Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 30, 1961 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1961
Page 11
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iaitwe..a i I'mrmxwww ' 9 p'm m w y1 m " a r n ej-ejey ej. w T r. PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1961 11- IVERT SATURDAY NIGHT! "21 and Over" Dancing Party ris VOGUE TERRACE 'Si? 1:30 TO 12:30 $1.00 DINNERS "STAG IAR" SATURDAY JACK PURCELL ORCHESTRA McMISPORT COUPLIS 01 ST A 6 01. FOR ADULTS! TONIGHT AT 9 P. M. THE it-kit BIG DANCE SI1IIUVYN nOTEL CLAIIK RACE 'lliiiiiillllliliiiiilllfiiiiiiiillllllliliiiillliiilliiiiiilllllliiiiliiiiiiiiiliiiiliir Mike fapannolhjj In Hollywood iiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jail Ballad for Elvis Col. Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's mentor, is fixin for Elvis to record a ballad written in jail by Spade Cooley. It's called "Cold Gray Bars." It's a lament for Spade's dead wife, Ella Mae. . . . Stephen Boyd got tired of sitting around waiting for 20th-Fox's "Cleopatra," starring Liz Taylor, to start I PAT McBRIDE'S SUPPER CLUB IAICOCK ItVO. Il Nortk Mills ! "" "Faitioas For Svptrb Sfeon-i"" SHOWS TONITI SAT. NITI Danny Shannon, Comedian KATHY i EDDIE KEITH DANCE STARLETS Johnny Gladi, Slngtr Sifioolhlis' Onch. OPIN DAILY AND SUNDAY Full Courif Dinner t La Supper Iwwlinej Sanquets Waddinoj Receptions Phonn TA. it . - week!L and got out of his exclusive contract with the studio. Instead, he'll co-star with Doris Harold V. Cohen, the Post-Gazette drama critic. Is con-valcjcing after undergoing surgery. p 0 "POWERFUL .REAUSTIC!" Crewlbtr, N. r.r.iMi mm HAztl 1.4909 AIR-CONDITIONED 1 5 Starring JEAN SE6ERG JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO feature Toda: 6:2S, 11:13, 10:10. Sat. Ron.: 1:40, 4:30, 6:20, 1:15, 10:10. Nov! xmm 1001 LAUGHS i THRILLS IN THE FUN FILM OF THE YEAR! SHU Robert Youngson's1 AYSoflUS and Laughter '' & FEATURES AT: DAILY 29- 22-10:15; Si). -Sin. 1:43-4 J6-629-I22-101J vi urn Mn.i'i nri.a ii u a j )ND & FINAL ! WEEK! ! : t i 1 Day in Metro's "Jumbo." All this and Jimmy Durante and Red Skelton! Warner-TV signed trumpeter Al Hirt for a new jazz special titled "The World by Night." m TV players Barbara Turner and Vic Morrow, who also happen to be man-and-wife, wrote a script for themselves called "Cry of the Silent" and signed Elmer Bernstein to write the score. The script boasts nary a line of dialogue, even though it's a love story because it's about two deaf mutes. Columbia Pictures is raiding TV for a new movie, "The Last Diplomat." In addition to France Nuyen, it'll star Sid Caesar and Victor Borge. Walt Disney was on deck In his 1921 dry-cell-batteried electric car to escort me off the monorail ride from Disneyland Hotel to Disneyland itself, for the preview of his new summer show, "The Happiest Show on Earth." Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck decorated the deck too, to emcee a show that spun around on a huge revolving stage and starred Donald Novls, Dell Fin Thursday. The Elliott Brothers, Los Montes Carlos, The Yachtsmen and The Dapper Dan Quartet 23 Skid-doo! and the Bees' Knees to you too, Cholly! Dell-Fin helped serve watermelon from a 12-foot-high mountain of ice and I haven't had so much fun since the Singer Midgets were in town! Helen Winston, who produced that beautiful "Hand in Hand" movie about two children who learn it's only their elders who are bigoted, is after George Gobel to play the title role in her next, "Dn Doolittle." The Hugh Lofting books, one of the joys of my childhood when I borrowed them greedily from the Lincoln Center Library in Chicago, are about a doctor who talks to animals. Karyn Kupcinet clamped her first lead in a "Hawaiian Eye" segment. She plays the title role: "The Queen of Kern County." Overheard in the personnel office of a TV network: "Are you really quitting, Jake, or are you just saying that to brighten my day?" Connie Stevens gave up actors to devote all her dates to Air Force Lieut. Bob Biery, visiting here from Lowry Air Force Base, Denver. June Blair caught the trapeze bug from her new groom, David Nelson. They're both swingln' on the parallel bars in the family gym. Metro-TV's new "Dr. Kil-dare" series has the lowest wardrobe budget of any new Additional Theater yews On Page 12 one this year. The wardrobe consists solely of two sets of doctors' "whites." Mumbled at the Los Angeles Missing Persons Bureau: "A description? Well, my husband is five-feet-one, bald, squinty-eyed, surly, sloppily-dressed oh well, never mind looking for him!" TONIGHT 8:15 PIRATES vs. GIANTS Tomorrow 1:30 P. M, Knot Hole Club Day DWIEGAND'S LOUNGED LOISTER rnr itaii H Finest of Sea Foods Luncheon & Dinners Daily I I mTMSTM-H EVERETT HAYDEN rM FREE PAHISII riR Ol'R Ut'ESTS I I COR. JAMES AND POKtLANP all., lej. 1. rnvm vs. i-iis flirwTWJ.i'inrt.B'nrtJA, I STARTS WED. Komanoti & Juliet' CONVENIENT PARKING SNEAK PREVUE TOMORROW 8:48 P, M. ? J.J ' Both Smik A filtirt. v . . iiii-:iiLiTii TOMORROW MATINEE SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOWS! ARSENAL ind ETNA Social Thrill Failan, "Ritim if Dntlll" . , , pli 5 Color Carloonil , ROWLAND Cartooni plot Complett R'golar Show ! WHITEHALL 17 Cartoom pint Spatial Color Faatare ... "COMANCHE" ttarrlni Dana Andrew!. WES PARKER PRESENTS - "OVER 21" DANCING air rmiT hitt nATRl flftWVTIiWX F Ya m m m m m mm m. mm - - - - " - - - COND TOXITE T03I3IY CARLYN ORCH. STAG OR DATES ... . . .-- y- 7 TOXITE OXLY! The Dllke WALT HARPER POH JAZZ POLL WINNKB Restaurant&Lounge Jazz quintet TOMORROW DON WADE 1000 Duquesni Blvd. JT next weo .uvtuu(i Duquesni "across the rridgb itiom enntwood park" WF. C TEE TO FIDDINOS. BANQUET1 A PARTIES V THEATRES AIB-CONDITIONED:,.W i Shirldan Sq. . lait LIDirty '! EM. 1-S21S ; , Oun 12 Noa ! ' STRAND 'I Uakland . Mil. Opan 1 r M. ; ARSENAL ' , Lawrtntfvllla ,i Mil. S-I5B44 . ; Opan 2 r. H. ;i ETNA, , sr. 1.04U ; Opan r.M. 4 Bart lancaittr, Dlna M.rrtll. Shelley Wintara 'YOUNG SAVAGES' HEROES DIE .YOUNG' Atadimy Award Showl Burt Lancaster Shirley Jones 'ELMER GANTRY' Shirley MacLalni 'THE APARTIMENF HOLLYWOOD Oormort to. i-ioa Opan 2 t. M. ROWLAND wllklnsbr . PE. 1-8003 Opan 1 P. M. WHITEHALL" Brantwond Tl). 