The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 16, 1952 · Page 48
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 48

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1952
Page 48
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48 RADIO DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, November 16, 1952. Better Radio Programs for ihe Week By Walter Kirby Unity, Not. 18 7:15-7:30 a. m. WSOY Kararmi Quartet In a variety of spiritual and inspirational tongs. Winter Bong sraiiaru Kentucky Bab Odbcl Cm River Burleigh Ood Um Afl-Fowerfa1 Haydn be; a-Ia'-tUn' Along Trad, sptr. 9-9:15 a. m. VDZ This Is Millilcin Vaughn' Williams program by the Millikin Choir, under the direction of Howard E. Alters, and Don Crobe, tenor. Th Vagabond Bright Is the Ring at Word The Roadside rin Valiant tor Truth .9-10 a. m. WILL Cooper Union Forum "Psychological Effects of Our Industrial Civilization Clifford Sager, associate dean, Postgraduate Center for Psychotherapy. 9:15-9:30 a. m. WDZ Book Peddler "Decatur Book Fair," a dis cussion by William McCully, Ken neth Duchac, and Muriel Perry, head librarian, Decatur public li brary. 10-10:15 a. m. WMAQ It's a Small World Max Takobson, London correspondent for a newspaper in Helsinki. Finland, discusses the contents and general make-up of Finnish papers, most of which are official organs of political parties. 10:15-10:30 a. m. WDZ Listen, ladies "Decatur Schools. Are Thev in Dancer?" d reduced ind d reeled by Barbara Hill, with Lester J. Grant, superintendent, Decatur schools; Charlotte Meyer, elemen tary supervisor; Mrs. H. R. Beeson cfAAUW. A Tallulah Bankhead stars in "All About Eve" on WMAQ at 7:30 p. m. today. 10:30-11 a. m. WGN Northwestern Reviewing Stand "What Form of International Organization Should the United States Support?" Adm. Harley Cope, Veterans of Foreign Wars; Vernon Nash, lecturer for United World Federalist, and Charles St re it, president Federal Union, Inc. 11:15-11:30 a. m. WSOY Medita tions Millikin students and faculty present another in a series of devotional programs combining music and the spoken word; Ted Bell, nar rator. Noon-12:30 p. m. WMAQ Eternal Light Morton Wishengrad's "The Benediction" starring George Tobias, with Maurice Copeland, Ken Nordine, Muriel Bremner and Carlton KadelL Noon-12:15 p. m. WILL Best Short Stories Edgar Allan Poe's "The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether." 12:30-1:30 p. m, WILL Illini Faculty Concert The Walden Quartet of the University of Illinois. 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ University of Chicago Round Table "The Bi ological Aspects" T. C Byerly, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture; J. Rob- bins, N. Y. Botannical Gardens; Dr. C. P. Rhoads, Memorial Hospital of N. Y. and Paul Weiss, University of Chicago. 12:30-12:55 p. m. WBBM Invita tion to Learning Christopher Marlowe's tragedy in verse, "Tambur- laine the Great, a study of an out standing personality and its gradual disintegration, one of the high points of Elizabethan literature, dis cussed by Louis Kronenberger, Time Magazine drama critic and Eric Bentley, New Republic drama critic. 