The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1942 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1942
Page 8
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WITH THE BOYS IN THE SERVICE QF UNCLE SAM ACTIVITIES OF SERVICE MKK FROM CORWITH Corwith: CarVel and AlvMi Rls- vold and famlies received announcements of graduation exer- c'aes of the class of 1942 Jr. Pilots from WliHiams Field Army Advanced Flying school held October SO, 1942, at Chandler, Arizona. The'* brother, Staff Sergeant Ml- lo Risvold, was a member of the class and at this time received his "wings". Milo was one of a group of four boys who were the first from Corwith to enlist in the service; the other boys being Paul Puffer, Luverne Korleski and Dale Clapsaddle. . . Frank Clapsaddle has received two letters from h's son, Dale, the first coming from Ireland and the second from England. Letters received by friends ann relatives of Marvin Sloan, who has been In North Ireland since the first of the year, reveals that his company is now somewhere in England. Mrs. Ed Chambers spent the week end visaing with her daughter, Margaret, and also her son. Harley. •who is with the Army Air Corp, Lincoln Air Base, Lincoln, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Heise of Wichita, Kansas, visited at the John Heise and Cecil Donaldson homes last week. On the return to W- chita, Mrs. Heise will work In a defense plant and Mr. Heise will go into the Army Air Corps as a machinist at Coffeyville, Kansas. , Charles Claude of Corwith has enlisted in the A'.r Corps. Charle.? has been employed for some time at the Babcock garage. Glenn Fischer has finished his training at the Great Lakes Naval Training- station- and is enjoy:-ng a furlough at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Fisher; Lawson Corlew Is enjoying a ten-day furlough from the Great Lakes Training Station with h:s parents. Mrs. Leo Frankl left last Saturday for Enid, Oklahoma to join her husband who is in the Army Air Corps there. Mrs. Frankl is the former Alice Riggle. ACTIVITIES OF SOLDIERS FROM WEST BEND VICINITY West Bend: Mrs. Reece McGee, who has been livng the last two years in California, has spent the past month at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. McFarland. Mrs. McGee and son returned to St. Paul Sunday where they formerly lived. Mr. McGee is lieutenant general and is stationec somewhere !« England. A letter from Corpora^ Chas< Boevers mailed at Memphis, Tenn. said he was enroute to an officers training school in North Carolina Sgt and Mrs. Harold Schurg arrived from San Francisco, Calif. Tuesday for a ten day visit with h:s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schurg and with other relatives and friends Harold has been in the army fo 14 months. IJ5DYARD BOYS ACTIVE IN SERVICE OF UNCLE SAM Ledyard: Kenneth Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thompson, statroned at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Fort Des Motaes, their trains meet- Ing about 60 miles out of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson spent Wednesday and Thursday at Ledyard with Kenneth's parents. Mrs. Kenneth Thompson teaches music at Lake Park, but due to the kindness of her superintendent was granted a vacation while Kenneth was on leave. He returned to Ft. Dix on Monday, a distance of 1400 miles. jDwane Thompson, SUoux C'.ty, formerly of Ledyard, age 20 years, and son of Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, enlisted In the Army Air Force for training in a ground mechanics course and will be located at Fort Worth, Texas, for several months. Duane spent several days last week visting hla parents and many friends dn Ledyard and on Thursday h'-s parents took him to Sioux City where he with 21 other boys left Sioux City on Sunday evening for Ft. Des Moines, where he passed his physical examination and was inducted. Duane was put in charge of part of the group when they left Sioux C?ty for Moines. Joe McDonald of Ledyard and Duane met in the barracks at Ft. Des Moines. Joe hlid enlisted on Friday. Duane and Joe are classmates and are -graduates of the class of 1940 of Ledyard high. They both plan to take mechanics so lope they may stay together. The Thompsons returned to Ledyard on Monday night from Sioux City Ledyard friends' best wishes go with these two boys. