The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1942 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1942
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 1 SWEACFTYBROWN HERDSMAN IN ARMY V Swea City: Stuart Butter Held, \Wio has been operating a farm in ftfegle township, will move his Guernsey herd and equipment to the, Virgil* Blomster farm;a mile west of town. The Blomster here of Brown Swiss was sold at auction, Monday since the herdsman, Harry Skagga, has been drafted. George Buttenfield, Jr., w'll move to the place now farmed by his brother, Stuart, and will establish a Guernsey herd there. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gardner are the parents of a son born on Tuesday at the Forbes hospital We. Also suggest that you visit our balcony department which is loaded with gift items for its first Christinas season. Little Dolls Some dressed while others are to be dressed. A large selection to choose from. 59c Large Dolls Sleepy eye dolls. Some with hair, some without. All well dressed. Santa Glaus has put his o. k.; on every toy in our store, and you will find a vast selection from which to make your choice. Also boxed diaper dolls with complete wardrobe. 98c $1.98 $2.98 ji We carry 'the Jargest. assortment of sleds In north Iowa. SI.79 $7.95 •,:-;-"A^ »• <» i- i • 'Hockey Sticks • 35c 49c Skiis Edge grata pine O f OO . «p 1i£9 $2.19 '•'• Ice Skate FOR MEN—Full grain leather. Plaid wool cloth lined. Ankle strap. S6.25 FOB WOMEN—White shoes, leather Insole. Lined tongue. W $5.19 FOB CHHJDBEN—Elk, full Nickied steei $4.95 Coast-to-Coasf Store Mr. and Mrs. Jim Merryrnan spent Sunday at Spencer. Mrs. Clifford Knuteon of Lakota spent last Friday with Mrs. EJrn« est Knuteon in Algona. 11. R. ,T. Harrington of Des Mjolnes spent the week end In Algohi with his wife and son, Timmy. Ensign and Mrs. Kenneth Knapp of Des Moines were week end guests in the R. B. Waller home. Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Keneflck and three Sons spent Thanksgiving at Eagle Grove in the Tom Keneflck home. Arlette Skaar, second grade teacher at the Bryant school, spent the Thanksg. ! 'vng vacation at her home in Primghar. Miss Helen Comfort, hotnemak- ing instructor In" the local high school, spent Thanksgiving and the week'end at Onawa, Iowa. The children of the Trinity Lutheran church will practice for the Christmas program on Saturday afternoon' from 1:30 until 3:30 p. m. Toea-Wed., Dec. 1-2 Cary Grant ih "GUNGA DIN" Second Feature Robert Armstrong in "KING KONG" Thurs.-Frl.-8at., Dec. 3-4-5 IT'S BRUTfllv.; BUT TRUEl wild HOYD NOLAN CAROLE LANDJS Second Feature Bed Barry "THE APACHE KID" "Spy Smasher" Serial Sunday, Deo. 6 for 4 Days Second Feature Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll in "THE GENEBAL DIED AT DAWN" ANNOUNCING OUR APPOINTMENT AS EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR^'. THIS TERRITORY FOR I All We cordially invite, your inquiries on our complete line of HONEYMEAD PEOTEIN SUPPLEMENTS, for Hogs, Cattle^ Sheep and Poul- t'iy. Prorai|>t"delivery service on all tori lot orders. It will be our airn to gender you a Coniplete Feeding Service, A Honeymead Service Man will be at your dilstjposal at all tiine&l ' Mav we suggest youp making pquiries from tlje many feeders of Honeymead in this territory. Bradley 4^e "WPBHffp 9I|B ^="^^ "^Wr^^^^P^^^^J^ '"^^W* '^^F ^ff ^P ^^^^ r Mr. and MM. Bernard Yeoman and three children of Webster City spent Sunday In the G. C. Yeoman home. , .. Mr. and Airs. Wo»ley ttartlctt of Eagle Grove spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster. Mr. and Mm. II. R. BaamiMfion of Dea IMolnes spent Thanksgiving and the week end with Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. IT. JVC. Smith sprnt Thanksgiving day at Washta with Mr. Smtths piarents, Mr. and Mrs. William Smith. Wayne Rjustroni spent the week end with h'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom. Wayne is a student at the state university. Mrs. E. A. Genrlch Is expected to arrive here from her home at Ames on Wednesday for a few dajM* visit with Mrs. A. A. Bishop and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Peterson and and .family of Humboldt spent the week end at the home of Mrs. Peterson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Lighter. Mr Jand Mrs. Albert Vjogel of Des Moines left Friday after spending the week In Algoira with the Walter's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Kirk. Mi*, and Mrs. Edouard Thompson and daughter of Humeston, Iowa, spent Thanksgiving and the week end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Dltsw,orth and 'son, Walter Heldt, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Minard and daughter, and Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner were Thanksgiving dinner guests of Mr. and -Mrs. Peter Heldt. Mr. and Mrs. William Runchey, Mr. and (Mrs. Lyle Runchey of West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith and Mr. 