2-3078 FrM Rarklm Opan 2 t KENYON Norlli Slda FA. 1-1005 Opan 1 t. M. Bart Lanttr, Shilleir Wintars. Dim Marrlll 'YOUNG SAVAGES' OPERATION EICHMANN' x 2 Tarror Toppara' DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN' Klaron Meora i 'SNAKE WOMAN' Cnrol Lynlav, Jff Chindlar Color "RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE" Franhla Yahn, M. Hyor 'THE RICH1 APPROACH' Bart Lananttr 'YOUNG SAVAGES' D. Martin, S. Maalalnt 'ALL IN A NIGHT'S WORK' MANOR drSqulrral Hill i Carol Lynlay, Jeff Chandlar, Eleanor Parker, Mary AHar u. 1 imi...1ii rU 'DCTIIDM TA PIVTftM PI Art' DON'T MISS THE FABULOUS THE KNIGHT KAPS : Rhythm with Aciion J EVERY WED FRI. SAT. NO COVER SMALL MINIMUM I Sit""' STREETS RUN RD. TU. I-9S87 New CHARCOAL GRILL attht CARLTON HOUSE K hotsi, ir 11 wr: I w II w f 1 X. I1RV.0 TIPS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY DENOTES AIR ARCADE, S. S. (HE. 1-1827) "Adantla, th Lnit Continent" (Colon Anthonr Hall 2 S5-:2S-10 A "Mn KnmpC Story ot Hltler'a Reich, 1-4:2S-R. RF.I.MtVl'r (PO. d-1254) One howln onlyl Rock Hudmn-EIU. Ty-lor-Jme Den "The Cmnf (Cnlriri R:0a Ctrtnon. iviora opon 7:18 C'APITOI. IKV. 1-4H1B) Dean Mnr. tln-Shlrlry Mnrt,nln "All In Nlchfa Work'' :30-9:46 A Root. Rynn "The ranarllnna" (Terh.i B 21. f HENrVK'R H'henwlrkl Arademy Awarll winner Burt Lnnraatrr-Shellry Winter "The Ynuno Savasea'' 7:36-9:M) A Short Subjects. 1 " m"mi FRIDAY, CONDITIONEO GARDEN (North Ride) 2 C'Seope color Hitll Gary cooper "Man of Th Wet" Pat Boone ".lourney To The Center of The Earth'' Cartoon Mat. Sat. MELROSE (Carrlrk, TV. 2-2114) Clark Gable "Cone With The Wind" tonlchi at 7:30 Sat. Mat. 1 P. M. 2 junsle .llm Hit. MT, OLIVER (KV. 1-2501) Burt T.ancastpr-Shcllry Wlntern "The Youna Savaccs'' 1:30-6 0S-:45 A "Revolt of the Slave ' l Color l 4-8 REfil'.NT ayt ARE ( Eiltrwoodl ) Cn-tlllaa-.Shlrlfy Jonea A 36 ruent atari "Pepe" (CScop. Colof) :30 dk 0:35. JI'NF 3D ana" pi ii. L.ST .1 NIGHTS! IS PERSON UEB C8KK MGM RECORD STARS EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION PATSY SHAW STELLAR COMEDIANNE THE KIMBERLYS Dancing Start I30"50 Yi& hdkfay nous a RineMOHROfVllU imim-tU1)BM.H0N . aa, a 1 c-.3, g L3a Starts Mondayl LILLIAN IRICCS Emotion-Pached Drama I 7 T.'A ' Civ ff kW h XaaO : r JVDULT Russ Dearborn and Ann Driscoll have the leading roles in (he White Barn production of Tennessee Williams' emotion-packed drama "Sweet Bird of Youth," which opens at the Irwin strawhat on Monday. For this engagement only, admission will be limited to adults. 'l -H.'ZTll J.KAii?"',," I LAST me sesi or mmmmmssim vx 2 SI6NITURE RECORDING ARTIST PIP WAlTERSVThcGartick Twins MB.ENTERTAlMER 74 Acwbatic Oance Ooo 4 . . . . ar - . . .