The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1942 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1942
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Peg Molnes, Algona, Iowa, Oct. 27,1942 COMMUNITY CLUB ATFENTONWILL FEED SCRAPPERS Fenton: the Community Club met Monday evening In their rooms. They decided to complete the scrap metal drive by the end of the week, They also Seeded to hold the an- anual oyster stew supper and membership dflve In December and In* vlte all those that participated in *he scrap metal drive. (Bdward Meyer eubmltted to an appendectomy Tuesday evening at the iimmetsburg hospital. The Rev. R. W. Kabelltz attended a pastoral conference at Hlnton from Tuesday through Friday, Kathryn Wlltrett visited her grandparents, the F. J, WMlretls, in Algona from Tuesday to Sunday. Mrs. Witoert Holldorf, HafIan and Charlotte spent .Monday between trains visiting relatives in Ceylon. Atr. and Mrs. Frank Ackerman of Hell. N. D., were supper guests Wednesday evening at the W. E. Laage home. Mr. and Mrs. 'Fred Sundermeyer of Mallard, visited Wednesday and were dinner guests at the O. J. Ranney home. From where I sit... oe Marsh THAO PaiBBS' house got struck by lightnin'a couple of nights ago. The kitchen chimney was knocked off and the roof set on Ore, and Thad found things pretty lively and ex- citin' for • spell. The fire was soon out though, thanks to the prompt and efficient work of the local fire department, as the paper says.,. and I never seen a man so grateful as Thad. Chief Ed Carey was sort of embarrassed, I guess; by the thanks that was bein' heaped on him. That's all right, Mr. Phibbs," he says. "That's all right, sir—f/m/'« what you fat taxes for." From where I sit, I'd say Chief lid's remark seems to have a lesson in it... a lesson on the way that taxes come back in mighty real benefits to the people. Take the taxes on beer, Pi-instance—more than 2'/j billion dollars, I hear, figurln' federal, state and local, in the nine years since beer's been back. There was a time—remember- when a lot of that money went into the pockets of bootleggers and blind pigs. But today it's coming right back to the treasuries of the nation, the states and the local communities,.. for the benefit of tvtrybady. * * * Some goes, for example, to pay for the things Uncle Sam needs to fight the war with ... for tanks and ships and bombers. Quite a lot goes for things like public health, and education, and good roads and the like. And some of it, I surmise, has gone to support the fire company that gave Thad such good Service the other night. To moderate folks, who like a friendly glass of beer now and then, ' there's a sort of satisfaction in knowing that right now this beverage of moderation is furnishin" the public treasuries well over a million dollars every single day. That's quite a lot of money—es- . pecially nowadays when Uncle Sam needs every cent he Can get hold of. No. S3 of a Seria Copyright, 1942, Bracing Industry Foundation PORTLAND FARMER INJURED IN FAIL FROM CORN CRIB Portland: Henry Smith fell from the corn crib Wednesday eventag and was taken to the hospital where x-rays were taken 1 and Henry was taken home and put to bed. Dnve Weber made the trip and turned around and took Henry's wife to the hospital where a son was born Thursday morning. A friend in need, Is a neighbor in deed. Sumner Parsons has improved the appearance of h?.g house with a new coat of paint. Marjorle Baas is assisting at the Chas. Scott home while Mra. Scott is visiting in Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Ralph Roberts is now at home from the hospital recovering from a recent leg Injury, suffered while helping unload corn. Mrs. J. P. Heiderscheldt and her daughter, Lorraine, returned last week Saturday from an extended visit with relatives in California. Ray McWhorter Is having a new hollow tile foundation built under his tenant house. Ray Webb lives In the house and works for the Mc-i Whorters. | Kenneth Trenary was Injured while picking corn Wednesday morning. The team ran away and Kenneth fell and the wagon ran over one ankle but no bones were broken. Rachel Becker Schnakenberg was honoree at a miscellaneous shower ta the Martin Becker home orr