The Decatur Herald from Decatur, Illinois on November 9, 1950 · Page 19
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The Decatur Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1950
Page 19
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Decatur, Illinois, Thursday, November 9, 1950. DECATUR HERALD 20 WOMEN'S FEATURES Newly Elected Officers of Macon County Home Bureau .- -rf.--i;v;-,.-:;:'' --..--v-v.,-.., . OAK LEAF CLUB PLANS POTLUCK Oak Leaf club will have potluck Clothes For Television Friday at 12:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. John Kruzan, 2200 North Oakland avenue. Find Cause For Truancy By ANGELO PATBI Why do some children play hookey? weskit which is equally versatile, or you may simply relax into flannel ilacks with a simple shirt blouse and sit on the floor! Many of the better designers of at-home clothes are taking the television hour into consideration and have made lovely clothes that are suitable either for. entertaining informally at home, ' or for double duty,, at home and abroad. . Mattoon Women's Clubs By ANNE YATES CLARKE Television has brought a new way Because they don't want tc be in of life to many people and with it a new mode of . dressing. It means more evenings at home, more entertaining at home. When you invite guests in to see a special event or for an evening before the screen school and sometimes would much rather be somewhere else, anywhere, else. ' ' What we must discover is why they want to be somewhere else, why they feel so miserable in ' school that they will brave the consequences of truancy. Having 15th Anniversary - Mattoon (Staff) Federated Women's Clubs si Mattoon observed its - loth aaniver-sary, Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. in the Methodist church in. Mattoon. Two past presidents- will be ' hon In our search we must begin with the child's physical condition and, taking nothing for granted, have him examined from, head to heel. Any defects that are found must be remedied promptly. Any sug ored. They are Mrs. Carl Ozee and Mrs. J. F. Mallory, Sr.. Each will receive a past presidents pin. ' Literary division will have charge of the program and will present as speaker. Miss, Eloise Kissinger, state art librarian of Springfield. A tea will follow the program. SPEECH CORRECTIOXIST gestions the psychologist makes must be followed to the letter. ALL THE TIME the administra I w ffpfil ' h " I """ I? tors and the classroom teachers who are responsible for him must be sympathetic and understanding. TO TALK IN MONTICELLO Monticello (Staff) Speech correction work being it calls for a new arrangement of the room, for different clothes, perhaps even different refreshments. No longer is the" "above the table" dresc important as it was in the days of bridge or more lately for canasta." Now, you may sit on the floor, on the arm of a sofa or you will be moving around to see that your guests are comfortable. You will need a flattering dress with a full" skirt that will arrange easily in any of the above poses, or you will wear the slimmest of slacks if you have the figure, with a blouse or weskit that is both comfortable and pretty. Most "television" clothes are not restricted tc wear at home. If your social lite calls for dinner or short evening gowns the same entertaining-at-home dress can be worn to an opening night, to a concert or to a restaurant. It will do just as well for a bridge or canasta. party. Slacks and the more intimate type of hostess gown have more limited uses, but they are still preferred by many women who spend most of their evenings at home and who like their comfort and casual effect. Velvet and velveteen score this year "in both skirts and slacks, and are often teamed to dressy, glittering tops or blouses. The jersey blouse or sleeveless bodice teamed carried on in Monticello commu nity school unit 25 will be discussed by Mrs. Dorothy Fitzgerald, speech correcttenist, at the November meeting of the Washington Parent-Teachers association meeting ' at 7:30 p. m.. today. Pupils of the fifth and six grades will give a portion of the program and their parents will be in charge Our trade in figures "listen good." Come b. , "lend us your ear" and we'll give you an allowance figure on your old car that will be hard to equal anywhere. Let's do v..