The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1942 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 3, 1942
Page 5
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• 3-Mi The Algona Uppw P^g Moinos, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 3, FENTONTOWNSHIP HOMlMlECTAT WEISBROft HOME "Conservation of the Family Wardrdbe, Lengthening the Life of Meh'a Suits and How Good a Buyer Are Ytiu?" were discussed at the.flfst training school of the Fenton township -h ome project which /was held Thursday, Oct. 29, from 10:66. .to 4:0o at the home of Mrs. B. C. weisbrod. The lesson .was presented to the leaders by Alma Sohultz, home demonstration leader. The noon meal Was served by Mrs. Welsbrod. WdMEN ATTEND WEEft Olf JPttAYEft SERVICE "The Week of Prayer and Self- Denial" services of the W. S. C. 3. were held Wednesday afternoon In the Methodist church basement with 51 women attending. The 'theme •was "Where. Cross the Crowded ~Ways" with Mrs. Lester W«fabr6d as leader and Mrs. O. H. ffiBebai 1 the acting chairman of Sfpltuaf Life..;'- ••••••'.• . . Information on The Wesley Community House of Oklahoma City was given by Mesdames Frank McFall, filbert Holldorf, F. C. Pruel, Ray Stoeber, Anna Osborn, A. H. Meyer and Don Weisbrod. The meeting closed with a quartet' sihg- Ifif the grayer. The special oBer- Ing will be used t4ward missions. Mr. and Mrs. Renn Kluger of Des Molnes returned to their home Tuesday after a brief vis'.t at the parental Chas. Glaus home. The Dorcas sewing club met on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Geo. Goetsch. . Mesdames A. J. Kennedy, Anna Osborn and Arnold Haln- znifeer were guests. OMtr. and Mrs. Clifford Wallace and family of Buffalo Center cams Wednesday night and visited until Thursday at the parental John Wallace home. The Wallaces moved from Buffalo Center to Minnesota . Saturday. The U-Deal-M bridge club met at the home of Mrs. Everett Dreyer on Monday night. Mrs. Shelby Wels- brod wort high honors and MM; Clarence Wegener second high. Mrs. H. W. Schulte and Mrs. Arlo Raney played for absent members. The W. S. C. S. meeting has 'been' postponed a week and will meet Thursday afternoon, Nov. 12, in the church parlors, Hostesses will be Mesdames F. P. Newel, V. J. Tattim, Mary Hansen, Ray Kyhl, E. R. Schle!. and Merwiri Widdel. Mrs. George-Jorgensoir will lead the devotions; America's Stake In Africa by Mrs. E. J. Frank; Citizenship, Mrs. John Light; a story, Mrs. W. E. Laage, Two for one. Use the Upper Des Molnes want ads. , 3-tf WE CAN ... Keep 'em Going 1 . OR OIL Have Your Car Winterized Johnson's D-X Station Corner of State and Moore; • Mrs. C. U. Pollard and daughter, Patricia and Jean Buthman spent Saturday in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Spllles spent Sunday visiting relatives in Whlt- temore and West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Strelt and son. Mcihael and Mrs. Stret's sister, Mrs. Milton Mori Ing of Emmetsburg are spending today (Tuesday! in Des Molnes where they are via- iting relatives. Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Glcasoil, Mr. and Mrs. Don Farrell of Mason City and (Mr. and "Mrs. Claude Nugent and family of Spender were guests o' Mrs. W. D. Nugent and daughter, Elizabeth on Sunday. , Prlncclil Loss and her mother returned Saturday from Rochester, Minn., where Princell'. had gone though the Mayo clinic. During their stay they had the experience* of being in a blackout on October 29. Mrs. Maurice Ubott left Wednesday after two week's visit in Algomt as house guest of Mrs Elsie Cady and daughter, Evelyn. Mrs. Libott lives at Palm Springs, which is a winter resort in Southern California, Lt. Howard Medin of San Bruno, Calf'fornta, is now with a flying freighter squadron. He Is flying exclusively the Aircobra, a five- gun, one man plane. Howard is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medin. -Mrs. R. A. Burroughs of Sioux Ctty came the first of last week for a week or ten days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wright. Mrs. Wright recently returned from Fort Dodge where she underwent an operation. . Mr. and Mrs. James Griffith arn for a visit With Mrs. Griffith's par for a visit Ith Mrs. Griffith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall. Mr. Griffith is on furlough from Camp Ba rkley, Texas, and Mrs. Griffith is employed in Des Mo.'nes. Edith and Delia Welter and Lola Kohl spent the week end in Minneapolis where they attended the MHnnesota-Northwestern game. They also called on Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brunson who plan to return to Algona some time in the future. Lt. R. J. Harrington is expected home the latter part of the week for a short visit with his wife and Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 3-4 Second Feature . Chester Morris In "I LIVE ON DANGER" Thurs.