-Hi 2 SHOWS NITELY ' 80WIMO BAlUeTS ,1 9 & 1130 OUt! SPeOAlTY Ah WmK IrWiKJ m,IJ!i,....l..',nl,.',,.l COlf V i REAL DINING ENJOYMENT BK-IIl It R003I k Banquets and Partiel i' (To 50 People) Complett Menu . Available !i:fc ;: k JOE OXSOf.O At Th Hammond Organ i - . Appearing Nightly FULL COURSE DINNERS ALL YOUR FAVORITE ITALIAN and AMERICAN FOODS J7 iKi H l SHOW AND DANCE PARTY Wednesday, July 5-9-1 A. M. Dancing With Two Big Shows ALL IN PERSON Duane Eddy the REBELS FOR DANCING AND SHOW f The Sensational JOHNNY REGENTS Their Big Hit BARBARA ANN" also MIRRIAN JOHNSON 'Young and Innocents" DICK DRURY, KQV Deejay, M. C. "What a Surprise" DAMGELAND WEST VIEW PARK ROUTE 1? NORTH WEST VIEW, PA. Ticket en salt noW SI. 45 ot Danceland or Sugar's Record Shop, 207 Fifth Ave. Night of Show at the door $1.95. Amena's Typical boy TV's FAVFR OF- , m Ml LEAVE IT TO BEAVER SIV-M0N-TMS-JILY2-3-4 STAR.TI NO - SU N D AY 77AiTiTMnHnH AND HIS M6try AtSSL S MM alii. f7 65 to taaitilfo! Alr-CondltlooM (allroam- DANCE SATURDAY Ji HAL CURTIS ORCHESTRA COATS 4N0 TlfS tOUIfO alarMaa Jvailasti far -Wadateat lecrlni -M Tlai uKi-naeu -i'aiaBH UST 2 NIGHTS TH! KINGS Of ROCK A pRSON nVws COMETS OtCCA RtCOAOAfG AaVSTS OF 7ff GfccsJTfT V-y "jrOWAMCjW w Clock. SHOWS NIGHTLY 9-11-1 "U run elnnPr nisinrnp rnnu A, nr ' run vuirJC tvinnJCK rKUM f 1.73 Ir ll'AA(il.'ii.rrrUJ 1 1 I VI NITIS I I " 1 jtk.-w u RELAX ENJOY MOVIES TONIGHT ON A GIANT PANORAMIC SCREEN a siiOWsN! ABC H lahway 65 at tadra Union 9-2271 ARDMORE Yoat lug. Off ardman lld. B. J-5010 BLUE DELL lloata 30 Eat Vallay 3-182S JERRY LEWIS as "THE LADIES MAN" Tech. "8avaa Innocents" Tfrh. Tony Qulnn Tha Grrataat Motion Picture of Our Ilmel "OONE WITH THE WIND" Tech. Clark Gablo, ViTian Lrifh, Oliria DcHavilland "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster "SWORD & THE DRAGON" Tech. Extra; gnfak Preview Tonlthl BROOKSIDE Off OntiQt Belt mivy Wo tori iti4 Riwltiliy. Watch if signs. "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" Tech. "Blf Opprtr" M. RoonpT, M. Vin Tor?n "Out Th"7 Robbrd Bank of England' Aldo Bay 4'Th Bir Mtht CAMP HORNE atwtan lit. 1 4 fllila dim Bird. FDrest 4-4127 "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt L'.ncaster "HOODLUM PRIEST" Don Murray Eatra: Sneak Preview Tonlrht COLONIAL t. 51 Saatk Olvmpl 5-9707 DEPENDABLE Parlway Extension 5 Mln frwiJllriitJiywiM-.50Tl ECHO lit. 31 at larva Oaaont 4-7510 'World of Suiie Wong' Tech. Wm. Holden "THE MISFITS" Clark Oable, Marilyn Monroe, Mont. Clift 'World of Suiie Wong' Tech. Wm. Holden "THE MISFITS" Clark fltblf. Marilyn MonroeMontCllft "Return to Peyton Plaoe" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler, Tueaday Weld, Eleanor Parker "The Rliht Approach" Gary Crosby FTtra: Bneak Preview Tonlthl EL RANCHO M. 50. Drlrtanllli Canal 1-4100 FAIR GROUND Irmrnnllla Hd. ktit t Snath ParkFalraronndl.LO.l-0552 FAMILY t. 5S Nw Kmln1nt roiwn 7-7811 "TWO LOVES" S. MacLaine, L. Harvey "HOODLUM PRIEST" Don Murray Ultra: "Soreamlnr Skull" Fa7ly"Rhow M7th Voyare of Sinbad' Tech. "Return to Peyton Place" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler. Tueadar Weld. Carol I.ynley "The Rltht Approach" Gary Croahy "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" Tech. "All lhe Fine Tounf Cannibals" Cine.