The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1942 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 10, 1942
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,>** WILLIAM RICKE, SO, WESLEY FARMER, PASSED THURSDAY Imminent in Kossuth Activities; Survives in the County Are Many; Funera! Saturday Morning Wesley: Funeral services for Wm. .. Rtcke, 60, who died early Thursday morning following a month's confinement to his home three and a half miles southwest of town,,were held Saturday morn.'.ng November ?th at ten o'clock at the St. .To-? seph's Catholic church with Rev. L. N. Klein officiating. Mr. Ricke was born at Williams , In 1862 and had lived there with his parents until 1903 when the family moved to Wesley. On Janu. ary 12, 19ife, he was married to Miss Carrie Foertsch and they continued to live here for one year, then moved to Williams where they lived for three years, returning to Wesley in 192o to take up their abode on the farm which had ever since been their home. He leaves h!s wife and three sons, Walter and Arthur at home, LeRoy who Is at Ft, Warden, Washington, but who at this time is home on an emergency furlough and one daughter, Irene. He also leaves two sisters and seven brothers which arei Mrs. R. J. Thissen, Algona; Mrs. G. Goetz, Wesley; Frank, Boone; Lee or Morgan, Minn.; Louts of Wesley; Lawrence, Williams; George, St. Benedict; Roman of Bancroft; Ray, of Wesley. Edward died dur.'.ng the .first world war, a brother and n sister died in infancy. Mr. Rickc's ' father, died In July and his mother died several years ago. Mr. Rlcke at the time of his death was a director of the Farmers Co- Operattve Society and besides being .much absorbed In his farming interests found time helping and doing good for others. The McMahon Funeral Home was In charge of arrangements and burial took place in St. Joseph's cemetery. tlJSTOTtttCAt N Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1942 H Pages, VOL. W.MSTO, 7093 TO FILE FOR GAS RATION John Schick, Former Ph*n Creek Boy, Joins Army in Missouri MULLIN HYBRIDS HOLD LEAD IN BOWLING LEAGUE The bowlers in the Mulllns Hybrid aggregation seem to have the edge on the other teams '-n the league by-holding a consistent lead so far this season. Three teams are-tied-in the past week's games, the K C.'s and Honeymead Gran- dads,.-667; Fuller Brushes and Old Style Lager, 671; Silver Grays and Burt, 524; while a three-way tie is held 'by the Jaycees, Wesley Auto and Holsum Bread, with 619." The standings: Won Lost Pot. Just 24 years to the day since his father joined the World war forces here, John Schick joined up with Uncle Sam 'In Mexico, Missouri. John .'a the son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schick. now of Mexico, Missouri,, but 'or mainy years residents of Kossuth county. John was born In Plum Creek township in 1920 and lived around Algona until his parents moved to Missouri fin 1940. His. grandmother, Mrs. Anrra Schick, lives- at 403 N. Phillips street, city. Prior to his enlistment he was employed in a brick yard at Mexico where output was used, entirely toy the navy. His. address is Flight B 357th Tech. Sch. Sq. S. P., U. S. Army Air Forces, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Five of Football Guessers Close In Error Points 7 8 8 8 9 9 10 10 1J2 14 .619 .571 .571 .524 .524 .429 Mullin Hybr'ds ................ 17 4 John Deere-Tyke — :15 6 K. of C. ....:..- ....... ...... -I* 7 . Honeymead Grandads ..14 -•,Jayc6es "'"...: :£..*:.....-. ....... as . Wesley Auto .... ............. 13 8 .819 Holsum Bread ................ 13 Fuller Brushes .... ...... .J2 Old Style Lager ....... *...12 Silver Gray Cafe ........ 11 Burt ............ . ........ _________ .11 Pioneer ..... .....' ............... 9 Barry's Midgets ...... ...... 