The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on September 15, 1932 · Page 10
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1932
Page 10
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Thursday, September 15, 1932. THE DECATUR REVIEW PAGE TEN. monticello guild Christian Bureau Chinese Girl Learns to Fly NEWS OF RADIO i1! Plans Annual Meet Two new members Monticello Chinese Girl Flier Wants to Return to Her Native Country to Enter Its Aviation Corps Meyer the Buyer: WCCO. Dramatic oroeram: WLS. 6: t.-V National Oratorio Society: WIS. 7: The Boswll Sisters with National Shilkret'jt orch-stra: WON. KMOX. Council; WMAQ. Thursday Programs -30- National Amateur Golf Champlon- tain rpDorts: WMAQ. ' t OIC Sonas or the Church: WLW 4:4.1 Lowell Thomas briefs. WLW. 5:iw Amos n' Andv: WLW. KDKA. Lee Sims iind Ho Mn Bailey: WMAQ. 5i1S Cliff Edwards: KMOX. , Frank Wilson and Jules Stein: WBBM. Whcatenaville: WMAQ. WOC. ., Harold Stem s orchesira: WBBM. amissriKvs.'": Fran'kie Master's orchestra: KVW 1:13 The Mill- Brothers: WGN.KJIOX. were taken into ftie Methodist guild in the meeting Tuesday evening. Mrs. fTerschel Baker, president, appointed Mrs. Verna Scott, Mrs. Eva Maier, Miss Anna Ayre to serve on the ominating 'committee. Following the business meeting a studio party was given. The next meeting will be a "ground dog roast" on Sept. 27 in the City park. Mrs. Nell Hampton is chairman. 'America in Revue: WENR. WOC. Thompktnn Corners. WLW KYW. Mary and Bob: WGN. KMOX. :iio Freddie Rich's J)r';hlIbC need a good aviation service against the common enemies of the country." So great is interest in aviation among Boston Chinese that ths The stebbms Boys: WENR. Phillips Lord' in the Country Dcctor: WMAQ. Kea ana namuija Thinks China Needs Good! Aviation Service For; Protection Against En-i emies. Boston AP The Chinese air service is going to have a new attraction one of these days when Miss Kose Lok, pretty 20-year-old daugh SAW Is hum Jones orchestra: KMOX. Jack Mile's orchestra; WBBM. Three Keys: KDKA l:l.V-Jane Froman s orchestra: KDKA. Chinese Patriotic Flying club of Xew England has just been organized with 11 members, all men ex Gforcie Pr:ce and Benny Kreuser's or chestra; .WBBM. KMOX. 6-imi Jaxon's music; v. JJD. Rudy Valine's orchestra: 01sn and John' son: WMAQ. WOC. Bobby Meeker's orchrstra: WLS. Howard Newmlller. nianist: ABBN Illinois Agricultural Association President to Speak. Taylorville Plans for the largest annual meeting in the history of the Christian county farm bureau were announced Wednesday. Tht meeting will taxe place all day Saturday, Sept. 24. It will he the annual assembly, and will include reports from offll cers, and election of new officers. The morninj; session will be cob-ducted in the Methodist church, and the afternoon one in the Manners- park auditorium. Earl C. Smith, president of tht Illinois Agricultural association, will be the principal speaker. The committee in charge of the meeting consists of Dwight Hart. Glenn Hunter. G. M. Waters and C. F. Schneeberger. Msrt and Marce: WBBM. KMOX. KMOX. m cept Miss Lok. AnriT: WMAQ. WENR. The club hopes soon to purchase Orchestra: WGN. 0:-W-Little Jack Little: KMOX. Canton Tea Garden orchestra: a plane of its own and its treasury KYW. Dance oroaram: recently was substantially ajaea oy ter of a Boston wholesale merchant,' : KMOX. cheeks. She didn't care whether he was listening or not. She wasn't coins: to tell Ferdinand Francis that Hollywood on the Air- "A EJ.R. KWK III :rji Charlie Acnews orchestra: K Yw. Freddie Martin's orchof.'ra: KMOX. ten years ago she had had a child's Pacific Serenaders: wenk. tiv KYW. KSD. SHELBY W. C. T. U. NAMES OFFICERS Moweaqua Mrs. T. G. Cheatham was re-elected president at the Shelby County W. C. T. U. convention held Friday in the Moweaqua Presbyterian church. Mrs. Lulu Colbert was named secretary and Mrs. D. A. Adamson treasurer. The vice president ts to be elected. Addresses were given by Rev. S. N. Wakefield and Rev. George Scroggs. Rev. R. H. Finlayson gave the prayer. Other program numbers included a vocal solo by Lester Scroggs, an instrumental solo adoration for Jervis wnicn naa made her follow him like an unseen shadow. She began without any proper beginning at all. "I saw Jervis come across the rocks. ..." (Copyright, 1932, Lippincott) WJBL Programs B:3ft Review of Late Neu-s. r.:4S Watchtower Program. 