The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on March 8, 1953 · Page 46
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 46

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1953
Page 46
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46 4ADIO DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, March 8, 1953. Betfe,' Radio Programs for f he Week By Walter Kirby Sunday, March 8 9- 9:15 a. m. WDZ This Is Milliltin The Millikin School of Music presents William Briggs, bass, and Trudy Geisler, soprano, with Joy Watkins the accompanist. ' Desire Malotte A Rcdbird Sang in a Green Green Tree Cadman Arise, Ye Sabterranean Winds Purcell Restons let (Man on ) Massenet 9:15-9:30 a. m. WDZ Book Peddler Muriel Perry, head librarian, Decatur public library, reviews "The Geography of Hunger" by- Josue DeCastro, a brilliantly written discussion of the effect of hunger on the human race and civilization. 10- 10:15 a. m. WMAQ It's a Small World Maria Crazia Puglisi, a teacher from Rome, Italy, who is making her first trip to this country to study American life, tells about the programs which are broadcast to Italian schools each morning and of the regularly scheduled television programs. 10-10:15 a.m. WELL Festival of Contemporary Arts "Interviews and Discussions on Art" Nicholas Britskv, associate professor of art, U. of ' I. 11:15-11:30 a.m. WSOY Millikin Brings You" "From Dan to Beer-sheba," the 10th and last in a series of episodes from "Strange Lands and Friendly People," written by supreme . Court Justice Wm. (J Douglas and narrated by Gene Dor sey. Noon-12:15 p. m. WILL Best Short j Stories Edgar Allan Poe's "The Assignation." . ' . . Noon-12:30 p.m. WMAQ Eternal Light A lenth Century Jewish scholar's struggle for survival against a Mohammedan ruler is the subject of "A Place for Hiding." ' 12:30-12:55 p.m. WBBM Invita tion to Learning "The Counter- teiters, Andre Gide s only full length novel, has been chosen by Dr. Justin O'Brien, Columbia Uni versity, for discussion with Harvey tSreit, assistant Book Review editor of New York Times. .. 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ University of Chicago Round Table "Three Billion People" William Vogt, author "The Road to Survival"; Lady Roma Rau and Mrs. Margaret Sanger, joint presidents of International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Dr. C. P. Blacker, London physician. 12:30-1:30 p.m. WILL Illini Faculty Concert Concert of contemporary chamber music. 1-1:30 p.m. WSOY Symphonette Mishel Piastro, conductor. March Tartare Ganne Offenbachiana Finck Bless This House Brahe Pas de Character Glazounow Selections from "Rigoletto" Verdi Solveig. Sons; Grieg Watermelon Fete (American Suite) Thurban 1:30-2 p. m. WMAQ American Forum of the Air "Wha: Next on Korea?" is debate topic for Senators - k - Coloratura Soprano Roberta Peters sings on WMAQ at 9 p. m. Monday. ' William Knowland (R-Calif) and A. S. Mike Monroney (D-Okla). 1:30-3 p. m. WSOY N. Y. Philhar monic Symphony Guido Cantelli, conductor and intermission guest; James Fassett, host. Symphony No. 7 in A major Beethoven concerto tor urcnestra . uartoje 2-2:30 p. m. WILL People under Communism "The Soviet Literary Straightjacket. 2:30-3 p. m. WGN Northwestern Reviewing Stand "Are Our schools Adequately Housed? Richard Bennett, formerly Yale; Thomas Sunday's Radio Programs 7 WSOY-FM ltU MC CBS WSOY 134 KC CBS AM Newt :IS Karamn Quartet M Morning Gatherin' WSOY-FM Special-St. Lory's Cards vs. New York Yankees Game Time 12:55 p. m. ' WMAQ WGN WLS-WENI, 67t KC NBC 720 KC MBS 890 KC ABC WDZ 1050 KC Lenten Program World News Living Faith American Quartet 8 AM Nazarene Hoot :l JO " :4S News; Farm Revue Farm Revue Bill Evans Show Evans; News Revival Hour Comic Weekly Newt Roundup " , , . . Fun with Stamp