1:30-3 p. m. WSOY N. Y. Phil harmonic-Symphony Dimitri Mi- tropouios, conductor; Joseph Szigeti, violin soloist; Mrs. Edward Mac- Dowel!, intermission guest. Fantasia and Puarua In O minor Baeh-Mltropoulot Symphony No. t In P major Beethoven Violin Concerto Martin 1:30-2 p. m. WMAQ American Forum of the Air "How Best to Get Rid of American Communists" WSOY-FM 1RJ MC CBS WSOY 134 KG CBS M Iftwa it Karamu Quartet M Morning Oatherta Sunday's Radio Programs WDZ its ko WMAQ 67 KC NBC For Ood Country World Neva Living Faith American Quartet WGH 720 KC MBS News Record Reveille Destiny of America Destiny: New WLS-WENR 89 KC ABC Newt. Weather Hymn Tune Revival Hour 8 f Naiariae Roar 7 Comic Weekly Newt Roundup Gospel Hour . We Hold Theu Truth! Sunday School Lessor- Comics Back to Ood 9" Family Worship This ' Pilgrim Lutheran Bool JJ Rhrtbsa oa Reeueet Fall Revival Hour Lester McParland News 8 10 This Is MlUlkln Radio Pulpit Bek Peddler Fashion Farad Art of LlTlng Radio Parade Radio Bible Class Voice of Prophecy Health Talk Uttle Brown Church 9 11 f Pines of Melody :l Medltatlnn. Decatur Churches) World News Listen Ladle St. Francis Hour Sunday Devotional A Small World Singing American Frank at Ernest Interesting recta Reviewing Stand Voice el Prophecy The Christian 10 We're Downtown 12 M Sunday Serenade 'lo Matinee Melodise Chapel by the Road Millions Praying Lutheran Boar Message of Israel Funnies . 11 World News Dr.'s Orders Communist for FBI Eternal Light Round Table Voice of Hope Freedom Story Melody Memos Voice of the Terkel Amateur Hear 1 12 J Symphonstt :H H.Y. Philharmonic Wayne King Show Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams Catholic Hoar American Forum Commentary Musie'ln the Air Wings of Healing 2 1 3 Salon Silhouettes i M Variety Show News Desk Intermezzo Boo Consldlne Critic at Large Trendler'i Top Tunes Lutheran Boar Fifty Army Band Herald el Truth 2 The Chase Prtrate Eye Dr. KUdars Matthew Bell Revival Hour 4 4 Brotdwty Melodies 8 Pigskin Parade Reservists Revus Final News Star Playnouae Counter-Spy The Shadow True Detective Light ss Life Greatest Story 5 4 S9 Tears la Decatur Our Miss Brooks Scarlet Pimpernel Nick Carter " Carter: News YouthWantstoKnow Top Hits Song Show Drew Pearson Monday Headlines Billy Graham 5 6 WSOY 134 KC CBS sviJeck Benny Amos a Andy 4t " WSOY-FM 102.1 MC CBS Jack Benny Amos n Andy WMAQ 671 KC NBC-Meet Tour Match Aldrlch Family WGH . 720 KC MBS ToBe Announced Top Hits Melody Parade WLS-WENR 891 KC ABC Church In the Home National Vesper 7 rw Bergen McCarthy is Bergen at McCarthy Harris & Faye Show Family Theater Enchanted Hoar Fine Arts Quartet I M " August Rlchsrds 8ru H-Plajhome H. Playhouse " News: Search Walter Winchell 7rM 14 " Search Never Ends Taylor Grant, News )-M 10 Escape Escape Dragnet. John J. Anthony Melody Highway A h " " Allstalr Cooke KJm 9 Telephone Quia Telephone Qui Barrle Craig Top Hits Paul Harvry News A" " Dance Band Memos for Men II1 W Cborallers Cborallers Meet the Press Hawaii Calls Revival Time H "I J!'T" - .. New' Cm "In" f Song Lste News - A"? I 1 1 1 Oalen Drake Galen Drake Public Affaire " Pastor J. c. O'Halr III" III P-ooert Trout, Raw Robert Trout. Mews Backpage Bulletins News Songs In the Night I 1 1 M -B- V Robert Trout Robert Trout Day's End Lutheran Vespers - JLV t nfJJ News: Band News: Band News - Speaking of Business - t 'Jt 'm P,nc Dance Bead . The Ches Shew Musical Portraits As We See It I I u 'Z. Dnc B,, Dance Band " Dance Band Newa to Religlea I I " " Little NIU Musle Monday's Radio Programs WSOY-FM lrU MC CBS WSOY WDZ WMAQ WGN WLS-WENR 134t KC CBS 105 KC C70 KC NBC . 721 KC MBS SM KC ABC 6m Rooster Club Norman Rose Farm Bulletin Board jam it Mernins Devotions - Farm Hour Skeeter Bonn I' li e News; Sansamoa - Chet Randolph 1 1 M 4t Sansamon Special Wood; Sports Roes; "Jews Hews News J i 7" World New Reuadus Wake with Wood The 400 Hoar Bill Evans Show Red Blanchard fl"1 ' Morning Herald News. Wick Evsne - - r. N. T. Local News: Musi " Newt; Weather I , 4 T. N. T, Local New Musical Clock 400 Honr: News " Nrws 1 . 