-Fri.-Sat., < Npv. 6-6-7 . RIDING...FIGHTING... LIVING...LOVING... In the roaring West) $IIM$*f Honing ROY ROGERS with ,'Gobby'Hoyw Second LiOYP NOLAN Sun.-Mon.-Tues.-Wed., Nov. 8-&-10-11 In the Saddle and in SongL ERROL Franklin PANGBORN GRACE MCDONALD, MARTHA TUT ON JIMMIE DAVIS DINNING JISTERS Second Feature Lwn and LUVERNE WOMAN'S CLUBS ENTERTAIN COUNTY CHAIRMAN uLu Verne: 'The Progressive, Woman's club' arid the- Tuesday club entertained. Thursday 'afternoon a*: the Community Hall, in honor of the County Club chairman, Mrs. H. A. French, Titonka. As no one' front either of the clubs had been able to attend.. the county meeting held arly in, thfe, month. at Burt, Mrs. Drench gave a report on the dis- rict meeting at Rockwell City and alked on club work .. in general. Preceding her talk, several musical >ieces were given. A girl's -trio, Bety Wolf, T. Swanson and Eleanor felson, accompanied by Alice Merle sang two numbers. Ruth Weger and Thelma Swanson accom- anied by Helen Christensen played flute duet and Thelma Baum- artner played a piano solo. Mrs. . R. Baker also gave a group of eadlngs. Some twenty-five women ttended the party. Seneca Vomen Enroll in Red 'ross First Aid Class Seneca: Thirty-one women enroll- d in the First Aid class at Seneca Thursday evening. The' classes wiH' e held for the present at least on itonday and' Thursday evenings at ;30 o'clock. Dr. Bahnaon of Burt s giving the lessons. There is still ime for anyone Interested Jn First Aid to join the class. Dr.JJ,Shallenb€rger r M : D W» 9f* « * . -v JV .in« MOT (nated Ch ta of .Mr?, O> B. Tuesday, . Mf8. phw, fjords son, T!«imy. Bob has been taking mess officers' training at Ft. Rlley, Kansas and will go from here to Des Molnes where he will be stationed. - > Mr. and Mrs. Carl ttaugen have moved Into the house vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Donovan. Mrs. Donovan left Wednesday for Santa Ana, Calif., to join her husband who In working as inspector in a sash factory, ' He was formerly with the Botsford Co. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Vlnson of Mitchell, S. D., became the parents of a seven and one-half pound son Monday morning. The baby, named Thomas Michael, is the first grandchild for Mrs. Marguerite Vlnson and the first great-grandchild for Mrs. Agnes Laldley. Mrs. Anna Marie Krause is here for a few days' vSsit with her daughter, Mrs. R. L, Padgett, at tho Dr. L. W. Fox home. She plans to leave the latter part of the week for Ayrshire for a short stay with another daughter and . p will then go to California for the winter. Dwain Kollasch Is a new clerk In the men's department at the S. & L. store since last week. Robert Stebritz is also employed in the same department, -having joined the store force a few weeks ago. Willard Mitchell, who has been in the department for some time, has jo-toed the navy. air. and Mrs. Scott Noland have received news of the birth of a granddaughter, Betty Jeanne Noland at Glendale, California, on October 20. The parents are the oldest Nolands' son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Noland and th's is their first child. Mrs. Noland the former Darlene Sykes of LJv- ermore; lola Lehman {of Des IHoines is spending- two weeks vacation visit- Ing her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Leliman. Miss Lehman recently acepted a position with the Warner Bros. FMm Exchange as head bro'u- er starting November 16. % She has been affiliated for the past nine years with the Central'States Theater Corporation of Des Moiires. Mrs.. Katharine McEvoy and Miss Josie McEvoy drove to Minneapolis, Friday, where they visited over the week end with the former's son, Maurr.ce McEvoy and family. Maurice is employed as draftsman in the General Dairy Equipment Company factory and ut the present time the company, is turning out parts for submarines under a government contract. Airs. R. L. Fiadgett and son, Bobby 'Lee and Phyllis Parsons attended the wedding of Gladys Stoeber and Ensign James Wallace Smith at Fenton Simday.: The ceremony was performed, aU 12:80 at the Methodist ctiurch and' "was followed by a reception at the home of the. bride's father, Wm. Stoebsr. Ensign Smith is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. G. 