1:110 Syl?t Brothers. 7:13 "Your Eyes."' 1:30 Byron Hart's Trio. H;no F:rst Nazarene Church. 9:o Household Finance Program. :l.- WJBL P'ayeis. 3:13 MaiJelyn Weaver. tci:Mi Philip Hotel. Assumption. II:M Slcn Oil. ' ' solo by Miss Mildred Stewart, accompanied ty Mrs. Frank Stewart A pstluck dinner was served at a three days' showing of pictures 01 the 19th army's- defense of Shanghai against the Japanese. Lt. Francis P. Kendall. 101st issachusetts national guard aviation squadron, who is Miss Lok's instructor, believes she is one of his most apt pupils. "She learned quickly and thoroughly." he said, "and seemed to take naturally to the air." It was this ' natural" element apparently that explains Miss Lok's proficiency. "I always thought flying would be lots of sport." she said, "and once a friend took me up. I was so delighted I decided to try lessons. Now I like it better than anything else." And with a parting wave, she hoisted her five feet and four inches into a smart looking fledgling trainer biplane and soared aloft. returns to her native Canton to seek a berth in her nation's aviation corps. Miss Lok, student in a flying school here, recently made har first solo flight and now, with tail spin at 4.000 feet to her credit, she looka forward eagerly to her pilot's license. Although she has lived practically all her life in this country, with the exception of two return visits to her homeland, the girl feels keenly the troubles of her compatriots across the Pacific. "We need men trained in aviation urgently." she said in faultless English as a serious expression replaced a smile on her face. "China s greatest difficulty has been interml dissension but I am confident the hour of national solidarity is not far distant. Then we are going t. What was the true story of that fateful day by the seashore? 'an tells tomorrow. S. Ayers, and a violin noon. by Mrs. M. IS THIS YOIR RIND F RECEPTION? Rose Lok, daughter of a .wholesale merchant at Boston, has taken to flying with the hope of returning to her native China to enter the air service. She says one of the needs of China is for trained aviators, and she's an apt pupil, her instructor reports. ' ESS Nothing Venture f by Patricia Went worth INTERNATIONAL REJECTO STATIC RADIO with simple fervour. "He did. did 'its painted ceiling, was like firing a he? Why?' 'revolver shot in a puppet show. Mr. "Rosamund would get all the Francis looked at her. money." said Nan. I "I'm an inquisitive man." he "Mrs. Weare. you're not telling said, "and if you'd begin at the heme that that beautiful lady is gun- ginning and gix-e me an idea of ning for Jervis." i what this is all about. I'd appreciate CHAPTER 14. ROSAMUND'S DEMAND Rosamund Carew settled herself into the corner of a gold sofa and lit a cigaret. The smoke hunp wir.dow-seat framed with rose-j colored satin curtains looped with; gold. Their feet rested upon a car-j pet an inch thick, also rose-j colored. j -Well: said Mr. Francis. "If we aren't erand' Now last time I had PATENT PENDING WITH THE iVEIT KOLSTER don t think she knows. ' She , it very mucn. REJECTOSTATIC RADIO-A Nan leaned back too. ! about her like a bluish mist. Jervis had not spoken a single word. the pleasure of a conversation with you " threw out her hands in a passionate gesture. "Oh. she can't know!" They were alone in the huge formal room. Nan s little voice quivered in it. and was smothered by the siience and the emptiness. To say the word murder in this gilded. SHUTS OUT TCan colored a little, but her dimple showed. "Is that my cue? What do I say?" "It's all so tangled up but I'm frightened I'll tell it as well as I can it goes a long way back." "Take your own time." said Ferd-! inand. "Nobody's thought of tax- ing that yet, so you can have as much as you like." j The color stood high in Nan's i "You say. 