8" News of America Your Neighbor News Breakfast Club 0M it M'islcal Becond " - Johnson Family V " NancTs Notebook Musle That Sings " " i , i TelloTest Breakfast Club News " KJ s 9 J Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Welcome Traveler News Mr True Story A? " TC Reporter: News - Virginia Oale - 1 1 14 Back to the Bible Double or Nothing Victor Llndlahr Whispering Streets 21 10 . 4 - Today's the Day Arkle's Coffee Time fj 'i 1 A Arthur Godlrey Shopper's Serenade Strike It Rich Ladies Fair Health Talk A III'?" " - - News; Notes I I I 11 III.. L" Hospitality Program Bob A: Ray Queen for s Day Break the Bank III1 -S- v ' Rosemary Dave Garroway " " X-t U Wendy Warrea Let's Talk About News Cart Master Time Kitchen Club -fj -4 " Jackpot Quls Dick Humes Victor Llndlahr Newt Stumpu I I ' Helen Trent Love on the Run Here's Norman Rosa Tello Test " II Tiroechecker: Newt Man on tnestreet Ross. News Holland Engle. New Jack Berth Show X J--4 sm Big Sister New; wick Evan Mary Merryfleld Cedrte Foster. New News: Market rv M 1 I Ma Perkins News: Markeu Luncheon AnUcs Marshall Kent Markets: Farm News I "I it I Noon News Music: Farm New " Market Reporter Dinner Bell Time I m JL swi -it Td ClUdJO Lhrht Farm Reporter Bob Hope Show News " JL W t Iru Rhythms at Random Chapel of th Air The Brighter Day Take A Number Health Talk -4 rM ii ferry Mason American Quartet Date with Duggan " School Time I :it :M Nora Drake " The Travellers Paula Stone Bob Ateher Presents I M. t Brlthter Day Jack Wood Show Knkla. Fran Si QUI Charles Kasher " JL -t 2M Mkts: Around Town Time Out LUe Can Be Beautiful M.Margaret McBrid Bob Ateher Presents CI it Uouse Party Road of Lite " -:M " The Showcase Pepper Toung Family Feature Foods :M 4t Aunt Jenny Music; Hollywood Right to Happiness " U-i l m Hilltop House Jim Seaney Show Backsttte Wife New Cal Ttnney A J Toung Dr. Malon " 6tella Dallas Earl Nlghtictsl , - J :! Th l Woman's Hour b idder Brown - Charles Anten al ', rJF The Book Shelf Woman In Mr Hons Paul Harvey l 4" Bar None Ranch " Just Plain Bill Ernie Slmoa Brulab Earner M " Snorts: New Front Pate FarreD " - ft :" le " News; Wick Evans Lorenso Jones " Hits with Hubbard T:M ri " The Doctor's Wife - J. 5rM Crosby 81ms News Bobby Benson News: Hubbard Hits f :i Crosby; Tour Policy Wed Howard " Hits with Hubbard tV' I News: Ray Anthony News Wild Bill Hlckok News; Hubbard Hits el M -44 Lowell Thomas r-un Factory Bickok: News - fj ti S - , Mr . .. ... . awsBswswswswswswawswswssswawa William Holden stars in his original role in "Submarine Command" on WSOY at 8 p. m. Monday. will reveal her as a murderess, in Death and Miss Turner." 7-7:30 v. m. WMAQ Railroad Hour Marion Bell guest stars with Gordon MacRae in "On Your Toes" by Rodgers and Hart, On Tour Toes Glad to Be Unhappy It's Oot to Be Love There a Small Hotel Quiet Might 7:30-8 p. m. WMAQ Voice of Fire stone Launtz Melchior, . tenon Howard Barlow, conductor. Football Song Medley Serenade Stndent PVinee) Romberg Malaguena Lecuona Prise Song (Melstersinger) Wagner Morning Speak . Wedding March (Midsummer Night's Dreami Mendelssohn The Song Is Ton stern 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Telephone Hour Bidu Sayao, soprano; Donald Voorhees, conductor. Chonln Massenet Trad. Scott Resplgbi Puccini MlnnU Walts Voyons Maaon (Macon) Londonderry Air Think on Me Pines along th Applan Way I Pines of Rome) TJn Bel Dl (Madam Butterfly) is the topic of debate for Robert Morris, special counsel Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and Morris Ernst, well-known lawyer and co-author; Theodore Cranik, moderator. 3- 3:30 p. m. WILL The Jefferson-ian Heritage "The University of the United States." 