The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 2, 1943 · Page 11
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1943
Page 11
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V Tuesday, November 2, 1943. Radio Day by Day Gen. Aurand In G.I. Show STATICS FREQUENCIES vcOT 1S40 WMAQ KID WBBM W WGN WLS J90 WENR 890 jlaj. Gen. H. S. Aurand, com iranding general of the sixth ser-Yice command, reviews the week's rews from the command today on Columbia's new all G. I. show, The General s .Review ' on WBBM at 9:45 p. m. The army recruits from the sixth service com mand furnish the talent and per form musical numoers lor tne pro-pam. Gracie Allen gets the goods on Jack Benny, guesting today on the Burns and Allen show, WSOY at S n. m., and uses her information to obtain the singing spot on the Benny show for her own George Burns. Rep. Clarence Cannon, Democrat from Missouri, appears on the! Congress Speaks program today, WSOY at 9:30 p. m. His . subject will be "Government Economy." Tuesday Eveolnr JOO WSOY Freddy Martin Orch. WBBM Clifton vary 1:30 WSOY News Reporter WBBM News 1 40 WSOY Our Flshting Heroei i:4J WSOY world Today WBBM News M WSOY Meaning of the News CB3 .M WSOY Supper Melodies VBBM News WMAQ Sweet and Spanish WGN Dr. Preston Bradley WLS News .15 WBBM Harry James WGN Telephone Quiz WMAQ John Vandereotk WLS Lloyd Eurlinsham 20 WSOY War Fund Speaker 1:30 WSOY Treasury Star Farada WMAQ Musical Entre WBBM American Melody Hour WGN John Holbrook WLS Treasury Star Parade I B WSOY Salute to War Workera WMAQ H. V. Kaltenborn WLS Interlude I w WSOY Names to Remember 7:00 WSOY Bscicround of th Newi WBBM Bis Town WMAQ Johnny Presents WGN Confidentially Youra WLS News T:15 WSOY Tonisht on th Teleuhoni WGN Gracie Fields WLS Lum n' Abner T;J0 WSOY The Wishing Hour WBBM Judy Canova WMAQ Horace Heidt WGN Nonsense in Melody WLS Duffy's T:4S WSOY Sports Review WGN Griff Williams Orch. t as WSOY News 1:00 WSOY Burns & Allen WMAQ Mystery Theater WENR Famous Jury Trlala WGN Tiny Hill Orch. WBBM Burns & Allen. 1:15 WGN News :30 WSOY Report to The Nation WMAQ Fibber McGee WGN Ahoy America WBBM Report To The Nation 1:00 WSOY Evening News Summary WENR Raymond Gram Swing WBBM Suspense WGN Tiny Hill OTch. WMAQ Bob Hope $ OS WSOY Baptist Convention 1:15 WGN Sanders & Salvage WENR Cheque Your Music t. 39 WSOY Congress Speaks WMAQ Red Skelton WENR Dance Time WGN Swings the Thing WBBM Contrress Speaks . 1.4 WENR News WBBM The General's Review . t0:0O WSOY News WBBM I Love a Mystery WMAQ Fred Wanng WGN Fulton Lewis. Jr. 10:10 WSOY Red Norvo Orch. 10:1S WSOY Joan Brooks WMAQ News WGN Chicago at Night WBBM Colony Serenade 10:30 WSOY The Colonel WBBM Eugene Read WGN News WENR Pop Concert WMAQ Salute to Youth WAS WBBM Salute to Victory WGN Overseaa Report WENR News 11:00 WSOY News WMAQ News. Muslo WGN News WENR Newa WBBM News II 05 WSOY Benny Goodman Oreh. WBBM Benny Goodman Orch. WGN Musical Momenta ll:l WGN Buddy Franklin WENR Lou Breese WMAQ Roy Shield Co. 11:30 WSCY Jimmy Hilliard Orch. WENR Eddie Oliver Orch. WBBM Jimmy Hilliard Orch. WGN Tiny Hill Orch. IJ;60 WSOY News CBS WENR Musto You Want WGN News WMAQ Henry Brandon Oreo. WBBM News Wednesday Morning W WSOY Farm Hour 30 WSOY News 35 WSOY Gospel Hour 1.00 WSOY News of the World CB3 WLS Ax Dreier W'BBM News WMAQ 400 Hour WSOY Musical Clock WGN Dr. Preston Bradley 1 30 WSOY Morning Newspaper 4S WSOY Musical Clock 00 WSOY News CBS I 15 WSOY Sons of Pioneers 1.30 WSOY Howard Smith, wans WLS Breakfast Club I 45 WSOY This Life Is Mine S w WSOY Hebrew