'last time?'" I rose-colored room, with its soft carpet, its glittering chandeliers. ax Exn.rsivE KOLSTER FEATURE His lips were smiling, his eyes aloof and dark. For a minute or two Rosamund smoked in silence. Then she said lazily. "Hadn't we better talk?" "Oh. certainly. What shall we talk about the weather? They say it will be hotter tomorrow." "I want to talk to you about my money." she said. Jervis continued to smile. "Your money?1' "Yes." "What money?" "You know as well as I do that Uncle Ambrose would have left me wealthy if he had not thoucht we were going to be married. He had his own ideas about the man having the purse-strings." "Yes very sensible ideas." The menu vacuum sweeper cast buzz into your program now. Nan caught the corner of her Hp -between her teeth. j "Have we met before, Mr. j Francis?" "Oh yes. Mrs. Wcare." "Have we? Are you sure?" ' "Oh, quite sure. I've been quite sure since twenty minutes past four this afternoon." Nan caught her eyes away from his. They were twinkling, but under the twinkle he was dead serious. She looked down into her lap. and then of her own free will she tilted her head and looked back at him. "Well?" she said. Her lips just! After Allr the Cure Is 1 parted on the word and then closed in a firm, sweet curve that was not quite a smile. "If you'll go bark in your mind," Hair dryers can't affect the new Kolster. Rosamund's lashes came down upon her check. She conveyed without further effort a complete indifference to Jervis" approval. "Hadn't we better keep to the facts?" she said. "He left me $2,500. That's nothing I can t live on nothing and you have married i said Ferdinand, "maybe you'll re This new invention marks the end of radio reception that is ruined by interference from man-made static. It marks a new deal for radio listeners who have spent fruitless and futile hours attempting to enjoy programs ruined by electrical interference from household appliances, oil burners, street cars, power lines, sign flashers, etc. If you have had a procession of service men trying to clear up your reception, only to fail; if you are still annoyed and exasperated by grinding static generated by necessary but noisy electrical appliances, go to your Kolstcr dealer today . . . Ask him to demonstrate to you the onty radio set that conquers man-made static He can demonstrate it in the midst of a collection of the worst electrical radio disturbance-makers ever brought together. And he will prove lo you that Aere-is a set that strips away everything except the true, clear tones to which you want to listen. Installed in -your home with properly located antenna and complete Rejecto-static equipment, jrou will obtain the same superb reception. The Kolster Rejectostatic Radio is the ONLY set that rejects man-made static! Street cars can't wreck reception. member that after Id picked Jervis out of that pool on Croyston rocks. I came back for the plucky child who'd saved his life by holding him up in the water. She! grabbed me with both hands and said. "Is he dead?' And I said 'Not within SO years of it. thanks to you.' Come you remember that." "I?" said Nan. "Yes. you. I said. Td like to know your name." and she said, 'Nan.' And when you said "I'm Nan. this afternoon at twenty past four in the ferry house, well. I