4- 4:30 p. m. VMQ Hollywood Star Playhouse Cesar Romero plays the role of a miner in diamond mine being operated by the brother of one of the victims who has sworn to kill the man who deserted his crew in the cave-in Romero himself, in Diamonds of Gulaga." 4:30-5 p. m. WENR Greatest Story Ever Tld "The Just and the Unjust," in which a Samaritan family, disciples of the Master, moves to Nazareth without knowing that he and the Samaritans are despised there. 5:30-6 p. m. WMAQ Youth Wants to Know John Kennedy, Democratic senator-elect from Massachusetts, answers questions of reporters representing New York Post, World-Telegram, Herald-Tribune, and the Louisville Courier-Journal. 6:30-7 p. m. WSOY Amos 'n Andy ihe two men who created this classic of show business, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, plan a special program that will recreate the highlights of their Amos n Andy show over the years, for their 10,000th broadcast. 6:30-7 p. m. WENR Fine Arts Quartet George Sopkin, cello; Irving Ilmer, viola, and Leonard Sor- kin and Joseph btcpansky, violin ists. Quartet No. 4 Walter Piston 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Bergen-Mc- vartny snow Because "wnariie s grief-stricken over his loss of Mari lyn Monroe, baritone guest Tony Martin suggests that they become gay bachelors and go off on a ro mantic spree in Paris. 7-7:30 p. m. WGN Family Theater Ruth Hussey stars as the mother who wins a two-week vacation as a contest prize and takes it alone in order to awaken the rest of the fam ily to their home responsibilities, in Vacation for Mom. 7:30-8 p.m. WSOY Broadw ay Play house Wendell Corey will bring his intensely dramatic technique to the enmlv absorbing story, Ihe Big Clock." 7:30-8 p. m. WGN Enchanted Hour; Nancy Carr, lyric soprano; Henry U eber, conductor. 8-9 p. m. WSOY Lux Theaier "Submarine Command," exciting story of the undersea Navy from the end of World War II though the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, stars William Holden in his original film role and features Alexis Smith. 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Band of America And the Green and White Quartet, conducted by Paul Lavalle. 9:55-10 p. m. WSOY This I Be lievt C. Day Lewis, British poet, Monday; George Vierheller, direc tor, St. Louis Zoological Gardens, Trjpsday; Helen Hayes, actress, Wednesday; Dennis Borgan, Cambridge University, Thursday; Robert Morrow, superintendent Tucson, Ariz., public schools, Friday, 10:30-11 p. m. WSOY Middle East Story Bill Costello heads a board of three CBS Radio Washington correspondents in a senes of infor mal conversations with top-ranking diplomatic representatives of Near and Middle tastcrn nations; todav s premiere guest, Mohamed Kamil Ab dul Rahim, Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S. 11:15 p. m.-l a. m. WMAQ Prom enade Concert George Stone plays classical recordings. Gavotte and Finale (Classical Symphony) Depuls le Jour (Louise) Pizzicato Polka Sptrate Pur, Splrate Unforeseen Farandole (L'arleslenne) Romance (Desert Song) Prokofieff Charpentler Strauss Donaudy Scott Blset Romberg 7:30-8:30 p.' m. WMAQ Theater Guild on the Air Tallulah Bank- head, who for two years has been conducting a hilarious public feud with Bette Davis over the latter : alleged impersonation of Tallulah in the movie "All About Eve," now stars in the role herself. 