The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1942 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1942
Page 6
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A^ BMM DM Mrtn*. atm, to*. «*. «w»er ©es joints 9 North Dodge Street J W. HAGOARD & R. B. WALLER, Publishers member of the Fiftieth Second Flaws General Excellence, lowaPrew^ First Place Award Winner, 1033, Iowa's M«»t Outstanding Weekly, Judged by State University of Iowa h. A LlHl* af ThU « A Llttl* of That Not Much of Anything Somebody gave Hob James two pheasants and he thought It beat to hack the 'eathert ott and draw the wild game so he took StlBSCIUITKW RATES IN KOSSOTH By the month Propriation r the blenntal period $4000,000 less than that made by the Forty Ninth General Assembly. "If the emergency relief fund Is closed ana the counties given fuU «ta wou d cut another $3,000,000 from the legislative mil w, h something near to ^^ i » ionulrdctfUor ; o ^ g the treasury. The savings that *«>«" foltow by .restoring local control to the n dmlnlatra "°" without federal interference would probably •be substantial in a number of counties. "It is quite obvious that the Federal government should suspend any father expansion of paternalistic activities and that there is i***J 4no* S? « bors and friends Bob really did a I a nickel, good job. He decapitated them slaves who work there because on account of a nickel dropped on the floor is a half dime and a d'rne Is a dime now days, so the 'barbers well write a check on they ever want picked them, pin feathered them, and with a flrnf hand took out their appendixes and otherwise performed a fine and delicate operation, though it took him a couple of hours. The reason I'm telltag on him, he didn't Invite me in to the ssrsSS^sS expenditures, less where possible, and more only where unavoidable. "We have no doubt that almost all of our newly elected legislators as well as our experienced members are coming to DCS Moines with this resolution firmly in mind. Those who expect you to carry out that program will aay ittle while the pressure groups sponsoring this, that and the other project will make a noise that resembles popular clamor. "There is a deep and determined resolution in the hearts of American citizens to direct their energies and their dollars to winning this war, and they will approve the mast rigid economies in government. We welcome> the newly elected members as well as those returning and feel sure they will make another fine showing this winter." "For we have learned that liberty, freedom and democracy are not inherited. We know .that a country cannot fight to win them once and stop. We learned the hard way that liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes awarded only to those people who fight to win them and then fight eternally to hold them." 1ft y -Sergeant AlvinJ?ork,m8_ EDITORIAL COMMENT By J. W. Haggard _ feed. Doggone! —o— Will Be Kindly Remembered Tlie death of Ira Vincent at San Anton*. Tex- StTir^ Ta.^ wCTweU known Ko., stopped and no to b« for nwiv. nifl-rc "---- -- . . . Vincent of Cedar Rapids. Algona folks visiting ir, San Antanio__during the yean^oj could to see that they had A Democratic View r HTO rpcent republican victory '" the editor, is in Iowa, and is He has follow- among the leading Now Coffee Rationing And now another "pinch of felt by Algona folks as well as people all over tnu country. The way we understand it is, that be- this week, sale of coffee is to be entirely one can buy coffee until next Sunday November 29. This is supposed to allow dealers to get their supplies of coffee in readiness for the opening of the rationing season which will begin next Sunday. Those housewives who have laid in a large supply of coffee in readiness for the rationing will be required to make a statement or how much they have on -hand, which amount will be subtracted from their ration of one pound per month for each person in the family over 15 years of a-e The pound ration it has been figured will cnve%ach person only one cup of Java per day, and we imagine that the Coffee Gulpers club, as Chris Reese calls it, will have to disband for the duration. It has been suggested, however, that there seems to be nothing to stop a person after drinking his one cup of coffee at home, going uptown and drinking several more cups at the restaurants. As W. F. Miller, the