7 14 .444 High score for the week was made by Mullin Hybrids, 3041 pins, Mrs. Everest Witham Of Four Corners in Rochester Hospital The regular correspondent for the Four Corners neighborhood to the Upper , Des Mo/'nes, Mrs. Everett Wlthanu was taken to the hospital at Rochester, Minn., a v/eek ago for observation and treatment and it has been found that a major operation for tumor is necessary and to which she will submit within the next few days. The many jMcnSs of Mrs. Witham wMl hope for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. Lakota Record Closes Shop for Duration : Following the recent burning of three of Lakota's businesses Edgar Inlay, publisher of the, 'Lakota Record, decided to suspend publication of the paper for the duration. He, and Mrs. Inlay and son left Tu^day of this week for Cali fornia where the family has rela< tives 'and Mr> Inlay has lined up work !-n 'a defense plant. With but one or two slight upsets .8101 in the football games Saturday the 'fin? S uess ' n S proved more close In er- 607 ror points than for some, tene, past. High-.was',^iriade. by: J}ayj&'<.I>ev'ine, A 1 • ' '_ ' "_V- . Y"»_ :_'.I^l'i»-_ 5 »•% _ i • Li MARKETS HOGS Heavy butchers, 180-200 ....... .$13.60 Heavy butchers, 200-300 ..:.... 13-70 Packing sows, 270-360 ..... . ...... 13.65 Packng sows, 360-400 ........... .... 13.40 pwk.l<rg sOW ............ 14.30 Canners and cutters *Vit yearlings Stock steers ........ - ...... V^ calves '-...-. ..... ......... >~. 8,0044,00 Fat rteen, ....... „ ......... ,cows .............. • W ™ ,Ho. 2 white corn, new 'Wo. 2 yellow corn, old No. 2 yellow corn, new No. 2 mteed com, new ....... .... .05% 80 lb. test wb«e oat* 9te ? barley IP *>/•»«••*•» • * T J. * •• ««*•*** <•» i *»' roWTOY a-S ?%£ J|^ :::::g:| . a? ov»r N 4» ..-.l"-~"««li,. |8 Cocks, under 4tt H .*..*..»..,?..... v ,.. Springs, ovw 5 " 4 t9 , leaf, z *o>ajf» by thj Algona, on_ ,,a'' Barry's,, Recreation Card, with '83 error points; second went to-Mrs. Clyde Ridenour, with 97 error points on a Zender card; third was drawn by Harold Jergenson, Algona, with 99 points on a Barry Recreation card; fourth was won by .'Paul HamMl on a Bar- Jcer Drug card with 101 points, and fifth was a tie between Herman Barker on a Barker Drug card and Howard Stephenson on a Barrys Recreation card. W. E. Reiljy, Lone Rock, has Son in Marines on Solomons At least one Kossuth county boy, Is seeing action in- the Solomon Islands area accord'ng to a letter written to his father, iE. W. Reilly,.farmer near Lone ' Rook. Bernard Reilly enlisted In the Marines November 12, 1941. It was known that he was serving in the Solomon Islands area but no letters had been received from him for many months until two weeks ago. He wrote that he Was feeling fine, : that he had been 'n act-Ion ' against the Japs when the United States took over territory in .: one of the islands, that he was ^now-stationed on an Islarrd, but of course he gave no indication as to definite location. Another son of E, W. Reilly enl'ated in the Marines in July, 1941. He is Phillip E •Reilly, and is now stationed at the marine base in San Diego, attached to'the .: He WW bffljl p <jral and haj s work at th,e ' frlJfifer^ln radio the bas& , He w, home on furlough in"September. Mr. Rejllly has tg other sons, now operating the Re'Hy farm near Lone Rock{ Jhe% too, ar» eligible to draft, th«j*a fchey have, been deferred ma fall* became of Mr. Re% bjing uny »bje to work toe farm atone. One of them, LpuJa Henry, bow- ever, has teen cUmJfleA J» :M>. Tbe pthec, Arnold JoAfl, has been deferred fcr $».pres.ea$ of someone carjng for the for ttof fer?a,. How Many Cars Were Parked In Business District Saturday Night? The parking problem within the business district In Algona is often a serious one but on Saturday n.'.ghts it becomes really something to.contend with. And between the hour of 8.30 and 9:30 just try to find a place to plant the old bus on a Saturday night where you might be within two blocks of the store or office you wish to visit. We have often wondered If people really had any Idea as to the number of cars visiting Algona that ^time of night weekly. Would You Guess In order to satisfy that curiosity and to ease the wonder of others we are going to give a year's subscription to the per son who sends, phones, or mails the nearest correct number of cars in a given area on Saturday night, Nov. 7, to this office and which must reach us not-later than Thursday, November 12, at 5:00 p. m. We took time but and counted the cars 9:00 and 9:30 Saturday night. Nov. 7. And we don't mind telling you we would never have guessed within 300 the number of cars here at that time. Check the Area Beginning on Ridgley street we drove the length of Nebraska street going east tq Minnesota, count.'