9:30-10 p. m. WMAQ Meet the Press Lester Pearson, Canadian Minister of External Affairs and President of the U. N. General As sembly, guest. Monday, Nov. 17 8-8:45 a. m. WILL Illini Time- Recorded classics. Dance of the Annrentleea (Melstersinger) Wagner Entrance of the Mastersingers (Metsterslngeri Wagner Fliedermonolog (Meisterstnger) Waimer Enigma Variations Eigar 1:30-1:45 p. m. WGN Paula Stone show linger Dick Havmes, Mon day; composer-critic Deems Taylor, Tuesday; blues singer Ethel Waters, Wednesdav; the talking screen's "si lent" star, Rita Gam. Thursday; George Oppenheim, Friday. 3:45-4 p. m. WSOY From the Bookshelf "Decatur Book Fair," discussion by William McCully, Kenneth Duchac, and Muriel Perrv, head librarian, Decatur public li brary. 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Suspense-Agnes Moorehead portrays an am nesia victim who is afraid to remem ber her past because she believes it The TJ. 8. and Ton The Harp of Tara Lady of Spain Big Joe. the Tuba Little Wheel a-Turnln' My Heart Go Down, Moses I Got de Shoes Zamps Overture Colossus of Columbia Castelucel Rodrers Evans Laval! e-Tarto Trad. Trad. Trad. ' Herold Alexander Piano Concerto Fugue in O minor Symphony No. 4 In E minor Aleiei Haleff Bach Tschalkowsky Tuesday, Nov. 18 11:30-11:45 a. m. WILL A Tr Through Switzerland "Chemistry and Medicine. , . . , , 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Cavalcade of America Film star Wendell Corev will portray Capt. Dan Gallery, daring skipper of the converted Liberty Ship whose nickname "Can Do" turned out to be prophetic, in the World War II drama Away Boarders." 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Mr. and Mrs. North The sleuthing Norths ex pose a swindling racket in Diamonds for Pamela." 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Life With Luigi J. Carrol Naish as the "little immigrant wins his class contest the subject This Is Chicago, and when his essay wins further, he worries about his accent; with Alan Reed, Mary Shipp and Jody Gilbert. 8-8:45 p. m. WENR America's Town Meeting "Should the Com munist Partv Be Outlawed? Her bert Philbrick, former F.B.I, agent, and Victor Lasky, writer on Com munism. 8:30-9 p. m. WSOY My Friend Irma Mrs. O'Reilly is arrested for disturbing the peace with her sing ing and finds herself in worse trou ble when she vocalizes for the judge, 8:30-9 p. m. WGN Northerners Marguerite Piazza, soprano; the en semble and the octet. 'S Wonderful Gershwin Ham Away Joe (Chantey) err. Waring Habanera (Carmen Bizet Deh. Vlenl Non Tardar (Mirrlage of Flgarol Mozart You Are Love (Show Boat) Kern Jambalaya Rose A wonderful Ouy (South Pacific) Rodgers I Think of You arr. Rachmaninoff Full Moon and Empty Arms arr. Rachmaninoff Wednesday, Nov. 19 10-10:30 a. m. WILL Library Pre sents Frederic Melcher and Chil dren's Books" Alice Fedder, library. University High School. 1:15-1:45 p. m. WILL Netherlands Composers Music by Alphons Die-penbrock; Willera Pijper. 4-4:30 p. m. WILL Studio Theater Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll House." 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY FBI in Peace and War Baffled by failure to solve a series of daring hijackings of liquor-carrying trucks on a well-traveled highway, local police appeal to FBI agents for assistance in "A Case History", with Arnold Moss and Bill Zuckert. 7- 8 p. m. WGN Musical Comedy Theater Edward Everett Horton, Polly Bergen and Earl Wrightson are featured in "On an Island with You." 8- 8:30 p. m. WENR Mr. President The strong influence of the Secretary of State in helping President James Monroe formulate the historic THEIR 10,000th BROADCAST J!.fV a Amos (Freeman Gosden) and Andy (Charles Correll) give their 10,000th broadcast today on 'If 1 J . 1 J WSOY at 6:30 p. m. recreating high points from their programs of the last 25 years. Monroe Doctrine, with Edward Ar nold. 