venerable editor of the Livermore Gazette, lately acknowledged, he had been able to get around the prohibition of liquor during the prohibition era he figured that there would be some way found to get his usual amount of coffee. Well, that remains to be seen, and we await the issue with baited breath, while To prove that I am an educated Dane, Fred Tlmm of the local Red Cross, brought in a message from Denmark, written in Dane and I interpreted every word and Fred was astounded, because on account of he didn't think I could read and write Dane knowing I ain't too good at reading and writing 'English and Jens Sorensen and L. C Hanson are just as proud of my accomplishments ns if I was related to some Dane King which I aint They both read and write Dane put they ain't such good singers. —o— And ion the bank corner stooi John Byson and Otto Knudscn and I was telling 'em how smart I was nrrd they gave me the horse laugl because on account of they sa'.( that wasn't anything to crow abou and maybe it ain't tout Fred Tlmm has appointed me official Dane in terpreter for the Red Cross am said I should have at least $150 a month but he didn't know how I'd get it. —o— Here recently when Walter Ewy, barber under the Iowa State Bank went out west Irvin Elbert fixed It up so "Soup" Brlggs and Chas. Clement could move their barber equ'.pment under the bank and all three of 'em are now all hepped up watching and hoping an occasional nickel will fall through the floor of the bank arrd they would pick it up and they're all wet when they think a nickel will ever drop out of the fingers of Ralph Miller and Harold Gilmore or any other of the Maybe a lot of people saw me walking down the main drag with the draft board and maybe they may have thought I was being drafted but 1 wasn't because on account of that bunch just don't seem to give a hang for my service Mi thes army and I took 'em to a cafe and bough coffee and Lester Lease and Clark Scuffham and George Hagge anc Miss Fraser all joined the Gulpers club and I spent ah extra nlcke for crackers and we had a nic lunch with the gulping, so to speal but I'm still a civilian. The boar agreed that were I thirty year younger and had I a bit more com mon education they might mak me a general to sweep out th board headquarters, but they jus d. ! dn't have the intestinal fortltud to draft me and send me to assoc nte with our real he-men soldier an old coote like me, they sail Doggone that board, maybe I have to write to my congressma yet and have the board given talking-to. ' -'-'- ^ —••"• good I claim - _ because on account -u bWstrWh&tsmihafirttpl <rext time Vic comes h°n« I'm ntf to suggest he MAd* only every ther line, that weans the bunk 19 .nly half nuts. 1 went down to bowl a game- the other afternoon and Don (fee's lust another Reese) was with me and IB beat the whey out of my 109 (I wasn't too hot that day) and there was John Sehmaleft of West Bend, a soldier from Fort Bragg, and Chas. Kwallek of LuVerne, he's a soldier, toq, now and they were bowling and little Bill Barry was setting pins—and you beat '.t? And he said it Was good reducing exercise but otherwise It was too much stooping and Bill don't l!.ke to stoop and so to make his Job worth while I bowled 206 and he said that w«is a lot of pins to pick up and the two soldiers looked at me with wonde In their eyes, and Don (he's jU9 another Reese) was even surprised because on account of he knows m and he's another soldier and I wa the only civilian, so, to speak, but got even w.'.th Bill and kept my av erage up in good shape, And that night out at ttuss Cook' there was a conference being he! between Harry Nolle, weathermai and Sam Kuhn, and they had th gas rationing .all solved, and tn tires, too, and they let me butt in with my nickel's worth and Sam wanted Harry to give him some decent weather because on account of wet weather Is hard on piano strings and Harry wouldn't promise nothing except that the weather Id be colder one of these days Russ sa'd that Harry and Sam .,„„„„.... Yott toll r em, ao*|thln£3 gottrf b« don* flibdWt this doffee *** toning before th* (Julpers may be orced to disband. ^ _ ... . a ....