Tuesday, October 20th. Th>ty- five women attended and Rachel received lovely gifts. Mrs, Wayne Keith was In charge of entertainment. She and other hostesses, were Mesdames Ray McWhorter, Tom Trenary, Edward Wolf, Wyott Stott, Ted,.Will and Donald Ringsdorf, Clyde Bristow, Chris Bolle, G. O. McFarland, Roscoe and Wilbur Stewart and Earl Miller. Pink und white decorations were used and these colors were carr.'ed out >n the lunch, pink bells in the brick ice cream, cup cakes in pink and white, also the napkins and pink favors. Ledyard Vicinity News Items 'Pvt. Robert Schwartz is recup- erat'.ng in a hospital in Hondo. Texas,, following an operation for the removal of a cyst. 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Bound, v/ell-pulntf), weafher-^lftht tulld- Ingn; improve*] sill, wlthjlood drain- Kilt', nnJ expertly plunncJ crop rotation, ilveryfarm h f. guliis concern. Khtropolltan !.;fe Insurance Company Tor Iowa and Nebraska Farms ILLUSTRATION: If you purchnacJ n $5003 farm and paid $10t!0 down, the yearly payments on the balance cf $4000 v.'oulJ ba $240. yffx.7 1 2 i 3 4 S C IMlTMEiVrj ON INTEREST S180.CO 177.33 174.43 171.5J 168.<!3 155.23 ;v. r.%frjvr3 O:i PRINCIPAL 5 CO.CD C2.70 cs.r: C3.-: : ri.;; , 74.77 L-.VPAia DAT.ANCE -3940.00 C377.30 .:3i:.73 C 743.31 CJ71.75 3596.99 R. E. JENKINS Room 425, Carver Building, Fort Dod£o, Iowa Phone: Walnut 2783 21 22 23 24 25 26 05.33 88.73 C1.C3 7-J.C7 C7.4} 59.67 144.73 131.21 138.C2 1G5.13 172.53 180.33 1973.01 1821.80 1663.70 1498.65 1326.09 1145.75 CO-OPERATION OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS WELCOMED Miss Hunter spent the week, cm With her parents at DeWItt. Miss Everhart spent the weel end at her home J« Charles City. Miss Rosllen spent the week end at the home of her parents at Ken sett Mrs. Jack Lynch and Mrs. Chas Hilferty shopped in Blue Earth Frl day. Mrs. Wm. Wenzel visited with Mrs. Joe Welch at Swea City Wed. nesday. Mrs. Aug. Sprank and AIM. Geo Thompson were Fairmont shoppers Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Poppe spent the week end in Nevada, Iowa visiting relatives. Mrs. Jack Lynch, Mrs. Se'fcrt and Mrs. Jde Welch were Blue Earth visitors Thursday. Pvt. Merle Welfare arrived home on a furlough to be spent with his mother, Mrs. Jess Welfare. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stubbe and Miss Jean Gabel attended homecoming at Forest City recently Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and little son returned home from the Buffalo Center hospital Friday. Miss Edythe Logan has secured employment at the Douglas Aircraft plant In Long Beach, Calif. Chas. Bashara has been sick the past few days with lumbago and under the care of Dr. Platz of Lakota. Word Was received here by relatives of the death of Peter Looft at his home in Swea Ctty Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welfare and Miss Doris Welfare spent Thursdny and Fr.'day in the Twin Cities on business. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brand returned Thursday from Bancroft, S. D.. here they had been several days oh business. * Mrs. Jack Lynch returned home Monday from Minneapolis after taking treatments there the past few months. Mi", and Mrs. Wm. Flynn and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Walsh went to Minneapolis to attend the football game Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lynch of Lone Rock visited Thursday evening at the home of the former's brother Jack Lynch and family. The sophomores and faculty of Ledyard consolidated school enjoyed a skatlirg party at the local skating rink Thursday evening. Paul Gary, Bud Busch, Henry Burrow and Joe McDonald left Friday for Minneapolis to attend the football game there Saturday. A shower was given at the Hoi- comb home east of town hi honor of Mrs. Earl Jorgenson, formerly Miss Nadine Hans on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Everett Kelly, Miss Tillie Beadle and Mrs. Silas Johnson all of Swea City, visited at the Pete Troff and Mrs. John Troff homes Monday. , Marjorie Barnes, Martha Schroe- der and Verne Thompson called on Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Mrs. Allt Troff at the hospital .'