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Big Story A vicious tri-state gang is broken up through a veteran crime reporter's efforts, true experience of Ralph Cropper of the Philadelphia In quirer. . 9-9:30 p. m. WMAQ Jason and the Golden Fleece An old and bitter sea captain, obsessed with the idea that a young officer cost him his last command, is Jason's sailing companion. 9:15-9:30 p. m. WENR Mrs. Elea nor Roosevelt, U. S. delegate to the United Nations, in an address, "Popularizing the United Na tions. Thursday, Nov. 20 2-3 p. m. WILL Music for the Connoisseur "Historic Recording." 88:30 p. m. WSOY Hollywood Playhouse Ihe Fine Line. 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Eddie Cantor Show Recordings of novelty tunes by Phil Harris, Fanny Brice, Danny Kave, the Andrews Sisters, and Helen Traubel and Jimmy Durante, Bhadrach Cleanliness Anatole of Paris He Rides the Range A Real Piano Player 8:30-9 p. m. WSOY Bing Crosby Show Dinah Shore ioins "Dcr Bingle," the Rhythmaires ."r.d John Scott Trotter and his orchestra. Friday, Nov. 21 10-10:15 a. m. WILL German Lit erature and Culture "Rainer Maria Rilke: The Poet With Many Faces' is discussed by Prof. Helmut Ren der. 1:15-1:45 p. m. WILL American Folkways "Folk Music of Protest The Negro and the KKK." 2-3 p. m. WILL Alabama String Quartet. Ouirot in a fist mi lor Mosart An Irish Me'ody Bridge Plane Quintet in A Baler Dvorak 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Mr. Keen The area of vaudeville magic is opened to the "Tracer of Lost Per sons" as he finds the person re sponsible for the demise of the magician's pretty assistant, in "The Case of Murder and the Magician. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Mr. Chameleon A famous set of pearls, set in spun gold, are the chief clues that aid the man of many disguises in solving "The Braganza Black Pearl Murder Case. 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Best Plavs "Missouri Legend" starring John Forsythe, featuring Virginia Payne and Tom Glazer s music. 9-9:15 p. m. WSOY Man about Music Jay Giles announces a dis cussion of what Tin Pan Alley means, how it got its name, when and where it started, what it actually is, how various types of popular songs got their names. Saturday, Nov. 22 8:45-9 a. m. WMAQ Carnival of Books Alvena Seckar s new novel, "Zuska of the Bruning Hills," will be discussed and narrated in part, and the author interviewed. - 10:05-10:30 a. m. WSOY Let's Pretend The Nila Mack Pretend- COMMUNITY EVENTS Nov. 16-22 Today Dedication of Stephen Decatur statue, 2:30 p. m., Art Center, Rear Adm. Francis P. Old speaker. Monday Decatur Public Library Book fair opens. Tuesday Decatur Church Council annual dinner, 6:30 p. m., Grace Methodist Church, Dr. Carrel Flewelling, speaker.' Police Variety show, 8:30 p. m., Kintner gym. Wednesday Nicholas Nyaradi, author of "Ringside Seat in Moscow," speaker, 8 p. m., Public Library. Thursday Madeline Babcock Smith and Mildred Price, speakers, 8 p. m., Public Library. Friday Millikin Science Hall campaign kick-off luncheon, noon, Decatur Club, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, 8:15 p. m., Masonic Temple. Saturday Marguerite Henry, speaker, t p. m., Public Library. Millikin Campus Chest carnival, 8 p. m., Millikin gym. era offer "The Wishing Ring." 12:30-1 p. m. WSOY City Hospi tal The niece of a wealthy promoter coaxes Dr. Tony Hughes, resident physician at City Hospital to join the staff at her uncle's sanitarium, in "The Easiest Way." 5:30-6:30 p. m. WMAQ NBC Symphony Orchestra directed by Arturo Toscanini. Chaeonne (Orpheus and Eurydlcel Olurk Act II "Orpheus and Eurydlee Olucn 7:30 8 p. m. WSOY Tarzan The Lord of the Jungle plays a strange role in a baffling mystery, "African Thanksgiving," in which November in the rain belt south of the Equator and a strange disappearance into the Congo make for an exciting story. 