^ ._._..._.a_^ Party at Whittemore For Harold Voigt WhltteWfe: Mi?, and Mrs. Her; man Volgt entertained a number of relatives and neighbors at their wme Thursday eventag in honor of their son, Harold, who returned to price. And those gulper* to* Ancient A*r«4« San Diego, Call'., Friday , ., morning via Boohe, to resume hte duties With the Consolidated Alt- craft plant. Those present were Mr. and Mrs '.And LueilA Frlstty. . ; ' Played at si* r AWte *Mfr« winning high, «*<* Arhur BWlSetiwtth, low for ti» awn, MM. R. A. Behnke, high and ttwlla Ftisby, low tot the women. Lui "as served latef In the evening. Mrs. Guy Barton- spent Saturday afternoon with her daughter, Mrs. d. B. Egesdal. I've done a lot of soldiering In my geMe mogt flny argumen t any time, oir one job or another. —o—• And Mrs. Vic Sampson, she's In Miami, Florida, where her husband is stationed With Uncle Sam's navy, wrote to an Algona friend and said that maybe it would be a good thing if Bill Haggard couId T have my _ column cut out of the UiDM, because on account of Vic read It from "civer to elver" every week and She was afraid it was affecting him at times and she'd hate to have him climb a telephone pole and they'd have to call out the fire company to get him down and Vic says I should come to Florida because on account of they wear straw hats the year around and dont need squirrel hides to winterize 'em and there ain't no squirrels down there any way except some few human AUNT LUCYS Helpful Hints MEAL PLA1UONO - COOKING - SEWWO •x that his the anyway, yet. they Well, water nal editorial. "The . . , "The Roosevelt administration received Opinions of Other Editors he New Yorker said editorially, ' £ Strict but Keep It Simple' and you ha"ve the support of the people will the ••The interference by the Pros ident in the »5rS"^iTu;ws E°!:!; frhnt he regains his control and againL as- chairmanship of the Democratic curtailing of sumes the of liberties, The Silly Waste Continues Grinnell Herald-Register: We haven't -win" a whole lot lately about the flood of free pubHclt? ?rom Washington, D. C., not because U hasn't been coming but because we got tired erf Production Board and it supplies us with a 1st of regional and district industrial savage secnon niiipf^ and a list of volunteer chairmen ot industrial salvage committees broken down -by states. The accompanying letter say that this material is sent out at the request of Richard W. Slocum is sent ° uc fathe ^spapers- united Scrap Metal been When the Pilgrim men and wo- en celebrated that first Thanksgiving, they had much for which to be thankful—health and a bountiful harvest were their blessings. Each generation to its time has had reason to give thanks—for abundance/for well being, for friends and family. Sometimes, It has been °Tiiis 8 year dt may. be difficult for U3 to recapture the spirit of those earlier days; our hearts and minds are so filled with concern for the safety of our loved ones /n the service, and for the very life and future of our country. We are HO deeply troubled by the sufferings of people the world over that some how the very word "Thanksgiv Ing" should be voiced as a prayer for victory and for peace. It is not a year for celebration, anci while we are truly thankful for the blessings we do have, let us ob- time to suit any man. —o— Don't know what's going to become of this town now that the Scandihoovians are leaving because on account of there's Earl Larson going to Aberdeen S. D., and hes a Dane and there ain't any Danes out there and them there's Carrol Johnson, Norwegian saucer gulper and slerper, and he's moving to Minnesota, but he's moving to a Scandihoovlan state, anyway, and maybe Earl will forget all the Dane when he never hears any of .'* m South Dakota, and Milt Norton has presented Carroll with a bill fo wearing out the pretty neon clock on the lumber yard because he say Carroll looked at it so much nigh and day the neon }s getting thin from wear, but from what I understan another Dane is going to take ove Carroll's place and that'll nel some, now If another Dane coul be sent here to take Earl's place- well, I'd sleep better because on ac count of we Danes got to stick to gether. This coffee rationing business mu get me down *yet because on ac count of it's go.'.ng to raise the dick era with the coffee gulpers, thoug I don't care what It does to th Iripers. But there Is a way out, if Herman Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Will From the Files i important g Democratic party i ana Woodrow Wilson - . and government employes became the rule of the day with ever-expanding expenditures, the voters did not like it. ocr^S^^etUlrr^^'toleS ^erir^d^^^rarjLrr^ strongly Republican so that one party could deadlock legislation. _ Paging Theo. Hutchison The Iowa Taxpayers Association l !