« Buffalo Center Tuesday. The Youth Fellowship of the Evangelical Reformed church met on Monday evening at the church basement for their monthly social. Miss Lois Reece and brothers, Chas. and Kenneth entertained. Rev. and Mrs. Edw. Nuss returned home Wednesday evening from Sutton, Nebr., where Rev. Nuss had been one of the speakers at the mission festival there. They stopped at Boys Town, Omaha, oir the way back. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barnes and Buddy Gray visited at the home of Mrs. Barne's son, Fred Stubbe and family at Buffalo Center Sunday, and from there went to Thompson, where they were supper guests a: the Ed Olson home. Mrs. Allt,Troft returned Wednesday from the hospital at Buffalo Center, where she had been the past three weeks following an appendix operation. Her sister, Miss Margery Barnes, is caring for her and taking over the household duties. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Mayne enjoyed a visit over the week end from Mrs. Mayne's father and brother, Gus 'Neuenfeldt and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Neuenfeldt and daughter of Aiden. Gus Neuenfeldt formerlj' operated the Standard oM station here. The M. E. Woman's Society of Christian Service will observe its second "united" week of prayer and self-denial on Thursday evening, Oct. 29, at 8 p. m. at the church and a special offering will be taken for the society's home and foreign missions. Corp. Donald Mayne is spending a ten-day furlough at the home of h.'-s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mayne. Mr. and Mrs. Mayne vvll entertain at Sunday dinner in his honor. Relatives from Ledyard attending are Mr. a"nd Mrs. Howart Mayne, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Mayne Sharon and Shirley and Mr. anc Mrs. Frank Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. WMbur Wslls of St. Louis were Monday dinner guesia at the John Miller home. Mrs Wells will 'be better rememberec in Ledyard as Chrystal Berglund, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Berglund. Mr. Wells, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wells, also formerly of near Ledyard, is first class radio operator with the Coast Guard, stationed at St. Louis, Mo. The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Ledyard Matho- dlst church wMl hold its annual Bazaar in the church basement on Wednesday, Nov. 4. Fancy work will be on sale at 4 o'clock Serving will begin at 6 p. m. and continue until all are served. The menu consists of chicken, mashed potatoes, 'buttered carrots, baked beans, set salad, bread, butter, coffee and issorted pies. Everyone is urged to attend. WESLEYANDPRAffilETOWNSHIPS TO PROMOTE SCRAP DRIVE THIS WEEK Farmers • laborers • Businessmen • Women Support Your Commcinder-in-Chlef Vote for Clyde I. HariH lor U. I. LESTER S. GILLETTE Urattnnt Governor MARY K. PAGAN Socrotary of State W. M. SHAW Auditor of Slat* WALTER ARANT Troaiurtr of State HANK M. MURRAY ' Secretary of Agrtadtm JOSEPH N. WAGNER AHority General MAY E. FRANCIS Krawkel' « «* Governor of lewt SAFEGUARD YOUR FUTURE! No citizen it justified in tilting our boy* to risk th«ir tiro in thU war to f«vc Democracy, unless we, through our votes, provide for their security (and ours) when they return hornet Wartime and postwartime have bred trouble for all of us in the part. In 1933 in Iowa, Herring and Kraschel acted quickly to avert total difr- atter, In Washington, Roosevelt and Wallace pushed through favorable laws to re-establish faith in America, , . Vett November 3 to win tkt War and tfcf Ptact «nr«aft«r, Your best test of what you can expect of those who atk your vote ii the manner in which they have acted in the past Arc they helping or delaying our war and peace effort. Resolve now to Vote November I. Protect your fains, You can dp this'best by returning Senator Oydf U Herring-to thf U, §. Senate, electing Ned Kraschel your Governor,, and supporting them with capable Pemocratic statesmen. Vote DEMOCRATIC-Nov. 3 Dtmocrqik Staff Ce«tr«l Commltte* • Jokt Mor», Chairman Wesley: The scrap and salvag meeting was held in the Klelnpet er hall Wednesday night. Attor ney Joe Lowe of Algona was thi speaker. Wm. 