-Tech. Natalie Wood, Geo. Hamilton, Rnbt, Warner Evtra: Bneak Preview Tonljht HATEVAY tjjkmont f,t. Club. Bsr yt J' Ml.Ja K'W Kandnitnn lit, 909 Gr. Pittsburgh fat. 30. " Ml. East f wait-inghoiit Brldqr. VAtloy 4-5590 Gr. Pittsburgh t. 30 "4 Ml Eat af Wxt-Inihoala Bridal VAllav 4-5211 GREENTREE hoblaitawn Bd. Bet. Crattan 4 Carnegie. WAInut 1-20-I9 HARMAR Bt. 28. Harmarvllle Vandla 8-7525 "Return to Peyton Place" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler. Tuendav Weld Carol I.ynley "RIGHT APPROACH" Gary rosby "Return to Peyton Place" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler, Tueaday Weld. Carol lynley "The Millionaire!" Tech. Sophia I,oren Etr: "A Klsa Before Dylni" Tech. J, Woodward "ATLANTIS, The Lest Continent" Tech. 'ASK ANY GIRL' Tech. Shirley MacLaine Extra: "Bandido" Tech. Robl. Mltchutn "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster "Klna; and Four Queena" Tech. ' Clark Gable. Eleanor Parker Extra: 'Rim Slh-nt. Run Deep' Gable A Laocaater "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster "AM In Nlrht'e Work" Cine.-Tech. Shirley Marl nine. Dean Martin Fxtrm: Sneak Preview Tonicht KENfvlAWR Bt 51 Bit MrK'f Bntll. raraopalli. SP. 1-0577 MAPLE Bt 50. Ilndirhlll 3-45 10 Ml. E.ol Willintki'ra MIRACLE MILE Ent nf Mnnrnavllla an Bt. 22. FA. 7-5557 "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster "MAGNIFICENT 7" Tech. Yul Brynner Kxtra: 'Run Silent, Run Deep' Gable A tancaater Held Over Don't "Mlaa It ' The Picture That Thrilled Millions! "GONE WITH THE WIND" Tech. Plm Selected Short Subjects "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" Tech. "All In i Nlrhls Work" Cine.-Tech. Shirley Marl.aine, Dean Martin Extra: Sneak Preview TonlKht MONROEVILLE Bt. 48 Araand Cnrnir fresi Kmfminn'l DB. 2-J10 "Return to Peyton Place' C,-Tchi 10:40 "The Canadians" Tech. Robt. Ryan. 9:00 EttTi: ''QiifDn of Outr Upar" Tirh. 7a Za MT. LEBANON 15 M in. frnm Mt. linanan Tw'd Llttli Wah. Bt. 19 Disney's "101 DALMATIANS" Tech. "KING OF THE WILD STALLIONS" Cine -Tech. Oeorie Mnntromery MT. LEBANON 15 Mln. tram Mt. libanaa l'd little Waih. Br 19 Mvel Thrill! Shudder! "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" Tech. "Gunsmoke In Tucson" Tech. M. Stevens PENN LINCOLN Bt. 22-30 W. Niar tmnailal at theV. OXt.rd 5-7218 "All In a Nltht's Work" Cine.-Tech. Shirley Macl.alne, Dean Martin "Wackleal Ship In the Army' Cine.-Tech. Jack Lemmon, Ricky Nelson Extra: Lata Show Tonight Rainbow Gardens Lincoln Way. 2 Ml. aff Llncnla) Hlaay. Orthard 2-6323 Academy Award Winner Shirley Jonea "PEPE" Tech. Cantinflas "Time Machine" Tech. Rod Taylor "Walk Tall - Teen. Wlllard Parker RANALD'S Bt. 1 Bet. Etna 4 Bmtown. Unites J-9B1 "Return to Peyton Place" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler. Tueaday Weld. Carol I.ynley "The Rlrht Approach" Gary Croahy Extra: "The Blr. NIhV ROUTE 19 35 Mln. Iran Mt Likanes Toaard Waikiniton "THE LAST SUNSET" Tech. Bock Hiirtsion. Blrk I)onrU, Dnrnthr Malnnt "TROUBLE IN THE SKY" Elizabeth Seal SILVER LAKE Within City. Walk. (lid. kiln Franhtown, E