-ng the cars on both sides of the street; then we came back through State street from Minnesota to Ridgley; then we turned east again on Call street to Minnesota; then we drove the two blocks of street north and south Including Call, State and Nebraska on all the intervening streets between Minnesota and Ridgley, counting cars on both sides of the street. That's a total of sixteen 'blocks. How many cars did we find. It's your guess. A year's subscr.'.ption , to the nearest correct. Write, phone or bring your answer to this office not later than five o'clock Thursday afternoon. ROY CHRISTENSEN ,90; DIED WEDNESDAY Had lived at Spencer Since 1880; Survived bv Two Sons and One Daughter, Following a short illness, though he had been in poor health the'past year, Nels Christensen, pioneer citizen of Spencer, died at his home there last Wednesday. Funeral services were held' Friday and .''nter- ment made In the Spencer cemetery. Father of Local Merchant Mr. Christenseir was the father of Roy Christensen, local merchant, He had often visited here and had a lot of friends and acquaint-: ances in Algonai He was married when 28 years old in Denmark and the bridal couple.made .their honeymoon "tr?.p one to this'country and, came directly to Spencer in 1880. There are three surviving children: Roy, Algona; Lou, Estherville, and Jewell at home. Mrs. Christensen passed away Nov. 15. 1937. Mr. Christensen followed railroading out of Spencer many years before retiring. TEACHERS ATTEND STATE MEET, MOINES LAST WEEK (Local teachers attending the Iowa State Teachers Association war institute at Des Moines last week were Don Miller, and O: B. La'.ng, official delegates and Jane Mahin. president, and Evelyji Murray, vice nrestdeirt of the local teachers' association. The main business of fche institute this year was twofold, the transacting of the regular business of the association, , and lectures, roundtables, forums on- the general topic of adapting education to the needs of successful prosecution of the war in both elementary and high school. Speakers of national note from Washington, Britain, Singapore and Des Moines addressed the group. The association Is composed of about 20,000 Iowa teachers which is some 90 per cent of all teachers In Iowa schools.' Funeral Rites for Mrs. O. J. Peterson Out of town relatives who came to attend the funeral services for Mrs.. O. J. Peterson on Saturday afternoon were her two daughters, Edna and Muriel of Washington, D. C., the son, James of, Minneapolis, and another jjon. Elmer and family of Corwlth. Another (Jaugh- ter, Edna, who is a nurse at Grln- nell, had come a few days before her mother's death to help care for her. Mrs. Peterson died Wednesday, Nov. 4. She had been ill for over _a year, but the immediate cause of her death was a stroke suffered on the Saturday 'before her death. She was in her 82nd year. Surviving bes'-de the Children mentioned are three daughters, all of Algona, Mrs. A, H, Clayton. Mrs. W. O? Dewel, and Ida at home. A son, Alfred, of Brandt ft C, was piable to attend th$ services.* Weather Continues Downward Change . reoordj* kept terBiHTO weatherman, show that winter to cojning on apace according to the continued dswnward tendencies of the thermometer. The record -for the past week: * High LjBW November 3 ........ , ............. . ..... 48 November 4 ................... „ .......... 80 November 6. ....... „..*,.—•• ...... -W November 6 „.„.,„....„..,.! ....... 