Sunday School Lesson Comic Man 7 Sunday Derotioiul Bill Evans Show Radio Bible Class Favorite Hymns Health 1 alk 9 AM Family Worship This is Millikin :l Pilgrim Lutheran Book Peddler 39 Rhythms on Request Shopping Memo 8 10 Radio Parade Art of Living Radio Parade News; Evans Bill Evans Show News ft Weather Little Brown Church 9 11 12 AM Pipes of Melodv Millikin Brings Too ? Decatur Churches-' 7 i World News , Listen Ladies St. Francis Hoar Sunday Devotional A Small World Singing American, News; Evans Interesting Facts Bill Evans Show Voice of Prophecy Tbr Christian 10 Sunday Devotional Chapel by the Road We're Downtown News; Millions Pray Millions P raving Bill Evans Show Message of Israel Funnies tM Sunday Serenade :H Serenade; News :30 Matinee Melodies World News . Eternal Light News; Melody Memos Voice of the Terkel Drama of Medicine " Lanny Ross Communist for FBI Round Tabic Fifth Army Band Amatem Horn 1 PM Symphonette :l :J0 N.Y. Philharmonic Wayne King Show Hour of Charm .. 11 12 Catholic Hour . American Forum Wings or Healing 21 t- 3 PM Salon Silhouette 30 Variety Show .-4S Norman Cloutiex Intermezzo . - ,-. " Touts Bring! Music ' Music by Roth Bob lonsidin ' Elmo. Roper Commentary . Music tn the Air Sen. H. Ferguson Trendies' Top Tunes Lutheran Hour.. To Be Announced Herald Of truth 1 Concert Hall Favorite! of Famous 2 GI Joe fhe Golden Fleece Under Arrest Dear Margy Revival Hour 4 PM 3 Memory Tim aammy Kaye Remember W&ea Lynn Murray Show Steamboat Jamboree 3 The Chase Counter Spy The Shadow True Detective Light ft Life Greatest Story 5 Jj Your City. Your Story Serenade in Blue 30 Out Mica Rf.It. ' TT M C. 4 Hi Gardner Meet the Veep , Youth Wants to Know Nick Carter Carter: News Squad Room . Drew Pearson Monday Headlines Billy Graham 5 6 WSOY WSOY-FM WMAQ WGN . WLS-WENR 1348 KC CBS 102.1 MC-CBS 670 KC NBC 720 KC UBS 890 KC ABC lack Benny Jack Benny My Son Jeep " Lutheran Horn Church in the Horn Amo Andy Amp 'n Andy Aldrich Family . Voice of Prophecy National Vespert 6 7 PM Bergen & McCarthy Bergen ft McCarthy Harris ft Fye Show Radio Bible Class Fine Arts Quartet prntH JO Mr Little Margi My Little Margie Theater Guild Back to God' Folk Music m M " " August Richards f Us 8 H;Plyhouse H. Playhouse " News; 720 Club Walter WincheU rPM :'S . , . 720 Club Tavlor Grant. New. f -M 30 Theatre of Stars Theatre of Start Dragnet Folk Music , Tk-to 2L " : - - (3:4 9 PM Telephone Qui Telephone Quia Barrie Craig News: 720 Club Paul Harvey New f PM ' ,, ' " 720 Club Memos lor Men 1 1 :15 JO Godfrey Hour Godfrey Hour City Desk Enchanted Hour Revival rime M 30 4 flU eNew , New News On Wings of Song FolkMusic '. M PM 1 1 it Senmtor Dirksen Senator Dirksen U.N.Story - Pastor j. V. O'Hail I lilt 1 130 Robert Irout. New Robert 1 rout. New Backpage Bulletin. New Songs in the Night I 1 1 30 JL VP Robert Trout Robert Trout Day'. End Lutheran Vesper. " . XVS News; Band New; Band New " Church of the Ail 4 -4 fM :IS Dane Band Dane Band The Che Show, Musical Portrait " I I :IS ? Z " - Dance Band CIO & You- . i I I :30 " " , Industry Report 1X Monday's Radio Proqrams 6 WSOY-FM ltU MC CBS WSOY WDZ 1340 KC CBS 1050 KC AM Rooster Club IS Morning Devotion. Drake; New :30 New.; Sangamon Wake with Drake M Sangamon Special Eddy Arnold; Sport WSOY-FM Special-St. Louis Cards vs. Boston Braves Game Time 12:55 p. m. , WMAQ WGN WLS.WENR 70 KC NBC 720 KC MBS 890 KC ABC Norman Rets Farm Horn 7 AMWorld New Roundup Drake'. Ranch :! mgnuni rseiaio world new. , :30 T. N. T. Local New; Mok T. N. T, Local New. Musical Clock Rossj New Newt Farm Hallettn Board Skeeter Bonn Atifnist Richards News Norman Ron Ross; News 400 Hoar 400 Hour; Newt 6 Bill Evan. Show Red Blanchard Newt; Weatht New. 7 8 AM New. of America " . Tour Neighbo New Breakfast Qb AM :1J Musical Second. " i lohnson