Christian Hour 32 WSOY Opening Markets .35 WSOY News 40 WSOY Police Safety Reporti 9;4S WSOY Dial Awhile 10.00 WSOY Mother and Dad WLS Breakiast at Sardl'a 10:!5 WSOY Cheer-Op Club WMAQ Vic A: Sade. I 10 30 WSOY Easter's Parade 1":4S WLS News 11:00 WSOY P-T. A Program . WGN Bnake Carter WBBM Kate Smith 11:15 WSOY Kits 11:20 WSOY Sonemakers 1!:30 WSOY Romance of Helen Trent 11:45 WSOY Our Gal Sunday Wednesday Afternoon 13X0 WSOY News , II 05 WSOY Watching the Clock 12:30 WSOY Noontime News WLS News 12-45 WSOY Midday Melodies l oo wsov City Slickers 1 15 WSOY Radio Billboard 1:30 WSOY News WMAQ Light of the World 1:35 WSOY Moment Musical 1:45 WSOY Sophistlcatora 3 00 WSOY Our Nation's Shrines MS WSOY Elizabeth Bemis. News 2 30 WSOY American School of tne Air 3:00 WSOY Melody Time WENR Blue Frolics 3 30 WSOY South American Way J 45 WSOY Perry Como Sings 4 "0 WSOY Eddie Dunn 4:30 WSOY Sing Along 4-45 WSOY Record Session VISIT WARD'S Building Material Department For Greater Savings Roofini. Insulated Siding Material or Applied. No Money Down ... Three Years to Pay. Rock Wool and Storm Windows Delivered Now. Montgomery-Ward 340 North Water Street Phone 4474 Decatur, 111. Lights Blaze Again on Coasts Gaiety Marks Relaxation of Dimout Regulations By The Associated Press Lights and smilps a almost pre-war brightness in Unit ed estates coastal cities last night as dimout regulations were relax ed a signal that enemy submarines had been driven away and that V-day was a step nearer. The new briEhtness lift the spirits of persons accus- lumea zor more than a year to seeing passersby in rather shadowy Now they re-emerged as people, gaily dressed and often cheerily humming snatches of "YVh Lights Go On Again." Spectacular Lights Banned ' The lights began to glitter, first on the East coast, then on the Gulf and West coasts, in the wake of the setting sun. Regulations, while permitting a general relaxation of the dimout, still bans spectacular lights and those that face directly toward the sea. Drably known as a "brownout." was something mnrp ihan thjt on Broadway, New York:s "Great wnue way," where the darkness XittleBiglnch' Line Is Tested Washington, D. C. (AP) The 667-mile western leg of the "Little Big Inch" (20 inch) pipeline now is getting its high pressure water testing, and oil will be gin flowing eastward in about a month. Interior Secretary Ickes ; announced yesterday as petroleum administrator. I This leg. from Beaumont. Tex.. to Norris City, 111., will operate at capacity rate as soon as valves : and other critical materials are ob-; tained for ten pumping stations, ; Ickes said. Three other stations have been completed. When the line is ready, Ickes said, "We will ship heating oil and kerosene to Norris City, from : which point the products will be trans-shipped by tank car princi-i pally to New England and northern New York points." As for the 804-mile eastern leg from Norris City to Linden, N. J., about 79 per cent of the pipe has been welded, pipelaying is expected to be completed by December, and oil may flow as early as January, if materials for the pumping stations are received on schedule. The western leg of the "Big Inch" (24-inch) from Longview, Texas to Norris City. 111., is pumping more than 300,000 barrels daily, but the eastern leg is de livering only 205.000 barrels daily because all of the pumping stations have not been completed. Work on the Sinclair Products line, eight inches, 250 miles, from East Chicago to Toledo has pass ed the half-way mark and is ex pected to go into operation