7 8 34 Algona Commercial Men Trying to Build 'Share Your Car' Group The Algona Commercial Travelers met at the Algona Hotel Saturday for a noon luncheon. Twelve men attended and the topic of discussion was the gasol.'ne ration problem. A committee was appointed and will endeavor to contact all travelers within the next week. A "Share Your Car" program in cooperation with other towns Is planned. Another meeting will be held within the next two weeks. All travelers who were not present at the meet'n-g are requested to call the chairman so names can be entered on the mailing list. Telephone 638 and watch papers for next meeting dates. Wesley Boy, Louis Simpson, Promoted to Corporal in Texas (Following a furlough recently spent with h:-s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carson Simpson, 2% miles northeast of Wesley, Private First Class Louis Simpson returned to Camp Bowie, Texas, where he has baen stationed the past 18 months. He has recently been promoted to corporal technician and is now a radio operator. Louis enll-ated in the army March 22, 1921, out of Des Moines. Open House to Parents at High School Monday Eve 7:30; Program Open house was held for parents at the high school auditorium last night at 7:30. Informal visiting with teachers In their class rooms and talking • over problems of pupils and teachers was followed by serving of refreshments to the gymnasium. All pa'rents of pupils had been individually invited and the open house proved very ayO' pessful from every angle, Behrends Files for Divorce in This Term Roy M. Behrends, Riverdale township, lias filed a petition asking for divorce from h*a wife, Carole Behrends, in the November term ?f cow*. , The petition alleges, tbat Mrs. Bihrends has, left his home. P«fc ,t t &#,, t&rf she beat htai awl declared that »e didn't care to live wa* CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH ELECTS YEAR'S OFFICERS Hold Fellowship Dinner Thursday Night Followed by Program; Seventy Members Attend Seventy members attended the annual meeting of the First Con- gregatJ-onal church here last Thursday night. Following a fellowship dinner in the basement of the church a program was presented after which the regular business session was held and officers for the new year were elected and committees were appointed. The nominating committee offered the foN lowf-ng roll of officers and committees and which was accepted and voted on by the members present. Mrs. W. K..Ferguson, Clerk Mrs. W. K. Ferguson was reelected clerk; Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, treasurer; M. J. Young, J. C. Mawdsley, H. D. Hutchins, B. W. Lusby, A. J. Long and Dr. A. L. Rist, deacons; Mrs. M. J. Young, Mrs. Mary Patterson, Mrs. T. H. Chrisohilles, Mrs. W. B. McDonald, Mrs. Ruth Kin- tlgh and Miss Belle Purvis, dea- connesses. Board of Directors, G. W. Stillman, R. H. Miller, M. J. Young, E. H. Hutehlns, C. R. LaBarre, H.' R. Coan, Dr. M.. G. Bourne and L. A. Boharmon. Mrs. E. W. Lusby was elected the annual delegate with Mrs. Theo. Larson the alternate. Standing Committees Worship and Fellowship—Deacons and Deaconnesses. Young Peopled Work—Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stillman. Mr. and Mrs. E|art Sprague and Mrs> H. W. Pletch. Pilgrim Fellowship—Boyd Grair- zow and Mary K. Merryman. Religious Education—Mrs. M. E. Griggs, Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley and Mrs. H. W. Miller. Wo/Id Service—Mrs. Ella Thompson, Airs. H. R. Cowan, Miss Beth Annfa and Mrs. E. W. Lusby. . Music—Mrs. G. W. Stillman. Mrs. M G. Bourne, Eugene Murtagh. Ushers—J. C. Mawdsley, U C. Hanson, T. H. Chrischilles, Duane Jensen, Boyd-Granzow, Julie Cbris- chllles and Don Deal. ... *. Hospital!tyr-Mrs. G. S. Buchanan. Mrs. R. H. Miller, Mrs. W. P. French, Mrs. Maud Free, Mrs.,E. W. Lusby, Mrs. G. W. Stillman and Miss Esther Quinby. Nominations—E. .W. Lusby, Mrs. M. J. Young and Mrs. G. S. Buchanan. Business Committee—E. H. Hutchins, M. J. Young and Earl Sprague. ARMISTICE DAY PROGRAM WILL BE PRESENTED Opens at 10:30 in High School Auditorium; Lieut-G-ov.