knew you at once so what's the good of all this in and out fighting? I'm an inquisitive man, and I'd like to know what's behind all this, and why Jervis doesn't know you saved his life." "Well. I think you saved it, said Nan. Ferdinand shook his head. "He'd have been gone long he-fore I got him out of the water if it hadn't been for you." The bright darting eyes went through her armour. "You were clever at dinner, but I saw the scar before you moved your arm just where I knew it was bound to be. Well .now I'm being impertinent but why doesn't Jervis know?" "I don't want him to know." Then, as if putting all that on one MM K-l 8 tnbr Owlr. 41 mrirt iie fupnbrtrriiH hot m xypr- lVntfMtr tnW Rcate police nguli. Frinnilli fUduKrom : s76.50 someone else. Those I think are the facts." ! Jervis' eyes hardened. i "I'm afraid we're talking at cross purposes. My grandfather didn't leave you anything at all except a sum down for your trousseau." She lifted her cigarette again. The ash brrke and fell, powdering the gold of her dress. She was silent for a moment. inlir.Iinpr the smoke. In the silence thoughts moved between them violent, resentful, dominant, resisting. With half closed eyes Rosamund continued to smoke. Whatever happened, he should speak next. If it was a battle between them she knew where her advantage lay. She sat entrenched in silence. In the end it was he who broke it. "I don't think there's anything to be gained by this discussion. You played me the dirtiest trick I've ever heard of and now you wsnt your legacy. "And a bit over." said Miss Carew. her blue eyes veiled. "I'm afraid you won't get it. You can have fifteen hundred a year, but I won't discuss the matter with vou. You must see Page." She held the cigaret a little away ard opened her eyes upon him. - "My dear Jervis. what do you expect me to do?" "One might work." he suggested. OTHER REJECTOSTATIC MODELS! Model K-I10 3 tube Mantel type . . 61.00 Model 9 tube Console. 43 inrhesi Iiiph. Neon tuning beacon ...... 3102.00 Model K-I40 Deluxe Console. 48 inches hich. 10 tubes, two speakers. Neon beacon $148.00 All Prices include Kadiotrons (Models aIo available with D. C. chassis at cligbt extra cost.) Electric R-frijreralor cant interrupt your enjoyment. A.-tfS . KflDILOT mm CLIP AND MAIL THIS COUPON GET ALL FACTS FREE side. "Mr. Francis. I want to talk ; to you. I I must talk to someone, -and perhaps Jervis will listen to : you." I "What is it. Mrs. Weare?" Nan clasped her hands in her lap i "I'm verv frightened about Jer All Illinois is looking to the Legislature for economy and fair taxation to pro-, vide relief to the destitute. Illinois does not want relief provided in a way that will increase the number ' of unemployed. Yet this is exactly what some people propose. Already, $16,000,000 has been borrowed from state highway funds wholly paid in by motor vehicle owners. If used for roads, $14,400,000 would have gone directly to labor. That sum would have given work to 42,000 men for 100 days ! Sustenance to 160,000 people! Now it is proposed to take one cent, of the present 3 cent gas tax, for unemployment relief. That means $9,000,000 more taken away from labor 26,000 jobs lost, and 100,000 more. people (dependent on those jobs) thrown into the charity lists. For every man you see working on the roads; there are two more you do not see. These two men work in the mines, in factories, and on railroads, preparing and transporting road materials. More than $1,500,000 from the building of roads in Illinois goes to coal miners in wages annually. Ninety cents of every dollar spent for roads goes to labor. Certainly, no larger portion of the relief dollar goes to the needy. 