in De cember. Better put a l ittle more coal on the fire, John" TO PROMOTE THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE DEPEND ON THE RAILROAD BALTIMORE S OHIO RAILROAD fACK THf ATTACK -WITH WAR BOND! had been as complete as on the remotest main street. There, theaters and restaurants burst forth with multi-colored mar quees and signs reminiscent of peacetime nights. Overhead, however, the huge animated advertising signs, known to the trade as "spectaculars," still were dark. They were expected to remain that way for some time to conserve power. Shipyards Ablaze On the opposite side the coast, San Francisco reflected the lifting of the dimout with blazing marquees, store windows and beach playlands. In the Los Angeles area, the greatest brilliance was noted in shipyards which turned up their lights promptly to increase production and safety. Theater signs, store fronts and filling stations gen erally were aglow, but the city as a whole displayed little of its prewar brilliance: Likewise, in the Northeast section of the country, Boston, Mass., and Portland. Me., showed an increase in lighting along the main thoroughfares but it did not approach that of peace time. Game House Raided, Owner Fined $308.40 Clinton (Staff) Sheriffs deputies late Saturday night made a raid on a gaming establishment. Justice of the Peace John L: Costley fined the keeper, Howard Sarver. $308.40. including costs. The equipment was confiscated. No Priorities on Good Vision Good vision is given a high priority rating by our Government. That's why modern eyewear is fully available. Do your duty by your eyes and by your job. Take care of the only pair of eyes you'll ever have. Glasses, Complete $8.50 u, $18.50 Save the Pieces! We'll Duplicate Any Lens: Broken Temples Replaced While You Wait; CURTIS Jewelry and Optical Co. 145-152 East Main Street WALTER FLORA, O. D. THE DECATUR REVIEW Non-Profit Group List Springfield (AP) An estimated 11.000 domestic and an undetermined nurnber of foreign not-for-profit corporations operatv, ing in Illinois must register their office and agent for the first time, after Jan. 1, 1944, With the Illinois secretary of state's office. If not-for-profit corporations domestic to Illinois fail to comply within a 90-day period they are subject to dissolution, corporation department officials said in interpreting a new act passed by the last legislature. Another new provision requires foreign not-for-profit corporations to obtain certificates of authority from the secretary of state's office to 'do business in this state. Those in the foreign category failing to be certified may not maintain any action in . Illinois courts. Domestic not-for-profit corporations now file annual reports, listing their principal place of busi ness, officers and other informa tion. Blanks for filing their registered office and agent will be distributed to the domestic group by the corporation department about Jan. 1. Members of the foreign group, of which the department has no record, will receive no ' official notice. Mhat D'YOU KNOW iH H.C. AN ARIWVy TENT can. be bouqht with, four $ 18.75 War Bonds. (Buy more ' War Bonds lodiu!) . CLAIRE TREVOR in. Hutu Sherminls "t Untied Arlists'oichire WOMAN CJf THE TOWfl, fuseifsthitchanoe coior-rrom DiacK u clear hazel .' She chooses Rojal Crown Colaasbtst-Ustinij THE WINNAH in 5 oat of rjroup taste-tests, Roual Crowa Cola is voted best-tastina 'Royal Crown Cola . Best(if iisTe-Ter! Royal Crown Cola Bottling Co. am. NOTHING symbolizes our way of life better than the