-Elect Blue Speaks in Evening All ex-service men, their families and present service men's families, as well as the public, is urged to attend the Armistice Day program in the high school auditorMun tomorrow (Wednesday) at lp:30 n. m. A section of the auditorium will be reserved for families of men 'now In the armed forces. Jahue Hardgrove will have charge of the fol- hiwing program:. Piano music—Meredith Raney. Presentation of colors—American Leglpn, • Salute to the flag. Service flag dedication—-Algona Unit 96 of the United Service Women of America; Donald Hi^chl- son, speaker. One minute silent prayer, II o'clock. Taps and Response, Ted Herbst, Don Sjogren. "Homeland"-^Mlxed chorus. Address—the Rev. John C. Buthman. {"Star Spangled Banner—Group flinging. • Retirement of colors. In the eventag at the Amercan Legion Hall at 6:30 the annual Legion Armistice Day banquet will be served with the Legion Auxiliary in charge. The program following will be directed by L. E. Linnan. The speaker of the evening w'-ll be Lieutenant Governor-elect Robert P- Blue of Eagle Grove. Watdh Yo«r Air Letter*; Drop Right IS* tocal po«| olPce fonpe i^ y^t Pfttrowi be sure to drop ftjlf inajl tetters ia the air mail ijot, ptherwlae (t will fee delayed in dja- PH4W§e-%f y f a possessions if 6 cents ym» hnlr ftiiiicft If nio BlftU ^i * iT*? 9W* ^if^wr m *? «"T m _ j*T!?r wrtfljnt Local Merchants Plan Christmas Fun For Kiddies Following several sessions within the past week of the promotion committee of the Algona Chamber of Commerce as to just what should be the program for the Christmas shopping season it has been decided that as to decorations, because of war conditions that only the decorat.'.ve Christmas roping will be hung at each intersection and with one across the street .between each intersection. No lights will be used this year because of conserving electricity. Kiddies Day Nov. 27 The usual Kiddie Day will be held this year on Friday, November 27th. This follows Thanksgiving Day and all the kiddies in Kossuth county are asked to come in and enjoy a big dog show, free movies and a candy treat. And each Saturday thereafter Santa will visit AJgona and will distribute candy to all youngsters visiting Algona that day. Movies Dec. 16 and 17 On December 16 and 17 two days of movies will be given for the entire families trading in Algona any time after December 9th. All families will be guests of Algona business men at the movies any hour of the day on December 16 and 17 at the Call Theatre. Further details of the programs will be given in the near future issues of the Algona papers. k E, F. Gorman Back From Alaska Job Following a, four months Job of lF taMR of ajt|ar non|) as wtthto ten t^ AUwka'Une. He tells of what a wonderful j<* wa» done in completing thi» R>ad Jn time >y Wted gates' th»t there are some ftt«ep pulfe in the msjuntains, that aome pftce* 1 l| to flS^ejiayry to teejp m«fl and jpneat present 4Wrtnr <99 WJH- months fp 4«sJ open' |ha fnow- bo«nd trucks aj tbey arrjvft that alone & fouf mlle^ in Gas Rationing May Put Crimp In School Games With gasoline coming on the problem of transportation of athletic teams for contests-, with neighboring schools - - will become a problem.^...F.or in- <• stance, Prof, Otto B. iLaing said Saturday that basket ball games with Iowa Falls end Hampton, both, towns 'n the conference, had been canceled because of the distance. It is hoped that the basketball and wrestling teams may continue a nearby schedule with neighboring schools. If interested citizens would cooperate by furnishing transportation to these nearer towns a wtater schedule of sports could be maintained. For instance, it has been suggested by interested citizens that car owners make one trip during the season with the teams. In other words a group of car owners furnish the transportation by each one making one. trip during the season, carrying say four members to one town, and for the next game another carry four members of the team, and so on, until the season^ schedule -had .been completed. Superintendent Laing would be glad to hear from any car owner who is Interested in school athletics to make a trip for the boys. It would be a great help for the athletic group of the school, would be deeply appreciated by the tooys and the parents who want to see the athletic schedules ma?