1 vliy take road jobs away from thousands only to throw them into the bread lines where they can proouce nothing. This is against all reason ! Fhat men want are jobs, not charity. Rosamunds riposte was swiii. "I believe Mr. Page has a vacancy Dial phone can't "click through. Roister Radio Inc., 360 Thomas Street, Newark, N. J. Gentlemen: D Please send me FREE your book that e-bowt. how Kolrter Rejectostatic Circuit rejects static Our chief "reception wrecker" is fJPleaseeend me booklet TheTrwh About Short Wave Reception. NameJ . INTERNATIONAL RAM' 1 Kolstrr Radio Inc. is affiliated with Makay Radio and Telegraph Company and other units of the International System. JVew Yorfc Office: International Telephone and Telegraph Building, 67 Broad Street, New York City Factory: 360 Thomas Street, Newark, N. J. Wholesale Distributors ' Morehouse-Wells Company nerar,iir JF AT"" Af an for a typist. Shall I apply for it?", She smiled her exquisite smile, then leaned towards him. "I'm not er enough. I'm afraid. What's the good of quarrelling? Make it twenty-five hundred, and let's be friends. Family quarrels are so exhausting, and there's a heat-wave coming." She paused for an answer, and got none. "Come twenty-five hundred and I'll owe my dressmaker the rest." Jervis rose to his feet and offered her his arm. "Nothing doing. I'm afraid. Shall we dance?" Ferdinand Francis had taken Tsan by way of a long corridor into one of those immense rooms with gilt mirrors and brocaded furniture which are, mercifully, only to be vis," she said. "Hes in danger, but he won't believe it." "Danger?" said Ferdinand. "That has a very intriguing sound." "You're laughing at me," said Nan in a despairing voice. "How can I. when I don't know the first thing about the situation? What's the matter with it anyway?" "You don't believe me. said Nan. "But it's true. He tried to kill Jervis ten years ago. and he tried to kill him again today." "My eye!" said Ferdinand, and then. "Who did?" "Robert Leonard did." "Is that so?" he said. "The chap with the bulging brain-box and the MOREHOUSE & WELLS CO. .jaw-bone of an ass?' met with in hotels f the more ex Yes. he did. said Nan. 'The Devil," said Mr. Francis, 805 NORTH' MORGAN ST. DECATUR, ILLINOIS pensive sort. They sat down in a Distributors for KOLSTER INTERNATIONAL RADIOS See and Hear the New Kolster International Radios at These Dealers: MOREHOUSE WELLS CO., Water, William and State Sts., Decatur, III. Face Blotched with Pimples. Looked Terrible. Cuticura Healed. "My face was blotched with pimples and nothing 1 used seemed to heal them. They were hard, large and red, and festered and scaled over. Mi-face looked terrible, and I lost sleep on account of thera. The trouble lasted over a year. "A friend advised me to try Cuticura Soap and Ointment so I purchased some and after using two boxes of the Ointment, together with the Cuti-cur Soap. I was completely healed." (Signed) Miss May King, Rt, 3, Sebeka. Minn, Feb. 1. 1932. Soar 25c Ointment 25 and SiV. Talcum 3Sc SoW everywhere. Chicago Buildin ' Trades Council Alexander, Illinois Jcbn Weigand Atlanta, Illinois Gilbert Son Bine Mound, Illinois Moore's Garage Clinton, Illinois H. G. BeaUy & Co. Cowden. Illinois Cihak Bros. Cnrran, Illinois Cravcroft &Co. Dawson. Illinois Crane & Lercher Decatnr, Illinois Mcrehonse & Wells Co. Ed inborn, Illinois Hunsley's Garage Farmer City. Illinois G. W. Collier & Son Flora, Illinois Jesse C. Hnff Gilford. Illinois Johnson Hdf. Company Jacksonville, III. Willard Service Station Kfncaid. Illinois Roberts Radio Shop Mattora, Illinois A. O. Carivle Mechanicshnnc. Illinois Gny A. Beck Morrisonville. Illinois A. L. Kftchetl Moweaqua. Illinois Roy E. Robinson Nokomis. Illinois Robertson Bros. Oconee. Illinois The Cash Market Pana, Illinois Tex Bro. Paxton. 111. Lindqntst Hdwr. Company Ramond. Illinois Rov Reineke SprinsrTield. Illinois The Music Shop Sullivan. Illinois E. M. Haxerman l-

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