warm, snug comfort of an American home. Nevertheless, that warmth and comfort are dependent on such things as coal a natural product of our land, to be sure, but one which must be brought from the mines by the railroad. So, as John replenishes his fire, he's depending on his railroad to replenish his bin. In countless ways such as this, the American way of life depends on the railroad. And today, while helping to win the war is our first big job, we of the Baltimore & Ohio are learning new things, planning new methods, studying new ideas to make B & O service in post-war years a worthy contribution to an even better way of life. Your community, we promise, can put complete faith in the men and women oftheB&O. R. B. WHITE, Preodtnt l srrtM ens: I MX Know ABOUT X" ' DAY FOR THE FKEE-FQE-ALL TOURNAMENT HAS ARRIVED, AMD ALEEADV EVIL POKES ARE AT WCErC WITH COAX'S THE REALM, HE CANT GUM THF wnevs U AND SPOIL MY LITTLE ii-2 SAV YOUR SOB STOOlES-VCHJ TOLD ME YOUR OLD MAN WAS BCH-YOUD SEE HIM AN'6ET MONEY TO PAY ME- I A. lal I. "II I t ii ifc V - - I V II J2v ' . " ' " " . H I I VEGOT A CKAZy SH-H- DICKIE, TAKB i& . gg? 'S' I HUNCH ABOUT THAT COVER AMONG THESE J. ''. .;7i' J THING CHIT THERE, MISS KOCKS-- THAT SOUND . j- j COCK WANT YOU KIDS SHOULD WAIT ON TABLE. EXTRA GOOD r-, TOWIC3HT I uAklT VOII J-mc I POI ITC TDZF r.USTOMrDff- 7C 1 IP?TI(-W - I I SMATTCD.. K SHOULD WAIT ON TA&LE 1 SrT 0 BUT YOU. KITTY, PUT . ' ZE EYEBROWS- SPIMQNI-IS 1 A I f Wlir-tU I I I I - CWV I. 4 m r I ULIMUIr I I 1 i S I I 1 1 ST . mwr''li t - , " ' " ' SCORCHY SMITH By FRANK ROBBINS ' I WELL. VOLTVE TOLD US VOUC YARN. VI I -J I SmS'T I ? ZtLt COPFE Ol HOMER HOOPEE By RAND JUST BETWEEH 04 , HECTOR, X DON'T ) I fef WHEN OLD MACFUNT II ' . f A )j ' t '. " BLAME YOU FOR TAKING A ! POKE JfC V WA4 OUR LANDLORD r V . S. ( TYPICAL IKJlr AT FREDDIE AAACFLINT, IF HE'S ,1 ( OFTEN FELT L1K.E DOING THE i WHEN HE J MACFUNT, J CLAS THAT I f f-", ANYTHING UKE HIS GRAND-DAD !j SAME THING; TO HIM r WAS HERE s6-ALL RI6HT7 HGRAkDPA js 1 " " LIFE.g like THAT-By FRED NEHER " "STOICTLY PRIVATE" By QJJINN 'HALL VOTING fJOTi M -lliiiBs ' l flrP LY DEAR AOM:-" awtvu 1 BV-TK II V ' IGlSEStFMlKlEL WD BIaB "D SET J&32kn ' 25y5 IJ' the still u&& I !'M I :-S- iPWg j JL, V- 7 r-r. s. J I V n- mi rr-e V Wit It If we're ronna have to foot all the bills we oughta have our say the spending'.:" BLONDIE By OAKY DOAKS TKT A VKTERFROMT EMEKEAE CAWELOT. BANISHED FROM WHAT IS 1 MORGANA, LI I IU Uf LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY USTENl,SUCkER-l DON'T LIKE RUBBER CHECKS-ILL TAKE YOUR PHONY CHECKS TO YOUR OLD -1 MAN-MAY B O, DIANA By SLUQP SHOULD BE MOQE POLITE TO ZB CUSTOMERS' -r- itT) BUT YOU. KITTY, PUT 1 WHAT IS K NATURALLY- BUT JX7 T n 7" YUUK L I li-C 1 I VIA GONNA wvi... J I 7CT rnn ru1N' -" 1 1 LU3C sT tgi -r mm ii -ri -i v i k. r- iV-Tr i i s.J v i - t ' mail rfl 11 i i i CHIC YOUNG By R. B. FULLER I ON TH' By DARRELL McCLURE PLEASE DONT DO IMUSTRE&GTTIN' THAT- ILL PAYYDU S OFT- BUT1LL GIVE YOU JUST ONE OONt TELL MY -, OLD MAN f MORE CHAMCE I THEN BILL CHAMPE I : 1 IT'S VERY 51MPLE-I U. zj ii ii i give out w;r' ' in PAGE ELEVEN 1 II . - At ii 1 1 irc out i toRPOSE-GET IT.? NOW HERE'S RAY-OFF YOU GDVB? MY BET5 A I AND X1ZAX. rUVi duuna nu BOOMERANff TO WIN ANDy-HEH,HEH -HE WILL GEE,ZERO-CIRCUS FOLKS HAyE PUN EVERYBODY HA PP Y- E VE R YBODY 6LAD k ALL THE TIME HUNCH IS RIGHT! THAT THING IS A 'NORMOUS AIR- OROM COVEKErD WITH SNOW A SHOWDROmE : ON WOW ITS IAEATLZSS TUESDAY.' ysuiz. sou . 12

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