'Ley. county salvagi chairman, also addressed the crowd Chairmen were appointed to dlreo the scrap drive this week and trucks were to be secured for Wesley un< Praffie townships. Mrs. J. L. Hav erly furnished piano music and thi vocal trio, Mary Lou Haverly, Lois Marie Bleich and Rosalie Alne ren dered several selections. SERVICES IN EVANGELICAL, FREE CHURCHES THIS WEEK Rev. Newlin and Rev. Lindgren of North Dakota will be at the Evangelical Free churches from Tuesday, October 27th through Sun day, Nov. 1. Tuesday they will sing and give messages at the Upper Flat churches. Wednesday after noon they will have charge of the Priscilla Phoebe meeting at the Wesley church. Wednesday evening they will have a meeting at the Wesley church. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night the meetings will be at Britt, Sunday morning one of the preachers will be at Wes ley and one at Upper Flat. The fin al meeting will be Sunday evening at the Britt church. •The C.'D. of A. will meet Wed nesday evening, Oct. 28th. Mrs. Frank Loebig of Llsmore Minn., v'sited her sister, Mrs. Loebig Thursday. Mtos Alvlna Frleden of Iowa Falls was a week end guest at the J. M. Kunz home. The ladles were former teachers at Rudd. (Bill West, Ruth Penton and Rita Vitzthum carne home Monday from Pontiac, 111., where they have been working the paat few months. Pupils of the. parochial school enjoyed a half holiday Thursday. The Sisters attended a teachers' institute at Algona that afternoon. (Thursday evening dinner guests at the J. M. Kunz home were Miss Louine Kunz, R, N., of Pea Koines and Mrs. S. Douglas Smith of Titonka. JJmll Wester went to Ottumwa Monday to meet Carl J. Ahlers of Summtt, N. J., and they made a business trip to various parts ol Iowa last week. The Priscilla Phoebe society will hold its regular meeting in the church Wednesday afternoon, Oct, 28th. Mrs. Lena Larson and Mrs. Frank Johnson are hostesses. Mrs. Lon Oouge will entertain her 600 club Thursday, Oct. 29tlj. •Mrs. Ed Hildman will entertain her bridge cl«b Thursday- Mrs. Joe Meurer.wJU 'be hostesses to her bridge club that day. The date of Thursday, Oct. 2»th, is to be remembered as the'onu for the Hallowe'en carnival to >be held in the Legion ball in the evening. It is sponsored by the Legion tuid Auxiliary, $verypnci is urged to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Lorerrz have recieved word from their son, Joe that he had spent two weeks in Sprinsrfleid, Mass., going through an aircraft factory. He is now back at Norfolk, Virginia, where he is an instructor for the navy. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Braley entertain-ed their bridge club Monday evening of last "'"nk. Dr. H. H. Raney, Mrs. jr. "'ISP --d John Hutchison won hip-h s n oio prizes at their resperVve tables. Julius Kunv received the low score prize. Miss KnU-ic-ine Willems was brought home Friday from the Mercy hospitai In Mason City. She had 'been there for treatment of an inured le-r which she suffered in a fall down several steps at the Catholic parsonage where she is housekeeper. Twenty ladies attended the regular meet'ng of the Catholic Missionary society in the parish hall Tuesday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Lon Gouge and Mrs. Lou Goetz were hostesses. Mrs. Nick Weber and Mrs. R. C. Bauer will be hostesses at the meeting next Tuesday. (Mrs. Delbert Benton and tofant daughter, Doris Marie, were brougnt home Thursday from the General hospital in Algona. Their other child, Evalon, has been at the home of her maternal grandparents, the S. E. Dwyers at Humboldt. Valmu Hanig is employed at the Benton home. The Patriotic 500 club held its first party of the season at tha W. E. Hott home, Mrs. Bryan Asa won high score prize and Mrs. Amos Angle low score prize. Men's high score prfze was won by Harold Martinek and low prize by Bryarr Asa. Mrs. Fred Girres receive.1 travel prize. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Erickson, their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Nadelhoffer, all of Chicago, came last week for a visit here. The Nladelhoffers visited at her parental P. C. Haynes home and the others at the Arabella Mo- Pherson home, The Study club held. % Halowe'en party at the home Of Mrs. Leroy Kle'npeter Thursday afternoon. The ladies sewed hot water bag covers for the Red Cross. They will meet with Mrs. Chas. Kraua on Thursday, November <5th. Mrd. John Ameabury and Mrs. Vincent Paugair will have the lesson, Mrs. L. L, Pfeffer and infant son, Paul Edward, were brought home Friday from the Kossuth hospital In Algona by Tom McMshon. Mrs. Irene Studer has been at the Pfef? fer home caring for the other two children, John and Judith. Pr. Pfeffer, who is grst lieutenant at Damp Gooke Calif., . ia expected ic-me this week. M?s. Wm- MwMnek was pjeasant- y surprised Thursday eyriiflg, QCC. J5th on her gj!»<t birthday. Five hundred was played at six tables. Mrs. Will Martinek won high score prize for ladies, Mrs. Amos Angle low score poflze. Henry Nelson was high for men and Joe Goetz was low. Amos Angle received the travel prize and W, E. Hott. door prize. Mrs .Martln-ek was presented with birthday remembrances. Seneca School Pupils In Hallowe'en Party Seneca: The Seneca school was dhe scene of ghosts., witches and olack cats Friday afternoon when two grade rooms put on Hallowe'en parties with the mothers of the various pupils as guests. The youngsters put oir a very entertaining program after which refreshments were enjoyed. The teachers sponsoring the entertainment were Miss Berschman '.n the 3rd and 4th gradt- room while Miss Olson entertain, ed her second and third grades. Miss Berschman's mother fro.-n Lakota was also a guest. Miss Madden observed the event toy giving her pupils a treat at the Seneca store And Mir* fteifHiftl thrilled her\group with huge pop corn balls. ' Vote for Mrs. Nellie Van Allen Democratic Candidate for Clerk of Court YOUR SUPPORT SINCERELY APPRECIATED My dear young lady, don't forget that "boy friend" across the sea. Mothers, we know you won't. And dear old Dad—you'll be in that package, too. If you haven't a box to hold John's gift—we have the regulation size, very strong and ready to go for only 35c. Below we give you some suggestions. You wall get ideas from the list. Study it, and then come in. Be sure to get your packages off on or before November 1. SrSfS Pocket Knives Large new selection—beautiful knives, and at reasonable price 1 . Also gold knives and chains. Bill Folds and Sets High quality leather. Priced right, A good assortment, Playing Cards Here is an item that is highly recommended for service men, and will help to pass otherwise monotonous hours. 89o up. Nuts and Candy We have nuts and candy in beautiful metal boxes — also in glass jars — candies that can be sent. Send no chocolates as they spoil in transit. Six ounce jar hard candy, 19s. Rings , For the Army man — one of the new Khaki Brown Diamond Rings. It's the favorite gem of th earmy. At the law price of $22.501. Army-Navy-Air Corps Insignia Rings Beautiful hand made rings in 10k solid gold. Priced at $18. Eversharp Pen and Pencil Sets The regulation pen and pencil sets and guaranteed forever. Also separate pens or pencils, Cameras and Films Send him 'films if he has a camera. If he has not, send him a camera, He will appreciate it. Bulova Wrist Watches The standard dependable Bulova in a variety of styles, 524.78"; Cigarettes In fancy wrapped boxes. Nothing is more appreciated. Service Man's Record A lovely book with spaces for all experiences and day by day happenings. Price „ $nack Kits Regulation size. Very strong. (Light weight. Fill with home eats and other gifts. Ready to mail when filled Price .... Penlite Flashlights Recommended size for service 49c Price Filled Service Men's Kits •Filled wflth gents* todletries. Ready to mail, jjn < MQ Pr.'«ed ...... WC & 1.49 "His" Toiletries The highest quality obtainable. Airplane Stationery Boxes of paper and envelopes. Also pound paper and separate envelopes. Razor Blades This is important for blades are getting hard to buy. Safety Razors A few. They will soon be off the market, Service Tie and Kit Regulation tie and sewing kit. Two articles in one box. Both recommended by the army. Price Tooth Brushes Toothpaste l Tooth Powder ww*i Lusby & •jib J|jj^ tjl H ta Ijj HHH ,&fa tei^b • HMfek. MM g*KtaJtt ^Mnu ttttf^ Wttb Ml M gmiiata Sm urn HI I Ira I. r 11 Lr H r 3 S 1 I" I J HIM ft I i U UU lifer 8 U i\ Lf L* I 1 Lglv 11 L H L I II

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