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hoppus who have been working at Los Angeles, Calif., have returned home and wMl stay at the Jess O'Keefe lome until Mr. Happus is called for U. S. service. Mr. and Mrs. Hoppus and Miss Doris Welfare were entertained at the L. D. Mayne home for supper on Thursday eve nlng. Mrs. Hoppus will be better remembered as Miss Henrietta O' veefe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Jess, O'Keefe. —V— ACTIVITIES OF IRVINGTON BOYS IN ARMED SERVICE Irvington: Lowell Samp of th Great Lakes Train.'.ng school, visit ed last week with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Andrew Godfredson. H eft on the return trip Monday evening. On Sunday the Godfredson entertained at a family dinner, th ecelved a. cablegram from their on, Howard, recently, located with he American forces somewhere in Australia requesting them not to end any packages to him until further notice as he was being ransferred elsewhere with destln- t!on unknown. Mrs. Cora Raney, mother of Hugh and Harry, was a lunda'y guest of the Raneys. Tree* Reunion* Held LOCALS hewer for Brlde~t«»-be— Helen Zentnet was guest of horn r at a miscellaneous shower on liursday afternoon at the home of rfrs Charles Egel. 'Assisting host- sses were Mrs. Walter Zentner and Mrs. Walter Geilenfeld. /Twenty- five guests were present. Miss Zentner, daughter of Mr. and MrS. Walter Zentner, will be married tomorrow (Wednesday) tq Kenneth Geilenfeld, son of Mrs. Walter Geilenfeld. Mrs. Katharine MoEvoy drove to Waverly Sunday and spent the day vith her daughter, Mary Geraldlne, nurse In Mercy hospital In that city. Mrs. McEvoy tells of the hospital staff being quite agog over he b.'J-th of a Japanese baby there chat morning. The parents of the title fellow are American citizens For Soldier Son* at Corwith Recently Corwith a Ralph Trees Of CJorwl^t left Thursday tfwrnlng frdm BrUt wtth the Hancock county gi-ouft foi- the induction center at auntf Dddge. \ Several gatherings' toefre held for Ralph before he left. Oft Friday evening of last weett ilNefen o'clock dinner was served [1W his honor at the home of Mr.' aftd Mrs. Robert Masterson; the gUests including Mr. and Mrs/Ralph Trees, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tree's and daughter, Maxine of Algona. Saturday evening Ralph and wife were guests at a dinner served at the Ruasel Ferstrom home at Mason City; on Sunday a family dinner, was held at the Leonard Trees home at Denhart. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Trees and family of Clear Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Trees and family of Worthington, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Nelson of Algona: Corporal Donald Trees of Ft. Knox, Louisville, Ky., and wife of Britt, md Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Trees. Donald left for Ft Knox Wednesday evening, his parents taking ilm .to Marshalltown to take the .rain. Hospital News Kossuth Hospital Nov. 4_Mrs. Paul Hawkins, Algona, boy. Nov . 5_Mrs. Ivan Kollasch, Bancroft, boy. Nov 6—(L. J. DeGraw, Algona, surgical; Mrs. Matt Becker, Lu- Verne, girl. . Nov. 7—Mrs. Dick Norton, Algona, girl; Mrs. C. D. Hertig, Algona, medical. Nov. 8—Mrs .Robt. Plunkett, Algona, girl. Nov. 9—Alice Schiltz, Bancroft, surgical. Scrap Iron Drive Goed Over Big at Ledyard (Ledyard: The scrap !*on drive conducted in Ledyard and vicinity on Wednesday, Oct. 28, was a great success. All business houses were closed from 9 to 4 o'clock and everyone got Into the scrap. They collected 37 tons that day, making a total of 110 tons collected during the two drives. General Hospital Nov . 