The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1942 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1942
Page 7
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the AlgonA Upper Pea Moinefl, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 1C,.. 1MJL CAMP REMAINS TO NEBRASKA FOR BURIAL THURSDAY Union: Uttlon folks were taken suddenly by surprise when the n.i- mor circulated around that Alfred Camp, farm hand at the Ben Held fartn, had -been killed Instantly the night 'before, Fr.'«nds had seen- him in Algona at 6 p. m. The remains were-shlpped to Columbus, Nebr., for burial, his home , which was Thursday Ing; fr&in the Catholic church there. He was in Union but a short time, but the family had made many frlendd while here who sympathize deeply Wth the sadness which has entered their happy home. The children were energetic youngsters and were Just- getting nicely acquainted in the township, joining In some of the junior activities and soc.'ai event*. Bob Harvey attended a sale at Garner last Thursday. Rudolph Will combined 40 acres of soybeans for the Rlcker 'brothers recently. Your S A L Co. 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You get wen a If nf tta* to pay. $ A l'f V*ry Own FURTIE DOLL 95 * Me 11*« ffttff Make your little girl's dr«*M M«Jf true with position WOK, legs and bead. B*sl balr, adorable fact, sleeping eye*. Beautify! vaflndy dre» end boa, **'*** WAS Merlin Schumacher, son of Mr. And Mrs. Louis Schumacher, was HI vlth the flu last week, One hundred fifty voted In tfn- 6n at the election held at the cen- er school, No. B. Some voted for the first time. Hie house recently damaged ny fire on the former Harrison farm is being rebuilt. The second story has-been removed and the house will be burtgalo style. Ernest Godfredson !« the owner. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode drove to Fort Dodge Thursday evening to visit their daughter and grandson, Terry Dbuglas Llndsley, who arrived Oct. 28th. The baby has three living great-grandparants, Mr and Mrs. John Lamuth of Algona and Mrs. Caroline Bode of Atlanta, 111., four grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S'xlney Llndsley of Fort Dodge arrd the (Louis Bodes of Union. Mrs. Bode will spend the week at the Llndsley home. Council Minutes Oct. 15, ] 942—The City Council met In adjourned session with all members present. A building permit was approved for C. B. Murtagh. Cigarette license granted to Paul Hudson. (H, R. Haldeman was employed as special police to be paid 45c per lour. City employees' salaries were fix- d as follows:. F. C. Dailey, $170.00; Leo Bellock, $160;00; Tom Halpin, 16000; Walter - Gorman, $160.0J; larry Barton, $160.00; Earl Bowman, $135.00; C. C. Wright, $130.00! Wm. O. Ludwlg, $135.00; Alvls Hill, 115.00; H. S. Roth, $165.00; H. 'K Stephenson, $166.00; Frank Ostrum, H55.00; Ray Barton, $130.00: Cheser Webb, $125.00; Joe Dunn, $125.00; C U Pollard, $325.00; Adah Carlson, $170.00; Laura Mitchell, $140.00; Ira Kohl, $135.00; A, R. Moulds (150.00; Cecil McG3nn.'.s, $135.100; fim O'Brien, $135.00; Jess Lashbrook, $165.00; Elliott Skilling, 1185.00; Oliver Bakken, $105.00; Chas. Harvey, $105.00; Herman Lyons, $105.00; Geo. Dettman, $40.00. The meeting was adjourned to Oct. 30, 1942. October 30, 1842: The City Coun- il met in regular session with Mayor, Kohlhaas and all council members present. The mtautes were read and approved. Appropriating Ordinance No. 583 was passed. Appropriating-Ordinance No. 683 ELECTRIC LIGHT FUNiD L. M. Bellock, salary $ 80.