8-8:25 p. m. WSOY Gangbusters An attractive young lady is tracked down by the police for forging a series of checks and persuading her unsuspecting escorts to cash them, in "The Case of the Thirteen Keys." 9:30-10 p. m. WSOY Saturday Night-Country Style Louisville's "Old Kentucky Bam Dance," the attendance record-breaking folk music jamboree of that city, breaks into the spotlight. Television for the Week KSD-TV, Channel 5 St. Louis Seniay, Nor. 1 1 :3S Bears-Rams 00 Red Skelton f :30 MUter Peeper 7:00 Comedy Hour 1:00 Television Playhouse t:00 The Doctor 0:36 Little Symphony I0:C0 Playhouse of Stars 10:30 Pred Warlnr 11:00 Racket Squad 11:30 Where M Line 12:00 Our Miss Brook U:30 a.m. Film Meaday. Ker. 17 :00 Popular Science :1S Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Those Two 45 News Csravan 7:00 Paul Winchell 7:30 Howard Barlow's Orchestra S:00 Mama :0O Robert Montcemery Theater 30 Who Bald That 10:00 studio One 11:00 Chance of a 'Ifetlme , 11:30 Opening Nlfht ' 13:30 Film Taesday, Nov. It 00 Armchair Adventure CIS Dottye B'nnett Show S:3o Dinah Shore :4S News Caravan 7:00 MUlon Berle :0O Fireside Theater 00 Two for the Money :30 Stranger Than Fiction 10:00 Toast of Town 11:00 Break the Bank 11:30 WresUIng Wednesday. Key. 1 ( 00 Popular Science . :1S Dottye Bennett Show :30 Those Two :4S News Certisn 7:001 Married Joan 7:30 Dragnet t :00 Television Theater :00 Boxing 45 Sports Parade 10:00 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 TV Theater 13:30 a. nu News Tharsday, Not. St 00 8 ports 6:15 Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Mar 7:30 J Love Lucy 8 00 Oizie and Harriett 6:30 Theater :0o Martin Kane -30 March of Time 10 : 00 Unexpected 10:30 Oklahoma-Missouri 11:00 Dinger 11:30 T-Men la Action 12m. The Web 12:30 a.m. News Friday. Key. tl 6:00 Popular Science 6:15 Headlines on Parade 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Playhouse 6:00 Bums end Allen 6-30 Aldrlch Family 9:00 Boxing 9:45- Danrerons Asstrneaent 19:15 Football This Week 19:36 Big Town 1100 Beet the Clock 11:30 Boston BUckle 12 nv Film Satarday. Key. 23 3-45 rjCLA-TJSC 6:45 Parade of Made 7:00 All-Star Kevue ' 00 Your Show of Show :30 Wrestling In MerigoM 11:00 Suspense 11:30 Arthar Godfrey Talent Scoot 12 te Hit Parade 12 39 a. a. Film 12 a e . Hews WHBF, Channel 4 Rock Island, III. Ssnday. Key. 16 1 :2S Rams-Bears 6:00 You Asked for It 6:30 This la Show Business Information em these prograsss la furnished by the stations and tt subject to change. All times are "T m unless otherwise shown. 7:00 Pentagon 7:30 John Hopkins Review 1:00 Fred Waring 1:30 Break the Bank 9:00 The Web 9:30 What's My Line 10:00 Chance of a Lifetime 10:30 TBA 11:00 Billy Graham Monday, Key. 17 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Hollywood Screen Test 7:00 Lux Theater 7:30 Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout 5 00 Buddies of the Alrlane 8:30 Life with Lulgl 9:00 Studio One 10:00 March of Time 10:30 Weather Show 10:45 Perry Como 11:00 Chronoscope Taesday, Ker. It 8:00 Captain Video 8:30 Beulab 7:00 Musical Varieties 7:30 Keep Posted 8 00 City Hospital 8:30 Death VaUey Day 9 00 Danger 9 :30 Where Was I 10 00 Four Star Playhouse 10:30 Weather 10:35 TV News 10.45 Heaven For Betsy Wednesday, Key. It 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 