-; rnn a v - of the social hour. An award will be given to the room having the highest percentage of parents present. October's award was won by the first grade. . ' J . The executive board will meet at 7:30 p. m. DECATUR 1 :tW3Vl to the full taffeta skirt, freguently Hansen's Have Oil Heaters! shot with metal, is another favorite. Shown are the officers elected Tuesday at the 32d annual meeting of the Macon County Home Bureau in the Masonic temple.' Left to right are: front Hopkins of Boody, recreation chairman; Mrs. Elmer Burgess of Mt. Zion, secretary. (Herald and Review Photo) dent; back row, Mrs. Paul Wheeler of Niantic, minor project chairman; Mrs. Gerald Parish, rural route 8, special project chairman; Mrs. John row, Mrs. Lawrence Turner of Macon, vice-president; Mrs. William Berry of Maroa, major project chairman; Mrs. Otto Lienhart of Warrensburg, presi If you need a whole wardrobe of these bits of enchantment you can add a metallic blouse to wear with both slacks and skirts, a velveteen his post. Oreana Man and Bride Mrs. Edna . F. Kelly (D-N.Y.), Women Seeking Re-Election Have It Easier Than First Term Seekers Living in Martinsville who ran for her second term in the House, was the first woman in the field of 18 women candidates Miss Betty Barbara Kipfer, CUTTMBLEY'S For Expert Dry Cleaning 1018 North Water Phone 5319 ... and a limited supply of . . . 275-Gallon OIL TANKS Choose from famous makes as: QUAKER MO ARCD PRE WAY Prices Start at $49.95 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert for Congress to cross the finish A. Kipfer of Pontiac and Robert By RUTH COWAN Of the Associated Press - Washington, Nov. 8 ' Women members of Congress tine. We always found that if the straying one found a real friend in a teacher he ceased to stray. He might not become an "A" pupil but he did become a present pupil instead of an absent one. . One child played truant because he was oversized for his class. The other pupils were evenly sized, interested in the same things mainly, and got along well enough. He fitted nowhere. The seats were too small, he couldn't enter into the games, he just didn't fit. His place was at the end of the line where he towered above it like a telephone pole. When he was given a program that allowed him to travel with groups in which his size was less conspicuous, where he could do work suited to his weight and height in the shops, he felt better" and attended regularly. , A SICK CHILD cannot learn. If illness is proved to be the cause of truancy the answer is plain. His health must " come first, lessons afterward. The child who stays out of classes because his clothes are unsuitable surely can be helped promptly by his teacher friends. That is done almost daily In any large school, frequently in small ones, too. The dull-minded child needs special instruction and should not, for his sake and the sake of his classmates and his long-suffering teacher, be asked to take 'subjects for which he has no ability. Whatever strengths he has should be accented by a teacher trained for this special service. WHAT ABOUT the unhappy child whose home background is so miserable that he has no rest for the sole of his foot or the peace of his mind? - . ' . ..-'.. He is the one problem that society must solve bjpproviding the solution' that seems best for his difficulties. Truancy Is ; an indication of a misfit child. It is our duty to find what causes the misfit and adjust things so he can fit. Compulsory education laws cannot take the. place of helpful attitudes and practical service. Sunday Wedding In Areola Church Areola (Special)" Miss Phyllis . Ann Spanhook, Earl Craft, son of Mrs. Mary Craft of Oreana were married Oct. 22 in the First Presbyterian .church in Pontiac. Rev. A. Brabson officiated. have a new dean. Mrs.' Edith Nourse Rogers, the The bride attended Illinois Wes- WASHING MACHINE ROLLERS PARTS SERVICE PARTS leyan university in Bloomington 69-year-old Republican lawmaker from Lowell, Mass., won her 14th term in the House in yesterday's voting. ' In Indiana Mrs. Cecil Harden, Republican, won re-election to her second term. Mrs. Frances Bolton, Republican, won her seventh term in Ohio. Untroubled by ballot-box worries this year was Senator Margaret Chase Smith, (R-Me) whos(e term does not expire until 1955. She is the only woman member of the Senate. . where she is a member of Alpha ANY MAKE Gamma Delta. Mr. Kipfer was Since 1925 Mrs. Rogers, always election found the going easier than those bidding for a .first term. In California, Rep. Helen Gaha-gan Douglas, Democrat and three-time winner of a seat in the House, lost in her try for the Senate against Rep. Richard M. Nixon, Republican. THE LONE WOMAN bidder for a governorship, Ana Frohmiller, Arizona Democrat and state auditor fo- 24 years, ran a close race with her male opponent,.. Howard Pyle, Republican. '- There will be one new feminine face in the House at least.. Mrs.;! Marguerite S:r Church, widow of Rep. Ralph Church (R-111), who died of a heart attack a few months ago, ".won -election to graduated from the University of HANSEN'S HOME APPLIANCE 449 North Water v Any Part for Any Coffeemaker with a fresh flower corsage on her George's Washer Shop 144 South State Street Phone 2-7905 Illinois with a major in agriculture. He is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho and served with the navy for shoulder, has been