3_Mrs. W. J. Morrison, West Bend, boy; LcRoy Stalzer, Wesley, accident. Nov 7—Mrs. Wayne Smith, Algona, girl; Mrs. Golden Authier Thompson, surgical; Mrs George Salve, Titonka, medical. guests being Mr. and Mrs. Kennet Samp and three sons of Algona and Mrs. Wm. Bradbury, the former Helen Samp of Sioux City. Pvt. John Miller of Camp Selby, Mississippi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller of Burt, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox, Cresco township residents, spent last week at his home on a furlough. On Sunday the Millers entertained at a family dinner. Those present were the Chas. Cox family of Austin, Minn., and the grandparents, Mr', and Mrs. John Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raney of West Union were week end visitors of the Hugh Raneys, the two men being brothers. The Hugh Raneys — V— BURT SOLDIERS HETURN TO CA3IP £N FLORIDA •Burt: P. F. C. Lester Schw. : etert and Private Wesley Barnhard lett Wednesday night for Fort Blandin, Fla., after spending furloughs Card of Thanks We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for the beautiful flowers and many kindnesses extended to us at the time of the deatf of our beloved husband, son and brother.—Mrs. Anthony Jandl, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jandl, Sr., COUHTV Mnt MAttKJET S6MB MOOS BEFORE WINDER HMS , _ ' . Hog 'marketings during September and October this year were decidedly below those of 1942.>County Extension Director A. L. Brown, says this meaiis that supplies of hogs are likely .to pile up at pack- Ing plants during certata weeks this winter. ' Usually a sudden flood of hogs is dumped on Corn Belt markets when the first snow and cold weather strkes In the late fall or early winter!. iWhen this occurs, and there Is ice in the pig trough, snow outdoors and not enough shed room to/ keep all the pigs comfortable, Firfal Rites Held far former Elghty-eiight-year-old John Murray, retired Knoxvllle railroad man das been a subscriber to the Knox- vllle Express for more than 60 years. • Irvlngton: (Final rites were conducted last Monday afternoon at the local Presbyterian church for Mrs. Thomas Chllton, who. passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Victor Hammer in Minnesota. For many years the Chll- tons lived on the farm just north of Irvlngton now owned by Mrs. Matilda Weaver, and It was on this place that Mr. Chilton passed away several years ago. Mrs. Ohilton has been in very poor health for several years, being afflicted with diabetes. After Mr. Chllton's death Mrs. Chllton resided for some years here with her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Noone, but later went to Minnesota. Burial was In the Irvlngton cemetery beside her husband. the result la suddejily Increased marketings and 'A sharp drop ki prices. . • . •' , iCbns.equ.'errtly, Kossuth counW farmers' who know now that they will have more hogs thati they, ca« properly care for and Who arc going to have to Bell some hogs when the first toad winter weather Juts, might do ,well to be moving these hogs out ahead of schedule this In this way It Is possible to avoid serious death loss, congestion In the hog markets and a sharp drop In prices. * • • • DISEASE DHttEATEN POULTRY FLOCKS tti FALL SEASON •< Fall and early winter are drticia,! times for poultry flocks because disease and parasites »re then mbsl likely to jeopardize poultry profits These poultry pests Include; lice mites and worms and ouch diseases as tuberculosis, cholera and ..typhoid. .