Family ,. Nancy Notebook Music that Sing . '" ki-30 S Telle Tew - Breakfast Clob New. - Jm 9 AM Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Qub Welcome Travdet New ' My True Story AM :' " TC Reporter; Newt " Virginia Gale - lilt 30 Back to the Bible Double ot Nothing Victor l.indlahr Vv hirpering Streets M:30 5 " " Your Figure. Ladie When Girl Mrrie f M " fYvi GoiiKf ' Stopper". Serenade btrike ft Rick Ladie Fii Kitchen Qub -f AM I 1 1 i2 lenT Ub Ho5pitaliry Prognm Be b A Ray Uueen to D . BreakheBii I 1 1 J-S Rcemry Bob Hope Shew ' - Xlt UAM Wendy Warren Let'. Talk About New : Curt Mraev Time lack Berch Show -4 AM I For the Udie. Dick Haymet Victor Lfndlalu New, The Buccaneer I I ' " Helen Trent American TraU . Here's Norman Kow Tello Tel " I I Jt) Woman Horn Man on the Street Ros. New. New ' - Market; Weather JL. JL 4 ru ,Ncw5 J,c Canon World New. Mary Merrvfield Cedric Foster: New. New; Market. r.PM I :,Sck CKon Show New5 Market M. Merrvfield; New Music Carnival Markets; Farm Notes "l 01. ic I f.M nflu NewV . M uric; Farm New. Luncheon Antic. , Market Reportaa Dinner Bell Tim I XWt Rhrthm t Random F.rm Reporter - - New JlW-U 1" iP BP?kthtlf Chapel of the Air Wed Howard Jack Kirkwood Show Health Talk . ZUS :IS 5?7- fi"? American Ouartet Howard; New " School Time is deNorDrak Dave Garrowy Harold rurne. Bob Atcber Pteaent. I J0 S Bright. Dy All Star Roundup Kukla, Fran ft Oltt The Stamoter J- 2 PM Aund Town; New Tim OuT! ' Life Can Be BeMtiful New.; McBridrT Bob Atchet Pmenl fvPM :l House Party Rof of Life M. Margaret McBride - . . . ' rheShowc Pepper loung Folly Feature Food. :io . , Aant Music; HoUywood Right to H.ppinet. 372nii,CH!2" Jim Seaney Show Backtttge Wit New Cal Tlnncy CtU :liSuPi - SteU. Dalta. , Earl Nlghdngal. . J:l !?? Svl-fii a Z Widde. Brows ' - . Chrle AnttB :J0 tonpt Dr. Mtlene - Woman in My House " ' Paul Harvey fjM 4t r? H.h,J. Z Just Plain Bill New; Simon Benlah Kmey M fM :l ftar None Ranch ' " Front Pam FtrreO Ernie Simon " I M u i- r Z Lorenro lone. Hit with Hubbard LLm Uncle Remit. . Tr Doctor' Wife " Xj4 51 Sing. Manhattan Muste New '. Bobby Benton Newt; Hubbard Hit :ll Your Policy Freddy Martin Wed Howard " Hit with Hubbard K:l J New; Ray Anthony Sports; New " Wild BiU Hfckofc New; Hubbard Hits i:Nf iH Lowel TMom . Final New. New. ; lUekob litin Vm Hieeins, Chicago Boaid of Educa tion, and William Reavis, University of Chicago; James McBurney, fMorthwestern, moderator. 3-4 n.m. WILL BBC World Theater William Shakespeare's Iweltth Wight" i'art II. 4:30-5 p. m. WILL The People Talk Back "Can We Live in Peace with the Soviet Union?" Aneurin Bevan, leader of the Brit ish Labor Movement; four Ameri can journalists, including Clifton Daniel ot the iew York 1 imes. 5-5:30. tj. m. WSOY Your Citv- Your Storv The sewer nroblem in Decatur; brucellosis in dairy cattle; local reaction to btaan s death; the high cost of "getting clipped; soil conservation. 5:15-5:30 p. m. WMAQ Meet the Veep Bob Hope is guest of former Vice President Alben Barkley. 5:30-6 p. m. WMAQ Youth Wants to Know Kep. Kenneth Keating (R-N.Y.) will answer the spontaneous questions of a noun of teen age students-. , 7:05-7:30 p. m. WGN Family The ater ihe noted Mr. and Mrs. acting team. Gene Raymond and Jeannette MacDonald, co-star in a family drama. 7:30-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Joan Fon- cune stars in vanity fair. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Hallmark Play- nouse ine story ot Siacajawea, the Indian princess who became famous as the Drincinal tmirlr nr? in. X L 0 ... terpreter of the Lewis anrl Clark v. pedition in the opening of the jreat ixonnwest. - y x aiicdicr vi Stars Robert Taylor stars as a rancher who gets a wife through a viv.inociiicill, 111 iVldll Order,' with Jean Bates. 