-ntained during the coming season. Algona Teachers Put In Many Hours for Rationing Board . The 41 Algona teachers have certainly shown a splendid spirit of co-pperation in war work during the past week when they put in some 300 hours of time evnings processing the applications for fuel oil rationing for the local rationing board. More than 400 applications were handled Superintendent]' Latag and the members of the rationing 'board are high in their praise for this cooperation on the part of the teachers. Processing an application is not too> easy and, acorcding to the board, there will be more than 1600 applications turned in, and the fine work of the teachers is surely appreciated. William Rex Taylor Is Now Cadet Officer According to word sent out from Iowa Btate College William Rex Taylor, Algona, bas been promoted t9 the rank of cadet second lieutenant in the college reserve officers training corps. This announcement «** jnade tar $& &$, ^ iff the military d$p»»*tmenj eats enrolte4 & the &dy»«K»<|* «orpn ar« coBunlsstoned and lieutenants, in Use army otter « brief training- mgrlpd following fraduatipit Algona Soldier Back From Northern Ireland 1 Wednesday night, October 29th, Don-aid Wood, son of Mrs. Joe Bestenlehner, entrained for' Camp Croft, South OaroHna, where he .'« entering an officers' training school, the training to take up i about three months. Donald enlisted In- the army at Mason C!-ty, October 16 1940. He spent his training per.'od at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and early in this year he was transferred to Fort Dix, 7>T. J. From there he was a member of one of the first contingents to go overseas, landing in Northern Ireland. In the meantime he was promoted to sergeant, and was one of a group returned to the homeland to take officer's training. He came to Algona the 19th of October and spent his ten-day furlough with parents and many friends. U. p. M. Entertains A Royal Visitor ... * The Upper Des Moines office was honored last Friday by a visit from Tom. Carmody, and .all work was suspended in the business office for the duration. In the twenty-five or thirty years that we have known Tom we have yet to see him without a smile: When he comes over from his kingdom at Whittemore he is like a ray of sunshine in a gloomy world. Since;the passing of.,Geo Bo^^lj^it^nw-B^rlesr, » ; To»i? -ha? rei£ried~fi)t fiis kingdom .with. Hafv Dalley at hand ,to .laugh at fits witty sayings. The only thing we ever heard Tom accused of, is that of being an Irishman, and we have long forgiven him for that. Come again, Tom, we are always glad to see you. * Your Christmas Mail, Take Care of it Now Indications are that the volume of Christmas mail will be the largest on record. If thousands of our soldiers, sailors, marinas and civilian friends are not to be disappointed at Christmas time, the public must cooperate by mailing earlier than ever and by addressing letters and parcels properly. The.dead-line already is past for mailing gifts to army and navy personnel overseas with assurance that the ; maM will arrive by Christmas. The New- York post office reports that in late October 350,000 such parcels were handled in that office alone. Therefore, the urging that Christmas mailing be done early. Organist Fractures Right Wrat in Fall shje atepne4 upon iom* &Mji&'pP* m»t ,'s eburcto, >fi«s Josie ||c- featured t*» 36 TUBERCULIN TESTS MADE, 66 PATIENTS X-RAY One Kossuth Patient in Oakdale and Two Others Being Observed Report Shows "What happens to the money I spend for Christmas Seals?" This is a familiar question to Mrs Peftsek, Christmas Seal chairman who says that she always welcomf- the opportunity to describe the work made possible by the annual Seal Sale. "The people have a right to knew that ninety-five per cent of the Seal Sale money stays right in Iowa financing the'activities of the lown Tuberculosis Association and local association which unites and directs the nation-wide fight against the disease. "In the annual Kossuth county program to search out early cases of tuberculosis, 38 tuberculin tests were performed and 66 patients were x-rayed. One person was found to we pulmonary tubercul : osis in some ferjS, and was som* mltted 1& Oakdala and two fiLrls are being Qbsejyegt "Through tfl*a.