•-•••' One reason these troubles are more prevalent abouf this •tilme of year Is Urat old hens which may have been fafected the year before are placed with pullets. County extension director, A. L. Brown, says that the diseases and parasites are then transmitted to the younger stock. VMS aide the W^w— >w>— CawfesFcMelB wha fltf A6t take proper precautions in cleaning uf> theif equipment and clothes when movfag ffom one term to anather also are carriers of many poultry disease, germs, •AnaiHer common out. i« ath- birds or carriers to ths eThtB&tt'h? fletfcl. ,. ' . ..... Parasites such as lice and mite's can STSSntaHted by AatUM' each 100 feet of floor Apace and MMU with ,i /pounds of powdered sulfur. Classified Ads and family. 45* CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c lor 13 words or less. When paid with order, Zc per word: when charged, 3o per word. Ny> ag- For Sale FOR SALE—Black face native breeding ewes. Also ram ley Gardner, Phone 13F31, FOR SALE: — Duroc Jersey boars. They're dark red, low-down, easy feeding type, vaccinated, $40 each. 4 on 96 Burt, 5 east, Burt.— W. J. Stewart. north of 45 awaiting officers' training, came , ., home on a short furlough. He ar- here. Lester visited his mother, rived in Sioux City on Sunday eve- 1 Mrs. Bertha Schwietert ,who< is ning. He just missed his brother, | very ill and Wesley visited his par- Duane, who was on his way to ; ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bernhard. FOR SALE—Spotted male hogs, vaccinated. Reasonbaly pricedn New blood lines for old and new customers. One mile west and 4 miles north of Wesley on gravel road.—Joseph G. Miller. 45 WANTED — Good used bed springs. We pay cash.—Coast to Coast Store. 45 ,FOR SALE—Toy fox terrier pupa. Four pounds _ when ft* grow,.. Guaranteed. Ottosen. Write Cliff 4t> BUY YOUR sales booka at the Mgona Upper Des Moines. A sales lip with every purchase. 16c each r 2 books for 25c. 34-U STANDARD - DEPENDABLE N RESTRICTED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. ALL FORMS AT LOWEST RATES—ALGONA NS. AGENCY. PHONE 55. 31-tf FOR SALE—Good team horses, 6 and 7 years old. Also Shorthorn feeding cattle.—Algona Maytag FOR SALE—2 good used coal and wood heaters.—Joe Bloom. 45 ALCOHOL, 79c per gallon. Premium Anti-Freeze, $1.19 per gallon. Bring your own containers. E. Z. Flo Winter Motor oil, 59c per gallon.—Coast to Coast Store. 45 FOR SALE—Used washing machines, all makes. Two good cream separators. We have electric motors and wringer --"•—Ai"""Maytag Co. FOR SALE—One large size Ray- boy heater, looks' like new.—Jim Closing Out FARM SALE I will hold a closing out Public Sale at the farm 5 miles north and % mile west of Sexton, % mile west of Doan church, 5% miles east and 3 , mil Burt, on - ' ^.-.^.^M'sm TUESDAY, NOV. 17 rolls.—Algona 45 Shipler, Burt. 45* FOR SALE—Purebred Hereford boars and gilts.—Robert Detric* Algona. Phone 5F4. 45 1940 MERCURY TUDOR, ful equipment, excellent condition, new battery, good tires, dependable bargain for cash buyer with no trade-in. —See Joel M. Herbst. 45 FOR SALE—(Farmall corn pick er. —Will Marti.nek, Wesley. On< mile east, 3U mile north Sexton Phone 2255. 45 FOR SALE—Black purebred Po land China boars. Brown Swis 10 month old bull, purebred.—Johi i Bockes, LuVerne. 45-46 BURN BERWIND BRIQUETS o Warm Morning Coal. Know fue satisfaction.—Raesly Lumber Co •hone 234. .» SALE STARTS AT 12 O'CLOCK LUNCH SERVED BY SEXTON AID 125 Head of Livestock 32 HEAD OF HOLSTEIN CATTLE HOGS 12 cows, some fresh, others fresh soon, good Holstein milk cows; 8 yearling heifers due to calve in spring; 5 heifercalves; 6 bull calves; 1 purebred Holstein UADCCC 1 team 5 and 6 yrs. old, wt. 3200; sorrel horse 10 yrs, wt. 1700; one nURjLJ smooth mouth mare; I team of mules; all good work horses. 10 fan pig, DICKENS r White - Rock ^ tenant house, 2 rooms, 10x24 ft.; brooder house 2 brooder houses 8x12; 4 individual hog hous- C. milking machine, 2 units;!. H. C. cream sep- SVowS^K^ John DeeTrcorn planter; I. H. C. 2-row cultivator; 4-section harrow, with cart; r w r disc- 2 eanc plows; McCormick-Deering mower. McCormick-Deering manure spreader; endgate seeder; box wagon; hay rack and wagon; 2 wheel trailer; corn sheller; 3 hay slings; hayfork, cable and carrier; 2^ of breeching harness; 2 sehs of back-pad harness;,20 tons of good aJfalfa hav in barn- 3 hay slings; poultry feeders and fountains; 8 steel nests, <5 KOO^ brooder staves; roll of wi?e noting; hog troughs; 2 ladders; rubber tire lawn mower; garden plow; post auger; wire t*^*™!