9:30-10 p. m. WSOY Arthur God frey Digest. The fabulous redhead I u rt j .i . anu uic viioraenes, tne Manners the McGuire Sisters, Tony Marvin Archie Bleyer and his orchestra. 9:30-10 p.m. WGN Enchanted TT V . nour Lyric soprano INancv C-arr JVV IIT 1 t J ana nenry weber s orchestra. Pavane (Mother Goose) - Ravel giorgen K. Strauss Beauty and the Beast (Mother Goose) Rave Un Moto di Gioja " Mozart Overture to "Cosi Fan Tutte" Mozart Ah, Love, But Day Beach . Make Believe (Showboat) Kern Gold and Silver Waltzes Lehar 10:15-10:30 p.m. WMAQ Youth Brings You Music Two young Utah musicians, 22-year-old pianist Edelgard Hainke and 25-year-old soprano Jewel Johnson. Sonatina in C sharp ririnor (3rd movement) Rubinstein Etude Op. 10, No. 3 Chopin White Swan of Samarkand Alberti-Bonelli A Memory of You Jelesnik-Meskill Mother Dear arr. Liebling Monday, March 9 8-8:55 a. m. WILL Illini Time-Recorded classics. . Overture to "Dei ' Freischutz" Von Weber Wie Nahte mir der Schlummer (Freischutz) . Von Weber Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun Debussv Feste Romane Respighi 1 1:30-1 1:45 a. m. WDZ The Amer ican TraU-"The Golden Ocean" Invention of the reaper conquers vast grain harvest. 1-1:15 TJ.m. WSOY From the Bookshelf "Make Your Habits Work for You" by Adele and Ca-teau De Leeuw, common sense philosophy for happy, everyday living. is reviewed by Muriel Ferry, head librarian, Decatur public library. 1:30-2 p.m. WILL Folksongs and Footnotes "Folksongs about a Universal Subject: Love, Marriage and Courting. 3-3:30 p. m. WILL Festival of Con temporary Arts Theater "Captive at Large," Professor Wesley Swan-son, U of I. 5-6 p. m. WILL Music of the MastersClassical recordings.' Symphony No. 1 Shostakovitch Concerto for Piano. Trumpet. and Strings Shostakovitch 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM Dwight Cooke Interviews Asia Cooke interviews Gen. Nguyen Van Hinh, chief of staff of the Viet Namese armed forces from Saigon. 7-7:30 p.m. WSOY Suspense A bizarre and shocking murder case in Massachusetts shortly after the tdvil War set in an old family house occupied by twisted neurotics who want to kill for love, in Wil- kie Collins' story 'The Dead Alive," with Herbert Marshall. 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Railroad Hour Sigmund Romberg's "Up in Central Park" is sung by Gordon MacRae and soprano Mimi Benzell, assisted by the Carmen Dragon orchestra. . - '- Big Back Yard . ' When She Walks in the Room Carousel in the Park Fireman' Bride It Doesn't Cost You Anything to Dream . Close As Page in Rook v April Snow 7:30-8 p. m. WMAQ Voice of Firestone Hjlde Gueden, Metro politan Opera soprano; Howard Barlow, conductor. : Song of the Flame . ' Stodurt I Give My Heart . ' " MiUoecker - nostra Haentchen . Quel Guard II Cavaliere (Don Pasquale) Donizetti Yesterdays Kern . Vennsberg Music . 11 Wagner Czardas (Die Fledermaos) " Straus 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Telephone ITTIII. ' kv " ' JP --.fjif hi William Knowland Sens. William Knowland (R-Calf.) and A. S. (Mike) Monroney (D-Okla..) ' will debate .A. S. Monroney "What . Next on Korea?", on WMAQ at 1 : 30 p. m. today. Hour Jascha Heifetz, violinist; Walter Hampden, actpr; Donald Voorhees, conductor. Nautilus (Sea Pieces) ' MacDowell Deep River Spiritual Tempo di Blue (Poigy and Bess ) Gershwin The Vision of a Man Named Bell Scottish Fantasy (3rd and 4th movement.) . Bruch 8-9 p.m. WSOY" Lux Theater-Walter Pidgeon stars in "The People Against O'Hara," suspenseful drama of an attorney's hazardous defense of a lad being prosecuted in a homicide case. (MORE) 8:30-9 p.m. WMAQ Band of America Paul Lavalle conducts the band and the Green and White quartet. , A Real American Bower. First Concerto Williams Guadalcanal March Rodger. Invercargill March Lithgow - Tonusso Rotundo, the Biuo Profundo O'Hara A Real Low Basso Am Ii O'Hara The Sorcerer'. Apprentice Dukas Colonel Bogey March Alford 9-9:30 p.m. WMAQ Northerners Roberta Peters, coloratura soprano; the octet and the ensemble. Lover (Love Me Tonight) Rodger. Dry Bone. Trad. Caro Nome (Rigoletto) Verdi Laughing Song (Manon Lescaut) , Aubtr How Do You Speak-to an Angel (Hazel Flaeg) Hilliard Thumbelin (Hans Christian Andersen ) . . . Loesser One Kiss (New Moon) Romberg Granada Lara 9:55-10 p. m. WSOY This I Believe Norman Katkov, novelist, author . The Fabulous Fannv", Monday; Theodore Roosevelt III, investment broker, Tuesday; Eliza Thayer, sculptress, author, Wednesday; Sir Stewart Wilson, . Royal Opera House, CJovent Garden, Thursdav; John McKeen, chemist, Friday. . 11:15 p. m.-'l a. m, WMAQ Prom enade Concert Recorded classics played by George Stone. , Sinfbnia Concertante in E flat Mozart Overture to "Beatrice and . Benedict" Berlioz 1 50th Psalm Bruckner Ein Heldenleben R. Strauss 11:30-11:45 p. m. WENR Hazomir Choral society Observance of the Hebrew festival of Purim, a fes:ival of merrv-makinc, charity, and the exchanging of gifts among friends in commemoration of the deliverance of the Jewish people from the whole sale destruction planned tor them by Haman. Tuesday, March 10 1 1:30-1 1:45 a. m. WILL This Great Wide World "Captain William Bligh His Own Version of Mutiny on the Bounty. , 4-5 p. m. WILL Political Dreams "The City of God: Augustine and Aquinas." 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM Dwight Cooke Interviews Asia Jean Le-tourneau, Minister for Relations with the Associated Press, and top French official in Indo-China, will discuss current problems. 7-7:30 p. m. WMAQ Cavalcade of America Lee Bowman in The Secret Road," a story of two famous spies ot the Revolutionary War. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Mr., and Mrs. North Jerry North arid wife Pam become involved in the "Spotligbi on Murder mystery. 7:30-8 p. m. WMAQ Red Skelton Show Red Skelton, even as you and I, will be wresding with his income tax "return; with Rod O'Connor, the Smith. Twins and David Rose s orchestra. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Life with Luigi Luigi, the little immigrant, looks for a way to serve his adopted country, America,, and. finds it through the Red Cross with J. Carrol Naish.' 8-8i45 p.m. WENR America's Town "Meeting "Who Should Judge the Fitness of Our College Teachers?", Eugene J. McCarthy (D-Minn) and Carroll D. Reams (R-Pa), both of the House of Representatives. . ' 8:30-9 v. m. . WSOY My Friend Irma Marie Wilson as the not overly bright secretary consults an accountant - recommended' by boy friend AI, and winds up in income tax trouble. - Widnesdar, March 11 10-10:30 a. m. WILL Library Pre-sents ''Contemporary . Design in Home Furnishings'' Kathryn Wees-ner, assistant professor of home economics, Uof L 4-4:30 p.m. WILL Studio Theater Arch Oboler's "Bathysphere." 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY FBI in Peace and War Linda Watkins, who was one of the theater's most successful ingenues, portrays a showgirl who ruins a racketeer's "perfect crime" by helping solve the "Coroner's Verdict" mystery. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Dr. Christian Jean Hersholt discovers a strange' clue to "The Return of Helen Haines" while operating on the young son of the woman whose de parture from River's End years ago provoked an outburst of malicious gossip. Thursday, March 12 3-3:30 p. m. WILL Ways of Man kindBut I Know What I Like The Arts." 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM Dwight Cooke Interviews Asia Corres pondent Cooke will sum up the mil itary situation in Indo-China in a resume of interviews with people of all classes. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Cathy and Elliott Lewis Onstage Cathy and Elliott Lewis, as Eddie and Melva, will enact what harmenc. when a boy asks a girl for a' date and she noesn t take mm seriously. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Time for Love Marlene Dietrich sings a newly composed and recorded song by Alec Wilder in this week s drama ot international adventure, "Vienna."" 8:30-9 p. m. WSOY Bing Crosby Show Jimmy Stewart, one of "The Groaner's" most popular guest stars, and violinist Joe Venuti are guests. 1 Jwpui, Creepers TilTl Walt. Again With Yon Two Shillelagh O'Sullivan Yon Don't Know What Lonesome b Tea, for Two r 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Eddie Cantor Show A salute to the 77th anniversary of the telephone system. Busy .Line All Alone by the Telephone . i Hello, Mom , - Hello Central, Give Me Heaven ' Hello Frisco Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon Hello Hawaii, How Are You? 9:15-9:30 p. m. WENR Your In come Tax An informative program dealing with the provisions of the federal income tax law, designed to acquaint listeners with the tax forms to be' turned in this month- Friday, March 13 1010:30 a. m. WILL Modem' Masterpieces in English William Faulkner's "The Unvanquished" is discussed by G. P. Haskell, assistant professor of English, U of I. 4-15-4:30 p.m. WILL World in Books "Ralph Bunche" by J. Al-vin Kuglemass is reviewed. 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM Dwieht Cooke Interviews Asia Cooke, in Indo-China, broadcasts an analysis of the political situation there, and will proceed to Malaya. 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Mr. Keen the famous tracer of lost persons investigates "The Platinum Blonde Murder Case. 8-9 p. m. WMAQ Your Challenge "Inside Michigan Prisons," part 11; the story behind the nots m the nation's largest walled prison at Jackson, Mich. . Saturday, March 14 8:45-9 a.m. WMAQ Carnival of Books Mrs. Ruth'Harshaw, au thority on young peopleVliterature and conductor of "Carnival of Books," will turn traveling reporter when she goes to. N. Y. to interview the authors ot the books winning the Newbery and Caldecott medals in children s literature. 9:30-10 a. m. WSOY Let's Pre tend Michael O'Day' plays the ti tle role, The Leprechaun, in a at. Patrick s Day fantasy the mys tic wee folk who live in remote. secret places, know the secret of wealth and assist tne doers of kind ly deeds; Jean Hight directs. 10:05-10:30 a.m. WSOY Grand Central Station Claudia Morgan portrays a professor s pretty young wife whose kindheartedness almost wrecks her Iuddv marriaoe. in "The Sly Professor," with Barry Thompson, Dean Hirens, Joseph Sweeney and Dorothy Sands.. 11-11:30 a. m. WSOY Theater of TodayThe Harrison Letters.'' 11-11:30 a. m. WMAQ Elizabeth Hart Presents Robert Topp, National College of Education in Ev-anston, will talk of the spoiled child . and the problem child and how the teacher may be of help; Arthur Mayer talks about "Merely Colossal," a documentary of the movie industry. . 12:30-1 p. ro. WSOY City Hospital "The Spur," with Santes Ortega as Dr "Barton Crane. 1-4:30 p.m. WLS-WENR Metropolitan Opera Camille Saint-Saens' "Samson et Dalila" is sung by Rise Stevens, Ramon Vinay, Sigurd Bjoerling, Norman Scott and Lubomir Vichegonov in the leading ; roles; Fausto Cleva conducts. 5:30-6:30 p.m. WMAQ NBC Symphony Orchestra Arturo Totv-canini conducts. Symphony No. 5 Schahetn Moldau Smetuui Pine, of Rome Respighi 7:30-8 p. m. WIAQ Reuben, Reuben Recorded excerpts from Wagner's "Die Walkure" by Reuben Bradford in a breezy "once-over-lightly" treatment. 7:30-8 p. m. WBBM Tarzan A villager is sent to offer sacrifice of wild animal skins to "The Volcano of the Sun," and three days later is found dying. 