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 85.00 Tom Halpin, salary 80.CO Walter Gorman, salary ........ 80.00 C. C. Wright, salary 65.00 Earl Bowman, salary 60.25 Wm. O. Ludwig, labor 59.40 Alvis Hill, salary 57.50 R. S. Barton, salary 30.25 H. E. Stephenson, salary : 22.50 Chester Webb, salary 62.50 Frank Ostrum, salary 10.75 Joe Dunn, salary 62.50 H. S. Roth, salary 82.60 C. U. Pollard, exp. and sal. 110.25 Ira Kohl, salary 45.CO Adah Carlson, salary 85.00 Diesel Serv. Co., oil 622.80 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry., frgt 560.89 Soc.-Vac. Oil, oM , 159.H6 Norton Mach. Wks, mdse. and reprs. •.....-. **-°° 29.20 356.40 5.07 2.84 Funk & Diem, mdse. McGraw Elec. Co, mdse. .. Northland Elec. Sup, mdse. Terry-Durin Co, mdse Theo. B. Robertson Prod. Co . mdse 46.21 West. Elec. Sup, mdse 6.i<! Mall. Iron Range Co, mdse 9.43 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co, mdse 1.08 Globe Mach. & Sup, mdse. 11.96 Harris Bros, gas 29.64 Wm. C. Dau Garage, reprs 66.43 Harms Oil Co, 'gas ..... 1-08 Algona Super Serv, gas .... 1.08 Fosters Furn, mdse 227.40 Botsford Lumber Co, mdse. 72.26 9.45 7.50 Pratt Elec. Co, mdse Algona Ldry, serv - _ Kohlhaas Hdwe, mdse ll.a Thorpe Wood Wks, mdse .83 Greenberg Auto Sup, mdse. ,. 13.3J Coast-to-Coast Stores, mdse. 1.11 Lyle Mathes, signs 2.00 Oresco-Union Eleo, mdsej. 2.45 Treas. of State, tax 525.03 N. W. Bell Tele. Co, serv. 19.91 Reliable Decorators, labor .. 18.60 Messenger Prtg. Co, mdse 20.91 United Aut. Reg. Co, mdse. 5.10 WATER FUND Harry Barton, salary 80.00 Frank Ostrum, salary 66..S R. Q. Barton, salary 34.75 Wm, O. Ludwig. labor 16.00 Earl Bowman, salary 7.ZO C. U. Pollard, salary 37.&U Ira Kohl, salary 22.60 Laura Mitchell, salary 70,00 Jack.Hahle, labor 19.00 Norton Mach. Wks, mdse 12.76 Cull. Zeolite Co, mdse 121.20 Elec. Dept, mdse. 19.™ H. W. Post, ire?.ght i-»» Harris Bros, gas "^ Address. Co, mdse - i»-* u Treas, of State, tax J5.00 67,50 7.63 10.42 82.50 82.50 62.50 52.50 52.50 4.77 20.67 l!?0 1.20 16.40 fj 13-28 «» I.QO W-00 91.76 .TO Ralph KJbert, labor ....... .,..— 8-W N w. Bell Tele. Co, serv- 1-0? COuWORT STATIQN FUNP : A, M. ColUnson, salary W.OQ F. '$- Sawyer, rent ........ Z5.00 A. R. Moulds, salary .... Cecil MIcGirmls, salary Tim O'Brien, salary ...* Kohlhaaa Hdwe, mdse Klamp's Super Serv, gas Elizabeth Laird, rent N. W. Bell Tele, Serv. .... Jess Lashbrook, salary Elliott Skilling, salary ....... Oliver Bakken, salary Cbas. Harvey, salary Hermon Lyons, salary Globe Mach. & Sup, mdse. .. Botsford Lbr. Co, mdse. .... Norton Machine Wks, mdse. Lyle Mathes, labor -•••••Greenberg Awto Sup, mose. Thorpe Wood - Iron, Wks, rps Chaa. Heard, rprs. ............... Kent Motor Co, repairs Kenneth Itankl, gas ....... -... Chaa- B. Chubb, engft ....... ..... Homer Noltt, la/bor ............ Oeo. Drttraan, labor ........... . » Algona U D. M., «erv.. ....... *'* " SJ5WEJR FUND U Pollard, Sup, Co, mdse. appsovei th}g tationery For your personal use, or business, in a wide range of styles and lettering. Here is a printed product for almost every need. Look them over and make your selections. Any of these items will make attractive Christmas Gifts. Double Sheet "Standard" Stationery 100 double sheets— 100 envelopes Both Printed $1.10 Choice of white, blue, gray or ivory laid paper "Hasti-Notefe" Deckle-edged. The short note for brief correspondence 50 Notes— 50 Envelopes $1.10 Printed Choice of white, blue, gray or ivory laid paper Executive Stationery 25% Rag Content Bond in the executive size 5 0 Sheets — 5 0 Envelopes $1 .65 Printed Black or blue ink ,i "Wallet" Style Stationery A distinctive white laid stationery with the popular »large size wallet flap envelope. 50 Sheets— 50 Envelopes $1.10 Printed Choice of 3-line name and address printed in ™ ue '"* ^* lseod _ process monogram on sheets in Carmine Red, Royal Blue or NileGreen. Children's Stationery Two different styles for the young and !« between ages. A thoughtful gift package for the child. 50 Sheets— 50 Envelopes $1.10 Printed with name and address "Scottie" style or "Playtime" design Blue or Red Ink Private Postal Cards The economical way to send a hurried message with a J> n e-cent stamp. Your choice of white or cream color printed with your name and address in upper left corner of one side and 'Private Mailing Card" on the other side. 100 Cards- $1.10 Calling Cards Mr and Mrs. Panel or plain in white or ivory plate Any type style. Hostess Napkins Personalized with your name or monogram. Indlspenstble to the the hostess. Also ideal for gifts. Choice of two sizes and three colors of ink. Either name or three letter monogram. Choice of size and lettering style. 75 for $1.10 100 for $1.38 50 for 85c 100 for $1.10 "Informals" They are correct for so many different purposes. An Meal "thank you" for that gift. A brief message or an invitation for your party. No one should be without these "informals. 1 50 for $1.10 100 for $2.07 Raised process . Bookplates personality. 50 for $1.10 Double order $1.93 Printed with your name Name-On Festive Napkins Cocktail size or dinner size. Choice of blue, fuchsia, yellow, turquoise. 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A thoughtful gift and a necessity for the hostess who does things differently. Choice of 3 inttial monogram or name. Choice of red, blue or green ink. 50 for $1.10 Personal Bridge Score Pads Choice of two sizes. Printed with your name. 12 pads .narrow size, 25 sheets to pad. $1.10 or 6 .pads, large size, 25 sheets to pad $1.10 New contract score on back pf each pad Service Men's Stationery This is one of the most attractive offers on the market for service men. Boxes of 50 sheets and 5o envelopes with your choice of the insignias of the Marine Corps, U. S. Navy, U. S. Army, U. S. Naval Air Force, U. S. Army Air Force, and U. a Coast Guard. 50 Sheets—50 Envelopes $1.10 Continental Personal Stationery Popular gray thread stationery has a large writing surface that folds four ways and fits in popular size envelope. 5 0 Sheets—5 0 Envelopes $1.10 Printed Name-On "Threads" For those who desire to blend conservatism w*th Modernity. Grey or Ivory tints are a happy choice. 100 single sheets or 50 double sheets 50 envelopes $1.10 Both Printed Choice of Ivory threads, Grey threads Professional Statements BOO 1000 $3.50 $4.50 Added 1000 $3.50 CHRIS TMA S Greeting Cards With Your Name On All Price Ranges 50 for $1.00 , 25 for $1,25 25 for $l,5Q 25 for $2,50 25 $3,90 1 2 for $5,80 - -, Algona Upper Des Moines 9& . ^ ™ . -, -; .'.'^ £ . tliSSM!~_ «t '-, '

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