'Smith of Fenton. Air. and Mrs. W. L. Whitney, city, returned Monday morning from a three weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Minnesota and Chicago. They spent some' time at Medford with a cousin-, A. T. Beardsley and family and then :hey continued to Chicago where they spent two weeks with their son, Howard Whitney, and family, rloward is the manager of the Rap- hwax Paper Company -branch in Chicago; having lived there . the past five years. Mrs. Milton Norton arrived: home 'rom Rochester, Minn., Saturday. rs. Norton and Ellen Carlson, R. ., went there last week Tuesday lor a thorough check-up., Mrs. Norton's friends will' be glad' .to enow that nofclng was found ser- ously wrong with her health. Mrs. J. E. Woodward, who also, went jo Rochester Tuesday for a major >peration is recovering very nice- y and has left the 1 hospital for a convalescent hotel'. She was expected home within the next week. LONE ROCK NEWS Miss Ann Flalg of Oelweln spent Friday night w!-th Heleit Sprank at he Frank fflalg home. Mr, and Mrs. A. A. Kruegur at- ended a Standard Oil dealers' neeting at Mason City Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson and Miss Neva Thompson spent Monday with relatives at Mitchell, S. D. Georgella Banntck employed at ue Hownel packing pjairt at Austn, came Saturday for a week's va- cajtlon. Mrs/M. E. Blanchard returned home 'Monday after a ten-day visit wrth her sister, Mrs, Laura Mantor at Ce,dar Falls. . Mrs, Alex Kruegerjs circle of the Mite society entertained at a uncheon In the church parlors Friday afternoon, " i(Mr; and Mrs. j; M. Blanch went to Detroit, M|chjgan, Wednesday .for a visit with tbelr daugh tef and family, the Jphn Flynns, Mri». Arena Neejand and Mrs. Ray ter^edfc' attended a home ..project leaders' meettag at the home of Mr* BJ/"p. Wetebrod at Fenton jay. •' ' • • •• Mj, and Mr«, (Harry liajjn of Albert Lea,i Minn-, spent Tuesday ; »n.4 Wednesday at the Bllo n bojne and also called on tnelr here, t ay Biewtedt, Mrs. Mr«. Fred W. O. Curtis, employed at the Kohlhaas Hardware, was laid up a few days last week with the flu. Mrs. Emily Spencer> misfortune of falling and breaking her wrist early Wednesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Pretten of Estherville spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow. Mr. and Mm. Scott Noland speni Sunday at Dakota City where they vis.'.ted Mr. and Mrs, Charles Dresback. Pearl Walker, who is employed In Washington, D. C., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Walker. Mrs. W. J. Slgsbne and daughter, Ruth Ann of Ft. Dodge spent Sunday with the former's mother, Mrs. Louis Wegener. Harriet Brown spent the week ,end In Algona with her parents. Harriet attends Drake University in Des Moines. Mrs. Peter Killers of 8\vra City arrived Friday for a few days' vistt at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William C. Dau. Evelyn Oxley, teacher In. the Thornton schools, spent last weftk at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oxley. Mrs. Lyda Allen of Mason City is spending a few days' with Mrs. E. J. Gilmore during the absence of Mrs. Ruth Klnteigh. Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Baxter of Ryan, Iowa, are spending a few days with the.'r niece and husband, Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Robinson. Mrs. Merle Pratt returned today (Tuesday) from Chicago where she visited her husband who had a short leave from the navy. Herman Moore, Durwood Plotter and Russell Pickett will leave on Thursday for California, Where they have jobs in a defense plant. There will be a district convention of the W. S. C. S. of the Methodist church at Clear Lake Thursday. This will be an all day meeting. W. J. Fuller left Thursday for Orleans, Nebraska, where he spent several days with his mother, Mrs. Margaret Fuller, who has been ill. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Bryandt of Mason City have moved to Algona where Mr. Bryandt is employed as bridge foreman for the Northwestern railroad. MrsJ Del. Clopton has begun work as bookeeper at the Algona Produce Co. For the past several years she has been a clerk at the Chrischilles store. Mrs. J. H. Graham of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hiff of Webster City spent from Thursday until Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klamp. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bleich spent the week end at Spirit Lake. The Bleich daughter, Joan, spent the week end with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medin. Mrs. Eaton Johnson and . daughter, Caroline and Miss Helen Comfort left Friday to spend the week end , at Brookings, South Dakota; visiting relatives and fr.'-ends. ^ . Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Buthman and Rev; N. A.. Prfce will g oto Sioux City Wednesday where the two men, will attend a (meeting of the trustees of the Methodist hospital. Mr. 