outranked by four months in length of service by iiiiiiiiiiinHHiiiiiHiiiniHmiiiiHminHmHiiiiirtiiimiinininmimrainiimimnnniiimiiiiiiiiiinniraiii two years. The couple is living Martinsville, where the bride Rep. Mary T. Norton (D-N.J.). But Mrs. Norton, "veteran of many . a legislative scrap, didn't choose to run again this time. groom is with the soil conservation service. Women found the voters coy this The bride wore white satin with year. ' . In general, women .seeking re Put Your Idle Money to Work Your Savings Can Earn chantilly lace yoke ap'pliqued with satin and a lace and satin mandarin collar. The full skirt extended into" a long train. Her fingertip length French illusion . veil was banded with satin and was held by of used mtihMiQ) interlaced satin cap. She car ried a white satin Bible with satin streamers and a white orchid. Attendants were the bride's sorority sisters Miss JoAnn Baker of Rock-ford and Miss Helen Jean Lauter-bach of Bushnell. Miss Mary Agnes DR. . ROBERT EAST, Optometrist 608 N. WATER DECATUR. ILLINOIS EYES EXAMINED GLASSES PRESCRIBED Ottlce Hours Daily & A. M. to 5:30 P. 2tf. OTHER HOURS BY APPOINTMENT . " PHONE 3-1334 , Current Dividend Silberzahn of Pontiac was the other attendant Miss Baker wore gold satin and the others were in pale green satin. All three wore match $1.00 or more will open a savings account. Paid-up Share accounts accepted up to $10,000.00. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spanhook. became the bride of ing satin mitts and braided headdresses and carried bouquets of yellow and rust chrysanthemums. Lloyd Eugene Bergfield, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bergfield, all of Best man was Donald Erickson Areola, Sunday in First Christian church. Rev. H. I. Hayes officiated. A reception followed in the home of the bride's parents, and after a of Altona and groomsmen were Fred Sauer of Gibson .City and Marvin Wirtz of McHenry. Ushers included Keith Fuller of Belvedere and Lee Craft of Oreana. Wayne Let us explain how our money earns semi-annual divi' dends. ELMER'S FREE PARKING - OPEN DAILY and SUNDAY 8:30 to 8:30 - Headquarters for Gifts end Games . For Every Occasion trip to Chicago, they will live with their parents until their farm home Enfield sang accompanied by Mrs. near Oakland is ready. L. C. Stephenson, organist A re MUTUAL I The bride wore candlelight satin made colonial style with a full ception was in the Masonic temple. Apparel for the family Needs for the home skirt Her finger tip length illu sion veil was held by a crown of and Miss Betty Jo Dyar of Long- fl ELMER'S I Home and Sayings Association f view, cousin ol tne Dnaegroom, lilies of the valley and she carried pink and white roses. soloist. The church was decorated 3S Base Malm So with baskets of chrysanthemums, Mrs. Dale Clark was matron 'of honor in ice blue satin with match 638 East Eldorado winter asters and candelabra. fflMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIM ing mitts. Her head band and bou quet were of pink carnations. Dale Clark was best man and ushers were Joseph and James Partridge. Mrs. Robert Coombe was organist XCEPTIONAl VAIUK t ..liiac in m A MEET? Or Just Want to Try Somethima Red TW- I n 1 .MflK-llll v BUDGET 50 TERMS faMjf PLAIN V-PC. price - f - u. COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION TRY Delicious Borden's Fortified Skim Milk SINGER SEWING CENTER and YOGURT Phone 2-1161 250 North Main. TAKES IKCBES OFF HIPS AN) WAISTLINE WITH In every CVl f regular sis 2 - V SILVER DUST1 ISMi ,.. Getthisbigi L&vuiXf flttfifjru"xi1" i t r L" doth youn ; VCj5 in erery reg-,1B ularsizeof i a delightful taste-treat and a truly healthful combination. TRY SOME . . . YOU'LL BE MORE THAN GLAD . "... THAT YOU DID! mt uomr tmvorite tood store ' or delivered to your door. By Kay Kavannaugh Another DAVIS Feature BACHELOR LAUNDRY SERVICE Tears Mended FREE! Buttons Replaced FREE! results. LOOZ brings oew hope. Simply take 2 tablets A.M. ft P.M. and tee if your clothes don't fit and took more' attractive, especially around fat spots such as hips, waist, abdomen, etc No strict diet or exercise is required . Insist on LOOZ at your druggist Newest of formula! recently brought to light by Medical Science is LOOZ. a preparation for takiof fat off Hips aad Waistline- For raaor who have tried "reducing treatments" sod who hae lost faith in them because of exaggerated claims aad ineffecml COMMUNITY DAIRY SERVICE week supply only 92.00. mjwm Pick-Dp and Delivery Service Me Extra Per Garment 101 E. Prairie 111 N. Water 6M E. Eldarade 1252 N. Jasper UK W. Weed MS W. Eldorade iSONES-Sttt Distributors of BORDEN'S GRADE "A" MILK PRODUCTS . . Johm P. Bolmsj DeeatuvOmeil Deeatur-Operate Phase 2-0114 ROTH-JOHNSON DRUG CO. 143 North Water Street AND ALL LEADING DKCG STORES 4

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