« ou * f W J£ of other places in this broad land of ours » more than we can conceive. The Herald-Register TEN YEARS AGO Eight hunters paid fliiea of $10.00 each for violating state game laws UlUOOlll^^ " w —— -J serve the day simply and patriotically. . , We are home-makers—the women who plan the festivities. This year we must plan them with cooperation and economy; instead of a Thanksgiving table groaning under its usual feast, why not serve a dinner which will include only those foods which are plentiful and Inexpensive. The recipes we are sending today are suggestions for "tr'mmings" which will add a festive touch even 'if the meal Is very simple: Spiced Cranberry Cocktail Inspect and wash one quart o cranberries. Cook until soft with four cups of water. Strain througl ne cheese-cloth. Place the juic n a saucepan; add one-half cu f sugar, a piece of stick cinna mon and a few cloves. Bring to th oiling point and cook for fiv minutes. Strain again and chi noroughly before serving. Rutabaga Whip Cook four medium-sized apple ut in quarters, in a small amoun ou want to take it. Ruth Nasby nd Vern Lovely took time out the and measured the coffee ups In a quart and found there vere 5Vi cups per quart. Now that he Iowa Liquor Commission has come out and rationed 12 quarts of headaches per month to a person we could use Some of that Instead of coffee and I shall write the Liquor Commission to reduce the price on Ancient Age to ITVjc per quart and we can gulp at the usual donated S200 worth of , r this information and will do the same again when- si-n the whole me** Greasiest thing would be to con- to the vrastebasket and forge Tii<.fr as elad to receive it as we are an a, much use for it as we have, which Is none at all When you consider the cost of all the paper and labor involved in getting it out you have quite an "Twe want to know is, why »™^ f «£ ston costly and unnecessary things like this so that we can get on with the job of winning the war We hav! long since quit trying to understand Uie offictaJ Washington- mipd but we have about as much need of stuff like this as an automobile hao for live wheels. Mr. Wallace is Out by having too many hen pheasants in their possession. The hunters explained they did not know it was unlawful to shoot more hens than roosters. Limit ten years ago was two females and one male bird per day per hunter. The violator had 20 females and four male birds. • * « W. Alvey, 45, of Bancroft was found irr a pool of blood by Night Watchman Jake Wolf on the main street of Bancroft. He was cloth ed only in his underwear and socks He died about two hours later with out regaining consciousness. Th coroner's jury cons'ating of W. A Murray, Carl Dahlhauser and R B Waller reached the verdict tha death was caused as a result of fractured skull which resulted from a blow orr the head by a smoot blunt instrument delivered by party or parties unknown. W. C. Dewel delivered a talk o the laws relative to prohibition a the informal discussion of the Ro tary club. The return of beer wa thought hjghly iwiprob^bleV M Dewel expressed the option tha it would be practically impossible t eradicate the laws on prohibiton without adding a new constitutional amendment. TWENTY YEARS AGO A white elephant sale by the Ur brary Aid Society was to be held To properly "Care for your Car ... for your Countrf you've got to DO something about it! Start today with a planned system of car-care. Visit your Phillips 66 dealer at least once a week . . . every week! . . . whether or not you happen to need Phillips 6G Poly Gas or Phillips 66 Motor Oil »r the time. Your Phillips 66 dealer will gladly help you to keep your CM running at its best. Phill-up with Phillips HARMS OIL CO., Distributors Super Service Stotlon, State and Phillip*. Walter Kl««np. attendant of fp'omtT^p'a close:• watch of the state urv The association has only one object, and <?nencer Times: The result of the election in lowf is pretty certain to have eliminated Henry KHa£ ?he present vice-president as a candidate just and economical advises the legislators as follows: ••There should be one fixed resolution in the m'.nd of every man coming to Des