'and Mrs. Charles Ulfers of Algona were Sunday guests in the John Ulfers home. Dorothy Nlchojs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. -Nichols is ill. at her home with rheumatic fever. Although she is doing nicely it will be several weeks before she can resume her school work. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ridenour and daughter, Janice, have moved to the Dr. Janse house on Harlan street recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ingham. Mr. Ridenour is a local high school teacher. Mr. and Mrs, Joel Herbst and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen spent Thanksgiving /&t Emmetsburg with the ladies' mother, Mrs. Mary Quinn, who makes her home with the L. D. Brennaira there. Mr. and Mrs. John Kirk had as their week end guests, the latter's brother t and family, Mr. and MM. Russell Gould and children of Harlan, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rottenberg of Fargo, N. D. Loo Strclt has returned from Alaska, where he has-been, working on the road project aniJ he is staying with his fiather, Anton Streit. Mr. Streit flew from White Horse, Alaska, to Edmonton, Canada. 1 Calvin Wadlelgh, student at Iowa State College at 'Ames,. 'and Ldu'.ae Wadleigh, student at Iowa State Teachers' ' 'college at Cedar Falls, spent the week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wadleig.l. The condition of Mrs. Fred Tinmi, who suffered a stroke two weeks ago, is sufficiently improved to enable her to be dismissed from thp Kossuth hospital where she has been a patient. She returned to her home Saturday. Thanksgiving guests in the A. A. Bishop home were Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mosier of Ames, Mrs. Minnie Long and Mrs. A. E. Michel. The Moslers are former Algonans and buMt the house where Mr. and Mrs. Bishop now live. Mrs. Elmer Gunn and daughter, Sandra Jean, returned to their home at Emmetsburg Saturday after visiting in Algona since Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Bob Nolte. Mrs. Gunn attended a shower for Mrs. Nolte Tuesday eventog at the home of Mrs. Raymon Henry. Mrs. M. K. Cullen spent several days last week with her s!ster, Mrs. H. M. Smith and at Whlttemore in the J. Cullen home. She was en- route from Mason City to Omaha where she will make her home with her husband who is teaching mechanics at an air base there. Mrs Sherwood Pother and baby daughter are spending a few days at Mason City with Mr. Potter who is head of the meat department of the National Tea Co. there, Mr. and Mrs. Potter have rented a house which will be available soon. Meanwhile, Mr. Potter has a room at Mason City and Mrs. Potter has been with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Simon will leave Wednesday morning for their new home in Chamberlain. S. D., where Dale will continue working for the (Milwaukee railroad. Mr. and Mrs. Simon will he greatly missed in Algona. Mrs. Simon, the former Marion Blair and a teacher in the local school, has lived here four years and Mr. Simon has been here over two years. Mrs, Robert Gorr is expected to arrive this week for an indefinite visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop. She is the former. Ruth Bishop and her husbacd is a newly-commissioned lieutenant junior grade in the navy. He has finished his basic training and vHll now be at Gulfport, Miss. Mrs. Gorr has been visiting his parents at Dubuque and she expects to join her husband when arrangements can be made. Staff Sergeant and Mrs. Roscoe Stewart spent Thanksgiving and the week end with friends in Algona, Roscoe is an Algona, boy antf he has been in the camouflage section of the army for 28 months and is now located at Greenville South Carolina. Last May 17 he was married .to a Florida girl. His Sister, .Helen, who Is employed at Waterloo came Friday for the week end here. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart were Thanksgiving guests of the C, B. Murtaghs, Pijane Lighter, newly-commissioned Flight Officer in the Army Air Corps, spent from Thursday until Sunday in- Algona with Ms parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Ugnter. Puane nnished his training last Wednesday at Roswell, New Mexico,- receiving fl»e air corps new tt- tle, lor its graduating pUots, thaj of flight officer. He left ent center and It wa» thought he W ouJ4 aerve M co-prtot «n two w tern Bev. mnd Mrs. W. O. Bnnuwsh «f LewlsvillA Mnn., visited in the Rev. P. J. Braner home Thursday and Friday of Bat Week. Esther Strayer, student nnrse at Sioux City, cattle home Wednesday forthahksgivilng vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. .T. A. Strayer. She spent Wednesday and Thursday at the home of Pvt. Carroll Wergeland in Thor. Pvt. Wergeland left Friday mornfln-g for Camp Wolters, Texas, where he is serving In the army. Jesse Riddle writes from Hcr- mosa Beach, California that they are living in a dun out district. They have to pull their shades at night and drive with their lights on dim. Mrs. Amelia Jerrkins and the Riddle son, Wayne and family are living with them. They are a half block from the ocean and are working in the ship'' yards. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Windell had all their daughters and their husbands home for Thanksgiving. They are Mr. and Mrs. James Altwegg of Rembrandt, Mr. and Mrs. John Thurau of Stratford and Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Zerfass of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Thurau went from here to LuVerne, Minn., to visit Mr. Thurau's parents and returned to Algona to spend the week end. Air. and Mrs. Phil Kohllioas entertained at a family dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Guests were Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffiman and daughter, Joan, Mrs. Rose Scanlan and Mr. and Mrs John Kohlhaas. None of the Kohlhaas children away at school or working were able to come home but the daughter, Betty, a teacher at Swaledale, spent the day with her brother, Bob who attends Lor as college at Dubuque. I-tfla Olson, fourth grade teacher, spent the- Thanksgiving vacation at her home in Pocahontas Kay Mills speech teacher, went to Orinnell and Dorothy Qu'ran, typing teacher, went to her home at Marcus. Helen Moad, Junior High English teacher, spent Thanksgiv- '•rtg at Emmetsburg, Joyce Talcott, kindergarten teacher, visited her brother in Chicago and Marguerite GHlmore, high school Biigllsh teacher, drove to her home in Duluth, Minn. H. B. White left Monday after a few 1 days' leave which he spent with k'« wife in Algona. HI is taking officers' training and ds In the Military Police division of the army. He has been at Fort Oglo- thorpe, Georgia, and his entire div- '•sion has been transferred to Ft. Custer, Michigan. Mrs. White, newly-elected county clerk, was visiting him at the time the order came through and through returning with her Hi was able to have a few daya in Algona out of the transfer time allowed. Dispersal SALE I will sell 40 Head of Registered Holsteln Cows, Calvos and Herd Bull at public auction on Wed. Dec. 9 at my farm located 4 miles west and one-half mile north of Bancroft, Iowa. Papers furnished with all animals. Henry Lampe fit />cV STfOKERJOAL A hearty eater may be starved for want of balance in his diet. And though your furnace consumes lont of coat, your (ire may still lack that balance of natural elements in coal. It you're buying just "coal screenings," switch to Green-Marked G-14, the Bal* anced Ration Coal . . . fortified with extra "darain" ... to keep the fire bed even, free from blow holes and ex- ce»sive coke frees . . . efficient . . . economical. Phone today for a trial load. KVPD, Ft. Dodge, ^6:43 p. m., 1400 kycJ BASKETBALL i i First Home Game Algona High School G-yin Friday, December 4 ALGONA HUMBOLDT Two Games 7 :00 p. m. Second Teams 8:00 p. m. First Teams Admissions — Grade School ____ ____ ______ lOc Jr-Sr. High (18c plus 2c tax) 20c Adults (31c plus 2c tax) ____ 35c Tuesday, December 8 ALGONA vs EMMETSBURG Our store is full of lovely, new gift items that will be joyfully received by the lady of your choice. Make your selection early to avoid disappointment. Gift Suggestions Holiday Hats Sweaters Aprons Neck Scarfs Skirts Blouses Worked Pillow Cases Stamped Pillow Cases Money Belts Knitting Needles Salt-Pepper Sets Dresses Costume Jewdery Hous^-coate Head Scarfs Handkerchiefs Rayon Hose Yarn Purses Gloves Dickey Sets GREEN MARKED COAl is on the air! Give Her Staple Items That She Oan : Use Botsford Lumber Co. I The ELITE Phone 256 Jim Pool 'V jap*** .^ C"* . "*-% 5 "Right" Gift Is Here) Sheer lawn hankies in colorfud printed patferns/alsp plain white with colorful embroidery _, ,_^^^Snowy white handkerchiefs in fine lawn or Jin^p^hjanc} folk, ed hems with applique fiiiji ' - 9JEiit>' _ _ i ^^IIH^ * ''^r^^HS. and drawn work — T „„,,-'—,,;^WWF **B4-liMI^ -<•.' -a'S Handkerchiefs for the men In service,.'; white or khaki in box ready for mailing _„__„ gee our gift selection of lingerie, Jewelry, House Slippers, Eoee m •« « ~ % T W :"V

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