Caravan 7:01 Dennis Day 7:3fJ Plavhouse 8:00 Burns and Allen 8:30 Aldricn Family 9:00 Boxing 9:45 China Smith 10:15 Yesterday's Nrwsreei 10:30 Big Town 11:00 Beat the Clock 1 1:30 Boston Blackic 12 m Film 19 . 20 SATURDAY, DEC. 6:00 Stranger Than Fiction 6: 1 5 Parade of Magic 6:30 My Hero 7:00 All-Star Revue 8:00 Your Show of Shows 9.-30 Wrestling in Mangold 1 1 :00 Suspense 1 1:30 Arthur Godfrey' Talent Scoots 12 m. Hit Parade 12:30 a.m. Film 12:45 s. m. News. WHBF, Channel 4 Rock Island, III. SUNDAY, DEC. 14 1:25 Bears-Cards 6:00 Yon Asked for it Information on these programs Is furnished by the stations and is subject to change. All times are "p.m." unless otherwise shown. 6:30 This is Show Business 7:00 Pentagon 7:30 John Hopkins Review 8:0f) Fred Waring 8:30 Break the Bank 9:00 The Web 9.30 What's My Line 10:00 C hance of a Lifetime 10:30 Film 11:00 Billy Graham MONDAY, DEC. 1J 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Hollvwood Screen Test 7:00 I ux Theater 7:30 Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts 8:00 Buddies of the Aillanes 8:30 Life with Luigi 9:0f) Studio One 10:00 March of Time 10:30 Weather Show 10:45 Perry Como 1 1 :00 Chronoscope TUESDAY. DEC. 16 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Heulah 7:0O I ife is Worth Living 7:30 Keep Posted 8:00 Citv Hospital 8:30 Death Valley Davs 9:00 Danger 9:30 The Name's the Same 10:00 Four Star Plavhouse 10:30 Weather 10:35 TV Newa . 10:45 Heaven For Betsy 11:00 Where Was I? WEDNESDAY, DEC. 17 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Homicide Squad 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 Boston Blackie 8:30 Man Against Crime 9:00 Boxing 9:45 Sports Spot 10:00 Doug FairhanLt Jr. Presents 10:30 Weather Show 10:35 TV News 10:45 Perrr Como 11:00 Hocky king THURSDAY, DEC. 18 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 Bums and Allen 7:30 Peters Family Playhouse 8:00 Biff Bak-r 8:30 f g Town 9:00 Racket Squad 9:30 I've Got a Secret 10:00 The Unexpected 10:30 Weather 10:35 News 10:45 Heaven for BetsT 11:00 Life Begins at 80 FRIDAY. DEC. 19 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Ozrie and Harriett 7:00 Famous Playhouse 7:30 My Friend Irma 8:00 Plavhouse of Stars 8:30 Superman 9:00 Twenrv Questions 9:30 Down You Go 10:00 Invitation Playhouse 10:30 Weather 10:35 News 10:45 Perrr Como 1 1 :00 Looking at Sports SATURDAY, DEC. 20 6:00 Teen Club 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:Otl Jackie G'eason Show 8:00 Home Theater 8:30 I Lore Lucr 9:00 Trouble With Father 9:30 Wrestling . 10:00 Sports Showcase 10:15 Wrestling 11:15 Mr. and Mrs. North WFBM-TV, Channel 6 Indianapolis SUNQA7, DEC 14 I.-OO Pro Foothill 6:00 Mystery Theater 6:30 This is Show Business 7:00 Toast of the Town 8:00 Fred Waring : 30 Break the Bank 9:00 The Web 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 News Review 10:15 Close Un 10:30 What's Mr LIne 1100 Comedy Hour MONDAY. DEC. 15 6:00 Weatherboard 6:25 Sports Brief 6:30 Sporta 6:45 Telenews 7:00 Video Theater 7:30 Talent Scouts 8:00 I Love Lucr 8:30 Files of Jeffrey Jones 9:00 Studio One 10:00 Weather Man 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes) 10:30 TV Msilbte 10:45 Music in The Night ll:Orj Martin Kane 11:30 Night Owl Theater TUESDAY, DEC. 16 6.00 Weather 6:05 Ann's Music Shop 6:25 Snons-o-life 6:30 Perry Como 6:45 Telenews 7:00 1 iving Is Worthwhile 7:0 Ozxie and Harriett 8:O0 Short Story Playhouse 8:30 Suspense 9:00 Danger 9:30 Public Prosecutor 10:00 Weatherman 10: 10 Miniatures 10:3fJ Washington Spotlight 10:45 Music in the Night 1 1.00 Red Ton Theater 1 1:30 Racket Sqcad . 12.00 March of Time 1 2 : 3 0 N ight Owl Theater WEDNESDAY, DEC. IT 6 00 Weather 6:05 Shadr Arret) 6:25 Dee Sweet 6:30 Sports 6:4 5 lelenews 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 l est the Press 8 20 Tune of the Day 8:25 Sports Brief 8:30 Nfan Against Crime 9:00 Boxing 9:45 Sportsway 10 00 Weathermen 10:10 Miniaturra 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Music in the Night 10:4" Yesterday a Newsreel 1 1 :00 To be announced 12:00 Night Owl Theater THURSDAY, DEC. 1! 600 Ws.ther 6:30 Perry Como 6:4 Telenews 7.00 Indiana U. 7:30 lAtath Valley Days 8.O0 Ramar 8:30 Rig Town 9:00 The Unexpected 9: 30 Art Lir.klener Show 9:4 5 Industry on Parade 10:00 Weatherman 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Madison Square Garden 10:45 Music in the Night 10:55 Sports Final 1 1 .00 J he EJerenth Hour 12:0O Night Owl Theater 12:00 Dcwn Yon Go FRIDAY, DEC. 19 6 00 Wea-her 6:05 Shndy Acres Gang 6-30 Spons 6-45 Telenews 7:00 99 "Harmonies 7:15 Kennr Jtssrer 7:30 Mr Friend Irma 8 :00 Plavhouse of Stars 8:30 Our Miat Brooks 9:00 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 9:30 Million Dollar Plavhouse 10:00 Weatherman 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Greatest Fightf 10:45 Music in the Night 10.55 Sports Final 1 1 :0O Dangerous Assignment 11:30 Mrsterr Hour 12:30 .Night Owl I heater SATURDAY, DEC. 20 6-00 Groucho Marx 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:00 Jackie Gleatoo 8:00 Abbott A CostefJo 8:30 Theater 9:00 Wrestling 10:00 Amateur rights 10:30 Life Begins at 80 I IrOO Red Top Theater 12:30 Night Owl Theater

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