ed as apresidential candidate on the Democratic ticket. Mr. Wallace, we opine, is definitely out. How The Nudeal Works Livermore Gazette Tiho following is a little fable, and we tell you -»Blt£ ass-jffirs « ^"^e'llrw^nc^SaSier who drove 20 miles tion. er so much that half way remembered M S-T« i5-5- 5l ' ? t_'!jr 1 SE to get them. When all day. In the evening a play entitled "Their Anniversary" was to be given with the cast consisting of Ed Clark, Helen Falkenhainer, Mrs. Archie Midhel, Mlltonr Norton Mrs Gene Schemmel and Harold Falkenhainer. A program of songs, dancing and comedians was also to be given. Proceeds were to go foi new books for the library. Hon. SI. F. Healy of Fort Dodge blind silver-tongued orator, gave the Armistice Day address at the high school. He said, "The American people desire a permaneni and everlasting peace and can noi turn their backs to the rest o: the world." of water. When tender, pros •hrough a sieve and measure on cup of pulp. Wash, slice and par mo large rutabaga. Cook until ender and mash. Measure three cups of pulp. Mix the apple and •unrip pulp, season with salt and pepper, a dash of sugar, and sbr n three tablespoons of butter and whip until light and fluffy Brazil Nut Dressing Melt one-half cup of butter and saute in it one-fourth cup of minced onion Combine with eight~cups of bread crumbs one and a half teaspoons salt, one-fourth teaspoon pepper, one-half cup chopped celery, four tablespoons minced parsley and thre ecups of sliced Brazil nuts. Moisten with hot water. Fop Corn Salad Pare and dice two tart, tender apples. Cover immediately with French dressing, to which has been added one tablespoon of grapefruit juice. Add one dozen white grapes, and six prunes which have been cooked, drained, pitted and sliced. Let stand until serving time, then lightly fold into the mixture one cup of freshly popped corn, mea- ured after It is popped. Garnish alad bowl with lettuce. Squash with Peanuts Cut squash Into pieces. Remove seeds and stringy portions. Steam until tender and remove from the shell. Mash the squash, and to about four cups of pulp, add one- i What Is Your GUESS Five Awards Get entry at any of places listed below, each week. Fill In your guessed. Mail to Upper D« Moines or turn In at place you got card. Entries must be in Upper Des Molnea office by 11 a. m. each Saturday. In cases of ties, duplicate awards will be given. First prize, credit award of $3; second prize, credit award of $2; third prize, year's subscription; fourth prize, nine months' subscription; fifth, six monthb subscription. THIS WEEK'S GAMES-GENTRY CARDS AT FIRMS BELOW Barker's Drug ALGONA Smoke Shop ALGONA Mr and Firm Laing were 10 S Whilffhf farmer was sitting in his pick-up . the parents of their first child, a boy • * * At the Opera House, "The !£>unds of the Baskervilles" and Buste Keaton '« "The Scarecrow" wen on the 'bill. f A Urge group ol AlgoiUaiw wen to Iowa City where they attendee the Iowa-Minnesota football game Special Interest was shown la ta game because of Clem Nugent, Al gona boy playing halfback on th team. fourth cup of sugar, salt and pepper to taste, one cup of coarsely chopped peanuts, one fourth cup melted butter and enough cream to moisten. Whip until Ught and pile in a hot vegetable dish. Cranberry Shortcake 1 cup chopped cranberries 1 cup chopped tart apples % cup crushed canned pineapple 1 cup sugar H teaspoon salt 1 recipe biscuit dough 1 cup heavy cream, whipped Combine cranberries, apples, pineapple, sugar and salt, and let stand 9 to 3 hours. Cut dough tato rounds with biscuit cutter and bake. Split biscuits, cover lower half with fruit mixture, place top half over fru'.t and divide remainder of the fruit mixture over top of short* cakes. Top with whipped cream. Glazed Onions 4 tablespoo delestmnm.v 1 tablespoon melted butter 3 tablespoon lemon juice 6 tablespoons honey 3>£ cups cooked onions Combine butter, lemon juice and honey. Pour over oniona and heat slowly for about 10 minutes, or until onions are glazed. Georgia Tech at Athens Indiana at Fort Knox Barry's Recreation ALGONA : ———Army and Navy at PW1. K. D, lames, Drags ALGONA Iowa Cadets at Ohio States ZENDER'S ALGONA Camp Grant at JUinois Kohlhaas Hdwe. ALGONA Kansas State at Lincoln Din Engesser Upper Des Moines ALGONA - Notre Dame at So. Calif. i .:. /

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