'and Mrs. Haroltl' Sheldon of Eldora spent: SUirday in Algona visiting their son, Ittcflard, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott. Richard is an Upper Des Moines employee. /Mr. and: MXm. A. J. Hertig moved Monday from McGregor street to a house on Call street. Mrs. Hertig Expert 'Furniture UPHOLSTERING and REPAIRING Located in next building east of Botsfcrd Lumber Co. SAM KAUFMAN \ Call 852 has been taking treatments C.'-ty but her health Is now considerably improved. John Bishop and family of Rbllfo; Iowa, spent Saturday at the home 1 of hte 'brother, A. A. Bishop. Mrs; Margaret B.'ohop returned with them after spending the past two months at Rollle. H. J. Koops has gone to Des Moines where he has been transferred by the Swift Co. Mrs. Koops and daughters, Veralyn and Beverly will join him as soon as suitable living quarters can be found. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kent and Mrs, D. E. Dewel left Friday for Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, where they spent the week end with the former's son, Fred, Jr., who in in the army and stationed there. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dahlhauser of Austin. Minnesota, became the parents of their first child, a boy, born Wednesday mornMig at Austin. Joe is the son of Mr, and >trs. Qarl Dahlhauaer of AJgona. Mrs..Sadie Brocktnan of San Antonio, Texas, arrived last week for a ten day visit with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brockman. The Lloyd Brockman's recently moved here from Britt. Fred Gelgel and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vogt of Fenton spent the week end at Iowa City where they visited Bob Geigel' and attended the football game. Mrs. Vogt is the former Georgianne Geigel. Mrs. Don Alt spent the week end in Minneapolis where she met her husband who Is in the army stationed at Sioux City. Mrs. Alt's father, Joe Grpenberg, met Mrs. Alt at Blue Earth Sunday evening and brought her to Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Redfield and Mrs. Meda Redfield spent from Sunday until Thursday at Esther- Ville with Mrs. Clark Redfifrld's parents. Clark left from Spencer Wednesday night for Dos Moines where he enlisted Ml the navy. Mrs. A. A. Bishop returned on Thursday after spending the past two weeks at South Bend, Indiana, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B. L. Hillard, and her -son, John Bishop, and at the home of another daughter, Mrs. R. L. Gorr at Joliet, III. Mrs. Emery Seward of Evanston, 111., left Sunday for Sioux Falls, S. D., after visiting here with her aunt, Mrs. Alice Duryea. Mrs. Seward is remembered here as Lor- tttfhe Crammond. At Sioux Fat!* flfc* will visit her father, Lewis Ohmunond. Oat of town relatives and friends that attended the wedd.'.ng of Alice SparJcs and Frank Green Thursday evening were Mr. and Mrs. irv Carlson and Mr. ami Mrs. Burt Watkins of Bbone, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kell of TItonka and Mr. and Mrs. Mer-le Cody of Humboldt. Mrs. Sam Medin reports that the Red Cross sew.'.ng project Is coming nicely and the ladies' work has been beautifully»done. The sewing rooms in the Legion Hall are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday atfernoons and work may be done there or tak- y. «t home to do tferrie Ottrafit „ , rant spent the week en'd vM '.9t Paul and Mlhneapolls. O/t 8«l«fJ day they attended a regional fli&£- tng at Midwest Chaparral Poett, , held at the WIndsdr'Ubtel .InsMM-/ neapolfe. Margaret Is loWa Regent for the- organization) and appeared on the erenlhg- program. Lowell Samp arrived Ttteadat from the Great Lakes naval training station for a nine day leave with his mother, Mrs. Andrew GodV fredsori. Lowell will atten/) radio school when he returns. Mrs.'William Bradbury of Sioux' City,' tha former Helen 1 Samp, spent the Week end In Algeria visiting with her brother. •••<•• HOSIERY • NO SEAMS TO TWIST • STREAMLINE FIT • PERMANENTLY DULL 47" paii WOODWARD'S 4 Farmers -- r, Carolyn John, who >s Ul wf- Lj»|bwan 1 1 I 00 IK ALL II i^h School s Spencer Friday, November 6-"8jQQ p. TO, LOCAL FIELD Usual Admiwion Season Tick«t» Good ALttONA BridgePlankSale One block west of new brixJge on. West McGregor St. (Algona) extended Order Board of Supervisors SERVFCE MEN'S STATIONERY With Army, Navy and Air Corps Insignias Ideal for Christmas Gifts $110 50 SKeete^and 50 Envelopes^ ^ The Algona Upper Des Mourn Viking Gas and Oils Buy fromianimdiependent dealer and'buy at a lower price. You can buy high, test Viking gas I I for what you; pay for regular gas-; other-places. Or buy Viking, regular and buy bcrnds with the difference. s Let us check your car for winter,-driving,, tkm't take chances with the automobile, you cannot replace. Drive in today. Viking Oil Co. E. B. Carlson Milwaukee Depot Flaza %fty&!&*y>&y*!^^ ,$:

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