<rper|o4fe e*am'.n- prosroms, eases oj the IU MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE 2:00 P. E SATURDAY, NOV. 14 Applicant Mtist Bring the Certificate of license Registration With Him to Get Ration Book To secure your ration book and windshield sticker you must make application between 8:80 Thursday morning, and 3 pi m. Saturday, prefletraMlsr pt your nearest! school site, and yon must have with yptt the .car registration usually attached to your steering post << When the twenty-seven rural schools ami the 13 town schools open Thursday morn'ng^he big job of registering for gasoline rationing will be on its way and 'the work wfill continue through t!he three days, Thursday, FMday and Saturday. An army of. volunteer- workers will be on hand to take care of the 7093 car owners who must register. The following school s.'tes have been selected for the ' registration: Township and Teacher Hebron 6, Faith Eden. Springfield 2. Henrietta Walters, Eagle 5, Selma Almberg. Swea 6, Beryl Hyler. ' Harrison 2, Lorene Trenary. Ledyard 8, Miriam Stafford. Greenwood 8, Esther Hutchlnson. Lincoln 5, Clara'Osluhd. Ramsey 8, Verona Hagg. German 5, Anna Andrews. Fenton 5, Marie Mitchell. Burt 2, Betty Marlow. Portland 5, Margaret Murray. Buffalo 8, Ethel Flpm. Lotts Creek 5, Mttdred Elmore. Union 6, Carol Jackman. Plum Creek 5, Mabel Kubly. Wesley 5i Ollle Bruns. Whittemore 5, Fae Van: Buskirk. Creseb S, Leone Halyerson. Irvington 1, Myrtle Jordan. Irvington 9, Jeanette Olsen. Prairie 4, Sister Mary Carina Garfield 6,'Mae Van Bnskirk. Riverdale 6, Arlene Fetter. Sherman 6, Anna B. Murray. (LuVerne 5, Berdle Semite. Country Schools dose f ->l,'..:.- -i-.-^** ~t L- counry schfcoTff'wiTl oonstijjie only one day's'time and, .Thursday, Nbv- ember; v 12th has been -seteted. Where "the people in the district* cooperate there should be ilttle' or no interference with school on 'the following day.\ The teacher will be the school sfte administrator' 'and may appoint responsible persons in "the community to assist as registrars. In case a few may. fall to register on Thursday they may be taken care of on the following day, but It is hoped that.all rural Car owners will a'<d the registration by applying on Thursday. School win be dismissed for the day. Algona High Gym 'Registration will be, done in the high school gym. for' Algona car owners starting at 8:30 a. m.'.and continuing until 8:30 p. m; on Thursday and on Friday from 8:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. m,, while on Saturday the opening will be, at- 8:30 t as m. with the closing hour at 2:00 p'. m. The elementary grades •will be'dis- missed . on Thursday. all .day • and the junior-senior high all.'day J3V- day. The teachers will serve na the registrars, , ; , Other Town Schools [ The town school sites •. are. Algona High, Bancroft, Tfton- ka, Burt, Fenton, Lakota, Ledyard, Lone Rock, Lu Verne, Seneca, $wea City, Wesley and Whittemore.' School, will be dismissed* and the teachers will serve as registrars. The hours will be the same as those of the Algona school set out above. May Register at Any SKe While it !e suggested that the car owne,r register -at (he school site in his own district it is not compulsory that he do .this', He may register at any school,,site as listed above on one w .the. thre_e days, ilbw^ver, registering* In hu own district, would be the more convenient for &e, workers V*o.hava charge of this big job," Except Iff the case pf motorcycle applicant* whf-ch must register ,at sonte ,to.wn site for their, ration books. Frefeyted professions Additional gasoline may be pur* chased by doctors, niall carriers and veterinarians. However, they mvwt first secure their. A book and (hen , must apply for the added needs prior to Jfovewber 23, Their application is made to the raUonlng; board, AppUPfttlonji for- ntro»bijph- way ration W$k<i ww «*w frs mi4e by farraers and ot|«r« where ft* chinery, tra^wT ing; pv '^~ ^^j« ^'^ lor the 4

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