The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1942 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1942
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Pet Moinoa, AlgdBA, IOWA, Otst. 27,1042 SENECA JUNIORS PRESENT CLASS PLAY TWO NIGHTS Seneca: The Seneca Juniors presented their class play "Hobgoblin House" to a full house both Thursday and Fr.'day nights. The cast was well chosen and each played his part exceptionally well. Much credit also goes to the director, Miss Wrolstad, for her very effia- lent training. Cast of characters of the junior class included Jeanne! Looft, LaVonne Bailey. Kenneth Volgt, Donna Jean Foley, Florence' Oonway, Junior Merrill, Wayne Nyman, Emery Preston, Harley Hoefck and Errol Peterson, also Jeanne Wilberg and Marjorie Kennedy, sophomores. The musical numbers by grade children under the direction of Miss Madden, were enjoyed between acts. The pupils of the Seneca schcol are enjoying a week of corn husk- Ing vacation. Alyse Olson, student at a business college in Mason City, spent last week end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sweeney of Emmetsburg spent Saturday and Sunday at the parental C. C. Voigt home. Lois, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Frank Looft, went to Fairmont last week Monday where she has employment. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson were last Sunday dinner guests with the latter's parents, the Hauge.i, near Leland. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Snxton and family of Fairmont were Monday evening callers at the Wm. Osborn home. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sanders and the former's father of Graett.'.nger were Monday evening supper guests at the Clem Dotson home. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thompson were Sunday callers at the home of the former's mother at Cylinder Mrs. Thompson Is ser.'ously ill. Sunday callers at the Sam Ol son home were the Thomas Cadys o Plymouth, Kalmer Randas, of Ring ated, also the Segrid Olsons, Curt! Olsons and Albert Cadys. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutchinsoir o Terrlll, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sweeney of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Pau Voight and children and the Merwln Widdells were Sunday dinner guests at the C. C. Voight home. The Seneca Luther League mei at the Jens Halverson home lasi Sunday evening. Mrs. Henry Loofl was program leader. Mr. and Mrs Henry Looft will be hosts to the group Sunday evening, Nov. 1. Mrs Albin Nelson will have charge oi the progsam. (Myrna Lee Gardner, East Chain Minn., spent last week end visiting at the home of her aunt and family, the Frank Loofts. On Sunday her parents, the Walter Gardners, were dinner guests at the Looft home and Myrna Lee returned home w'th them. Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen and family, Chas. Osborn and Otto Wilberg attended the annual meeting of the Dairy Herd Improvement Association No. 2 held at the Herman Soderberg home near Bancroft Monday evening. Chas. Osborn as elected vice chairman of the group and has been the past president. About 30 members and guests enjoyed an oyster stew late in the even'ng. Myrna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marinus Nelson 1 , had the misfortune of falling on a rough piece of sidewalk at Ringsted a week ago last Saturday. At first it was thought that she sustained bruises only but when the pain increased daMy a trip to the doctor and x- rays revealed a cracked bone in her upper arm. She is carrying her nrm in a sling, but is showing rapid improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmeling of Whittemore and Miss Alvina Berninghaus of West Bend accompanied C. Schmeling to Minnesota Sunday afternoon. FIRE DESTROYS FARM NOME OF BANCROFT MAN Bancroft: The farm home of Mr and Mrs, Screal DeGeeter was destroyed early last Tuesday morn- ng by a fire caused from a defective chimney. The contents of the build- Ing were removed to safety by the neighbors and people from town. Mr. and Mrs. Jul'us Cink havo named their new daughter, Betty Ann. Mrs. J. A. Devine and John spent the week end visiting in Ames and Dos Moines. Miss Patricia Lang of Minneapolis, visited at the Mrs. Anna Nurre home Sunday. Mrs. Kate Bolster of Primghar is visiting her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stauder. Helen Coyne, Joliet, HI., came last Monday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coyne. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ditsworth nnd son moved to Fort Dodge Sunday where Melvin will be employed. Mrs. Anita Jenses, Minneapolis spent the week end visiting Mrs. S. A. Gehrtz at the Tom Jacobson lome. Peggy Deltering returned homo Tuesday morning from Chicago, where she spent a week vis'.ting friends. Mrs. Joe Saunders of Mt. Shasta, Calif., is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kramer. , Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hunt left Sunday for Denlson where Mr. Hunt is an employee of the soil conservation corps. Mrs. Walter Schiltz returned home last Wednesday from the Algona hospital where she recently underwent an operation. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Franks and Larry Lee and Mrs. Hilma Erick In These Critical Times WE NEED , ACTION YOU GOT IT THE LAST SESSION YOU'LL GET IT THE NEXT SESSION If You Return Theo. C. Hutchison ton visited At the fcoft ftlanehard home at Lone Rock last Sunday. Mrs. Blanche Sharp, former resident of Bancroft was married lajt week to Wm. C. Klley In St. Louis, Mo. Tfcey will live at MattodS, HI. Sunday dinner guests at the Leo Arndorfer home were Mr. and Mrs. Matt JSorman, Algona. and Mf. and Mrs. Mike Arndorfer and family, St. Benedict. Mr. and Mra. William Sandt and family of Sherburn, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Welp and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Renger and family. Tuesday evening dinner guests «t the Ervlri Ulaes home were: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ri'cker of Bloom* ington, Wis., Mrs. Johanna Vaske, Valeria and Linus, Mr. and Mrs. Qucntln Fangman and Kenneth. Tuesday, Oct. 27. was set ad the final scrap day for the yea'.' for Ramsey and Greenwood townships. All 'business houses and both schools were closed for the day so that all business men, employees and older school children might help :'<n the drive. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schiltz and family entertained: Mr. and Mrs. Alva Kahler and famMy of Burt, Mr. and Mrs Peter Kramer and daughter, Mrs. Joe Sanders of Mt. Shasta, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Schiltz and Mrs. Constantlne SchllU arid family at dinner Sunday. Sunday guests at the John Far- •ow home were: Mr. and Mrs. Ch--.ii. Hansen, Mrs. Orville Farrow and daughter, Marilyn Ann, Mrs. Adolph Pnulson and Elmer of Lakota, Mr. nnd Mrs. John Welhousen and family of Titonka, and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Glgler and son- of Wesley. Corp. Raymond Farrow was honored at a dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Farrow and family. Guests included: Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sandt and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Blocker and Henry Farrow. Corp. Farrow left Sunday evening for Camp Bowie, Texas, after spending a 16-day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Farrow. -to— THE STATE LEGISLATURE A competent and experienced spokesman for Agriculture and Small Business This is His Record: 1. Actively supported all measures for the betterment of Agriculture such as Grain Tax Exemption Bill, Rural Libraries Hill, Dairy Advertising Bill, Bang's Disease Control Bill, etc. "2. In keeping with his pledges of two years ago he introduced 13 bills; engineered H through the House, 7 through the Senate, and 7 are now a part of the Laws of Iowa. !J. At the request of the members of the Senate, he managed or effectively assisted in the management of numerous Senate Bills on the House Floor. Every bill so handled became law. a. One of those bills (The Court Procedure Bill) is of extreme importance to the people of Iowa. It comp letely does away with our long outmoded legal procedure and substitutes a speedy competent method of obtaining justice. Here's what the Iowa News Bulletin said with reference to the handling of this bill: "The difficult job of managing the bill on the floor of the House was in the competent hands of Representative Curtis Gregory of Adel . . . Gregory had the active assistance of such legislative leaders as Leo Hough, Martin Van Osterhart, Theo. Hutchison ..." 4. He was instrumental in securing the passage of the long neglected Senatorial Itedistricting Bill, which as amended gives Kossuth connty the representation in the State Senate to which it is entitled. 5. No rabid partisan, Mr. Hutchison through hard work gave the people of the largest county in the State of Iowa the kind of representation to which they are entitled. a. At the close of the last session of the Iowa Legislature here is what the Davenport Democrat and Leader said in reviewing the Session: "Adjournment Day Talk singled out Representative T. C. Hutchison R. (Al- goua) and Harold P. Nelson (Sioux City) as among the more outstanding new members of the lower house." This advertisement paid for by friends of Theo. C. Hutchison, who believe his record oi effective representation in the state legislature for agriculture and small business entitles him to a second term. He will not be a candidate for a third term. WEST BEND BOY JOINS AIR CORPS BAND IN TEXAS West Bend: Dale Dunn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dunn, arrived home from Sioux City Monday. He Is a junior at Morningside College, but decided to give up his college work for the present and accept an appojntment to play in the 'air corps band. He left Tuesday afternoon for Greenville. Texas, where a ibasic flying school is located. Dale received his musical start In the West Bend hJgh school. While attending college at Morningside, he also played In the Monahan Post band and was second horn in the Sioux City symphony. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mikes left Friday for Minneapolis to spend the week end with relatives. Mrs. Miriam Frleden ana son of Elgin, 111., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Banwa^t Royot ITorsythe returned to the Great Lakes Naval Training stat.'on atfer a week's visit with his wife and children. . Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jensen and children spent Wednesday with Mrs. Jensen's parents, George S. Peters of Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. John Thacker, Sr., went to Sioux City for a visit with their daughter and also visited with their son at Rock Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Anderegg and children of Moneta, Iowa, spent Sunday with Mr. Anderegg*s broth er, Clfford, at the Elvln Baas homo. M. J. Buttermore returned to Dubuque Saturday after spending a week with his mother, Mrs. Anna Buttermore, and with other relatives and friends. Blalne Hoskins of Omaha spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hoskins. He Is attending Creighton University and is majoring in chemistry. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Snren and daughter of Jackson, Minn., Clifford Anderegg and son, Eugene, were the dinner guests Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Anderegg. Supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Bernlrighaus Monday evening were Mr. and Mrs. John Banwart, Bob and Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Klein and family of Rodman. Frank Kllbourn arrived home from the hospital in Iowa City on Wednesday. He had a cataract removed from one of his eyes while ;here and While still quite weak, is otting along as well as can be expected. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Wilson and Mrs. Dick Schmidt returned on Thursday from a visit with relatives n Elgin, 111. Sgt. Arthur Schmidt of Richmond, Va., had a couple of days' furlough and also met the (Vest Bend folks -there. Chas. B. Thatcher returned on Friday from a couple o:' weeks' rip through the east. Everybody s quite busy in the cities he vis- ted and living expenses high. He was glad to get back where he :ould get a breath of fresh air, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Forsythe and daughter, Coleen, Mr. and Mrs. Leo ktontag and Mrs. Thorns went to Clinton over the week end. They met the latter's husband there and hey returned to their home in Cleveand, O. Coleen Forsythe accom- panf«d them for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter and Dick and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Munson and Jerry visited at the Herbert Furst home in Algona Sunday and hat evening went to Lakota to see he result of the fire that occurred here Sunday morning. Jerry's former furniture store building was among the buildings burned. The L. S. L. C. '.-a sponsoring the collection of old keys as asked for by the government. A box has been placed in the Jensen & Bolstad store and the Reinens store for the public to drop the keys in. Any one having keys which they are not using are asked to put them in either of these boxes to be turned into the proper channels. The largest price he ever received for a hog at market in many years of stockyards transactions brought Henry I. Kaasa of Jolce $120.98 or $13.15 per cwt., for a 920-pound 3- year-old sow. Had he waited several days more before selling. Mr. Kaasa would have received six or seven dollars more. On the County Ticket Front row—Left to right: Theo. C. Hutchison, nominee for state representative; H. W. Miller, nominee for county attorney; Carl W. Pearson, nominee for treasurer. Back row—Alfred Schnltz, nominee for sheriff; Helen White, nominee for clerk; Sherman Potter, nominee for recorder. FOR REPRESENTATIVE THEO. C. HUTCHISON Solicits a second term on a successful record in effective aid to argiculture and small business. Born in Algona — son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Hutchison, Kossuth pioneers; married to Helen Murtagh and father of three children; graduate Algona high school and state university law college; member Algona school board. An effective spokesman who gets a job done for agriculture and the small businessman. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY H.W. MILLER Nominee for a first.term. Born at Minnesota Lake on a farm, raised on a farm, graduate of Waldorf, Minn., high school, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Iowa law college. Has had a general practice of law in Algona for 16 years—42 years old, married. Is qualified by experience and temperament to give Kossuth county effective enforcement of all laws at all times and places. FOR CLERK OF COURT HELEN WHITE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Jasperson, Kossuth county pioneers; born in Plum Creek townsjiip; married H. B. White in 1930; husband now in army; graduate Algona high school and Junior College at Cedar Palls. Pleasant, accommodating and able to handle position; 10 years clerking experience in Algona; Red Cross and Navy Relief solicitations; bookkeeping, clerking, general business experience. FOR SHERIFF ALFRED SCHULTZ Born on a farm in Chickasaw county; 46 years old; Kossuth resident 16 years; formerly farmed near Etoore; state highway employe 14 years; formerly operated restaurant in Ledyard: married, two sons in oil business in Algona; energetic, active, and purposeful. If elected he pledges a 100 per cent law enforcement in Kossuth county without fear or favor. FOR RECORDER SHERMAN POTTER Born at Hobarton, age 49. Mother came to county in 1863 and father in 1873. Single. Supporting mother. Started chicken ranch near Algona a year ago and is operating it personally. High school graduate. Is capable and well qualified to conduct the duties of the duties of the office; pleasant and accommodating, with a desire to be of service in every way. FOR TREASURER CARL W, PEARSON Now serving his first term as Treasurer, and is unopposed for reelection. Resident of Kossuth county for 60 years, early pioneer in Harrison and, Swea townships, later coming to Algona, Married, wife, two grown children, Has had experience as farmer, banker, and as the present County Treasurer, Capable, pleasant, and accommodating in the conduct of the office, PUT A CROSS IN THE i Republican Circle KOSSUTH COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE D. q. JfgTCHIf ON, Chairman .

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