9-9:30 p. m. WMAO Bia Gtv Sere nade A salute to Birmingham. Ala- industrial center of the deep South. . m Aiaoamy nouna Stars Fell on Alabama la It True What They Say About Dixie Sound, from the Sunny SoutJ Southern Rove. Southerner March Industry 9-10 p. m. WGN Chicago Theater ot the . Air Kurt Weill's "One Touch of Venus" is sung by Nancy i4rr ana Bruce roote. U.S. UNIT LED BY SON OF N. KOREAN COUPLE Korea (AP) A descendant of North Korean is fighting on the South Korean side, determined to stick it out until there's a decision. " Lt Jack Thun, 'born in California, is the onlv North Korean descendant commanding an Ameri can imantry company. He resisted rotation to the' states until it was forced upon him last vear and then he came right back for a second tour. v Thun's parents were torn and reared near Pyongyang the North Korean Red capital. They went to the United States where thev made a new life for themselves in the farm lands of Southern California. Television for the Week Information en the program, fa furnished try the ftation and f tab-iect to change. All time in ".."-unlet otherwise shown. KSD-TV, Channel 5 St. Louis SUNDAY, MARCH 8 6:00 Red Skelton ' 6: 0 Mister Peepers 7:00 Comedy Hour 8:00 Television Playhouse 9:0O The Doctor 9: sO Little Symphony 10:00 Playhouse of Star 10: SO My Little Margie ! 1:00 Foreign Intrigue 11:30 Whit7. My Line? 12:00 Our Miss Brook. 12:30 an. Film. MONDAY, MARCH 9 " 6:00 Popular Science 6: IS Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Those. Two :5 News Oravan 7:00 Paul WincheD 7:30 Howard Barlow'. Orchestra 8:00 Mm 9:00 Robert Montgomery 1 heater 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 Studio One 1 1 :00 Chance of Lifetime 11:30 Onening Night 1 2:00 What' Your Bid . TUESDAY, MARCH 10 6:00 fane Frriman - 6:15 Dotty Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore - 6:4 5 New Caravan 7:00 Milton Berk -s 8:00 Fireside Theater - 8:30 Circle Theater ' 9:00--Two for the Moncv 9:30 Favorite Story 10:00 Toast of Town " ' 11:00 Ken Murray 11:30 The Web WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 6:00 Armchair Adventure 6:1 ! Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Those Two- . 6:45 News Caravan 7:001 Married loan 7:30 Dragnet . 8:00 Television Theater 9r0 Boxing 9:45 Sports . 10:00 Arthur Godfrey 11:00 TV Theater THURSDAY, MARCH 12 6:00 Mindy Carson 6:15 Dottve Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 New. Caravan 7:00 Groucho Man 7:301 Love Lucv 8:00 Ozzie and Harriett . 8:0 Theater 9r0 Martin Kane I 9:30 March of Tim 10:0010 O'clock Tbertei 10: JO Fairbanks Presents 11:00 Danger. 11:40 T-Men in Action 12 tn. Film llt0 m Nmh ... FRIDAY, MARCH 11 6r00 Sport Extra 6:15 Greatest Fight ' 6:0 Those Two 6:45 New. Caravan 7:00 Drnni Da 7:30 Lite of Riley 8:00 Bum and Allen 8:30 AMricV Family ... J 9.-00 Boxing 9:45 Chink Smith 10:15 Yesterday ' Newsrce 10:30 Rig Town 1 1:00 Beat the Clock ' 11:30 Boston Blackie 12 m Film SATURDAY. MARCH 14 6:00-Strnger (Than Fiction 6:15 Paiade of Magic 6:30 Mv Hem 7rfM) All Star Revue 8:00 Yunr Show of Show 9:30 Wrestling in Marigold 1 1:00 Suspense 11:30 Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout 12:00 Tales of Tomorrow . WHBF, Channel 4 Rock Island, III. - SUNDAY, MARCH 8 6:00 You Atked for tt 6:30 Private Secretary , 7.00 Toat of the Town 8:00 Fred Waring 8:30 Ken Murray 9:00 The Web 9:30 What' My Lfn 10:00 Chance of a Lifetime 10:30 Mvsterv Theater 11:00 Billv Graham MONDAY. MARCH 9 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Hollywood Screen Test "- 7:00 Lux Theater 7:30 Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout 8:00 Buddies of the Atrlane 8:33 Red Button Show 9:00 Studio One 10:00 March of Time 10:30 Weather Show 10:35 New 10:4 5 Chronoscope TUESDAY. MARCH 10 6:0" Captain Video 6:fl Beulah 7:00 Life Is Worth .Living 7:30 K-ep ostd 8:00 Citv Hosnital 8:30 Death Valley Dav 9:00 Danger 9:30 The Name's the Sam 10:00 Four Star Playhouse 10:35 TV News 10:45 Tune Frrrman 11:00 Where Was P ' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 Date With Judy ' 7.00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 Boston Blackie 8:30 Man Against Crime 9:00 Fight 9:45 Snort Spot 10:00 Doug Fairbanks Tr. Present 10:30 Weatfeer Show 10:35-TV New. . 