*?^*™^,* 0 **' tools; and other articles too numerous to mention. __ mAJUBiu, -»*«»*. oak dining room set; bedroom set; good rug e ft; washing machine; Hamilton-Beach vac- attachments; ice box; and many other articles. TEBMS—Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. Mrs. Mary B. White FOR SALE—1941 trailer^house Complete. Phone Hawkins, Wesley. FOR SALE—Spotted Polau boars. Immune and eligible fo registry. Wide back, easy feedin type. Extra nice.—M. L. Barton rtiVerne. «-47 GET YOUR typewriter ribbon at the Algona Upper Des Moines 40-* FOR SALE—Purebred Hampshlr boars by the grand champion o Kossuth County Fair. A large grou f o choose from. New blood for o! customers.-^Joseph A. Skow, Wesley 43-46" cuts' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients So and send cash with order they receive lo per word commission. ' er Des Moines .office. IBc each, for 25c. 34-tf , Qpening Hour Change the; following Grocery Stores will open at 8 a. m. each week day morning and at 7:30 a. m. on (Saturdays. - ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. AL&ONA FOOJ) MARKET ANDEBSKW'S JAC? S>RAT GROCERY Gk A, NATIONAL TEA COMPAKT SORENSEN'S GROCERY Armistice Closing will ibfc observed by afl Al- goha merchants and business men— November llth, Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers Blustrom's Furniture 42-tl FILMS DEVELOPED and printed and satisfactory work 'uaranteed. Price 25c per film. Lusby & Glossl 24-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains Ji /arms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile.—Phil J. Kohl mas, phone 22. Algona. 16-f ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Dei Moines. for 25c. for 3Sc. Regular size, 15c each, 2 Large size 20c each, 2 34-tf IF YOU NEED a rubber stami for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moln«* 50c and up. 1&*-ti AETNA FARM LOANS— Low rates. No commission, appraisal, or title examination costs to the borrower. It is worth looking Into Call or write Hutchison & Hough 43-51* FOR SALE—Purebred Hereford boars. Vaccinated.— Frank Bormann, Bode. 44-47* FOR SALE—Registered Black Poland boars. Well grown March pigs. New blood lines for old customers. Vaccinated and guaran* teed.—Rellly Bros., Lone Rock. 44-45* FOR SALE—Purebred Poland China boars, serviceable age. New blood for old customers.—Aaron Steussy, LuVerne, Iowa. 44-47* Wanted I.OU DIATEBN, Auctioneer. BUBT SAVINGS BANK, Clerk? WANTED—Saleslady.—The Elite Shop. ' WAiNTED — Waitress. Experl enced or inexperienfced.—Dermands Cafe. Miac4iUnaoua WES HA.VB JUST received som good looking stationery tor servlt men in the army and navy. 6C sheets and envelopes tor $1.10 box. Bach sheet carries army navy emblem. See ft at tbe Algona Upper Des Moines. PHONOGRAPB RECORDS—«1 the new releases- Needles—«U»m»* -Koaauth Radio ft Electric, Cowa. You May Find Your self Over A Barrel SCOTCH TAPS—Small size desk dispenser complete wijtto roll or tape, *l.iO at the Algoaa Upper Des Molttes. 34-*" DESK BLiOTTBRS. assorted colors, brown, W««. 4ftrt; «*«*»« ?£*, peach aad red, for sate »t the Up-, But you can depend on to gi'Ve you more miles per gallon .'« your car—and every little bit will help. (kt The D-X Habit Let us check your car for winter -driving. D-X SERVICE ,. —i^™~"»»^—— _ —: —. t ....-; . • • - • , Like Dew Before the Morning Sun These Beautiful Are Melting Away Fa&t . . . . Why Gamble With Tour Opportunity :^1 &\ -T*- -^maiif Prices You'll Wonder at for Really Gorgeous Overcoats No Won<l«r th«y art C«ta» Fait! $22.50 ' $32.50 The HUB Clothiers WWWip-W®£^

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