The Name's the Sam 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8 00 Boston Blackle 8 30 Man Against Crime 9:00 Boxing 9:45 Sports Spot 10:00 Game rf the Week 10:30 Weather Show 10:2S-TV News 10:45 Perry Como 11:00 Rocky King Tharsday, Key. 26 6 00 Captain Video 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 Bums and Allen 7:30 Peters Family Playhouse 8:00 Biff Baker 8:30 Big Town 9:00 Racket Boned 9:30 I've Oot a Secret 10:00 The Unexpected 10:30- Weather 10 36-News 10:45 Heaven for Betsy 11:00 Life Begins at 80 Friday, Ker. tl 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Osxie end Harriett 7:00 Famous Playhouse 7:30 Mr Friend Irma 8:00 Playhouse of Stars 8:30 Superman 9:00 Twentr Question 9:30 Down You Go to 00 Oulld Theater 10:30 Weether 10:35 News 10:45 Perry Como 11:00 Looking et Sports Satarday. Ker. Ct 12:45 Armed Forces FootbtU 6:00 Stork Club 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:90 Jackie Gleason Show 8 00 Home Theater 6 30 1 T ore Lacy 9:00 Trouble With Father 9:30 Wrestling 10 00 8 ports Showcase 10:15 Wrestling 11:16 Mr. and Mrs. North WFBM-TV, Channel 6 Indianapolis Sanday, Key. 16 1:36 Pro Football 6:00 Mystery Theater 6:30 This Is Show Business 7 00 Toast of the Town 8 00 Fred Waring 30 Break the Bank 9 :00 The Web 30 Who Bald That 10:00 News Review 1015 Close Vp 10 30 What's Me Linef 11:00 Comedy Hour Msalay, Key. 17 6 : 00 Weatherboard 6:25 Sports Brief 6:30 Sports 6:45 Telenew , 7 00 Video Theater 7:10 Talent Bcoute 6:001 Lore Lucy 8:30 Files of Jeffrey Jone 9:00 Studio One 10:00 Weather Maa 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 TV Mallbag 10:45 Music In The Night 10:55 Sports Final 11:00 Martin Kane 11:30 Night Owl Theater Taesday. Key. It 6:00 Weather 6:05 Ann's Music Shop 6 25 F ports -o-Uf 6:30 Perry Como 6:45 Telenews 7:00 Living I Worth wr He 7 10 Ouli and Harriett t oo Short H lory Playhouse 8:30 Suspense 9:00 Danger 9 30 Public Prosecutor 10 00 Weatherman 10:10 Miniatures 10:30 Washington Spotlight 10 45 Music In the Night 10:5$ Sports Final 11:00 Red Top Theater 11:30 Racket Squad 12 CO Night Owl Theater Weeaeeday, Key. 1 6-00 Weather 6 OS Shady Acre 6: 3s Dee Sweet 6:30 sports 6:45 Telenew 7:00 Arthur Oedfre 8 00 Test the Press 8 20 Tune of the Day 6:25 Sports Brief 8 30 Man Against Crime 00 Boxing 9:46 Dave and Bo 10:00 Wee thermaa 19:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Sports Final 10.35 Music In the Might 10:45 Yesterday's News real 11:00 Charlie Chan 12 00 Night Owl Theater Tharsday, Key. 99 6 09 Weather 6 0 Perrr Coma 6:45 Telenew a 7 00 Jaycee Forum 7:30 Death Valley Day 5 00 Ramar 8:30 Big Town 9:00 The Unexpected f 30 Art Link letter Shire; 9 :45 Football Thia Week 1 0 :0Tw Weatherman 10:16 Mlnlaturea 10:16 Gilbert Forbee 10:30 Madison Sonar Oardrn 10 4S Music In the Nlfht 10 55 Sport Final 1 1 :08 The El even th Hour 12:00 Down You Go 12:30 Night Owl Theater Friday, Ker. tl 6-60 Weather 6 0S Shady Acre Banff 25 Dee sweet 6:30 Snorts 6:45 Telenew TOO Harmon lee 7:16 Kenny Jagger 7:30 My Friend Irma t:0O Playhouse of sura 8:36 Our Miss Brooks t oo Oame of the Week 9:30 Million Dollar Flar house 10 Weatherman 10 10 Mlnlaturea 19:19 oilbert Forbee 19:39 Greatest Plebt 10 45 Musle In the Right 16 55 Sport Final 1 1 00 Danrerous Assignment 11-30 Mystery Hour 13.30 Night Owl Theater Satarday, Ker. at J 45 Football 6:15 Orouche Marx 6:30 Beat the clock 7:00 jeck Oieasen 8 09 Aboott a; Cos telle 6:30 Theater 9:00 Wrestling 10:00 Amateur Menu 10:30 Life Begins at 86 II 00 Red Top Theater 12:36 Night Owl Theater

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