11:00 Rnrkv King . THURSDAY. MARCH II 6:00 Captain Video 6:30 I one Ranger 7:00 Burn and Allen 7:30 Peters Family Plivhous 8:00 Riff Baker 8:30 Ri Town 9:00 Mv Little Margi 9:30 Racket Squad 10:00 The Unexpected 10-30 Weather . 10:35 News 10:45 Tane. Fromsn FRIDAY, MARCH 13 6t00 Captain Video ' 6:0 Ozzie and Harriett ' 7:00 Famous Plavhno 7:30 My Friend Trm 8 :00 Playhouse of Star 8:30 Superman 9:0020 Qurttion 9:30 Down You Go 10:00 Invitation Flayhoua 10:30 Weather Show - 10:45 Snort . . " SATURDAY. MARCH 14 6:00 TV Teen Clob . . , 6:30 Brat the Clock 7:00 Tackie Gleasrm Show 8:00 Mvsterv Theater 8:301 Low Lurv 9.UO Trouble With Father 9:30 Wrestling 10:00 Snort Showcase ... 10:15 Wrestling . 11:1 5-Mr. and Mrs. North WFBM-TV, Channel 6 Indianapolis SUNDAY. MARCH 8 60 Mvnery Theater 6:30 Private Stmlaiy 7:00 Tow of the lown 8 KM GE Theater 8:30 Ken Murray 9:00 The Web. 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 New Review 10:15 Unit Theater 10:30 What . My Una? ll:O0 Comedy Hoar . MONDAY, MARCH 6:00 Weatherboard 6r05 Ann's Music Shop 6:25 Sport. Brief 6:30 Sports 6:45 Telenew " 7:00 Video Theater , 7:30 Talent Scout 8:00 i Love Lucy 8:30 Dangerou Assignment 9.-00 Studio One I0O Weather Man 1 0: 1 0 Miniature 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 TV Mailbag 10:45 Music in The Night 1 1 rOO Martin Kane 1 1:30 Night Orr Theater TUESDAY, MARCH 10 6:00 Weather 6:05 Johnny Winn Trio 6:25 Easy Gardening 6: 30 Perry Co mo . 6:45 Telenew 7:0O Lite I Worth Living . 7:30 Orzie and Harriett- 8:00 The Ruggle - 8:30 Suspense 9:00 Danger 9:30 Dr. Fixua 9:45 Three Guesse 10:00 Weather Man 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Chai: Laughton 10:45 Music in the Night 11:00 Red Top Theater 11:30 My Little Margi 12:00 March of Time 12.30- Night Owl Theater WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 6:00 Weather . 6:05 Johnny Winn Trio 6:25 Dee Sweet 6:30 Sport 6:45 Telenew 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 Test the Pre. 8:20 Tune of the Day 8:25 Sport Brief ' 8:30 Man Against Crime 9:00 Boxing 9:45 -S noils way . I0.-OO Weatherman 10: 10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbe 10:30 Music fn the Night 10:45 Yesterdav' Newcred 1 1:00 Rogers Hour 12:00 Night Owl Theater THURSDAY, MARCH 12 6:00 Weather 6:05 Song by Gloria 6:30 Perry Com 6:45 Telenew 7:00 Law in the M airing 7:30 Death Valley Day 8:00 Ranur 8:30 Big Town 9.-00 The Unexn 9:30 Washington Spotlight . 9:45 Harmony Hotel 10:00 Weatherman 10:10 Miniature 10:15 Gilbert Forbe 10:30 Madison Sqnant Garden ' 10:45 Musie in the Night . llrOO Th Eleventh Hoax 12:00 Down Yon Go 12:30 Night Owl Theater FRIDAY, MARCH li 6:00 Weather 6:05 Johnny Wins Trie) . ' 6:30 -Sport - 6:45 Telenew. 7:0099 Harmonic 7:15 Kenny J agger 7:30 My Friend Irma 8:00 Playhouse of Stan 8:31 Ota Mis Brook - 9:00 Douglas Fairbanks f. 9:30 Million DoOaz Playhoes 10:00 Weatherman 10:10 Miniature. 10:15 Gilbert Forbe 10:30 Greatest Fight 10:45 Masie in the Night iimu Mynery nour saimj rignT iswi SATURDAY, MARCH 14 4:O0 Groucho Macs 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:00 lactic Gleason 8:00 IHSAA Semi Pinal 9:45 Sport. Parade 10:00-. Amateur Fight. 10:30 Life Begins at M 110 Red Top Theater 12:30 Night Owl TheaMt

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