E. III. 1-1898 SOUTH HILLS Bt. 51 S Neil Is Ankara MO. 6-7112 . SOUTH PARK Bnate 88 Tennywn 5-7737 SUPER 30 Bt. 30. Irwin, fa. UBdirklll 3-7417 l.ly! Thrill! Shudder! "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" Tech. "BACHELOR PARTY" Don Murray "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster" "Revolt of Slaves" Tech. R. Fleming FxtrarJ'A Kiss Before Dylnf'' Tech. J. Woodward "THE YOUNG SAVAGES" Burt Lancaster "All m at Nlsht's Work" Cine.-Tech. Shirley Macl.alne, Dean Martin Mir a; sneak rreview Tontcnl SUPER 71 t. 51 Snath an Bt, 71 Waierly 9-7040 "Return to Peyton Plaoe" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler. Tueaday Weld. Carol I.ynley "The Millfonairrta'' Tech. Sophia toren FxJta:J'A Woman LlkaSalanTech. Bardol Special Offer for Cowards Only Set "HOMICIDAL!!!" "tlpatalrs and Downatalrs" SUPER 71 Bt. 51 Saatk on Bt. 71 Wanrly 9-7040 "BY LOVE POSSESSED" Tech. I. ana Turner, Efrrm Zlmballat Jr.. Geo. Hamilton "STEEL CLAW" Tech. Geo. Montgomery TRI-STATE flaian-larjettitnan Baal Bt. 18 Whitney 7-560 TWIN HI-WAY Bt (SO. 2 Ml. Weil af Crattaa. WAInat 1-424J Wexford Starlite Boata 198 Mllii from Witt Vim. WE. 5-2731 WOODLAND Himeitoad-Defeauie Bd Bisr II Alnjart. HtJaieitiad 2-43)4 The Picture That Thrilled Millions! "GONE WITH THE WIND" Clark Oabls, Vivien I.ellh, Olivia Dellavllland Shown Once at S:45 "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" TechT "MEIN KAMPF" Extra: "The Cowboy" Tech. Glenn Ford "ATLANTIS, The Lost Continent" TechT "Wackiest Shlo In the Army" Cine.. Tech. Jack l.emmon, Ricky Nelson Exlral 'Treasure of Panrho Villa" Tech, B. Calhoun Chapter t "C.pt. Video" at Cartoons 8:00 "Return to Peyton Place" Cine.-Tech. Jeff Chandler, Tueaday Weld. Carol I.ynley "Wlaard ol Balhdad" Tech. Dlek Shawn rtlDAT, JI M Bd, 1961 esBMBasaaaaaBaBBSBaaaaaBBBaBi lir..!!W.IJ iiU iMt.'n:m i;mm:im:i:im.1 AMRflfnnM Ambrldte ARCADK South nios BROOKSIDE DRIVE-IN Sewlcklef FAMILY DRIVE-IN i... New Kcnslnston flRFATI'R PITTKniyiUIH DRIVK-IN Route All r.. Br'OKNT raat Lineny MUtAri.t Mtt.r DRIVE -IN Routs tl E. MT. LEBANON DRIVE-IN ............ Donaldion a Crossroads Nrw GRAND rsrneria KII.VER LAKE DRIVE-IN Wsaninfliin nivu. TWIN HI. WAT DRIVE-IN Roales 2J-.50 STARLITE DRIVK-IN nrxior STARTS SUNDAY GARDEN North Side BIRTH HILLS DRIVE-IN Root 01 STARTS NIXT WIDNESDAV Ht 711 WOOD Riretwood I.IRIRIV MiKeeoporl MII1H HILLS Dormant Kt ITR .30 IlKIVF IN Roale SO, lrl WOODLAND DRIVC-IN West MlfMa Twa). STARTS NIXT THURSDAY WHITEHALL Brentwood I 1 n II 11 i i 1 1 1 1 1 ZED I AT Jl l 'taaaaa' al m . TjaV faV A 1 IV AN A I I Si r II MS 1 1 WORLD OF WONDERS NEVER BEFORE SEEN GF OF ADVENTURE BEYOND IMAGINING -Zizmm . 4 " - - . - - JT 4 OJtz "to A i m A r i-.i in, IW -IsV V a v ir I 1 f I I ; e lt A U 0 V iA I V '. - ; i ., 1 . . . rasaji ajsjr' it MgfZts eiW-- -j: i ,:: i,vau, aw-J ? u ljj -z i THE LOST COMTJNEWTr 'P 1 aaa m. m tti a ,aa--a - i'- O.srii mr' i-jfl 'r 'r il.'sr., rili,'ili (ni a lAj, an i arilani arl ri laaaiJ LJi i

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